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I contacted TDP based solely on my favorable opinion of Rush Limbaugh. This was perhaps one of the worst, if not the worst, experiences I have had researching a company. After giving some my personal information, David ** asked me what my decision would be to use their service. I responded, because of the considerable cost involved, I would discuss it with my wife. Upon saying this, Mr. ** started speaking in way that was demeaning, at best. "You've got a problem you need to resolve now and you're giving a weak reason that you need to talk to your wife? You're not going speak to your wife about this. You need to make a decision." (I'm paraphrasing.) To say the least, I was in shock. He made me feel like an idiot and a liar. I told him that if I said I would speak to my wife, that I would.

I was calling this company because I had a need and was looking for an expert to help me resolve it. I did not expect to be treated in such a disrespectful and demeaning manner. I recommended no one use this company, unless you have masochistic tendencies or miss your time in basic training. Awful, awful experience with Tax Defense Partners. Makes me a bit more wary of Rush's sponsors in the future.

Satisfaction Rating

I called and talked with Mr Mike ** a year ago. My claim is not solved yet and the IRS sent me a letter stating they will begin seizing my property next month. I have paid in full the $6800 flat fee they charge. I have twice sent them the paperwork and background they have asked for. I would call or email them and not hear from them for weeks. They would tell me they were waiting on me to send them something. When I pointed out I had and proved it from my set file, they would say we will get on this right away. I am now told since I have the money in an account to settle this debt, send us the money and we will negotiate the penalties down.

When I told them they advertise nationwide on their negotiating federal and state debt down to minimal amounts, I was emailed two options: empty one of my accounts to pay the debt or pay $10,000 more than I owe the IRS in installments over 72 months. Those were my only options. So the fox goes into the hen house and then we negotiate for the chickens.

During this past year, the Attorney handling my account went on leave for months. I did not learn this until after I got an out of office email reply from the individual. I called Mr ** and then got another phone call telling me this individual would be out of the office. Would have been nice to know how was taking my account since I received more letters from the IRS during my wait to find out who was handling the claim.

After numerous emails during this 11 months, no resolution in sight and now I feel the emails I receive from them have an air of this is my fault for the extended resolution of my claims and we will get to it when we can. But I do have my two options now...I would not recommend Tax Defense Partners to anyone for resolving IRS issues unless you have a lot of money in bank accounts and a year or more to wait for claims to be solved.

Updated on 03/20/2015:

Tax Defense Partners and I have reached a resolution of our issues.

Satisfaction Rating

They had no problem collecting the $8,000 I was charged but have yet to see any relief of interest or fees due the IRS. No better than American Tax Relief that I see was recently fined. Go get these crooks also.

Expert Review

Andrew PoulosTax Relief Contributing Editor

Andrew G. Poulos, EA, ABA, ATP, is principal of Poulos Accounting & Consulting, Inc. in Atlanta, GA where he works with individual and business tax clients and represents clients before the IRS and state labor agencies. A self-made entrepreneur and real estate investor, Andrew is an author, national speaker and nationally syndicated tax software expert.    More about Andrew→

Tax Defense Partners was founded in 1998 in order to resolve problems with the IRS and help customers find relief from back taxes. Tax Defense Partners represents individuals and businesses both small and large.

  • Expertly qualified: Tax Defense Partners employs licensed CPAs, attorneys and IRS enrolled agents who specialize in distinct tax challenges, giving customers access to experts for their specific tax-related problems.
  • Handles all communication: The company takes over all communication with the IRS once they have begun working on a case, so a customer doesn't have to handle complicated communications as the middleman.
  • Huge range of services: Because Tax Defense Partners caters to individuals and businesses alike, they offer a wide range of services, including innocent spouse release, removal of bank garnishments, audit representation and more.
  • Customer service options: The company offers customers a selection of customer service options, including live online chat and a phone line with representatives qualified to help.
  • Years of experience: Tax Defense Partners has nearly 20 years of experience helping people with their tax relief.
  • Best for Individuals with garnished wages, individuals with a federal tax lien or levy,, innocent spouses and business owners with back payroll taxes.

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