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Union Bank, a California-based regional bank, was acquired by U.S. Bank in December 2022. It’s known for offering a wide range of banking products and services, including commercial and retail banking, wealth management and mortgage lending. All current Union Bank accounts should be transitioned into U.S. Bank accounts by July 2023.

Pros & Cons


  • Free checking and savings account options


  • Small service area
  • Expensive overdraft fees

Bottom Line

Union Bank is now part of U.S. Bank. Your accounts will be transferred by July 2023, and you can use U.S. Bank's mobile app to manage your accounts.

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Reviewed Dec. 3, 2021

Union Bank offered the best fixed rate of the 5 banks I had spoken to with reasonable closing costs but a lower than 3 star rating. What I found was a Processor working from home who was grossly unqualified and totally preoccupied with home issues that directly affected his ability to properly, accurately and timely process our Refi. His supporting Staff, BC Law Firm and Landel Title companies never seemed to have the information they needed and fell far short of providing accurate support.

The entire process was an exercise in futility by having to deal with gross mismanagement and in one major instance a failure to distribute funds in accordance with the timelines contractually signed and notarized documents then later calling and asking for information again that had been provided weeks earlier. This entire Union Bank Mortgage team is one of if not the worse we have ever dealt with in our many, many years of buying and Refinancing. I did not think any lender could be as bad as the one I had. I was wrong. Avoid these people.

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Reviewed Nov. 7, 2021

Recently opened up a checking account with Union Bank. Tried online banking first week I opened my account and it was smooth. A month later I try to log in and requested a code be sent to my phone- IT TOOK THEM 5 MINUTED TO TEXT THE CODE AND MY ACCOUNT WAS LOCKED! It is the weekend, have to pay a bill asap, no customer service, no phone or online info on how to unlock, unable to contact anyone online CAUSE I CAN'T LOG ON TO MY ACCOUNT! Really? Spend some money on being tech-centric. What a joke, no service, no online tutorials. Big F for FAILURE.

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Reviewed Oct. 18, 2021

Just got off of the phone with the fraud department at Union Bank due to multiple charges that were made on the other side of the country. $2000 plus of charges that was made to be exact. Initially the representative in fraud that contacted me was polite and indicated that they noticed purchases that are out of the norm for me. I reviewed these and definitely was not in NY taking Uber, requiring Uber delivery eats, or dining in multiple restaurants. What alerted them was the fact that I made purchases at the same time from my location across the country. Fast forward and multiple rude fraud representatives.

It was determined that my purchases were accurate because the merchant provided a receipt therefore I must have purchased this. The fraud representative "Phil" indicated that the bank has done everything and made multiple attempts to correct this with me in pursuit of resolving the problem. I indicated that I have been the one calling weekly to fix this and continuously get rude people aside for the one who alerted me and that I have also not received a letter or call from their department since the first reported day.

His indication is that it was found that I am abusing the bank system by purchasing items and then claiming they are not mine. I requested proof of this and also indicated that I would like documentation of their review. He stated that I was rude, I was making accusations of them being fraudulent, and that me being upset was upsetting him and he will hang up if I make comments like, "what am I supposed to do now?", "what else is there to prevent this from happening?", "why aren't you guys taking this seriously in regards to a small business who is already suffering due to Covid and being ripped off?".

His reaction was, "Sir, your attitude will get you dropped from this call." He finished by asking, "Do you use a debit card for gas or other purchases?" I indicated yes just like millions of people throughout the world. His literal quote is as follows, "Well everyone knows that you can get hacked from a debit card so you should have seen this coming." My response back was asking, "What are they going to do about this crime and my money." His final comment was, Nothing, they have done everything they can. I have been a Union Bank supporter for years and trusted my small business to them. Now that they are moving on to USBank at the end of this year they are already showing their dismissal of customer support and allowing fraud to happen. Never again.

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Reviewed Sept. 22, 2021

I used to bank with Union Bank of California. They are the worst bank to do business with. They sequence checks to get more overdraft fees from the account holders. We are responsible for our accounts but Union Bank was sued for this practice. They have a culture of rude and unhelpful employees at every location I have entered. I left Union Bank for US Bank and have been much happier since. Basically Union Bank of California sucks!

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Reviewed Aug. 10, 2021

Whatever business you do with this bank, I highly suggest you don’t get a mortgage loan unless you want to close late which was what happened to me. I also had to buy my rate after assuring I wasn’t. My calls/e mails are ignored with zero transparency.

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Reviewed June 11, 2021

We have banked with Union Bank of California since Great American Savings went bankrupt in 1991. So we were reluctant to consider leaving; however, the recent experience with their third-rate, disinterested customer service gave us the impetus. This is a long, tedious and frustrating tale. We had been doing a recurring mortgage payment through our Online Banking at UBOC. About 8 months ago, I had to make a one-time change to the recurring payment. The following month I readjusted the payment to what it should have been. I didn't notice that the system didn't register it; as a result, our mortgage payment was almost late. I happened to notice on the last day and called Customer Service. They seemed confounded and, after several phone calls and in-person meetings, offered no help.

As we were considering doing a refi, I started paying manually and thought they would figure it out. The refi finally went through in early May and our first payment is now coming due in July. I added the new Payee and tried to start the series -- it didn't work. I called Customer Service and spent a bit more than an hour on the phone. Supposedly they created a ticket for their IT department to fix the problem. This was 3 days ago. I didn't hear back from anyone and the Recurring Payment still didn't work. I spent 4 phone calls, totaling almost 2 hours more, with Customer Service.

I found out that (1) no one had even looked at my problem; (2) that UBOC doesn't call the customer to notify of any problems or fixes; (3) that when you go to the branch to get help from the Genesee Branch Manager, she is too busy with her meetings to pay any attention to a long-time customer. At least according to the flippant young teller who couldn't have cared less and showed it. So --- goodbye Union Bank of California and good riddance. Hello Navy Federal. They seem to actually care about their customers.

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Reviewed June 21, 2020

It is my considered opinion, that UB is fraudulent-they bought other banks, and thus their loans, HELOCS, etc. But when a mortgage(s) are paid the original documents if demanded must be surrendered-but alas UB is SO disorganized they could not produce these documents-thus the fraud-they used the telephone to defraud us out of our home-a very expensive home. Our attorneys will pursue MUFG instead of UB as they are the parent-they owe me a new home-and time will tell-but legally no footing at all for them-they cannot prevail-if anyone else had an assumed HELOC with UB do contact me-a matter of "Class" with extenuating circumstances is being considered by our contingent attorney.

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Reviewed April 4, 2020

I have been banking with Union Bank for well over twenty years and have unfortunately run into a problem with your on-line banking department. I have called four times to set up on-line banking with Quicken and have spent a cumulative amount of time equating to two hours on hold. I have completed the on-line registration form twice, (the second time with a representative assisting) to ensure it was indeed submitted. I have been told I would receive a call back the last two occasions and sadly no one has called. I left basically this very message on their Facebook page and was told I would receive a call back from manager of the on-line banking department. To my dismay, I never received a call back from them as well. I'm at a loss as to why I was treated that way given my loyalty and longevity with banking with them. *Sad.

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Reviewed March 4, 2020

People should be aware Union Bank uses deceptive bait and switch methods in their mortgage business practices combined with uncompetitive rates and poor service. A very large misrepresentation of over $8,000 was revealed to us after they took a $550 fee. Due to lower mortgage rates, we initiated a refinance process with our bank of over 35 years. We were told due to our large deposit relationship with Union Bank, we would have a special lender credit covering all loan-related costs with almost $2,000 in addition to apply to pre-pays or lower the loan amount – our choice. Because of this attractive promise our son and daughter in law also started a refinance process with Union Bank. We were both promised this would be confirmed with a formal quote to us right away from day 1. Nothing came.

It took 2 weeks to receive a formal quote for son/daughter-in-law and a month (four weeks!) for our first correct one after multiple requests, more promises to respond, a meeting weeks after we started this process where many times our mortgage representative (Julie Nickerson, Assistant Vice President – Encinitas, California branch) deflected from answering this direct question about loan-related costs talking about other things, never answering our basic question. We also had limited response during the process. Many of our calls and email messages went unanswered and repetitive promises of responses that never came. We received a voice mail from Julie apologizing for this. When we did receive a response it was largely excuses avoiding answering the main question (what are the loan-related costs?). Our son and daughter in law experienced the same poor service.

When we finally received our correct ‘Closing Disclosure’ for a 3.5% rate about a month after we started the process there was no lender credit and in fact, $6,359.35 in loan-related costs (not pre-pays). This misrepresentation was over $8,000! We didn’t change our minds on the rate option - another attempted excuse. All options turned out to have very high loan-related costs. Our son and daughter in law had a similar surprise when they finally received their formal quote.

There was no misunderstanding from either of us. I was a University Economics professor with about 8 mortgages over 40 years. Our son and daughter-in-law (Masters in Business Finance) were clearly explained and promised this same relationship discount in separate conversations from us and they received a confirmation email response. If Union Bank had been truthful to us or even provided formal quotes to us quickly as promised, and is standard in this industry, we would have moved on and all our troubles would have been avoided. This huge misrepresentation ended up being a classic ‘bait and switch’ to get us to move forward based on now realized misplaced trust we had for Union Bank due to dealings for the past 35 years.

Unfortunately, because of the good deal offered and because of our long relationship with Union Bank, I trusted Union Bank and advised my son and daughter in law to also work with them. They deceptively took a $550 appraisal fee from them and immediately ordered an appraisal before any paperwork was signed to lock us in prior to receiving any formal notice of the huge change in the deal. Both we and our son and daughter in law are very high-qualified mortgage customers. My wife and I have extremely high credit ratings (830), 40 years of paying mortgages without missing a single payment, good income & assets, extremely low loan to value ratio (24%), no consumer debt, complete confirming documentation provided within 24 hours, and no other issues. Other mortgage companies have told us we were star customers.

Due to the poor service we received from Union Bank and during the long lag of receiving a formal quote, we searched the industry and found a mortgage refinance from Metropolitan Home Mortgage (dba Intelliloan) for 3.25% with a lender credit of $2,427 resulting in just $312 in loan-related costs. They provided formal quotes within hours and responded quickly to our inquiries. We communicated this to Union Bank and were informed they could not match it. We decided to move forward with this much more favorable deal after experiencing our ‘special relationship’ with Union Bank was just a frustrating bait and switch deception taking advantage of our trust from our over 35-year relationship. Our son and daughter in law also took advantage of the same deal resulting in about $900,000 in high-quality mortgage refinance business lost for Union Bank.

We requested Union Bank to refund the $550 fee because they deceptively and quite dramatically changed the deal promised. We copied the Encinitas Branch Manager on all correspondence about this problem completely informing her of this very poor and unprofessional service. We realize people do make mistakes creating this misleading experience with Union Bank and were requesting no favors for us.

We did not ask anything for our stressful frustration and time, just for Union Bank to do the right thing and repair the direct financial damage caused us due to this deception. They refused. As we informed Union Bank if they did not do the right thing, we have decided to end our long relationship with Union Bank removing over $400,000 of deposits to seek an institution worthy of our relationship. From Union Bank we experienced deceptive methods, uncompetitive rates, very poor service, and no responsibility to make things right. The final response from our Union Bank representative, Julie, after informing us Union Bank refused to refund the $550 fee was: “I will consider this matter now closed.” – arrogance, no apology, no remorse, no caring... not what anyone should be subjected to!

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Reviewed Feb. 11, 2020

BEWARE: 20 year customer for my personal accounts, husband's small business accounts and my company's business accounts - we received a letter cancelling all 3 sets of accounts and absolutely refused to offer an explanation. I am a check signer on my company's account, with no common ownership and all of the accounts were cancelled on the same day - decision final, no explanation. All accounts are and have been in good standing. HORRIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE. Local branch has no information and is not able to help. A consultant told our company it most likely related to one foreign wire to pay for parts we have been ordering for years - but the bank did not give us a chance to explain, discuss and is penalizing me personally along with my husband's small business.

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Reviewed Dec. 18, 2019

BAD RELATIONSHIP FROM THE START. The only notice that my account has been transferred came as a form letter. They only allow payments after the due date. All loans are due on the first one the month. They do not allow early payment of the loan. Which means all payments are applied after they're due. Given outside bank account info: l was registering the account with the Union Bank to set up the automatic payment. But they already had all my bank information from my previous loan servicer online payment setup. So the syndicated loan to Union Bank bank was given my outside account information without my consent.

ESCROW & INSURANCE. Further the interface for UNION BANK doesn't show anything about my escrow which is in my compound loan. They also do not show insurance information or that they intend to pay my insurance company like the past loan servicer. Weird customer service. The customer service person l talked to didn't know what the interface looked like and she said "l can't see your loan." But, she sure could ask me all kinds of metadata about me without providing a walk through on the website that l was seeing. l asked the CS to show me where my Escrow and Insurance amounts and she said "You have to wait for a statement". The website is sorely lacking in basic functions of Home Loan Servicing.

l asked for the direct link to the Home Loan portal and she told me there is none. l would have to log in from the Union Bank site even though l have no other accounts there. l told her that, "l would not open another account there ever based on this interaction". The worst part is that the CS worker was hostile and rude from the get go. l can only pray to JESUS that my loan will be syndicated to a company that has an actual working website and is customer focused. Sincerely Unhappy With Union Bank

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Reviewed Dec. 13, 2019

Our association in Washington State followed all the hoops required by Union Bank to close accounts and they still screwed it up! They left credit card accounts open, allowed charges to to hit the card, and then had the gall to try and charge all sorts of fees when the credit card (that they should have closed) was not paid. They even tried to issue a check from our checking account to pay off the card (as it was set to automatically pay each month from this account when the accounts were open) and they charged a return check fee. You wait for over 10 minutes to speak to anyone, even their collections department! This is by far the worst bank ever! Their staff are not professional or just were not trained properly - whether at branches or online the end to end capabilities of this bank are woefully inadequate and frustrating.

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Reviewed Dec. 9, 2019

I am really frustrated with Union Bank and their process regarding check deposits in the bank and online. My branch in the city of Rialto California is open Monday thru Saturday. On Saturdays they are open from 9 am to 1pm. I have had bills late due to the the wait time. When online I wait five days for my check to clear and in the bank if done on Saturday it takes 3 days for it clear because they say they do no banking on weekends but yet the bank is open and doing business.

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Reviewed Nov. 4, 2019

I absolutely despise and hate Union Bank. I am done, and I’m closing my account. I’ve actually had it for about 4-5 years but I’ve been getting bigger checks from my work and they hold my checks way too long. It’s ridiculous. I went in last Thursday to deposit my 5,000$ (not THAT much, right? Plus I’ve been getting these size checks for a while now so it’s not anything new for my account) and they said it would be deposited in my account Saturday. Even on the receipt it said it would be in there Saturday. Come Saturday, still not in there. So I called, and they couldn’t see it even pending on my account.

They said call back Monday if it’s still not in there. Well, it’s Monday and it’s not in there. It’s not even showing on my account as pending. I am now late on multiple bills. And will have to pay late fees. I could have avoided this by just cashing the check and depositing cash and I'd see the money instantly. But they LIED to me. I am closing my account after I see this $ and get my bills paid. Do not bank here.

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Reviewed Oct. 28, 2019

Beware of Union Bank charging a demand fee on your actual loan statement. I was considering a refi with another institution and a $30.00 junk fee showed up on my next mortgage statement! Being a real estate professional, this is the first I have heard of this practice, which usually occurs when they close the loan with the new lender. I called them and they stated it is now industry standard. So, beware they are out to get these fees sooner rather than later. My loan was with another lender and subsequently sold to Union Bank, so their little $30 fee has now alerted me to not work with Union Bank. If I could give a ZERO instead of a ONE I would do it! Bye Bye Union Bank!

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Reviewed Oct. 26, 2019

What is with Union Bank. I paid their loan off in full, mailed a certified check on September 11th for $14,092.64. On September 25 I sent a letter to Union Bank after I received another statement not showing the loan was paid off. I called and after the customer service rep did some checking he informed me I accidentally mailed the bottom copy of the check not the actual check. It would seem you would call your customer right away. Union Bank received the copy of certified check on or around September 13th - yet no calls or letters. Clearly Union Bank could see the loan had been paid off in full. In my letter dated September 25th I informed them I am not responsible for any additional money to their bank, clearly it was a communication error on their part.

Today October 26, 2019 1 month after I sent the letter I get a statement stating I still owe $237.60. Really they had a month to contact me either via mail or phone call to address this, but did not. This is bad business ethics from my view point, had been a customer a long time. When I got informed I accidentally sent the bottom portion of check I immediately mailed the actual check the next day. What will be next month - I have lost faith in this company. A phone call from them back in early September could have avoided this mess and STRESS for me.

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Reviewed Oct. 17, 2019

Union Bank customer service is lousy. I called twice yesterday; was told that they would call me back, never called me back. I called the local bank. The bank told me they could not give me my information over the phone. I cannot get to the bank, so I asked about my checking acct. The woman kept telling me to come into the bank. I told her the c.S. Would not call me back. Again, I was told to go to the bank. She refused to help me. I am reporting this so-called bank to the federal reserve. Union Bank is customer service is always closed early during the week. Closed early on Saturday and not even there on Sundays. And definitely closed on holidays. What a mess!!!! J.N. Vista, CA 92083

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Reviewed Aug. 30, 2019

My teenage son is now in control of his finances. He works and has money going into his checking account and he transfers some into savings. Well this past month he bought a car and started school so he has been transferring money from savings to checking to keep up with the busy month. Apparently, he went over his transfer limit but he didn't know. We got a letter in the mail saying his account is being changed to a checking account because of the over limit on transfers. When we spoke with the office, they said he should have received an email and letter in the mail telling him he is close to reaching his limit but we never did. His account is now flagged and he cannot open another savings account anywhere else for a year. That is crazy. Now he has two checking accounts with them for no reason. Smh.

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Reviewed July 5, 2019

We recently bought a home and our mortgage broker went with Union Bank. We wanted to open a line of credit to do some home improvements. After 3 weeks of basically not getting anywhere with a team out of Arizona - we gave up. They don't return phone calls - send wrong information. We are not rookies dealing with banks but we're so frustrated. We decided to call Wells Fargo and in 3 working days are farther into the process than with 3 weeks with Union Bank. Very frustrating to work with.

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Reviewed July 1, 2019

I mailed my payment bill of $100.00. Lol. Somehow it was lost. I have been a customer from the 1980's and a credit score of over 800! They never called! They never notified me the payment was not received. They automatically put a hold on my card over a 89.00 payment. Then when trying to buy a birthday gift on a website I find out my card is no good?? Lol. Good bye forever. I will never use their Service again.

P.S. I gave up on their banking services in the 90's when they were treating customers like trash a charging us for office visits and other services that use to be free including raising minimum balances to outrageous amounts on savings accounts. Also..!! So you know Union Bank just recently started taking over and handling of their own credit cards again in 2019. So this new and poor customer service is directly Union Bank and not a service company that use to handling their cards for the past 15 to 20 years.

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Reviewed March 30, 2019

I have dealt with Union Bank for 28 years, and as a lawyer represented one of its predecessors (Bank of California). They used to be among the most honest, most customer-oriented businesses I ever encountered. They have gone through several mergers, and it has ruined them. Rude, remote, and bureaucratic, and worst of all, incompetent. They make astonishing mistakes, meanwhile bristling with "gotcha" fees and penalties. Their unofficial motto is "nothing can be done." I award a second star only because the local staff, once you become acquainted, are friendly and do their best, under the handicap of awful management.

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Reviewed March 28, 2019

My loan got transferred to Union Bank. They didn't send out a statement until it was the 11th hour so I had to get online to see my statement. Their online system was incredibly buggy and their information about me was wrong. The blamed the last loan provider. I had two different reps trying to help me. Finally they said they had to mail (yes, snail mail) me a username and password to get online. That sort of defeated the whole purpose.

I finally figure out a work around and got logged in. That lasted a few days. I tried to get online and I couldn't log in. I tried to recover my account and my information is back to be incorrect. On top of all that they're sending me letters to change my address from what it was to the same thing. They also keep including my ex wife but when I call they claim she's not in their system. They need to replace their IT leadership.

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Reviewed March 8, 2019

I opened two separate bank accounts on the same day, one with Union bank and another with a different bank. Unbeknownst to me that this could cause an issue with Union Bank. Two weeks later I tried to log in to my account and could not log into the account. So, I called the 800#, the customer service lady said in a condescending manner that the accounts needs to be close due to opening multiple bank accounts. What is wrong with having multiple banks. Although this could be my fault since I open two accounts in separate banks on the same day, learned my lesson on that, but the way Union Bank handle this matter was unprofessional and demeaning.

Think twice If you are considering doing business with Union Bank. I closed my accounts and got my money ASAP. Good riddance Union Bank. There are much better banks out there with much better customer service relations. I know one specifically but I can't mention it, but do your research you will find this bank. This other bank has great customer service relations, they even have coffee and cookie in the lobby and you are greeted with a smile and they even remember everyone's name.

My Union Bank experience was terrible and degrading. Hopefully you get a different more pleasant treatment than I received. But no matter, if you are okay with being treated as a second rate customer then by all means check out Union Banks. But if you want to be treated as a valuable customer since after all you are putting your hard earned money in a bank that you should the very least get treated with respect then go find another bank to do business with, not Union Bank.

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Reviewed March 7, 2019

Union Bank bought my mortgage from another lender and I've had nothing but trouble from the beginning. I couldn't sign up for online banking because whoever inputted my data on my account listed my birthdate incorrectly. Even though it was their mistake, I had to physically go into a local branch, show my ID and prove that their data entry person is a moron. Got it corrected and STILL can't sign up for online banking. The customer service people (who are extremely rude) have no idea what's wrong and they've given up. I've been sending my mortgage payment by check, which they regularly lose, but last month decided to put in my escrow account instead of my mortgage account, which resulted in a late fee and calls from their collection agent for missed payment. Jesus H! The incompetence is staggering. I've been so stressed out by this experience that I'm wondering if there's a lawsuit in here somewhere for pain and suffering.

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Reviewed Feb. 16, 2019

I recently was informed via mail that our corporate checking account had an electronic draft returned for $34.89 two weeks after the fact. When we called to inquire as it was an electronic payment we had performed we were told the fraud department recognized it as such, without contacting us to confirm, and restricted the account. They said that our account had been compromised and to go to the local branch to close it. We did.

What we didn't know is that they took upon themselves to put a stop payment on a range of checks unbeknownst to us until after the fact. As a result several checks were returned for non-payment with penalties and return fees accrued. They sent out a letter stating that we had reported "a loss of checks and/or personal identification" as the reason for the stop payment, which was not the case. We were informed that because of this wording we would not be able to get fees and penalties waived when dealing with the payees. The Union Bank data breach suddenly became our financial responsibility even though we knew nothing of it and they took it upon themselves to put stop payments on a range of checks without our authorization and delayed notification! Still trying to get them to issue a true statement of facts. Without it we incurred a 60% penalty and return check fee from the state of California!

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Reviewed Jan. 3, 2019

My Mother has been a loyal customer of Union Bank for the past 75 years. They put her credit card on credit hold due to a mix up between bank accounts. That was understandable. What was not understandable was that we cleared her balance of $10,000 and even though they showed it paid in full and off credit hold they declined all use of it regardless.

After multiple and I mean like six or eight call where they insisted my mother be on the line (she’s turning 104 shortly) they told me that it will take two weeks before they clear her deposits so she cannot use her card for two weeks! This after 75 years of being a sizable customer in both the commercial and private banking division. Needless to say blood pressures were going through the roof and I’m planning to terminate the relationship my mother has with Union Bank as soon as possible. My suggestion, there are many other banks who will treat you so much better and with much more personalized service.

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Reviewed Dec. 21, 2018

We called customer service to inquire a CD promotion they have for 18 months of which will be expiring that same day. We were told to call the branch near us to discussed with branch manager as it is to their discretion to override it if it is not open that same day and to go the next day at the branch. We called the branch in Roseville, CA in Douglas Blvd. We spoke to the banker Travis and he stated to come in and it can be done. I came in first 45 minutes before closing and waited to be service while I'm waiting for my husband to come. Travis was helping someone and finally he was able to assist me.

My husband came and we sat down and discussed with him our interest on their promotion. I asked him about their stipulation of early withdrawal. He stated it is 6 months prepayment penalty from the principal if closed or early withdrawal is made. We were not sure if that is something we would like to do. We advised him losing 6 months of interest from the interest we are ok but from the principal is not something we would be interested. He also mention the rate might changed by January 2019 to higher or lower base on the market rate. So we stated we are ok on their stipulation however if the rate changed to higher rate that if they can move the funds to a better rate and not like we are withdrawing the funds but just changing the rate without prepayment penalty. He stated it can't be done so we are ok with that at least we tried asking.

I have few cashier's check under my name and he had a manager look at it and he stated it is ok to deposit it since as a third party since my husband is the one only on the CD account. He was not able to open the account the same day since he need more time to that day and we were asked to come back the next day to just make a deposit since he already had my husband signed the signature card. He also mentioned he will be at a different branch location the next day and will call me or text me and that his manager West will be able to assist us. I did not get a call or text so I call the branch. Lydia answered the call and stated she has been a banker for 11 years and they are not able to accept a third party check.

So I went to my bank, tried to make a payee changed but they were not able to so I deposit the cashier check to my husband's account since he has the account with them yesterday. I called Travis back and stated we will come by the next day since there are no time left for the day and he said yes and will have his manager West take care of it. Today comes and my husband received a call from Union Bank Roseville branch and spoke to Lydia. She spoke to Lydia. She stated Travis is off today and that they are not able to move forward with what was promised to us. My husband called West and stated he was sorry that last minute changes was made on their interest and that the promotion had expired and nothing they can do about it.

We informed him that the promotion had already expired on Friday the day we came in but yet they put us through a lot of footwork and troubles of me depositing my check to my husband's account instead of me just keeping it on my name. We don't have an account with Union Bank yet we already going through a bad service and untrustworthy kind of employee who tells you something they can keep. They dishonor a promised they can't commit to. They should have told us from the beginning they can't honor the rate anymore. They have poor customer service and no wonder their reviews are low. So I went to my local branch and they are able to match rate for the same term and less stipulation on prepayment penalty.

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Reviewed Nov. 24, 2018

I have been a Union Bank of California customer for 20 years. Recently online payments I have made have not reached my Payees. These are payments that Union Bank mails out. I understand that mail can get lost or whatever but when the payment does not get there, I have to make the payment a different way so now the funds have been taken out of my account twice. I have called Union Bank. Stopped payment on the check that did not get to my payee so you would think Union Bank would put the money back in my account right? WRONG!!!

They have this screwed up policy that you now have to file a claim and wait a minimum of 10 "business days" while they decide if they are going to give your money back for the payment they failed to make! And it can actually take up to 45 days if they decide they want to. I am currently dealing with this situation for the third time in the last 6 months, and I am going to change banks. The new bank will have to have a different policy regarding checks mailed by the bank that don't get to the payee.

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Reviewed Oct. 20, 2018

Opened saving account and checking account. Didn't know about 6 times rule for saving. Apparently you can't move your own money more than 6 times a month. If you do that, you get charge for $15, for every additional transaction after 6th time. Well it happened that I called on my birthday, hello, hello. So naive, thinking since it happened first time, they may do courtesy credit for $15. Well other banks do that, but not Union. Also I had very unpleasant conversation with supervisor and later another representative. It sounds like they just enjoying pushing people.

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Reviewed Oct. 12, 2018

I moved to CO from CA and needed to close my account since they do not have locations here. They kept charging me service fees for not depositing monthly into the account but I did not want to do that since Union Bank has no ATMS in CO. I called and spoke on the phone for an hour and they basically said they would not waive the $15 cashier's check fee. Tracy, the rep said, "If you were still a customer I could waive the fee but I can't since you're closing the account." I asked the supervisor why they can't waive it now since the whole reason I'm closing the account is because of service fees and she just kept responding, "We cannot waive the fees."

I asked about three times if there was an alternate solution that wouldn't cost me money and got no acknowledgment. Finally, I asked again if I could transfer and what was to stop me from using Venmo and they said I could transfer each of the account balances individually to an external account (Chase) but it would take 5 days to process and that I would have to call back again to cancel once the account has a $0 balance.

Union Bank is horrible with their constant service fees. Their Customer Service reps do not know what they are talking about. Most of the questions I asked Tracy were answered with, "I'm not sure." When I finally asked the supervisor why as a customer they could waive the cashier's check fees but not when I am closing the account she hung up on me! I couldn't call back because it was two minutes past closing time. I am very, VERY unhappy. I have been a Union Bank customer since 2003... 15 years! Never again will I bank with them or give them my business.

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