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Reviewed Dec. 12, 2020

I received a paper saying that I am pre-approved for $1165.00. exclusive for me. I agreed to increase of my payment. The finance manager states she need to verify my phone address etc. She hand me a application for credit check. If it pre-approved why do you need to do another credit check. Just opened this new account. Paid out previous account. This is a hit on my credit score. She should said, "I'm doing a credit check." Not "I'm verifying your phone number and address."

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Reviewed Nov. 29, 2020

I think it’s awful that in the middle of a pandemic when people are afraid to get out because of their health they would start charging to make online payments. When I’m done paying I will never purchase anything from that store again.

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Reviewed Sept. 28, 2020

This company changed the way you can make payments online, and did not send notices to anyone that is on a NO interest % for a term of contract if paid on time. I tried to make a payment on their new site, and now it does not allow no interest customers to pay online. No way around it. You can make it by phone with a rep, but it will cost 4 dollars extra. Or you can mail it in or pay at the store you bought it. Let's talk about inconveniencing the customer shall we! I will never buy from this company again. The store itself where the furniture was sold at is just fine. It is the company that processes the customers' payments. They do not stand behind us. If they are not making more money per interest fees, you are not important.

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Reviewed July 7, 2020

My husband was approved credit. We went Saturday to purchase a refrigerator. He signed the paperwork. Paid the down payment. They said it would be delivered Monday. Well Monday they called said they priced it wrong. Then canceled our agreement. Ripped up our contract and issued a refund. I will never do business with these frauds again. I wish there was zero stars.

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Reviewed July 4, 2020

I've been a customer for about 1yr. The Martin Tennessee store has the BEST EMPLOYEES and I love that store. Thank ya'll for the superior service at making me feel like family. Will always be my store.

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Reviewed June 30, 2020

I purchased a king-size mattress from Farmers Furniture in Rockingham NC. Before I made my purchase I asked for a mattress cover because I have a toddler. The staff told me they didn't have mattress covers but I could purchase the warranty that included all water damage and stains. My son spilled something on my mattress which I anticipated so I purchased the warranty. I contacted the store and they gave me a spray cleaner which didn't work. They told me a manager would contact me which no manager ever did.

I randomly received a phone call from Stanley Steemer to schedule a cleaning appointment. J don't do business with Stanley Steemer because two of their employees stole money out of my home during a cleaning years prior. I contacted the store asking them could they send another cleaning company in which they refused. I was mislead about the warranty thinking they would replace my mattress if damaged and never got it cleaned because they refused to use another company. I will never do business with them again.

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Reviewed June 12, 2020

Purchased a new mattress set 3 weeks ago & it still smells. I have had fans running & windows open but when I walk in my room it smells. I have to sleep in the middle of the bed so the spring does not hit my hip. When my boyfriend is in bed, we have to roll over slowly so the other person does not fall out of the bed. I have called the dm because I have been told I can only exchange and not get a refund. So, I purchased a new mattress set that is a piece of junk and you don't stand behind the products you sell?? I will update this when the dm contacts me.

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Reviewed Dec. 27, 2019

We bought 2 couches from them and a mattress all in the same day. Within 2 months one couch broke (back brace broke and bottom that hold Springs). They sent a repairman to fix it. It was repaired. Same couch broke 2 months later same spot. Repairman came out saying it’s cheap wood they were built with. He replaced with a piece of poplar wood. 1 month later the 2nd couch broke same place different side.

Christmas break, repairman is on vacation (understood). The manager suggested we must be jumping on the couch or flopping vs sitting on the couch. This is unprofessional and not the way we treat our furniture. Your own repairman says it’s made cheaply. Go elsewhere if you want furniture that will last.. Farmers in Barnesville Ga. Based off of the 30+ reviews JUST here of crap furniture, I’ll give corporate 24 hours to call me before I move further. Mine is paid for. No issues with financing or payments.. Just want what size paid for.


Farmers in Barnesville and Forsyth Ga

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Reviewed Oct. 10, 2019

Bought a lawnmower. Got behind on a couple payments. They call and harass both me and my husband several times a day on both our cells. This is AFTER I have already made arrangements. When I did call to make a payment, I clearly stated I was only authorizing 1 payment and would be calling soon to set up the next arrangement. They took 2 payments instead of only 1. We were making every attempt to quickly get our account back in good standing, was taking the steps to so so and now, while taking an unauthorized money from our strict budget, they have only made the situation worse and set us back even more. We will never do business with them in the future and would never RECOMMEND them to anyone!

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Reviewed Aug. 8, 2019

I bought a queen bedroom group from Farmers. First the thread came undone in my mattress. They told me if the mattress had a stain they couldn't repair it, that was fine. I bought the things to fix it. Now the wood is splitting on my bed. They are said they they were gonna fix it, they had me send all type of pictures in only for them to tell me no they are gonna fix it. DO THEY ACTUALLY THINK I'M GOING TO CONTINUE PAYING FOR SOMETHING THAT'S BROKEN????

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Reviewed Aug. 4, 2019

I purchased the Groovy Sectional Living Room set. It looks great in the store; but it has been the worst furniture purchase ever!. It began when the metal latch that attaches the lounge piece to the sofa broke. My husband is not able to attach the lounge to the sofa. Next, I noticed that the legS on the ottoman all slanted inward. We began calling the store and complaining about the furniture. Farmers said they would fix the ottoman. In the meantime, a few weeks passed and one corner of the ottoman has sunken to the floor because the leg is almost parallel to the floor. We discovered that the frame is not metal or solid wood. It's particle board so the big chunky legs are screwed into a frame which can't support the piece.

Months later, the store replaced the ottoman. The legs still slant inward. We don't use the furniture often; but after about a year and a half of complaining and my husband going back and forth with the store manager. I come home one day and the sofa cushion next to the the right arm is sunken in. We take a closer look and the sofa bottom has basically fallen apart. To our horror, the sofa bottom and frame are made of particle board!!! Little nails are sticking out and exposed; the particle board is exposed! My husband refuses to make any more payments on the furniture.

The store manager won't allow us to select a different set. He only says that he will replace ours with a new set in the same style. What good is that going to do when the furniture is made of particle board and not safe or fit to be used? By the way the swivel side chair does not swivel if you are sitting in it! The store is also sending negative reports to the credit bureau because my husband is refusing to make payments on the furniture that is falling apart and poorly constructed. DO NOT BUY FURNITURE FROM THIS COMPANY. MY WORST EXPERIENCE AS A CONSUMER, EVER!

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Reviewed June 11, 2019

Best advice I can give this is "Shop somewhere else". First of all they care nothing about their customers! I had my recliner only a few ((hours)) not days, not weeks, hours and I called with issues and they basically told me "oh well it's used now so it's your problem not ours." All they care about is the money! Their products are over priced garbage. DON'T BUY FROM THEM!!

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Reviewed June 3, 2019

I just purchased a couch and recliner from Farmers Furniture in Dillon, SC.The staff was very helpful and friendly and Keith went above and beyond to help. I will receive my furniture Thursday and I'm sure I will be very happy with it. If the quality of their furniture is as good as their service I know I will be very happy. I chose that store. I highly recommend those guys. Keith is just a wonderful salesman. The kind you rarely find these days. He is to be commended.

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Reviewed March 19, 2019

I bought a couch from Farmers. Staff was very friendly. Only had the couch less than 90 days now. It came off the showroom floor. Now it's sinking in and pillows won't fluff back up. I've been by 3 times says someone will be out to look at it. The tech called. Going to be 2 weeks from now. Nothing to sit on for 2 weeks. Just wanting them to trade it in. Cannot get a start answer. Quick to get you to sign a loan but customer service sucks so far.

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Reviewed Feb. 17, 2019

Been 2 years ago, my sister and myself went to the Farmers Furniture here in Perry Georgia. While during our visit, manager and customer service was very friendly and helpful. My sister purchased a beautiful leather wrap around sectional sofa, since the day of the purchase, every payment has been made right on time for 2 years straight. After the first year, sofa started falling apart, the seats in the sofa are wearing completely out, now one of the recliners, on the end of the sofa, will not recline what so ever. The manager sent Farmers Furniture serviceman out, to pick it up, and send off for repairs. Sectional came back within 2 weeks started falling apart again.

3 weeks ago, we went back to report the problem. Still waiting to hear when they will pick this up and fix this problem, and fix it right. Also she purchased table with 4 stool chairs. Needless to say 2 of the stools are completely falling apart. Hopefully this matter will be resolved shortly. If not maybe we need to load this up and deliver this back to Farmers Furniture. There is no sense of paying for something in this poor of quality. It's really embarrassing, when friends and family visit, and someone almost falls off the sofa, or to even try to sit at the table, in one of your stools that are falling apart. Hopefully this matter will be taken care of. It's really sad that payments have to still be made on this poor quality furniture.

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Reviewed Nov. 9, 2018

Stay away!! The worst customer service ever! They encourage you to purchase on credit for a better price, but don't tell you they have outdated business practices, such in-store or phone payments only. Solely to collect late fees and beat you with high interest rates. I was waiting for a bill and got a $25 late fee. No, online or mail bill payments. The store manager is rude and extremely unprofessional. The delivery was more than 5 hours late... They are scammers and hustlers that don't honor their word or your business. I will quickly pay them and never return!

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Reviewed Nov. 2, 2018

I finance a mattress set, TV, and sound bar that was suppose to be 12 months Interest Free back in November of 2017. My intentions were to pay off the loan at tax time as I usually get a good amount back. I financed approximately 1500.00 of stuff, paid payments until Feb. 2018 when I called for payoff thinking it would be somewhere around $1000.00 and was told it was $2800.00 by many employees there even the Finance person. When I pointed out that the total cost of my furniture was half that so how could that be interest free. They still refused to budge.

At this time I did get upset and was hung up on. So finally after not paying for nearly two months on the loan a new employee called me to collect and I explained the situation to her, she was very polite and promised to look into it and call me back. Which she did, and she apologized profusely b/c of the past relations as when she called me back I was right. I was told I owed $847.67. This was in July 2018, I then agreed I would pay 212.00 a month until November so the account could be paid off and wrote this amount down on a piece paper and have kept it till this day.

Fast forward to this week, 2 days ago I called to see when the exact pay off date was due to the fact it was October 31st and I was waiting for a new debit card in the mail. I was told pay off was 287.00 and due by November 11 in order to stay within the 12 month interest free period, sounded right so I thought everything was fine. I called today 2 days later and I was first told $1200.00 for payoff and then now being told $600.00 to payoff. I am completely outraged that this company could get away such indiscretions and can't employee better managers and people to handle their system. NEVER NEVER AGAIN! I am so outraged by this that I would like to file a lawsuit for the anxiety and worry it has caused me!

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Reviewed Sept. 22, 2018

I’ll start by saying the lady at the store was nice. That’s where it ends. My husband and I bought our first house and wanted a nice bedroom set instead of our hand-me-down falling apart stuff. We bought a bed (which I do love!), and a frame & headboard for it, along with a dresser, 2 nightstands, and an armoire. When the moving guys dropped it off, they broke one of the nightstands and said a new one would be brought to us. Well, as we’d just moved in and we’re still unpacking and painting and such, it was a few weeks before we remembered to call about it. Not sure of the exact dates but it took about a month to get the nightstand.

Shoot ahead a few more weeks and I’ve decided to jump on the shiplap band-wagon and shiplap the wall behind our bed and paint our other 3 walls. In the process of moving the furniture, we found that there’s a fist sized hole in the back of the dresser, a slightly smaller sized hole in the headboard (it’s one of those headboards where the front has a cubby you can put books in or such), the frame is clearly either poorly measured or for a California king size bed (we have a king) so that there’s a solid 6-8 inches between bed and edge of frame, and, the fake top marble of the nightstand came completely off and I had to glue it back on. Not impressed that we paid almost $4,000 for furniture that broken. Never again. Lesson learned.

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Reviewed Aug. 21, 2018

My husband and I purchased a couch and loveseat about 5 months ago. We paid really good money for our furniture. Long story short it is no good falling apart and we have requested a new set or trade out for something else. Every time I call I get the runaround... it's been submitted so forth and so forth. I WANT IT REPLACED... all I get is, “We are working on it.” I really hate this because my little sales girl is extremely knowledgeable and so so sweet... I'm going to load it up and set it on their front door. Do not buy from them.

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Reviewed Aug. 21, 2018

A lot times people are more apt to file a complaint opposed to a compliment. Thankful for the new store manager Todd ** and the new staff at the Sanford NC Farmers Home Furniture location. Always greeting customers with a smile. Very knowledgeable about their product. Showroom looks more organized. Very professional warehouse delivery team that is careful when they delivered my furniture. Honest and trustworthy. I'm looking forward to my next purchase from the Sanford, NC Farmers Furniture.

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Reviewed Aug. 16, 2018

Start doing business with Farmers Home Furniture 2017. After reading reviews I knew it was not me. I am in Prattville, AL when I first started business with them. They had a store manager who was very pleasant and helpful. In January she left but gave me a courtesy call which was very nice. By this time (3 months later) I had paid that bill off and now purchased a living room set. Before she left I paid mostly all of it and purchased a bedroom set. When she left and the replacement staff came in I got my first taste of rude service.

Once I called and was told everyone was with new employees, meaning there was no time for me. Then he hung the phone up in my face. I know how you guys feel about the calls. Even after I told them I was not working at the time had asked for insurance on purchase but somehow that was messed up. I pray my furniture don’t fall apart. So in August I decided to pay them off in full. I was told one price over phone and when I went in it was more than I was told. The service I got was rude and ** you and we don’t care and can’t fix it if there is a problem. I told my daughter to just pay it. If I should ever need anything else I will ensure me or my family do not business with them. I spent close to 6000 or more with them from September 2017 to February 2018 but I will never spend a dime with them again. Worst service ever. Don’t waste your time calling DM.

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Reviewed Aug. 6, 2018

My wife and I purchased a home in 2017. After moving in we found we needed a fridge so I filled out an online credit application for Farmers Home Furniture. I was called within the hour and told that I was approved for a certain amount. We went to the store and picked out our fridge and a few other items. We were telling the finance officer we would be paying off the items within a month. She advised that we should not close out the account, because if we did, and needed something else then we would have to fill out another credit application. So we decided to keep it open, Fast Forward to about a year later.

We wanted to purchase new patio furniture. We go to pick out what we liked, and we are told they have to do another hard credit pull because we haven't purchased anything within the past 6 months. This totally contradicted what we were told when we opened the account. Apparently on time payments does not matter to Farmers. I'm pretty sure I was told to keep the account going just so they could continue to collect finance charges. Once these items are paid off, we will never use Farmers Home Furniture again.

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Reviewed July 19, 2018

I bought an entire set of LEATHER furniture... It's peeling, leather does not peel. I was sold vinyl and told it was leather and paid leather prices... Boo. I'm about to contact BBB because I followed all channels and complaint has gotten no response. Bad business and feel like I got robbed.

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Reviewed July 10, 2018

I've been with the Farmers Furniture brand for a very long time. However today was the first time I've seen such lack of respect and poor customer service towards a paying customer, especially coming from the store manager (Sylvania, Ga). The floor sales ladies/men have always been wonderful and this review in no way shape or form reflects them in any way. Today I was verbally disrespected over the phone and in person by the store manager Sandy. My husband (account holder) & I had some issues with the account due to the fault of the store and wanted to find out where the disconnect was and if it was something either one of us can do. After speaking with the manager, my husband told me to call to make sure everything was set up correctly because he was still at work when he first talked to the manager.

Of course I called as I have in the past but this time I was met with a very unapologetic and uncaring attitude after explaining my concerns. Even when I asked respectfully why the rudeness I was still met with a nasty attitude. My husband & I went to the store to talk to the manager in person and the appalling behavior from the manager continued. Her tone and approach was awful! Even when I told her she had a bad attitude and she shouldn't talk to customers in such a manner she graciously thanked me. She proceeded to explain to me in a condescending way that "everyone makes mistakes and when I become perfect then I can talk to her". What is a paying customer to do when you have an account issue and you can't even go to the manager of the store??? I will never do business with this store again and I advise anyone else not to as well.

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Brianne increased rating by 3 stars.
After a positive interaction with Farmers Furniture, Brianne increased their star rating on July 2, 2018.

Updated review: July 2, 2018

The district manager has gone above and beyond to make this right. I now have a perfect piece for furniture in my room. I will do business with them again.

Original Review: June 27, 2018

Bought one of the most expensive Italian Leather Sets (Leather Couch and Loveseat) they carry. No issues with purchase or delivery date. We have a narrow door opening, and made sure to speak to the delivery manager while we were there regarding plans of how to get it in the house. He said he would take the set completely apart, and it wouldn't be an issue. Set was delivered and they did take the loveseat partially apart, damaging it getting it in the door. Then the couch they decided to not dismantle (for some reason). When it wouldn't fit, they took it down on the concrete, and spun it on the ground with nothing under it, damaging that piece as well. I found seven total defects between the two pieces. I called the store and got an email address because I wanted everything documented. Sent the pictures and a new set was ordered to arrive the following week (which would be almost two weeks after the initial sale.)

The day my furniture was to be delivered, the manager called me to say that the couch was damaged upon receipt. I was understanding as she said they would go the warehouse to get another, and that both pieces would be delivered 4-5 days later. Fine, just get this right. Delivery day came and the pieces that they delivered were worse than the original damaged pieces. The delivery driver let it slip that they attempted to repair the couch that was delivered damaged the days prior. At this point I was livid that my husband had taken another day off of work to accept delivery of expensive, less than perfect furniture.

I called the store, and she says that they have another set on order. I wanted to know why they would even have bothered to deliver a less than perfect set to me. The manager says, "our leather medic is the best in the business". Even if that were the case, which it wasn't, I still would not have accepted that piece. Then, as I was very upset, I sent a somewhat scathing email to the store manager. She then called me immediately, her exact words. "what do you hope to accomplish by being ugly", and "if you think that name calling is going to get you anywhere then you are mistaken".

I then proceeded to tell her that all I want is for her to have not lied to me, or attempted to defraud me not give me lame excuses. I just want a pristine brand new furniture set that I had purchased. I told her to cancel the sale and get the piece of furniture ASAP. I then sent an email asking for confirmation and paperwork showing that the credit account and sale had been cancelled. As of 6 hours later, I have yet to have received anything. I will never do business with this company again.

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Reviewed June 13, 2018

I hate it. My sofa is broken, and yeah the warranty ran out. And I still owe 2000 for it and a tv. I regret this decision with a passion in life. It's clearly unfair that you are stuck paying on something you don't want and most definitely broken... I hate it. I hate it. I'm so depress paying on it. But don't want the embarrassment of them garnishing my wages. It so unfair... I hate it.

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Reviewed June 11, 2018

We contacted local Farmers Furniture. They gave us mfg. number. After contacting that number they informed us we did not have their product. We then called the mfg. from paperwork that came with machine. The mfg. ask that we fax a copy of contract of purchase, it was discovered Farmers Furniture put the wrong information of the washer we purchased. I then spoke with store manager Andre who promised to have the washer repaired by a local repairman. About a month has passed with no word from repairman or store manager. I stopped in to check on an update about the repair, the store manager stated he that he had forgotten about it. After I informed him I would be sending a notice he offered to replace the washer with a new one.

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Reviewed June 8, 2018

I purchased a Serta Timeless living room set. The fabric on the couch stretched so much after having it only two weeks and the legs are crooked. The store refuses to replace the couch or even the seat.

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Reviewed May 23, 2018

My husband and I bought a bed from Farmers Furniture back in February 2018, the bed was ordered with a lift which they didn't deliver with the bed. The bed mattress was left on the floor until the lift come in as they promise in two weeks. My husband and I are 65 years old and getting up and down off the floor for two weeks played out. We were constantly contacting them about the lift and when it will come in for about another month, so they brought a lift that is for two single beds and join them together to the king size bed to get it off the floor until our lift comes in, which today. It is May 23, 2018 and still have not received it. Worst furniture store in the world, don't go there, pleaseee!!!

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Reviewed May 8, 2018

I bought the lawnmower in 2016, it is paid off. I bought the warranty with it that covers motor and transmission. On April 13th it would not crank, I brought it up there. They said I'm good. They will fix it. When I call the manager he was rude, called me and my husband liars. The employees gave me corporate number to call, he was no help. It took them 3 weeks to fix it, they dropped it off yesterday May 6th. It crank one time and hasn't crank again. The manager tried to get my husband to sign a paper saying it was dropped off but yet before they wouldn't talk to him because he wasn't the account holder.

Now they are trying to say that my lawnmower isn't covered. I have had to buy and buy and buy things for that mower because it keeps breaking. When I brought it in the deck was broke and the manager complained about it. I know that's not covered. I was trying fix it but it wouldn't crunk to get it off my trailer. The manager said not to bring it back up there, I am and I will today.

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