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After two attempts at getting a high quality replacement patio door. I finally can report total satisfaction from Renew By Andersen of Livonia MI. In retrospect it really was the fault of the assembly plant in Minnesota. But finally I have what I paid for back in July, 2016.

Original Review

Patio door poor finish on edge - Have had two replacement doors since new install on 07/2016 by Renew by Andersen in Livonia MI. The leading edge had cracks in finish. They replaced it with another door that the edge look as if it had never been sanded before finish was applied. Now waiting on door number three to be delivered today. I will update.

So, my windows and doors are 11 years old, of course Andersen products. I had a problem with a broken door handle and lock, so I call Andersen for some help and I was very happy that I did. I let them know about my problem and within about 10 min I was told that they would send someone out to fix my problem. WOW. Now that's the way to treat a good customer. Thanks Andersen. I will be buying more of Andersen products again.

These windows are a nightmare to wash. With our new construction we purchased 24 double hung 400 series windows. We always felt Andersen windows had good reviews and that was the way to go. We wanted something we could tilt in and wash rather than getting on a ladder. They are almost impossible to tilt in due to the channels that hold the window in place. It's almost impossible to maneuver. I am strong and I still cannot manage to do this. Well, hire the window washers which is something we wanted to avoid. I would not recommend these. We are sorry we spent so much money on a product that is inferior.

I ordered $1000.00 worth of replacement screens. They came 3/4 were bent and in worse condition than the ones I was looking to replace. The few that were not broken broke when I tried to install. Either the tension bar across the middle of the screen fell out or the small tab used to hook to window broke. I have spent at least 3 hours trying to my refund. I was credited $345.45 still trying to get the difference. Try calling them and see how long it takes you to talk to a person.

In August I wrote a review about Anderson Windows and my experience with them. Since that time I have had contact with Jay Lund, CEO of Anderson Corp. He listened to my problem and immediately started the ball rolling. A technician has come out to my home and new windows were ordered for all windows with a problem. Thank you, Mr. Lund! It is nice to work with someone that stands behind their products and responds to a customer.

Original Review

In 1992 I built my home with 97 Andersen Windows. Several of the windows failed and leaked and I replaced them myself. In 2007 I called Andersen because I noticed approximately 10 windows where the seal had failed and the glass was becoming cloudy. I called Andersen and they sent a service rep out to do a repair. Of course I thought Andersen knew what they were doing so I left them to their devices. Since this was a summer home I was not present when the repair was completed.

After the terrible winter of 2014 I noticed numerous seals had failed horribly. The glass was not just cloudy but had turned blue, green, gold. I called Andersen and of course they would not do anything for me. Later that year I had a contractor at my home and he noticed that in the bottom left hand corner there was a small hole in all windows that the seal had failed. Of course I never thought back to the Andersen repair and thought someone had vandalized my home. I called my insurance company and they sent an engineering service out to evaluate my windows. After a thorough inspection I was told that the holes in the windows were made by a drill and that Andersen had previously used this as a fix when seals were broken to release the gases between the panes.

I immediately called the service tech that was sent by Andersen and he confirmed the conclusion of the report. He told me once the hole was drilled they filled it with clear silicone. Now what reputable company would drill a hole in glass to release gases when the gas is there for a reason? Andersen destroyed my windows with their quick fix and now they will not stand behind them. They offered to sell me new windows at full price instead of replacing the ones that they advised their service technician to ruin!!

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Your bay window is lousy!!! Wake up every morning to a beautiful view of my gardens through your lousy window that is cloudy and the broken seal has caused it. It was installed by a professional contractor but your company tells me "tough luck" it won't happen that Andersen will replace or fix it. I will never buy another Andersen and I will tell this story to anyone who I can tell. You think I asked for millions. It is only one window of three sections. So sorry I spent the money on a name I thought would stand by its product.

Re "Renewal by Andersen" of One of the 4 Andersen windows in a bow arrangement has condensation between the panes and I sought an estimate to replace the glass. Sales person had absolutely NO interest in repair insisting that the ENTIRE unit be replaced at some $10K. In the process he questioned the efficacy in blocking the cold of the existing older Andersen unit and bad mouthed the 14 windows that I had recently installed by a locally owned competitor. When I reacted negatively to the cost he then pulled the usual "to keep the crew busy we can give you a discount if you have it done some 6 to 8 weeks from now". Alleged discount was only 10%. I contacted Genesee Glass and Mirror to do the repair work.

A year ago, I ordered an Andersen "gliding" patio door from Home Depot. When it arrived several weeks later, Andersen had shipped the wrong door (the order from Home Depot was correct). Several more weeks later, the correct door arrived and it was professionally installed. However, two screws securing the handle to the frame were too long, causing two "dimples" on the opposing door frame. The installer said he used the screws supplied by Andersen. If that weren't enough, we immediately began experiencing "sticking" problems with the door and within a few weeks, it was unbearable. You could not open this door without seriously throwing yourself off balance. To make a long story short, it turns out that the gliding portion of the door was warped, so another slider was ordered.

Several more weeks went by. When the second door arrived, it was again professionally installed and seemed to be Ok at first, although not perfect. There was still noticeable resistance when opening the door from outside. The problem has gradually getting worse, however, and now the problem is just as bad as the first door. I have been trying to get Andersen to send someone out to take a look at the door. It has been a nightmare. After two calls to confused Andersen phone reps, I was told to call a local door/window repair outfit, and they would send someone out. When I called the local shop, they told me they couldn't send anyone out without direct approval from Andersen. It has been a week now, and so far, no one has gotten back to me.

The last straw was receiving a phone call from an Andersen rep today. I told him the current problem I was having, as well as the entire, tortured history. He couldn't have cared less. Throughout our conversation, he kept leading me with questions that would exculpate Andersen and pin the blame on the installer. Near the end of the call, he calmly informed me that I would be paying for the shop to send someone out. When I asked about the warranty, he coolly told me that it was not under warranty, since it wasn't defect in workmanship. Nice. Run like hell from any responsibility, Andersen.

To cap off the conversation, he told me where I could call a repair shop near me, but gave me a city name that I had never heard of. Turns out, he called the WRONG GUY!! I am not making this up! I asked him if he could please help me anyway, but started giving me excuses why he couldn't, so I hung up on him. Completely useless. NICE CUSTOMER SERVICE ANDERSEN! I will never do business with Andersen again, and I will be sure to spread my story to whoever is in the market for an Andersen product.

I ordered a new part for my Andersen storm door. The hinge side mount which was supposed to come with the hardware...guess hardware. When I called Andersen, I demanded a supervisor, since the person I got was in the Philippines and told me they would send the parts out second day air...and I would have them 5 days later...LOL. When does second day air on a Monday become Friday delivery? I demanded a supervisor in the U.S. She was just as unhelpful. Whenever I asked when I would receive the parts, all she would tell me is that the order would be put in today...basically an **. Why can't anyone tell me when I would get my parts? This company doesn't care anything about their customers...we have your **. I would recommend anyone who needs a new storm door not to do business with Andersen.

We were very unhappy with installs on our sliding door. First install was done in April 2016. The first installer put the door together wrong and left it. Which I called Andersen right after the installer was finished and made a complaint. They had one of their inspectors come down and said "you will have to wait for a new door to be made." That will take up to 8 weeks. In June they came to install the second sliding door, everything looked good. Till two days later the main sliding door came off its track. This does not usually happen.

The inspector came again. This time they said will order new heavier rollers, which they're coming to install July 28. Hopefully this will be the last time they have to come back. The installer owner came by to see the problem on the first install, told us he would try to get some money back. Which they didn't. It is very sad how they can claim to have their own installers but use outside contractors to do their installs. The first installer was from far Rockaway and they put a magnetic sign over it to say Andersen. I know this is how most companies work, but it's a real shame!!!

Worst customer service experience ever. First person I talked to I couldn't understand. Then I get stuck with a "Melissa". She tells me that on my brand new, just installed by a professional installer storm door, that I would have to take door off myself, return it to store, & pay for the shipping for the replacement door. The door was made very shabbily from the company. Several issues with it. I finally get a guy at the home office that took care of things. My upgraded replacement door was just installed the other day. I saw one scratch on the door but didn't want the runaround & hassle so I didn't say anything. The store was Home Depot. They were 110% helpful, the installer was great!!!

The Melissa person would be terminated if I was her boss. Got nothing but crap from her, she was downright nasty & mean, had got so bad I told her if she wasn't going to help me I'd hang up, so I did & called home office. I would not recommend Andersen Windows or Doors to anyone, shouldn't be treated like that. Thank to & hats off to Home Depot!! Thumbs down to Andersen.

My wife arranged an estimate from Andersen Renewal on an afternoon I had taken off work, for a sliding replacement patio door. Later I found out that she told them she would be there too, but she had to work. The salesman was about 30, heavy set and he seemed arrogant from the get go. Instead of going with me to the patio door, he started walking around my living room, telling me that basically my windows were crap. I told him I wasn't interested in windows and I walked him over to the patio door and expected him to do something besides stand there and ask me if his staff had screwed up and not told my wife that both of us needed to be there.

I looked at his quizzically and said, "I'm not buying life insurance, just a door. My wife doesn't need to be here." I asked him to give me an estimate for a mid range door and he refused to give me any kind of estimate. I told him he was wasting my time and he needed to leave. He copped an attitude and wouldn't budge and I told him I would call the police if he didn't leave immediately. I got my phone out and he eventually left my home, making sarcastic comments on his way out. Do people honestly put up with such nonsense? I've been a homeowner for decades and never had anything like this happen. Amazing!

Locking mechanism on door suddenly became jammed over three weeks ago. Service tech came and inspected, said would have to order part and it would take two weeks to receive. Now tech and his boss say parts are back ordered, they can't trace them, and don't know when the parts will arrive. Meanwhile, I am locked in my house. I don't understand how a company as large as Andersen does not have a lock laying around, and how can the part not be traced. That is just crazy.

Aggressive sales tactics, wow. My husband is semi-retired and made an appointment for a sales person to come over to give us a quote on new windows for the entire house. A few days before the appointments, they called to confirm, and asked if we both would be there. Hubby said no, just him. So they cancelled as I could not be there. Then they kept calling to re-book. We both have told them that we have booked with another company, stop calling. Today they called again, 9 a.m. on a Sunday, to ask why we didn't pick them. Really? I told them to stop harassing us, or I will go on social media to complain about them. I hung up while he was still talking. So glad I read all the reviews, seems we have made the right decision! They should be rated a big fat zero.

While the quality of the doors is great, the experience was awful. We ordered 2 sliding glass doors from Andersen during the Winter months of 2016 as our old doors weren't cutting it when it came to insulation. On the first attempt to install the doors, the installers discovered that their warehouse had shipped one of the doors incorrectly leading to the door opening the wrong way. After this error, I contacted the Project Manager (PM) and requested a voucher toward a future job in order to cover the additional PTO day I would need to take for second appointment. I was directed to a GM, and during my discussion with him, my lost PTO day due to the incorrect shipment was compared to a lost PTO day due to rain. My request was subsequently denied and we scheduled a future date to fix the issue.

On the morning of the second appointment, I was called by the installer and informed that the door did not make it onto the shipment truck and we would need to re-schedule yet again, thus wasting another of my PTO days. A third appointment was scheduled for a future Saturday. During this appointment, we found that the inner door framing was not painted as we had paid for and Andersen had not shipped our foot lock. A fourth appointment was scheduled to re-install the framing and to install the foot lock.

Following the third appointment, I was called by my PM and asked if the install was satisfactory. The PM had no idea that there was still work that needed to be done. At this time I again requested a voucher toward a future job, still only in the value of a single PTO day. I was told a dialogue would be re-opened but never heard from the PM again. During the fourth appointment, the framing was installed incorrectly and subsequently ruined, and the foot lock did not ship with screws and could not be installed thus requiring a 5th appointment. We are still waiting to schedule this appointment and our job is still not complete 5 months after the initial order.

I made the appointment on Thursday, June 30th, for Tuesday, July 5th at 10am. They sent me a friendly reminder in the form of an email. Tuesday morning came around, and no company rep, no phone call. At 10:20 I call to see if the appointment is still on, if the rep is late, etc. The lady informs me that they left a message on my machine (over 4th of July weekend, and I was not home all weekend), and because I did not call back to confirm the appointment, they cancelled. I received no email, no phone call, nothing telling me the appointment had been cancelled. No courtesy was extended on their part. They simply offered to re-schedule, at which point I told them no thanks. Unbelievable.

Please save yourself the headache & the expense of a ridiculously overpriced, inferior product. Our experience with Renewal by Andersen was a disaster. We thought that we would be getting a great installation & a superior product that could withstand the direct sun & heat our home experiences due to a full Southern exposure.

We ordered the darkest window they offer, to prevent fading of furniture from the sun. Someone on their team "decided" we needed the less dark window, without bothering to contact us. So they sent the wrong windows. It took us 3 months to get them to acknowledge & correct their error. They broke one window THREE time before getting it installed correctly. Another window shattered within 2 days of the installation.

Here we are less than 6 months from the installation and the large living room window is sagging at the bottom & the caulk around the window is cracking. We had the installer come back and he said "the Fibrex material can't take the heat of this Southern exposure. We'll have to remove the Fibrex and replace it with an aluminum frame."

During their entire presentation, they kept touting that Fibrex is far superior to the aluminum that other window manufacturers offer. Yet, in less than 6 months, they are offering to "fix" the sagging window by removing the Fibrex frame & replacing it with aluminum. Fortunately, we only ordered a few windows from Andersen, not the entire house. We ordered the rest of the windows from Pella. Night & day improvement with the Pella process! Got exactly the windows we ordered. They were delivered on time & properly installed. Pella was priced better & is a far superior product.

The Andersen people are super, high pressure sales. They basically won't leave your house until you sign a contract. The entire process with Andersen was a high pressure, over priced, low quality product, poor customer service experience. I would not recommend Andersen to anyone. Ever. I have attached a photo to show where the window has warped. The upper window is Andersen. The lower, perfectly straight, non-warped window is Pella. Both have exactly the same sun exposure.

We have 2 sets of double doors, the larger set has a double screen door outside. The first set (new about 2001) rotted out (ROTTED OUT) because the seal between the glass and door failed and let water into the wood. The doors had a ten year warranty, so we got a 'deal' with them being replaced at 50% off. Plus $300 for installation. Cost: $1500. Second set of doors had a little piece of plastic break (a bushing between the hinge pin and the hinge body). Cost to repair: $280 for a new set of screen door hinges that I had to install, drilling out the old ones, etc. The piece of plastic would cost less than a cent.

Then the seal between the glass and the one of those doors failed (they were a bit newer, but still over ten years old). Hey, for just $2,000, their 50% concession, I could get replacements. Plus installation, of course. I patched this as best I can with various caulks, but the seal at the bottom edge of the door was ruined by dragging over the water-swollen door sill. It is now misshapen and does not seal. Cost for a simple strip of weatherstripping 30" long that fits on the bottom of the door? $43.67, but hey, that includes shipping. A person would have to be a lunatic to buy Andersen products IMHO. Their prices are absurd and they do not stand behind their products. But maybe others think that $5,000 worth of doors should only last 12 years.

I built my house with Andersen Windows and sliding glass doors. I thought they were one of the best. I have four sliding glass doors. The cladding cracked, rippled, then fell off. In 2004 Andersen replaced three doors at no charge. Someone from Andersen came out and said. In 2015 the same thing started to happen. They have a 20-year warranty. They sent me 2 doors that I called about. Called in 2016, they are sending the rest. When they were replaced the first time, they said since there were so many, they replaced them free of charge. This time they said they couldn't deliver to my house and the closest place. They sent them 25 miles further. They are there now.

I am a disabled senior citizen and I have no way to pick them up. They said they have no service in my area. I am frustrated and upset of the 'don't care' attitude. They are expensive doors. The cladding cracked and fell off. As of today I have no way to pick them up and nothing to pick them up with and no one to install them.

We bought a storm door that claims to come with all parts for an "easy two hour installation." My husband is super handy and knew this should not be a difficult task. However... The door didn't come with any hardware as it was supposed to. We called the number for missing parts, and they sent it with no questions but it took 8 days to receive it. Then when we opened it we found that we were STILL missing parts. So here we are again waiting on parts to come in. The instructions for installing the handle also imply there are pre-drilled holes in the door. Of course there are not. After our experience and looking at all these other reviews, I'm really not sure how this company is still in business. Get it together people!

My Andersen/Emco storm/screen door fell completely off the frame, and according to customer service it was my fault for overtightening the eight 5/8 inch screws into the pressed wood fiber door. I replaced the small screws with one and a half inch self tapping screws and it is holding just fine. Bad case of engineering and no help from customer service. To add insult to problem Emco offered to sell me a new hinge rail. Since I added proper size screws and the door is now safe to use I requested them to split the original cost of door with me to make up for my time and labor on their product. I was refused any sort of compensation.

WHAT IS A STORM DOOR? Hopefully, something that locks out the foul weather. But first, the inside latch should lock as intended without failure or your door is subject to being gone with the wind. Engineering design is a crucial component of the industrial product realization process. Unfortunately, the overall quality of engineering design in the U.S. is poor. In 2010, Andersen 300 model doors were designed with a poorly designed plastic inside latch closing onto a sharp metal latch striker. This striker can cut you badly if your hand hits it the wrong way (especially bad for small children that may touch it...). In any event, the plastic latch will start to chip away after repeated contact with the latch striker. It will get to the point that it fails to properly keep the door securely closed. Once the plastic inside latch loses the smoothness from so many chips, it will lose the ability to fully make contact with the latch striker.

I have a front door storm door which has been in operation for 20 plus years and works just like it was brand new. IT ALWAYS CLOSES because it has a much better inside latch/striker mechanism. My back door (the one in question) has failed two times. I see that Andersen is now using this older type design on all of the current model storm doors I recently looked at in Home Depot. However, Andersen does not want to admit that the design in my door latch was poorly engineered. I would like to see college level engineering students getting involved with these kinds of problems and spearhead the efforts to improve design education that benefits all of us. Long story, my door has completely failed to close without tugging it to a full closed position.

In calling Andersen, I went from a "consultant" to a Sr. Tech Adviser who wanted to compare the door's warranty to a car's warranty to keep from talking about the real reason for my call. Give me a break and please fire this person if this is the best advice person they offer. I am now waiting for the Executive Service Manager to call and after reading these reviews, I doubt that I shall receive such a call. America: THERE IS NO CUSTOMER SERVICE in many cases!! Make America Great Again. Let's fix problems! Because so many people are complacent and just do not want to rock the boat, they do not complain, and just shell out the $$$ for another product replacement. This hurts all of us and allows the manufacturers to get away with highway robbery. Complain and stop being complacent when necessary to do such. At this point, I would also advise the buying public to look to a better brand than Andersen.

Obviously, Andersen design "engineers" --LOL--knew the design on my door latch was an accident waiting to happen. Thus, I would love to see the data collected from the design failures regarding my door model. Those must be some smoking hot "inside memos" on taking corrective action. Caveat venditor. We, the consumer, should be protected under the "Magnuson-Moss Act" for greater protection from merchants. In the end I just want what I paid for... A WORKING STORM DOOR THAT DOES THE JOB YEAR AFTER YEAR and A COMPANY THAT BACKS THEIR PRODUCTS 100%. Is this too much to ask for? The word "defective" does not have the literal meaning usually ascribed to it; rather, it merely means that the goods were not in such condition or of such manufacture as an ordinary consumer might reasonably expect. Yes, I expected to get a STORM DOOR with a long lasting door latch... not this junk.

I installed Andersen Frenchwood Doors in my house. ALL MY EXTERIOR DOORS AND PATIO DOORS. I paid top dollar, expecting that I had purchased the best product on the market. For reference, the Frenchwood Doors are wood with a fiberglass exterior cladding. They came with a 10 year warranty. Very soon after the 10 year warranty had expired, the cladding failed ON ALL OF THE DOORS. It buckled and came away from the wood. It is unsightly, and left the wooden structure of the doors exposed to the weather, pests, rot, etc.

When I called Andersen Customer Service, they were COMPLETELY UNCONCERNED. They had NOTHING TO OFFER. I did not expect complete replacement of the doors, I just wanted some help figuring out what could be done to repair the doors. NOTHING. I still have not been able to figure out what to do about this. The doors are still doors, of course, and the double pane glass has not failed. I certainly do not want to replace the doors ON MY ENTIRE HOUSE because the stupid cladding has failed.

ANDERSEN'S POSITION IS THAT THEY LASTED PAST THE WARRANTY SO THEY SHOULD BE REPLACED. So... do not buy Andersen window, do not believe they are a quality product, and do not believe that Andersen will be there to help you when you need their help. BUY ANOTHER BRAND. Thank you for letting me vent. My main objective is just to warn other consumers about this product. This problem really burns me up.

I wanted a quote on 6 windows. Lowe's did this in about 45 minutes. They even gave me options of different grades of windows and explained the differences. With Andersen, after about 30 minutes of the salesperson run around they finally made the decision that their windows were too expensive for our house. They came to that conclusion because we said we might move within 5 years. They were telling me that my Pella Windows 8000 series would without a doubt rot within 10 years (reading reviews here it sounds like that's what their windows did). Also they mentioned that Andersen buries their windows in Florida swamps to test their durability. Typical sales tactics. If you want to get sold on windows, give Andersen a shot. If you want to buy a product whose performance simply sells itself look elsewhere.

I didn't even get passed the appointment 1-800 person before I'd had enough of them to cancel the call. Andersen 1-800 reps are required to go through a lengthy Q&A with new customers that is painful, intrusive, time consuming and unnecessary as all the same information is readily available during the bidding process. The salesman is called a 'design consultant' which is a huge red flag - this company is ready to SELL you.

Also, getting a 'design consultant' (salesman) to bid REQUIRES both homeowners be present and that a homeowner commit to an hour and half meeting - another red flag but I don't know why. I cancelled the call because Andersen Company's attitude - as if I was fortunate to be able to do business with them as opposed to the other way around. Good riddance - your arrogance is overwhelming. I prefer a service company that wants and appreciates my business.

We built a new home that we moved into in June 2004. We installed Andersen Architectural Series Casement Windows and Doors throughout. This spring we discovered that 18 of the casements had rotted and needed to be replaced. Our contractor and the Andersen representative determined that the casements had sagged and caused the windows to retain water on the sill, which was then absorbed into the wood of the casement window. In addition numerous other casements had sagged and needed to be shimmed or leveled as well as required new weatherstripping. The new casements, installation, repair of other casements, and painting have cost us more than $20,000 so far. Andersen has refused to reimburse us for any of the cost even though their representative says the problem is with the window and not with the installation or maintenance. I would not recommend Andersen Windows.

Less than a year ago I purchased a number of Andersen Windows. A tree was blown down in my yard and one of the windows was broken. I discovered that the glass cannot be replaced in the window as the front and back of the sash are glued together. Firstly how can a reputable company make windows that cannot be repaired? I soon found out! I called Andersen and received poor customer support being dropped first and then told the department I needed was too busy and would call back. They did not. Four calls later I eventually found a service agent to give me a price on the required replacement sash.

The original window cost $351.98. The replacement sash I was told was $515.37. One and a half times the cost of the original window just for the sash and I would have to install it. Clearly glued together windows that cannot be repaired by a third party are there to rip off the customer. When I bought the windows there was no mention that they cannot be repaired. I will never buy an Andersen Windows again and urge anyone who is considering buying one to realize if it breaks it cannot be repaired without being ripped off by Andersen. I urge you to choose another company. I certainly will!

Took advantage of my 80-year old mother. Tried to charge her $11, 300 for a door and 4 small windows. Get a second price before you get these people.

We ordered 3 new renewal by Andersen Windows right after the home show here so we could get 15% off because we were told Andersen never does sales. Right after we ordered our windows they came out with the sale of 20% off everything, windows, patio doors and installation so we felt cheated that way. Then we couldn't get the 1 year free interest because their lender wouldn't approve our loan as we only had a credit rating of 817 according to a letter received from the lender. Then we were told they were 95% efficient and according to our utility even though they are energy star rated the SHGC rating is not high enough.

Do not buy these windows. The sales people do not tell the truth and we are out several thousand dollars because we believed Andersen to be a good brand. Never again. The only thing they told correctly was that the installation crew was good and would clean up their mess. We don't have an order number to put on this as never received one and also never were given the cost breakdown of what each window cost. And also how much installation was. We have figured out the cost of installation pretty much by subtracting what they say is the price we might be able to use for Federal Energy Rebate. However with no rebate allowed locally because they don't meet the standards. I doubt if they meet Federal standards. Just one more lie.

I ordered a replacement screen for an Andersen window online. It arrived and did not fit and then the phone hours with their customer service department began. I spent 45 minutes with tape measures (window is 2x3) and reading numbers on the glass, etc. The CS rep was young and I was patient. She said I would get the right screen and a credit minus a restocking fee for the original screen and I should donate the screen that did not fit. A month later I called again and got a woman who insisted that I go through the entire process again and then informed me that it could take months to get the credit and the order for the right sized screen had never been processed. Very frustrating. She would not transfer me to a different rep. Don't buy Andersen. It's not worth the hassle. Amex will have to help me get my credit because this company is a ripoff.

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The Andersen Corporation is the largest door and window manufacturer in the United States. The company has been in business since 1903.

  • Wide product offering: Andersen designs and manufacturers an extensive line of high-performance, energy-efficient windows and doors. It has four brands: Andersen vinyl-clad wood windows and patio doors; Renewal by Andersen, a line of low-maintenance replacement windows; Silver Line vinyl windows and patio doors; and American Craftsman vinyl windows and doors, which are sold exclusive through Home Depot.
  • Sells internationally: Andersen sells windows in Europe, Asia, the Middle East and South America as well as in the United States.
  • Large online library: Customers can read about how to choose the right products, how to install them and more on the company's website.
  • Trains installers: Consumers must contract separately with third parties for installation, and Andersen offers certification in installing its products. The only exception is for Renewal replacement windows, which are installed by Andersen’s own group of highly trained contractors.
  • Lots of options: Owners who want to create a custom look can easily mix and match shapes, materials and sizes from the large catalog of available windows.
  • Online parts store: Owners who want to repair or replace windows and doors can find and purchase parts online through this company's website.
  • Best for Andersen Windows are best for homeowners, do-it-yourselfers, condo owners, landlords, business owners, and anyone interested in energy-efficient, well-built windows and doors.

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