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I have been a Royal Bank customer close to 30 years so one would think it would pay attention and try to keep me a satisfied customer but just went through the most unpleasant customer service experience. Early June I went to the main branch in Toronto to get my daughter a companion Visa credit card as she was going to travel quite a bit during the summer to places where debit cards do not work in shops. So my account, my responsibility to pay: simple: no additional credit risk for the bank. Was given a form for her to sign so did that and brought the form back (visit #2). Daughter goes off to 1st trip and no card. Worried about 2nd trip and my daughter having no card so I go to my local branch near home to try and figure out what happens (visit #3); after several minutes of looking into files was told application is held up, not to worry will be sent immediately with a rush. No effect.

I go back to main branch and ask to see a manager (visit #4) who apologizes, phones around, "gets it solved" and promises there is a rush to get it delivered home. No effect. Go back to main branch (visit #5): ask to speak to a branch manager who calls around, "solves it", promises a rush before trip #2. No effect: card does finally arrive after 5 visits and more than 2 months after trip #2 so no use when it arrives. Reading the newspapers I should probably have asked for a $1m mortgage and THAT would have been done in 5 minutes it looks like! But a little card with barely any additional revenue for the bank that is going to waste several hours of my time. Well done!

RBC is one of the worst bank I have had to deal with. They give misleading information, to me it is deceiving their new customers. I recently opened an account at RBC. They promised to give me an iPad, provided I had 2 pre-authorized bill payments or 1 direct deposit. So I arranged for 2 pre-authorized payments, as I have plenty in my other accounts. I arranged this by Debit Visa, because I was told that would work as well, and there is no mentioning that it would not qualify in their terms and conditions. Well, now - after about 5 months - I was told I would not get the iPad, as pre-authorized payments via Visa Debit would not qualify. Excuse me?! Are you for real?! When opening the account, everything was okay and now this?

I must say that the complete staff at that branch is completely unprofessional, impolite and unfriendly in general. They are slow, say they have not received any emails, although I bring along proof, they promise and then they forget, etc. I could go on and on... It took them 2 weeks to get my Debit card from another branch in the same town... and so on... Maybe it is just this branch, however, I was told by so many people not to go there. Well, I went there, opened an account and have learned my lesson. I will cancel the account today.

I don't know where to begin. RBC policy is literally destroying my life and the life of my children. About 18 years ago I signed up for an RBC visa card, never had any problems... They auto changed the card for me some years ago to a Capitol One card, things went on like normal. Today maybe 5 years later they say I owe 28k on my card. I never use my card. The charges of the 28k are most ALL penalty fees on a 700.00 debt from years and years ago which I was never informed of... They demand now 57k in court costs and 36k in debts owing... Almost 100k! They launch their court case in Ontario, and won... I did not even know about it. No one sent me any letters or phoned. I live in BC Vancouver. I have never even been outside of this province. They now have a lien against my house and the power to sell it if I don't agree to pay them a gigantic sum every month for basically the next 10 years or more with mounting interest.

I am a hair dresser. This house was the one thing I managed to get with my life's work and they have the legal power to take it from me. This is over 700 dollars! Which was an amount they did not transfer to my new Capitol One card when they decided for some reason to change me over to that... I have no idea why. I have never in my entire life missed a single payment on my card or my Mrtg... This is their fault, but because the system holds trials in other provinces and RBC seems to have no need to inform me about it now I'm legally screwed. I have gone to lawyers, they want 2k just to get something started and they tell me this is something very difficult and expensive to do, like perhaps more expensive than the 100k and there are no guarantees. In other words it's hopeless for me since I do not have 100k to pay visa or 100k to fight their evil system.

I have tried to plea to any person in the RBC, tried to explain that I have done nothing wrong, and even if I did owe 700 dollars from years ago, it should not be almost 100k today because of their gigantic legal fees process... I would have been happy to pay this plus interest, so about 4k... but 100k is a scam! It's impossible for me. I have no family or rich friends... and cannot possibly afford their minimum payment of 2800 per month. I am a hair dresser, almost age 70 and on my LAST year or two of work. I earn very little. I could not even afford 200 per month without cutting off my phone or not turning on my lights. This company is EVIL.

If anyone could see the real story about what they are doing to me, no one would even believe it... and this is Canada. I have no idea how this type of brutal scam company can operate like this. They abuse the court system and target the weakest people like me. Basically at this point I have been told they will force the sale of my house over the next 12 weeks. They will subtract their 100k plus expenses and give me the rest... It will be less than nothing and I will be homeless age 70 and no idea how to store or tend to my personal items. I could never afford to rent in this city on my wage. My life ends over this under great stress and feeling helpless. I hope someone else reads this and will remember RBC is an evil company... Do not trust them. The people working at RBC are just young people with no blame, but the system in place is something they do not know about... It destroys good hard working people's lives.

It's been two years since I'm going to this branch to make deposit for work. I guess because I'm depositing for my company they don't treat me like their regular clients. To begin with they refused to provide us any deposit bags, and turned around to complain about how we don't write the deposit slips correctly. Most of their staff have the same power-play attitude like we are a bother to trouble their days. One times their CSR made me repeat my request three times. Even when my manager went in to the branch to have a meeting with their branch manager, she received the similar mistreatment. I guess my only way of expressing my years of dreadful and dissatisfied experiences with this bank will be to write online reviews.

Please don't have any insurance or loan with Royal Bank. Their system is super slow. Everything that you request all need more than 10 business days to process. The customer service always say do the best for you, but never. What you need to do is just wait, wait, wait. I've wasted so much time doing the call with Royal Bank then still end up with just wait.

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I went through a horror today with RBC rep credit card department. I called to have a simple explanation of my account statement but the representative was so arrogant, unprofessional. I felt so humiliated because I wanted information about MY account. I work so hard for my money and wanted just a simple explanation and the representative insulted and humiliated me. The supervisor even said that he will put a certain block in my account because I decide to made a complaint about the representative. I will definitely open a new bank account somewhere else with another bank, I never want to have to talk that kind of representative, I have been with RBC since 8 years, it is an ok bank though but some representative need training.

I set up an appointment to open an RBC Direct investing account. On the day of the appointment I walk in to the branch, filled up the application with the investing representative and submitted all my document. More than a month later my account is still not active yet. I called their direct line many times but each time I get conflicting answer and stories about the status of my account. Every time I call, I answer tons of question but still no one answer me why my account is inactive. The representative who answer the phone seems not properly trained and they are nonprofessionals. I have never received a call or a letter from them regarding my account status. Finally I decided to move to DT Bank. I found DT Bank much better than RBC. TD staff was well trained and TD has well established communication system. I suggest don't waste your time with RBC and move on to other banks.

My husband tried to open a TFSA account with RBC Direct Investing. I had downloaded and completed the profile, TFSA, trade authorization, and W-8BEN forms that are required and took them to the branch. Once there we were met by one of their advisors who said it would be much better if he completed the forms on-line to open the account because it would more direct and faster. My husband answered all the advisor's questions as he typed them on the on-line form and signed where he was asked to sign.

We were supposed to receive an e-mail from RBC Direct Investing to let us know the TFSA account had been opened; the e-mail of course was never received as they sent it to the wrong address. When we inquired a few weeks later we were told they had opened a "spousal" account as it had been check marked on the profile application but that they couldn't proceed with opening the TFSA because these can only be individual accounts. They never contacted us to explain there was a problem with the account opening and all of this could have been avoided if the advisor at the branch had completed the forms properly!

Next time I decided to skip the branch and mailed the forms directly to RBC Direct Investing in Toronto. Never heard from them again until I phoned them a couple of weeks later. They told me that we had forgotten to complete the "Occupation" lines so that we had to complete the "Client Profile Form" again. As it turns out, you do not have to enter your occupation but choose from a list of numeric codes that correspond to a particular occupation which I had done as I verified the copies of my mailing to them. Anyway, I sent a new copy of the "Client Profile Form" and wrote the occupation next to the code.

Never heard from RBC Direct Investing again until I phoned them a week later. This time they said they had the profile but they didn't have the W-8BEN form and that is all they needed to open the account. My husband signed a new W-8BEN and popped into the branch to have it sent through their internal mail. Never heard from RBC Direct Investing again. We came back from holidays this week and phoned them. The answer was that they had the W-8BEN but that did not have the Profile Form!

I have been a client of RBC's for over 20 years and I simply had it. Something has been happening lately with their customer service. When you phone either RBC the bank or the Direct Investing side you can perceive that whomever answers your call is only a half-baked trainee, they do not speak clear English and they put you on hold to go and find out the right answer from someone else.

Yesterday, I phoned RBC and asked to speak with a supervisor to establish a complaint. Well, this lady transferred me to an answering machine of someone who said was out of the office until August 2 and that I should contact Customer Service. I phoned Customer Service again, spoke to the agent and explained the situation. He said, "No problem I will transfer you to the Customer Service Manager". He put me on hold forever until another agent picked up the phone and asked me what I was waiting for. I had not been transferred anywhere. I guess they left me waiting there until I tired and hung up. I have made an appointment with another bank this week to move all of my accounts out of RBC and RBC Direct Investing. By the way, trying to open that TFSA took over 3 months and counting.

I recently changed banks from a provincial credit union to a National Bank (RBC) due to doing business inter-provincially. During this time I also had to deal with my mom's aid estate. The level of professionalism at RBC has been careless and Insubordinate at best. They have managed to cost me thousands of dollars. I was told today the money in the Estate account will stay there for 9 years then go to the government. Good Times! Thank God I changed to TD Canada Trust and got the rest of my money out yesterday. Lesson learned: as I get older I keep thinking I am wiser but in reality it is easier for others to take advantage.

Let me start by saying that I have been a loyal RBC client for 40+ years. They have made mistakes, but everyone does, so I gave them a pass. If I could give them less than 1 star here, I would. In the last two years they have messed up my mortgages so much I can't even begin to comprehend how they are still in business. 2 years ago, the mortgage person was so incompetent that they fired him (I think over the mess he made of my mortgage). I was promised it would be fixed (he had somehow split it into two mortgages and a line of credit, so I was making 3 separate payments) but it was never fixed, so I just lived with it.

Now, I sold my house and bought a condo. I had a great meeting with a mortgage person. It went very smoothly. We discussed how I wanted ONE mortgage, no line of credit. Paid once monthly (instead of bi-weekly). I wanted a 24 year amortization, 5 years fixed term (I had already worked out the numbers ahead of time). I got a great rate, we agreed on everything, and then I signed the papers based on what we had agreed upon. So when my house closed, I was surprised first to receive a statement advising that my first payment was due 2 weeks earlier than I had anticipated. Because they had gotten the payments wrong, and made it bi-weekly. Then, through the process of trying to fix that, I find out that I have a 30 year mortgage instead of a 24 year mortgage, and that they have closed my VISA account without telling me.

So I email the mortgage person who says that yes, that is what I signed. BUT THAT ISN'T WHAT WE DISCUSSED, OR WHAT I AGREED TO! Either she knowingly misled me, or she made a mistake, neither of which she will admit to. I signed the documents based on good faith that she had put in what we had agreed upon.

BUYER BEWARE! I am not a stupid person. I am well-educated, and I know my way around numbers pretty well. But I signed a document based on what she told me. I did check the document for the rate to make sure that was right. I never thought to check for the amortization period. So I have no proof that what I said happened, happened. I will never ever trust an RBC employee again for anything. I am stuck now, I can't get out of it without paying a huge penalty, so I will have to live with their mistake again, for another 5 years. But at that point I am pulling everything out of RBC and going to another bank. Maybe TD will give me a TV for switching to them. That's more than I ever got from RBC.

When I go for banking at this bank, the teller puts "Window Closed" sign in front of me and never serves me. This incident happened in Hamilton Branch at Whitney. I brought this to the notice of the manager by sending him an email. Nothing changed. Then I went one level higher, the regional manager made notes but nothing changed. Their policies are very racist. In terms of getting their products be it investments or credit, there is definitely some favouritism. I have written to the ombudsman and waiting for the reply.

RBC had charged $550 is NSF charges to my account and is now threatening action against my credit score. RBC says my gym membership tried to withdrawal from my account 10 times. My gym membership was even on a 2 month "hold" where payments were not to be made while I was away on vacation. My gym never tries to withdrawal more than twice. But RBC says the gym tried to withdrawal nearly 8 times in one month. Even after I contacted my gym and they told me that they will only ever try to withdrawal the money twice and confirmed that my membership was on hold. RBC continually charged me NSF fees. RBC refused to accept a letter from my gym stating something may have happened in between the accounting and admin. department but they don't have modern systems to go back to verify that.

RBC never contacted me that my inactive account was accumulating an inactive balance and RBC continually let my balance go into the negative. They finally contacted me when the balance was over $300, and even at this point would not let me shut down the account. The Credit Union I bank with does not do this, and the bankers I talk to at Scotiabank also say they would contact me, shut the account down, or put a stop payment on the account until I was contacted. All of which was never done by RBC in a timely fashion. I was rejected the option to shutdown and put a stop payment or forced to pay $350 I didn't have, or I refused to pay to that evil bank.

I feel as though RBC is getting back at me for changing banks. I had joined RBC when they had a promotion to get a free iPad or $300 when signing up a new banking account. I used RBC for a while, but after a year I didn't enjoy their customer service so I went to a Credit Union. RBC can go to hell, if they want the $300 after I left a year later they should ask for it not steal it. Don't even get me started on RBC and their mortgages... Stay away on all counts. Worst bank in Canada.

What a stupid bank from what it was when I was younger banking with my Mom having loads of investments there, they are hiring incompetent tellers to screw around with the older clients. I am 33. There is this middle eastern-arab looking teller in cote des neiges cote st catherine branch in montreal that stamped on my check that I was depositing and then asks me how I got it, where it come from, she ask me so many freaking questions. I wanted my check back but she stamped on it because she wanted to know how she can get amount like that because she sees that I am ethnic and that she could get away with this **.

Then stopped and said, "I'll have to verify the check or something", I said, "Do it." I have been depositing the same check since like forever. Stupid banker, the last time I saw her she was in the business section. I really wanted to avoid that **, there are other tellers so much better reaction, so much smoother, but luck would have it. I had to wire and consult only her as the other tellers said they didn't have authority to wire. I went up to her, the first thing she says is, "This is business section. You wait over there in the regular line." Apart from assuming me, like I wanted to consult her, then I said, "The other teller said to see you to wire", she said who, I pointed to the teller that wanted me to see her, she said the "young girl". I said yah? A young girl was her response, as if like making me guilty for following orders of a young girl or something. ** wrong with this bank - some incompetent tellers getting high positions.

I try to open for a credit card for their multi product rebate waive that fee concept for my checking account, having near perfect credit score they refuse me time time again. I don't need a credit card, all this talking and recording it to train their staff and getting me in deeper **. I am fed up with this bank, I stopped trying, saying, "Do you want me to withdraw all my funds, why you don't just give me a credit card to waive that fee, I don't even use a credit card." Gives me for 6 month rebate. Other banks would waive the fee after having a certain amount in deposit like 2K but this bank has a different business plan of enjoying giving out loans and mortgages (free money) to riddle the country with debt with their fractional reserve banking scheme at the expense of people working and using the money they earned wholeheartedly.

I don't think it's only me, but usually things run smooth with tellers except for ** and arab middle eastern tellers. Two ** tellers that I saw recently to make a wire, one close to Plamondon metro another Darlington. They wasted a lot of my time just to do something so simple, I was worried they might ** up my account, when ever I said something they looked at me with big eyes like they wanted to kill me.

The one in plamondon took 30 min of my time and wasn't able to do anything nor give me suggestions of what I already told her, instead pushing and typing this, consulting manager for 30 minutes and printing saying for her training purposes, ** that. The other 45 minutes consulting her manager typing in the information, dropping my papers on the floor for something so simple, the other tellers do it so well, she just wastes your time and does it wrong and is given high positions. She calls me on Saturday to give me bad news, this is not a ** game. I am taking my money out of this bank, I am sure lots of wealthier clients their, I hope this bank goes down for its sins.

I have been fighting this for almost a year now. I had over 10 thousand taken out of my three accounts at RBC with 79 hits in less than two weeks out of two savings accounts and one checking. They concluded that I should have noticed after paying a bill online. Really now. It is interesting when I don't even pay bills online. Never. One account was even in the negative.

Funny, when I was making very good money at a government job in the north, held a mortgage and a line of credit with them, I received many calls regarding how they noticed that I had this money and would I like to invest. Then, I retired early, paid off my mortgage and my line of credit. Now, this. No more phone calls. No respect and no online monitoring like they promise. I feel that I am treated differently now that I am low income. I am not treated the same. I talked to many in the banking business who said that people are treated differently according to their income level. I went through all the channels to fight, but they still won't admit that they screwed up. It isn't about the money anymore. It is how I was treated and not taken care of and be called a liar after being involved with the bank since 1982.

I contacted the TV shows On Your Side and Go Public and am presently looking for a reporter to help me get my money back. I am presently trying to get help from as many groups who can help. I am not going to stop until I get my money back, plus interest and an apology. I am taking out some of my assets with them as soon as I decide on a different banking institution. This sort of practice has to stop.

The one thing I know for sure now I will never, ever be RBC client in my entire life. Customer Service is very poor and not knowledgeable at all, they are not even polite to customers. This is why I decided to close all my accounts with RBC and believe or not when I went there the agent even did not asked me why I am closing everything with them. She was very not polite to me and even she raised her voice but I reacted to it very quickly telling her she is not allowed to do that.

I opened my new accounts at VanCity Credit Union and I am very happy. Never, ever going back to RBC. A few my relatives and my friends had have same experience with RBC Customer Service so they plan to leave it.

My husband recently went to his bank (Royal Bank) to pay off our pool loan (bought at Trevi). Trevi uses the national bank for finances, and which our pool was financed through. Not a problem right?? Just like any other bill, bring your bill to the teller and they pay it. Wrong!!! The teller at the Royal bank paid the loan off to Trevi (after we told her it's through National Bank!). The bank teller paid the wrong institution for the pool. 3200 dollars to the wrong institution. Ugh!!! Annoying but ok it can be fixed.

The next day when my husband called National Bank to inquire about the payment, they said they did not receive it, as it went to Trevi. It was not a complicated bill to pay, we had the documentation and the teller screwed it up. My husband then called Trevi, who were more than happy to flag his file and decline payment once/if payment was sent through. Ok fine, not a major problem right?! Well that's 3200 dollars in "limbo" between the bank and Trevi. Royal Bank was then also notified about the wrongdoing so they could flag the mistake.

My husband then called the National Bank again and told the National Bank to take the money out of his account for payment to the pool loan. The loan now overdue because of the teller's mistake at the Royal Bank. "Pay it all off please." Another 3200 dollars. The National Bank needed to send a "release form" to the Royal Bank asking for electronic payment and my husband agreed to the terms. So at this point 6400 dollars in limbo (which is fine because we know where the money is and it won't be long before the limbo money is returned). This is A LOT of money to us. WE ARE NOT RICH! And have normal bills/debt like any other.

I had saved for three years to get this money for my pool, and improve our home. A few days pass and all goes as planned, Trevi declines the payment of the first 3200 dollars, and the National Bank takes 3200 for payment and the loan is closed... or so we thought. But wait!!! Why is another payment taken out of my husband's account!!! Of 9200!!! Putting his account into -1000 dollars overdraft! So now my husband's account has been -1000 for 6 days, including over a weekend. He had to go to both banks, driving all over the city, calling on the phone, and each institution has "no idea" what happened?! Not sleeping, missing out on relaxing sunny days to be inside talking with management of both banks to find out where the money is.

The banks need to "do an investigation" which may take up to 10 days!!! Both institutions "don't know what happened" and "can't give you money!!!" Are you serious!!! So now we have no money! No MONEY for food!!! NO MONEY for bills!!! No money for gas!!! For the car payment! For hydro! NO MONEY! WE DESERVE OUR MONEY BACK AND YOU CAN INVESTIGATE AFTER! We have payments and bills coming out of that account and if we transfer money into it it will just take the overdraft away!

Why are we the ones who are suffering for both the banks screwing up! ALL I WANT IS WHAT'S OURS! Oh and thanks but no thanks National Bank for the 50 dollar gift certificate to a restaurant which will feed my husband and myself not even one meal! What if we had children!! And children to feed! WE NEED THIS FIXED! AND WE NEED COMPENSATION!

The branch Manager at RBC Islington/Dixon has decided on his own to probate my mother’s savings account under $20,000.00 with an original notarized will. Obviously he has nothing better to do than spend other people's money. Wasting our time and money and crowding the courts with frivolous suits is beyond comprehension. No compassion whatsoever. Obviously he knows better but a legal will means nothing to the RBC. Never bank there and never will. They sure don't have enough to do except pick on the elderly and their families. This is a real disgrace. Their customer service care people are really no help or any better as they don't have any powers. They don't have answers so they are just the in between liaison who also waste our time.

I could go on but have run out of time and nice words. They aren't very customer service friendly if you don't give them your money. The money is just going to lawyers and the gov't and not to the existing families. What a real shame. They have no morals. This is after jumping through hoops for them and complying to all their demands. Go figure. They just want to know what you have and what they can get out of you.

I'm with RBC for close to 2 years. Did banking well. Paid my mortgage on time each month. Suddenly from one day to the other they closed my account's with money in it. Asking in the branch many employees a reason for that I didn't got any answer. Finally I got from someone a number to call. I called that number and all I got from them is that it was a decision of the head office with no further explanation. Asking them about my money they won't able to answer me. They claim that I was suppose to receive a letter in the mail that my account is being closed which is totally not true. I didn't receive anything. The attitude in the bank overall is totally unacceptable. I'm dealing with other banks as well. Never had that bad experience

Worst bank experience I've had in years. Waited 45 minutes just to be denied of my own money and the money that I was approved for. Branch manager was extremely rude and did not care for good customer service at all. I actually never encountered such behavior from a manager before. To make my long story short, I was declined my own money and to think that I deposited a bank draft that was released by another manager at another RBC branch. Olimpia ** - Manager Client Care does not know what it means to be a manager of client care. She probably got the position due to seniority not because she has what it takes to look after clients and make sure that her customer service is up to standards. Olimpia needs to be sent back to customer service training so she could understand what it means, that way nobody else could experience the humiliation she has put me through today.

I have been with the Royal Bank for about 2 years now. Before that I was with the credit union and I regret switching and will definitely be switching back. I don't have good credit but that is old news and I have been working on repairing it for the past couple years. I tried to take out a loan to consolidate my credit with the Royal Bank with a cosigner for $1300 which was all of my debt I had. I also had a very strong cosigner. After waiting a few days to hear if I was approved they said no because it was under $5000. So I asked for a personal loan of $5000 and she kinda laughed and said no and told me I should go to Money Mart. What kind of bank tell you to go to Money Mart??? I ended up taking out the loan through an online company charging me an interest rate close to 50% (pretty much Money Mart).

Everything is paid off now. I pay all my bills. I have had 4 loans throughout my life that have been paid without late payments. Today I called about a car loan again knowing I would need a cosigner. After looking at my credit report the lady told me I would not be approved for a car loan because of my credit report even with a cosigner. OK I get it, I have bad credit. I took out 2 loans with the credit union (same credit situation). They worked with me and told me ways I could boost my credit, and allowed me to take out a loan. They never pushed me away as a customer. In conclusion, I will be closing my account with Royal Bank. Although the staff are very friendly Royal Bank as a whole don't care about you as a customer. They have never once tried to help me with my credit.

Was a victim of fraud in a business account. Was verbally abused and accused of fraud by Yamuna ** of the Royal Bank. After 30 plus years of dealing with the bank, I was treated like a criminal and all our (my spouse and I) joint accounts including bank, Visa and line of credit were closed by the bank. Received a generic letter basically saying nothing except they no longer want my business. Our only option is to take legal action and we know the Royal Bank has way more money and time than we do. We will have to go to the media and expose the bank for their criminal behavior. Since there was no fraud committed by us Miss ** may have to be exposed and bear legal civil consequences.

They told me I would get a bonus for signing early but now they tell me the bonus was the interest they owed me. So I feel I was tricked into signing early. So a bonus is money they owed us.. so why would I sign early for nothing. 6 months early. We had a very low interest rate. Now we a higher rate. And the interest they paid us wasn't enough. They should have given more than they did.

I needed to send a money order and the RBC is charging for a money order $ 7.50. As senior these fees are waived at credit unions and other banks such as CIBC. I don't get why the RBC is still charging seniors for this transactions. I will be closing my account and going to another bank. Beware seniors!

I attended the Royal Bank this morning to withdraw attendance fees (paid by Veterans Affairs Canada) from my mother's [dementia and Alzheimer] account for money that is owed my wife for 11 months of taking care of her in our home. Veterans Affairs said if there were any problems for the bank to contact them. Unfortunately the Bank Manager, Craig ** would not release the money without paperwork from Veterans Affairs or even call Veterans Affairs to confirm I am entitled to the money. He was very unhelpful considering I've been a customer of that branch for 40 years. He was more worried about his job than he was helping me resolve the problem.

When I returned home I phoned Veterans Affairs and told them what happened and I was told they never heard of something like that happening before. I am now waiting for a return call to see what they have to say. I am fuming after being treated almost like a thief by Mr. **. If I didn't have so many investments at the Royal branch I would seriously consider moving to another bank. This is not the first time something like this has happened when dealing with my mother's financials and I would never overstep my POA by taking out money that does not belong to me. The interaction this morning with Mr. ** this morning was an EPIC FAILURE.

Beware of this location, they don't stick to what they told you. They will change the agreements instantly for you not to have any choice but to sign the paper. We applied for a government guaranteed loan with them. All the copies of documentation we signed were never released to us. Thanks.

We were behind in a mortgage payment and the RBC sent it to their collection office and then to a lawyer. We paid all the fees and still after 1 month the RBC will not let us reinstate our mortgage and refuses to tell us why. The collections department refuses to talk to us. Now we are 1 month behind again in our mortgage payment. We need to have some answers.

Royal Bank sent me a letter last week which told me that I don't meet their criteria or qualifications and that I have to pay back my line of credit. They never called me earlier or offered a way of making my account recoverable. I went to the branch and he told me I had to call the collector. The collector could do nothing except reduce the monthly payments to pay out the loan. I do not think that it is fair since I have had the loan for 8 years and have always made the interest payments (well maybe forgot about them a few times, but always made it up) and have been a customer since I took out a student loan. I'm not a deadbeat, I am a tradesman and have paid 40% of the value of the house I own, so what's the problem here? Anyhow, find a different bank to use than these guys.

Had an appointment at 3:00. I showed up 5 min ahead of time and informed the lady on reception. She said "ok have a seat." Until 3:25 nobody showed up! Even to say sorry if it is late! And I left. Even nobody to inform I am leaving!!! Terrible experience.

I separated from my husband in which the house was transferred into my name as we are divorcing. My ex husband had a business in which he dealt with RBC for all his banking. As the business closed down my ex husband stopped paying a loan that was through the business with RBC. I had nothing to do with the business, my name was not on any documents for the business. When I went to get a new mortgage I found out RBC had put a certificate of pending litigation against me and the house I live in with my 2 kids.

I had a lawyer contact RBC lawyer who said I needed to sign an affidavits explaining I had nothing to do with the business and that my ex and I were legally separated. My mortgage came due and because of RBC I am now losing my house before christmas. Why do I have to pay for my ex's dealings with RBC, because he has no assets that they can go after? I work with the public and a lot of new home buyers and I tell anyone and everyone my story and not to use RBC.

In 2013 I was called by advisor Lisa and wanted to sell 2 bonds I held and purchase Arch coal. I held GMAC bonds - 40,000.00. She purchased Arch Coal and Swift Energy which I have later discovered were rated as highly speculative and 6 months later became junk bonds. At no time was I advised and was never called when they went from highly spec. to junk bonds with Arch coal trying to make settlement for a tender to bondholders. This advisor sold me bonds not in my risk factor and I am trying to find out what my options are but am not getting cooperation from RBC. They still have this advisor listed on their web page and she left or was dismissed and is now with Janney Montgomery Scott LLC. Can someone help as my account is at a critical stage -- losing it all.

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