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Last updated: Jan. 15, 2018

237 Royal Bank of Canada Consumer Reviews and Complaints

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Jan. 15, 2018

Hi... I am so tired to calling for this bank. I was holding more than one hour around 9 pm on Thursday 11th. Today 1pm still holding for 45min 15th. They have to keep more customer service. This bank make good money. Why they can't keep more ppl. Service in bank takes also so slow. I tried so many RBC banks. Same issue. But when we go TD calls or services are the best. I have my business account is with you. Otherwise I never will keep you guys. Still holding... very poor service. If you ask 0 to 10 what rate... it should be 0.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Jan. 13, 2018

Customer service skills from representatives are far and few between. The suppose Royal Bank of Canada does not help or support long term customers with high credit ratings. They have no conflict resolution skills and hang up when being challenged in a respectful way because they are unresourceful. Super dissatisfied on a regular basis and will switching banks as soon as possible.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Jan. 7, 2018

We need put this word out there. Me and my wife were victims of a fail of duty/fraud of RBC employee when signed papers, without acknowledgement of being guarantors (only given last page to sign!). The bank now is suing us and is trying to take the only property our family has. We already escalate the problem to RBC customer care, however the employee responsible did not hear us out properly and ruled in favor of his employer (RBC). I would very much appreciated your input and help, for this sensitive time matter, as I believe only making this public, RBC would make the proper investigation looking properly into our proofs., RBC would make the proper investigation looking properly into our proofs.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Dec. 8, 2017

I had an appointment at Saddletowne Branch to check what's happening to my account. I usually received a voice mail regarding my account. When I called, the agent said, he couldn't give any information, I need to go to branch for security. During meeting with financial advisor (lady - punjabi name and couldn't remember the name because I was upset already to this staff) she's lazy to discuss the issue or not knowledgeable to the issue or somewhat she's doing something personal because I've notice she's still have some food on her mouth. And she's not interested to attend my concern. I will never come back to this branch.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Nov. 22, 2017

On Aug. 25, 2017, I deposited a company check into my personal line of credit. The teller said, "You can't deposit it into this account until the company check is clear." Then I told the teller to transfer the amount of money from my account to personal line of credit. She nodded. I have 2 accounts in RBC. They can transfer it easily. What's the use of depositing my money into my private account? There is no interest to pay me while I need to pay that higher interest for my personal line of credit. RBC took my money and still charged my interest. Very dishonest! Their purpose is to charge me more interest by refusing my company check to be deposited directly into my personal line of credit. I paid higher interest rate. Very disappointed and feel angry about such a case.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Nov. 17, 2017

I've been dealing with RBC for the past 8 years, doing everything with them, credit cards, chequing, savings etc. I deposited cash thru ATM, that is very usual for me, I rarely go inside, and I do have them immediately or in the next couple of days available to me. This time not only was different their timing is unacceptable! I did deposit a larger amount than usual (cash!!), totally understanding, I figure it will take them a couple of days to figured out, I actually had to call in to see what's going on with my funds, and they told me I had to go inside a branch to clear them!!

I was waiting for 30 minutes in front of a teller to tell me that not only it takes 4 business days to clear them, but it wasn't even counted the specific ATM yet! After already 4 days! And to top it off, it starts the counting from the next day! So for 5 days, they have my money, they make money from my money and of course I do not have access to them because they refuse. Guess what RBC? I'll go to Scotiabank. I'm done with you!

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Nov. 16, 2017

I've been with RBC Visa since 1990 and had a good credit rating and a card with a very high credit limit. Despite this RBC decided because I had not used the card for a while to cancel it along with my line of credit. Didn't receive so much as a letter from them warning of this cancellation. Nothing! Called customer service and may as well have spoken to my dog for all the help I got. It's actually laughable because if you read RBC's website it says "RBC believes all issues can be resolved by using open communication" hahaha except they don't communicate with anyone. Another cracker is "It's equally important for us to know when there is a problem..." Wonderful, so they can do absolutely nothing about it.

This bank is laughable, they preach all this corporate ** like "we look after you", "we want to help you"... It's all a load of crap because they don't want to help. In fact they couldn't care less if you have a problem and they won't help you. They would rather you went away. After being a customer of RBC for 27 years and having been summarily 'dismissed' I have now decided to make it my life work to inform everyone I can that RBC is not the bank to use. "RBC are committed to providing superior customer service..." Yeah right, of course you are. Neil ** you may want to visit the internet where you will find disgruntled RBC customers slagging off your "superior customer service", that is assuming you 'care' which of course you probably don't just like the rest of your staff. Useless bank and even more useless customer services.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Nov. 15, 2017

I have an account with the organization. Went in to pay because the account was dormant. $265 for charge tried to out $150 to bring the account up. The customer service told me I have to pay the full amount... even the very last increase. And there is nothing she is able to do. There was no consideration that this was service charges, "Let's work out if the $150 will bring the account up to date." "NO SORRY, IT'S IN COLLECTION!!! CAN'T DO IT."

Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: Nov. 9, 2017

I booked a hotel and I didn't like it, that's why I disputed the charge for only $170 and I went through all their complain procedures but no help, I just wasted my time. The bank doesn't mind paying 10 times of that amount for the lawyers and whoever was involved to investigate the issue, if you care about your finances avoid them please.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Nov. 9, 2017

Most of the people posting their experiences with RBC are familiar with my story. I have been a customer with RBC for 10 years now. I am retired on a permanent disability from the Ontario Government. RBC reviews my files from time to time and offer me credit products. They like to call me on the telephone or setup one of their "special buttons" by online banking. They say on the phone, "Hello, Mr. **, we are calling because you are such a "good customer." Great. RBC and I have a great rapport. My business relationship started in 2008 but, the business deals started in 2012. Once upon a time, RBC must have reviewed my file, I was raising my son who was starting high school. I called RBC because I was inquiring about a charge on my account. This was made easy because I signed up for online banking and I still have the letter RBC posted online welcoming to their online banking on February 17, 2008.

I asked about the mysterious transaction, the nice RBC representative confirmed what it was and then she said, "Mr. **, you have been approved for an RBC Visa Credit Card..." She may have said how much it was too [$2,000]. My first reply was, "No, thanks." She politely offered to transfer me to a "Visa Card Specialist". This next lady came on the line and to me she sounded like she was "Jamaican" which is not the point. My point is she had a great sense of humour! She asked me, "How is your credit rating?" or something like that. I offered, "At the bottom of the ocean with the Titanic ship..." She knew what I meant and responded with a laugh. She then asked me if she could investigate my credit history? I said, "Sure." What could I lose here. I expected her to hang up and I could forget the conversation. She hit some keys on the computer I guess and I recall her saying something like, "Your history looks fine..."

I was surprised and puzzled. I asked her if she saw my outstanding debt with Bell Mobility (those thieves wanted $495 to cancel my cell account in those days). She said, "No, I don't see that history..." I asked her about the Rogers I owed (paid up, but, those thieves kept hitting my bank account, longer story). Again, she replied, "No, I don't see that history either." Hmm. I asked her what credit bureau she was looking at, she offered, "TransUnion." I didn't know too much about that credit bureau. I am familiar with the other one, "Equifax." I may have the spelling wrong. Ok. I said, "I will accept the visa card." She told me it would take a few days to actually receive the card in the mail of course, but, I noticed the $2000 credit amount was online available, "magically" in no time at all!

I transferred over $250 to my chequing with the greatest of ease, just to "test" the online technology. It worked fabulously! Modern technology, we love it! So that was the beginning of our business relationship between RBC and myself. Further to the same story, I knocked on my son's bedroom door. I announced "our ship has come in." "What do you mean Dad?" I am always honest with my son. I explained the unexpected RBC offer over the phone 20 minutes before. He wanted to build his own computer so I asked him to prepare an inventory list of computer parts, etc. Needless to say, Dad doesn't have a clue about computer builds. We didn't have computers in high school back in my day. My son still has the same computer with a few modifications, 5 years later. He is studying full-time to be a programmer at college now.

Ok. The following week after that first RBC phone call, my ex-partner, Ron, came on the public bus I happened to be on. He explained he was over-due on his hydro bill, he had the red card, etc. We all have at least one friend like this. I asked him if he had his hydro statement with him. He pulled it out of his knapsack. We traveled to the hydro company to pay it. I used my newly minted RBC Visa Card! What are friends for? I am a good boy scout, continue making payments to my RBC Visa. My disability income deposited every month with Child Benefit, and Trillium. Canadians readers know what these sources of income mean. Then a few months later, a nice RBC representative called me again. You know the drill. I was at my $2,000 credit limit, but, because I am such a "good customer" they raised my limit to $3,500!!!

My RBC-love-story-with-my-Visa story can be easy imagine from this point. I am on a "fixed income" and help friends who are on a fixed income or need help. Since 2008, RBC called twice a year, and offered to raise my credit limit. They take advantage of telecommunication technology by calling me on the phone and or "magically" setting up a button online. I appreciate this because I have chronic mobility issues. RBC recently set up a button on my online banking for a CREDIT LINE. I know a young couple with small children. A newly minted baby girl is arriving home soon. I offered to pay offer his outstanding loans. What are friends for? His wife takes care of mine and my twin daughter's cell phone bill every month. So we help each other.

Now currently, I want to consolidate my RBC debt load with an unsecured loan. This next part will sound familiar to most of you: they say my brand of income is "non-attached". You can search online what that means. I say to RBC, for all the money I pay them in interest and other fees (remember those 3rd party insurance company piggy-backing on the credit business of RBC) I can pay that amount towards a loan every month. Most of you may be aware already, RBC offers one of those "loan calculators" online; I can plug in the amount of the loan, the term and of course, RBC has hard-coded how much their interest rate will be, lol.

I have been continuing a dialogue with them over the last month, through RBC's online secure messaging system. I want to have a record of our conversation that is why I communicate with them through secure messaging. I have shared discussion on the topic of this loan with no less than close to a dozen different people representing RBC. One of them was with the "executive branch" of RBC because I directed one of my messages to the CEO of RBC. Of course, he didn't respond to my message and I didn't necessarily expect him to do so. All I want is to be offered fair treatment like any other RBC client depositing the same amount of money in my account each year. I have debt with RBC, so, again, why not consolidate into a loan? An unsecured loan because I don't own anything but, the shirt on my back. Hey, size "XL" if anyone needs it.

I did share a conversation over the phone with a "Ken" from RBC who I understand was a loans officer. They have rules and guidelines they must follow for every loan application. I follow what they mean. They have their rules and they follow them to the letter. I am assuming those are the same rules when they reviewed my files when they offered me those credit products: visa card, credit line and now, over-draft on my account! Interesting, this concern about my income?

Back in 2008 when I joined RBC, I opened an account on the advice of an old high school friend who was also receiving disability same as my source of income. Tom explained at that time, RBC was offering an account for $4.95 per month for 10 transactions. When I opened my account, the teller must have asked for my income source which was my disability income. That information has been on file since the beginning? Now RBC wants me to take my concerns to their "RBC Ombudsman". I will. Thank you for reading my long note here. I hope I inspire most of you. Please do not give up on your concerns with RBC. I only wish there were affordable legal options to protest our position with the financial organizations.

I will continue to do my banking with RBC but, I want their protocols changed so people with my brand of income are not frowned upon. People with my level of income will use credit when it is offered, for obvious reasons, and naturally, many of us use the credit for honest means and want to make arrangements to pay the debt in full. Keep posting your concerns on here.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Oct. 28, 2017

It appears that RBC is not interested in further expanding their client base. If you are a non-client for RBC, don’t expect any type of professionalism from the branch staff. Common Sense and Reality: If the Branch staff treated non-clients with professionalism they could become potential clients. But apparently, the Branch staff lacks proper training and experience. Hence will be the downfall of RBC in terms of client services. The other banks are gaining a competitive edge in this area.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Oct. 15, 2017

RBC is by far the worst bank in Canada. I deposit money to many different Bank branches. RBC is the only bank that I literally need to give a blood sample to deposit money into someone's account. They always ask where the money came from, why am I giving the money and my name. No other bank that I deposit money into people's accounts am I ever treated like that. On a few occasions the person who has the Royal Bank account receives a call after I deposit the money and I'm talking about $500, $1,000 nothing over $1,000, and they say on the phone that this is suspicious activity and could be fraud. Just by simply making a deposit into someone else's account they judge it as a fraudulent activity.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Sept. 14, 2017

I have experienced worst customer service at RBC BRANCH LOCATED AT 101 MIDDLECOTE DR. AJAX ON L1T0K3. This morning I went to speak to a branch manager. His name is **. I waited for him to resolve a matter about my account. 20 mins and he came with a angry looking face and he did not even GREET AND INTRODUCE HIMSELF. NOT EVEN A HAND SHAKE. HE JUST CAME and hand over a paper and said, “We cant help you,” and walked off. Wow. I was shocked. What a service he has done as a manager. No greet. No introduction. Nothing and walking off. I am RBC client for almost 6 years and had visited all branches but never been treated this way. I hope this complaint will make a change in someone else life who will not face that man again.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Sept. 5, 2017

In Nov 2003 I called RBC to see someone about applying for a personal loan as I had just finished paying off a $10,000 loan with no late payments. When I arrived at the RBC and was sent in to see someone. She seemed to be shaking with anger. I wondered what on earth was bothering her. Sat down, she talked on the phone for several minutes, looked at me and said in her nastiest voice, "Did you write that cheque?" I assumed she was talking about my final payment cheque regarding my loan so I said yes. Then she said, "You won't be getting a loan from us again." Or something to that effect. I was shocked and thought you are thankfully not the only bank in town!

Turns out that a cheque I put in through the bank machine for $10,000 to my account a night or so prior was thought to be fraudulently written by me. Well how could I have read their minds for that one? The $10,000 cheque was payment for 3 trucks for 2 weeks. This woman had a prior hate for me as she dated my ex-husband and he lied to her. He told me when I left him he was going to paint me 'black'. He did just that. I found that I had fraud written on my banking information from my own bank in 2016 as the former manager had picked it up from RBC My bank manager years before came up to me on bank floor and said who did you piss off down at the RBC. I was shocked and since I had no idea what he was talking about I shrugged it off.

I called RBC ombudsmen and received a call from a woman who was talking a lot and saying nothing and no apology nothing! The grief this has caused me over the years is disgusting. I thought I had some sort of curse over my head. BMO turned me down for a business loan, TD turned me down, my revenue was good, my bills paid- nothing. So finally I sold the trucks and got out of business. I thought what is the sense if I was a big company maybe someone would take note of how hard my husband and I work.

To this day TD has fraud marked down on my record from this RBC report and has let them influence every aspect of my business. I was unable to buy new trucks to replace worn out ones/get any operating money - nothing. Small town gossip reached Bank of NS as well... They froze my account once when I deposited $5,000 and would not let me withdraw from it until I had a sit down at the bank at closing time and told the manager I wasn't leaving until I had my money as I needed it to cover payroll. I realized that this manager had talked to my ex as well and had a very false idea of who I was. At the time he had been advised by RBC about this fraud business that I was not the wiser on.

I do not even know how to straighten out this false gossip and false records. Oh and the $10,000 broker cheque cleared the bank of course and then someone at RBC had the bright idea that the company owner that we were contracted with 'just let it go through' so I wouldn't be in trouble - I have sure had enough ** from these people!!! And this is the only time I have ever received a pay statement that had even figures on it!

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Aug. 14, 2017

I have had a terrible experience with RBC, they are uninformed and only do what is in their own self-interest. They charged me an annual fee for a credit card on top of my monthly account-fee, Then repeatedly told me they would remove the charge - after 2 weeks of continuous calls and wasted time, they conveniently told me to pay it myself from my account and had the nerve to ask me to increase my credit limit! Avoid this bank if you can, they do nothing for you and have the audacity to charge you for every little transaction! I will be switching as fast as possible.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Aug. 10, 2017

I am a customer of RBC for about 20 years. When I opened a chequing account with RBC it was no fee banking account. A year ago I noticed there was a 4 dollars monthly withdrawal. I went to the branch and found out the reason I was charged for the account fee. I was told that I had to use RBC credit card every three months, or the charge of account fee placed.

Now I have to use RBC credit card which I rarely used, or I will have to get the account fee charge. What a "legal" and "smart" way for RBC to walk away from the agreement at the time I signed for a free account. I am sure in this way RBC forces its customers to use RBC credit card so RBC can earn money, or simply take money from customer's accounts if you don't use their credit card. Either way they got money.

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Original review: Aug. 1, 2017

It is obvious that the Royal Bank does not have their customer's best interest in mind judging by the awful customer support that they provide. Their workers have provided me with conflicting information each time I have called, not called me back (multiple times), and were unapologetic when I explained what was happening when I spoke to them. They don't deserve your money.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: July 31, 2017

I have an RBC account in Marsh Harbour, Abaco Bahamas. It is a savings account although it pays no interest. I no longer have a need for it and I have been attempting to close it, transferring the balance elsewhere, since February 2017, six months ago. It has, or had, about $1,200 in it. In the meantime, RBC have been helping themselves to my money! I have written three letters, made numerous phone calls and sent numerous e-mails. They claimed they did not get the letters. On their advice I then e-mailed a scanned copy of my signed letters. I was then told I would need to give them vocal authority. I did this. No action was taken. Since then, they have not answered my e-mails. They do not respond to voice messages left on their phone - which they almost never answer during working hours!

I have complained to the RBC Ombudsmen in Canada. No help was given. I the meantime, they keep removing money from my account. $5 every month "service fee". More disturbingly, they take $50 every now and then for an "inactivity fee" and $50 again for "unclaimed charge". What on earth do these terms mean and how can they justify them? This is simply fraud on behalf of RBC and its employees. I am sickened the way they feel justified in simply removing cash and refusing to follow my instructions to transfer the money elsewhere before they steal all of it! I would strongly recommend that you do not open an account with RBC and I would withdraw any funds you do have with them (if you can) before they steal all of it. Anybody who wished to see evidence of my attempts to close the account can contact me, including hopefully someone from RBC head office.

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Original review: July 8, 2017

I canceled and withdrew my investment accounts with RBC. Whilst my investment advisor was very helpful, the rest of the RBC interactions reflected a lack of interest in providing any customer support. Poor follow-up, poor response time and customer care. Once I withdrew my funds the service deteriorated further. Clearly the corporate culture is one of caring more for RBC than customer care. The myopic arrogance in this regards is sad to witness. I am now use a Credit Union - Far more customer focused and interested in providing a good service. Shame on RBC!

Original review: July 5, 2017

Tried to contact RBC fraud department regarding an email I received from RBC regarding suspicious activity on the account and I needed to click on a link to verify it was/wasn't me. I didn't click the link and thought I would just contact the bank directly. I sent an email directly to RBC. Then after a few days with no response I called RBC and sat on hold for approx 90 minutes. The agent, who answered, then told me they do not send out fraud notifications with links to click on so it was a fraud. Why could they not have simply responded to my original email in a timely manner??? Complete waste of a few hours of my day. I bet you if I wanted to move my mortgage to RBC they would email/call back right away.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: June 22, 2017

We have been with Royal Bank for many years and had an amazing account manager. In fact we did not realize how amazing he was until he was promoted and we were provided with a new manager that we walked out on the first meeting. Her lack of response to our questions and lack of knowledge and ability to deal with our complex situation was shocking.

When we complained the Royal Bank management in Vancouver did not care and their response to our concerns was disappointing. So we talked with our previous bank manager who referred us to private banking. The initial meeting was very encouraging - they certainly knew what to say to make us believe they actually cared about our business and knew what they were doing.

In a very short time we began to notice discrepancies from what they said and what they did. These discrepancies and their lack of taking responsibility for their errors was surprising. What was worse was the blame they shifted to us - e.g. their solution for losing cheques internally was to tell us to no longer send them through their internal system! There were long delays in responding to our questions, a total lack of advice or suggestions that could save us money (our previous manager always made helpful suggestions), shutting down conversations they were not interested in pursuing, etc. They seemed to care more about themselves and protecting each other than customer service and communication.

The value we received when we had a professional, knowledgeable, and caring manager was amazing. The switch to private banking in Vancouver which cost significantly more money and provided less service, respect, and value for our money was disappointing. We are presently connected with private banking with RBC elsewhere, as we realize that RBC does have some excellent employees, and the difference was noticeable right from the start. We are hopeful that we will continue to have a positive experience. We just want to warn others about private banking in Vancouver - be careful!

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: June 14, 2017

OMG! I cannot begin to describe the stress and upset I have experienced dealing with RBC US (Georgia) Bank in trying to get funds wired to a USA title company to complete a real estate transaction on our vacation home. Their instructions are incomplete on their website. I thought I had submitted all of the required documentation, and had in fact received a confirmation email from RBC. We had a deadline looming so I called RBC the same morning I requested the wire transfer and asked if all of the required documentation had been received. I was told the funds could take between 24 and 48 hours to reach the US title company. No problem I thought–I have 3 full days to meet the deadline. I check again the next day and the funds have not left my account. I check again at the 48-hour mark and funds are still sitting in my account. I call and learn this is NOT the correct process so now we are scrambling.

Asked and asked repeatedly for the name of the most senior employee in the wire room so I can explain my concerns and get action taken... the employee won't give me the person's name!!! Finally an hour later I hear from "Howard" (he won't give me his last name) and he tells me the instructions for the wire transfer require a phone call as well as the emailed documents. These instructions can be found in paragraph 9c on page 4 of a 9 page document which is written in such legalese as to cover the bank's butt... sure–I'm going to figure out that important detail by reading through such gobbledygook! Howard was insulting in insisting on reading and re-reading this paragraph to me... now I am waiting to see if all of the charges for this debacle will be reversed. Seriously considering closing this bank account and moving ALL of our Canadian accounts as well to a bank that actually listens!

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: June 1, 2017

I've been with RBC for just a month... and I don't have a single good experience. Unfortunately due to my pay cheques and other deposits that is coming, I have to wait until I have the chance to go to another bank. My first visit: I made clear to the advisor that I needed cheques. He said not to worry and he was going to order. 2 weeks after, I didn't get anything on the mail. I decided to go to the branch and double check. I found out that he never ordered the checks??

Second visit: I deposit a cheque. The same day I decide to take some cash. They said that the check was on hold. NO ONE EXPLAINED THAT TO ME, WHEN I OPENED THE ACCOUNT!!! I was so sure that I could withdraw the money, 4 business days. So if you deposit on a Tuesday, you gonna see your own money on the following week Tuesday! INSANE! PLUS, I made a purchase online, and because my funds were on hold, I had to pay NS fees. If you be at deal with RBC, don't waste your time. Very poor service, advisors don't give you a full explanation of their services and fees. I'm just counting the days to go to another bank!

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: May 29, 2017

Being a client of 38 years counts for nothing at RBC! I have been subjected to some of the worst customer experience ever over the past 2 weeks, and there is no one to talk to about this. Client care could care less! Clearly, this institution does not value my business and I am moving on! CIBC considers me a highly valued customer and extends every courtesy possible to make me feel valued. I can't wait to move all my business away from RBC. What a nightmare!

Original review: May 27, 2017

They have a product promotion. I upgraded my account which is previously free. Then they make extra charge to my account for a previous month bill. It took me many tries and hours and hours communications for them to correct it. They are challenging my times. Customer who do not want to waste time will just let them charged. It is not the ethics that a business should have. If they refuse to apologize, I will publish their manager's name, so their senior management can know that.

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Original review: May 8, 2017

I was 19, self-employed and personal checks would take longer to clear so I requested visa checks for payment at the completion of the job. So I deposited to my RBC account while my funds were in process of clearing. I got loans from friends in meantime so my funds cleared and my account Said I had 12,500 in my available funds and it wouldn't allow me to access so I went into the bank to teller and she pulled me aside and demanded that I give her history of my account and I was 19, careless, on a roll. I didn't keep such records so I left and came back and asked to close my account and she told me my money was seized for her own suspicion that it was shady. I worked hard for that money and she took it and told me I was beat even though my funds were clear.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: May 2, 2017

I don't know how this is even legal. PLEASE ask questions about how the premiums are calculated and how your loan payments are applied. It appears that they charge interest on the premiums. Also, they cannot explain exactly how payments are applied to the balance - interest first? Insurance premium? Balance?

profile pic of the author
Verified Reviewer
Original review: April 30, 2017

RBC banking, takes advantage of their clients. They take advantage of their clients by charging money. I tried closing an account because of a rude employee and they charged me $777 for no reason. When I called I had to wait 25 mins to get a hold of a representative. This was my 4th time calling in less than a week and I was given no explanation but was told to call back before their collection agency called me.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: April 28, 2017

Ok so it's been over a year of RBC SPAM calling my cell phone under various phone numbers, like 10-20x a day, I block their numbers they find more numbers to call me from. THESE ** ARE ANNOYING. SO it all starts with one of their LAZY MORTGAGE REPS. I signed an agreement to purchase a house and passed on the contract to one of their mortgage reps in Halifax. The mortgage rep had 1 week to get the paperwork submitted to approve my mortgage application. I gave him the paperwork Saturday night, no reply from the RBC rep all day Monday, Tuesday, then Wednesday he calls me and says he's "almost complete my file". I told him he already had 5 days and time before that to work on my file, now I only have 3 days left to get the mortgage approved (this guy was a complete slack ** who never answered his phone or returned calls). I told him if he doesn't hurry up and do his job in a timely fashion, that I would lose the house.

Friday deadline for mortgage approval came, no word from the sucky RBC mortgage rep all day, despite more attempts to call. I made one simple call the Credit Union Mortgage Specialist in my area and she had me approved on the phone in under 10 minutes. Later in the day Friday RBC guy calls me and tells me he got it approved, but because it needs to be CMHC insured mortgage they needed to do an appraisal on the property which they would need to do on Monday. I told him he was an idiot and he wasted time all week and we couldn't do the appraisal on Monday because my condition dates were Friday. His reply was, "Oh **."

Obviously I went with Credit Union. I work in a job where I can refer mortgage reps, I have since caused at least 10 people to avoid mortgages with RBC bank. I will enjoy every mortgage I take away from RBC for the rest of my life. RBC IS THE BIGGEST THIEF/JOKE/SCAM BANK IN CANADA STAY AWAY. Even "the Simpsons" takes shots at this shady bank.

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Original review: April 20, 2017

Well I don't even feel like a human being today. My mother passed away, I know I lost my best friend. She was a wonderful person who taught me right from wrong, to embrace my differences and above all to be honest. I'm aware these days that's rare, but I pride myself on my honesty. Well the issue of her medical bills and a add on funeral expense, not including food and other things, I've incurred. I go to the bank because still grieving I never took cash out of her account to cover everything.

Sadly I'm aware I will be out money. But having my car on empty, I never imagined the bank would be so cold as to deny me a small $113.00 dollar fee I had paid as a deposit for her funeral. There is more than enough money to pay for funeral expenses, sadly they give me a bank draft to the funeral home. The funeral home couldn't even believe how heartless they were. And after registering complaints, I get told to go talk to the manager who was rude to me in the first place. I actually talked, mentioned I was recording the conversation, then when I made sense, she said, "I don't give my permission to record this conversation." I believe I asked her why, because I'm a human being and you care more about the money than a human being.

Unbelievable in a time of grief they would treat anyone like that. She talked down to me, and refused to give me funeral expenses that I paid. I have the whole thing. After 3 minutes she asked me to stop recording. Does anyone know where I can post the conversation online. Because as a human being, I don't recommend anyone should be treated like that in a time of grieving. Anyone who deals with RBC should reconsider using that bank. I'm going to add no wonder the wellington branch is closing, what scares me is people will have to now deal with this branch, the place of the incident as their new branch. Unbelievable. In a time of needed support, they do this. My advice you bank there - consider other options than moving to that location. Unbelievable, unhuman, and I'm just shocked.

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