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ADT provides home security and alarm systems with features like entry sensors, motion detection, smoke alarms and leak detectors to help ensure your home, family and belongings are protected from intruders and environmental disasters. The company offers professionally installed systems available with top-of-the-line equipment for intrusion detection, video monitoring and smart-home automation.

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  • Variety of products
  • Reliable service
  • Smart-home connectivity
  • Six-month money-back guarantee


  • Limited video capabilities
  • Installation cost

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ADT offers customized alarm and security systems with smart-home automation features and 24/7 monitoring. With ADT Pulse, the system can be connected to Amazon Alexa and your smart-home devices.

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Original review: April 18, 2009

We had a new home security monitored alarm system installed in our home on April 13, 2009. This is an ADT system but was sold through one of their authorized dealers (above). The whole experience from sales through installation was most unpleasant. It was not explained to me that the $99 system consisted of one key pad, one motion detector, several door sensors and a key bob. When I ordered this service, I told the salesperson that I had 6 exterior doors to my home. I was not ever told there would be initial monies due for additional equipment at that time.

When the installer came, he advised that they could not use our current system; it would have to be upgraded. I was never asked what type of system I was looking for or what my security needs would be. He came back with a total price for this system of approximately $600. I told him that I did not want to spend that much for a security system and felt I could do much better with someone else. He then asked me to give him a minute while he called his boss. He came back with approximately $100 knocked off the price.

I had my husband on the phone and we both became quite uneasy with the dealing that was being done. The installer had me speak with his manager via his personal cell phone which did not get good reception in my home. I asked for the manager to call my husband and explain his offer as I was not comfortable agreeing to something when I could only get about every other word the man was saying. After the conversation with this manager, my husband felt this was some sort of con going on. This pricing was given to my husband via the manager.

It became a bidding war. My husband finally said that if they could put this system in for $300 to do it but that was all he was willing to go over with the $99 that had already been given to them for a total install of $399. The install took close to 5 hours. The installer had problems getting our home phone into their box for monitoring purposes. After this installer left, I went upstairs and noticed that his ladder was left in the closet with an install manual. The next morning, I noted that both of my phone boxes were left open with wiring hanging down and out of the box exposed to the elements. I later found that the phone to my barn had been disconnected.

We got a call from Trisha from Absolute Security which was left on our answering machine leaving us a message to please return her call regarding our installation. The number she left for a return call was a ** site. The motion detector in the hallway of the back of the house does not work upon testing this system ourselves, as this was not done at installation. We never received a call from ADT after the alarm was activated twice. I called Absolute Security and asked them if they were aware that my alarm had been going off for 20 minutes and they told me no. They took my name and number to have a customer service representative call me back within an hour.

I did receive a call back from a gentleman who said his name was Tim and was the customer service manager for Absolute Security. I was mad about the whole situation especially the ** number I was asked to return my call to. He told me that he would need to be at his computer to be able to check install dates and asked if he could contact me on Saturday morning. We found at this time the barn phone was out. My husband had to spend almost 45 minutes in the rain to get the phone service back into the barn after the mess the installer made of the phone boxes.

When Tim called me this morning, he was telling me that my system was in Test mode and would be for a week. He was telling me that the sensor in the back room was working when it was not. He was arrogant and argumentative. I told him again that I have a mother who lives with me who has senile dementia (Alzheimer's Disease). If she were to go out the back door and fall in the pool, she could drown.

What if I needed help? That is why I put a monitored service in this house. I was so angry at this manager's responses I hung up on him. My husband has now called for this Tim leaving four messages. He refuses to return his call. How can I get service if my call is not returned? I called ADT themselves and they advised that my system is not in Test mode. It is fully activated and functional. I wanted a monitored smoke detector which Absolute Security states is more money from us; however, they list it as free for new activation.

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Original review: March 31, 2009

I called for a quote because it came in my welcome packet to a mobile home park. I gave them my information and when it came time for the billing steps, they wanted a 3-year contract, I stated I was not interested in signing such a long contract and ended the call. They have been calling for a month. During this month my home burnt down. I have repeatedly asked them to stop calling stating that my home burnt down and to stop calling me. They keep calling my phone.

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Original review: March 31, 2009

On 3-18-09 i had a break in burglary at my previous address. This was the second break in. As a result of the first burglary my wife and I decided to get the ADT services so that we could protect our home when we weren't there. Police came to our house after we called them and they checked to see if anyone from ADT had dispatched any asisstance and the answer was no. Also, no one called my wife or myself to report any problem. The alarm panel was removed by the intruder and some wires were cut. I called ADT and asked them what is it that I had to do to prevent this from happening and was told that they provided a back up system that was around $300. No one offered me this when we signed up. They sent a tech over and he didnt even have on his notes that he was there to inspect the device for a reson of break in. There is clearly a problem here. What can I do?

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Original review: March 30, 2009

My wife and i signed an agreement for 3 years but were unaware. We weren't tricked, we were just dump and didn't read the fine print. Anyhow, we moved to a safer neighborhood and no longer needed the service. when we tried to cancel they told us about the early termination fee which was $443.86. Know that we could either pay the $700+ to finish out the 3 years or the $443 to cancel now, we figured we'd just bite the bullet. it irked me so much to throw away our money that i called a representative to talk about our issue. She said she couldn't help and i needed a supervisor. Of course i got sent to a voice mailbox but figured what the heck and actually left a message. Well wouldn't you know, they returned my call in the SAME DAY! the manager asked how she could help and i told her my story and was perfectly honest. i just said that i know we are at fault for being dumb, however $443 is too much. I then suggested she lower the price to cancel and if i thought it was reasonable i would pay her right then and there over the phone with my visa. I was able to negotiage down to $300 even. She started at offering me $75 off but i doubled it (almost) and that was that. I'm happy that they met me somewhere in the middle. just wanted to share. at least they are reasonable people.

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Original review: March 21, 2009

I contracted with ADT for a custom HARD WIRE installation at my newly constructed home plus a 5 year monitoring contract.

I paid ADT $2000 + and the ran the hard wires to whereever is necessary. When the final installation was completed I complained to ADT that several window screens were JUMPED with a phone cord type wire instead of each window screen being individually hard wired and it looked bad. Where they had failed to hard wire they ADT installed wireless transmitters and that was unacceptable.ADT issued mea partial credit after admitting in one of their emails to making a mistake. I demanded full credit but they can keep my $ 2000 for the work they've done. I hired BRINKS and they inspected and agreed that it was a bad installation and the alarm doesn't function properly because I always have to bypass certain zones. Prior to ADT disconnecting my monitoring they have failed to correct the problem and totally abandoned me. despite recognizing their bad installation and their failure to repair the faulty alarm they resoted to their sleezy collection practices which and I promise will back fire on them
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Original review: March 18, 2009

I was a client since Nov 2002 in Manassas and apparently I had a good service then on Sept 2008 I moved to Bristow VA about ten minutes apart from Manassas and my new home did not have alarm system so I signed a contract on Oct/08. My home was only 2 years old so that should not be a problem but the techinician disabled my telephone so I could not receive calls. Since we all have cell phone except for my 90 years old mother we did not realize until weeks later. Verizon came to fix the telephone and they said that ADP did not install properly the alarm system. I called ADT and another untrained tech came and left a report that everything was fixed. I believed until one day accidentally the alarm sounded and I did not get the monitor call. I called ADT and an arrogant person told me that was my fault because I turned off too fast when she realized that I did not buy it she started trying to intimidate me with fees. In other words I did not have the service for all of the past months. Finally another untrained tech came and say 'call Verizon' After several times taking days off from work I found that was necessary to they both tech communicate each other and happen that was ADT's fault. Finally I think the problem is fixed, I believe but now I have a $151.00 bill for the visit of the tech that just say 'call verizon' In addition to all of the monitoring fees I paid for service I did not receive I had to pay for techs that failed to do the work right since the beginning. In addition, because I closed my credit card to see closely what they were charging, I did not get any bill in the mail but I got an unpleasant collection call instead. I contacted a Service Manager that after blaming me of everything agreed that he would take care of write off the charges for the visit but instead I continued receiven more calls and the charges are still there.

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Original review: March 12, 2009

I cancelled ADT services but they chose to ignore it saying later that it was in my wife's name. They continued to charge us for months afterward. We refused to pay. They sent it to a collection agency and now we get phone calls late at night every 3 days or so from the collection agency. We are both elderly and have health problems and the constant phone calls are difficult to deal with. What can we do?

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Original review: March 10, 2009

We use ADT services at 5 branches throughout the US. We are closing our NJ office, where we have equipment and monitoring, and when I called to close our account, and request that the security equipment we purchased be transferred to our new office out of state, I was told that we do not own the equipment, even though I have proof that we paid $3,500 for it! I told the rep. that I have the invoice and proof of cleared payment for it, but she told me it does not matter and I will have to talk to the NJ local ADT office, so they can fix the system on their end. I was transferred around several times before reaching a voicemail where I left a message. I never received a return call. After calling a few more times, and being bounced around from clueless person to clueless person, I finally spoke with a rude NJ rep. who told me to fax her a copy of my contract. I told her I have proof of purchase, and she said only the contract matters. I told her that she should have the contract on file. She told me that the earliest we could close our account is 30 days from now, and we will be charged a termination fee, even though we wish to transfer the equipment and service.

She told me they will not waive the fees because we are not staying in state. ADT Security Services is a nationwide company! I expect nationwide SERVICE from it!
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Original review: March 6, 2009

I have had an absolutely horrible experience with ADT. I would STONGLY NOT RECOMMEND this company to anyone. I began inquiring about purchasing an alarm system in October 2007. The sales rep I met with explained that if I bought a wireless system (using the cellular backup equipment), I could move the equipment with me anywhere in the U.S. The rep explained that because the system was wireless, ADT would transfer it to a new location at no charge. I thought that was great and signed up.

A year later, I was moving. I quickly learned that the sales rep had lied and that the equipment and contract I signed were non transferable. That was bad enough, but I let it go since I was renting my place out and figured the system would be a nice bonus for my tenant. In September 2008, the alarm suddenly stopped working. I was out of the country at the time so wasnt able to get someone out there until October. A technician came out and basically said that the system had died? and needed to be replaced. The technician stated that he would order the parts and replace the system under warranty, estimating that it would take about 1-2 weeks for the parts to come in. Three days later, I received a call on my cell phone from the technician stating that he was at my house and there to replace the system. I explained to him that no one had set up an appointment with me and since I wasnt home, he would have to actually schedule an appointment. And then the fun began. I moved out around this time, but kept trying to pin ADT down for a date to come out and resolve the issue. Twice I scheduled appointments with them and no one showed up. My tenant moved in and he began to try and schedule appointments, to no avail. Finally, we got them to agree to come out on January 20th, 2009. They called THAT DAY and stated they didnt have the parts to do the job and would have to reschedule for January 23rd. On January 23rd, a technician arrived at 10:00 PM and started the work, but then realized that he didnt have all the parts. He said he would have to come back out at a later time to finish the job. Yet another day to finish the repair was scheduled but ADT never showed up. It is currently March 6th, 2009 and we still have not been able to get a committed repair date from ADT at a time during which they will have the parts and can finish the job. They have thus far refused to refund me (Ive been paying my monthly service fee the entire time and only been credited one month). They keep saying that they will look into? issuing a refund once the issue has been repaired. I was almost in tears yesterday dealing with the customer service rep. It was so incredibly frustrating. Stay FAR AWAY from this company. Their stuff sounds great, but they are incompetent and have iron-clad contracts that you simply cannot get out of. Their sales reps are also highly unethical.
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Original review: March 6, 2009

Aerospace Electronics

2899 West Prospect Road Ft. Lauderdale, FL. 33309 954-803-3972 March 6, 2009 To: ADT Security Services Re: ADT Select To whom it may concern, I received an invoice today # 88743220 in the amount of $12.83. When this system was installed I was informed by the technician that I would be able to look on the internet and see which user number had accessed the alarm system enabling it or disabling it and on what date and time. He said this was an optional service that was included with my monthly ADT fee. On Feb 26, 2009 I called and asked about how to enable this feature and the person I spoke with on the phone led me through the procedure for enrolling on the internet. He said a technician would stop by and would activate the feature on my keypad at no charge as it would only take 5 minutes. The technician showed up about ten minutes later and I was surprised to see him. He said it would just take a minute to activate the feature and he was in the area. I asked him if there were any charges for this feature. He said that the only time there would be a charge would be when I actually got on the internet and used the feature. He said that then there would be a one time charge each time I actually used the feature. He also said that if I did not look it up on the internet I could call in and the representative on the phone could give me the information I need verbally at no charge. He said to call the local office to verify this. I called the local office and had a hell of a time getting past the recorded options menu to speak with a live representative. The person I spoke to was not sure about the charges and said she would have someone call me back. Someone called me yesterday and informed me that there was a monthly charge of $11.00 to have this feature, whether or not I used it. I told him that the technician told me that it was included in my monthly monitoring fee. He said the technician was wrong. I told him that if it involved a fee of $11.00 per month for a service that I would very seldom use then I did not want it. He said no problem that he would cancel the service immediately. He did not say anything about having to send anything to anyone in writing.. I spoke to another billing representative when I received this invoice today, who said that If I wanted to have the service canceled that I had to mail or fax a letter to you saying so. I asked about having the charges removed as I was not informed about this monthly charge and had never used the service. She refused. I told her that if she refused to remove the charges of which I had never been informed then I would do the same and refuse to pay the invoice. That is where we stand today. It is very unprofessional of a company as large as TYCO/ADT to basically trick a customer into signing up for a service under the premise that it is free only to tell him after the service is activated that there is a monthly charge. Yes we are all having financial difficulties at this time due to the economy but this is a very low and cheap way of increasing your revenue. This letter is my OFFICIAL notice to you in writing that I want the ADT Select Service Cancelled and do not want to see any more bills from you regarding this service. If you have any questions call me at 954-535-0302 Al Vargas President Aerospace Electronics, Inc.
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Original review: March 4, 2009

ADT made presentation to us 01,20,'09 for Camera System with Purchase price of $1,590.00 plus $58.00 per month for 5 years of monitoring. Upon installation we realized that monitoring by ADT was NOT included but rather $58.00 per month fee was for maintenance. We complained to the BBB but to no avail as ADT now is asking us to pay them. We feel that deceptive practices were used and we are outraged accordingly. Help please!?

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Original review: March 4, 2009

Several months ago, I received a postcard mailing from ADT Security Services stating that according to their records, my home had a de-activated security alarm system; the campaign was offering free re-activation and two months worth of free monitoring. I called the local ADT office and asked for my name and address to be removed from the mailing list, and expressed concern about the marketing campaign. Since it is a postcard, that information puts my home, my personal safety and my family at a tremendous risk. I was told my name would be removed from the list; the rep I spoke with at this time could not understand the risk? I was speaking about. Another postcard followed in my mailbox shortly after that call. I called again, spoke with another rep, and received the same response. My name will be removed from the mailing list, but no attention was given to the campaign. I filed an on-line complaint with the Better Business Bureau. In response, an ADT rep phoned me, apologized, said my name will be removed from the mailing list. End of story. I received another postcard in my mailbox this week. I immediately sent an email to the president of ADT outlining the steps I had already taken with ADT to be removed from the mailing list but as importantly, to draw someones attention to the inherent negative action that will eventually result from this campaign. I received an email the next day from a customer care consultant, apologizing for my name having remained on a mailing list. My name had been removed from their internal list, but they were not aware their external marketing company was working from a different mailing list which still contained my name and address. Once again, no mention at all about addressing the risk that this campaign poses to families like myself. Each time I spoke with ADT, I explained that the campaign placed too much private information in the publics eye, eventually someone and something would be negatively impacted by this. I received ANOTHER postcard in the mail yesterday, 3/3/09. I wrote another email to the president of ADT, but have not gotten a response yet. I have experienced the violation of someone breaking into my home and do not want that to happen again to me, or, for that matter, to anyone else. Please help! Thank you.

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Original review: March 1, 2009

My wife and I own a small retail business and, in 2006, we had just signed a two-year lease for a small space in a somewhat seedy side of town. We went looking for an alarm company that would have an agreement for a similar amount of time. ADT was the first company that we called and we scheduled an appointment for a salesman to come and give us a price. Brad Burdick was the representative that showed up. We told him that we had a two-year lease at that location, and asked how long the alarm system contract would be. He responded that it was for two years as well, and that it was also renewable yearly thereafter. We decided to go ahead and sign the contract, since the price was reasonable and the length of the contract was the same as the lease for the space. The lease ran its course and we dutifully paid our alarm bill every month for the length of the agreement. At the end of the two years, we decided it would be best if we left that space because the business was not providing enough profit to sustain itself, and so we did not renew our lease. We called to disconnect the service, they asked us why, and we told them that we were no longer leasing that location. We informed them that all the alarm equipment would be left at the space. They said that they would go ahead and disconnect the service, and the next day the alarm was off. A month later, we received a bill in the amount of $1,025.65. We called ADT to inquire about the bill and was told that since we terminated our contract early, we were being charged the remainder of we would have paid. We told her that we only signed a two-year contract, to which she responded, No, you signed a five-year contract. They sometimes tell people it's only two years to get them to sign. I told her that I wanted to speak to a supervisor, and she told me that it wouldn't make a difference, because he would tell me the same thing.

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Original review: Feb. 18, 2009

The incentive offered at the time of selling this product within the time frame noted at the sale have not been issued.

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Original review: Feb. 18, 2009

The incentive offered at the time of selling this product within the time frame noted at the sell have not been issued.

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Original review: Feb. 17, 2009

I signed a contract with APX Alarm Co. to install & monitor an alarm system in my home. I told them, at the time, that I had previously had an alarm system through ADT and was very dissatisfied with their service. The APX salesman assured me they had no affiliation with ADT. Then, two or three months before the expiration of my contract, I received a letter from APX stating they had reassighed my account to ADT. I called them to protest and ask how they could do that without my permission. They wouldn't even talk to me. I had to talk to ADT because they had my account now. I had set up an automatic withdrawal from my checking account, with APX, to pay my monthly bill. ADT assumed that authorized them to do the same, and they withdrew funds from my account without my permission. I called them to protest that I had no contract with them and they had no authorization to withdraw funds from my bank. In addition, the system had been broken for months, and we had been unable to get APX to come and fix it. So, ADT wasn't providing any monitoring service to charge me for. I got nowhere. They said I had to finish out the contract. My wife contacted our bank and and tried to cancel the automatic payment, but, apparently you can't do that. The only thing we could do is put a stop payment against ADT, and file a formal complaint. We did, and the bank stopped the next attempt, and retrieved the previous funds they had withdrawn.

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Original review: Feb. 12, 2009

At the time we signed up, the person who installed the system emphasized that we can disconnect at any time. He did not mention that the contract we were signing was for 3 years, and if diconnecting the service we would have to pay the remaining balance.

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Original review: Feb. 7, 2009

I purchased a security system to be monitored by ADT in Oct 2009. The equipment was installed by Life 3 Security but it did not work properly and the tech said he would come back to finish the install. He never did. I have called Life 3, ADT, the monitoring company, and Gaylord over a hundred times over the last 3 and half months. Gaylord blames this on Life 3. Life 3 never answers the phone and ADT tells me they cannot help me even though they are the company that will take over my account after one year of monitoring by Life 3. I do not know if I am even being monitored because the few times I have reached the ADT monitoring service, sometimes I am told I am being monitoring and sometimes I am told they have never heard of me. I have never had an experience like this in my life.

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Original review: Feb. 4, 2009

ADT is one of the most dishonest companies I have ever dealt with. There is an alarm system that was already installed in our home when we bought it. Its a Brinks system (their not much better, apparently though). However, this sytem is not activated. We called ADT to request more info on starting the service. A sales rep come out to our house at 7:00pm. Told us it would only cost $125 to swap the "guts" for the changeover from Brinks to ADT. Stated that the monthly fee is $31.99. I asked sales rep could we pay annually versus of monthly payments. Rep stated "sure, but she wouldn't in case you wanted to cancel", which led me to believe that we could cancel anytime. Rep told my husband, "oh, just sign this form and I will fill it out later". I didn't think that part was honest but this form was to activate the alarm system with the county. Besides that, everything actually seem legit, she seemed nice and honest, so my husband signed. I just sat around and talked to rep and did not read what my husband was signing. My fault, I know. Luckily, the next morning, I read our copy of the contract, front and back, secretly behind my husband's back. (he says I question him to much) Only to my dismay, did I found out this is a 3 YEAR CONTRACT, if you cancel, you have to pay anyways. ????? The security alarm hardware can be ripped out and they don't have to repair the walls. ???? um, yeah, this system was already in our house, its not ADTS. You have to pay whether your service works or not??? No warranty on anything???? It gets worse. I noticed that the little box on the 1st page of the contract where it states, "Equipment Owned: Customer Owned or ADT Owned" was left blank. The other little box on the 1st page where it states: "Balance due upon Installation" was left blank. ???? On the 2nd page referring to installation, it just says "take over brinks". I realized that this contract was totally incomplete, with my husband's signature. Then I read all these complaints on line. OMG!!!!! So hubby called sales rep, and asked her WTF? She says, "OH DON'T WORRY, I NOTICED THAT IT WAS INCOMPLETE AFTER I LEFT AND I FIXED THAT INFORMATION AND YES, THERE IS A THREE YEAR CONTRACT BUT OTHER COMPANIES HAVE 5 YEAR CONTRACTS." (which is not true, called Brinks, they have 3 year also but still told just as many lies to me..Brinks sales rep said one thing but their website said something else.) I told my husband that this sales rep from ADT has already lied to us several times and we caught her red-handed. So what, we are supposed to trust her now that she fixed the incomplete contract? Hubby and I agreed to cancel everything just in case. I called sales rep back myself and asked where is the cancellation form the contract states you have to have to cancel within 3 business days. She says "OH I HAVE THAT WITH ME BUT DON'T WORRY, I WILL JUST WRITE CANCEL ON THE CONTRACT". (Yeah, whatever). I wrote a letter of cancellation and I emailed it to her, I faxed it, I called the main ADT office and I cancelled the installation. THEN sales rep calls me and tells she wants her signs and window decals back and that they keep track of how many she gives out. I told her "FINE, COME GET IT, AND WHEN YOU COME, BRING ME THE CANCELLATION FORM OR MY CANCELLED CONTRACT". Sales Rep actually mails me the original contract, which took me by surprise, I thought maybe I was being too harsh. It come in the mail yesterday. (the day before the 3rd business day that I was able to cancel) She made so many changes to this contract AFTER it was signed that it is unbelievable. The little box showing ownership of the alarm system is marked with a blue pen as ADT Owned. Then next to it in a black pen, it says Box Only (guts). The balance due upon installation is written as Zero with black pen.(I am assuming everything in black ink was added before it was all mailed to me) On the 2nd page, she added at the bottom of the form with a black pen, "customer may need to purchase additional keypad". ???? As for the blank page hubby signed to register the alarm with the county, apparently we would have been responsible for the fines issued if the alarm kept malfunctioning. As of now, I dont know if I was being to harsh and jumping to conclusions, but, honestly, I don't care, I prefer just to keep my distance from this company.

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Original review: Feb. 3, 2009

House Fire and ADT never called us to let us know that we had a fire! We have used ADT for about 8 or 9 years now. Never had any real issues that were not solved until recently! In early December 2008, we switched phone providers. We went from Verizon to Vonage. ADT contacted us to verify this change, but never told us the system would not work properly even when I asked them. From the time we switched providers our system was no longer sending a signal to ADT(found that out after the fire). They contacted us and checked our system over the phone, then lied and said it was working properly. So on Jan. 6th 2009, our house caught on fire. We pay extra in our contract for Fire and smoke protection, ADT never called to tell us our house was on fire. Yes, we have cell back up! However, our cell phones were never triggered because our phone line was no longer contected to ADT. When I called to ask ADT why they hadn't done there job, they kept transfering my call until I hung up. If that's not bad enough, our fire Marshall said ADT might have been the cause of the fire because of the way the sytem was wired. We lost everything in this fire but ADT could care less!

This is what the facts are plan and clear and this is how ADT is not doing there job.. 1. ADT never let us know that there would be a problem when we switched phone providers. 2. ADT had a month to send a technician to fix our system or to tell us to switch back to a provider they get a signal with. 3. If ADT would have provided us with the service we were promised, our house would not have been destroyed by the fire!
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Original review: Feb. 2, 2009

ADT Alams systems called and made a offer for installation of a alarm system. In the offer i advised that I didnot have a land line for the alarm signal. ADT advised they could install a system for this type of installation without land line for no additional cost for install or monthly. They also asked for a deposit of $94.96 . When the tech arrives if not happy or any disagreement on the contract , ADT would immediately refund the deposit. Unpon arrival of the tech, I was advised that the wireless phone connection was extra and a extra monthly charge would be extra. I canceled the installation and advised the office of ADT that it was not what we agreed upon. I was advised that it was sub for adt to sale this installation. I have not received my deposit and was advised By ADT that it could take up to 30 days. I was also advised ADT wasnt responsible for what was promised. What happen to the immediate refund of the deposit? And scamming a upsale when arrived?

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Original review: Jan. 31, 2009

In October 2008, the secuirty company APX was bought out by ADT and my contract was sold over to them. I was not happy to begin with because I have had nothing but issues with ADT in the past. From day one, I never received notice that ADT bought my contract. My alarm panel was not updated and therefore it was not connected through there dispatch to ensure proper security of my home. We found out the hard way when our alarm was set off and no one was informed through ADT. We had to call them to find out why we did not have someone come through our panel or call our us to ask about the forced entery. They had a Tech come out and made us have to pay for a trip fee in order to have our system looked at for problems. We told them that we had not dome anything to our panel and should not have to pay for someone to come out to update our alarm system due to the switch from APX. The on duty manager was on the phone with the tech who arrived at home and was screaming at him and cussing about the fee being waved. After the Tech left our home, that same week our alarm was actived and the same issue arrose. We called to inform them that the problem with our panel was not resolved and they wanted to charge us again for a trip fee. We explained that the issue was never fixed in the first place and that we should not have to pay for a job not done. We were treated very rudly over the phone by customer service and were told that this was the last time they would wave the 35.00 trip fee. The Tech came out again and told us that ADT had never activated out 2way voice and that is why is has not been functioning. He told us he took care of the problem and that it was fixed. Two weeks later, the same thing... issue with the panel and 2way voice. I called and complained and all I got was rude customer service and the same answer. They would send a tech out and that we would have to pay for the trip fee. Mind you, that would have been a total of 105.00 in trip fees for an issue ADT was responsible for. On top of that, we had the fire dept. out by our home on four occasions due to our alarm panel not working the way it should. We complained to ADT that we did not want to use them as our security provider and that we were happy with APX and wanted to go back. They told us that we could not go back to APX for another 10 years and that in order for us to leave, our contract had to expire. Here we are three months later and still dealing with the same issues regarding our alarm system and panel. We tried calling again, customer service to see if they can finally fix this problem. We were on hold for twenty minutes and finally got tired of waiting. We are paying ADT monthly for service we are not getting and they refuse to resolve the issues that have been going on since day one of our switching over. The company's top guys wont return our calls, nor do they answer questions as to why we have been forced into a contract with a horrible security company. They are charging their customers 35.00 every time something is not working with THEIR system or equipment. How is that right? How do we know that the Tech, who already is upset about his pay within the company, wont pretend to fix the problem only to have to come back out and receive another 35.00 trip fee? That is not right. APX never charged a dime to have someone come out to our home to resolve an issue with their system that was not brought on by the customer. I feel like they are crooks.

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Original review: Jan. 30, 2009

I wanted my ADT equipment moved from my bedroom into the mudroom off my kitchen. When the salesman came out, he sold me some additional services such as fire and a few sensors. He told me he worked for ADT directly while he complained about Dealers.

We scheduled an appointment and Vingh came out to do the work. He said he couldn't put the service in the mudroom, but that he would put it in the kitchen. He installed the unit and before I knew it, drilled a hole through my kitchen wall into the door moldings of my office! He then set about connecting wires and installing sensors. He sold me a motion detector for the office. He then said he was going to put the unit into "test" mode and test the circuit. He must have put it into "live" mode as after the test was completed, there was a knock at the door and when I answered it, I was met by a police officer with his gun drawn and pointed at me. Vingh stood there laughing! I was not amused as I had to show my I.D. while he was laughing like a fool to which the officer was not amused. The next few days, I received no calls but did have voice mails in my Pacific Bell mailbox. Since I work off hours, I just thought they came in while I was out. However, one morning I received a phone call that rang through the speaker of my ADT unit! So, I followed the wires connecting my ADT unit to what I expected to be the modular connector on the wall and found that my PC had been stripped of several of its connecting wires, which were cut, and spliced to the ADT wires, and were left wrapped in tape on the floor near my PC. I check for connection to the Internet, and it was out of service as well. Vingh had tapped into my ADSL wiring -- using wires from the back of my computer -- spliced them to the ADT unit, and left it on the floor. I was totally amazed at his unprofessionalism. I called the salesman and asked for him to send out a different technician to remedy the situation. A few weeks later, Robert arrived. He was as startled as I was with the job Vingh had performed. He asked me why Vingh hadn't just connected the wire with the NIU (Network Interface Unit) outside the door. I said he didn't even go out the door. I had supposed he was going to connect it to the modular jack. Robert looked at the NIU and said that perhaps Vingh could understand the workings of the NIU since it was an older version. Perhaps I could get a newer on and ADT would pay for it. I said ok and later called ATT to send out a technician to rewire a new NIU so ADT could figure out what they were doing. Robert said to call ADT and ask for him and he would come out and complete the work. When ATT was through, I called ADT to send Robert back to complete the job. However, Robert was going to be on vacation for a while. Would I wait until he got back? Yes, because I wanted an experienced technician to complete the work. However, when Robert was supposed to show up, he did not. Robert called in sick the day he was scheduled to come to my house. And instead, they sent Vingh! I sent Vingh away as I didn't want him messing with the new NIU or wiring in my home. Poor Vingh didn't even remember being at my house or doing any work there at all, so it really validated my reasons for dismissing him! The next fellow that came out told me that the unit should never have been installed in the kitchen -- which it was unsafe and not up to ADT code and that should be inspected by the field supervisor. I called the salesman and he was supposed to set up and time and date for this to happen. It never did. In the meantime, I called the salesman again and asked him to send another technician to complete the service. However, when this technician came out, he didn't knock at the door or come in. He simple left a door tag saying he stopped by and no one was home, when in fact there were two people at home waiting for him. At this point and after 3 months, 4 technicians, 1 salesman, 1 field supervisor, and 1 dispatch supervisor had been involved and no one had accomplished the task of installing my service, I GAVE UP! I called the service representative and told her I was canceling the contract and wanted ADT to come and pick up their equipment. Furthermore, for the past two months they had been taking money from my checking out to pay the monthly service fee for service I didn't have. I instructed them to put the money back. I was tired of waiting. I was done with ADT. Or so I thought. I started receiving a bill for work completion from ADT and prerecorded phone call messages. The bill went to a collection agency. I explained my situation to the woman assigned to the account at the agency and she put it into dispute as she was fairly appalled by ADT's level of inferior service. Today I spoke with Nicole Diaz at ADT who informed me they were sending it back to the collection agency because when Vingh tested the circuit (and even if he did almost get me shot and/or arrested) and got a return signal, it didn't matter whether or not it was installed correctly, whether or not he put out my phone lines, whether or not he ripped components off my computer in his sloppy attempt to "hit and run" his assignment, they consider the service installed and to get out of my contract (2 years left) I will have to send them a little over $1000 (even though the collection agency said they could offer me a lesser amount). I need help with this. If everyone has this kind of trouble with ADT, I think there should be a class action suit or at least some public hand slapping!
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Original review: Jan. 28, 2009

Adt cancels my account on a mistake on thier part. When i try to reconnect my system i was told that there was a policy that once your contract has been cancel twice they no longer provide you with service anymore. When ask to see a copy of my contract that i sign with that on their the guy tells me that he doesn't have to show me anything. I got a copy of my contract and no where on my contract does it states this policy. When i call ADT to tell them that it was not on my contract. There respond was it doesn't have to be on there. So if their anytbody that can help please contact me.

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Original review: Jan. 21, 2009

Forget burglars, security companies are the real thieves. We called to get information on a security system for our home because we were going to be out of town. One of our other requirements was to make sure there was no charge for moving the system because we knew we would be relocating the system in a year or so. The sales guy said that we could do so at no charge once a year and that the contract was for two years. He also said we could sell it if we wanted. We set an appointment and told them we'd be driving out from Tucson to Las Vegas. Well, they apparently contract with other service providers. They don't actually do the installation themselves. So when this new company came out to install it, we drove all the way from Tucson, AZ to be there for the installation.

Unfortunately, they couldn't complete the installation. Needless to say, we were very dissatisfied. We called the company and asked if they could do anything about the extra money it was going to cost us in time from work and travel expenses to make a second trip so they could complete their work. They were rude and offered no assistance. So we returned and we were asked to sign the paperwork confirming that the job was done. We had to get back on the road so we signed and that was that. We moved recently and called to have the security system relocated. The company has refused. I asked them for their recorded copy of our agreement and was told that the second agreement (the one I was told was just to confirm the equipment was installed) superseded the original agreement I had with ADT.

The installation company still wants $300 to relocate the system, which I was told would not cost me. They talked about cancelling the contract for just under $1,000 and not have the system at all. When I asked about a copy of my contract with them, the recorded contract, they said they wouldn't send it and furthermore didn't have one. My contract was the signed (order completed paperwork I signed) contract with the installation company. I'm so mad I don't know what to do. Is there anyone out there with a class action lawsuit against these crooks? Forget burglars, we need to be more scared of security companies.

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Original review: Jan. 14, 2009

We purchased a security system on September 27th, 2008. It lasted for three days, then the alarm kept going off. They had to replace the system; it was defective. After replacement, it lasted two months and went out again, this time telling me that we would have to pay for the replacement! We had already paid $985 for the system to be installed. At this point, we had them remove this piece of junk. Ever since, we have been transferred to over fifteen people; it is a con game they have going.

We signed a three-year contract and now they are expecting us to pay for a service they really never even provided. I am urging people to get a class action lawsuit going so we can stop these thieves from taking advantage of more people, and hopefully some criminal charges will be filed. The so-called supervisors they give you never answer their phones; some, in fact, have even been disconnected. I guess they took the money and ran with it! We have been told the only person in the whole company that can make a refund to us is Brian ** and that number has also been disconnected.

The next one we were passed on to was the regional supervisor, Terry ** in Tampa. We left a message on his voice mail and, of course, there was no return call. His number is 813-806-7000. All the clerks are trained to do is just keep you being transferred. Each time was a minimum of 42 minutes or longer, only to get no results. The money this company is making from scamming people needs to be made public on TV, magazines, and any other form to let the public beware to stay far away from them!

It is very disturbing to have a system put in your home to give you a feeling of security, and it does nothing but make you feel insecure because it never works properly. The government shuts down other companies for these types of practices, why is this organization being allowed to continue?

When the alarm went off for a couple of days, they had me disconnect the system. They had to walk me through and remove the back up battery; they could not even send anyone out when this was going on, unbelievable! They stated this would fix it so they would not keep calling me to see if there was a problem and there was no reduction in the bill for service that we did not have.

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Original review: Jan. 13, 2009

Back in December of 2006, I was in need of an alarm system for my business. An ADT salesperson came out to explain the services and provide a bid. He attempted to have me sign a five year agreement, but I said I would not sign an agreement beyond the term of my lease. He then brought out a three year agreement where we crossed out the 3 years and made it 2 years, which I initialed the change and signed. I have the carbon copy. We decided to move our store to a new location at the end of the term. I read my agreement three months prior and called to provide the 30-day cancellation required on the contract. I was told to fax in a letter, which I did that same day. I followed up with a phone call and said I wanted to make sure they had received the fax and that at the end of the term we have no further obligation. The ADT rep on the phone assured me that our contract would be completed as of 12/31/08, and that I would not owe ADT any further payments. I asked if they would be picking up the system, and they said no, that it would remain in the facility.

Then a sales rep comes by several weeks later and mentioned that I signed a five year agreement, which I quickly corrected him. He called his office, and they said I had a five year agreement. I know I was really suspicious of this whole exchange so I refused to give him a copy of my agreement, and asked that he provide a copy of this notorious 5 year agreement that I never signed. Of course none was produced, and I thought the matter was closed. Then in January, I received a dunning letter saying I owe the remaining balance of a five year agreement in the amount of $1,830.92. Of course, I called and was told that I must provide a copy of my agreement for them to credit off the remaining balance. I told them that they must provide a copy of the five year agreement with my signature, which of course they can't because it doesn't exist. They threaten to turn it over to collection in 15 days, but said they would send me a copy of the agreement. I can't wait to see this! I had been recommending ADT Security to the new tenants, but I now will warn them of ADT's deceptive sales tactics and service agreement.

I hope this doesn't affect my credit rating but I refuse to pay for services I'm not receiving and didn't agree to in writing. It seems to me that these companies are using the threat of poor credit score to force people to pay. This really seems like an illegal practice.

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Original review: Jan. 9, 2009

On January 5, 2009 at 6 pm, my mother fell in her home and was unable to reach a phone for 14 hours. She was severely injured and needed medical assistance. She continued to press the ADT companion button which she had around her neck. She had purchased ADT Companion Services on Nov. 1, 2008. My mother had even called to check it was working on December 29, 2008. (They responded at that time.)

At 8:30 am on January 6, I found her on the floor of her home unable to move with the ADT companion necklace on. She was lucid and talking to me and the various police and ambulance personnel who helped to get her to the hospital. She told me and the police at the time she was trying to contact ADT by pressing the button but never got any response from ADT. My mother’s hip and ribs were broken and she was in pain for over 12 hours. Can you put a price on that? Well obviously, the hospital can. She is still at the hospital and will continue to follow up after the operation at a facility to help her walk again. Psychological damage for an 81-year-old woman with Parkinson’s Disease is incalculable.

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Original review: Jan. 9, 2009

We signed a contract with ADT for an alarm system when we took a three-year lease for our store. We bought the equipment outright and then we gave them a 30-day warning when we were closing the business which was 3 years later. We no longer have the store and we no longer needed the alarm monitoring. We got a letter saying that we owed them $827.18 for services not rendered because it did not matter that they were not monitoring the business; they wanted this money because apparently the salesman who knew I wanted a 3-year contract changed it to 5 years. Now this office of Barry Serota and Associates are sending us collection letters. We were in business for 13 years and we had ADT for all of the 13 years. We also had ADT at home.

Now that we no longer have our business, I will never use ADT again or recommend it ever again. They are a bunch of scam artists that want to collect money for nothing. We had to close our business after the lease was up because my husband had a heart attack and underwent a triple bypass. I have fibromyalgia and can no longer manage a store, so we are now trying to work from home. We followed all the rules and receiving these collection letters from Barry Serota & Associates (law firm for ADT) caused us a lot of stress that we do not need at this time. In this economy, to have a company with such malice out there is not right. That is why I am letting everyone that I know not to trust ADT.

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Original review: Jan. 1, 2009

I called ADT because they advertised a $99 special on the TV. When the salesman came to my house, he said the installation would cost $374 but I would get a $200 rebate. He provided the rebate certificate with an 800 number. I reluctantly signed the contact. When the serviceman installed the system, he added an additional window that was already included in the installation price for a cost of an extra $75 plus a labor charge of $28. After the first day of service, the system failed. I called several times but was given the runaround. Finally, I called the credit card company to challenge the charges. When I did that, ADT billed me for the window on the monthly bill. When I called to cancel, ADT said I had to pay $1100 for the remainder of the contract. My question is this, why isn't something done about this company? What about a class action lawsuit? How can this company continue to operate in this fraudulent manner? Who is looking out for the little guy against this giant bully? Are there laws against deception?

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Original review: Dec. 31, 2008

On April 25, 2008 I signed a three year contract with ADT to provide residential service.

On September 30, 2008 (after my contarct had expired) I called ADT telling them I had to cancel service due to my wife had lost her job and we could not afford to pay them $108.21, for three months of service. In that phone conversation I was told that ADT would credit my account for three months of service. Meaning that I would get the service free for three months. On December 30, 2008 I again called ADT saying that I received a bill for service for 1/1/09 to 3/31/09 for $108.21 due on January 8, 2009. I told William that I wanted to cancel the service. He stated it would take 30 days to cancel so I will owe $32.41. October 10, 2008 my wife and I filed Chapter 7 bankruptcy.
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Original review: Dec. 30, 2008

I have an ADT security system which often had a failed communication signal. ADT finally came in and said they had to install a digital receiver for the cell phone reception. Since this installation, I had service for 2-3 weeks then failed communication. The service person said they have problems with the cell phone reception. I'm unable to communicate but ADT expects me to pay for services I'm not receiving. I've had service had a couple of times and they get the system working for 1-2 days and then it fails again.

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Original review: Dec. 29, 2008

In June of 2008, we installed an ADT system through Protect Your Home. We had to have them come our four times to fix a bad phone line problem. After the fourth time, I received a letter from Defender Security asking for money. Since we have the monthly fee taken out of our bank account, we owed them nothing. I called them and was told the letter was sent in error and to disregard. They billed me for a key chain but found that the key chain was a free be in the contract. I asked for a letter stating I owed them nothing and they refused. I went round and round with several people and finally wrote a letter to ADT's internal rep and after about a week, I received a letter from Defender Security stating I had a zero balance.Two weeks after receiving this letter, I received another letter stating I owed them even more money. This is harrasment and I have asked to have the system removed and all contractual agreement void. We shall see what kind of response I get.My advise, buyer beware.

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Original review: Dec. 23, 2008

I wrote two letters (sent one via priority mail with a confirmation) because Mr. Johston and his manager, (informed to be Mr. Brant Lee at 678-614-2250) have not returned phone calls I placed on June 10 and June 11. I called to inform both of them that the surveillance camera system worked for two days only when it was connected directly to my laptop on the days of finalizing installation, June 7 and on June 9. While out-of-town, I called technical support on June 10 because I could not get a view from either set of cameras. After returning home June 13, I still could not get a view from either set of cameras. My laptop and DSL internet system were working and making connection, but still no view from ADT camera system. I called technical support, Ariana, who attempt, but failed to correct the problem. I asked her to schedule an appointment to correct this problem. She informed me that ADT in the State of Georgia does not schedule weekend appointments. I am assuming that only installations are scheduled on weekends. If this is true, Mr. Johnston have falsely promoted the companys service just to get a sale. He and I explicitly discussed availability of weekend appointment because of my work schedule. Mr. Johnston told me that weekend appointments for installation as well as technical support would not be a problem.

I informed Mr. Johnston that I am an USAA member. He promised but failed to give me the exclusive savings to USAA members? that ADT offers. I do not have written information on the Safewatch Video Pkg D? and Extended Limited Warranty/Quality Service Plan? that I contracted to pay monthly fees. There is not information on what service and warranty covered. What he provided me in the contracts is only an agreement for payments.I was waiting for him to forward other paper explaining my protection plan offered by ADT. In addition, there is an extra G-box because the system is not setup the matter Mr. Johnston initially thought it would be, which I feel should decrease my total cost for the systems. On June 16, 2008, I received a call from ADT to schedule an appointment to resolve this problem. I asked for an appointment for June 28. Tasha, employee ID # 43353 informed me that a weekend appointment is only for installation. After I told her that this appointment was not for maintenance, but more for completing installation, she informed me that someone would get back with me. Again, I was denied a weekend appointment. To conclude, I am not able to remotely use my DSL computer system in conjunction with the surveillance camera systems installed. Mr. Johnston falsely represented ADT as a company that provides weekend appointments for on-site technical support. He disregarded the savings plan for me as an USAA member. He and his manager are avoiding contacting me to discuss my concerns, after having the systems less than one week. As of this date, December 22, 2008, neither one has returned my phone call. Mr. Winfield avoided returning several phone calls, including the first and second day of attempted installation. I have received only his untrustworthy word-of-mouth about what the Safewatch Video Pkg D? and Extended Limited Warranty/Quality Service Plan? covers. I will not pay for installation and monthly maintenance because: (I) cannot receive weekend services as promised in the event that I have trouble with my service (II) service provided failed within two days (III) service is incomplete because unable to use DSL on personal computer and retrieve surveillance images on personal computer, concurrently, as advertised in the literature/brochure and by television advertisement. I received phone calls from other managers in other state who continously tell me to contact the sales representive, Mr. Johnston. These managers are harassing me about payments, including payment for monitoring. I told over and over again that I am a dissatisfied customer and I want to resolve the dispute against the credit card company. They whether send the bill to collection because they do not want to honor they policy for dissatified customer. They also want me to pay for services that I have not received.
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Original review: Dec. 12, 2008

After several years of satisfactory service, the system broke down and would no longer allow arming to detect intruders. We contacted the company for service work which is suppose to be included in our monthly fee. They did not respospond after several calls.

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Original review: Dec. 11, 2008

We recently purchased alarm service with ADT. My monthly fee is $37.99,I have recieved two bills now and my second bill was rated $151.00 per 3 months.When I called to find out why my billing was so high I was informed they where charging me a $12.99 monthly fee for using my cell phone.On my contract this space is filled with the word PRIMARY. My total monthly Service charge is $37.99. I feel this company has completely been deceptive.

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Original review: Dec. 2, 2008

I signed a 2-year contract with ADT and provided the installer with the credit card information to debit the one time installment payment of $90.28. I also provided him with the information from another credit card (check card) to setup automatic monthly billing withdrawals against. I specifically gave the installer step by step instructions as to what card to apply which payment to. To my horror these instructions were not followed. The installment charge of $90.28 was incorrectly charged to the incorrect account(my check card)which caused me to incurr overdraft fees and penalty due to insufficient funds (11/24/08). I immediately called the representative and explained to her the error, clearly ADP's error, and she stated it would be taken care of. The next day I didn't see the credit to my account therefore I called once again to see what the delay was. I was then told to fax a statement to ADMINISTRATION detailing the situation and again promised it would be taken care of. The following day I noticed the correct account was charged the $90.28 but I still did not receive the $90.28 to the other account. Which means that to date they have taken $181.56 from me for a $90.28 installation cost. I called once again and was told it takes between 3-5 business days to process a refund but a debit payment can be corrected immediately. It has been over a week now and my checking account has not been credited back the $90.28 plus the penalty fees I incurred.

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Original review: Dec. 1, 2008

I called to get ADT after I had a man looking in my window. I talked to several reps, all of whom assured me that their system was pet friendly, and as long as my dog(s) weren't over 40 pounds they wouldn't set the alarm off. As soon as I got the system, my dog kept setting the alarm off and when I figured that out I talked to someone one the phone and they told me it was not pet friendly and denied that I would ever be told such. I have had problems with the motion detector, which I no longer use, because I could never get someone out to look at it, though I was told someone would come. I had my door replaced June 2008 and just moved the alarm and it was working great until last week. I was told I would have to pay $110.00 to get it looked at and was told that I broke it when I changed the door, despite the fact that it worked well for at least 5 months after changing the door so I would have to pay to have it fixed, though when I first called about the problem I was told by Kevin to mess around with it myself. Now I'm cancelling my contract, but it is costing $200 dollars and they won't turn it off for a month from when I called so they can get more money from me I guess. ADT sucks!!! Stick with a baseball bat or a gun.

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Original review: Nov. 28, 2008

In June 2006 an ADT salesman knocked on my door. I was in the market for security monitoring services. I already had a system in my home, so I did not purchase any equipment from ADT. I told the salesman that I would not be in the home for longer than a year and it was important that I could get out of the contract because I was hoping to sell my house and rent an apartment. I wanted a security system in the first place because of a series of rapes in my neighborhood and several break-ins on my block. The salesman stated that I could cancel the contract at any time. I moved out of my home in June 2007. I called to cancel my services and was told that I could cancel alright but would have to pay out the remainder of my contract (two more years). I was flat broke and certainly wasn't going to pay what they were asking, especially when they were not going to continue to provide service to me. I moved into an apartment building. ADT has not provided me with ANY service since June 2007 and I have continued to pay my monthly fee because I couldn't afford their payoff. Doesn't a contract work two ways? Don't they have to provide service in exchange for the payment? I haven't actually canceled the contract. I am so angry that these people are continuing to get away with baiting and switching, and outright lying to consumers.

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Original review: Nov. 28, 2008

I have ADT service and the contract EXPIRES December 8, 2008.

However, I just received a statement showing charges of $36.78 due on 12/14/08 for the period 12/01/08 to 12/31/08. I called the billing ph# (800-662-5378) and spoke with Debbie. (As I recall, the telephone conversation was recorded.) I told her I had just received this particular bill, described its content, and told her that my contract expires December 8, 2008, and I do NOT want the service beyond the expiration date. She then informed me that I was calling for a cancellation and I, AGAIN, told her that my contract expires December 8, 2008. She then proceeded to tell me that the service goes beyond the EXPIRATION date of the contract which makes no sense. So, once more, I told her the expiration date and that I no longer want ADT service beyond that date. She asked, Why? and I told her it was not worth it. She then told me she would process the CANCELLATION and it would be ending December 28, 2008. I reminded her yet again, It is not a cancellation; my contract expires December 8, 2008. I promptly hung up the phone.
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Original review: Nov. 25, 2008

We signed a contract to monitor OUR alarm system through ADT / Ranger American (Local Rep - Sarasota FL) in Nov 2005. As stated in several other complaints I've read do not trust the person selling you the system or the service. Nothing (S)he says will be true or legal in terms of your contract. ADT uses these Hit-men to go out and make all kinds of commitments which are non- binding the minute they have your signature.

We told our Hit-Man (Larkin Wittstock) we like the idea of going with a reputable company like ADT but we were moving in approx 1 year and did not want to sign up for a 3 year commitment. He assured us that ADT would roll our contract to our new home and actually install a system free of charge in the new home if we kept their service for the remainder of the 3 year deal. He made sure to tell us that we would have all the same equipment installed in our new home and make sure to call them during framing stage so they could wire the system easier. At this point we agree to sign the contract. Again this was on 11/18/05 the start of 3 year term. Well as you may have guessed the one thing they did do in our New home was install a system so they could keep us on the hook. No the system was not free - they charged us for the system ($1,000 system) but said they would give us a deal and it would only cost us $100 because we were current customer. We agree to pay it because it sounded like it was a great deal, turns out it was the first LIE. They are still running that promotion to any willing victim. My wife then signed the paperwork work order form stating installer did his job and he could get his pay / NEW 3YR CONTRACT? This was Second LIE. (Oh yeah and to get all the same equipment we left in our old house we had to pay for the upgrades = $350) Third LIE. Finally we get to our 3rd year anniversary 11/24/08 and we decided to cancel our service. When I called they said we would owe the balance of our 3 year contract which started May 2007. Close to $600. Everyone please beware - ADT is a scam they will not honor anything that is not in writing on the form you sign including fine print. I'm admitting my fault because we all read every detail before signing - we are sure not to trust the criminal in front of us telling us how good ADT's service is (they're #1 in the nation.) For the robots at ADT the last comment was sarcasm (Im not admitting fault I was lied to). The best way to know this happens everywhere is the automated response you get from the rep you speak with. We can only honor what we have in writing; we cannot know what was promised by the rep we sent to your house. All we know is what the contract states. The sad part is we canceled due to a money crunch not the minor issues we had with our system and had they been intelligent life we spoke to they would have let us go after our Original Agreement Term of 3 years. We would have possibly gone back. That will definitely not happen now.
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Original review: Nov. 21, 2008

WEll, first complaint is my daughter accidently hit the panic on keyfaub & it took ADT over 17 minutes of putting me on hold to finally respond so of course in that time frame, the police came out & I showed them the phone & said Look I am trying to tell them it's false alarm to not send you but they still have me on hold. The police officer was understanding.

Secondly, ADT came out for service call & the tech changed the battery on my keyfaub for me & I told him about the time my daughter accidently hit the panic button & he said oh I can take that off for you. He didn't tell me that he had to program a NEW keyfaub all together & he did & didn't leave either one. He accidently went home with both of them. Yeah well it does NOT give me any warm fuzzies when a stranger that works for ADT knows that my husband is deployed & has 2 keyfaubs to my house & can turn my alram on/off. Of course I have the doors deadbolted & a dog & a pistol & shotgun to protect myself & my child if needed not that I am implying he would do that but still a stranger has the ability to turn my alram on/off! So he is supposed to come out today & return it & never called & never came so after I called him & ADT called him, he called back apologizing saying he was never out in this area. Well that's fine but he could of let me know he wasn't coming & maybe I would have gone to ADT office myself to get the darn things. So then after talking to ADT several times, the tech is coming out tomorrow to return them & disable the keyfaub function completely. Yeah they are sending the same guy out even though I requested someone different come, but I was informed he was only one that came out to my area. Yeah I find that hard to believe. So another night & day & hopefully this issue will get resolved tomorrow.
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Original review: Nov. 20, 2008

Gaylord which is the sub contractor for ADT and TYCO Intl. ( this you finds out much later). mis installed our security system. They came in and told us that our old system whcih functioned fine and had 15 sensors and two moition detectors on every possible entry point was not up to date. They convinced us that a 2 door sensor and one motion alarm was superior.

They then disconnected our phone service so that it no longer worked. We realized this after they left and we tried to use our home phone. So we called ADT. They told us they did not do the install but that Gaylord did. News to us. They then sent our thier our technician who scratch his head and stated that the first guy messed it all up and he had to spend three hours to fix it. ( for which we were charged $300) We still had to have comcast come in because every time the phone was used teh alarm would chime. Comcast fixes the phone but now the alarm does not function, so again we call adt who does not even relaize that our alram if off line and does not send a signal or alarm to thier center.
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Original review: Nov. 19, 2008

If you have Comcast, Vonage or any other landline system that depends on a Modem, DO NOT, I REPEAT DO NOT GET ADT!!!!! The salesman never bothered to inform us that if you are on the phone and someone breaks into your home, the system is supposed to seize the phone line, disconnect your call and dial ADT for help. It doesn't do that and the salesman won't even bother to tell you that! You are on your own, but still paying the monthly premium, and to add insult to injury, they want $25.00 everytime they come out. This company is a RIP OFF TO THE HIGHEST DEGREE!

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Original review: Nov. 18, 2008

Two yrs ago we were protected by Firstline, which sold out to ADT a yr ago. When they switched over, ADT was doing the billing, only and Criticom was doing the monitoring only on our acct. Then one day we accidently tripped the alarm & quickly figured out NOBODY was monitoring us, BUT were STILL automatically deducting payments out once a month, which had gone on for months. So,after trying to get things figured out and spending 2 full days being givin the run around, FINALLY someone with a brain helped me.ADT & criticom FINALLY connected, (which I have no idea why they couldnt to begin with) and I was refunded the last 4 months and was let out of the contract almost a full yr early w/o charge due to poor customer service. I can honestly say this was the worst customer service I have ever dealt with. I got nothing but the run around over and over and felt like I was chasing my tail the whole time. I would never recommend ADT/ Criticom to anybody I know and am very dipleased with how nobody could help me, until finally a nice lady understood and would only let me out IF she talked to my husband whos name is on the acct. The only thing she asked was his name and the password.(which I had previously provided her). Nothing else to make sure it was him. It could've very easily been some joe shmoe. Doesnt make a whole lot of sense to me.But what a horrible experience with ADT/ Criticom. I am very glad it is over and truely feel like everyone was playing dumb the whole time. Thank god,we're done with that.

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Original review: Nov. 16, 2008

We had an ADT security system installed in 1999 and agreed to their 3 year monitoring contract. We had the usual false alarms caused by us, but what was surprising was that it took some 7-10 minutes for ADT to call to confirm. But, no sweat, I only wanted the alarm system to draw the neighbors attention in case of a break in. Needless to say, I did not renew the monitoring with ADT when the 3 years was up. 3 years later, they started hounding me to renew. They called month after month. I refused everytime and after 3 months or so, they seemed to grow impatient with me. Then, suspiciously, my alarm system started malfunctioning and going off in the middle of the night. I assumed that it was a bad battery so I replaced it. However, the problem continued. I called ADT to inquire and they said that since I did not renew my monitoring, they could not answer any questions or troubleshoot it over the phone but they could send a technician to the house for $105 an hour!!! They said the average repair takes approximately 2-3 hours to fix but if I would renew today, they would send someone out to fix it for free. While I can not prove it, it seems to me that ADT decided to sabotage my system remotely in order to get me to renew and sign a new contract. Well, much to their disappointment, I called Brinks to come rip out the ADT system and install theirs. I signed a 3 year contract with Brinks and so far so good. No major issues.

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Original review: Nov. 14, 2008

ADT constantly comes to the house trying to sell us their products. About 10 times now over the last few months. First we would tell them we were not interested. Now, I pretty much slam the door in their face before they can say anything. It's pretty irritating that they don't seem to get the point. It's nothing less than harrassment at this point and needs to STOP!

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Original review: Nov. 12, 2008

The Customer Service simply a nightmare. After giving one quote for service they ultimate charged me two months in advance, not too mention taking money out of my account that I told them not too. Not too mention, I gave the tech a check for the amount of $124.00 for the correct account number which they failed to take out.

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Original review: Nov. 10, 2008

Twice ADT personnel orgastrated break in at my house. ADT management first time just brushed it of, and this time they not even returning my calls.

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Original review: Nov. 7, 2008

We just recently had a break in, so we were looking to get a security system for our home. We called ADT, the number one security system in America. The guy gave us our quote of about $1000.00. We told him we would think about it, but he insisted he could help us out, so he brought it down to about $800.00 after eliminating a few products. We wrote the check. He said he would make sure they don't cash it until the installing was done. A couple days later, we got a better deal on a system so decided to go with the better deal. I called ADT to cancel everything.

She said everything would be cancelled. A week later the check I wrote was cashed and it took my checking account negative. I called them back and complained. The lady said that they could reverse any transactions, but I would have to wait 20 days for a check to be sent in the mail. What I believe happened was, the salesman who came to our home told the company different so he could get the sale. I can't believe this company that is supposed to be honest and help protect our families would do something like this.

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Original review: Nov. 5, 2008

I have had ADT for over 14 years. We are now having problems with the system and the company will not offer any kind of maintenance on any system older than 7 year of age. We bought it from them and they won't even service it!!! Think twice before you purchase. We used to have the monthly monitoring on auto draft from the bank and they drafted so many times that they were ahead by four months!! Consumers BEWARE! Not the company they portray themselves to be!!!

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Original review: Oct. 30, 2008

I purchased system 6/26/08 (conf number **) and it is now the end of October, four months later (the matter was supposed to take two to three weeks). Joseph ** promised to send a $50 gas card to my daughter for referral and to pay the city of Wylie's fee for a year. I had to pay the city's $100 fee to activate the account. I still have not heard from him on either of these items. I have made numerous phone calls and sent several emails to inquire about the status and been told that the matters would be taken care of in a few days. I asked to have someone to contact me and I still can't get an answer.

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Original review: Oct. 22, 2008

ADT Security Company

I need to tell you about the discussion I had with several of your company's agents. On October 16th I received a coupon in the mail offering... FREE HOME SECURITY SYSTEM at no cost to you for parts and activation with only a $99 installation fee and the purchase of alarm monitoring services... worth $850.00? So I called the number, spoke with a gentleman who went through the installation process with me, including what the tech would do with the Brinks equipment that I already have in my home. Then I asked about the monthly monitoring fee and he told me, with tax, $38.00. I said that was $11.00 a month more than what I am already paying. I said, "Thank You but I can't afford it because I am on a fixed income of only my Social Security."

The following day, October 17th, a young lady named Kendra left two messages on my answering machine. I called back and spoke with a gentleman named Travis; he went through pretty much the same discussion about installation and the monthly fee and I told him that I couldn't afford it. So, he handed me over to his Manager, Chris who told me that they would only charge me an installation fee of $89.00 because I am an AARP member, and they would refund that amount to me, plus send me a $100.00 VISA Gift Card. Well, it sounded so wonderful BUT... I still didn't think I can manage the extra $11.00 a month and I don't want to have to chose between my food, medication and security. SO.... he handed me over to the Supervisor, Loretta **. She told me that not only would they refund the $89.00 installation fee, she would give me a $100.00 gas card, a $100.00 VISA gift card AND send me a check in the amount of $300.00 to help me pay the $38.00 monthly monitoring charge for the year.

Well, this was too good to be true! Ah, yes, that it was. After I agreed to switch from my present security provider and go with ADT, Ms. ** said: "...and you must be sure to cancel your security service before our tech comes to your house." I said that, "I would cancel my service right in front of your tech while he was standing here." She said that would not be good enough; that I must cancel even before the tech come here. I told her that my house was broken into several years ago and that if I canceled my security service I would not be able to go to sleep; I would be afraid to get into a shower; I would be afraid to leave the house!!! None of that was reasonable to Ms. **. I asked ...what if when the tech checked my equipment, he found it was not compatible with what ADT requires? She said they would then put sensors at the doors and the only things that would be unsecure would be the windows. Of course, there would be NO security. WHAT???

Yep, like I said, too good to be true. It started to sound like that old bait & switch? Because then I would have to pay for all the equipment and the installation. SHAME ON YOU!!! I am 70 years old, live on a fixed income and I am NOT a stupid old lady!!! If I told Brinks to disconnect/discontinue my security service and your tech dis-assembled it, I would have to crawl on hands and knees to beg Brinks to re-connect my service. What nerve you have!

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Original review: Oct. 13, 2008

I purchased and paid for a monitoring system which was faulty from day 1. Through several attempts to resolve this issue, the technicians were unable to resolve his issue and it led to me disconnecting my services. After a few months I decided to reactivate my services with a promise from ADT that they would resolve or replace my system, but they never did either. Many technicians came out to the home and verified that the system was faulty and attempted to repair, but could not. After extensive time, money and energy spent with trying to get this issue resolved, it led to me having to terminate my services once more. The issue is that ADT has received money for services that could not be delivered due to faulty equipment sold to me and monitoring that could not be done since the alarm kept tripping whether armed or disarmed! ADT received payment in good faith for 4 years for services they failed to render!!!!

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Original review: Oct. 13, 2008

I cancelled this commercial account (which had not been operational since November 2007) in March 2008 by fax as requested. I had confirmation of their receipt. My visa account continued to pay until July 2008. I have written and faxed multiple letters and continued requests for discontinuing the service. I am still being harassed by phone calls and billings for additional months with no service. How do we make these people stop their fraudulent billing and operational practices???

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Original review: Oct. 13, 2008

The alarm never works. Monitoring has failed to respond to break-ins. I have had 4 since I've had ADT. They say the system is working but half the time I spend waiting for service calls. They are losing my payments also.

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Original review: Oct. 7, 2008

After contacting ADT in sept 10th 2008, a ADT customer service to install a system in my 83-yr old elderly mother's home. Installer did not notify me sept 12th 2008 when they came to install it so my mom's never called me. Instead, I found out 3-4 days later a ADT installer did come over 9-12-08. The ADT installer instead went to Walmart and got a phone. I contacted ADT about this. They overlooked it and stated they would refund my money back to my account. They never did. Another ADT installer came out several days later and billed me again, this time causing an overdraft on an account I opened up for my mother. I eventually cancelled ADT before the 3 days was up after discovering this. My account was overdrafted 29.12, I cancelled ADT 189.12 total.

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Original review: Oct. 7, 2008

The motion detector monitor in my house needs the flashing red light replaced. It has not operated in quite some time. The numbers on my keypad stick when I attempt to disable the alarm causing the alarm to activate. I called ADT to notify them of these problems and I was told that since I do not have a maintenance contract, it would be costly for a tech to come out.

I added the maintenance service to my contract (at an additional cost of course). I asked for a tech to come out to repair the detector as well as replace my keypad. My first appointment was scheduled from 8 a.m. - noon. I had to take off work for that visit. No one showed. I received a 2 p.m. call stating that the tech was unable to come and I would have to reschedule the appointment. So, I rescheduled for an evening appointment. Again, no one showed and I received another 2 p.m. call stating that the tech had an emergency. I called to complain and was told that a tech would come out the following week from 5 - 8 p.m. Today, I received a call stating that the tech could not come out as scheduled and was given the option of choosing an evening appointment next week. I voiced my displeasure in the quality of service I have received and hung up. I have had enough.

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Original review: Sept. 26, 2008

Back in June I called to cancel my services, because I wasn't using my system (there was always something wrong with it.)

They said it would be $150 to end my contract early, or they could offer me a lower rate of $34.99/month (I have been paying $50/month.)

I checked my bank account today and noticed the old rate was still being taken out. I called and the man told me that the department that approves such things said the lowest they could go is $39.99.

1) Don't promise me a price, THEN check to see if you can offer it to me.

2) Why didn't you change the amount being deducted from my account to $39.99 then?

I asked him to please set my rate at $39.99 and that I should be reimbursed for the money that I paid over that amount since June.

I was asked to call back in a few business days to check on the progress of that happening.

I am out $45 dollars at worst, and $30 dollars at best. I've lost my trust in the company.

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Original review: Sept. 26, 2008

We opened a business Knoxville, TN in March of 2006. The space we rented had existing ADT hardware and we activated the security monitoring. They didnt tell us that we signed a 3 year contract in doing so. After 1 year at the location we moved to a better location and we didnt need the service in the new building, so we discontinued it. At that time we were notified of the contract requirement, that we had 2 more years on the contract.

In July of 2007, I contacted Mark Taylor, a business salesperson for ADT about transferring the service to our home which had recently been broken into. He said if we left it in the businesses name we could carry out the remainder of the contract at the house without renewing the contract. We did however have to spend $600 to install the hardware into our house. He finally came out to sign us up on August 16th, 2007.

Mark gave us a rider that said that we could cancel the agreement anytime after the 3 years is up. After writing a check for Mark in August 16th, 2007, we waited until the end of September to have the service installed. By early September, we had a collector from Sko, Brenner, American out of New York calling us. Once he found out that they still hadnt installed the service and hadnt cashed my check, he took care of the account. However, it still took some time for ADT to come out and install it. Then once they installed it they had to come back a week later because it wasnt working properly.

In January of 2008 I took a job in MI and we moved out of state, selling our house in May of 2008. We maintained the service while the house was empty. The new owners, however, have not activated the service to our knowledge. Once we moved up here ADTs collections department called about once a month. Each time I gave them the new billing address to send the bill to. They finally update our address so we received bills in June of 2008.

We sold the business, which actually dissolved because it was taken over by a company with a different name, and the house and no longer have a place to have the service and would like to terminate our contract. ADT wants the remaining $1500 it says we owe as a cancelation fee.

We would like to terminate our contract. We currently have a collector calling from Sko, Brenner, American for the cancelation fee and cannont pay it.

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Original review: Sept. 26, 2008

I had a 6-day power outage due to Hurricane Ike which made my alarm stop working. Repairs were scheduled 5 days later between 12:00 and 5:00. Repairman arrived well after 4:00. He determined my system needed to be reset but it was too late and he didn't want to do it then. I called a supervisor and he had a non-chalant attitude about the whole situtation. It was unfair for the technician not to finish my work so he could go to another service call. I am just as important as the next customer and want my sytem fixed promptly also. When I scheduled the appointment, I was told the system needed to be reset, so it's not like the repairman didn't know what he going to do. He should have been prepared. Whenever the repairman returns to reset the system, it would take the same amount of time. The next availabe appointment was 8 days away.

I explained to the supervisor that I was afraid to stay in my home without an alarm system, but he had a do-not care attitude. when I said I would change to Brinks, he in asmuch said he didn't care. I have been a good customer with ADT every since they bought out Securitylink. The Supervisor did not try to offer any solutions. All this occured on 9/25/08. I would prefer not to change companies, but I will if I have to.

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Original review: Sept. 18, 2008

We asked ADT SECURITY for a quote for our home. The sales person came back with a large cost proposal and an overloaded security system. We told him that it was too high and too much security. There were a series of telephone conversations with the salesman in order to bring down the cost ( which he agreed this happened an I have it in writing ). He said that it would be no problem and assured us that he would clarify the reduction of scope with his installation team at the time of the installation.

The team installed the original overloaded quote and not what we had agreed with the salesman . We contacted ADT and let them know that they need it to remove the part of the installation that we thought was not agreed on. ADT have refused to do so, even though I have in writing the salesman agreeing that the reduced scope and that the installation should have been reduced as he had suggested. ADT has refused to address this issue. We have contacted and have spoken to their consumer dept. ADT's position has been for us to pay in full the installation. that we have to actually show a quote with the reduction of scope signed by the salesman. We do not have this paper since all negotiations were done over the phone. What are my resources? how do I settled this issue with ADT? I feel they performed a bait and switch. economic hardship since I do not have the $2666 . they are asking for. and other issues related fo not paying the bill.

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Original review: Sept. 13, 2008

After reading numerous complaints, I realized ADT has become just another scam company. I have had their service for 11 years and moved to a new house. I asked them to continue service at the old house and add the new until the old house sold. They have messed up the accounts so bad by setting one up in my wife's name, one in mine and applying the payments to the wrong accounts that I told them to cancel service after August 31, 08.

Now they say I have signed a 2 yr agreement, which I was unaware of. Is there a class action lawsuit currently in the works? Thank you. They are attempting to bill me for 75% of a 2 year contract, minus 3 months, or $358.15.

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Original review: Sept. 13, 2008

After reading numerous complaints, I realized ADT has become just another scam company. I have had there service for 11 years and moved to a new house. I asked them to continue service at the old house and add the new until the old house sold.

They have messed up the accounts so bad by setting one up in my wife's name, one in mine and applying the payments to the wrong accounts that I told them to cancel service after August 31, 08. Now they say I have signed a 2 yr agreement, which I was unaware of. Is there a class action lawsuit currently in the works? Thank you.

They are attempting to bill me for 75% of a 2 year contract, minus 3 months, or $358.15.

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Original review: Sept. 11, 2008

Because I was moving, I called ADT billing office to inform them that I was moving. They told me that I had to write a letter to discontinue service and that someone will come to pick up the equiptment. Well they did pick up the equiptment but I just found out by my bank that they have still been billing me since September of 2007.

It's now September 2008. Because we have moved. I had some friends there at the house to wait for ADT. They will testify to this. All ADT said that they could do is go back to June of 08 to reimburse us. This was a manager Mrs Herndon that I spoke with. Thank you

When they pulled the Box from the wall, they damaged the wall and some of the celling.

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Original review: Sept. 11, 2008

I will never again in my life be an ADT Customer. Here is so why ADT sold us a Survelliance system for our Gas Station for $7000.00. This included a monitor, a dvr and 4 cameras with some other acceroies and labor to install. In about 6 months the monitor died, they could not repair tech came and told it is dead and charged us for the visit. We decided not to go again with ADT and shopped around for the monitor. We soon learnt that the only compatible monitor we could get was from ADT. So we had to go back to them. Then the DVR stopped working, the tech came and told that it was bad. I tried a bunch of things and got it to work,

This again worked for about 6 months and then stopped working, I tried all my efforts but could not get it started. This time again we called them, they told that the DVR is bad and took it for repair, after which they dis-appeared. not sure if they still have it or they resold it else where, when we call they keep transferring us to different depts and we cannot get thru for a good answer. Its been six months now and we still don't have the DVR they took for repair nor do we have any status. I am disgusted with their service.

1. ADT systems are priced outrageously high. You can get good survellance system from costco etc. Also, ADT systems are made differently so you have to replace anything you want to only thru them for high prices. 2. ADT charges outrageously high prices for sending techs out. These techs are also not trained properly, you will know more than them. 3. If you call for a trouble, you spend a lot of time on the phone with CS with no goood answer.

We did not have any recording when there was a robbery. Lots of time wasted with customer service who never calls back even if you tell that you will be making consumer compplaints. They just don't care. The $9000.00 we spent for the system and tech time was all of a waste since it worked only 40% of the time.

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Original review: Sept. 5, 2008

I have requested over and over that my name and number be placed on their Do Not Call list. I inquired about their services and all they wanted to do is sign me up on the phone. They refused to do a site visit. For a security company, I could not believe it and said, I am no longer interested. But, they continue to call over and over again from every call center in the country. Just now, I called them again requesting that this be resolved. We shall see. ADT should not be allowed to agressively ignore and continue to solicit someone over and over again. There has to be some protection. They continue to assure me that I am off their list. We shall only hope. Just want to know what I can do next.

Loss of time.

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Original review: Sept. 4, 2008

Had ADT installed, the glass breakage detector goes off when we open our kitchen cabinets or use our ice maker. So, the glass breakage detector has to be bypassed constantly. The installation staff came out and adjusted the frequency of the glass breakage detector and it is still not working correctly. I called the sales rep and left messages to no avail. Next, I called the 800 number and was told to call back during business hours. Then, I called during business hours and asked to speak to the district manager, the operator connected me and I left a voice mail.

Still, I haven't heard from anyone. I am paying for a service that is not working properly and have not been able to contact anyone to help me resolve this issue. My next action after this will be to send everyone I know an email regarding this poor customer service. Perhaps, if enough people boycott this company maybe they will be forced to improve their customer service.

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Original review: Sept. 4, 2008

They put in an ADT security system in my home last Wednesday. The technician who installed it broke a phone wire. The second technician who activated the system last night fixed the wire and the system works, but now our computer won't turn on. It just beeps. It's a 1200.00 computer.

I just called ADT and spoke with a Charles. A new technician comes out each time something needs to be done. He said he would call me back today, but as far as I'm concerned, this situation should never have happened. It should have been installed and activated correctly without breaking anything in my household with one technician visit. I also found out that they are not with the BBB and the rating they have with them is unsatisfactory. What do I do now!!!!!!!!!!

Our computer doesn't work.

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Original review: Sept. 3, 2008

My initial experience getting the system set up was not good, but we got past that. Some months later we changed from a land phone line to Vonage. ADT is not compatible with Vonage. My choices were to spend more money on a different phone vendor, or spend more money on a piece of equipment that uses cell phone technology. I opted for the cell phone. We've had two tech out to the house and the system is still not back on line. It happens, not a problem.

My complaint is with Customer Service, which is almost non existant. When I called the toll free number I have for ADT I got the National Monitoring Center. They explained that my problem is with the local sub-contractor office in Pasadena. Apparently National and Local Pasadena don't get along very well because each says the problem I'm experiencing is with the other.

The Manager I talked to at National said I needed to talk to the local office, and if I'm unhappy with ADT and want to cancel, then I need to talk to yet another department. In other words, he was not at all helpful. I called the local vendor three times. Their solution to customer service is simply to not answer the phone or return calls.

The bottom line is that I paid for a system that doesn't work, I'm paying for monitoring that doesn't work, and I can't get anyone at ADT to take responsibility to get it fixed.

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Original review: Aug. 27, 2008

My daughter has had ADT for 8 years in OK. She wanted us to have them we were not to keen on it at first.I checked the computer and called Mr. B he was pleasant and informative and said if I had problems I could call him. Victor came out installed ADT on 08/11/08 between 12:00 and 1:00 in the afternoon. He did not have the two ADT signs said someone had stolen his signs! that we were promised as part of package but said they would be sent!!

I called Mr.B on 08/18/08 @1:58 he said we would get signs to us by Thur or Fri. I called Mr. B on 08/22/08 @4:35 left message he never called me back. I called Mr B on 08/26/08 @ 2:31 no return call and it is TWO weeks today since we had system installed and still NO SIGNS I could have gone with another security company that would have been more reliable. Those signs are to be placed in ones yard to show you have a system.

We don't want to have to go to out local TV station and I will write a letter to the BBB they accepted my check and cashed it but we have not gotten what we were promised and we are very, very upset about it!!! this is why people are going out of business because you cannot depend on them to follow through. We will not renew our contract and will not recommend ADT to anyone but we certainly expect to get our two ADT signs that we paid for!!!!

Aggravation because ADT did not do what they promised!!!! Did not follow through as we did when we gave them our check in good faith and expected the same from what we thought was a reliable company!! Now they are avoiding our calls!!

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Original review: Aug. 18, 2008

A year ago had alarm system installed. For some reason the piggybacked it onto the company next door. When I set my alarm it disturbed their phones and vice versa. When they set their alarm it set MY alarm! Worse, when they disarmed their alarm it disarmed my alarm.

Then ADT called and said they could pull a license form City hall for the system as my store addressed wasn't on their books. Over a year ago I asked them to cancel the service. Very long story short, after approx 15 phone unreturned calls to them and a year later they had a lawyer call and string arm me threatening courts, credit rating etc unless I paid a $1,000 bill for a system that never worked.

I gave in and paid. Not once did anyone from ADT EVER return my calls. Not once did they send anyone out. Spent over $1,000 on a system that never worked.

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Original review: Aug. 8, 2008

Have had service with them for many years (including the maintenance contract). The techs are very professional. However the service contract is useless if the system develops a major problem. they pick and choose what will be covered. I had the main panle fail and since the system was no longer made I was told I would have to purchase an entire new sytem at my cost, plus sign a multi-year contract. Buyer Beware!

Fortunately I did not have a multi year contract, so I was able to cancel without a major financial penalty.

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Original review: Aug. 5, 2008

I canceled a ADT Home Security a while ago it was either installed in 2001 or 2008 also I had a few problems with my checking account so I closed it and now today 08/05/08. I receive a call from a Company name SOS never heard of them telling me. I owe ADT like $1000 and something from a broken contract which I told them back then to release me from the contract and the person that came to my house at the time told me. I could do that if. I so wished

but the problem I'm having with the situation is that it is now 2008 and you waited over 7 years and now you're asking me for some money and a month ago got mail from ADT wanting me to get ADT again and I know this isn't right no letter no nothing and now 2008 requesting money and I'm not forsure if that is even what I owe them I also ask this man from SOS not to call me again at work and wanted me to send him something stating where. I guess I will need to call Cumo's office to see if they can do this why now ? I want to know what my choices are with this situation and another thing I thought they couldnt bother with you after 7 or 8 years it should be written off

Only thing I was told they could work something out with me or they will handle it there way

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Original review: Aug. 1, 2008

I own ADT equipment and no longer need montly service. I now have equipment problems have tried to fined service and unable to do so. Local ADT vendor will only send equip for repair if I pay $100.00 to them to pick it up. Repair company will not except any exuipment from other indivuals except ADT. I ask if I could drop it off, ADT said yes and still charge $100.00.

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Original review: July 31, 2008

I had a surge from PG&E go thru my aunt's home that I was living in and fried every electronic appliance... Including the ADT alarm system. So, finally I called them to get a quotation for a new system so that I can claim PG&E.. The guy came out and told me the system would be $518 and gave me a quotation, which I stupidly signed, never read the back where it states that it was a 2 year contract.. I was also informed that service won't be activated until after the system is installed and if I call in to activate the service.. After they installed the system and I was charged the $518. I just never ever heard anything, never saw a bill and just assumed I haven't had service.

7 months later, new tenants who bought the house 4 months ago inform me that the system is still under my name and that I need to call in to cancel it. I was surprised, I called and I have spoken to 5 different representatives.. the last was a manager that informed me, this is a business we can't waive the $450 termination fee since u signed the contract. I was so inflamed and mad. Finally I got a hold of the contract from the real estate agent and sure enough, nothing was stated on the front portion, but all the fine print filling up a full page about a 2 year contract and how there would be this $450 termination fee if I cancel within the first year. I'm so SHOCKED at this situation.

The new tenants don't even want service from them and I'm sure every person that reads this or I tell will never ever deal with such a horrible company. Also, the contract says that they are suppose to send me a bill quarterly and not auto charge my credit card. They have been charging my credit card quarterly apparently, which I never saw when I look over my statements. which I have yet to see. the recent charge. To top it all off, they first told me that the person had inputted my contract wrong and placed me as a 5 year contract. I cannot believe anyone would sign up for a 5 year contract with these people!

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Original review: July 31, 2008

My daughter leased an apartment and was told that her services could be transferred the next year when her lease was up . . . she was NOT told that each time she transfered her service a NEW contract for 3 years would have to be signed - leaving her possibly eternally indebted to ADT. We have transfered her contract to our home and yet a collectoin agency, called NAFS, is calling us to collect the cancellation fee. ADT's customer service STINKS!

What a backward company to have such a lack of customer service that they turned my daughter over to a collection agency who started calling for a cancellation fee on 7/30 when her other service only ended on 7/25 and they have an appointment to set up new service immediately but THEY could not come to our home until 8/5! WE WILL NEVER USE ADT WHEN THIS CONTRACT IS UP AND ARE CONSIDERING PAYING THE CANCELLATION FEE JUST TO AVOID PAYING ONE PENNY MORE THAN WE HAVE TO!

Mentally - this is exhausting to deal with on top of everyday life!

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Original review: July 25, 2008

Terrible company-Beware! I signed a contract 9 months in advance and paid 50% up front when I renovated my house. They botched my job so badly-wires coming out of the floor and other wires stuck in the walls and not accessible after the drywall went in. I hired another wonderful company to do the work and ADT never returned my deposit money AFTER 14 MONTHS of sending letters and calling. Finally, I got the deposit back from my credit card company and now ADT can dispute it with them.

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Original review: July 21, 2008

Security system installed 7/3/08. Had asked about a 2nd key chain remote but was told only 1 to a customer.Decided to ask again & called back 7/14 or 7/15/08. Was told yes I could have 2nd remote as long as I was willing to pay for it & was scheduled for 9 to 10a.m. 7/18/08. At 12:50 since no one had shown up or called, I called ADT & my appointment time was confirmed. The person I talked to called the tech, John Cherry, & his supervisor, Joshua Davis, but had to leave a message for both. I was told he will still be at my home on 7/18/08.

At approx. 3 p.m. no one had shown up or called so I called ADT and was told the tech would still be at my home to program another remote for me but he's taking care of another customer who as it turned out had a later appointment than I did. He never made it & I never received a call that he wouldn't be here. It is now almost 1 p.m. 7/21/08 and no one has called or come out. I called ADT earlier and left my phone no. for a call back but have still heard nothing.

No physical damage but an entire day lost waiting and how do you put a $ amount on the stress this has caused?

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Original review: July 20, 2008

Signed up for and had an ADT home security system installed on may 29th 2008... It is now July 20th and one of the zones is still not working right... They have sent tech out twice and installed parts and new equipment and the same zone is still not working... I have lost faith in this company... I asked to have a rep contact me and they give me the run-around... My opinion--- ADT was a big mistake! Use Brinks or Radio shack! You may get better equipment!

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Original review: July 19, 2008

On May 2, 2008, while I was away traveling on business, I was notified by ADT that my home alarm was activated at 11:02am. I was told by ADT that in compliance with its policies and procedures, ADT immediately notified the Los Angeles Police Department and my emergency contacts about the alarm. It was investigated and confirmed by LAPD that my home was burglarized and that the suspect had entered through the kitchen window. Apparently, they cut the glass and broke pieces of it to enter the window (as opposed to opening the window--which would have set off the alarm) therefore the window alarm was not triggered. This is confirmed by LAPD/Detective case # 08-0314473. I immediately contacted the LAPD. I also spoke to Mr. G. of ADT about what transpired and started the process of reporting and documenting the incident.

On June 2, 2008, I contacted ADT about upgrading my current system, in an attempt to have better protection in the future. On June 4, 2008, Azieb A., an ADT Residential Sales Rep arrived at my home and began showing me products to upgrade my current system inclusive of additional motion detectors. It was at this point that I asked Ms. A. if she wouldn't mind checking my current motion detectors and she immediately replied "Yes I'll check them but I can see they're working because I see the lights are on and activated." I asked her to check them anyway, which she did and discovered -- to her amazement and mine-- that they were not activated for some reason. She advised me to call ADT and speak to a customer service representative about sending a repairman. That same day (June 2) I called back to ADT made an appointment for a service person and agreed to pay the $25 service charge for the visit.

On June 4, 2008, Gonzalo C. came to my home to check the motion detectors. Upon entering he noticed that the sensor lights were on and that the devices indicated they were activated. His response was "They should be working due to the lights being on, but let me check it out."However, after investigating, Mr. C. discovered that the sensors had never worked because they had never been installed properly. Per his words, "They were tempered (open) and if they were properly installed they would be closed. One wire was misplaced which gave them power but would never sound an alarm because they were in backwards." Mr. C. knew nothing of my burglary at the time. I informed him of it after he told me what was wrong with the system.

After Mr. C. left, I called ADT and spoke to Ms. Keahna A. who advised me how to proceed with my claim and sent me a letter outlining our conversation and the claims/liability department address. I had this system installed in 2001--7 years ago-- only to find out it has NEVER been fully operative despite the substantial sum I paid for installation and the fees I've paid since then. During the past several years I have frequently, although irregularly, had the need to be out of town for business or pleasure. Each time I departed, I always knew there was the distinct possibly that my home could be invaded but felt assured that I had the best protection available because of the ADT system I had purchased and been paying to have operating. I now realize that my confidence was misplaced because my alarm was never fully engaged.

While I understand that ADT is not an insurance company (per your customer service rep), it does hold itself out as providing a service that I relied on to my detriment because I erroneously paid for the improper installation and monthly service of a system for the past 7 years that did not provide the promised service or protection. The Police believe that the ADT alarm was triggered upon the EXIT of the burglar(s) from the front door of my home. Most of the valuables taken by the burglars had to be searched for in the room of the house that is farthest from where they entered. Clearly, they would not have had time to ransack several rooms and ultimately find their way to most of my valuables --located in that furthest room -- if the alarm had triggered sooner, something that would have occurred if the motion detectors had been installed properly.

As I am sure you foresee when you make assurances to people about the "deterrent effect" of alarm systems when you are selling them, a burglary is an invasion of your privacy and creates severe emotional distress and yields the loss of personal assets that have substantial financial value. You sell your systems and services on the premise that ADT provides a high level of protection that homeowners otherwise would not have. But I did not get that high level of protection--there was no "invisible blanket around the things that value most" to me (quoted from your website). Indeed, the burglar(s) had full reign of my home until they were finally ready to depart through the front door of my house, finally sending a signal to ADT.

So here is where we are left: a. [ADT] employee, the expert in installation, determined that my system was improperly installed in 2001, and the Police have determined that the burglar(s) entered through the cut and broken kitchen window and likely exited through the front door (which is where ADT says the alarm was triggered). I paid ADT to install a system, specifically paying extra for motion detectors, and paid fees for the past 7 years only to discover when it mattered most that the system failed due to ADT's fault. I have suffered the loss of over $75,000.00 in jewelry, a few pieces of which are unique and will be difficult to replace. Others are family heirlooms that cannot be replaced.

I have suffered grievous emotional distress since this incident due to the personal violation, loss and emotional turmoil, compounded by the trauma of discovering that my security system has never been fully operative for the 7 years I have been paying for it.

I have consulted an attorney who advised that I am entitled to compensation from ADT for all of this, and in a sum beyond the insurance deductible covered by your Theft Protection Guarantee, and the reimbursement of my installation and monthly fees. Every day that this goes on unresolved adds stress and anguish in my life, so I would prefer to resolve this matter promptly and without initiating formal legal proceedings against ADT. Accordingly, I look forward to receiving your immediate response and cooperation.

Today, July 18, I received a letter from Mr. S. of Sedgwick CMS, the insurance company for ADT, that basically stated they held no liability in this matter due to a clause in the ADT contract given to all customers. This clause only made them liable for up to $250 - which is what they offered me. I read my contract prior to writing the letter to ADT and understood that in normal procedures, ADT could not be held responsible for any robberies or stolen property and that you should contact your insurance company. However, this is a totally different case because the system was NEVER installed properly and I PAID them for 7 years. Basically paying for a faulty system for 7 years! Also, had the motion detectors been working, the thief would not have had ALL the time in the world to find what they were looking for.

Lastly, it is an invasion of privacy, terrifying and insulting that a company that says they provide a "Barrier of Protection" (which is on their website) doesn't have to provide what they claim and what I've paid for, for 7 years. When I thought that the alarm was working properly I went along doing business as if I had just been robbed... Fixing the window, filing the police report, filing a claim with my insurance carrier etc. I had no intention of contacting ADT other than to upgrade my system-and pay the additional costs. It was upon the revelation that it wasn't installed properly by their employee that I realized that some of this incident could have minimized. Yes, the burglar would have still entered my property but the alarm would have sounded sooner, signaling to them that the police could be on their way. Since that didn't happen, they had free reign in my home (which is a frightening thought) and didn't activate the alarm until they opened the front door to leave. (Again, this is in the ADT report)

I am a person who is constantly traveling (I can't tell you how many times I've traveled believing that my alarm was working... S. Africa, Italy, Paris, Greece etc.) and since May 2nd - I haven't been anywhere because I'm a little afraid to leave my home overnight. So outside of the monetary items that were stolen (approx. 100k), the money that I paid for 7 years to ADT for a system that wasn't installed properly and ultimately failed when needed, I am now suffering from the outrageous chain of events that have happened to me...from the burglary, police departments, time consumed and now the audacity of ADT/Sedgwick CMS claiming that they hold no responsibility. Totally Unbelieveable To Me! Thanks for your time and cooperation. I look forward to hearing from you soon.

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Original review: July 15, 2008

Ben works for the SKO BRENNEN AMERICAN collection agency, I don't question his motives, I believe he is just doing his job. My problem is with ADT. I had a contract with them for two years in writing from Christopher in the Henrietta, NY office. I paid out my contract in full in June of 2007. I notified ADT in writing that I was canceling their services in Feb-March 0f 2008. I received a letter from them dated March 24, 2008 responding to my request, stating that any charges outstanding would be on my final bill(which was paid a year in advance because this is not the first time I have had trouble with this company, I used to pay month to month)

I never received anything else from them, then on July 14, 2008 I receive a notice from the collection agency stating that I owe ADT $2,017.22. I called and all Ben could tell me is that was what ADT says so that is what I owe, but that he would try to look into it, and that 9 out of 10 business owners are wrong (direct quote). I don't know why no one from ADT ever contacted me.

If this has already been sent to a collection agency then my credit will have a negative mark on it which could affect my interest rates on loans I have through the business. During these difficult times I am just trying to keep my employees on the payroll, let alone pay for some fraudulent, mis-managed debt that I do not owe. I wonder how many others are out there like me.

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Original review: July 14, 2008

A technician came to the house to attach a wire-- only. I was told there was a small charge of maybe $25. After attaching the wire, a mere 10-second job, he walked around the property and the rooms of the house and then spent 15 more minutes calculating, with the obvious intent of increasing his time in the house. For this ADT wants $125. I think it's criminal and so have cancelled their service.

This amount is excessive as I work only part-time as a college adjunct. I understand a nominal charge for this minor job, but $125 is absurd.

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Original review: July 9, 2008

ADT Security Services is a wholly owned subsidiary of Tyco International, ... fire suppressions, security systems, communication systems I purchased an ADT Home Security system which was installed by ALERT Security Services. Eight and one-half months the fused transformer failed to stop my resister board. Speculation from ADT was an act of God or electrical surge. But, my answering machine is connected to the telephone line/electrical line and will always wipe off messages if the above occurs.

Guess what all the messages were in tack. They dismissed my findings for their own. Now every employee with a non-existing title claims at ADT claims there is nothing to do but to purchase a new panel = $250 replacement (orig. $299). And, the order of the day is no return calls should be expected. My complaint is what happens when the next panel fires. Do I keep buying panels until my contract wears off.

$250 Manatory or $500 payout of a two year contract.

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Original review: July 8, 2008

I bought my system 6 months ago and it broke. ADT is now charging me $50 just to have someone come out and look at it, how knows how much it will be to fix it. They are the ones that sold me the faulty product. They should fix it for free.

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Original review: July 4, 2008

Switched from ADT to Brinks several months ago. Have not yet discontinued my ADT service as I am under contract for 3 more months and paying regularly. I have fully disconnected my ADT box and am no longer using the service since I now have Brinks. ADT has yet to even realize this. Hmmmmm....are they even monitoring if they apparently haven't even realized that my system is no longer functional? What about those monthly system checks they perform that they told me about when I signed up? WHAT A SCAM. Would love to see a class action lawsuit filed against them for their fraudulent practices.

3 yrs at roughly 30$/mo plus approx 700$ install.

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Original review: July 2, 2008

After cancelling my alarm monitoring service with ADT over a month ago, they are STILL drafting my checking account for their monthly fee! What a total ripoff their 30 day cancellation fee is! And my prorated refund check will be very small due to their miscellaneous bogus charges.

The amount of money involved is small. The maddening part of this equation is not. I wonder what laws have been skirted enabling ADT to do this. Shame on ADT.

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Original review: June 25, 2008

I have purchased the service warranty for ADT security system for years, when I accidently cut a cable, ADT wanted to charge me $40 a MINUTE to fix the ploblem, If I buy a warranty what's the purpose if the company after 8 years of service can not service me? The customer service rep were rude and not willing to compromised at all.

I decided to cancel the service and then things got ugliest, they would not allow me to do an immediate cancellation so they could bill me for another month.

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Original review: June 24, 2008

On May 31st a door salesman came up to my house and offered me an ADT security system. The following day, June 1st, I had the new security system installed in my house. The security system was installed by Moore Alarms but it was an ADT system that was installed. Apparently, ADT is the parent company of Moore Alarms. I signed the contract and gave the installer, Carlos S, the $174 for activation and $99 for service. The contract stated that I had three days to cancel and my money would be refunded.

On June 2nd I cancelled. I got a better offer by another alarm system company. I called ADT that day and cancelled. They also said that I needed to contact them by mail, verifying the cancellation. I did that. A few days later the money in my account was taken out. I called Carlos and asked him what was going on and he said that he didn't know. He also claimed that he wrote void on the check. When I called the bank I found out he was lying. He never wrote void on the check.

I have called Moore Alarms time and time again but my calls have been useless. They have an answering service that answers their calls. Moore Alarms has never returned any of the 15 plus messages I have left them. I also went out personally to two of Moore Alarms locations. The first location I went to, nobody was there. The second location I went to doesn't even exist. Moore Alarms has cost me more than $174. I had 7 charges pending in my account. When the $174 was taken out, my funds were in the negative. Each of those pending charges went through and on top of that, each was given a service charge. My account is negative $375.

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Original review: June 22, 2008

Nov 2006 signed 3yr contract for home security services with ADT. June 2008 bill arrived with a 5% increase stating to continue delivering world class service a montering rate increase in now in effect. If i cannot change the terms of my contract how can they. This is wrong..

Sercurity companies are the worst, where my system never worked correctly from day one. I recieved 3 months free service to get me to keep the service and upgrade to a cellular connetion, which also cost more per month.

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Original review: June 8, 2008

when we purchase our adt system we told the rep that we were only in the house with a 2 yr lease and were planning on buying a house after that was up. the rep told us that would be no problem that we can transfer services to our new house for the last year of the contract. He also told us that there would be no fee to transfer. we are now being told that we have to sign another 3 yrs with them and only get a $250 credit to put system in new house. we will now have to pay for instalation and equipment and it will be around $800 from what I have read about putting in a new system.

right now we can't afford any extras being I am not emplyed and husbands income dropped over 1/2 what he was making. they will not cancel our contract like the rep said they would.

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Original review: June 5, 2008

Defender Security, and ADT Distributor installed two (2) door monitor and sensor detector for $106.67 install total price on 5/8/08. On 5/29/08 the processed the amount again for the install. They will not return my calls. And when I called them I placed on hold until the telephone disconnects and I have to call back. No information about this company or how to file a claim is available on-line for their customers. I have reported the incident to my bank as fraudulent and intend to follow through.

excessive customer service calls made to Defender Security automated telephone system because a live person is not available to take customer calls in the middle of the day, 2:00 p.m. on a Thursday. Excessive bank penalty fee's due to negative balance as a result of them illegally processing the installation fee for the security system twice in the same montn. Who do you know that installs two (2) residential alarm systems in one (1) month? NOBODY thats who. I WANT MY MONEY BACK. AND I WANT TO ENSURE THAT THAT COMPANY IS PROHIBITED FROM EVERY ILLEGALLY ACCESSING MY PERSON BACK ACCOUNT EVER!

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Original review: May 29, 2008

I cancelled my contract with ADT in December 2007, with a positive balance of $71.60 with them. I received the check for that amount on May 27,2008, nearly half a year later. Why did it take so long to get my money back?

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Original review: May 27, 2008

My home was invaded on 01-07-08, the alarm system was activated and the system gave no alert. ADT sent a technician out to inspect the system to find nothing wrong as to why it would not alarm during the home invasion, as a result of this I asked ADT to cancel my contract and refund my money and they refuse to do so.

My home was broken into, contents stolen, and a pending contract that ADT refuse to cancel without any cost to me as the customer.

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Original review: May 17, 2008

On March 19, 2008, two representatives of the company knocked on my door saying I was 1 of 2 people chosen to receive a free ADT system. I live with my mom, sister and my 2 year old niece, so it didn't seem like a bad idea to get a security system. I agreed to the system, at which point they informed me that a Tellular unit needed to be installed due to the fact I didn't have a home phone. They agreed to let me pay the fee in installments of around $75 for 4 months. My mom lost one of her jobs the next day, therefore I cancelled the system within 3 business days of installing it (March 21,2008). This was the allowed time for cancelling the system without any obligation. I faxed the request and received a fax back with confirmation of receipt.

The following day I received a call from Patrick Schalkofski, he insisted I keep the system if he waived all the Tellular fees and refunded my initial monitoring fees. He also stated that I wouldn't start paying until May 1, 2008. I have this all in a fax he sent to me the day of our conversation. More than a couple weeks passed, and I hadn't received my check, so I called Patrick, left a message and waited for a return call.I also needed help installing my system completely. I had tried calling the tech that came to install it with no return call. After a couple days, I tried again, no answer, no return call. Just recently I tried various times to get a hold of Patrick, and I explained the situation to the receptionist, Valerie. She indicated that I should talk to Vanessa, the office manager. She tried repeatedly in the following weeks to have Vanessa answer the phone, and I left countless messages with no return phonecall.

The point where I understood that there was something really wrong was when I picked up a letter at the post office from Absolute Security indicating that the cancellation process had been finished and that I owed $1539.65 for the unused portion of my 3 year contract. They were also threatning legal action if I didn't pay. I am really upset and feel I was taken advantage of, and that the lack of communication with me is suspicious. I was willing to keep the system, but these were not the circumstances. I have paperwork indicating my conversation with Patrick, and call records of how many times I tried to contact the company.

I lost $30 to the county for installing the system. $66 for monitoring fees deducted from my bank account, and now a bill for around $1500, which I do not feel I owe. All I want is for them to remove the system and return the fees I paid.

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Original review: May 14, 2008

I was billed twice in the amount 107.17 for the installation of an ADT home security alarm. (Defender Security did the installation for ADT) I called the rep and they said they would refund me the full amount within 30 days from 3/25/08. I called back at a later date and they said it was already refunded to my credit card but it wasn't. I verified it with my card bill and followed up with the card company. I called defender security back and they said they will look into the issue and send out the refund and will call me when the process has been completed. After no refund and no call from the reps, I called them back again.

Now they said they mailed out a check, but in a lesser amount more than a month ago from my call on 5/14/08. I asked to speak with a manager, but they said there wasn't one available. So I asked the rep to have the manager call me on my cell phone, but I haven't received any return call. Now I'm waiting not only for the refund, but to clear up the amount that needs to be refunded to me.

The aditional charge of 107.17. interest charge on my card Time spend calling to resolve this issue

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Original review: May 11, 2008

Our ADT security alarm went off at 3:45 AM, and it looked like the real thing -- someone had broken in. We left the alarm on for around 5 minutes, and finally after no call from ADT, we started checking the house ourselves, and found the door from the garage ajar. Still not sure if it was a case of the door not being properly latched, ut if it was a real breakin, I started to look through our house myself.

Then I called ADT to see why they hadn't responsed, the option said press 0 if you alarm is going off, so I did, and after a few minute wait, an operater came on. I asked why no one had responded, and they said that our alarm had been turned off before it was dispatched. I told them it had been on for over 5 minutes, but they kept referring to it as an aborted alarm. I asked them why no one had responsed before it was aborted, and they said they were having unusually high call volume that evening, so it hadn't been dispatched before we shut it off.

This is not the first time we have had the alarm go off with no response from ADT, but this was the worst because of the length of time the alarm was on. I would be interested in knowing if other people have had a similiar experience with ADT or other major security services.

Even though I was not actually robbed by a burgular, and for that I am thankful, I feel that I have been robbed by ADT because they faithful collect the fee every month, but they do not respond to security alarms in a timely way.

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Original review: May 11, 2008

I had service installed in June 2006 at my business address in Newport Beach, CA. My business burned down on January 2007 and I phoned both my local office and the Vegas office to cancel the services, as I had nothing left from the fire. For some reason, they placed the account on a hold and then reinstated services in July of 2007 without notifying me.

In December of 2007, I received a service interruption and balance of $222.42. I contacted the Vegas office and was told to fax a letter describing the incident and request for cancel, which I did on 12/17, 2007. On 1/5/08 I received a billing for a balance of $230.19 and I called the Vegas office again on 1/15/08. They show a letter received and denied, but nothing sent to me about this. They agreed to contact the local office to waive what they said was a $1200 cancellation fee.

Today, May 10, 2008, I have received a letter from Law Offices of Barry Serota stating that I have five days to pay $208.09 or legal action would be taken. I will not pay this amount and if necessary, I will file against them for the harassment.

This has caused severe stress and sickness due to the loss of my business and ADT constantly sending bills and not handling the issues when I call them. It is as if they are not even listening to my problem, but just answering the phone so they can get some sort of credit. I cannot pay this, as it is not due them...what did they monitor??? There wasn't even a system in place, as the whole building was burnt to the ground.

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Original review: April 28, 2008

I am in the military and I am renting a home where I bought an ADT security system. I was never told of the 2 year contract and when the installer came to install the system told me to sign and never told me that their is a 2 year commitment. I am deploying soon to Iraq and the landlor is moving back to the house so we have to move by the 30th of April I have been trying to put my account on hold or cancel without any penalty because I am moving to my sister until I get deployed and she already has an ADT system. I don't need the system so I'm paying for no service. Please help, thanks.

I am economically being withdrawn by paying for no service and I am getting upset because I sent them a letter from my commander stating that I will be deploying soon, his orders will be coming in 3-4 months.

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Original review: April 27, 2008

I subscribed to their services 6 years ago in order to fullfill requirements for art shipping insurance. I haven't needed their services for 4 years. I have had innumerable conversations with sales reps, sent multiple letters all stating that I no longer want their services, nor have I turned on their gadget, yet I keep getting bills and collection notices from them. I made an agreement one and a half years ago that I would pay for one more year, which would have ended this past October.

Hundreds of dollars wasted, stress.

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Original review: April 25, 2008

We just bought our home June 07, July of 07 Mr. Green contacted us. We told him we were not sure of signing a contract. He said it would only be for a year and that if we did not want the service we could cancel anytime. Also we noticed that the contract which he told us was for a year, was rewritten for 3 years. After paying for about 6 months without ever really using the service we canceled. We are now be harassed by ADT for over 600.00

This has put a hardship on my husband. He is on disability and the stress to us has caused sickness

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Original review: April 22, 2008

Jospeh Morte came into my newly purchased home to review the previously installed ADT security system. He explained to my wife that a few more things needed to be installed before the system could be activated. However, he explained the additional work could not be performed until we were under contract. To secure my wife's signature he told her the contract was month-to-month and could be cancelled at anytime so there was no risk. Two of my wifes friends were present during this conversation.

In a classic bait and switch, Joseph Morte signed us up on a 2 year contract with a $500 early termination fee. We discovered all of this quite by accident when we called ADT to freeze our account a couple months later. We have been fignting with ADT for almost 6 months now and the company is completely unwilling to alter our contract so it reflects what we were told we were purchasing. Everyone at ADT acts powerless. One cusomer servive rep explained that ADT was in the business of making money and therefore would not change the contract. We filed a complaint with the BBB and ADT contacted us saying they had a resolution, they ended up telling us there was nothing they could do, wow, some resolution. Google ADT lied, we are not alone.

We have lost all financial flexibility. We are stuck paying ADT $30 a month for the next 2 years. The alternative is to cancel the contract and pay a $500 termination fee which makes little sense.

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Original review: April 22, 2008

I called to inquire about the system and liked the explanation. I set up an installation appointment for the following week because I knew I would have the money of the installation ($299) in my checking account. Will told me that this would be okay.

To my dismay that evening i had a negetavie balance on my account because they took out the money immediately. I called that night and the next morning and was assured that the money would be credited to my checking account immediately. I received a call from the manager stating it will take 72 hours for the refund and they could not cover my overdraft fees.

I am not even a customer yet and they this to me. It didn't take them 72 hours top take my money and now i have to wait all these days to get it back.

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Original review: April 10, 2008

We had a system installed. A year later we had to move and we called to find out how to proceed. We had a three year contract that if we did not honor we would have to pay a cancellation fee. We were told on the phone that what we had to do was to TRANSFER the services to the new address. We proceeded to do the TRANSFER and paid another $600 dollars at the new address. Two years after when the original contract was due, we called to cancel and were told that we still had a year left.

After numerous calls (and I mean numerous), and sending copies of my original contract, I was told to contact the branch that initially did the installation because they had mistakenly giving us a NEW contract on top of the one we already had. I contacted the local branch and was told and I quote WE NEVER DO TRANSFERS, ONCE YOU ARE OUR CUSTORMER YOU ARE OUR CUSTOMER FOR LIFE. Hence, since we had signed paperwork, which we were told was for a transfer but turned out to be a new contract, we are still being charged the cancellation fee. From my conversations to the many people I spoke to at ADT, I came to the conclussion that they can tell you whatever they want over the phone and not honor their word. They are very dicieving with their business practicess.

Damaged credit report

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Original review: April 8, 2008

I was a customer of ADT for 6 years,I sold my house and moved into a rental property which I had rented for 1 year,I transfered all utilities and from the conversation I had with ADT thought I was simply transfering that account as well.In the midst of unpacking,the ADT guy comes by,hooks up 3 doors,then said someone else will be back next week to do the windows.just sign this so I can get paid for coming out today.I didn't look for my glasses,just signed and he left,I didn't even get a copy.I found out later that I had signed a 3 year contract on a place I have rented for a year.

I contacted the BBB,but ADT is unwilling to work with me.They just took advantage of me as an elderly person.

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Original review: April 8, 2008

In March 2008, our contract with ADT was automatically renewed for alarm monitoring of my warehouse. Since we have had this company since 1998, our contract kept renewing yearly after the initial three-year period, so the automatic renewals slipped my mind. This year, our warehouse lease expires in May 2008. When I called ADT to inform them of canceling the contract as of April, they said I should have given them a 30-day notice before the contract was automatically renewed. For me to cancel the contract - for whatever reason - I would be charged a fee totaling the entire year's coverage less 25%.

Even after pleading and complaining of not being notified of the renewal, ADT is holding me liable for 75% of the charges for the remainder of the year's contract. Essentially, I will end up paying more than $200.00 for service they will not be providing. I THINK THESE AUTOMATIC RENEWALS WITHOUT THE COMPANY NOTIFYING THE CUSTOMERS IS UNFAIR AND UNETHICAL! IT SHOULD BE CONSIDERED UNLAWFUL.

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Original review: March 28, 2008

System was installed in February 2006. For the next 5 months, they debited my bank account random amounts. Each time I called, no one seemed to know what was going on. I was also getting bills for other amounts. After 6 months, that was fixed.

I contacted the company after 18 months to add a delay to my back door. At first, I was told there would be a high charge for someone just to come out and look at it. Then I was told they couldn't come out as far as my house, but yet they came to install.

I knew I wanted to cancel, so I waited for the 2-year contract to be up and gave my required 30-day notice. They canceled my account prematurely and charged me the $200 cancellation fee PLUS a previous month that they debited my account. After received no less than 3 more bills for odd amounts and speaking to at least 7 different people, they finally got the final bill correct.

We paid the pro-rated amount, but they turned us over to a collection agency anyway.

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Original review: March 24, 2008

I tried to cancel my acct in Dec., 2007 by letter, had payment going to credit card cancelled. I started getting bills in the mail, which I paid. I called Jose on 2/22, who was not obliging at all. Told me they had not gotten my letter to cancel acct. I asked him why had they started sending me bills. He said it was because the credit card co. had refused payment. Well, of course the payment was refused, because I had requested the credit card co to stop this payment from going through. He finally told me he would put in for cancellation on 2/22, to be effective 30 days later. Now I have gotten a bill for the month of April. How do you get rid of companies like this? I will never to a contract w/any company again. I've learned my lesson.

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Original review: March 17, 2008

Feb, 2008, Cory came to my home to discuss what type of cameras, DVR, and the price. I told him exactly what I wanted and where I wanted to have them installed. Steve was sent by ADT to install 5 outdoor cameras; but he installed them where he wanted them. After the installation, he opened the box for the DVR. He took out the plastic enclosed, which was a remote control and the manual giving the type and discription of the DVR. He ran very fast out the door to his van, to tuck it away. When time came to install the DVR, there is no booklet, no remote control. It appears that he has given a lesser model than we are paying for. That is why he did not want us to verify the model number and information on this DVR which is now missing a remote. Steve was very comfortable with keeping the remote control and trying to convince us that there is no remote. We WANT WHAT WE ARE PAYING FOR. I would like the right DVR-REMOTE-BOOKLET. Every time ADT sends someone out for installation, there are problems with the installers. They want to get paid, and I want what I'm paying for.

I have called Cory Zemaitis (708 548-9818) and his boss Jim Lezza (630 205-2178) several times, with no response. I am paying for something that I have not received. I am asking for a new, boxed DVR.

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Original review: March 11, 2008

ADT is switching from analog to digital and passing the cost to it's customers at $200.00. Is this legal?

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Original review: March 11, 2008

A few months ago, ADT came and installed a system in my home. Damage was done to the front door. I have been calling them every since. I have been transferred around to different people, but no one has helped. I finally got a call from the person who installed the system; and he was supposed to come out and look at the damage. This was in Oct. '07. However, he never showed. In Dec. '07, I wrote a letter and sent pictures with delivery confirmation, but no one can tell me what happened to my letter or pictures. In Jan '08, I finally spoke with Robert Shirley who said that he would take care of this, and I never heard back from him. My emails to him have gone unanswered. My home is unsecured with the damage. No one from the company is trying to assist.

The wood to the side frame of the door is split and chipped. The plate over the hole for the deadbolt lock won't stay in place; therefore, there is nothing to slide the deadbolt lock through. Yet the sensor is in that hole. I can't lock my home except the lock on the door knob. Anyone can enter my home.

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Original review: March 4, 2008

I contracted with ADT out of Springfield, MO, to install and monitor a security system for my home. I gave them a check for $917.00 on Jan. 10, 2008. Since then they have made six different appointments to install it. For three of those appointments they simply didn't show up. That was three days in which I had to take off work in order to be here without the courtesy of a phone call to let me know they weren't coming. The other three appointments that they actually kept were disappointing due to the fact that they couldn't install it. Why they couldn't install it is still a mystery to me - you would need to ask them as to their reasons.

Today, I asked that they refund my money which was met by a 1/2 hour of: Let me connect you to.... All I want is my money back so I can get a reputable company to install a security system for me. Needless-to-say, I am extremely dissatisfied with their company, customer service and product.

I have been unable to get a refund of $917.00.

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Original review: March 2, 2008

I had ADT install a security system with alarm screens, and it cost me $1500. The tech put his foot through a hole in my ceiling, and the system never worked properly. Techs came out monthly for the first year, but it always kept breaking. Twice the alarm went off, and ADT didn't even know about it. Other times the ADT rep. called me and told me she couldn't get in touch with the police. After a few phone calls and being denied, I finally found a nice supervisor who canceled my account with no penalty.

$1500 initial install and $45 per month of monitoring all wasted as the system never worked.

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Original review: Feb. 29, 2008

ADT is suing my company for $1833.09 for early cancellation of my security monitoring service contract. I canceled the service because ADT's service technicians told me on June 11, 2007, that my old Wells Fargo security equipment (they did not install this old system) was obsolete and not repairable. Its batteries were not staying charged, and even though I had a maintenance contract, they were trying to charge me $100 for these batteries. It also had ground fault and polarization problems. Since it was disrupting my business by beeping and knocking my phones and computer off line, I had the technician power the system down and turn it off. This system was totally unreliable and unable to be monitored. I faxed a letter of cancellation to the ADT office in Las Vegas. They said they did not receive this letter. I have my fax report from Verizon on that date, and ADT representatives have referenced it in my phone records. Regardless of receiving the cancellation, because I signed a 5 year contract, they want 90% of the balance of that contract, or $1833.09 for doing nothing. I relayed this to Christie, a lawyer in their law offices, Barry Serota and Associates, and have now been advised that ADT will settle for $500 if I pay up in 7 days. Should I pay up and forget about it or not?

If I pay, can I still go after them in a class action suit or try to get my $500 back some other way?

After reading the ADT complaints on line, it seems to be a scam that TYCOs ADT practices over and over, all over the US. I asked a business acquaintance who monitors security systems in another state about their reputation, and he said they are bad news. Most of his present customers were past customers of ADT. He said transient people do the installations for the larger ADT franchisees and are suspect in more ways than one. Many systems are unreliable due to the unqualified technicians installing them. Because of their contracts, it does not matter. ADT is Insincere and Not Secure.

My company will be paying out $500 for services not received, should we decide to pay them off. We are unsure yet if our credit will be marred.

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Original review: Feb. 15, 2008

A year ago I moved into a rental home of which I had a 1 year contract.The owner had told me that ADT had supplied them with security response (activation) to their property, and asked if I was interested in continuing using them. I said I was. A consultant(I do not recall his name) came to see me. I told him my lease was only for 1 year, to which he said it was not a problem, I would be billed on a month to month basis. I agreed to this. Now 1 year has passed, and I have kept up my payments as agreed only to be informed that I cannot cancel my contract. I feel that they misled me into this contract. They say that I can BUY the contract back from them.... Please assist me in resolving this.

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Original review: Feb. 13, 2008

I purchased a house in September 2006. It needed some work done before I could move in. I also wanted a security system installed and decided to go with ADT. They came and started the installation in April 2006, finished it a couple weeks later in May. There were some problems - a technician came to address them and wasn't able to fix, but told me to try it out a couple of days and call back for service. I had to call for service (three days later)- left several messages with the customer service/sales person I had originally dealt with, and she failed to contact me. I decided after a couple of weeks of not hearing from ADT, that I would contact the Better Business Bureau, which I did.

Well a couple of months went by, and it was the end of August when I received a phone call (she left a message) from Marie Small in the Syracuse, NY office of ADT (original contact/sales person). This was the Friday before Labor Day, and she now knew that I had contacted the BBB. I was not home and did not get the message until Labor Day when I returned home. Again I called Ms. Small - had to leave a message, did not hear from her. It was now October - nothing from ADT. In November I decided to take advantage of their 6- month money back guarantee if not satisfied with their service as the six month mark was October 26th, 2007.

ADT is saying that I haven't given them an opportunity to correct the situation, and therefore the 6 month money back guarantee doesn't apply. The BBB wasn't able to help me. I went to the NYS Dept of State - Division of Licensing Services as suggested by the BBB; they haven't been able to help me. I have been told that because ADT has a contract signed by me, and that I didn't give them the opportunity to correct the problem - they are refusing to refund my money - over $2,000. I ask you - how many months should a consumer have to wait before a security company returns a call for service? I can't afford to hire an attorney for this; who else do I go to for help? I don't want to depend upon ADT in an emergency given their response time in this situation.

Ms Small also told me she would send me a capital improvement form to fill out to recoup the sales tax. After several calls to her, I finally got that form after two months. THEN - I did not get the credit back to my American Express card until I contacted AMEX myself - explained the situation to them, and THEY recouped the sales tax for me! I told them to not allow any more charges to my account from ADT Security. To this date, I have not paid any monitoring fees as I want my money back. There is so much more I could tell you - I have a file that is approximately two inches thick! I am so frustrated and upset with this company - I do NOT WANT TO DO BUSINESS WITH A COMPANY LIKE THIS!

I tried to cancel the contract - I even told the corporate contact - Bonnie Gurney, that they could send me a bill for 75% of the monitoring time (fees) left as stated in the contract. She refused to do that. The contract also states that they can come in and remove their equipment and that is fine with me - but I told them they would have to pay for a contractor to repair any damage, etc. inside my home and that I don't want any live wiring left.

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Original review: Feb. 13, 2008

ADT installed an alarm system at my place of business (restaurant) and never completed the installation. I have called numerous times and spoken to numerous people from various branches, and no one has taken action to correct the problem. I currently have an alarm system that does not have any front zone protection or door triggers. The alarm does not trigger if anyone enters the restaurant while armed. I have a lot of expensive equipment that can easily be stolen. I have been paying $35/month for almost 3 months for an alarm system that does not work. I have called the local branch in Anaheim and spoken to Jason and have not heard back from him. I have spoken to Josh with customer relations and have not seen a technician. I have complained, complained and complained, but no action has been taken.

Potential consequences: break-in and loss of $100K worth of equipment. $35/month for nearly 3 months for an alarm system that does not work.

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Original review: Feb. 1, 2008

The door to door salesmen came hard-selling their security system. I was told that I could cancel at anytime. After we got our system, we found out that we could not use it for medical reasons. My middle child (who was 5 at the time) is autistic and absolutely facsinated by numbers. We had to disassemble the system because he was always playing with it. I called ADT and explained the problem. They told me that the medical excuse only applies to the person who signed the contract. I explained to them that he is a young minor living with me. They don't care, I can't use the system, and can't get out of the contract even though we have a medical condition which keeps us from using the system.

I have to pay the remainder of the contract.

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Original review: Jan. 31, 2008

While a resident of Pennsylvania an ADT system was placed in my home. Sales personnel and installers all insured me that if for any reason I had to move or was transferred the contract could be terminated or I could take the monitoring equipment with me. I aaccepted the verbal terms of their agreement and unfortunately paid little attention to the contract when the system was installed.

In July 2007, I lost my job and was forced to sell my home. When I attempted to terminate service I was told that I would have to fulfill the balance of my contract and was rudely provided another copy of the contract demanding payment. The second option, taking the monitoring equipment was not an option as it had been installed and wires run through the walls of the house which were irretrievable. ADT's response was too bad, sorry about that. Like many ADT customers I'm now hounded for payment of the remainder of the contract despite the fact that I could not take it with me as promised or that my contract could be terminated upon relocation.

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Original review: Jan. 29, 2008

Yesterday I phoned this person for ADT service to cancel. Then I called again this morning to cancel, they said they already have taken the money out of my Credit Card, and the accounting office had NO phones for me to use to cancel. I had to pay even though I had canceled the order in less than 24 hours. They tried to charge my Credit Card $149.99. Luckily the Credit card had not processed the order, so was able to stop a payment.

I was able to stop payment to ADT because it had not been processed, but the person said that if it has been processed I could call again. I ordered the credit insurance at $11.95 per month from Visa.

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Original review: Jan. 26, 2008

ADT equipment is faulty and has alarmed without a call from ADT or police showing up. I requested 2 separate appointments after 5 with no call back to confirm. After calling again, I find out there are no appointments after 5 or on weekends--when I'm available. I call to cancel the contract, citing just cause for non performance. They say it's not nonperformance since I've not given them the opportunity to fix it. They will charge me $200 to get out of the contract.

I don't feel safe, my system is not working, I can't be home for a 5-hour block for them to fix it between 8-5. Their contract actually says I can't sue them. Don't they understand this strategy will cost them many thousands of dollars in sales as I will now tell everyone I know not to use them? I will also actively campaign online against them. I'm changing to a local company that is cheaper, reliable, can fix my system after 5 or on weekends, and will let me out of their contract whenever I want. If any attorney thinks I have a chance at suing ADT, please email me.

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Original review: Jan. 16, 2008

In June of last year, I had an ADT security system installed in the home I just bought. Everything seemed great and then my home was burglarized in August.

What's the big deal? The big deal is that when my home was burglarized, neither the ADT monitoring center nor the police were notified. The robbery, which happened at about noon on Thursday, August 23rd, went undetected while I was out of town. My dog's vet called to tell me that my dog was in their custody. This is how I found out my home had been burglarized!

A technician found that the system had no power. Due to the negligent installation the backup battery (which is only used if the power goes out) was completely drained that resulted in all communication with the monitoring center being severed. So, I did not receive the installation I paid for and was not receiving the service I was paying for. The security I thought ADT was providing was all in my head.

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Original review: Dec. 31, 2007

ADT called me in November telling me that the routine test showed up that my system wasn't working. I asked them to do another test, and they said they would, but did not. I received a call on December 30 that the system was not working. Asked them to test it and after much hemming and hawing, they did and realized that it still wasn't working. (Note that they did not want to run the 2nd test.) I asked for an appt. on the 31st as I was leaving town on Jan 2. They set one up which they then canceled. They set up an appt. on Jan 1 and then canceled it. They claimed that their contract did not require them to provide service but did not let me cancel service.

Paying for service that doesn't work; no ability to cancel service.

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Original review: Dec. 16, 2007

I have had a lot of problems with ADT. I use their services because there is no other option in Costa Rica. Whenever they have given me estimate on a system, they always say it is going to cost about 90% less than the actual price that I have to pay when they come to install it--claiming that they did not account for areas that require sensors without wires and other things. Also, they have left a complete mess in the house following every installation with pieces of cut wires and dust from where they drilled into walls and ceilings. No attempt is made to clean up even the smallest bit.

I recently got a quote for a house that already has a system in it. The system worked completely fine, and when they came out to check it they said they changed the way they treated Zones, and that every window in the house would have to have a separate Zone and could not be treated as a group of windows in the same Zone, even though they were all in the same area of the house. For the kitchen, for example, they wanted $650 to treat each window separately. Prior to that they had treated the whole kitchen as a single Zone. They are not real smart people because they are not thinking about winning the service contract, only the quick buck for the installation.

First house took over a year for the system to get completely installed since they way underestimated the job and only installed part of the system. No discount for the service was offered during the time the system was incomplete; we still had to pay for all the months we only had a partial system. The second time when they told me I had to pay $600 more to revise a system that was completely working, I refused their service. Economic damage in this case is to ADT because they lost a customer.

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Original review: Dec. 10, 2007

I have a contract with ADT. A couple of weeks ago my 6-year-old accidentally set off the alarm. I kept entering my code, but the alarm would not shut off. I made several calls to ADT to shut off the alarm and to let them know that it was not a real emergency. I called several times and each time was put on hold. The alarm was blaring, and it was freezing outside. My two young children and I were stuck outside in the freezing cold. When I finally did get someone on the phone from ADT, they informed me that the reason I was put on hold was because they simply had too many calls.

This was a good wake up call for me. I learned that if this had been a real emergency then this service would not have helped me. I informed them that I wanted to cancel my service because of this. ADT said that I cannot cancel my service because I have a contract. If they don't hold up to their side and supply a service, then I should not have to hold up to my side. I want this canceled and my contract canceled.

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Original review: Dec. 6, 2007

ADT is not compatible with Comcast. After over 45 hours of Comcast working to get my phone working and numerous checks, it all came back to ADT. ADT refused to have the vendor meets, and lied about when they were coming. They made appointments and never showed up and at one point they told us they would come out BUT even though we had an addtional service contract (extra $5.00 per month) they would charge $238 for the 1st hour and $58 for every 15 minutes. Interesting enough, if you want service from ADT after 5PM or on a weekend, there is NO ONE available! So I guess if you are burglar, and see the ADT sign, just knock the alarm out druing either period and you will know they property is not protected!

As a result of trying to coordinate meetings with the vendors, I have taken numerous hours off from work. The stress that they have caused has been unbearable and their attitude of indifference has been un acceptable. They truly did not care when I called to cancel my contract and once again took it with indifference. They are too big and do not realize their responsiblities to the consumers who use them. The result of all this is that I am now faced with either having to give up my telephone or my alarm with ADT. Unfortunately, I was planning a vacation and am now faced with the stress of possibly have to cancel it until I can get an alarm company that can be compatible with Comcast and is responsive to their customers. One last thing, I have come to hate the song We Wish You a Merry Christmas after listening it for approximately 2hrs while I switched from dept to dept at ADT and the song looped while I was on hold with each one.

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Original review: Dec. 4, 2007

We contracted for an ADT alarm system at our veterinary hospital. It is installed and is constantly going off during the day while clients are here, and at night it always trips on. We have had numerous service calls, and it still is not repaired.

Our patients are scared by the noise of the alarm system. You can imagine what that sound does to dogs and cats. If frustrates their owners, and it causes the staff to run crazily about to turn the alarm system off. We have had numerous false alarms which is not making us very popular with the local police.

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Original review: Dec. 2, 2007

Miss Sandoval came to my office and told me all about the benefits of purchasing or leasing one of their surveillance cameras. She said how by installing one of her systems we would be protected against theft. She said that the advantage of the system she was offering is on how ADT monitors the system from their main office. I decided to lease a system.

The day of installation came. The installer learned at that time that our office telephone system was surviced through Vonage. He did express some concern but said that he could make it work somehow or another. He assured me that the monitoring would work. In his attempt he cut some wires and re-wired some and said there it's all done.

When he left I discovered that my Hi-speed connection and my vonage telephone system was not working. I immediately called Miss Salazar but recieved a message, I further called the office and told them what had happened. they finally gave the phone number of the installer and I was able to contact him. He said he would not be able to come back to my office untill the following day. I asked what he had done with the cutting and splicing and also told him what had happened. He said, I guess what I did, did not work.

He instructed me over the cell-phone on what to do to reverse it. After I finally restored my phone and Hi-speed internet I called miss Salazar to explain to her that I needed the system to be un-installed because it was not working in its intended way, etc. She returned my call and said, we can un-install it but that I would still be liable under the contract and all money and service would be forfeited ($1076.00), yet I would still be charged for all monthly service fees.

Naturally I disagreed. She said she would contact her supervisor and have him contact me. He never did.

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Original review: Nov. 12, 2007

We are in dispute with ADT Security Services. We had terminated their services in May, 2006. They insist we owe for early cancellation of a contract prior to its expiration date and want $664.03. We were never contacted about this matter prior to its being turned over to a collection agency. Our company began service with ADT in October 2000.

After almost seven years I am unable to locate a copy of the original agreement in our files, but I highly doubt it was that long term. I have repeatedly requested back up documentation. My requests have been ignored.

I have written directly to the president of ADT Security Services, Inc. in Pleasanton, CA and even brought this matter to the attention of David E. Robinson, President of Tyco Fire & Security, Tyco International (US) Inc. which is the parent company of ADT. No response. I have been dealing with their collection agency for almost a year. Today I received a letter from a new collection agency after having no response to my last letter on April 5, 2007. This prompted me to do a little ADT research on the web.

My research took me to

I was appalled by the litany of consumer complains about ADT. Apparently our experience is not uncommon. In retrospect with the amount of time I have put into trying to resolve this issue it probably would have been cheaper just to pay them. It would appear that this is their modus operandi. Harass and harass and harass until youll just give up and pay.

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Original review: Oct. 29, 2007

I have not have services with ADT for approximately 2 years. They are accessing my checking account and as late as September 25, 2007 withdrew $385.07 from my checking account.

This is not the first time they have taken money from my account. I do not know what to do. I removed their equipment from my home. I do not have their services, yet I continue to be billed. I have another alarm system. I have asked them to stop accessing my account and they threatened me, over the phone. Please help.

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Original review: Oct. 29, 2007

I have had ADT service for over 2 years, and it has only worked for about half of that time. According to FCC rules they had to come and change from analog to digital at my cost. this began last week, 10/22/07. They were to come between 8-noon that day. I called at 11:30 to find out the whereabouts of the technician only to be met with sarcasm and resistance. I hung up and called back at noon, when no one showed up and demanded to speak with a supervisor. It took at least 5 minutes of insisting to get one on the phone at which time I refused to pay the $199 for this upgrade that the government had required. After 10 minutes of explaining my complete dissatisfaction with their lack of service, they agreed to waive the charges. I then had to re-schedule, having wasted a complete morning of my time.

We had other calls, appointments scheduled, only to have more no-shows and extended waits on the phone--one for over 45 minutes, being forwarded to 5 different departments and having to explain my situation 5 times. I demanded reimbursement for the past 3 months in which I was NOT able to activate my system due to the issues with the window alarms in my daughter's room.

Because I was so insistent, I do not have financial losses, but their customer service and their poor quality of service is being reported.

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Original review: Oct. 26, 2007

About 6 months into our 2-year ADT contract, we realized it was nearly worthless. We left the house one day and forgot our dog was running around indoors. We set the system to "away", and the motion sensors activated because of the dog. About 3 hours after the activated alarm, a police officer rang the doorbell. He asked if everything was okay. I said yes; he left. How much more worthless can our security system be?

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Original review: Oct. 11, 2007

I purchased a small business in May 2005, taking over a lease from the previous owner (a family member). The business had a security system with ADT so as the new owner I contacted ADT to have the service transferred to my business name. Unfortunately, I failed to read the very very very fine print involving a five year contract.

I made it clear I wanted to maintain the existing contract due to the fact the remaining time on the lease was about 15 months. The rep. from ADT advised me this was NO PROBLEM but stated I needed to sign the contract to reflect the new business.

A new owner purchased the building and decided he wanted to change the building from residential/commercial to 100% residential (condos). Per the ADT contract if you are able to get the new tenant to continue with ADT you can end your contract without having to buy out the remaining contract, however this building was being gutted.

I am stuck with a $ 1387.18 payoff bill from this company. I realize I should have read the fine print before signing this document, but I felt the rep was steering me in the right direction. I have paid more to ADT since I closed my business than when my business was open.

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Original review: Oct. 9, 2007

We just found out that for the last three years that we have been paying for our home security system, ADT was not receiving any signals from our home. Therefore our home has been unprotected for three years. Back in July of 2004 we changed our phone system to an online service. I gave ADT the new number (since they have it on record) and didn't think anything else about it. This past February our alarm went off and we called 911. With the cops surrounding our home, I called ADT and was told that all was normal and that they would send out a technician. The tech came and replaced a couple of batteries and charged us $152 for 30 minutes. We recently had work done on our home and needed sensors replaced. The tech came today and told us that we have not been connected to ADT for the past 3 years. ADT claims that we should have told them about our phone change (which I did) and that they ran a test on the system. However, how could they run a test on a system that is not hooked up? They told us that everything has been normal for the last three years. Yet we are not even connected. They had no answer for that. Every time I have called them with problems not once have they told us that we are not connected. Yet they have continued to bill us and cash the check. I think everyone that has ADT and has recently changed their phone plan or are thinking of changing, should know that they run the risk of having absolutely no protection for their homes or families with ADT. ADT will not tell you that your connection has failed, but will continue to collect your money.

ADT is only willing to refund us one years service fees. This is completely unacceptable.

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Original review: Oct. 8, 2007

Suddenly got a notification that my payment schedule was being changed from 1 month in advance to 2 months in advance. Returned bill with instructions to cancel monitoring service. Was contacted by telephone thanking me for my custom but advising me of a 30 day cancellation requirement. Agreed as reasonable to 30 days from my date of cancellation. Got a demand for payment of the 3 months billing. Then got a corrected bill impossible to figure for more.

Got another corrected bill for 3 months minus credits for 1.5 months. plus $100 contract termination. Got notice from collection company demanding payment. notified collection agency, account was in dispute and that the credit should have bee 2 months and the $100 was invalid as the contract had been negated by ADT by changing payment requirements unilaterally.

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Original review: Sept. 28, 2007

Received letter that we needed to upgrade our cellular signal or lose communication - got stood up twice, 3rd guy showed up and wanted to put a huge unit in our living room. Said he would have to get with his local service manager to figure out what to do. That was August 25. Today is Sept 28 and we still can not get anyone to call us back.

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Original review: Sept. 25, 2007

Glass break alarm at 6:48 a.m. 9/24/07. ADT alleged they called Pontiac Police Dept. but could not get answer. ADT tells me they are given a secret phone number by which to contact the police when burglar alarms go off. I verified w/Pontiac Police this is not true, all dept. numbers are public and ADT should have tried 911 and they would have responded. ADT also called my next door neighbor who did investigate the problem.

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Original review: Sept. 11, 2007

On 6/7/07, a deposit of $800 was paid to ADT for the installation of two more security cameras. ADT quickly accepted the money, but two weeks later informed us that they would not actually do the job, that it was impossible. We requested a full deposit refund and were told that it would not be a problem. In the meantime, we found a company to do the installation (which was obviously quite possible).

In August, we were finally connected to a manager who assured us that there had been a problem getting the check to us, but it was taken care of and should be coming soon. For over 3 months, ADT has held our $800.

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Original review: July 25, 2007

Bought my house a year ago with ADT already installed. Contacted other dealers but initial cost was more than I wanted to pay. Contacted ADT and asked specifically about length of contract. Was told this was month to month. Didn't see anything on the front of the contract about any length of time.

After a year of not really using the system, I decided to cancel and was told for the first time that this was a three year contract and was in the print on the back.

Since I am in the second year, I was told I would have to pay $100. These people are very deceptive and I would never sign up with them again.

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Original review: July 19, 2007

I used the ADT security system on my house for 3 years. I rented the house the last year and when the tenants left the house in June I called to suspend the service. They canceled it and I was told that I had a credit for that month because they charged me already (automatic withdrawal).

On July 5, ADT company charged me again. I called many times and they said I had a credit and that the account is canceled. What I don't understand is if they suspended the service on June, why do I owe them part of July?

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Original review: July 19, 2007

My daughter had a contract with ADT in 2004. On 1/22/07 she sent a letter of cancellation, with a check for $145.36 (the final 4 month's payments at $36.34 per month) to terminate a 3 year contract. The final check was cashed by ADT in February 2007.

They sent her account to a collection agency, Collect Tech System, stating that my daughter owed $77 for a contract that was never cancelled. She is now being harassed by several calls from this credit agency. They refuse to listen to any of the documented facts that she has, nor can she receive any satisfaction from ADT after trying to contact them several times.

ADT has tried repeatedly to withdraw additional funds from a closed bank account, well after the cancellation date.

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Original review: June 27, 2007

On May 21st 2007, we contacted ADT Security Services regarding an installation of Surveillance System and Burglar Alarm System. During last month we have been lied to regarding the capabilities of the surveillance system, we were also lied to that the first 4 months we will not be charged for the monthly Burglar Alarm Services. The surveillance system does not work!

We had two technicians in our house and both lied to us further more, first tech told us that the reason it does not work it is because this unit was USED. The second tech came to the house, promised us to correct the situation by installing a DVR - They lied to us initially regarding the capabilities of the surveillance system to be able record the movements of objects also that we will not need a DVR and all the info will be available on the Internet?

They charged our credit account for $800.00 without authorization and completion of work.

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Original review: June 21, 2007

Two men came to our house and were selling home security. I was not home and my husband said they would have to talk to me. After I came home from work, they showed up at my front door. I kept telling them I was not interested and then they asked if they could just tell us about it as they would be paid for it. I let them in. After quite some time of telling us we would get $1500 worth of free equipment and the service that was $39.95 would be around $25 to $28 a month because our insurance would give us a discount we finally agreed to take their monitor service of Burglary, Police, Fire, and Medical. They were to install it the following Thursday.

On Tuesday my husband called our Insurance and they said they don't give that discount. When I got home, I called Ridley and told him we didn't want it he said to let him call his boss. The owner called me and said he would give it to me for $29.95, which is the employee discount and rather keep arguing I said Ok. On Thurs when the guy came out to install the service my husband called me at work and said they wanted him to sign for $39.95 and I said no so when he got things installed and was telling my husband about everything my husband called me at work to say we don't get a smoke detector.

I called Ridley back and asked him how would they know if my house was on fire, he said I would have to push the button on the main panel. I again asked him, how would you know if I wasn't home my house was on fire and he said he would have to call his boss. I told him I was never given what I was told I would get and this was to much hassle to not even have started the service yet and I didn't want it. He told me I had a contract to keep. He started yelling and I hung up on him. He called right back and told my husband he would give him the $300 smoke detector for $50 and my husband said ok just to get this over with.

That was on Thurs 6/7/07. We had not heard from anyone by Sat. 6/9/07 so I called Ridley and he said he would get with his boss. That's the last we've heard from anyone Except for the bill be got the following week for $165.22.

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Original review: June 12, 2007

We encountered a lightning strike that caused the system to sound off. While placing my 4th call to ADT and them not be able to locate our account by phone number, we finally reached someone at ADT that could walk us through the system shut down. For days after this I tried to speak with someone regarding repair and found that, 1) even though we had been customers for 10 years and never even 1 day late with fee payment they could not bill us 30 days net for service and b) every time we called they could not locate our account .

Finally, got a supervisor who stated that yes, we could have the repair billed, but service person may refuse work - so my understanding was that this must be an independent contractor - right? ADT stated no - but he may refuse to do work. 10 years - loyal customer - never asked for any upgrade or anything - finally have an alarm go off - of which they should have seen and called us - BUT NO - guess they do not want to retain business - we are switching. Oh, by the way - they offer new system special at $ 399.00, with discount and contract - cost is $ 99.00, my service call was $ 461.00.

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Original review: May 15, 2007

I think ADT is a complete scam. My alarm didn't work properly from day 1. Yes, I had a technician come to the house and I honestly knew more about the system than he did. He did not fix the problem.

I tried to cancel the contract and was told to pay a fee of $128.50 in order to do so. I complied. However, I kept receiving bills from ADT. It turns out that it never got cancelled.

When I called to cancel, for the second time, I was told I had to pay those bills and a cancellation fee of $220.25. I wrote a letter and got one bill credited. I was still unable to cancel.

This month my contract is up and I still had to fight with two people in order to cancel the service!

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Original review: May 12, 2007

I have residential alarm service through ADT. On 03/01/07 I had a service call to replace a broken door sensor. I paid the technician by check and received a receipt. Since then I have received two invoices from ADT, for different amounts, for that date of service.

I have spoken to the Customer Service and Billing Depts several times without success. They make up stories to explain the differing amounts. Their rep also told me that it takes them 4-6 weeks to post checks to customer accounts!

I told them the check had cleared my bank and was asked to fax front/back copies of the check. This has been done twice, despite transmission verification. After the second fax was sent I spoke to a supervisor who confirmed she had received it and that she would take care of the situation. That was two weeks ago.

I am still receiving ADT computer generated phone calls telling me I need to call them again about this delinquent account.

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Original review: April 23, 2007

We had a pushy dealership sales call that promised we could get out of the contract if we moved. my family are moving to Greece and I needed to cancel. First, they refused to cancel saying that I couldn't stop the contract. I told them I was willing to pay the cancellation. They insisted that I had to get the new homeowners once our house sold to take over the contract. When I finally (hours and hours on the phone) got them to understand that I was not going to do that and I just would pay the penalty, they realized that it was my husband's name on the contract. So, I would have to have him call.

I informed them that he was out of the country but I had a full, durable power of attorney. First, they said that they did not honor power of attorney contracts. Then, again after hours and hours, they admitted that they would honor the power of attorney but I would need to fax it over with a letter from him. Again, I explained that he was in Greece and I was in Florida with the power of attorney. I could have each of us send a fax but I couldn't do both. Then, they just wanted to talk to him. I told them that I needed a direct phone number (1-800 numbers do not work internationally) and they said that they don't have any direct lines and couldn't give a number.

On a side note, the system is awful and I only used it twice in the entire 2 years! Despite their charts of the horrible crime wave, I found my new neighborhood to be quite friendly and safe and tended to keep my doors unlocked during the day.

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Original review: Oct. 25, 2006

I recently purchased and moved into a newly built home in a new sub-development. Since I moved in, ADT has been making unsolicited sales calls to my house once a week at 7:00 PM. The first few times I told the ADT Sales person I was not interested. On 10/24/2006, I told the sales person that showed up that I have repeatedly told them that I am not interested in their services and I would like them to stop bothering me. The sales person said, "You'll be sorry" as he walked away.

In the morning, I found a "secured by ADT" sticker on my car with the following written across the back of it in large green letters, "*******!" When I got to work, I called ADT and was put in touch with someone at 561-988-3600. From what I was told, the person who came to my door was not an ADT employee, but was an Authorized Dealer. Upon further questioning, I found out that ADT does not screen any of their sales people for criminal backgrounds.

This is quite scary considering these people are gaining access to neighborhoods and homes under the pretext of selling security. I have already called the Lathrop, CA police department and will be filing out a complaint directed towards ADT for harassment and threats.

I am now in fear that my house will be vandalized or broken into by someone from ADT.

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Original review: Oct. 16, 2006

My home was burglarized about a year ago. I had an ADT security system, but the thieves were able to disarm the security system within seconds--before the signal ever reached ADT's monitoring system.

When the police came to my home, they felt ADT bore some responsibility, and my insurance company thought so as well. But when I wrote to ADT about it, their response basically was 'We don't know if your home was actually burglarized, and if it was, so what--that's what you have insurance for. We will vigorously defend any lawsuit you file'.

I have a police report and pictures (which I sent them) showing the disarmed alarm system, the broken window, etc., and they insinuate that I was lying about my home being burglarized! Not only was my home burglarized, but the fact that the burglars knew exactly what to do to disarm the system tells me that this definitely was not their first time.

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Original review: Oct. 13, 2006

Less than 2 months we purchased a home security system. On 10/13/06, the home alarm system went haywire - sounded continously even as the 4 digit security code was entered. The alarm system deactivated home phone land line, as alarm continued to sound, so we contacted ADT via cell phone. We were told that for a service person to come out it would cost $200 per hour (even though system was continously malfunctioning-alarm sounding).

ADT instructed us to turn off the alarm system, which deactivated the security system, and stated they would not be responsible for any security breeches during this time.

We were also told that a service person would not be available until Tuesday (this occured early Friday evening).

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Original review: Sept. 26, 2006

An ADT rep came to my house on a referral from a co-worker that would get a $100 referal fee, if I signed up. The ADT rep, said he would give me a good rate of $45 a month, and before I could say "no" he lowered the price to $34.99. I thought that was reasonable and I would try them out. BUT no where did he mention that I would be stuck in a 3 year contract.

When I called ADT to cancel I found out that I would have to pay 75% of 3 yr contract. News to me, that would add up to $473.

ADT customer service, said they could not do anything for me, either pay each month or eat the cost of 473. Very Shady Company!!!

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Original review: Sept. 4, 2006

On numerous occassions we have tried to contact ADT Security Service (as late as 7-31-2006) with no response in regard to our residential home alarm system because we have NOT received a bill or statement since April, 06.

On July, 06 we attempted to make a payment via phone to ADT, but their system would not take the payment.

We have received a penality citation notice from the City of Dallas, because we have not been able to prove we have alarm coverage.

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Original review: Aug. 18, 2006

In November 2004, I had an ADT rep install an alarm with cell phone uplink, 5 door alarms for $650 with monthly monitoring for 3 years. Intially monitoring was $39.95 now it's $46.00. Grand total about $2200 after 3 years-A very bad deal. There are many wireless systems that monitor call themselves for < $400 Total. Be wise shop around.

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Original review: Aug. 3, 2006

I tried to stop services with ADT 2-3 times but learned my contract was over June 30,2006. Sent letter June 2006 to end services. Didn't send it timely this time, 30 days prior. I notified two prior times I wanted to stop, they wouldn't accept my request. Wasn't told I needed a thirty day notice in May 06, was told to read it on contract. However, I tried to stop service two previous times oral and written, before June 06. Surpervisor asked did I get a confirmation number for earlier request. No, I waited until contract was due to expire. ADT turned off service as requested but still billed me $326.93

I spoke to three different people who gave me three different options. One operator told me she'd write on my request that I had requested termination previously and that there should not be a problem. However, the super (Tylanda) said read contract. I understood notice was needed, but I gave an early notice by several months and was told to wait til end of June. Not told, send a letter again in May 06. Although the contract says 30 days, I gave more than two notices, each in writing months earlier. They just refuse to accept my earlier request without a confirmation number. I paid on time and completed terms of contract. The first operation never said a confirmation number was even available.

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Original review: July 31, 2006

Our contract ran out and we were on a month-to-month plan. We cancelled and they charged us for the next quarter anyway.

I called them and asked if they had the date I canceled. They said March 26th. I asked if they bill for services in advance, and they said yes. So I asked, "then why I was being billed for april, may and june when their system says I cancelled in March?" All of a sudden he says "... well... uh, I mean with YOUR account we bill RETRO, meaning the charge on your card is for Jan-Mar".

I don't think so! I've done 3 chargebacks on my amex and each time ADT tells a different story. The last one saying that we didn't cancel until May 26th.

Amex credited my account and said that they would seek retribution from them as it was obvious they were changing the story each time.

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Original review: May 17, 2006

Terrible service! Only recieved $100 rebate after constantly calling and asking for it. Actually never got it, ADT just decided not to charge me for 3 months.

I tried to cancel service and was charged pro-rated amount for the next month because of so called 30-day notice. Never was told it was a 3-year contract, was told by ADT representative that it was a 2-year contract with cancellation fee of $200.

Overall sorry service and poor communication.

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Original review: Jan. 20, 2006

So what good is the do-not-call list if alleged non-profits can team up with commercial enterprises? And then the commercial enterprise can call you (even if you're on the list) and tell you non-profits are exempt from the DNC list regulations? This totally astounded me.

The gentleman calls to say he's with the Children's Relief Fund, and don't worry, we're not looking for donations. The sigh of relief is short-lived as he proceeds to tell me they're working with ADT home security. When I said I was on the DNC list, he tells me non-profits are exempt from it.

While I fear this is legal -- it's not right! Until someone steps up and makes non-profits accountable to the DNC list, this is the kind of garbage we can expect. I'm writing my congressman next!

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Original review: Dec. 14, 2005

In July of 2005 I moved into a rental townhome and looked into getting the security system in the home activited (ADT). The ADT rep came out and told me that I needed a new system, because the old system wasn't compatible with their current monitoring equipment. I explained I was renting but he said I could get the wireless system and that way when I moved I could take the system with me.

I agreed and paid $500 for the wireless system and signed a service agreement that I thought was a one year (but it turned out to be a three year agreement).

Now it is Decmember and I am moving (again) for my job. ADT has informed me that I cannot take the system with me, unless I have one of their techs uninstall it and reinstall it (at a cost of about $600 - 2 hours to take it out and two hours to put it in at $150 an hour). I have to buy another $500 system for my new house. I can cancel, but it will cost me 75% of the remaining balance of my contract.

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Original review: Nov. 4, 2005

The day after I was robbed, ADT came to my rental house and installed a system. A year later, I was relocated due to my work so I contacted ADT to inform that I did not need service in the rental house and the new location already had an alarm system provided. That is when I found out that I had to continue to pay for the security system.

When I explained that I DID NOT OWN THE HOME AND I WAS NOT INFORMED THAT I HAD TO BE OR SHOULD BE the home owner, ADT representative said there was nothing they could do. ADT told me the only way to get out of the contract was to have the homeowner agree to take over the contract or the new renter.

The homowner said she would take over the contract, but she didn't. Two months after I moved out, the new renter called me to find out what my access code was because the alarm was going off. Without my knowledge, ADT continued to charge my credit card while providing service to the new renters. The home phone that was used for the alarm system was NOT in my name so I could not have the phone disconnected when I moved.

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Original review: Oct. 23, 2005

My alarm system went off at least 6-7 times. No one has even bothered to call to check on me and my family. I don't feel safe with the system.

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Original review: Oct. 3, 2005

We signed an agreement with ADT for a one year contract and we bought our equipment outright so we wouldn’t have to deal with any issues if we left. Well 4 years later we left and were hit with 90% fees and penalties for leaving them. They force people to try to stay with them. We moved to a place that had its own security. The paperwork says it but the rep that sold it said something entirely different. We were supposed to be able to cancel at any time with out fees. I called the main office they told me I have to talk to the local office.

I called them 5 times and no return calls. So I assumed they were taken care of. Then I get a letter 6 months later from a law office. And they were very threatening but right… it is cheaper to pay them then a lawyer and the paperwork does state that we have to pay 90% cancellation fees.

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Original review: May 16, 2005

August, 2004 a representative of ADT Security Services came directly to our home to ask if we were interested in having security set-up, after we talked about it it was decided we would. Going forward, we have used the service daily with no plans of cancelling the service. However, our situation has totally changed as far as housing is oncerned. Although we have signed a (3) year contract and would not have had a problem fulfilling the contract but now we're moving! The situation is that, we are relocating to Florida to move into an apartment until we possibly have a home built. We have asked a manager to please allow us to cancel this contract based on out of control circumstances.

We are being forced to try and sell it to the buyers of our home or pay $830.05 which is 75% of the remaining amount. Nowhere in the contract does it rule out a scenario like ours. Our problem is the lack of consideration of the situation and the seemingly greedy desire to charge us unfairly.

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Original review: May 9, 2005

I changed my phone service to Voice Over IP and ADT can no longer service my house for security. They have asked me to pay 75% of the remaining balance for next 2 1/2 years without providing me security. I think they are fleecing me. I should be able to get out by paying a small penalty and not 75% of the service fee for 2 1/2 years.

I am looking to shell out $650 for services that I will not and can not receive.

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Original review: Feb. 17, 2005

On Tuesday, February 15 I encountered a frightening experience with my 4 yr old son who has special needs. He left my home and almost got hit by a car and ADT did not alert that a door opened so I had no idea he left the home. A bus driver witnessed this and I was able to grab him and bring him to safety. I called ADT to fix the problem and they said they only had an opening on the 17th, 2 days after my incident. I tried getting an earlier date and they could not accomodate me.

I took the feb 17th appt. with a 12-5 window. I was home the whole time, I called at 3pm to assure that thet they were still coming and they said they were en route. 5:30, still nothing, no courtesy call. I called spoke to angela she gave me to tech, tech handed me to kurt and he said they will have to reschedule. I said absolutely not, I was going to leave early next morning for a week and I need this corrected. Also, they never gave me a call -- I had to call them.

I than spoke to Demitre who assured me someone will come. 7,8 -- Nothing heard. 8:30, Bob calls said he is running late, I said o.k. He said can you reschedule to tomorrow? I explained it was impossible. At this point I had also stressed to this company the danger my son faces without this alarm working. He assured me that he will be in my home 9:00-9:30. 9:11pm Missy calls and tells me tech will not show and I have to reschedule.

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Original review: Dec. 13, 2004

During 2003 and 2004, my home alarm had misled for many times. I have pay Union City Police $180 with 30 days. I am forced to terminate the 2 more years contact with the following reasons:

1. The alarm was misled when my security system is on or off.

2. The alarm is fixed six times and ADT Technicians couldn't any solutions.

3. Having a misleading alarm costs me time and money. There was a police officer broke my front door during one of the misleading alarm's alerts and cost me to get repair.

4. The false alarm drives me insane. The alarm set's on by itself. The alarm went on from my bedroom window. Since the condo where I stay is located on the 2nd floor, it is a very remote chance that any intruder will come from the bedroom window.

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Original review: April 22, 2004

I am a federal military civilian employee. On september 11th we were sent home as our military installation was being "locked down" for the rest of the week due to the WTC attacks. Yep, you guessed it the next day ADT had a subcontractor in our neighborhood called SOS Security selling door to door ADT security systems with the "no obligation cancel at any time home security systems. All we want to do is place a sign in front of your house for advertising".

We repeatedly asked and were told that we could cancel at any time. After about a year of monthly payments and calming down like the rest of the country I decided to cancel the monthly service. I was told that to read the fine print in the contract and I was liable for two years at 75%. Currently a collection agency has contacted me and ADT want the two years at 75%. I am more than willing to go to court as these bloodsuckers should not be allowed to capitalize on my personal fear for profit. Their timing was by no means accidental.

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Original review: Feb. 23, 2004

I have tried to cancel service with ADT since January, 2003 because Cox Cable cut the ADT wires and ADT was no longer able to monitor my home. I called and wrote letter trying to get them to stop drafting my account to no avail. In September, 2003 I filed Bankruptcy listing ADT as a creditor. Even after receiving the First Meeting of Creditors, ADT refused to stop drafting my checking account.

Finally, after exhausting my checking account, ADT's drafts bounced in November and December of 2003. They sent me a bill for two months services plus $40.00 overdraft charges. I wrote them, sending them copies of my Bankruptcy Final Discharge, asking them to prove that they were providing me services as I no longer lived at that address and the power had been turned off since September, 2003. I informed them that their services were discharged in the Bankruptcy and that they had broken the law by drafting my account after the First Meeting of Creditors. I just received another bill for 4 months services and $80.00 in overdraft charges. I give up! There seems to be no way to stop these people. Not even through Bankruptcy.

Because of ADT continually drafting my account after being told not to, the bank closed my account because of overdrafts (from ADT) in the amount of $101.00. After the Bankruptcy was discharged, I now have $101.00 from the bank in collections, and outstanding bills from ADT that I can not get off my credit report because I've already filed bankruptcy. This has all be due to ADT's incompetence and lack of obeying the law.

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Original review: Dec. 10, 2003

ADT has installed a faulty alarm in my restaurant. The original technician was sent out on July 16, 2001, and instead of doing his job properly, managed to make a sexual advance at me. Up to the present time, I have had nothing but a hard time with ADT when it comes to customer service, billing, repairs, questions, etc. My restaurant has been broken into 4 times, and instead of fixing the problem, ADT sent my account to collections.

Two police reports have been filed with the Hermosa Police Department. I feel very violated and unsafe in my place of business. I have a broken safe, and $800 missing. After the 1st police report was filed, ADT did send a technician out, but 2 days later disconnecetd my service. I did not receive a bill for the month of November, and even though ADT knew my system was faulty, they sent me to collections.

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Original review: Nov. 11, 2003

Based on a telemarketing call we purchased a 3 year contract for ADT monitoring and received a free security system. We were planning to move so the salesperson told us the system would be moved for free anytime during the contract. He put this in writing after the fact. We later found this company was an authorized ADT "dealership" not ADT itself. Keep in mind that ADTs name was all over the documents we signed, and we are being billed by ADT on our credit card too!

Anyway, we signed a contract. No address was specified for monitoring on the contract as it was left blank when we signed (I have a copy). To make a long story short, we moved and ADT wouldn't honor the salesmen's promises. They say the "dealership" made the promises of moving our system, not ADT as they just provide monitoring. Of course, the dealership is no longer in business. An ADT rep told me that they don't like working with the dealerships and they are trying to get rid of them because of these issues.

What's funny is ADT won't provide monitoring services to me if I reinstall the system myself at the new address. They're talking out of both sides of their mouth. So, I'm stuck with paying my pre-authorized credit card charges of 29.99 which they say I can't stop, and ADT will NOT provide monitoring services to a different address. The Better Business Bureau was worthless beacause they just note that we agree to disagree. I don't even see my complaint as a "black mark" on their web site.

ADT keeps asking for extensions of time to respond to the complaint, and I just keep paying them. What really steams me is that ADT bad mouths the authorized dealerships and blames all issues on them, but they are aware of all business practices of dealerships and are glad to purchase new contracts from them. FYI, you can buy security systems from local companies (or wireless self install kits online) and get monitoring for 1/2 the price of ADT.

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Original review: Nov. 10, 2003

In December 2002, my husband and I purchased a home and for security, we wanted services from ADT. Months went by, then we noticed that the livingroom monitor was not working. Actually, we noticed that it never worked because no one is to walk into the livingroom area in the nightstay mode. From day one, the alarm never went off. Therefore, if an intruder was to walk by the monitor, no alarm would go off. What can we do about this situation? I can't get out of the contract until anouther 12 months.

I believe that we should not have to pay $80 for a serviceman to show up and do the work that was to be initially done with the $250 intallation.

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Original review: Nov. 5, 2003

After having continuous errors with the ADT system, telling us a window was open when it wasn't, we called ADT for service. They told me it would cost me since I did not have the service plan. I told them to cancel the account. They asked if I would not cancel if they sent a service rep out free of charge to fix the problem. The rep came out replaced the battery with another dead battery, disconnected a panel and left wires hanging out of my walls.

I immediately called the support center and told them to cancel the service. Two months later I received an overdue balance notice. I again called and they told me it took a billing cycle to remove the amount from my account. They also sent a letter to this effect. This all took place in May/June 2003 timeframe. I received over 3 calls with the same results. Finally two weeks ago I was informed the only reason they did NOT cancel the service was because THEIR rep did not ask me for my security code in June. They have turned the balance over to a collection agency and refuse to discuss the error of their own system and failures to cancel the service. Today they told me because I allowed the service tech in my house I was responsible even though I called to cancel on more than one occasion.

The consequences is that a collection agency is now hounding me for $75.25 which I refuse to pay since I've cancelled this service repeatedly.

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Original review: Nov. 1, 2003

I had a home security system which malfuctioned. I spent 8 weeks making phone calls trying to get my equipment fixed. After numerous missed appointments I got fed up and requested that the alarm be taken off. Now they keep trying to send me bills for a service I never had.

I just received a letter from a collection agency for the money, which I am not going to pay.

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Original review: Oct. 11, 2003

On April 11, 2000, my wife and I allowed an authorized ADT representative to give us information on a home security system. We learned that he worked for a company called Interactive Systems, and that they are an authorized dealer for ADT in the Omaha area. A gentleman named Robert Weidal came to see us and present the montitoring package. One of the important questions we asked Robert was if his company, and therefore ADT, had a Military Clause embedded in their contracts. He said yes, and that if we were to invoke that clause, we would be immediately relieved of further obligation to any contract in question with Interactive Systems and ADT.

Since I am in the military, and able to be moved pretty quickly from residence to residence, I thought that a good deal, and signed on for 3 years. I never saw a written military clause from Robert or ADT to this date, even though I continue to ask ADT for a copy. They have stated many times that they do have one, and that all their authorized dealers and ADT are bound by this clause.

I received Permanent Change of Station orders to proceed to Laughlin AFB, Texas that same year about one month after I signed ADT's contract. I was only able to move into base housing, where ADT security service is not permitted. When I called to cancel the service, invoking the military clause, ADT was more than willing to work with me and relieve me of the contract. Unfortunately, Interactive Systems was not. They said I was bound by the contract I signed, which was ADT's authorized dealer contract, and that I owe them the remainder of payments for the service agreement.

I contacted ADT, who said they would contact Interactive Systems and straighten it all out. Almost two and a half years go by, and I receive a collections notice in the mail from General Services Bureau. They claimed that I owed Interactive Systems $742.25 for monitoring service rendered during the past couple of years. I contacted ADT immediately, and asked them what happened. They stated that they don't have any jurisdiction over private, authorized dealers of ADT and their collecting of fees.

I contacted General Services Bureau with two certified letters and supporting documentation explaining my position. They responded to the first letter with another copy of the ADT contract, and the second letter recieved no response. I contacted ADT once again, and recieved a warm response from one of the sales representatives who gave me valuable information on how to alleviate this nuisance.

I faxed her documents to support my case. She said she would pass the paperwork along to Karen Stitt, the ADT authorized dealer manager, who in turn would deal with the payment and fix the problem. I haven't heard from this sales representative since, even though I have contacted her extention about 20 times. About 3 weeks after I submitted this paperwork, I contacted General Services Bureau, who said that the account in question was now closed, and the balance was $0.00. I asked for a receipt, and they said they would send one ASAP.

When I didn't recieve a receipt about 3 weeks after the fact, I contacted them again. This time, the representative said that the account was "pulled," and the balance was $0.00 still. I asked again for a receipt, and her answer was that "We don't do that." I figured that I would contact Interactive Systems to close this problem once and for all and ask for information as to what happened. I wanted to know if ADT paid the amount, or is it still open. Before I could do that though, I discovered when refinancing my home that the payment showed up in my credit report as delinquent. I was stunned!

During this whole event, I was never contacted by Interactive Systems, or ADT that I owed any money to them. The only notice I received was from General Services Bureau. According to the Dealer contract, I need to receive notice of their intent to collect payment from me. In any case. I never received any invoices, a phone call, or a letter to signify their intent. It was not until General Services Bureau contacted me with a letter to collect that I realized the problem existed.

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