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Jan of Dingmans Ferry, PA on
Satisfaction Rating

They corrected their error on the original paperwork. They had the incorrect monthly payment amount. They were trying to pay out less money than they were suppose to. There are no withdrawal options and we did not request any. All we wanted was a death benefit named in the paperwork. They said they had to go back to their paperwork to verify. They did not even apologize. There was not any payout option that was given. The only thing that we did was to give them the account number that the future payments were suppose to go into. Also there was no funding option. We just sent them a check for the annuity.

Sandra of Phoenix, AZ on
Satisfaction Rating

Have not really used customer service much. The one time I called I was put on hold and waited a while until I spoke to someone. I have not made a withdrawal yet I am using this for retirement. If I make a whole lot of money maybe I will and reinvest it.

Steve of Lexington, KY on
Satisfaction Rating

I think the customer service was excellent. They communicated well so I could understand. There were plenty of withdrawal options. They were helpful in helping me to make my decision on withdrawal options. I was very satisfied. Also there were plenty of payout options. I think the company defined these pretty well. I would gladly do it again. Not that many funding options. Yet it was easy to understand, and to find the right one. It didn't take too long and helped me to better my future.

Dorilea of Mccamey, TX on
Satisfaction Rating

I keep detailed records of my loans and investments. AIG has changed "handlers" at least 3 times since I acquired my annuity. I am unable to get detailed information about my annuity because I am constantly "locked out" of the online login. So I call and they aren't sure what is happening. They clear my login information so that I can start over, I register, got to login "locked out!" They can't seem to fix it!

ADDITIONALLY - If you acquire a loan, the only information you will get is a Loan Payment Due Notice. In order to get a detailed report of payments, interest charges, balances, you must call or write to the loan department who will, within two weeks, send you the report. I'm not sure that this company is legit! I WILL BE TRANSFERRING MY MONEY ASAP! Something's not right with AIG.

Charlotte of Pewaukee, WI on
Satisfaction Rating

My mother passed away end of October 2016 and my two brothers and I filled out paperwork AIG sent us for death benefit. Then the nightmare began. They keep saying we are filling out paperwork wrong even though this last time I had Customer Service Rep tell me line-by-line what information they wanted as bank representative told me to do. We filled out this same paperwork for two other annuities with exact same information and no problem with them paying out. AIG doesn't bother calling/emailing/letter to notify of problems. I have to call and find out they are still not processing claim with yet more excuses. With all the problems we have had dealing with AIG, I would advise everyone to definitely NOT invest with them. If anyone knows where I can file a complaint against them and get some help with getting our money from this company, I would greatly appreciate the help.

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Teri of Davis, CA on
Satisfaction Rating

I spoke with our human resources department to ask them which of the approved investment companies allowed customers to take out loans against their retirement investment account. I was advised to meet with a salesman, from what was then called, AIG. I was at a very vulnerable point - facing job loss and foreclosure on my home and a considerable reduction in income. I made the mistake of thinking I could trust the salesman associated with the school district for which I had been employed for over 23 years.

I met with the recommended man and revealed my dire situation to him explaining that I needed a loan ($5k or less) to fund my upcoming forced (foreclosure) move. I wanted to borrow the money from my own funds if it all possible to avoid huge personal loan fees etc. I planned on finding a company That would allow me to do this and then I would transfer some of my fidelity held funds into that account which would allow me to take the loan. To make a long story short this man took advantage of my vulnerable state. He told me he received absolutely no commission at all. (This was not something I asked him to reveal. He just volunteered this info.) Then he asked if we could pray together. I have to admit that I did not feel comfortable with this and felt it was somewhat strange but I allowed it anyway. I should've known something When he made this request.

After praying with me he told me that he would give me the same advice that he would give his own daughter and that would be to transfer ALL of my money into his annuity. I trusted him and made the huge mistake of doing just that. I've regretted it every day since I transferred it. I have had to pay huge fees on the money when I had a hardship and had to Withdraw money from the account - the penalties were much larger than just the penalties I had to pay to the IRS and the state. AIG (NOW VOYA) penalized me tremendously.

When I tried to call the salesman, who VOYA now called my personal representative, he wasn't very friendly. He wasn't as friendly as he was when he talked me into moving all of my savings into his company. He wouldn't speak when I asked him to explain why he didn't tell me about all the negatives associated with the annuity he sold me. I asked him why he flat out lied about so many things in regard to the annuity. In addition, VOYA refuses to send a paper statement to me. I have asked for a paper statement at least 4-5 times both verbally and via email but to no avail. I have had to make three withdrawals from his account of the past few years and the penalties have been unbelievable. I had no choice. Several times paperwork has been lost and I've had to fax it to VOYA again. They move at a snails pace processing all the special papers and so forth that go into withdrawing money from my retirement.

I never made a complaint with about a company in 59 years of life. The customer service agents were for the most part rude and sharp tongued with me. They acted as if it was their money and criticized me heavily for withdrawing it and did not offer to help me fill out the thick stack of papers that were required each time I made its withdrawal. Once I was able to talk one of the customer service representatives into helping me with a couple of questions I had on the paperwork. Once I was given a break in the penalty because I am disabled and I meet one of the criteria for not having such a severe penalty when taking money out during a hardship. The next few times I withdrew the money I did not receive the discount because they found in their paperwork that I took out my annuity with them before they had put in the handicapped clause.

When I wrote in and complained about this I received a seething letter back telling me that I should stop complaining or they would charge me for the penalty I did not get the first time I made a hardship withdrawal. It's just been a very bad experience and I really miss the professionalism and honesty of the people at Fidelity. I would give anything if I had had some advice other than the advice of the salesman. I give anything if I just let my money in Fidelity. It was a very bad time in my life for me to take out an annuity, due to my age. I'd give anything if I had had more education under my belt so that I wouldn't have had to rely on the salesman for sound investment advice regarding my investments. I would like to warn everyone out there - don't even think about annuities until you have thoroughly researched them yourself. Talk to your friends and family members and ask them what they think. Don't be alone in your decision.

Todd of Lynnwood, WA on
Satisfaction Rating

AIG is a great investment company and I would recommend them to anyone who is in the market for an investment firm. I just hope that when that time comes I will have no problems at all getting my money out. I'm 39 and I can't take it til I'm 55 but there is plenty of tickets in there to make us very comfortable. My payout options are that I cannot take my money until I am fifty five years of age. I don't like that I mean why can't I have it now? What if I need it to buy a house or a car or pay bills. You see my grandparents set it up for me and they set the restrictions. My grandparents told me last year that they added more money to my acct. So that's always a good thing.

Nancy of Allentown, PA on
Satisfaction Rating

Customer service was good. I did have to contact them once and they were able to answer all my questions and concerns in a professional manner. Did not have any problems withdrawing but was not heavily invested. Perhaps there might be a problem if more money was involved. I guess the payout was ok. I wish it would have been more but I guess that's just normal to want more. It might have been the economy at the time I had payout. Funding options were quite good. Compared to others it was better, but compared to others it was not. You just have to take chances as with most investments.

Jamie of Hollywood, FL on
Satisfaction Rating

Customer service was totally fast, accurate and reliable. I've had three occasions I've had to call customer service. They were always courteous and treat me like a person. AIG was very quick to clear up anything I had on my mind. Thank God for their customer service provider. I didn't take mine in structured settlement I need to cash now that's why I got the AIG ever true in increments of $10,000. I had no problem. Everything was fast, accurate and taken care of in a hurry because I need the money now. After a bit I took one lump sum payout that's why I decided to go with AIG and it cost me a lot to pull up all that I had - I couldn't be able to structure settlement payments. I had the option to take it all at once funny was fair and moderately priced to take it all out at once. I didn't have to pay a large lump sum. I would really recommend this company 100% to any of my friends and family.

thomas of Horton, AL on
Satisfaction Rating

I was doing well with AIG until I moved my account to a safer investment because of my age. From the time I requested my money until the other investment received it my AIG account (couple of weeks) dropped 2% so I was told. I didn't see that on the news. The profit I made with AIG they took back yet they make money on my money for 4 years.

Lou of Urbana, IL on
Satisfaction Rating

I have never needed to call or receive any assistance from customer service, but AIG is such a great company that I'm sure it would be pleasant and helpful. There are tons, and I mean, TONS of options for you to choose from! It's no obligation, and you can withdraw at absolutely any time that you feel the need to. There are many payout options available for you to choose from. They are also very flexible and you can choose the one that works the best for you and your family. There are many funding options available for you to choose from. They are very flexible and will work with whatever situation and background you come from.

Rhonda of Troy, OH on
Satisfaction Rating

They helped with everything. If I had a question they were there. They were great. I would recommend anyone doing it. They will help you through the entire thing. They have so many options for you when it comes to withdrawals. You never have to wait long at all. Customer service knows what they are doing and they help you with the process. Payout options is nice. They have several ways to do this. They honor what they say. Never any hassles through any of it. The entire process took hours not days to complete. The funding process is nice. Funds can be completed where and when you want it. You have access to your money. Never a hassle with any of it at all.

Melina of Arlington, MA on
Satisfaction Rating

Very happy with the customer service I received at AIG Annuities. They were absolutely wonderful there. I felt like they rolled out the red carpet for me in a way, I was treated so good. That's what keeps me coming back. Very happy with the withdrawal options as I don't really mess too much with anything other than my regular account. I have no issue with what they offer. The payout options just work for me. I have researched and researched again. This seems to work the best for me and my family. The funding options are something I am happy and satisfied with.

Jason of Richmond, VA on
Satisfaction Rating

I get my money in ever increasing installments until one lump sum at the end of my annuity term. It gives me the stability so I don't have to deal with a lot of money at one time. I can not get the full amount at once but the installment plan over time makes it a much more manageable to deal with the different sums. I can invest the money or bank it and spend it. The less I have the more I am not tempted to make large purchases. I get money deposited into my bank account on certain times of the month. Each payment increasing until I have the whole value of the annuity I bought. I bought my annuity at a discount which makes it a bigger savings deal. I bought it through my insurance provider in payments like my insurance so I could afford it.

Lisa of Dalton, GA on
Satisfaction Rating

This is the WORST company I have ever had to be forced to use. The company I am employed with uses this horrible company. They will not give the money you are entitled to for hardship. Even with documentation required! They are very poor investors. The money that I trust them to invest is not invested to increase. It grows very little, and this is in their high investment accounts. The customer service is very pathetic. Every time you call they do not know what is going on. Then after at least 10-15 minute holds you are directed to someone different. I STRONGLY RECOMMEND THAT NO ONE USE THIS COMPANY. They have already been investigated before and need to be again.

Jane of Clovis, CA on
Satisfaction Rating

I would definitely recommend this because their service is exceptional. In fact It exceeds my expectation with them. For that two thumbs up. I would definitely recommend this because it gives you a lot of options for your convenience. In fact it meet my standard having with this. I would definitely recommend this company because the pay out is fat and quick. I can able to get right away compared to other companies. Funding options is amazing and exceptional that is why I would definitely recommend this company to my family and friends.

Tony of Fayetteville, NC on
Satisfaction Rating

I love this company. Their customer service was very helpful and they had all the questions to my answers. They were very patient with me. Never rushing or getting annoyed. They also had some great deals as well but overall they are a good solid company that cares about its customers and their problems. They also have some advice if you don't understand or know something fully. It's helpful because they taught us a lot of stuff that can be very useful. And their customer service were great and I highly recommend this company because they are great at what they do and they care about their customers well being.

Joseph of Watertown, NY on
Satisfaction Rating

Customer service was excellent helping me throughout the whole process. Prior to using AIG has my investment handler, I had no idea what I was doing. The withdrawals were simple. Had I waited to set deadline I could withdraw with no penalty into brokerage account established with AIG. Payout took between 7-10 days which was rather lengthy and not very liquid. However, when it did occur there were no issues associated with the payout. Funding was as simple as attaching my checking account and providing a routing number for bank. Simply processed like a ACH transaction I assume.

J of Angier, NC on
Satisfaction Rating

I think it is a very good company and they help people very well. They have great products and I think everyone should get this company. They will be very happy. You can withdraw your money very easy and not have any problems doing so and I believe this is a great thing. If you need to do anything like this it will be easy. They pay out very well. You will be very happy with this option and have no problem getting your money so don't worry and use them. They have a lot of funding options. Just one of the great things about this company, so it is great that you have so many options and have no problems.

Tami of Provo, UT on
Satisfaction Rating

Get their help with all my questions. Gave me all the answers I was looking for. They were very nice and explain everything to me very, very clear. Withdrawal was very easy and the person that helped me was very nice and smiled and talk to me very clearly and I had no problems at all. They were very understanding about things and helped me a lot. I would recommend to lots and lots of people. The payout option experience was very clear and they explain it in many different ways. The person that helped me took the time to know me and help me out with everything I asked. I would recommend them to lots of friends and family. I really like the service I have received from them and it was a great.

Allison of Kernersville, NC on
Satisfaction Rating

They are great, they are nice and respond quickly. Any help you need they try to find the answer as soon as possible. Sometimes if you call late in the evening the waiting time may take a little bit longer, but I guess it is because they are backed up. There are many withdrawal options, although you must have a certain balance that is in your account, in able for you to withdraw. Anything that is under the minimum required balance will require a fee. My payout experiences so far have been great, I really haven't had a problem, unless my account didn't have enough funds in it in order for me to withdraw. Funding options are just about the same. No real problems here either. You can fund from a variety of ways not really limited to anything unless your account doesn't have the required balance. Satisfaction.

Tatiana of Fort Lauderdale, FL on
Satisfaction Rating

Always very helpful with helping me make decision. Follow up emails every week to make sure everything is in place and working to the best of its ability. I can leave at any time I want with out any additional fees to pay which is a nice added bonuses which make me want to stay with this company longer. The payout is fast and efficient always when I need it and never any hassle in getting paid. Which is a plus to the consumer and company. The company gives you tons of options to choose from but, will guide you through the process to make sure you are getting the best plan possible.

Jeanne of Wichita, KS on
Satisfaction Rating

My mom passed away and left me some money. We put money in an annuity for our son until my son was an adult. When the annuity actually transferred to him it had already doubled. My son held onto it and it tripled. It was locked for about 15 years. We left it alone and asked our son to do the same which he did. He has a nice sum of money now from his Grandma. He could have just cashed it in for the face value or roll it into some other fund. He kept it in the original fund to his credit.

Nessa of Pearl River, NY on
Satisfaction Rating

They have friendly reps. They were very helpful and informative. They explained everything to me before I made my decision. Great customer service. The withdrawal options are reasonable. The process is very simple as it was explained to me before I decided to choose them. I was informed of the withdraw options and penalties that came with withdrawing. I was able to make comparison to competitors. Their payout is very good and better than competitors that was mentioned in our meeting. I am able to choose a good amount of cash overtime. Everything was explained in regards to funding. After our meeting I was able to choose the best options for me. The benefits are good. I am happy.

Tena of Calhoun, GA on
Satisfaction Rating

The local office for American General was closed and my agent was let go. So my husband and I chose to no longer have insurance with American General. I have had a terrible experience while trying to surrender my policy for the cash value. On 1-15-16 I called and advised a representative of our request and she said forms would be mailed to us, so I was sent the forms and completed those on 2-26-16 and mailed those to the listed address, certified on 3-1-16. Then we received another set of forms concerning the taxes since our residence is in the state of Georgia.

We completed the forms and mailed those in on March 11. Spoke to another representative on 3-21-16 and she said the 2nd set of forms were received on 3-14-16 and a check should be issued in 15 to 20 business days. On March 15 an automatic draft was taken from our bank account for the monthly premiums so I spoke with another representative (from American General) and he said a check for the refund would take 10 to 15 business days. My husband's check arrived 4-4-16 and the total amount of the check consisted of the cash value and refund of the month premium.

On April 7th I checked on my cash value check and refund. I was told it should be 3 to 5 business days. Today I called again (spoke to another representative) and was told that my check for the refund of the monthly premium was still in processing and then my cash value would be processed. I was placed on hold multiple times, then I was ask if I could be called back in 3 to 5 business days with a review of the status on my cash value request and refund request. Another representative said he would escalate it (I ask him if he knew what escalate meant). I think he meant expedite it. I am at their mercy so I said, "ok, you can call me back." I was on the phone today for 52 minutes total. I am very frustrated and still waiting on an explanation concerning the length of time it has taken. I really would appreciate to have my check expedited to me.

Gina of Atlanta, GA on
Satisfaction Rating

They were very helpful in helping me to understand that annuity process and terms as I had never had any experience with them. They were very knowledgeable as well. I learned when and how to withdraw and what the pros and cons of all withdrawal options are so that I can weigh it and be ready when and if the time comes. The payout options for this company are great. I can choose a lump sum or payouts over time when I choose to cash out. It was easy to understand and very helpful. The funding options are great and fair compared to others. They provide well-managed funds with a great variety to choose from. They also explain it all well.

Grant of Somerset, NJ on
Satisfaction Rating

I got a friendly rep. They were agreeable. I love it. They helped immediately. Good support and addressed the problem quickly and with efficiency. It was superb. Can't say enough. Made me feel like customer service can be good. The payout is good. I enjoy the process. It's the best. I cant say enough about good service. It's really good banking. They are def at the top of the pointed end of the spear.

Steve of Detroit, MI on
Satisfaction Rating

The staff was very helpful by answering all questions I had. Gave references, timelines on early withdraws, penalties. Told me about other companies and how they worked. Gave me info so I could compare the two so I could choose which was best for me. My agent went over the withdraw options and penalties and other options which would be best for me. After all I heard and went over I decide to not withdraw and keep it safe. Keeping my money in I managed to save a lot. My agent was great, kept me up with interest rates and telling me not to opt out early so no penalties would occur. I wish it offered more plans but overall I am somewhat satisfied. All questions were answered. Keep up the good work.

Mike of Pittsburgh, PA on
Satisfaction Rating

The customer service center was always very helpful and courteous. They always were respectful and made you feel like you were important. They did a pretty good job. The withdraw definitely gave a number of options on how you wanted to extract your funds. They could probably have offered some more options but it was still pretty good. The payout options also were something that could have been improved upon. They didn't offer as many options as some of the other companies that they currently compete with do. They were also pretty fair and wasn't that bad of a deal.

Amber of Washington, DC on
Satisfaction Rating

AIG Annuities customer service representatives are helpful and patient. They listen to your needs and respond. They solve your problem quickly and efficiently. AIG Annuities have a variety of withdrawal options to meet the varied needs of its consumers. You can choose the option that works best for you. AIG Annuities has a great variety of payout options. Choose an option that works best for you. Flexibility is your friend and AIG Annuities makes that possible for you. Money is so varied these days and AIG Annuities takes advantage by allowing you to fund your account with a variety of options. Mix and match however works best for you.

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