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Starkey Hearing Aids

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Starkey Hearing Technologies is a privately held, global hearing technology company headquartered in Eden Prairie, Minnesota. Founded in 1967, the company is recognized for its innovative design, development and distribution of comprehensive digital hearing systems. The company develops, manufactures and distributes hearing aids via three distinct brands – Audibel, NuEar and its original brand, Starkey. As the only American-owned and American-operated provider of hearing technologies, Starkey Hearing Technologies is proud to support veterans and active military service personnel with the best in American innovation, including a suite of revolutionary hearing technologies and other resources. Starkey Hearing Technologies currently employs more than 5,000 people, operates 24 facilities and conducts business in more than 100 markets worldwide.

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Starkey Hearing Technologies develops hearing aids under three brand names. Starkey manufactures 10 different styles of hearing aids for all levels of hearing loss.


  • State-of-the-art technology
  • Thrive Hearing Control app
  • Styles for all levels of hearing loss


  • Not always covered by insurance

How do Starkey Hearing aids work?

Start by visiting your local audiologist or hearing professional to find out if you’re a candidate for Starkey hearing aids. Your health care professional can help you pick the best style of hearing aid for your lifestyle and level of hearing loss.

Some of the most popular models of Starkey hearing aids include:

  • For mild/severe hearing loss
  • Easy adjustments
  • Discreet design
  • Custom-made
  • For mild/moderate hearing loss
  • Virtually undetectable
  • Easy-to-use buttons/dials
  • For moderate/severe hearing loss
  • Discreet design
  • Custom-made
  • For mild hearing loss
  • Multiple technologies available
  • Custom-made
  • Easy adjustments
  • For mild/severe hearing loss

What features come with Starkey hearing aids?

Some of Starkey’s hearing aids come equipped with state-of-the-art technology that allows you to stream music and phone calls. These hearing aids also let you use the Thrive Hearing Control app to control hearing aid settings from your smartphone. This controls three main settings:

  • Hearing Performance controls sound quality and clarity with speech enhancement features and noise control. It allows you to create presets for regular settings.
  • Healthable Technology keeps track of your steps, daily activities and social engagement. It comes equipped with a fall-detection feature and heart rate monitoring.
  • Information Assistance lets you ask the Thrive Assistant questions to troubleshoot issues. You can request remote adjustments to your hearing aids without needing to schedule an office visit, and the app can even transcribe conversations to your smartphone.

Starkey hearing aids require a four-month adjustment period. This process of reacclimating to certain noises can be strenuous on the brain, especially if your hearing has been declining for a while. Your Starkey hearing aids could require several adjustments, so the company recommends staying in contact with your hearing professional during this period.

How much do Starkey hearing aids cost?

The cost of Starkey hearing aids varies based on the model and features. Most hearing professionals offer hearing aid payment plans, so ask your local audiologist about payment options. You could qualify for free hearing aids or a discount through:

  • Your union
  • Your employer
  • Veterans Affairs benefits
  • Your insurance provider/HMO
  • A local charity

You could be eligible for partial or full coverage through Medicare or Medicaid. While most Medicare plans don’t cover hearing aids, you might receive benefits if you’re Medicare Advantage plan member. Medicaid often covers hearing aids for adults and typically gives full funding for children’s hearing aids.

Are Starkey Hearing aids worth it?

Starkey hearing aids are customizable and come in a variety of options. With the ability to easily adjust your hearing aids through the Thrive Hearing Control app, they’re a great option for all levels of hearing loss. The company also creates a variety of styles to help fit every person's preference for appearance and comfort. If you struggle with hearing loss, Starkey hearing aids could be the right choice for you.

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Rated with 4 stars
Verified Reviewer
Original review: Aug. 15, 2019

My hearing loss is mild and most limited to high frequency sounds which is normal in elderly people. In the 6 months that I've had these aids the only problem I encountered was when I took them off the charger for 4 weeks, per the instructions. When I returned, one aid would not charge. Many of the problems I read about are most likely the result of faulty calibration by the audiologist. Any hearing aid is only as good as the person setting the tonal frequencies and patterns. This may require several visits. But when it's right, it's good.

Starkey Hearing Aids response

Hi, I apologize for the issue with the charger and hearing device. I appreciate your attitude. I’m willing to bet you have been very successful in life. Please let us know if we can provide you with and additional information.

8 people found this review helpful
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Rated with 5 stars
Verified Reviewer
Original review: June 26, 2019

I purchased my first set of hearing aids (Audible Via 1600) and love them. I have had some issues with the signal being dropped between the hearing aids and my iPhone X which I am starting to see may be due to some of the settings on my phone. While the information is out there on the web, one suggestion I would make is to have more educational information readily available to patients when they purchase the hearing aids. Information regarding IOS settings and/or Android settings and what they mean and/or are used for would have made set up easier and troubleshooting more rapid. Just some of my thoughts. I am still very happy with them and would recommend them to others.

Starkey Hearing Aids response

Hi Shelly, Thank you for the wonderful review!

14 people found this review helpful
Rated with 4 stars
profile pic of the author
Verified Reviewer
Original review: May 1, 2019

In India the all premium hearing aids costs INR 5-7L for a pair but Starkey gives it at 1.3L rupees. Quality is not bad and it comes with 4 years warranty. My 4 years experience with them is good as in 7 working days the products gets repaired without hassles. Presently using Halo iQ 2400 RIC. Currently it’s best product at that price and good services. I am using hearing aids from 1992 to days for both ears. This product has given great results.

Starkey Hearing Aids response

Hi Radhakrishna, We are incredibly grateful that you took the time to leave us this note!

8 people found this review helpful
Rated with 5 stars
Verified Reviewer
Original review: April 9, 2019

I have a pair of Starkey Livio 2400 hearing aids. I was fitted for them at their Eden Prairie, MN facility about 5 months ago. I'd like to summarize my experience with them in case it helps anyone. About me: 60 years old. Tinnitus in addition to my hearing loss. Tired of not being able to follow conversations. I am audiophile who also records music. We are in a new house and just built a fully outfitted recording studio in our basement, and last year put in a high end, whole-house (and patio) sound system. New media room has reference level 7.2 system. Sound quality is -extremely- important to me. Also, my wife has a voice which is on the quiet side.

Pros: The most natural sound I have ever heard in a hearing aid. Selectable modes to screen out background noise, a forward biased mode for restaurant conversation and more. If the devices detect that you are moving faster than 10 MPH it can go into an automobile mode. IPhone connection... I hear my 'Waze' map giving me directions while driving. I can listen to podcasts, music, or take a phone call and only I can hear the audio.

Thrive App. Some of the most ingenious programming code has gone into this app. For example, the hearing aids can actually translate foreign languages and play the translations in my ears! They have "Fitbit" physical health information available, the number of steps I have taken for example. And also 'mental' health info such as a verbal engagement score. Cons: Batteries cost $ and only last a week. They are spendy hearing aids. But like my wife said, if I could hear her and others better, and with high sound quality, they are worth every penny. I have to say that I am still sometimes amazed when I am wearing these. Makes me feel like a new man.

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Starkey Hearing Aids response

Hi Dave, We are happy to hear that you are pleased with your hearing aids and thank you for the wonderful review!

24 people found this review helpful
Rated with 5 stars
Verified Reviewer
Original review: March 29, 2019

I have worn Starkey hearing aids for almost 20 years. They are GREAT! For people who say they are getting popping and straight it is because they are not adjusted right or the mold is not fitting right. You need to go to a good provider who will work with you until they are right. You have to make sure you have a good fit. If so then no popping or straight. Also you need a good provider to make sure they are adjusted right. If someone is having trouble with them than they need to keep going back until it is corrected.

Starkey Hearing Aids response

Hi Molly, thank you for taking the time out of your day to write such a nice review!

12 people found this review helpful
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Rated with 1 starResolution In Progress
profile pic of the author
Verified Reviewer
Original review: Nov. 19, 2019

Warranty ended and so did the hearing aids. I paid for these because the app and aids manage my very loud tinnitus. I was in artillery. Now I’m stuck with ReSound from VA that do not manage tinnitus well. 5500 down the drain. As a disabled veteran, I don’t have the money to keep buying them over and over. So disappointed. Loved them when they worked. Complete Hearing Solutions in Fort Myers Florida has had to call support many times when under warranty. Greg **

Starkey Hearing Aids response

I’m sorry for your experience thus far. I wish I could understand what the problem is that you continue to experience. How has your Hearing Professional responded to your concerns? I know I’m biased, but we have many happy wears of our products. I know we can get you happy if you are willing to work with your Audiologist. Don’t give up on these devices.

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Rated with 5 stars
Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: Nov. 13, 2019

I love Starkey's hearing aids. I fit my family with it. I like the comfort in noise that we're seeing, and clarity and the frequency lowering. We started with them three years ago, and dealing with my rep, Pat, has always been pleasant and helpful. We've never had an issue that couldn't be resolved. Overall, we're very satisfied with Starkey.

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Customer increased Rating by 4 stars!
Verified Reviewer
Original review: Oct. 26, 2019

Starkey Hearing Aid worked for one day then one of them stopped working. Called customer service received no satisfaction. Put them in the charger tried again the one that stopped working worked again for three hours. They will be returned on Monday which is the soonest I can get them back to the audiologist. I will be going one door up and purchasing Opticon.

Starkey Hearing Aids response

Thank you for your review. I apologize for the experience you had with the Starkey Hearing Devices. I do wish you better hearing regardless of the manufacture you go with, but keep in mind that it’s not just the manufacture, it the hearing professional you are choosing. No journey is without is bumps.

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Rated with 1 star
Verified Reviewer
Original review: Oct. 23, 2019

I Purchased my halo 2 Starkey hearing aids 2 years ago And have yet to see any improvement in my hearing in spite of my $5000 investment. I was told they would improve my hearing. I have been back to have them adjusted several times and have yet to get them so that they help me understand speech both in person and on the television. I can hear all kinds of background noises as in the air conditioner running or the dishwasher running very loudly but I cannot understand human speech the number one reason that I purchased Hearing Aids.

When I turn them up hoping that will help it just seems to make everyone sound like they have an annoying lisp. And I still have to ask people to repeat themselves. It is very frustrating and I avoid social situations because of it. For the five thousand dollars that I spent the only positive thing that I can say is that I no longer speak as loudly as I used to. They’ve also had to be sent out twice in the last two years for repairs and my warranty is about to expire. I still can’t watch television with my wife. I can’t watch television if anyone else is home because I play it too loudly and I can’t go anywhere and communicate where there is a group of people. I would like to try another set of hearing aids of a different brand but I don’t wanna be disappointed again and waste another 5000 dollars.

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Starkey Hearing Aids response

Hi, I am really sorry that someone told you that if you buy Halo devices you would hear like you heard when you were sixteen years old. They did you a disservice if that was the case. I don’t know your hearing loss; however, I’m going to guess that the Halo hearing devices were not your first set of hearing aids. Better hearing is a journey, and it requires a good hearing professional. The majority of professionals I know would have welcome the challenge of getting you to hear better, not perfect. Halo devices are extremely flexible when it comes to programming options. You also have an app that gives you total control over your environment by letting you create customize memories. All of these factors should help improve your hearing, not correct it. Please continue to consult with your Hearing Health Professional. They are your best hope to understanding your hearing loss.

5 people found this review helpful
Rated with 1 star
Verified Reviewer
Original review: Oct. 19, 2019

My hearing aids were issued to me by the VA. They worked for about two weeks on then one of them stopped working completely. Out of frustration, I put them away and did not wear them for the past three or four years. However, I have begun a new job and my hearing is very important. I sent them to the Denver Center for repair as instructed by the VA. They, in turn, sent them back to my area to be repaired. After about two weeks they were returned to me. Again, they worked for a few minutes and one of them stopped working. Now the second one has stopped working. It's as if they are "dead." There is NO indication that there is any hope of them ever working properly. I am preparing again to return them to the Denver VA Center. I'm due for a replacement pair and I hope they will replace them with another brand that actually works. Do NOT waste your money on Starkey products.

Starkey Hearing Aids response

It could be wax. The Professionals at the VA are very accommodating and would be happy to work with you to see what is causing your frustration. Let’s investigate the reasons behind the problem, and not just place them in the draw for another 4-years. By the way. The VA should have provided you with hearing aids at no charge.

6 people found this review helpful
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