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Union Bank of California

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Last updated: Nov. 20, 2017

90 Union Bank Consumer Reviews and Complaints

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Original review: Jan. 11, 2016

11/04/2015 I made a CASH deposit at an MUFG Union Bank ATM machine. I made the deposit to cover an earlier bank transfer. Prior to the transfer, I made a debit card purchase. I knew there was an outstanding check which had not come in yet. My ending available balance was positive BEFORE I made the cash deposit. I have the receipt as proof. Well the next day Union Bank had NSF'd all three transactions! THE CASH DEPOSIT WAS NOT ALLOWED!!! The bank rep from Brea, CA told me in writing, that the outstanding check had come in at 11 a.m. against insufficient funds. That's a straight up lie! I faxed her an excerpt from all transactions prior during and after.

They (MUFG Union Bank) are obviously indulging in some unscrupulous practices. Finding this forum is helpful. I have every intention on getting my money back! If anyone hasn't tried the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency HelpWithMyBank could be helpful. Good Luck! Happy Hunting for better place to park your cash!

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Original review: Dec. 27, 2015

It's the day after Christmas and I'm writing this as a last hope that another visitor to this site might be able to offer some help. On November 14, 2015 per instructions on the payment coupon for our home equity line of credit, I provided our new address on the back of the coupon and signed it as one of the mortgage holders. When the December statement did not arrive, I called Customer Service on December 18 and was told that those coupons and the accompanying checks go to an automated center where no human ever sees the address change request! I immediately sent an address change request to the post office box provided by the rep. The rep also told me that a duplicate bill would go out that night to the correct address. We've received nothing and the payment is due on January 1.

I was told at the post office that the original statement was probably returned to Union Bank rather than forwarded and that this is a common practice with bank statements. My husband and I have had a spotless payment record with the bank that goes back to 2002 and spans two home equity lines. Now the bank seems intent on making us default on our payment. Reading all the comments on this site from readers who have had their money taken by faulty Union Bank ATMs etc., I can only think that pushing us into having to pay penalties for a late payment may be what is happening here. And of course there is no concern for the ding our credit score will take.

Since Mitsubishi has taken over, the bank seems to display an attitude that the customer is the enemy. I've avoided trying to set up an online account because if I give the new address and they haven't processed the request for the update, that just gives the bank another weapon. We're providing an address not on record. If anyone has any thoughts on a way to make this payment on time, we would welcome hearing from you on this site. And if any reader is thinking of taking out a mortgage with Union Bank, I strongly advise you not to do it.

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Original review: Dec. 9, 2015

I tried to W/D money while on vacation. Machine was unable to complete my transaction. This transpired on a weekend and on Monday I reviewed my bank account and there had been a deduction for the amount I had tried to W/D. I contacted the bank and was instructed to document what had transpired and send it via fax for the bank's review. As expected they contend I did withdraw the money even after documenting what had transpired. Bottom line Union Bank stole $439.00 dollars from me. I have been with Union Bank for 50 years + and they still treated me very rudely and kept saying that I must be confused about what transpired.

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Original review: Nov. 25, 2015

I 200% agree with Dana's (of San Marcos) review - I've now talked to UB's online banking customer service agents about 4-5 times and have visited their Burlingame branch once for this matter - because I've been waiting since around mid Sep 2015 to get my PIN via snail mail! It hasn't come yet, and today (when I called yet again) was the first time the agent told me they have two addresses on file for me - and they have been sending the PIN to the old one!

They send me the mortgage statement on time and to the right address, to the freaking address that is listed as the one bought using their loan and is a primary residence for the borrower (me) - but they cannot send the PIN to this one - such stupidity is beyond comprehension! Hopefully I'll get the PIN this time since the agent said he's changed the address - but reading about Dana's experience makes me think it's a 50/50 chance still. I'm just waiting for the first 6 months to be over and I'm for sure re-financing and ditching this useless bank.

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Original review: Nov. 9, 2015

I attempted to make a cash deposit using ATM at the San Juan Capistrano Branch. The ATM proceeded to accept my cash, fail to issue a receipt and retained my ATM card. I called the branch the next morning, to be informed that yes, they see that the money was deposited, but I have to file a claim to have it credited to my account (now at 8 days and counting, and this is "expedited", they have up to 10 working days per their representative) AND my card was destroyed per policy (also still pending receipt of new card). Ridiculous. Will not continue to bank here.

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Original review: Nov. 3, 2015

Union Bank has been holding pending transactions even though online statements show them taking away from available balance. And then when I use my overdraft to do an ATM withdrawal, they put that withdrawal first so the account shows overdrawn. Then, the pending transactions are added so instead of 1 NSF fee, I get charged up to 4 or 5. Also, Union Bank withheld an ATM withdrawal that was done for 2 days then put it thru the same day. I used overdraft for another ATM withdrawal causing an extra NSF fee. I have been printing out my statements and took them in to prove to Union Bank. I get told that there must be a glitch in their computer but they have done nothing to fix the problem. This has been going on since Union Bank took over Santa Barbara/First National.

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Resolution response: Jan. 28, 2016

I was able to finally resolve this issue after posting this very same review on Union Bank's facebook page. They called me on my cell phone and the person I spoke with was very helpful. She told me to contact Customer Service Advocate Team if an issue cannot be resolved by the customer service.

I still had to wait for them to send me the snail mail with my login information and the snail mail also contained ALL the information you needed to create the login. To think that this information was sent to some stranger.

Original review: Nov. 3, 2015

On October 1, 2015, Union Bank had made a switch from their mortgage portal to their online banking. I've received their emails reminding me to make this transition by following the steps listed on the email. I did this on August 8, 2015, and the website stated that I would get a PIN via snail mail. Honestly, who sends out a PIN via snail mail with availability of modern technology like email or text message? Anyway so began my journey of waiting game. September 9, 2015, I still haven't received this so-called PIN number from Union Bank. I went through the steps listed on the email again using their online banking website. The page stated that I would get a PIN via snail mail. So I waited again, again and again - no PIN number.

Now it is September 29, 2015, 2 days before the mortgage portal is gone forever. I finally contacted the customer service online banking department. They claim that the PIN was sent and that only thing they can do is to have them send it to me again. Then they notice that the PIN was being sent to the condo we were renting previously. Seriously, what the hell is wrong with this bank? They've been sending me my monthly statements to our new home address (the very property that the loan was used to make purchase) but can't send the PIN to the right address? I mean, MY PIN to open up my online banking account are now in the hands of people that I don't even know that lives there. Doesn't that break some sort of privacy law?

Anyhow, considering the past history of PIN number never making its way to my mailbox, I asked them to send it to me via registered mail or some form of method that can be tracked. They said that the PIN is auto generated and this cannot be done. I even offered to go into the Union Bank branch to resolve this, but they said that this cannot be resolved by the branch. So I waited. Again. At least the supervisor I spoke with claimed she had updated my address.

October 19, 2015, yup, you guessed it right. NO PIN NUMBER. I haven't been able to access my mortgage account close to 2 months now. Fortunately, I had set the recurring mortgage payment while I still had access to the mortgage portal so I haven't been late on my payment. However, I haven't been able to make additional payments to lower down the interest. So I call the 1800-238-4486 again.

Long story short, the lady I spoke with on the phone basically repeats how the previous conversation went. The PIN number is going to our old address. I tell her that the supervisor I spoke with previously had updated my address. She says she'll have to investigate since there may be a glitch in the system... She mentions that she would call me back the next day to give me an update. Next day comes, she had called 10minutes after the promised time so I missed it. Instead of giving me the update on voice mail, she leaves a message asking to call back and that next agent will provide me with an update. Damn it. I'm tired of dealing with you, Union Bank customer service.

November 2nd, 2015, my husband takes over the baton and gives them a call. Looking at the notes he scribbled on our monthly mortgage statement, he spoke to an agent named Valerie. Apparently she mentioned that the address cannot be changed in the Online Banking department and that we had to contact the mortgage office. November 3rd, 2015. I contact the loan officer at Union Bank who handled my loan to get this finally resolved. She contacts the loan office and confirm that all my addresses are the new property address. We are back to square one. She was informed that we had to call the online banking customer service (Nooo!!!!).

So she calls the online banking customer service using her office phone while I was talking to her via mobile phone. She puts both of us on speaker so I can talk to the online banking rep. The rep we spoke with was Hoang. I had to go through the whole process that I went through during the initial call to the online banking customer service. Hoang put us on hold for extensive period of time during the call. Finally, he claims that the address has been changed. (ARE YOU SURE??) I ask for the confirmation number, but he says they don't have one. Instead, he says a snail mail (Oh gawd) will be sent to me informing the address change. I've asked him to also include the PIN and he said that will be included. Will this waiting game ever end? I hope so... Only time will tell. :P

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Original review: Oct. 15, 2015

I have been with UnionBank since I opened my first savings account in middle school. Now, I am going to college in a state that UnionBank does not serve. So naturally, I wanted to close out my UnionBank account and transfer my money to my new bank. Who knew how difficult this would be? First things first, I entered my external account information and then proceeded to finish the transfer process. I noticed two things immediately upon completion: (1) A red error text appeared at the top saying the "Customer Financial Institution ID is not verifiable"; (2) The external bank account did not appear in my accounts list.

But in any case, a few days later, my external account stated that it had received the two small verification deposits from my UnionBank account. Before I could begin the transfer, all I needed to do was verify those deposit amounts. But I couldn't do that because my external account would not appear in my UnionBank account list. So I called UnionBank. Turns out, their system is so terrible that it can't recognize that the account belongs to me because I only used one middle initial with the external account (while with UnionBank, I have two). But I thought, "No big deal."And I went down to the other bank and added my second middle initial.

The next day, I proceeded to try to make another transfer. Same problem. So I called UnionBank. All they had me do was try downloading their mobile app to do this on iPad. And surprise, surprise - that didn't do anything. They then told me they'd clear my external accounts information and that I should try again in a few days. UnionBank used to be a great bank for me, but their online banking is the biggest joke in the world.

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Original review: Aug. 7, 2015

I called to find out information about money transfers from one bank to another. I chose Union Bank because their parent company was the same as my foreign bank. I thought I might save money on transfer fees. I first called the customer derive number and the person was very kind, but simply didn't know about foreign transactions other than there is only a $1 incoming wire transfer fee. So I decided to call a local branch. The person also seemed nice, and said she would look into my specific questions and give me a call back. She never did. I waited three days, figuring it might take time dealing with a foreign bank.

I talked to a different person who was very nice and helpful. She had a similar experience as me working in a foreign country. She gave me some specific recommendations. I asked her at the end about the other person I'd talked to, who turned out to be her manager. She said she's ask her if she had any extra information and have her call back. Well I received a call about 10 minutes later from a new accounts worker, saying he had a note that I wanted to open a Checking account. I asked him about the other info, he said he just had a note that I wanted to open a checking account. I asked about the foreign transaction information and he said he wasn't aware I was looking for any information on that.

So basically the manager blew me off TWICE. I have no idea why my questions or situation were not worth her time. Worse is that I got upset at the guy who really was not at fault, and I apologized to him nicely and told him that I got all the info in needed and would not be opening an account with them. To the second person I talked to at this branch, thank you for your help and insight. I wish I had talked to you from the start. To the manager, I'm sorry that I disturbed you by asking you to do your job.

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Original review: July 19, 2015

As I read some of these comments about how bad Union Bank online banking system is I started laughing. I completely agree with the complaints. Money is not withdrawn when the bill is paid, it could take 10+days or more. The only way to check is cross reference your bill history with your account to see what actually has been posted. This is the dumbest system I've seen. I have been a customer for 20 years and now I will be leaving. I called a couple of days ago to complain and the lady on the phone says she doesn't use union bank...LOL! I wonder why!!!

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Original review: July 15, 2015

I called with a question about a commercial mortgage. First I had to negotiate a phone tree, then I left a message for the right person, they never called me back for a week. After a week I called back and was put on hold for 30 minutes before giving up, and hanging up. So I look on their Facebook page and there is a customer service number. I call it and it's the same darn phone tree hell! I leave a comment on their Facebook page, but of course someone deletes it and no response from them.

This company is exactly what's wrong with America today, no one will answer their phone for a customer with a question. The most insulting thing about it, is their cheery recorded "hold please" message talking about how much they care about their customers, and how important their customer's business is to them. Clearly they don't care about their customers or they would pick up their phone, return their calls, or somehow have a way for customers to contact them. I would never use Union Bank for anything again.

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Original review: June 25, 2015

Let me start off by saying I've been banking with Union Bank since 1987. I am going on 1 month since I lost my ATM card. This was a business Union Bank ATM card. This card became essential after realizing Union Bank would no longer accept deposits via their tellers. Any checks that were not made out exactly as my account business name was setup in 1993 would no longer be accepted.

According to the representative that I met with at my branch, the only alternative method of making deposits would be through the ATM machine (he added, "You didn't hear that from me"). Upon noticing the loss of my ATM card, I called Union Bank and was told for 25.00 I could get a priority replacement card sent out and that I would receive it in 3 to 5 business days, otherwise it could take up to 2 weeks.

I paid the 25.00. After 5 business days, I called the bank to complain that I had deposits that needed to be made and queried about my 25.00 priority ATM card replacement. I was told they had made an error and the fee would be waived. I was told a priority replacement would be sent out immediately. That was 2 weeks ago. I have opened up a new account at my credit union, where they happily take all deposits. Goodbye Union Bank - You lost a loyal customer and a lot of money!!!

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Original review: June 4, 2015

I had been with Frontier Bank (prior to being taken over by Union Bank) since the early 1990s and stayed loyal when Union Bank took over and most recently had always maintained a six-figure balance on the accounts. Over the years, I have found the usual staff/tellers change to more impersonal ones, who don't really know who you are even when I was a regular face at the bank when I come in for deposits. Because I have all my direct deposits/debits tied to your bank as well, I decided to maintain my relationship with your bank out of convenience and the thought of switching all those contacts to a different bank appeared too monumental of a task to consider, up until now.

I recently refinanced my secondary home mortgage loan and the lender required me to wire closing cost funds to them, so I attempted to use the online system. The phone verification system that is required to achieve that was so cumbersome, that I was not able to complete it, and because of several failed attempts, the account was locked. I then called the fraud dept. to explain what I was trying to do, and they assured me that they would unlock the account again, but couldn't help me complete the transaction so they transferred me back to the phone queue. I had to explain the whole situation again to the next representative who seemed to have limited knowledge on how that phone verification system works, claiming that it didn't work because I added a new phone number recently to my account (cell phone) and stated that it reset the account and I had to wait 30 days again to be able to use the phone verification system.

I tried to explain to her that I was not trying to use the cell number as the system does not allow me to register that phone number anyway for 30 days. The second step of the process offered to use the other 2 registered phone numbers I had already verified where I had to click on the number to call to enter the 4 digit code, which never worked, even before I entered this new cell phone number to the system. I was completely exasperated by the conversation, and spent over 30 minutes on the phone with both the original rep and her supervisor (**) but neither was able to help. Ultimately I had to take time off my work day to physically go to a Union Bank branch to complete the time sensitive transaction.

I spent 2 days trying to get this wire done online, and wasted my time and energy on a most rigid, unhelpful customer service. The personalized service when the bank was local has devolved into an impersonal one after being taken over by Union. Thus ends my long relationship with your bank over this remarkably trivial issue that a motivated or enthusiastic representative could have easily solved, I'm sure.

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Original review: May 27, 2015

They forced me to go to a bank 3 days before the initial bill is due after balance transfer. I'm unable to pay the bill and unable to setup autopay since all access to account is blocked, thus they are effectively trying to screw me over on 0% APR promo. Clearly a crooked shop.

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Original review: April 13, 2015

I have been with Union Bank since 2010. So here is my first bad experience with them a few years ago. I own a landscaping business and have 3 accounts there. One day I was mowing a lawn and noticed a Sheriff parked across the street from where I was working. Eventually he gets out of his car and waves for me to come over to where he was. He asks my name and I gave it to him. He shows me a picture of me at the bank and says why did you cash that stolen check. I laughed at him and thought he was joking. He asks me if I knew some other man and says the name of someone I had no idea who it was. So he takes down my ID number and phone number and says that a detective will be giving me a call. I was freaking out at this point. So about 20 minutes later a detective calls me and says "can I meet with you" so of course I said YES please do. He shows up to where I was working and asks me if I knew who this other man was and so on.

I told him no and he left and said he would get back to me. I immediately after work went to the branch to speak with the manager about it and she had no idea what was going on. They looked into it and some how their time stamp on the camera was off and the man in front of me was cashing a stolen check and they mixed me up in the mess.

So my business now is doing really good and I was loving the Bill Pay. Then all of the sudden the Bill Pay changes. And I am not happy with it. I have one vendor that I spend at least $5000 a month with that doesn't cash their checks for weeks. I was so happy when I could send out a check and it would come out the very next business day. That was great. Now its like a guessing game. I called customer service to speak with someone about the new Bill Pay and the lady tells me "Oh you will get use to it". She tried to compare my Bill Pay to her own and said "I have 5 payees so its easy to keep track with the new system". Then I said "I have 22 payees and its not so easy". Then she says "just try it out for a while". I am now looking into changing bank as soon as the checks I have out clear. Very disappointed with the new Bill Pay.

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Original review: April 9, 2015

I have banked with Union Bank since 1996 and until today, I was happy with their customer service. Although I was aware that the bank's URL had changed to MUFG, until I read the other complaints on this site, I did not know that it changed because UBOC was bought by the Japanese (The Bank of Tokyo and Mitsubishi Bank). As reported by the others, it seems that the decline in customer service is attributable to the change in ownership.

My problem arose out of the bank's posting of a check that I wrote for $150. The bank posted the check twice: once for $150 and a second time for $900. I wondered how a check could be posted twice so I clicked on the image of the check. I saw an image of my check plus two checks underneath it that had all been pulled through the bank's scanner at the same time and created a single image. Although my check was on top and fully displayed, the image of the longer sized check underneath it was also displayed so there was a single image with two payment amounts: $150 and $900.

I called customer service and spoke with a representative in Dallas. He viewed the image and confirmed that the bank's scanner had erroneously pulled three checks at once. He said that it was not uncommon for the bank's scanner to pull more than one check at the same time and cause a double posting. Although it would seem to be a simple matter to return the $900 to my account, the representative said that he would have to fill out a report and the bank would have to conduct an investigation that would take 48-72 hours.

I said that I was unhappy with the delay and he suggested that I go to my branch and see if they could do anything faster. The bank's mistake caused me to spend 26 minutes on the phone with customer service and now, I need to take time off of work to go to my branch to see if I can get the investigation done in less than the normal 48-72 hours -- a time period which would incidentally fall on the weekend.

MUFG displays a callous disregard for the rights of its customers when it knowingly fails to return funds that its customer service representative admits were wrongfully taken from an account. I understand that scanners malfunction, but the bank should have procedures in place to return the funds to the customer with minimal inconvenience and delay. I echo the sentiments of the other posters and it seems that it is time to find a new bank (preferably one that it is not owned by foreign corporations).

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Original review: April 9, 2015

Union Bank just recently did an upgrade to their online banking and has caused even more problems than before. This problem only affects my personal account, not my business account. The size of the print is more than double and the row height is double. Prior to the upgrade what used to take 1 to 2 pages to print now takes 5+ or more pages. Prior to the upgrade 35 transactions would be listed in less than 1 1/2 pages - now that many transactions take up to 5 or more pages.

The print icon is now on page 5 in the lower left corner. The HELP and CONTACT link take you to a blank page. This is similar to the upgrade last year and only after reporting the problem to corporate in So Cal it suddenly fixed itself. The business account works with no problem, it is not affected by the upgrade. This is very wasteful both in paper and ink not to mention annoying. Technical support was not able to correct problem. Anyone else having same printing problem with UBOC online banking?

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Original review: March 26, 2015

Someone took $180 From my account at a Wells Fargo on Victory blvd and Sepulveda. There is a camera that puts me in a different spot at that time and date. Claim was denied twice. They will not give me my money back. Please help.

Original review: March 25, 2015

I lose a bank card that belong to my sister, who has account with Union Bank. I'm her caretaker, and her authorized representative. I signed a legal document, taking responsibilities of Public Guardian/Conservator or Applicant/Beneficiary Representatives on her behalf. On March 3rd 2015, my sister and I went to the bank to let them know that the card was lost, and we needed a new one. I was telling the teller that I don't know what happened if she lost it or if I lost it. She looked at me and said, "You can't have assets to her card." I said, "Oh I don't. I was helping her set up her cell phone for automatic payment, and I don't remember giving it back. And she doesn't have it. She has Dementia. I'm her caretaker."

The teller said it would take around 14 days to get the card. So I said "Well I need to do her shopping, pay some bills. I think we can do this with around $300.00." I said, "Instead of coming back and forth to the bank we can leave $800.00 in the bank and we will take the rest. All she had was $1,100.00." She looked at me and said, "You are not on the account." I said, "No but I have legal papers, to take care of her business." She looked at my sister and said, "How much do you want?" My Sister looked at me, and said how much do I need, I said $300.00. The teller looked at me and said, "I can't give this money to you unless she tells me."

So I told my sister, "Tell her." The teller said again, "No." I said to the teller, "Can't you see what's wrong, she isn't going to be able to tell you because she doesn't know." I said, "Ma'am, I'm her caretaker. This is my sister. She has Dementia. I take care of her and all her financial needs. I have legal papers. I'm sorry I don't have them with me right now. I can bring them in later. I have to get her to school." The teller sent for her Assistance Manager, after going around in circle with this Asst Manager, she finally gave my sister the money. I received a phone call from my brother. He said that they closed the account, so I went into the bank to showed them the legal papers. I spoke with the Branch Manger. They reopened the account.

I went to the Bank two weeks after that. I got the same **. The Assistance Manager keeps giving me a hard time. She keeps telling me different ways, I need to go through, so that I don't have to go through so much **. Around March 25, still no card. I called the bank and asked for the Branch Manager, the Asst Manager tells me he's on vacation. So I tell her who I'm, and asked her where is my sister Bank Card? She tells me that they stopped the processed, and that I have to come in and open an acct with my brother who lives in San Diego and my sister. And that she has to tell them that she wants me on the acct. This Union Bank Assistance Manager is on some power trip, and she is making it so hard for me to take care of my sister's needs. If I had the time and money I would file charges against her.

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Original review: Feb. 25, 2015

It was better when they were Union Bank of CA! I am not surprised by these recent comments about Union Bank. The online bill pay is a guessing game now that they've made changes. It was not a model to be copied even before. Now that the bills in process vanish until they actual post is a joke. I have had to pay fees for their feeble attempt at an online bill pay system. They say that they are upgrading the system in March but I have already started moving funds to a credit union.

My wife and I have been with them since 1997 and she was hesitant to move but with my issues (I handle the bills) and the issues she has had with her IRA, she is convinced to now move on. She relied on them to make sure that an IRA withdrawal went smoothly and made it clear to them she did not want to pay additional taxes or penalties on the disbursement and to therefore pull out the appropriate amount, which should have been about 40%. I protested trusting them but she was convinced that her personal Union Bank adviser had her best interested in mind, especially since they told her that they would make sure enough money was withheld to cover state, federal and the penalty. Well unfortunately, she was lied to and she ended up having to pay an additional 10% on the withdrawn funds.

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Original review: Feb. 14, 2015

On the morning of 12/12/15 I became aware of an unauthorized and erroneous pending transaction indicating removal of $1,182.00 from a joint checking account belonging to my wife and myself. I spent the following six agonizing hours on phone with representatives of Union banks call center (in Texas), Union Bank San Marcos, CA Branch, and the Social Security Administration, two calls, attempting to understand what had happened and endeavor to have it resolved.

In summary, here is what transpired. On 2/11/15, Union Bank initiated and UNAUTHORIZED removal of Social Security benefits for my wife as follows: two x $591.00, totaling $1,182.00 removed. I made two (2) separate painstaking long calls to Social Security office (speaking with a different representative each time) to inquire as to the reason for the reversal. On both occasions, the SS representatives confirmed, no request was ever sent to the bank requesting return the $ 1,182.00. Further, the SS representatives indicated it is their policy to send request letters to both the bank as well as the SS recipient if such a request were to be made.

After several hours of phone calls within the Union Bank organization I was informed that Union Bank had somehow discovered that my wife had passed away two (2) months ago, and as a result, the Bank took the following unilateral actions: Removed her SS funds from our account, with intentions to return it to Social Security office. Removed my wife from our checking and savings account.

I informed the Union Bank representative that my wife is alive and well. The Union Bank representative insisted to speak to my wife to verify her identity.

(hour 6) Upon Union Banks verification that my wife was in fact still alive; the representative stated that the Bank had somehow mixed her information with another depositor who had died two months prior. The representative stated the mix-up would be corrected within a day or so. After completion of the last phone call, I ran a California obituary search, which had revealed there were NO recorded deaths of any one with my wife’s name within the past 6 months (or prior).

I hereby requested a written response to the following questions by COB 2/13/2015. Failure to do so will result in further action, to include but not limited to escalation within Union Bank hierarchy, OCC, etc.: Who (persons name) initiated this action of removing my wife from our accounts and removing deposited funds in our account? What entity was this person representing? Specifically when was this request made? Why did Union Bank fail to contact either myself and my wife by phone AND in writing prior to taking any unauthorized action? Under what authority was this request granted (Only myself and my wife are authorized on this account)? Specifically who (persons name and position) at Union Bank completed these transactions? Specifically who (persons name and position) at Union Bank approved these transactions?

Union Bank Policy: Upon such a request (unauthorized withdrawal and removal of joint account holder), what is the banks (a) policy, (b) protocols, and (c) procedures? Are Union Banks Policies and Procedures SOX compliant? Were these policies & procedures followed in this case? What will be done to correct the situation and ensure it does NOT happen again? This single event cost me over 7 hours of my time (so far). I did receive a call from the Monterey, CA HQ from someone who is looking into the situation and will get back to me. I am considering moving my account into a local Credit Union to hopefully avoid anything like this again.

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Original review: Jan. 10, 2015

I have had accounts with Union Bank since 1986 and am considered by the to be a priority customer. I also have accounts at several other banks, so when I speak about experience with a bank, I know what I am talking about. Union Bank is the currently the worst bank in the country. They recently changed their online bill payment system and it is the worst system out there. We have had to go back to keeping an old fashioned check register as if we are in the year 2000. When you pay a bill, the transaction disappears until the recipient has cashed the check. As a result, as with other online accounts, you have no idea what your true balance is. This is on top of what has become a bank with horrible customer service. Union Bank used to be a bank with wonderful customer service, no longer is that true. If you are thinking about changing to Union Bank, DONT. If you have an account with Union Bank....Run!!

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Original review: Jan. 8, 2015

I have been a personal and business customer of Union Bank for 15+ years. I have loved Union Bank, but since last year, I have had things go wrong, and just getting worse. It feels like fraud at this point to me. Last month, I was transferring $2,000 between accounts, and I ended up with the bank trying to transfer $20,000 between accounts. They cleared out $11,000 from my account and gave me a -9,000. The money was in limbo for over 24 hours, with no money in either account, and I couldn't access MY OWN MONEY. That is illegal. They close accounts that I have been paying on for years, and it takes weeks for the money to get back into my account. I now have to prove to a credit card that I had not missed a payment, because my credit ALSO got dinged.

Two months ago, I could have sworn that I paid my water bill, and our water got shut off. This month I checked, paid the bill, went online, and checked that it had been paid, and they never sent the money, but it showed up as paid on my online banking with the date. My water got turned off, and I got $50 in fees to get it turned back on. I also had to run to a Walmart to get an emergency payment made.

At least I no longer feel like I am losing my mind. Being certain that I had made payments, etc, I am certain that it is Union Bank. So now that MUFG took over, I understand that that is the bank, not me. They are also now charging me $11.00 a month for services that I never had before, but they are not performing services like bill pay, which is illegal. It is time to switch banks? As horrific as that idea is, I have six accounts at that bank, but I am horrified that I have already waited too long. Can a bank do all of that???

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Original review: Dec. 26, 2014

I have had 3 personal accounts in addition to 2 estate and trust accounts with Union Bank for 3 years. When attempting to look at my accounts online last week I discovered that the accounts had been closed. The bank manager informed me that funds had been transferred into my saving account by accident but the funds had been used which overdrew the account which was then closed. My records indicated a positive balance and an online deposit that was to be entered into the account the day after it was closed. I had not been informed by phone or email of this action. The manager gave me no reason other than the accounts had been closed because of lack of funds. I asked for copies of my statements, since I was not able to access them from the internet as a result of the closing of the account. He said I would have to pay for copies of the statements. This is more than rude service. It is completely inexcusable. I would not recommend that Union Bank be used by anyone for any financial service. After 3 years and deposits of over a million dollars with Union Bank.

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Original review: Dec. 20, 2014

I have been a business customer of Union Bank since 1992 and had a great relationship until 2013 starting with the retirement of my Branch Manager and then the takeover by MUFG (Japanese Parent Company of Union Bank). They have completely lost the personal interaction between Banker & Customer. They keep shuffling the branch people around so you can never develop a personal relationship. Any loan or credit decisions are now made from the East Coast and the local managers have no influence with the process. They advertise being a friendly small business bank but they are not. I know that they have to be careful because there is a lot of fraud going around but there are certainly ways to identify long term customers and treat them with respect. Bottom line, Union Bank has become a difficult bank to deal with and when you have a problem they are completely ambivalent. We are now moving our banking relationship elsewhere. This is never too much fun, as in any relationship it takes time to establish a mutual trust. I recommend that you stay away from this bank both business and personal.

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Original review: Dec. 17, 2014

I agree with the previous comment. Union Bank has changed their system so that any payment made does not show up until it is received days later rather than when you make the payment. By doing this, they are essentially turning bill payments into checking. You can't tell that you have submitted the payment anymore, it is not deducted right away. I now have to keep checking to see if my balance is actually showing up correctly, just like you'd need to if you sent a check by snail mail. I am so disheartened by this bank. It is like they are constantly thinking of ways to earn fees off of you by doing confusing and annoying policy changes like this. I can guarantee you that people (me included) are going to go negative or bounce transactions now because they have paid a bill but it won't even show up like you did until days later!

So basically, you have grab your old paper checkbook transaction record and a pen do it the old way, because now you can't keep accurate track of your current correct balance without it due to this policy. Makes online bill payment a NIGHTMARE, not a convenience. I hate them!

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Original review: Nov. 27, 2014

I have banked here many years. My employer also uses this bank. I really had no complaints till they re-did their online banking. It is HORRIBLE. I use online banking daily in my job and personal. It is not easy to use anymore and the whole concept is different. I have overdrawn the account because I can't tell what has gone out and cleared. Very bad move. I will be moving a total of 4 bank accounts between my employer and my personal to other bank that a similar online bill pay website that Union used to have. I have complained via telephone. When I told the gal I was not happy with the new website.... her reply was.... "Are you serious?" Bye Union Bank. You lost 2 customers that have been banking with you for over 10 years.

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Original review: Nov. 18, 2014

Do NOT intentionally work with this bank. You will regret it. This is my third home and I've always had my loan thru Chase. I use two other banks for checking and for investing. I unfortunately used them for my mortgage as my realtor liked the mortgage broker. He has since left Union bank. They do not notify you if your escrow account changes in a timely fashion so they can then charge late fees for amounts you never knew you owed. They charged me over $100 for a mortgage payment that changed by $13 without my knowledge. They sent a notice two months behind and then held me accountable for fees. They are horrible, not about the customer, and are exactly what you don't want in a lender. In 30 years of owning homes, I've never had one issue or late payment or miscommunication with my bank... I've had to make time for 5 calls to this bank in less than a year. They are LITERALLY the WORST business I have EVER encountered. Run... run… run!!!

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Original review: Nov. 15, 2014

Union Bank updated first their Business Bill pay system. The new system is really horrible. It takes 3 times as long to handle my bill paying, and determining what is going on is such a nightmare. It is difficult to change bills, organize bills, etc. The system is not chronological, and if you change it to a chronological order that lasts only until you view something or change it. Then it reverts back and each time you have to reorganize the bills. I have accidentally paid bills twice many times. I am so upset because I just discovered they are switching all their personal banking to the same horrible system. Yikes. I need a new bank.

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Original review: Nov. 5, 2014

Had multiple accts with Union bank for a long time. Recently went to use the ATM and machine ate my card. Called them in the morning and was told the accts were closed because of something reported on Chex systems. Told them that it was already taken care of and no worries since it was a mistake on the original reporter's end. The rep told me the only way to reopen the accts was to furnish them with a "letter of deletion" which they obviously refused to do. This bank sucks. Stay far away from it. Also their ATMs are so outdated still require envelope for check and cash deposits. WAKE UP union bank. You're losing customers because of backwards thinking and having employees that don't want to listen to the truth and facts.

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