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    • Customizable options
    • Energy efficient
    • Easy to maintain


    • Shorter warranty on some models
    • More expensive

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    Caldera hot tubs are easy to maintain and come with a variety of customizable features. Some customers complain about frequent repairs, but most enjoy the sleek, modern design.

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    Lewisville, TX

    ...After doing our research we chose to go with Caldera due to their experience in the industry and the elegant modern look of their tubs. We are now avid users of our hot tub and...

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    About Caldera Spas

    Caldera Spas specializes in selling energy-efficient hot tubs that are easy to maintain. Unlike some other companies, Caldera uses sound-dampening technology to keep its spas quiet. Caldera spa models come with the FreshWater Salt System, which makes water care simple and intuitive.

    The company manufactures hot tubs and swim spas for those seeking relief from muscle aches and joint pain or who want a relaxing oasis in their backyards. Caldera Spas include Hot Tub Circuit Therapy, which uses strategically placed seats and jets to provide a whole-body treatment.

    Caldera Spas prices

    Caldera hot tub prices start around $6,999, and its most expensive hot tub models cost $13,000 or more. The company offers financing options for customers with qualifying credit. If you already have a hot tub, you can take advantage of Caldera’s trade-in program, as well.

    Caldera Spas hot tubs

    Caldera Spas manufacturers hot tubs in the Utopia, Paradise and Vacanza series collections.

    • Vacanza series: The Vacanza series models start at less than $7,000. With two seats and 15 jets, even the basic model has desirable features. The top-end models in this series feature 25 jets and can seat up to seven adults.
    • Paradise series: Hot tubs In the Paradise series begin at $11,000 and go up to $12,999. You can choose between several options to customize your hot tub. These tubs seat between three and seven people and have up to 46 jets.
    • Utopia series: Spas in the Utopia series start at $13,000 and have the most premium features. They fit between four and eight adults and feature up to 74 jets. Caldera’s Utopia series hot tub models have contoured pillows and an enhanced jet face design.

    Caldera Spas accessories and features

    Every Caldera hot tub model can be customized with entertainment options, comfort features and more.

    • Hot tub steps: Caldera offers three different styles of steps for its hot tubs. Choose one that matches your hot tub’s exterior to help turn your spa into the centerpiece of your backyard landscaping.
    • Hot tub covers: A hot tub cover keeps debris out of your tub and helps conserve energy. Caldera Spas’ covers seal tightly and insulate your tub.
    • Cover lifters: Caldera Spas’ cover lifters feature pneumatic gas shock lifters for effortless use.
    • Entertainment systems: Get speakers built into your tub or buy a wireless monitor and watch your favorite shows as you soak.
    • Cool Zone: This feature cools the water to let you use the hot tub year-round. If it’s too hot outside, set the water to a cold temperature and enjoy.
    • Water Care: Hot tubs in the Vacanza series use FROG Water Care Systems to make maintenance easy. The Paradise and Utopia series use the FreshWater Salt System.

    Caldera Spas FAQ

    Do Caldera Spas come with a warranty?

    Every Calderas Spa series comes with a warranty. The Vacanza has a five-year shell warranty, a two-year surface warranty and a two-year plumbing warranty. The Paradise and Utopia Series have even longer warranties — a 10-year shell warranty, seven-year surface warranty and five-year plumbing warranty.

    How do you drain a Caldera Spa hot tub?

    Draining a Caldera Spas hot tub is as simple as turning off your breakers and pulling the handle on the main drain valve. While the handle is pulled, you rotate it and remove the cap. If you live in an area where the winter temperature drops below freezing, you must drain and winterize the hot tub. Your owners’ manual has directions for draining your specific hot tub model.

    How often do you clean a Caldera Spa?

    One of the benefits of Caldera Spas tubs is their low maintenance. To maintain your spa, you should regularly wash your filter. You should also change out the water on a set schedule — if your tub uses the saltwater hot tub system, this only needs to be done once a year. Use chemicals to sanitize your tub as directed by your owners’ manual.

    Where are Caldera Spas made?

    Caldera Spas are made at a factory in Vista, California.

    Are Caldera Spas worth it?

    If you’re looking for an easy-to-maintain hot tub that has features designed for comfort, Caldera Spas could be an excellent option. The company’s spas are expensive, but Caldera strives to make a luxurious product. Some customers complain about needing to make regular repairs to keep their tub operating smoothly, but the warranty should cover repairs that are needed within two to 10 years of purchasing the spa.

    Caldera Spas Reviews

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    Verified purchase
    Customer ServiceMaintenanceStaff

    Reviewed Dec. 22, 2022

    Like most, when making a large purchase we did a lot of research deciding what made sense for us and would last. That research proved to be useless. Save yourself the hassle and cross Caldera Spas off your list immediately. Whatever you do, do not purchase a Caldera Spa from Watkins. They do not stand by their faulty products and have lack-luster customer service at best. Long story short, we purchased our spa almost four months ago and it is still not in working order like a brand new spa should be. When you spend more than $10K on a new product, you expect it to work correctly, and for the company to do everything in its power to make it right if it does not. That is not the case with Caldera Spas. Our diverter blew on day one of our orientation making it unusable.

    This caused a geyser of water to be shot up in the air soaking all four of us that were present at the time. This was eventually “fixed” only to happen yet again when we turned it on to treat the water. Once again our clothes and jackets were completely soaked, we had to start back at square one. At this point we were almost three months in without using our spa a single time! We then had to wait for service to be scheduled again on the spa (this was not rushed whatsoever). Caldera didn’t offer to send a new part out to the dealer and said that magically this next fix would work (I asked what would be different this time around and they told me that they spoke to the dealer.

    When the installer arrived he said he didn’t even know of the issue and assured that they never spoke and he never got any information). And as you might have guessed, that diverter blew yet again. Three times of this diverter blowing and no resolution, offer of compensation, etc. Finally the dealer sent a new installer out that confirmed that the molding was wrong and that both primary diverters would be replaced, and he put in a temporary fix (installed incorrectly so that we can’t actually use the diverter but it is holding) so that we could at least use our spa.

    Around this same time we also found out that the lights didn’t work (we saw the lights button when we were finally able to get into the spa and nothing happened when pushed – after reading the manual and watching videos online we realized that they should have). This meant that we now had to get an electrician to fix the lights. He found that two wires were disconnected – yet another manufacturing defect. And this is where we stand. Almost 4 months since we spent an exorbitant amount of money on a brand new product that still isn’t fixed with full usability!

    A spa is supposed to be an enjoyable product. It is supposed to help alleviate stress and this whole experience has done anything but that. We have more stress in our life because of this terrible product. I have asked for compensation for 1) all of the money we have spent heating an unusable spa for months in the cold weather, 2) refilling it with water multiple times for all of the water we have lost through the three geysers (so far) and the two complete spa refills that we needed to do as a result of bad water in the tub because it couldn’t be treated since the jets couldn’t run,

    3) for the wasted chemicals every time we try to start up the spa to only have it not work yet again and then need to add new, untreated water, 4) for the amount of time spent calling/emailing/coordinating responses and service for the faulty manufactured product that they sent (this is all documented – there are pages of notes), 5) for the damage to the system of this brand new spa because of the cycling of bad water for months since it couldn’t be treated due to the jets not working (the hold recording when you call Caldera actually says “Did you know proper water chemistry can prolong the life of your spa?”), 6) for the PTSD that we experience every time we push a button to turn the jets on since we never know when either diverter is going to blow next, 7) for the inability to use our new Seychelles spa like every other customer should be able to – at least the light issue was resolved but we still can’t use the diverters.

    The “compensation” that we have received up to this point has been two Caldera-branded bathrobes and four Caldera-branded towels! Why would I want to promote a company and brand that I would never support based on this experience. There has been no financial compensation or replacement of any kind offered. This is proof that they don’t stand by their products.

    Oh and customer service, good luck. I have been working with a male. He certainly says all of the right things when you speak with him (“you are my top priority,” “I’ll call you back tomorrow...,” “we are making this right,” etc.) and yet those words are never lived up to. I never get the responses that I am guaranteed. They make false claims by blaming the issues on the customer. And you can never get through to a Manager at Caldera (they are always “in a meeting” or “unavailable”) and then only the person associated with your case number calls you back. This whole experience has been unbelievable. Please save yourself the hassle, stress, money, and tears by going with a different manufacturer.

    Thanks for your vote! Report
    Caldera Spas
    Response from Caldera Spas

    Thank you for taking the time to provide your feedback. We always work to stand behind our products and are happy to help resolve any concerns that you might have. I'll reach out to you privately to see how I might be able to help assist you and your dealer in a resolution to your concerns.

    I look forward to working with you and ensuring that you are able to get the most from your spa.

    Kylie - Customer Care

    Verified purchase

    Reviewed Dec. 3, 2022

    After purchasing the spa 5 years ago the outer shell started getting cracks. The warranty covers this for 7 years. The company I purchased it from has no one to repair it. The warranty company wants to just put something over it like a band aid and I am afraid it will continue to get more cracks. The workmanship is very poor.

    Thanks for your vote! Report
    Caldera Spas
    Response from Caldera Spas
    Thank you for reaching out. As it turns out, I was able to confirm that our customer care team is working with your dealer to ensure that you receive a quality repair. The good news as well is that the cracks pictured are cosmetic & will be able to be repaired very well. If you have further concerns please feel free to reach back out to our customer care team.
    Happy Hot Tubbing!

    Kylie - Customer Care

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      Customer ServiceWarranty

      Reviewed June 2, 2022

      We purchased our house last year and it came with the hot tub that would still be under warranty except the warranty doesn't transfer owners. Last winter, condensation got in the control panel and froze which automatically turns off the heater to the water. By the time we discovered this, the entire hot tub had frozen which broke many of the interior pipes. Our local dealer came out and said the repair was going to start at 8,000!! We decided to hire our own people to fix it, ordered a brand new control panel and all replacement parts and had everything fixed for about 1,000.

      Less than a week after restarting the hot tub, the new control panel has moisture in it again. It was sealed properly to the tub, the moisture is entering the panel through the buttons. This is absolutely insane. I have read many others with the exact same problem with this model. This has been an absolute nightmare with no end in sight. Customer service is horrible and push you to just buy a new spa. I will never ever buy a Caldera. They do not stand by their products at all.

      Thanks for your vote! Report
      Caldera Spas
      Response from Caldera Spas
      I'm sorry to hear about your spa experience. I understand your frustration & concerns. I'm not familiar with the issue of moisture coming through the controller buttons; I will PM you for additional info.
      You're correct the warranty is non-transferable. In my experience when purchasing a home all appliances are covered for the first year, which would include your spa.
      Either way, service is important and you shouldn't have to fight for it. I look forward to working with you.


      Verified purchase
      Customer ServicePriceStaff

      Reviewed Oct. 7, 2021

      We had our Caldera Seychelles spa installed in our new covered porch/exterior deck addition July, 2021. This is the fourth spa we've had in four houses. We also had a Caldera at our last house so choosing the brand for our new house was a no-brainer. We were at our last house for 12 years and the Caldera had very few issues - one service call and it was covered under warranty. However, one issue I'm concerned with is the salt system. This is the first time I've taken the salt route. The initial cartridge only lasted six weeks - not the four months as I was told.

      I do use the spa almost every day but only for about 15 minutes and I'm the only one using it. I clean the filter regularly and and I'm definitely a "seasoned spa owner" and check the water chemistry several times a week. I will be very disappointed if I can't get future salt cartridges to last longer as I'm retired and the maintenance cost will be far more than was advertised. Caldera should subsidize the cartridge cost - $250 for just 3 cartridges is just too much! Help!

      Thanks for your vote! Report
      Caldera Spas
      Response from Caldera Spas

      Hi Ron

      Thank you for being a loyal Caldera Spa owner. I am happy to hear that you are a long-time hot tubber. Your spa setup looks amazing and relaxing. Congratulations!

      Transitioning to a new water care regiment can be frustrating. I would like to know more and see how I can help.

      I look forward to working with you soon.

      Vanessa- Customer Service


      Reviewed Sept. 9, 2021

      Bought a Caldera Martinique in 2016, it has worked well until recently. I ran the "clean" cycle and noticed a LARGE volume of water at the base of the hot tub. My dealer came out and diagnosed the problem, water was pouring through the speaker openings. I did not purchase a speaker option or package with this tub, so the speakers are essentially non-functioning. This looks to be a failure in the design of the speaker mounting, water should not pour through the speaker opening. The cost to have the dealer caulk the speaker opening is very high (over $300). I am looking for speaker replacement plugs, I will remove the speakers and install the plugs.

      Thanks for your vote! Report
      Caldera Spas
      Response from Caldera Spas

      Hello James

      You are correct; water should not be leaking out of the spa. I want to know about your spa leak and how I can help.

      I will DM you for further assistance. Thank you for taking the time to reach out.

      Vanessa - Customer Service

      Verified purchase
      Customer ServicePricePunctuality & SpeedWarranty

      Reviewed July 9, 2021

      Updated on 07/14/2022: We have attempted to contact Caldera many times, even have another ongoing complaint here in which they replied that they would help to make themselves look good yet it's been a year and they still haven't gotten back to us despite the numerous phone calls and emails. Buy a sun frog or anything else- avoid Caldera, they're great when you're dishing out the money to purchase one but you'll get crickets when you have to contact for any product issue.

      Updated on 01/20/2022: I had posted about the lack of customer and product support from Caldera Spas back in July of 2021 and here is more proof to back my statement- a representative from Caldera responded publicly in August of 2021 that she would be willing to assist with the issue. Well, here it is January of 2022, 5 months later, and I have yet to hear one more word from Caldera. They have all of my contact information as well as my make/model/purchase info and... crickets. As stated before- beware and consider buying elsewhere.

      Original Review: My husband has been through 2 back surgeries and 3 shoulder surgeries and has since been forced into early retirement. Water therapy had been recommended as part of pain management therapy. I am also a nurse and spend many hours on my feet and have constant back, neck, and shoulder issues from constant bending and lifting. Thus, we decided purchasing a hot tub would be a good thing for both of us.

      We originally purchased our Caldera Utopia-Geneva 11/2017 from Backyard Leisure in IN. This particular series was more expensive than most at the cost of over 14K, but we have always believed that you get what you pay for and wanted to be sure we purchased a product that would last. When it was finally delivered 2/27/18, the wrong hot tub was delivered as we ordered it in the midnight sun shell color and they delivered the tuscan sun shell color. We are not quite certain who was at fault for the mix up-but Backyard Leisure blamed Caldera for the mistake. Upon receipt of the correct one 3/37/18, just one month later, we have had nothing but problems. It took 3 months for the 1st order and just a month for a replacement and we have been skeptical of this fact from the beginning as if they rushed our order a bit too much and something was never right.

      In the first year alone from 2018-2019 we had been through at least a dozen speakers as they kept blowing. Mind you, my husband and I are in our 50s, we do not have small children, and thus we do not blast our music nor splash around in the hot tub in any manner that should cause marine grade speakers to blow over and over again.

      After the first year, our warranty on the sound system we had paid an extra $1000 for had expired. From 2019 until present, we have continued to replace speakers at our own cost out of pocket at the tune of approximately $100 a pop and we are currently at over $600 in speakers out of pocket in the past year alone. One would think as it was a constant issue that between Caldera and Backyard Leisure this issue should have been addressed and we should not have had to pay to replace speakers out of our own pocket, but that is not the case. Backyard Leisure tells us to contact Caldera to rectify the situation and Caldera, when we can get any communication from them, places the issue back in the hands of Backyard Leisure.

      In May of this year, 2021, our subwoofer went out. Given that we have had so many issues with the sound system, one would think an exception would be made in covering the part, but instead Backyard Leisure billed us over $350 to replace it and they were even thoughtful enough to bill us for mileage as we seem to have become a burden to them with our issues. We wrote Caldera about this and never received a response.

      2 weeks after the subwoofer was fixed, the jets went out. Fortunately this was still under warranty and was fixed. About a week ago, just 5 weeks after the subwoofer was replaced and about a week after the jets were replaced, the music button on our control panel went out and thus we can no longer play any music on the sound system that has been paid for twice over in repairs already.

      Caldera has not bothered with a response and Backyard Leisure was more concerned that we pay their repair fees than admit that we have had sound/wiring issues with this hot tub from day one. My husband was a union electrician and everything that has gone on points to bad wiring, which in considering it was rushed to us in a third of the time it took to deliver the wrong model the first time would make perfect sense, yet neither Backyard Leisure nor Caldera care to listen, investigate, or even admit something has always been wrong.

      To sum things up, our hot tub was rushed after their mistake on the first one, there has been an issue with the sound/wiring since day one, and after paying over $14k for the hot tub, we have now soaked over $1200 more out of pocket for continuing issues with a hot tub that is just barely 3 years old. Do your research and find both a company that stands behind their hot tub, which Caldera does not, and a dealer which stands behind their customers, which Backyard Leisure does not. We had thought we did our research but we were way off base in choosing Caldera. It takes forever to get a response from them, if any, and in the end they do nothing to help and basically just don't seem to care. After all, what's $14k - just part of our retirement savings used to place faith their product, which obviously means nothing to Caldera. Buyer beware and shop for a different product.

      Thanks for your vote! Report
      Caldera Spas
      Response from Caldera Spas

      Thank you, Kym, for your feedback. I am sorry to hear about your spa experience.

      Soaking in spas for water therapy is one of the main reasons we are passionate about our work. We believe everyone should practice wellness, and we know soaking in a hot tub can facilitate that.

      I want to help. I will DM for further assistance.

      The way we manufacture spas is not rushed and is tested before they are shipped.

      There is more to this, and I look forward to helping.

      Vanessa Customer Service


      Reviewed June 30, 2021

      I love my Caldera Cantabria Hot tub. It is my happy place and I smile every time I'm in it. It does, however, have a few problems. The jets do fall off a lot, and after an hour of use, it shuts down automatically and there is no way to restart it. I've learned to stop and restart it around the 50 minute mark and this seems to trick it into running for another hour. My final issue is the location of the control panel. It is located right by the exit point, and in the dark it is easy to put your hand on it when getting out. Last night, my boyfriend put too much pressure on it when exiting the tub and the screen cracked making it unable to read at all. We are going to have to buy a new one and I'm bummed because they are not cheap to replace and this seems like a poor design on something I paid top dollar for. Overall, I really do love my tub, I don't mean to sound over negative, but those are my only negatives.

      Thanks for your vote! Report
      Caldera Spas
      Response from Caldera Spas
      Oh no, Jodi!

      I am sorry to hear about the spa issues. I will DM you for further assistance.

      You bring up a good topic about getting in and out of the spa. There are spa handrails that swivel allowing a bather to get in and out easily. Also, there is no designated entry or exit point on the spa. Feel free to move your spa steps to get in the spa on another side.

      Thank you for your post and I'm happy to hear that you love your spa.
      I look forward to working with you.

      Vanessa Customer Service

      Customer ServiceWarranty

      Reviewed June 13, 2021

      We have been dealing with a warranty issue for over 4 months. Company puts it all on the dealer and he is not making a good faith effort to fix our spa. Their response to this will be blah blah blah, we will do every we can...but they will only listen to the dealer's ** excuses.

      Thanks for your vote! Report
      Caldera Spas
      Response from Caldera Spas
      Oh no, Chris. I am sorry to hear about your frustration with the warranty process. It sounds like there is more to this situation. I'd like to know about it and see how I can help.
      From what you are saying, I'm sure you have a case already started. I will PM you for your info.
      The dealer and spa owner's account is considered when a warranty claim is filed, and the spa and the parts are examined.
      I look forward to working with you soon.

      Vanessa-Customer Service

      Reviewed Feb. 10, 2021

      Purchased our Spa our Utopia Spa and had it delivered on 09/20/2020. Love it but only thing is the jet parts keep falling off and the cartridges last less than two months. I've tried everything and have already gone through 3 cartridges since September 2020. We use the spa 3-4 times a week and I am on top of cleaning it twice a week. Bummed as the cartridges are expensive and we were told we would only need to change it every 4 months!~ Not true.

      Thanks for your vote! Report
      Caldera Spas
      Response from Caldera Spas


      Thank you for your feedback. I am thrilled that you love your spa. I am sorry to hear that your jet parts keep falling off, and the salt cartridges do not last the average time frame, as they should. I want to learn more about your water care and help out. I will DM you for more information. I appreciate the details, and I look forward to working with you soon.

      Thank you, Maria - Customer Service

      Verified purchase

      Reviewed Jan. 30, 2021

      We bought our Caldera Tahitian from Basement and Backyards April of 2020 for almost $10K. I wanted a cheaper spa but my husband wanted to spend more on a tub that would "not require much maintenance", little did we know that nothing would work correctly on this tub. We were so excited to get a healthier salt water tub but unfortunately this tub's salt water system never worked despite dumping the water over 6 times, buying at least 4 salt water cartridges. Caldera will not help you if you call them. They just continue to sending us to the vendor who no longer responds to our calls. They take no ownership of the issues with their brand new tub! We are completely stuck with this now almost $11K lemon (with the additional features we bought) and we have absolutely no recourse, so much for the "warranty" we were told we would get with this investment!

      From the beginning we had issues. Upon delivery of the tub we were told that the installers would know if the tub needed to be leveled. The installers were rude and broke my pavers and told us no need to level the tub. When the owner Derrick came out to get the tub/salt water up and running he told us we needed to pay the installers to come back to level the tub. Over the next couple months we could not get the salt system to work correctly, Derrick sent out a guy who barely checked the tub and told us "it smells good and looks good so it must be good" however no chlorine would register in the tub without us manually adding.

      For our anniversary we decided to get the stereo system since the tub was sold with speakers. My husband spent 2 days on his hands and knees installing and getting other opinions of why the stereo would not work only to find out once Derrick sent his stereo guy out that the speakers were bad and they would need to be replaced at their expense. Strange that they would be bad on a brand new tub? Once they were installed we could never get the Bluetooth to connect to the phones so we could listen to music in the tub, complete waste of another $600.

      We are now 9 months out and we have never gotten the salt system to work, the tub foams every time we use it, stereo still won't connect and Caldera just keeps sending us to Derrick who does not respond. This tub has been the root of so many arguments in my marriage and continues to disappoint. We have now spent over $11K with upgrades and endless amounts of water and time trying to get it right which has yet to happen.. it disappoints us daily. Our friends went to GA Spa and love their salt water tub from hot springs, wish we could say the same. If we had to do it over we would have never purchased this investment. Buyer beware.

      Thanks for your vote! Report
      Caldera Spas
      Response from Caldera Spas

      Caroline, Thank you for reaching out to Caldera. I am genuinely sorry that your experience so far has not been pleasant. I want to help you with your saltwater system; you should not be going through cartridges that quickly or changing out your water. I also want to address any concerns you may have with your Tahitian and help work with your local dealer for service. I will DM you for more information. I look forward to working with you soon. Maria - Customer Service

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