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Last updated: Sept. 25, 2016

4 Mobal Communications Consumer Reviews and Complaints

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Sept. 25, 2016

Mobal says their service accrue no cost when not used. This simply is NOT TRUE. If you install a Mobal SIM into a Smart Phone, it bills you for data usage even though you use no data, and have not selected their APN. Be careful using Mobal. It's not what you think it is.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Sept. 15, 2015

Purchased a Mobal International Phone, specifically for Italy. The phone will not connect to any network. So here I am, in Italy, with no way to contact our guides nor our Bed and Breakfast places. Emailed their support twice, because of course, I can't call. Got 1 response with useless information. I'm thoroughly disgusted. What a waste of money. I should have rented from Cellular One again, as I never had problems with their phones! Don't purchase a phone from Mobal if you plan to go to Italy!

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: June 10, 2015

This company has held to their promise to service and rates. I am totally sold on their product.

Original review: April 20, 2011

Sometime in mid-March 2011, I received an electronic message on my landline messaging machine telling me to call a phone number as the matter was of an urgent nature. The electronic voice said that they were calling about my mobile phone. Since I do not have a personal mobile phone, I assumed it was a telemarketing call or a wrong number. After receiving about four or five of these electronic calls, I tried calling the company. When I tried to dial the number, an electronic voice came on to tell me that it was the mobile phones credit department and that I should update my credit information. The electronic voice said that I would not be charged for the call if calling from my mobile phone. I was calling from my landline, so I quickly hung up assuming it to be a phishing, fraudulent call and that my landline phone would be charged for the call.

This past week, on about April 4th 2011, I received another message from this same company, but this time from a live voice named Jemma. I was asked to call back and was told that I could also log into my account online at (This was spoken, not spelled out). When I typed in this URL, I was sent directly to a different website. I called the website to see if they were associated with this company or had any record of this company. I had a helpful and lengthy conversation with their fraud and IT department. They recommended that I not speak to Mobile Communications as they were most likely a phishing company trying to get my credit information; confirming my own suspicions.

It was shortly thereafter that I remembered an old cell phone of more than five years ago, that I had purchased from a British company with a New York City address, Mobal Communication, back in 2006 for travels abroad. When I typed in, I found the company's phone number. I suspected some kind of fraud or breach of my credit information, and attempted to contact the company to be sure that my credit information and personal information were not being misused. Again, they were very difficult to contact, their NYC number routed me overseas, and I hung up after being suspended on hold and told that I would not be charged if calling from my mobile cell. I suspected I was being charged for my call overseas, hung up again out of fraud concerns, and finally, with a good deal of persistence, was able to locate an email contact for this company.

I explained in a written complaint to this company on their website, that I was not a current customer, as my phone was long out of service and my account closed five years ago. I was contacted by the company via email and was told that there was fraudulent activity on this phone. After an email exchange, the company stated since I did not report this phone lost or stolen five years ago, that they wish to hold me responsible for the fraud charges on this phone of $235.50.

Although I have described to the company the suspicious nature of their methods and attempts to reach me and have stated my due diligence and difficulty in reaching them, they continue to hide behind the original terms and conditions of the five-year old phone purchase. The company has stated that they do not have any obligation to protect their consumers from fraud, and that all fraudulent activity belongs to the customer until the phone, regardless of dormancy, is reported lost or stolen. This company does not appear to have any kind of fraud department, since I have only been contacted by their credit department asking me to update my credit card information. This company acted irresponsibly by not immediately suspending the phone when attempting to charge an old out-of-date credit card and allowing five days of chargeable activity to accumulate on this old, out-of-date account.

I believe the company, Mobal Communication, is culpable for the fraud associated with this phone since they did not have an identifiable procedure or process to determine fraudulent activity on this phone, for acting in a manner closely associated with phishing tactics when trying to reach its customers, for being delinquent in its responsibility to professionally and respectably notify its customers, and by making no customer service attempts or efforts to resolve any differences.

Mobal Communications is unwilling to discuss a compromise and reach a fair settlement, even after I have pointed out that had their company's attempts to reach me has been less suspicious or my attempts to reach them been less difficult, then the charges could have been stopped immediately. I find Mobal Communication's business conduct to be suspicious, uncooperative, manipulative and disreputable.

I would never recommend doing business with this company. They take no interest in the customer, charged exorbitant rates, and make no efforts to deal with fraud. Consumers should note that inexpensive international phones can be purchased in Europe and England for a fraction of the cost of Mobal's rip-off plan! Mobal is a rip-off!

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