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Union Bank of California

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Last updated: Nov. 20, 2017

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Nov. 20, 2017

Union Bank bought my home loan 4 months ago. It has been nothing but a nightmare dealing with this institution. Setting up auto pay should be pretty basic. After numerous conversations about their error with inputting my routing number correctly, I keep getting late payment notices from the debt collector. Each month I give them my routing and account number to fix the error. So far, it has been 4 months of exactly the same conversation as the month before. Very frustrating.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Nov. 10, 2017

I informed a banker in the San Diego branch on B St. in San Diego about a death of an account holder. I was informed that I would have to wait 45 days, and after such time I would need to produce a death certificate. Long story short after a 60 day wait period I reached out to the bank to follow up and was informed by another banker that the funds would not be released. When I inquired why, I was told, "That's the response our legal team gave us." When I asked if I could speak with someone in that department the ambivalence was apparent. I was informed that an advocacy team member would be reaching out, and somebody from the president office would be calling... Well I'm still waiting.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Oct. 17, 2017

Working with Union Bank on a Jumbo Loan Home purchase, it's been nothing but a mess from the beginning, let's see if we even get to the end - loan has yet to close. We are past the agreed closing date, they haven't even being mindful of our closing date/timeframe and keep having odd conditions that comes up last minute that should of been address earlier on. It's been nothing but frustration and a roller coaster. The way they are conducting their business they should consider getting out of lending practice. Slow response and turn around times has been their model there, so if you want a smooth and painless loan process stay far away from Union Bank!

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Oct. 5, 2017

On 10-3-17 at 7:16 a.m., I made a $450.00 cash deposit to my primary checking account at my Camarillo branch ATM. After going through the process, slipping the cash into the machine so it can count, verify and complete the deposit, the machine stalled out and never completed the deposit. Instead it gave me a receipt stating that a hardware failure occurred and then the ATM reflected that it could no longer process transactions. Great I thought, my cash is in there and I am receiving no credit for the deposit.

I immediately called Union Bank via the number on the receipt and a woman explained to me to wait until today's transactions process for it will likely clear itself up. I asked at what time does that take place and she informed me at midnight. I said I am not waiting until midnight to find out if you are going to credit my account or not. She then stated to call my branch when they open at 9:00 a.m. which I did. To my surprise, the branch representative stated that there is nothing they can do and I would have to call (the same number as before) and file a claim which I did. The UB rep who took my information made sure I understood that it could take up to 10 days for this to be resolved. I explained to her I had a car payment due to process that same day and I placed the cash in to ensure it was covered.

Now I am no rocket scientist, however it appears to me logically that if the ATM machine is down, they would find my cash still sitting there and after reconciling they would also find that it has an extra $450.00 that is not accounted for. Come on UB, get your act together, promptly take care of your customers for this is not a difficult exercise to clear up! Simply math, accounting and common sense will tell you that your machine took my money, did not credit my account, and that should be that. I spoke with a UB rep today and they stated they were still researching. Researching what?? Going to move my account to CBC Federal Credit Union. Bye bye Union Bank. Feel bad for the person who has this happen to them next.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Aug. 24, 2017

My mother passed away (2015) and she had a safe deposit box at Vista Way, Oceanside Branch. I was awarded by the Utah courts to be the administrator of her estate. My attorney couldn't get a response from Union Bank regarding the procedures needed to empty the box and close that service. I called and spoke with a representative at that branch. I gave her my mother's information pertaining to the box and that I have the key. I also explained my dilemma (living out of state), and that my attorney couldn't get a response from their office. I asked what did I need to do, to get the contents and close out that service. She stated I would have to email her the court documents, death certificate, and safe deposit box number any other pertinent information. I told her my attorney will send the court documents.

Ten minutes later, I received a call from her, stating she spoke to her manager and I would have to contact the legal department in order to get access and close out. I call the number she gave me and spoke to the legal representative. I was told promptly, the information I was given was wrong. She told me to call the branch back and state this was not legal matter, since I had court documents. I did. I called back and spoke to the manager, she stated the legal department was wrong. I told her, I could give her the number and she could call them. She declined saying, "Well, I would probably get a different answer." I asked her what was needed, since I live out of state. She said I would have to come in (physically) with the court documents, ID, box number and We can go from there. I asked what I thought was an reasonable question,is the box still there?"

Before I spent $$$ on a plane ticket, I wanted to know if I physically came in will the box and its contents be there, since 2 years have passed. She stated "I can't tell you that over the phone, because I don't know who you are..." Okay, I asked "What if you receive the court documents via email?" as previous requested by her associate. She stated the answer was still NO, because how was she to know the documents were real? I asked, "Well if I endure the law Spenser's of flying down, getting a hotel, car, etc... I would like to know once there, am told the box was closed and the contents were sent to the state." Still she said NO. I then asked for the policy on safe deposit box. She stated, "I can't guarantee if we followed this", but if the box has been inactive for three years, the box would be drilled the contents sent to the state. Huuummmm?

Please do not do business with this bank. Lack of training, at the management level is appalling. There is NO Customer service, there is no proactive approach exhibited by this branch manager. Just a TOO bad for you attitude. Not even a "Sorry to hear of your mother, our customer's passing"... I am so glad My mother had the mind to move her IRA, savings and checking to another bank before she passed. Too bad she forgot about the box. Don't do business at UNION BANK, Vista Way, Calf.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Aug. 13, 2017

Overall this is a great bank to deal with online and in person. I have been with the other "big" ones and Union Bank is willing to treat you as a person not a number and will help you find a solution to a problem, even if they didn't cause it. I am now older and having more problems with electronic banking than I used to and they are helping me find other solutions rather than being critical of me.

Original review: Aug. 2, 2017

Ever since the transfer business from Synchrony's credit cards to Union Bank of California's credit cards and other name changing related issues, there are so many problems even their bank tellers admitted. Here is what happened with me for the last 4 months, I used their automated phone payment every month on time and for example if the machine said to pay the minimum amount due of $35 press 1, to make other amount press 2, and if I chose 1, everything seems done smoothly and it gave me a confirmation number.

Until next month you will find out they issued a late fee for paying under minimum requirement and double the minimum payment this time. I called them to see what has happened with all my 3 credit cards just like that. They explained the minimum payment was $35.20 and the machine won't say 20 cents, so I supposed to know and pay $36 or more to prevent penalty! I'm thinking if I and other people didn't notice and didn't call them to "beg" them to correct it, they will keep charging like that. Especially when we trust them with their online statement without checking or thought that was our mistake for a late payment.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: July 13, 2017

Burying your money in your backyard is a better option than Union Bank. Do not sign up to this bank! Seriously, they are the absolute worst bank. A few months ago someone in Indonesia stole money out of my account and after going back and forth with them and explaining how I couldn't possibly have taken a flight to Indonesia and returned in one day, they finally saw the error of their thinking.

Anyway, fast forward to today when they force closed my account and are asking me to pop into a branch (when I'm currently living abroad by the way) to get my money. For some odd reason, they decided that, even though I've been banking with them for roughly 6 years and my pay goes to them every month, I'm now doing something fraudulent with my pennies (and I mean pennies) because I didn't let them know that I was going to Gibraltar and Spain for 3 days. Seriously, just stay away from them. They should go out of business. Join the resistance.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: June 13, 2017

On June 12, 2017 I went to the Drive-Up ATM to deposit a check, the ATM ate my card! I had to sit there from 7 am to 9 am to make sure nobody used the ATM because who knows what would have happened to their card or mine. At 9 am I talked to the man unlocking the doors, he could have been the manager. I explained what happened, he couldn't have cared less! He never even said "sorry about that". His ONLY concern was where I parked, and to not block the broken ATM from the 0 customers trying to use it. He found my card and gave it back, and with a smirk on his silly face said, "You're Welcome"... And I hadn't said a word. You don't usually come in contact with a silly doofus of a manager of a bank, this moron has no business dealing with the public. As a long time customer, disabled senior citizen, and a veteran, I was taunted and treated with disrespect by this fool and don't appreciate it one bit!

Verified Reviewer
Original review: June 8, 2017

Let me just start out by saying I am the type that would never open an account with ConsumerAffairs unless I thought it were vitally important. I was a customer for over a decade and this bank and this is what I have to say. Words have a hard time describing my experiences with this bank but I will try my best. STAY AWAY FROM THIS BANK. STAY AWAY AT ALL COSTS! NO! JUST NO! NO! SAY "NO" TO Union BANK!

They are using banking practices from the 60's and never evolved into the modern era. Their ATMs suck in cards for no reason and malfunction. They have insane fees and absolutely no service to justify them. They have no 24/hr support. Did I mention their monthly services fees are even higher than close relatives like CitiBank? Yes all banks suck but this bank is the absolute worst. This bank is an lesson in screwing people over. Come here if you want to learn how to treat your customers like the scum of the earth.

Specific examples to back up what I am saying. I put on a travel notice online and over the phone. I went overseas and was completely cut off anyways. They did not email notify me, only over the telephone and of course you don't have reception in Japan. I had to use several very difficult and time consuming Western Union transactions when I was over there. It was incredibly scary and nerve wracking. Words cannot describe how it feels to be in a country completely cut off from all assistance. I suppose it's something similar to how US diplomats felt in Benghazi.

This scumbag bank. This is where I learned about the complete LACK OF SUPPORT!!! They do not operate on a 24 hr time zone. They operate in Neanderthal time. Or something like that. Coming back from this I visited the main headquarters in Los Angeles (The main grand cheese of them all). All they offered in compensation (Of course they gave me a hard time about getting it in the first place.) was a mere couple hundred dollars to cover Western Union fees after hundreds of hours of suffering and a very nerve wracking experience that still gives me nightmares to do this day. They owe me a couple thousand more than likely still.

They will overdraft you on accident and then they will count it against you when you try to get a credit card from them or try and cash a mobile check. Even if it was their fault, they will count it against you. Did I mention it's almost impossible to get the credit card? Bank tenure doesn't count and you need perfect credit.

They do not have instant verification for PayPal and Venmo like Citibank does. If you want to set up a bank account it will take a week initially. Maybe longer. It's like back to future. Welcome to the 80's. Might as well toss out your smartphone and use payphones if you want to use this bank.

Their support team is bunch of ** people from various parts of the USA. At least that's better than speaking to an Indian person who barely speaks English but these people tend to be very **. Even the ** people sound like they are trailer trash. I suppose that's the kind of people Union Bank likes to hire. I feel like I am at an Unemployment office. Super unprofessional.

TLDR; Because.... I know you probably won't read any of my horror stories and if the fee schedule and waiving requirements meet your needs you will just go with them anyways. ** Consumer Affairs right? All I can say is that I wish I had looked at the ratings on Consumer Affairs before I opened an account with this ** bank. Sadly it wasn't around back then...

1) Treat every single support agent like a criminal. Because they are or were. Record all conversations, get names, and ID numbers. They will try and tell you they don't have ID #s. Remember everything is a lie to not do more work. THEY ARE EXTREMELY LAZY. You need to make sure you act like a micro manager. With this bank you volunteer your services. You have no choice. 2) Do not rely on this bank to travel. 3) Get a credit union. All banks suck. I'm with Citibank for now and it's better. But know one thing. This bank is worse than ever other single one in the continental United States. WORST. BANK. EVER. PERIOD! BYE UNION BANK FOREVER!!! YOU STOLE TEN YEARS OF MY LIFE!

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Original review: May 1, 2017

I have been a customer of Union Bank for about 6 years now. Their customer service is the worst I have ever experienced! Save yourself some time and do not attempt to call their customer service number for checking accounts or online banking, but if you happen to call be prepared to be placed on hold or mute without notice, also be ready for wasting your time because they can never help you with anything! You usually have to drive to a branch to get your problems solved, and my nearest branch is about 30 minutes away. I stopped using my checking account many years ago because of how inconvenient their online services are.

Their app is usually down and does not seem to be given maintenance at all. We have our mortgage through them and that's the only reason we still have the account, but I would not recommend this bank if you are planning on using them for checking or savings accounts. Union Bank is a huge disappointment when it comes to customer service.

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Original review: April 6, 2017

My experience with the Union Bank is very, very, very dissatisfied because first of all they are scam and second is they are identity theft because they had closed my account without letting me know and putting this in my credit so that way I do not open another bank account with any other bank. That is so stupid. So I am telling you to take this off from my name because I do not want to be responsible for nothing. I did not do and it was the banker fault and the Union Bank so I have zero tolerance with them as well because this is the real reason I had opened a personal checking account like 2 weeks ago and I had made sure that it was ordered to be a joint account but the banker was very terrible, stupid and piece of **. Excuse my language.

So she wanted to be ** stupid and did not understand what I said so she did not put my husband as a joint account. So instead she wanted to blame it on the customer and messing up my credit to the point where they will leave that on your credit and stay on your name as a blacklist. You can't make it no one and one time they will not only closed your account and just leave it alone so it stays on your name and the customer service representative has poor quality and almost like they do not know what they are talking about and they will have me being hold for more than a 1 hours almost 2 hours and also they will not call you right away. After 4 hours then they will barely reach you and say some dumb reason... so I advise and from my experience banking with Union Bank is the worse.

Not only one they will get you for identity theft and two the Union Bank will also closed your account and blame it on the customer like what happened with my situation and act like it is our fault and blame it on the customer for the mistake that the banker has made and excuses. I am so mad because my husband had deposit some of his deposit into my bank account and I had specifically they would blame it on the customer and make it seem like we are the one with the issue when it is the banker. It is their fault because like I told you I did not even get my debit card so it is so ridiculous why the Union Bank is blaming it on the customer so I advise anyone who wants to bank with Union Bank I would not advise to bank with them. They are identity theft and scam.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: April 4, 2017

I have had Union Bank since about 2010, and as a basic account it was fine, even though they kept closing branches and now I have to go 61 miles just to do my business with a PERSON. Why don't I do it online you ask? Because my clients pay me for my landscaping by paper check. They're old fashioned, and I think they have the right to be that way. And even if I could bridge that gap, the online banking system is HORRIBLE and I have been burned enough times to finally call it quits.

When I went through Union Bank for my mortgage is when things got really messy. At first, there was a constant problem with the balance - they would show the money as deducted, with a current balance. Clear, right? NOPE. Customer service tried to explain that they actually just set aside the funds, which are not REALLY deducted until the other end cashes it out... so the 'current balance' would always reflect more than (I would soon find out) I had. I talked to customer service which just talked in circles with no real answers, and then I went to the physical bank itself. The staff there were nice, and tried to be helpful, but they don't seem to have the knowledge (or authorization) for the online component.

After about an hour, I decided to open a separate account just for the mortgage, and have an automatic transfer into it monthly so as to not encounter the close call again. I explained how they would somehow conveniently hold these funds (at times for over a week with a STILL inaccurate 'current balance') until they would all go through at the same time and bankrupt the account. I was met with a "Oh weird, sorry."

THAT seemed to work for almost a year. I do outdoor work, so I'm cash-full in the spring, summer, and fall, but the winter is when I'm living off my money from the year. I also have a small Etsy business to supplement my income. I keep an eye on my balances, and even have alerts/texts set up for Union Bank. Yesterday, I got a notification that my checking account was low. I signed on to see that the transfer from my checking to my mortgage account had gone through as scheduled. No problem. Seeing as I had more than enough in the mortgage account, I transferred some of it back to checking. It showed online, and it showed proper balances for all my accounts (checking, savings, and mortgage). Whew.

The next morning I'm having my coffee, and I get another notification saying that my checking is at 0.00. I am immediately back on the phone with customer service, which gives me the run-around. Again. There is at least 300$ floating in between accounts, and I can't get a straight answer. I have screenshots. This is crazy making. And let me repeat: I'VE RESORTED TO TAKING SCREENSHOTS EVERY TIME I USE UNION BANK'S ONLINE BANKING.

I'm fairly good with money and computers, but I am human... and I was willing to chalk it up to user error and miscalculation... but NOT this many times. NOT with proof. This money isn't going to break me, but I can't deal with Union Bank any longer. I know I have the option of taking it upon myself to use a separate PAPER ledger (oh yeah, my bank doesn't even give me checks and a ledger book- all debit card) that I could keep up on myself, and I intend to start doing that, BUT, I feel that online banking should be accurate, cut and dry, and easy to navigate. Union Bank's online banking is just a murky maze of smoke and mirrors in my opinion. I'm very unhappy and switching to a new bank.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Feb. 17, 2017

I opened a personal checking account with Union Bank last 2016 or late 2015. I actually forgot the exact date and a few months after I opened another business checking because I am starting up a new retail online business and I opened it in a branch not online. Early 2017 this February I went to Los Cabos and I am aware that my business checking account was overdrawn by $300 something and they have been charging me fees of 33$. God knows how long or was it every day or every other day and I'm planning to put it back in positive account when I get back to California.

But when I accessed my account Feb. 14 in Los Cabos Union Bank closed my business checking and they took my money from my personal checking of $300 something also to cover the overdrawn funds in my business account even though I didn't signed up an overdraft protection to get money from my other accounts and I even called their customer service which is by the way the most UNRELIABLE AND INCOMPETENT service you can ever get. I was transferred to a supervisor and 3 of them went dropped calls on me and neither one of them had the courtesy to call me back. Unbelievable! So that was the part of my business checking account.

And then worst issue came when I got back in California only to find out that they also closed my personal checking and when I called customer service again and I was put on hold for a good 30 mins or so because the agent said they couldn't find any reason why it was closed so they said they will just give me a call back once they get an answer to why they close it. I called Feb. 16 around 10am and got a call back around 2pm of the same day and when I asked the agent what was the reason she said that because they found out that I opened another account in the same year which is I'm not supposed to!!! Really? I don't get it! I've been using that business checking account for almost a year and now you're on purchase I made in Mexico and because of what they did they are going to ruin everything.

Union Bank couldn't even give me a valid reason why they close my account and why they took money without my permission. I think that's why they close my account because they don't wanna be blame for anything anymore. My complaint will not end here and I'll make sure that this issue will be addressed the proper way. Telling me that I'm not suppose to open another account? And that your policy indicates that you can only open a year after you opened your first account? Are you guys trying to make excuses of the mess that you made? So you guys decided to just close it so I couldn't complain about it anymore? And I have a pending debit for a vacation.

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Original review: Feb. 9, 2017

Union Bank is the worst bank to bank with. Their customer service hotline is horrible. The worker are unprofessional. This company is unprofessional. They make mistakes and blame it on the customer. The overdraft fee is ridiculous!!! Don't bank with this bank. They're a scam and they don't care about their customers. I been banking with this company for almost 4 years and they still show no loyalty. If I could rate this bank with a 0 I would give them a -100000000. They're horrible stay away from this bank! And the customer service workers don't speak English so don't waste your time calling and if they do speak it they're very rude.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Jan. 4, 2017

I have had an account with Union Bank now for over a year, I have had problem after problem with them. This will now be the 4th time that my card or account has been locked out or referred to their fraud department. Like others on this review panel I am not alone with this treatment it seems. I don't understand why a bank feels it's "OK" to lock up someone's card or account because they use a merchant for the first time. (I can't choose where to shop now?)

This is by far the most ridiculous thing I have heard in my life. They claim this constant inconvenience is for my security but really it is only an excuse to create inconvenience and invade people's privacy. During my last round with them they were going to question me for "identity purposes" about personal information not related to my account. I'm sure that is against the law. Serious... This was even after I entered my pin number in their system for identity verification. This bank treats their customers like they are criminals, continue this sort of treatment and this bank won't be too big to fail.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Nov. 16, 2016

Ever tried to close a demand deposit account with Union Bank? Here is what happens: "We don't have the money. You must pay a fee to close the account. You must pay another fee because your balance fell below $300. It will affect your credit report." Atrocious or extortion?

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Oct. 6, 2016

I've opened an accounts with Union Bank few months ago expecting good products and services. What the surprised that l regret about being dealing with them, they're sucks! Never phone customer service 24 hours just normal business hours (if you have any issue with your debit card at night just forget it). They block your cards supposedly for secure proposes and wait till next business days to get unlock. Have to wait long time waiting for customer service in the phone. You get overdraft fee even if you requested not to process any transaction without money in the account (debit card)... They told me that checks and online transactions will apply overdraft fee whether or not there's money is your account.

Small bank that need more convenience locations, improve products & services (such as send money to other countries). They have only wire transaction which is very expensive. I was planning to make business with this company but after overall l will step out... No wonder many big companies are suspending and closing their accounts with this bank like interstate hotels & resorts (and this is only few matters without counting another issues).

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Original review: Sept. 9, 2016

What a headache. It is obvious Union Bank is not ready to take their visa card business in-house. I have activated my cards and I have been declined twice. I have tried calling the customer service number on the back of the card, and sit on hold for over 45 minutes now two times and can not get help. All they want you to do is use the internet to access your account. I don't bank online and I don't have secure internet and WILL NOT bring up my private information on the internet. UNION BANK, I hope you read this and you have personally disrupted my life in taking care of what business I need to tend to using the VISA card and well as the embarrassment of making purchases and being declined. You need to get your act together and get customer service representatives on the phone "LIVE" and help out those you have inconvenienced. Definitely looking for another credit card to do my business. We can't seem to depend on YOU!

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Sept. 7, 2016

Well, they have managed to take a 21st Century Bank into the dark ages with its inability to come prepared for their transition from First Bank for their VISA accounts. Online access is broken and there is no help that can be reached via live agent phone-wise. Well, I was unwilling to wait over the 30 minutes each of the 4 times I called to obtain assistance. When I called our local branch - very apologetic - well, they should be - shame on them for launching before ready. I am encouraging our company to go to BofA - a Real Bank with technological prowess in place who has a track record for staying on the leading edge. Shucks, I can just take a picture of a check and deposit it and immediately see the transaction online...

Customer increased Rating by 2 stars!
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Resolution response: May 17, 2017

Resolved, ? forgotten, whatever, I still bank there and because I keep over $5K in the bank and they waive my monthly service charge. I use them as a reserve bank so I guess if I bank there they must not be that bad.

Original review: June 12, 2016

I got a call from Union Bank. They suspected a fraud withdrawal, I agreed, I did not withdraw 1400.00 in another city. They canceled that card, sent me a new one, I thought all was clear with them. They had a breach and my password and account # was given out. New card, new password, all is done right? No my statement came including the debit of the 1414.00. So, I called and had to start a whole claim and had to submit proof of claim. It was their breach, they told me, now I have to prove it to them? Send a letter to a special place with long numbers and weeks to get my money back... They let my info out, why should I need to prove it to them when they told me? No, I never loaned out my card to anyone, it was a new account! Only used it a couple times, don't even have checks yet.

Original review: May 19, 2016

Went to Union Bank in Lynchburg, VA the other day to get prior statements for my annual recert to give to my landlord. Gave teller my license and debit card. She then asked for my social security number. She expected me to holler it out since she was standing at the drive thru window and a customer was there. I told her I would rather write it down. So I started writing my number and all of a sudden she said that I may have stolen my IDs and that's why she needed more information. What! Where did that come from. My license have my picture on it and she still said I may have stolen it!

Granted I had no problem writing my SS number down so she could have verify my identification. But after she said that I grabbed my license from her and told her to give me my debit card. The other teller apologized for her behavior and told me she will help me. This lady was middle-aged and **. I am ** and so was the other teller that eventually helped me. I'm sure she would not have said that if I was of her race. I think this teller needs sensitivity training going forward.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: May 3, 2016

My mom couldn't get her social security money today! Also she couldn't find out how much was in her account! This is very difficult for us and it is going on all day! I couldn't access my account either! We have bills to pay! The bank should pay us for this inconvenience!

Original review: April 14, 2016

I went to Union Bank San Jose Branch located on Almaden Blvd today and the branch manager is very rude and not even willing to help me on the issue I had, no mention the issue is caused by another unprofessional service for check ordering from the same branch. She refused to look into my issue and kept saying it is not their branch fault. She didn't allow me to talk to her manager and just asked me to call her manager myself. This is the most horrible service I ever received for banking and I am seriously thinking to close my business account with Union Bank and will never do business with them anymore.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: April 14, 2016

I had one business account (ending **) and opened another business account with Union Bank (ending in **). I asked the bank to add the new account to my existing User ID. First the Upland, Ca branch told me it cannot be done. When I called customer service, they told me that an E-form has to be signed. I did that and a week later nothing happened. When I called customer service, they said "call the branch." When I called the Upland, CA branch, they told me to call customer service as we have no control over it. I was told that even the branch manager John cannot do anything to get the status of request or expedite it as he just as helpless as I was!!!

Also, the bank doesn't allow you to transfer funds between 2 business accounts within Union Bank via Internet banking with different tax ID's BUT owned by same people. However, you can transfer funds to any account outside of Union Banking - no questions asked. That is a silly policy. Anyway, if you want to save some headache and your precious time, stay away from this bank. I have 5 business accounts and 2 personal accounts with Wells and I never had any issues adding new accounts under same User ID. Same with B of A. The only reason I went to Union Bank because they were offering payroll service for $35 per month with unlimited payroll. They couldn't even come close to First Data for merchant processing let alone beat it.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: April 4, 2016

When visiting the Laguna Beach branch to cash a check at Union Bank I was forced to sit in the lobby for hours while waiting for the account holder to call the branch and verify the transaction. Mind you, I'm a known and repeat customer at this branch, yet I get vibed every time I come in to cash a check. Very unwelcoming and I would NEVER use Union Bank for my primary banking unless I had to.

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Original review: March 13, 2016

CONS OF UNION BANK: You can't wire money online. They ask you security questions repeatedly you can't possibly answer ("What is the street you moved to after you got married?" - only a complete idiot devised these questions). Horrific customer support. They penalize you constantly with fees.

Original review: Jan. 23, 2016

I got sick few days, got surgery. Have no chance to make deposit to my account. My balance was up to date. No negative in account. Next few days I try deposit money down. How account close without notification? If you have account with this bank watch for your money very careful. They liars and they will do judgement who you are, how much you make. They nasty people who let have give them freedoms look over you how and how you much you worth. ** this Bank included US Bank. They theft and liars, stealing money from hardworking people, slow down your transaction so they can charge overdraw. We don't need them. They using your money every day making money off your money while you go work full time. ** cockroaches.

Original review: Jan. 13, 2016

They give you a line of credit and you start using it and you expect to start the repayments when they notify you by letter or email or a phone call. But not only this didn't happened, quite opposite, they reported me to credit agencies as defaulted for $825! Don't they realize that nowadays we all live by our credit scores? Even my online account page it doesn't give an accurate indication that I actually owe the bank by showing a negative or a bracket around the figure like other banks but quite reverse, it shows it as a regular positive number just like if I'm looking at my checking account with some money in it! I telephoned them and as you can imagine they suggested me to go to one of their local branch which I did just to be brushed off and throw in some technical jargon that even I'm sure they wouldn't like had it happened to themselves! Very disappointing indeed. No wonder they have such horrible customer reviews.

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Original review: Jan. 13, 2016

I used Union Bank for a mortgage and their customer service is some of the worst I've ever encountered. They asked me to make a change to my online account (this is something they needed me to do), then proceeded to lock my account when I tried to make those changes. The crappy attitude and lack of knowledge or ability to help from customer service was remarkable - it's taken 4 phone calls and still no progress. This is a change THEY wanted me to do and they blocked me from doing it. Do not use these people if you can avoid it.

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