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I have been with this company for over a year and always made my payments on time. I got one month behind and I have stayed in contact. When I tried to make arrangements I was talked to like I was a dog and told no I would be taken to court! I then was trying to explain and the lady name Clarissa in Laurel, MS was SOOO RUDE and degraded me by saying "Oh this is coming from somebody who can't pay their bills!!!!" She don't know what I am going through and when I am staying in contact and trying to work on my payment. There is no need for the way they treated me!!!!

This company is the worst! I wouldn't recommend anybody get a loan from them... They constantly harass you, threaten you with legal allegations and call your job and references harassing you... Even if you fall one month behind they harass you nonstop.

These people call nonstop and have even left harassing messages. We pay over the amount due every single month and pay off seems to never go down. We never miss a payment but we can't always get to their office to pay the day it's due. They say that's the only way to pay our bill. As soon as the bill is due literally the day it's due they start calling. Twice a day in the morning and at night. I've told me several times to stop calling. The bill is paid EVERY month and they hang up on me. Due to the flooding here I've told them "Please stop calling. I would pay it as soon as we could get there" but they continue to call. Twice a day!! This place is horrible!!

I got a tower loan check in mail. It was in my maiden. I went to tower loan. They said to go ahead and cash it that they will change the last name on contract. They never did. Go divorced, ex not having to pay. I am on ssi, got in bind, went to tower loan office to get loan back on track. 1200.00 is now almost 5000.00. Just in interest. Wtf. I was not informed of lawsuit. I was never served. I received a letter AFTER I made arrangements with Tower Loan office of lawsuit. I get threats, threats to my children and grandchildren. This is legal mafia crap. If anyone suing I want in.

I have 2 accounts with Tower Loan in Byram, MS. One acct is for my mom and one for my grandmother. We have had them both over a year and there's never been a problem with paying them. Today my grandmother called in and they refused her payment because my name isn't on the debit card, which it never has been. They proceeded to tell her she could come in but only with cash. So I called in and they informed me that's always been their policy, though she's been paying it the same way over a year. I called a second branch since the manager wasn't in and was informed as long as I give them permission there shouldn't be a problem.

When I called later I spoke with the manager and she informed me the other branch was wrong and that's always been the policy. I asked her how long she had been there because we've been doing it that way and she refused to answer me. I was trying to get some insight to see if we were being singled out or if she was new but she got an attitude and refused to answer. She denied telling my grandmother she could only pay in cash and then told us we could pay at any branch, which we were told last time my mom tried to pay at another branch that we could not. Everything I said to this manager today was met with an attitude. I'm tired of this company's inconsistency and will be done with them after these accounts are paid off.

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I recently was put on disability. My problem with Tower Loan is they constantly call day a payment is due. They leave threatening messages and even called my 16 year old son, told him If I did not make payment they would drive to my house. I told him if they ever call again tell them I will issue a warrant for coming onto my property. I will pay my account but I won't be threatened or bullied into a payment. They did drive out to my house. Ridiculous, they will not remain in business long. I agree class action lawsuit is exactly what needs happen. Should be laws against bullying for payment.

I was sent a check in the mail and I cashed it. I paid the amount that I was told to pay monthly for over a year. I have medical problems so I was put in the hospital for a while and when I got out I was over medicated and my parents did not know about the loan to keep my payments up. I have since called them to make arrangements and was told that the branch manager was just walking in and the lady placed me on hold.

Once the branch manager (Jessie), got on the phone and I gave him my name he placed me on hold and then the lady picked up the phone stating she would be handling my account. I told her about arranging payments on my account and the total she gave me was over $3,500.00, which was a $1000.00 plus what my total loan originally was with the interest and everything else added in. I then ask her about a hold that was placed on my bank account and was told that they did not place holds on bank accounts and she would have to talk to her branch manager/supervisor who has been in meetings all morning. Now remind you I just got off the phone with him right after he had just walked in. I then explained to the lady that I could pay a note today if they would unlock my account because that account is what would allow me to pay them. She insisted they did not place holds on accounts and would call me back as soon as she talked to him (Jessie).

So I then called the bank who told me to call the court house after they gave me a case number. I then called the court house who told me the branch manager, at the Waveland office, signed the hold papers. I then called Tower Loans back and I could not believe what I was told, another lie. This time the lady who said she was handling my case now told me that the branch manager, Jessie, had been in the ER all morning and she would have him contact me once he returned.

I then told the lady on the phone that "when I called this morning you put him (Jessie, branch manager), on the phone with me and when I told him my name he put me on hold and then gave the phone back to you. A few minutes later after we talked you told me you would be handling my account, and would talk to your supervisor/branch manager about the hold on my account because he had been in meetings all morning." I then ask her which one was it meetings or ER and I was rudely cut off and hung up on. I'M STILL WAITING ON A RETURN CALL!!!

I don't feel I should have to drive 50 miles to pay on my account when they have a online payment option, but the thing is, no matter how many times I put in the correct information the site tells me that it does not recognize my information. Well, I feel as much interest I pay on my loan from TOWER LOAN. The least they could do is fix the online payment center. It isn't fair that I be made to pay late charges due to their website not working properly.

I got a $2500 check in the mail June of 2015. My husband and I were in a bind at the time. My payoff was suppose to be $3200. I was paying 210 a month that started in July 2015. When it got to be November I had to lower my monthly payments to 175 (due to the holidays coming up). When I did that it just looked like I have not paid anything. I owe them $2800 (keep in mind the pay off was 3200). I have been up to date on my payments. It's like a never ending thing. Interest is tacked on every month making it nearly impossible to pay it off. Here is where the real problem came about. My husband just got laid off in February 2016 so we are living off my income at the moment which is barely keeping our bills paid.

I went and dropped the insurances on the loan a couple of months ago but it still looks like my balance has not went down. Well, up to February 2016 I was on time with my payments, it is now March 2016 I could only pay them 20 bucks in February and they are blowing my phone up. I got a phone call today from a girl that worked there, (I told her the situation we were in). She told me to call the manager tomorrow that there are 5 insurance policies showing up on my loan that can be dropped. I was so mad I had "supposedly" got all the insurance dropped off the loan to lower the balance. I have even asked the manager a couple of times if everything extra is on the loan I want to drop. He would tell me that there is nothing else to drop. Basically, lying to me.

All tower loan does is screw people over. They will not work with you on lowering your minimum payment. There is no point in me calling the manager to get those insurance policies taken off. All he will tell me is that there is none on the loan. We are struggling to live, and I know they will start with their threats of taking legal action. I just don't know what to do. I stress over this all the time! I recommend to never cash a check from them or use them for anything! They are rude and they don't care if you will eat the next day or keep your lights on as long as you pay them!

I got a phone call from one of your employees, about a family member. I hadn't been able to get ahold of this family member. My sister has also gotten phone calls from a few of your employees in the last 3 weeks, so when I tried to tell this young man I couldn't get ahold of my family member, and that I'd like my number taken off the list, he hung up on me. If I were his mother, I would have let him know how rude that was. Shame on him for doing that!

I was just at Tower Loans to make my payment with my debit card! One person working! And he wasn't authorized to take a debit card! Seriously?! The manager just stepped out for a moment and will be back! I went out of my way and all I got was a sorry!

This company is horrible. Even if your bill is paid up, they call you every day the week before to make sure you don't forget to come in and pay. If you don't answer your phone, they'll start calling your family, or references, and they tell erroneously who they are and what they're calling for. They have no respect for the fair debt practices act. I was a month behind and they called my mother and screamed at her and made her cry. BEWARE. These people are evil.

You can't pay them off, every time I make a payment it never go down.

I have had a couple of loans with this company before without any real complaints. I received a check in the mail for $1400. I was in a tight so against my better judgement I cashed it. They started calling me 2-3 times a week to offer me $500 or whatever else I needed. I would tell them no thanks and then they would remind me that I had a payment coming up and they could take it over the phone if I wanted. I was making payments online thru their online service in which they charged $3-4 for the transaction. I was ok to pay that without having to deal with them.

After the first couple of weeks and 4-6 calls later, I was tired of them calling me with the same old story. I travel for work and try to only make/take business calls during the day. They would call me only during working hours and I reminded them that I was at work and didn't need to take personal calls. This had no effect on them and the calls continued. Working out of town, whenever I saw a local call then I would answer it because I thought it was legitimate. It always turned to be one of their loan hounds. I started blocking their calls on my phone and whenever I look at my call log, there are multiple calls from them. They act as if they are out of money and have to have yours back asap in order to stay in business. Due to their unprofessionalism I will never do business with them again and highly recommend that others use extreme caution when dealing with these pushy, rude people.

Tower Loan of Byram is the absolute worst place I have ever gotten a loan. These guys wanna call and demand money 6-10 times a day, they are very willing to trespass on your property. I got a loan through a separate location of Tower Loan and had no problems until my account was moved to the Byram branch. Since then I have been refused documents, payments have been held in order to give them grounds to take me to court, the amount owed never adds up. The manager is a class act **! I've gone over the manager's head to the regional manager he's no different. I will not use this company ever again.

We've always paid Tower Loan, maybe late a couple of times because we were too busy dealing with my elderly mother's heart problems and our oldest son's heart problems. We're not hardly home at all because of this now. Rest assured whenever we were late, it was because we were busy and just forgot and when we realized, we immediately paid them IN FULL. This time we're a month and a half behind and we asked if we could pay in FULL again on Friday October 16 2015, and they downright refused payment. We even went as far as to say not only will we pay in full Friday but let's setup an auto pay every month so if we get caught up in our own family's medical necessities, they could get paid regardless. That wasn't good enough! They said if it wasn't paid by the Thursday Oct. 15 2015 then they would garnish our wages!

I don't know how we're going to be able to pay for my son and mother's medical expenses if they do that, much less take care of our mortgage, utilities, kids, etc. They're going to take 25% of every check! Please, if anyone is thinking of using Tower Loans business, DONT!! They're worse than the mafia!!... It's a huge scam! ... Please pray for us, we NEED them. Thanks.

Tower Loan is a ripoff. I took out a loan with them for 2.500. They did not tell me how much I was to pay back. They told me nothing like the other loan places do. They ask me did I want my paperwork shred. I say no, mail it too. She said ok. They never mailed me nothing, so I called them on the phone to ask where my paperwork was. "You was suppose to mail it to me". She said, "We don't mail paperwork." So I paid my first bill, still no paperwork yet. So I have not paid them nothing since #1 2.500, and they sent me an letter in the mail saying I owe 5.070.00. That's over a dollar on a dollar. So now they are sending me letters in the mail threatening to file a lawsuit against me, and she also got smart mouth with me over the phone. They are a big ripoff.

Back in 2012, I had taken out a loan with Tower Loan. After three years they had my check garnish; ok the amount super exceed the amount in judgement because it still right now accruing interest. Tower Loan is a rip off!!!! If I had known what I know now. Never would have received my social security number.

I am very pissed off right now with this company: Tower loans. They are very rude. Their Customer Service is horrible. They call three to five times a day with threats and they have missed you they privacy law and the arbitration act. This company has so many bad reviews. I can't see how they are still in business. They need to be shut down by the government or the FBI. They loan amount was 1500.00 and they say I owe $4000.00. Now I don't know how that is. But I am going to filing bankruptcy because of this now. I have a newborn that has had some health issue and they don't care. They are rude about it. They have been call me when I was at the hospital with my son. Very inconsiderate of my son. I am calling the BBB to filing a complaint with them.

Applied for a car loan here in Little Rock where I live. While they looked at my credit they informed me that I have a Tower Loan that has not been paid. I have never had a Tower Loan in my life. Contact them and they said I had a loan from Shreveport. They stated I had a loan back in 2008. While it is true I did live in Bossier at one time, I never took a loan from Tower Loan. I spoke with the manager of the place and he told me that he could not produce any paperwork because the loan is so old and they charged it off. I have always paid my bills and I would remember a loan if I took one from them, but I never did.

I disputed it through Transunion and it was deleted from my credit report, however, it showed up on Equifax next and Equifax sent me an email stating that the loan was mine. I never took out this loan and now Tower Loan is saying it is legit but can't produce any paperwork. They are liars and cheats. I hope they crash and burn, and I can care less about their workers being unemployed.

My every conversation was a "thug like" threat from the guy on the phone. They called incessantly, 5, 6 times a day! They bugged my Pastor. They bugged (called) my uncle in CA. They were horrible! They bugged my Pastor's mother thinking that their threats would force me to pay. I call Tower Loan the Mafia. To me, your businesslike practices promotes your businesslike greed and anxiousness. I loathe this company and not wish to speak with them. THEY'RE MEAN MEAN MEAN!

I am very disappointed to say that my experience at Tower Loan in Alexandria, La was absolutely the worst I have ever experience in my 27 years. I am the type of person that is very patience, and considerate of any business due to having working in customer services since I started in the work field. Not to mention, in the process of co-owning my own business with my husband. I went into Tower Loans to receive a loan just to keep my credit score in good health since I haven't purchased anything in a while, which was recommended. When I received my first bill approx month later in the mail I was confused because the totally balance was doubled in which the check was written. I went into Tower Loans, and took the exact amount back that the check was written (like prev stated, I really didn't need the money).

The lady said "your balance is more than that amount." It was $900+ IN A MONTHS TIME- BEFORE THE FIRST PAYMENT WAS EVER DUE! I asked her "was interest built daily?" She replied "no monthly." I stood there very confused by how you mailed me a statement that covered for 26 months term, and half of that extra amount was accumulated in just one month. Needless to say, I did not pay that extra $900 until I found someone that could explain this to me. The next day, I went back with my husband to talk to the manager. Come to find out, I had extra OPTIONAL insurances applied to this loan. All the manager kept saying was "you signed it, you didn't read what you were signing!" This just made me more upset. Yes, although she is very right, I take part on that I should have read in more details.

I "trusted" the lady that was assisting me with this small amount of loan. I kept asking the lady "Really, I need to sign all this for this small loan? I need to tell you all this info for a small loan? I never had to have all this before to get a loan." She replied: "Just our policy." I have bought a home, car, and building for our business, and never once felt railroad like I did with this experience. After being told there's nothing I can do but pay the amount, one of the workers finally told me that "OH well you can call two of these places and cancel them. They will prorate the amount to reduce the balance." I called both places. There was a lack of organization there with the Tower Loan employees. I will leave that out due to minimize this complaint, and move on to my reasoning of writing this complaint. The next day, I spoke with the regional supervisor, which was absolutely no help at all.

It appears she had already contacted the employees, because our conversation sounded pre-rehearsed as if she already knew what she was going to say. Did I receive customer service "with utmost integrity" as website states? No! All she continue to say is the same thing "You sign the paperwork, you don't read what you sign." Yes, I admit to my doings, but as a supervisor can I get an apology for feeling railroad due to me STEADILY asking why do I have to do all this? At this point, I would THINK the lady that was assisting me would have said "you don't have to get it, it's OPTIONAL." In my mind, I knew I was going to pay this little loan back before interest start to increasingly pile up. I'm thinking it is their policy to protect themselves (as the lady told me) for repayment of the loan. With all this been said, I would NEVER EVER (and I don't like to use the word never) use Tower Loans again.

I also am making it a point to talk to all my family, friends, and coworkers to do so as well. Like I told the supervisor, it's not even about the money anymore, it's about the customer service. I feel taken advantage of, and not to mention the workers basically having an "o well" attitude towards me. I hope no other customer have this run in with the Alexandria, La location. I also hope that the workers at this branch learn to tell their customers that those extra insurances are optional, they EXPLAIN what each are because you work there we don't so you already have an understand of each, and that they have a better customer service attitude during difficult/frustrating situations for both parties.

I applied for a loan on August 4, 2015 and was denied because loans that I took out at Sun loan and Security finance I had renewed too many times and did not pay an entire loan.. Since when do you get penalized for getting interest money back. Also no one knew how affiliate marketing works. I said reduce the amount of loan requested and he cut me off. I would not recommend Tower Loan because they don't understand how other loan companies work.

No alert to remind you of payment due to save on interest. Call for payoff said 192.00. Go to pay next day, it's 300.00. Your receipt from last payment says 188. Well I pay 192.22 and receipt says balance 223.30. This place is a rip off but I will get a lawyer. I saved all my receipts. They are ripping people off. Going tomorrow to pay off, see what happens. Then said it would be 1 hundred sixty something. If it's more going straight to lawyer's office.

I've always had a good experience with Tower Loan. They send me a $1,216 check, which I cash, then I pay it off over 10 months. I've done this probably 3 or 4 times. Two of the times I paid the checks off within the same month. This is what I don't do... When they call me asking about providing more money, with the same payments, I always say "No". They can be a bit relentless sometimes calling twice a day from the same office. I politely say no each time. Even when they I call to pay my monthly amount. They ask me if I want to receive $500 in extra money. I always say no. That's probably how they trap you. Like some of the other people in commenting about Tower Loans. Other than that.. I can't complain.

Was told I did not qualify for a loan. I have a new car and could not get a 500 loan from Tower Loan? But I'm glad because I have had problems with them before. I don't know what I was thinking when I applied for a loan with this sneaky company. Was probably a good thing I was denied because along the way I know they would have made me angry with their unfair practices.

First off, shame on the furniture store that uses these guys for financing! Second, this place is setup to be a complete scam! When I was approved I had to call in no fewer than 4 times to get something from them in writing to acknowledge I was even a customer, during that time I received no fewer than 3 or 4 calls from them trying to get me to take personal loans out through them... Funny, you can't send someone any paperwork showing how much they owe, when it's owed, or that they are even customers, but you can try to dump more debt on them... After finally getting my information I decided to try to pay online, and what a nightmare that is as well! I've never seen a website that requires so many silly little things to login..

And OH YEAH, my biggest bone with this company, NO ALERTS or BILLS or anything to remind you when it's going to come due... I can't imagine WHY... Surely it CAN'T be because if you miss a payment you lose the promo APR and get smacked hard on the interest rate for the duration of your loan... Not only that, but to enroll in auto pay so you don't have to worry about it, they require you take time off work and come in just to show them a copy of a check... Something I have NEVER had to do with any other company, and I use auto-pay for everything... And to put the final insult on the situation, they charge a ridiculous "convenience" fee for paying online... Because somehow saving time and money and the expense of live people to process my payment isn't good enough for them, they hit you with a $4-5 charge for every online payment you make... What a crock!

Add all this up and this company is nothing more than a sham with a business plan set to take advantage of people who aren't well off enough to pay in full for a new bed or other furniture.. Imagine having a loan out for $1500-2000 for some furniture and missing 1 payment and now have an APR anywhere between almost 18% and 35%.. Most people who are on this type of loan would never get out from under the debt... Way to go guys, and we wonder what's wrong with our country! I'm so bitter over this that I'll be making large payments every month just to have them out of my life within a few months... I have no interest in doing business with a predatory lender!

I applied for a loan at Tower Loan on Monday, June 22, 2015. I was told I could not get a loan.They did not give me a reason.

I contacted Tower Loan in May to request my balance. I was told by a male employee that my balance was approximately $1800.00. I called today June 18, 2015 to request my balance. I was told that my balance is $2180.00. Of course I questioned this amount as I had been told something different last month. ** told me that I was given incorrect information. I documented the balance, date, time, and her name. I am making a payment today. I will call again next month to find out how high the balance will be. For some reason the more payments that I make the higher my balance gets! Ridiculous!!! If my payments do not decrease I am going to seek legal counsel as well as contact the Better Business Bureau. STAY AWAY FROM TOWER LOAN IS MY ADVICE TO EVERYONE. THEY PILE ON EXTREME INTEREST RATES SO THAT YOU CANNOT PAY OFF A LOAN!!!

Tower Loan is the worst loan company I have ever dealt with. They are rude and they threaten their customers. I have being paying these guys for almost two years now and I only borrow 2000.00 from them. And now Tower Loan say I owe the 2800.00 Bulls..... I told them guess what they will never see it.

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