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About Lucid Hearing

Lucid Hearing sells prescription and over-the-counter hearing aids starting at $199. Many customers say its technology is easy to use, although that may not be the case for all users. And while it does offer a good number of OTC makes and models, not all customers will find an OTC product for them. Its prescription model is well established in the industry for those with moderate to severe hearing loss.

Pros & Cons


  • Prescription and OTC options
  • HSA/FSA-eligible
  • Easy setup
  • Self-adjustable with Lucid app
  • Available at Sam’s Club


  • May be expensive
  • Not many OTC options

Bottom Line

Lucid offers affordable options for those wanting to purchase hearing aids. It has over 500 hearing centers nationwide, mostly in Sam’s Clubs. Both over-the-counter and prescription hearing aids are available with a free exam.

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The representative from Engage is excellent and very professional. The test was great. So far, so good. I've gone back once and had the aids adjusted, and Sarah really helped me o...

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I went to Engage to ask them what the basic start-out price was for hearing aids and Nicole, the rep, gave me all the information. It was great customer service. I’d give her an A...

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What is Lucid Hearing?

Lucid Hearing is a national hearing aid company that sells both prescription and over-the-counter (OTC) hearing aids. One of its main offerings is its Engage OTC hearing aid, which is sold at Sam's Club. It manufactures products across five areas of hearing health: enhancement, enjoyment, protection, wellness and detection. Some of the brands it operates under include Westone Audio, Etymotic, HearGear, HearMuffs and Saf-T-Ear.

How does Lucid Hearing work?

The main differentiator for Lucid Hearing Aids is its Lucid technology, which uses “adaptive dynamic range optimization.” Lucid’s technology produces sound that is natural and precise while easily adaptable to different environments.

Customers can choose between OTC and prescription hearing aids.

Over-the-counter hearing aids

Since the Food and Drug Administration’s 2022 ruling that lets companies sell hearing aids over the counter, there are many more efficient and accessible ways to gain access to hearing aids. Lucid Hearing sells over-the-counter and prescription devices mainly through Sam's Club but also through other sellers such as Best Buy, CVS and Amazon. Most Sam’s Club locations have full Lucid hearing centers with both OTC and prescription options.

Lucid’s devices are preprogrammed with four proprietary programs that support the majority of individuals with perceived mild to moderate hearing loss. Each program is backed by research and clinical validation from the University of Texas at Dallas.

Prescription hearing aids

Lucid has 500-plus hearing aid centers nationwide (located mainly in Sam’s Clubs) and more than 50 international locations. Customers can get free hearing tests from a licensed specialist, who will make audio adjustments to help create the best hearing experience.

All customers also receive free lifetime adjustments and access to the Lucid Hearing app. This app offers LucidShape, a technology customers can use to refine their listening experience at any time.

Lucid Hearing products

Lucid Hearing offers both over-the-counter and prescription hearing aids.


According to Lucid, it offers the world's most advanced over-the-counter and preprogrammed hearing devices. It sells six styles of OTC hearing aids, ranging from $199 to $999 for a pair at the time of publishing, with a one-year warranty. Some are flexible spending account- and health savings account-eligible.

All of its OTC hearing aids are designed for individuals with mild to moderate hearing loss; prescription hearing aids are a better choice for those with moderate to severe hearing loss.

  • Fio: While only currently available for presale, this is Lucid Hearing’s top-tier option. It has a discreet in-the-ear design built for all-day comfort. Its technology offers high-definition natural sound and clearer sound without distortion. These aids last up to 16 hours per charge and cost $999 for two.
  • Engage Rechargeable: These hearing aids offer high-definition natural sound with a speaker-in-the-ear design for greater clarity. Customers can stream from their Android and iPhone devices as well as control their sound settings through the app. These aids come with a recharging carrying case and cost $799.
  • Engage: These devices are the same as the Engage Rechargeables but without the recharging features. These aids are $599.
  • Enlite: Another option currently just for presale, the Enlite hearing aids offer a sleek, in-ear design with great sound clarity. They include assorted tips for the best fit and two different listening profiles for all-day listening. The Enlite’s replaceable batteries can be used for days at a time. These aids are $299.
  • Enrich Pro BTE: These behind-the-ear aids include eight-channel digital sound processing, an omnidirectional microphone and advanced noise reduction. Other features include volume control, wind noise filters and dynamic feedback cancelers. These aids are $299.
  • Enrich: With Lucid’s most basic design, these hearing aids offer three preprogrammed settings and digital sound processing. They are lightweight (weighing less than one-fourth of an ounce) and are only $199.


For prescription products, Lucid Hearing offers an assortment of traditional options customized to each wearer. A hearing specialist will help you determine which style makes sense for your specific type of hearing loss.

Style options include:

  • Behind-the-ear
  • In-the-canal
  • Invisible-in-the-canal
  • Full-shell
  • Half-shell
  • Open-fit

Other products

Lucid Hearing also sells additional hearing products, including earphones and monitors, earmuffs and earplugs, hearing supplements, and medical devices.

Lucid Hearing prices

Lucid Hearing’s OTC hearing aids range in price from $199 to $999 at the time of publishing online, although some retailers may sell them for different prices, depending on the pricing structure and any discounts being offered. Customers also have the option to finance their devices. The costs for prescription devices vary greatly based on hearing need and style.

You may be able to use insurance or tax-deductible income for payment. Some of Lucid’s OTC makes and models are eligible for HSA and FSA purchase, which can help cover some of the cost. For prescription devices, your insurance may cover some or all of the cost.

Lucid Hearing FAQ

Does Lucid Hearing have a warranty?

Lucid Hearing offers a one-year warranty on its hearing aids. It also offers free returns, although the return period depends on where you purchased them. If you purchased the aids at a hearing center in Sam’s Club, you can return them within 90 days for a refund. If you purchased from somewhere else, Lucid offers a 60-day manufacturer return period.

How long do Lucid hearing aid batteries last?

It depends on the design, but Lucid doesn’t share its average battery life span. You can contact the manufacturer for more information.

What phone is compatible with Lucid hearing aids?

Lucid Hearing devices are compatible with any iPhone 6 or newer iPhone with at least iOS 12 and any Android device with at least Android 10 installed.

Are Lucid Hearing aids good?

While not the most well-known name in the market, Lucid Hearing is starting to gain traction as a good option for those with mild to moderate hearing loss. Its prices are affordable and, with financing and insurance options, most will be able to find some sort of payment plan that works for them. Lucid Hearing has 500-plus hearing aid centers nationwide (located mainly in Sam’s Clubs) and a relatively good return period of up to 90 days, so it’s easier than ever to find a device that works for you.

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Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: June 4, 2023

The rep at Lucid Hearing gave me a hearing test and explained to me the results. Then he talked about how much hearing loss I had and recommended what he thought would suit me. I wanted something that you couldn't see, so he showed me what he had. We tried on some things and I liked what he offered. So, I purchased the hearing aids. When I first got them, you didn't have to stick anything in my ear. As time went on, that ended and they had to put a cap on to trap the sound because my hearing loss increased. Before, I could go days and do things and I wouldn't need hearing aids. But now, I have to wear them pretty much every day. They made it possible for me to comfortably function in all the areas and situations in which I encounter.

This year, I was hearing noise that was associated with sound and Lucid's rep corrected it the best he could. But then it just got worse. I had to purchase some new ones, so I got some upgrade now. They take care of my basic needs though there are still some people's voice I can't hear well. But it's not the hearing aids, it's the person's voice and the voice quality. I can hear it, but I can't distinguish what they're saying. Soft voices are hard for me to clearly hear. For instance, my granddaughter and I have a male friend I can hardly hear. You got to be looking at me in order for me to even try to understand what he's saying. Other than that, I'm pretty satisfied with what I have now and the salesperson that I use tries to cover all the areas of need that I have. It's just that my hearing is getting worse and as it gets worse, it makes it more difficult to get it so that I can hear everything.

Lucid Hearing response

Hello Madora!

Thank you for sharing your experience! Great news that you acted early on treating your hearing loss as it is extremely important to check your hearing levels annually. We have a solution for every lifestyle and are always here to help continue your journey. Please reach out to our Customer Experience Team with any questions!

Thank you!

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    Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
    Original review: May 19, 2023

    I spent a lot of time researching and trying to find help for my tinnitus. I had an experience with one dealer that said that he thought maybe he could help me with that. I went and spent some time, and we experimented with several different breeds of hearing aids. Nothing worked. I let it go for several years before I went and acted again, and that's after I had been to several audiologists and looked for answers. I finally just went to Sam's where they have somebody all the time. dealt with a guy who was very knowledgeable, very patient, and helpful. I gave Lucid Hearing Aids a shot. Since then, the gal that’s there has been very helpful with any kind of detail or repair. I'm pleased with the whole operation.

    I'm on my second set of hearing aids because the dog ate my first one. The second pair is less expensive than the first pair. However, they do the same thing and operate the same way. I get a very satisfactory aid. What I did early on was I took them back and said, “They're a bit loud. And sure, I can turn the volume down, but let's see if we can adjust them to where I don't have to do that. Then I have more flexibility.” The gal was very helpful with every little detail.

    There are times when I don't wear my hearing aids because I don't want to expose them to stuff that might mess them up. When we go to church, I always take my hearing aids or have them in and make sure they're turned on when there's music playing because there's a distinct change in the sound of music for whatever reason in my case. It sounds tinny and out of tune within itself out there. So, if I adjust with my hearing aids, it's perfect and musical like it's supposed to be. Overall, the hearing aids have been a great accommodation. I'm still disappointed that I have tinnitus and can't find any way to get rid of that, but the hearing aids do what they're designed to do and they're flexible. So, I'm good with them.

    Lucid Hearing response

    Hello Lanny!

    Thank you for sharing your experience. We are excited to be here for you on your journey and will continue to be here with you every step of the way!

    Thank you!

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    Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
    Original review: April 19, 2023

    The sales rep from Lucid Hearing was very professional, very friendly, and knowledgeable about her craft. My hearing loss is on the high end range. So after demonstrating the system to me, I decided I didn't want my hearing to get any worse. I got a 64-channel system. it's on there as opposed to the 128 or higher. I chose it because the sound quality for the hearing that I have at this hearing loss that I have at this time is not substantial enough to look at going to more channel systems. It's a decision that I made from the information that was given to me on there. There are some things I like, there are some things I don't, and I understand, unfortunately, that hearing aids are not the end all of everything, so you just have to say, “Okay. You gotta live with this and this is the best you can get. This is what you're gonna get.”

    After having the hearing aids, I was hoping that they would have a further range for, being able to talk on my cell phone away from my cell phone. If I walk four feet away from them, it’s pretty much over on that. That was a kind of a surprise, because I have a lot of Bluetooth units that I've been using over the years for my ears just talking on the phone, and those are better than the hearing aids for talking on the phone. The volume that I would experience through the hearing aids would not be able to get to a point where I could actually hear well, especially in a work environment.

    They're doing the job that they're designed for, but with the limitations of hearing aids, there's just only so many things you can do. You can't expect it to be perfect. It is a good product. The first ones that we had did not work well. They had a glitch that apparently, I was the first one to notice it. It was using this programming and then it would just go on its own and do whatever it wanted to. I was getting feedback in my ears without me doing anything to them. It was more predominant when I had both of the hearing aids in as opposed to using one which I have right now in my ear.

    One thing that these hearing aids have improved is my ability to hear birds from me sitting in the house and them being outside. The best thing is I am able to hear things that were there all the time, but I never appreciated because I really couldn't hear them. Overall, when they're working at their peak and they're doing what they're supposed to be doing, it's almost as if I don't have hearing aids in there. The sound is like it should be. It's not like I'm not wearing an amplifier. These are boosting the sounds that I don't hear without raising the actual sound level.

    Lucid told me the battery life would be about a week on these, and it would depend on how much streaming I do over my units that I have. I tried doing that stream while I'm driving, and it wasn't as good as I wanted it to be. When you have both of your hearing aids in and you're trying to stream anything, it will vacillate between the two hearing aids. Sometimes, one will come in better, and then the other one doesn't, and back and forth, and it'll switch in between them, and that's kind of irritating. I work and drive, and the truck’s noisy. So for that purpose, I need a little bit of amplification to overcome the background noise that I'm in. When I don't have that going on, I like to be able to turn my Bluetooth up, which compared to the hearing aid, it’s a little more difficult to do on the fly.

    Lucid Hearing response

    Hi Alan,

    Thank you for putting your trust in us to help you hear better. We have solutions for all lifestyles and it is amazing you were able to find the fit best for you! We are here to support you every step of the way in your journey and we can always assist with adjustments to your hearing aids to get you back in the conversation. If you ever have any questions please consult with your specialist or even our Customer Experience team.

    Thank you again!

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    Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
    Original review: April 5, 2023

    We really loved the representative of Lucid. She was awesome, really down-to-earth. just matter-of-fact, and did not give a heavy sales pitch. I brought along the rating that this other hearing specialist gave my dad and she looked at it. She compared it to hers and she said it was very different from then told us why. But she never badmouthed the other and it made me trust her that much more. She was really professional and it was refreshing. She explained everything so thoroughly and we liked the product as well. So far, it's working quite well for dad. His favorite feature seems to be that he can go on his phone and adjust the hearing. And if there's a problem with it, the first thing we do is check if there's any wax or anything in it. But then, we also can tell if it's not charged.

    He gets a little confused with that because the box that we put the hearing aids in has to be charged and the box can charge the hearing aids. But to charge the hearing aids, you unplug that. They can't charge at the same time. That's what I took from the information and since I live right behind my parents, I go over there and help night and day. I'm here to navigate that, so it doesn't happen too often. It's only happened a couple of times where he got really confused and by the time he put those hearing aids in, sometimes he didn't have them charged. It seems logical that you'd plug them in at the same time and charge them together, but it's not that way.

    Other than that, we've really been happy with his Lucid hearing aids. If we had the money, I would have gotten him the best pair ever. Unfortunately, we don't have that, but we got the best that we could afford. My dad loves his hearing aids. We paid 1,700 for that and it really isn't that much when you think what a difference it's made in someone's life. It's worth every penny and it's made all the difference. He's more alert and into everything.

    With this particular hearing aids, he can go out and drown out a lot of that noise when he's just trying to concentrate with one person. And he does that a lot with his grandsons and things that come up to try to talk to them. My brother had hearing aids from Costco and dad was showing him all the features his have. My brother paid about the same and he said he didn't get that and the adjustment feature on his phone. He has to adjust his hearing aids on his ear. Dad told him that he went to the wrong place and he's got a little bit of bragging rights. The Lucid hearing aids improved the quality of life for my dad and for me, as a caregiver, that means everything. I also really love the service from Lucid's reps. Sam's Club has done a great job having Lucid there and we're really blessed that we had such a good experience with them. I'm an advocate for Lucid and I'm going to promote them as much as I can.

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    Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
    Original review: Nov. 20, 2022

    I went to Engage to ask them what the basic start out price was for hearing aids and Nicole, the rep, gave me all the information. It was great customer service. I’d give her an A+ of going out of her way. I wanted to postpone and come back at a later date but she said she would go out of her way to stay there late for me to come in because I had weird hours. She showed me the difference between the top-of-the-line to the bottom-of-the-line. She also let me try the different ones out in the store. She takes pride in her work. There have been at least three people that I have told to get their hearing checked if they want hearing aids. I've had a few hearing tests done but I've never had one like that. It seemed to me like the hearing test with Engage went a little more in depth of what I was having problems with, instead of just beeps, with the voices, different words. It was completely different.

    I've only had the hearing aids in my ears for about 48 hours. I'm still learning the tweaks and the things but I like the idea of being on my phone. Because the first day I wore them back to work, I went into the office and there was a bunch of guys talking in there, and it was extremely loud. I just pulled my phone out, turned the volume down a little bit and went on my way. Since using the hearing aids, there is a difference in the stuff that I heard. I never heard it clearly, crisp and as I did before. I'm very satisfied with everything so far.

    Lucid Hearing response

    Hi Blaine!! We're so happy to hear that you found our test comprehensive and superior to others you've had in the past and are hearing things you haven't been before. If you need any help I'm sure Nicole would be more than happy to assist, or you're welcome to give us a call to speak with a specialist! thank you

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    Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
    Original review: June 4, 2023

    My experience with Lucid wasn't very good. I documented what problems I was having and the rep tried to address them individually. When they couldn't resolve the issue, he suggested a different manufacturer. I was told the original model had some technical difficulties in using and supporting the Bluetooth so they stepped down the model. At the same time, I tried another brand and this other brand was just superior. We purchased the Lucid hearing aids from Sam's Club and ended up with a refund.

    Lucid Hearing response

    Hello James!

    Thank you for your honest feedback. We are always here for you and please reach out with any future questions about the upgrades we have made!

    Thank you!

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    Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
    Original review: June 4, 2023

    I liked the price of Lucid Hearing aids. I got the cheapest model and I do very well with them. My wife likes the hearing aids more than I do because we can communicate a little better now. I've become more social and I'm not afraid to jump into a conversation with people now because I will hear exactly what they're saying and not get confused in the middle of the conversation. When I go for a check-up, the rep also checks the hearing aid and asks me how I'm doing. I was very pleased with Lucid Hearing.

    Lucid Hearing response

    Hello John!

    Thank you for sharing how these hearing aids have impacted your life! It is wonderful to see and hear the improvement right away. If you ever have any questions our Customer Experience Team is here to help answer any questions.

    Thank you!

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    Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
    Original review: June 4, 2023

    I've upgraded and I've lost one hearing aid twice now. So I'm operating now with one. The last time I was at Lucid, the rep told me that my left ear was really full of wax and that I needed to go to a doctor. She was very nice. I have an appointment this month to go to a doctor. So I haven't been over to get another hearing aid until after I had to go see the doctor. The hearing aids get a little expensive. But they're very comfortable. I've been very satisfied with them.

    Lucid Hearing response

    Hello Patricia!

    Thank you for sharing your experience! We are glad you have found the comfort you are looking for. If you ever have any questions please reach out to our Customer Experience Team directly.

    Thank you!

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    Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
    Original review: June 4, 2023

    Lucid was significantly less expensive than the one my husband used before. We are working with Sarah and she's wonderful. She's very attentive. She'll call us and ask, “How's everything going?” She'll double-check. We didn't expect that. So the service is outstanding. Unfortunately, we just have these little issues. My husband is getting a lot of pinging whenever he's near something. That's what's bothering him on those hearing aids. It’s a little ringing. People can hear it when they're near him. We've gone in and had it adjusted, but it still bothers them for him. But I like that it's small and you can't see it very much.

    Lucid Hearing response

    Hello Barb!

    Thank you for your honest feedback. We are with you and your husband every step of the way. We understand it is an adjustment in the beginning and we thank you for trusting us to help him hear better.

    Thank you!

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    Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
    Original review: June 4, 2023

    I've been with Lucid for at least 10 years now. I had to send at one point one of the ear molds back because it didn't seem to fit right. The replacement seems to be fine. The Bluetooth feature was new to me but I'm getting used to it.

    Lucid Hearing response

    Hello Layne!

    Thank you for your continued trust! If you ever have questions about your features please feel free to speak with your specialist in person or with our Customer Experience Team by phone! We are here every step of the way.

    Thank you!

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