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Last updated: Nov. 17, 2017

130 Crescent Bank & Trust Consumer Reviews and Complaints

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Nov. 17, 2017

I took a loan with Crescent Bank almost two years ago, the loan amount was 16000 dollars and after two years of payments, I currently owe 15,400 dollars. During my loan period thus far I have not missed a single payment, and was threatening to be late on one because I was fired from a job. I pay 400 dollars a month and the operator offered to defer a payment for me, had a form sent to me that I had to FAX back to them signed - no email here! I did find a fax machine and got it back to them, all good. Until 3 months later, when on my credit report they said that I missed a payment! I called them and the woman told me "just file a credit dispute and we will work it out and just take it off on our end." I did that, no response for June, did it again, no response in July, let it be because work was heavy in August and September... And then did it again as advised in November, and they finally updated my credit report saying that I had 5 missed payments!!

I don't even want this car or the loan anymore. My plan was to refinance after building credit, but with this loan, my credit went down 140 points lower than started even though I've made on time payments. Isn't this illegal?! I'm so sick to my stomach and really just wish there was a way to deal with this. I'm a guy in my 40s who is just trying to build credit to buy a house for my kids and this company is just screwing with me. There are more details about payment date requests as well, when my pay periods changed at work and I had faxed forms to them that were lost over 10 times and each representative has a different story.

I can't think about this anymore, I have to continue with my day, but don't, do not, for the love of anything worthy! Do. Not get a loan with this company! I plan to go very very public with this. Do not get a loan with this company if you think that they can renew or better your credit! I started with this loan with a credit rating of 535 and now it is DOWN to 460 after their false reports!!!

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Nov. 2, 2017

February 2013 I obtained an auto loan through this bank arranged by Dealer. First time I had applied for or asked for credit in over 25 years! No credit history and a NULL FICO score! Was approved by this bank at a high downpayment and high interest Rate.That is OK, I understand! I was told and understood I could make payments on-line directly to bank by check, debit card or credit card. First payment attempt resulted in they had my address, zip code and social security # entered wrong! After 14 phone conversations and sending 8 Faxed forms over 12 days finally resolved the situation. I was left feeling like they did not care!

Third payment attempt I found they now took on-line payments through a 3rd party payment company and the Bank had sent them the wrong address, zip code and social security # from the old data entry mistake. Once again after days of phone calls, accusations about MY integrity by Bank agents and threats of repossession the data entry errors were corrected and payment was correctly applied. Once again was left feeling like they did NOT care.

Each of these payments were made with my Master card. Bank issued credit card as were the next 40 Payments. Each month I received several calls from the bank sometimes 15-20 days prior to my payment due date asking if I was going to make my payment on time. Each month for 40 plus months!! Other than the 2 months where the Bank had data entry problems my payments were always paid at least 5 days before due date and usually 10 days before. Now here I am at payment #44 of 48 and once again they have changed their payment method!

Did they notify me that they were changing... NO! Problem with this is the new 3rd party payment no longer accepts credit cards for payment. Upon contacting Crescent Bank I was told by the representative that they had never accepted Credit Cards and repeatedly told me they had Not changed payment methods. When I asked the Bank Rep for a different method of payment she stated cash in person (impossible), Debit card, or Check by phone which were impossible as I am out of country on business and do not have access.

Upon stating this the Bank Rep stated that if the payment is not received by the due date I would be marked as delinquent and subject to repossession! Results are I am cutting my trip short by 2 days and returning home to pull pay-off balance for this loan from savings and paying it off early. I am cutting myself off from this Bank and I strongly advise anyone from using this bank for Loans or any other financial reason as I am sure they DO NOT care about the customer! Upon reading the many complaints on this site and looking over the Thousands of complaints on other sites of which many are similar to my experience I have become convinced they are a Predatory Lender and DO NOT care about the customer.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Oct. 31, 2017

If you have other options I would use anyone other than this bank. We were told at the beginning of our auto loan we had a 10 day "grace" period... Wrong. Over a 6 year loan every time I paid within the "grace " period I was penalized a late payment fee. Come time to pay the last payment. I was told I still owed 1200 more dollars. I about fainted. When asked about it they told me that I need to pay it or they will come get my car. It's criminal. Go elsewhere if you can.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Oct. 6, 2017

Auto loan. Very rude. Not sure why these individuals are so angry at life..? Granted I was 12 days overdue. Called my place of employment and harassed my leadership. Never received a phone call directly. Beware!

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Aug. 31, 2017

I see so many people complaining about this company harassing you. If you are late on your payment they have every right to. They gave you a loan knowing you had bad credit. Pay on time and you will not hear anything from them. I have been with them for 5 years and always communicate my paydays with them. They never called me. And y'all knew what you were signing up for. When you signed the contract stop complaining. At least they gave you a car loan when nobody else did!!

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Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: Aug. 16, 2017

Wow, where do I start? I was 23 years old (5 years ago on December 12th) when I obtained a loan from Crescent Bank & Trust. At the time, my credit was pretty poor from a few bad decisions as a teenager, as well as my credit being stolen. I did not know the correct steps to take to fight my credit theft and was left with a horrible credit. I had to have a car to get to and from work so I applied for a loan at a car dealership. Little did I know that the only bank that would take me is Crescent Bank & Trust. I was happy to even be able to obtain a loan and did not realize the extent of the theft and fraudulent events that would take place. After 5 years of payments and the feeling of joy and excitement to finally be done with my debt to Crescent Bank in December of 2017, I was informed that my payments will not be over for 4 more years and that I still have a balance of around 10,000!

I knew this could not be possible, and actually had no way of being legit because I had only borrowed $14,000 for the vehicle and made a down payment of $1,200 on the car 5 years ago! On top of this fact, my payment booklet specifically laid down each payment due date, the amount due, numbered in sequence until the balance was to 0 (Up on December 12th, 2017). The horrible part is that I had left my loan contract at my dad's house and he threw it away on accident so had no way of proving the truth. I have been stuck in this situation, making 31% interest rate payments on a $14,000 loan. I have already paid a total of $21,060 to Crescent Bank (which is more than I got the loan for) and do not know how to get out of this scam. If anyone can help me please let me know, because at this point I am stuck.

They promised me I could get my vehicle refinanced after 2 years of payments and when I asked them about it at the 2nd year, they told me that they did not do refinancing. (What?)... I have already caught them in SEVERAL lies, which they kept giving me different answers each time I catch them in the lie. They have messed up on SEVERAL of my payments, marking down that I had either paid late and adding a fee, or not marking down my payment AT ALL (I have never been late on any payments in 5 years). I am supposed to be done with my payments in December of 2017 and now they are telling me that I have a $10,000 balance left to pay!

I requested my original contract several times (which they promised to send each time) and they have still not sent it! Can companies get away with this? What can we do to fight it and to uncover the truth? Please help me! DO NOT GET A LOAN FROM THEM, THEY ARE SCAMMERS, FRAUDULENT, AND A PURE EVIL AND GREEDY COMPANY!

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: July 24, 2017

In April 2016 I took a $1000 loan out from them. I have always made my payments on time and never missed any of them. I made my last payment 5/2017 and even went into the branch to confirm it was finally over. Now, I keep getting phone calls and mail about I still owe them $119. Management will not listen!

Original review: June 20, 2017

If you want to do business on a car loan this is not the place to come. LOOK at all of the bad reviews they have had from different customers. I called them in March to inform them that my mother had died, I had the vehicle and wanted to take over the notes, well mom was not behind so they came and repossessed it in the middle of the night. I called 911 thinking it was stolen only to be told that 11 Hour Towing had repossessed it per the bank. I called several times consulting with them about it then all of a sudden they became rude, and said "We can't talk to you anymore..."

The car was sold at an auction after I had obtained the attorney as they insisted out of $1500, they sold it and said it was human error that this occurred, "We forgot to tell the auction to hold it." It was Bologna from the beginning. Overall mom was closed to being finished paying for it... LO and behold it sold and I found it on the internet and bought it back from another dealer. They were ripping my mom off on the payments and it's been cut in half... to HELL WITH CRESCENT BANK. LET YOUR BUSINESS PLUMMET DOWN THE DRAIN!

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Original review: June 14, 2017

We submitted an automobile retail installment contract to Crescent Bank, which they approved, with some stipulations. When we submitted their stipulations, and delivered the vehicle to the customer, when we contacted Crescent about funding us, they added more stipulations! I have been a new car dealer for 30 years - and have never experienced a bank adding more stipulations, on 3 separate occasions - after the original ones were met. They were clearly trying to back out of their approval. THE BANK ENDED UP SAYING 'WE HAVE DECIDED TO RESCIND OUR ORIGINAL APPROVAL.' This never happens, especially if all stips are met. It is unheard of adding more after the vehicle has been delivered to the customer. DEALERS BEWARE OF DEALING WITH THIS MOST DISHONEST BANK! In the end, we had to retrieve the vehicle from the customer, at great expense to us.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: May 15, 2017

This is the absolute WORST company, ever. I got this loan when I was 23. 5 years and $24000 later, over 13k has gone to interest and only 11k to principal. This company does a daily compound interest. There were a few times where my $500 payment went completely to interest! Don't even think about going 5 days late. They'll call you 2-3 times a day asking for their money. I will give them that there were 2 times where I had to skip the month that they worked with me, but that's about the ONLY positive review I have for them. I was told that if I made my payments on time for 6 months, they'd refinance my loan. Well that never happened.

I've tried multiple times to tell them my last name is changed, that I'm no longer with the co-signer, etc, but nothing ever gets noted on your account ever. We finally sold the car April 28 (God forbid, 3 days after my due date). Anyways, there was some glitch at the dealership that the payment to Crescent hasn't gone through. I've told them literally every single day since that I've sold the car, and to take it up with the dealership.

I'm still getting threatening phone calls how they're going to repo it. Sorry, not in my possession anymore, take it up with the dealership. I even gave them the company I'm now financed through (finally got my credit to where I can go through a credit union) and they still call multiple times a day. I worked with a gentleman named Thomas who said if I made my payment when I said I would, that he would wipe the late fees from my account. That never happened ($15 any time you go over 10 days). They charge $5 just to pay online (same if you call and make the payment).

DO NOT USE THESE CROOKS. Seriously, choose any other company. These people are fraudulent, and will not stop at anything. 99% of the time you can't understand a word they say on the phone, and always sound completely irritated. I'd be irritated too if I worked for such a shady company! STAY AWAY FROM CRESCENT BANK!!! Would have given NEGATIVE stars if possible!!!

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Original review: April 5, 2017

We have an auto loan with them and they are very hard to get in touch with. They are extremely rude, threatening, and harassing, and liars. They will tell you what you want to hear. Make arrangements with you and then break them, make unauthorized debts to your bank account.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: March 16, 2017

I was trying to purchase a car in the last month and I got approved by a Chevrolet Fred Beans dealership in Doylestown. I got approved for a loan, the bank happens to be Crescent Bank. It appears that I was missing just a few more paper work like a lease, two more references, and bank statements. They were very rude and falsifying inaccurate statements that was not given. Well the person I was associated with, which was Kat. (She was rude to me, my landlord and then try to flip the script as we were the ones being ungracefully rude to her.)

This happens to take place yesterday late afternoon. They didn't even give me 24 to 48 hours to give them the paperwork before they pulled my loan. Worse company I have ever dealt with. As if a person trying to buy a car is going to proceed with it without having a job. What I'm basically saying is if a person is working a 9 to 5 or 12 to 8 shift how do you expect them to give you all the documentation that you need in due time while at work trying to maintain and keep their job?? Crescent Bank is by far the worst I've ever encountered. I wouldn't even work there if the president of the United States paid me to.

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Original review: March 13, 2017

They call your job & references (who is 84 & 90 yrs old) when late. They told me that my wife is a liar. They sent payment back to my acct & it didn't show up for 3 days. But they needed their $ again. So the lady said she would push the payment back. Now I am paying $2 a day for their mess up. So I only had a year to pay this car off but now it's going to take another 3 yrs because of interest. Plus for years I paid them $9.98 fee for paying with a card. Everyone uses a bank card these days. Besides they make enough $ on interest.

Why should I have to pay so much fees when I was just making a payment. They are the rudest customer service I've ever talked to. When I first got sick I told them I couldn't make the payment. They told me to ask everyone for $10 so I can get my payment to them. My car was $9000.00 but I'm paying $30000.00 for it. That should be against the law. Yeah it's a high risk but that don't give them the right to rip people off or treat them like garbage. If there was a bus I would have them come and get this 10 yr old car. STAY AWAY.

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Original review: March 3, 2017

I called at least 4 times today. The first three was told (automation) to enter account number or last 4 of social security which I did and then it flips back to payment options where you must enter an account number. Do not have account number. Very discouraging. Finally got a person on the line and then after being on hold for 9 minutes was transferred to a Melissa **. A supervisor I believe. RUDE, RUDE, and RUDE. I explained I was just trying to make a payment of 900.00 on my daughter's account. Was told they needed to speak to her and see if they can talk to me. Talk about what?

I told her either they want money or they do not and that I cannot believe all this. "YOU CANNOT BELIEVE WHAT" AND THEN SAID "YOU HAVE A GOOD DAY" AND HUNG UP ON ME. What kind of customer service is this, I am glad I am not the one with the auto loan. Therefore it will be this evening before my daughter can make this payment, and I am sure more fees will be added to this account.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Jan. 24, 2017

In 2011, I purchased a new Nissan Versa for my wife who did not have any credit. I myself had just gone back to work after being unemployed for 18 months, so my credit score wasn't much better. However, after being convinced by the car salesman at Maroone Nissan in Pembroke Pines, FL that it was better to buy new than used, he steered me to Crescent Bank.

The loan had a super high interest rate of like +/- 15% and we had to put $2,000 down! I had to borrow the money from my mom! I should have walked away but I didn't. In the end, we would be paying more than $23,000 for a $16,000 car. In addition, we were told we had to get the GAP insurance (another $40 a month) because the interest was so high and it was a six year loan.

My wife and I subsequently separated, but she agreed that she would keep making the payments on the car and refinance when she could. I agreed. A couple of years passed, and in July 2015, I received a letter from Crescent Bank that the loan was in arrears. I immediately contacted the bank regarding their letter and to get additional information. I explained to them that I had only seen my wife a couple of times since we separated in January 2013, and I had lost contact with her and the car after her immigration case went south. When we separated, I gave my wife a notarized power of attorney with the assumption that she would refinance the car since she had established credit and the interest rate on the loan from Crescent Bank was extremely high. I just assumed she had done this, however, for whatever reason she apparently never did it.

I had extensive conversations regarding this situation with Crescent Bank, as well as sending them a detailed letter with all the available information I had on my wife and her whereabouts; I believed she was somewhere in Miami-Dade County, Florida; I even thought that the car might have been taken to Colombia where she was from. Since I had not seen the vehicle since October-November 2014, nor did I have any idea where the car or my wife were, I was concerned. I contacted all her friends, acquaintances, previous employer, but our separation was not amicable, and many of her friends do not speak English. I did an Intelius search and got an old address in Miramar, FL.

I asked Crescent Bank many times that if they found the vehicle to please pick it up and contact me and I would assume custody/responsibility for the payments. Now that my credit score was 650+ I had already talked with my credit union about a loan for +/- 5%. With less than $6,000 owed on a car worth $10k+, who wouldn't want it? I also contacted the Broward Sheriffs Office, the county of my residence, to see if filing a stolen car report would be practicable. I was told that since my wife had permission to drive the car the loan issue was a civil matter and they could not get involved.

Then, I receive a letter from Crescent Bank stating that they had repossessed the vehicle, and that if I wanted the car, I could travel to New Orleans to an auction and attempt to purchase it? They never called me, even though I had asked them many times to let me know if they found the car and they had all my numbers. I also received the letter after the date of the supposed auction. What a rip off, they sold it to one of their buddies at a rock bottom price and charged me what was owed. What kinds of business practices are these? Next, I get a credit alert that Crescent Bank had reported a repossession on my credit; to wit my credit score dropped 100+ points.

Adding insult to injury, I then get served with a Summons in October 2016 stating that Crescent Bank was suing me for the unpaid balance on the vehicle. I humbly decided to go to mediation as did not have the resources to afford an attorney, and I knew that I went to court, I would be overwhelmed with their lawyers - a small fish in a big pond. In the end, I freely agreed to pay $100 a month for 80 months to settle this debt with Crescent Bank. I just didn't see any other option.

In the end, Crescent Bank will have received $32,000 on a car they financed $14,000 on. What an unbelievable scam. Even after all the extra work on my part helping them find the car, and their failure to contact me after they had the car - even though I asked them repeatedly, seven years later, I am still paying Crescent Bank for a car that I should have been able to buy for what was owed. Shame on Crescent Bank and shame on the people who work for a company like this.

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Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: Jan. 18, 2017

I pay these people every month by the 18th. My payment is due the 10th. I get paid on the 15-16 of the month. They call me three to four times a day even after my payment has posted. Also my husband passed away 3 weeks after buying this car in 2015. This bank REFUSES to take him off my loan with copies of the death certificate and everything that I have provided to them. I was told they would have to re-write the loan. Then re-write it, that's not problem. He is gone. I need him off this loan and my car registration. I have no idea what to do. Plus they report on my credit that I pay late 30 days or more. I have proof of every single payment and never have I once been more than 8 days past my payment date.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Jan. 4, 2017

My husband got a car through Crescent bank in 2014. He had a good paying job but not so good credit as he was frequently late on things. This bank calls everyday. If you are 1 minute late they call. Life happens and sometimes you have things come up. They do NOT understand that! I am not on the loan. It's in his name only. They still call ME. I am like "look this is not MY loan". They are not polite and not easy to talk with. I can not get a word in edge wise. They do not care what your excuses are. They want the payment NOW or further action will be taken.

I wish we had known about this company before my husband got this loan. They love to call you all the time. I told them today the money order was sent a week ago and they said they can't control the mail... Well I can't control the mail either! They do not care if you are sick, they do not care if you are eating Ramen noodles everyday to get by, they do not care you need medicine so you were late because of that. All payments are up to date and they still say my husband owes about the same as he did 2 years ago! I guess that's what you get when you use a bank named after crescent rolls, lol.

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Original review: Dec. 21, 2016

I had a 6 year auto loan that I have been paying extra. I was going pay off Jan 2017 (3 years). Was 6 months ahead monthly but now that I want to pay off early I am charged a fee for missing a payment that was already paid. So yes I got ugly. Paid off the loan and will NEVER use that bank again. I guess They are having financial troubles...

Original review: Nov. 25, 2016

I purchased a used 2008 Kia Spectra in 2013 and interest rates were rather high so I had a loan to pay for this car for 5 damn years and that's totally ridiculous when the car was already 5 years old. Anyway recently this car started giving me major problems like the transmission going out and it also have electrical problems which will cause me a helluva a lotta money to repair and on top of that my place of employment is about to close and after December 9th I will be without a job.

So when they contacted me I simply told them these very things and that I would not be able to make any payments and they can come and get the car because with all the problems going on with it. I'm hitchhiking to places I need to go, it's not worth it. So the guy ask me the mileage on the car and when I told him he said to me "well its not worth much and therefore it's not worth us coming get" and they are constantly calling me.

My situation has not changed and their car is in my yard and they can come and retrieve it anytime they want to. It's not that I don't want to pay them. I'm in no position to do so at this time and them calling me everyday is not going to change the fact that my job is ending and I don't have the money to pay them at this time. I'm in the process of trying to find a way to consolidate my bills so that I can start paying them to get rid of these people. The moral of this story is everything that looks good and sounds good isn't always good for you and dealing with CB&T is one of them.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Oct. 23, 2016

I have a car financed through CB&T. There are times I have been late due to injuries and missing work but I have never been threatened by them for repossession of my car. Also my car note fell at the wrong time of the month and I was late. I would make arrangements with them to take my car note out of my checking account and they did. I always got an e-mail to confirm when they would take my payment. I even pay my loan online and it only cost 2.50 to pay it that way. I am now totally disabled and they were patient with me while I waited for my disability payments started. We are all at this bank for the same reason. Low credit scores.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Oct. 21, 2016

My car payment is due in the third of each month. It is late on the fifteenth. This institution begins daily calls on the fifth. When I pay over the phone they assess a $9.99 fee. Later I found out it was a collection fee for the agent. One month out of three years I was actually late and the gentleman told me he had to add a $40 finders fee. Like a skip trace fee because I was late. I refused but then the next statement it was added to my amount due.

When they call and I answer it is a one sided monologue of them blaming and shaming me. One person even threatened to begin garnishment proceedings because I answered the phone on the 10th of the month and where I had ignored all of the other 5 days of Calls, sometimes three times a day. If you like harassment get a loan from them.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Aug. 19, 2016

I got an auto loan with this company five years ago, it was my first car and they screwed me big time. I had very good credit, average income, and a cosigner who made twice my car note and I'm paying 20% interest! I've been trying to make a offer to pay the remainder of my loan and they refuse to take anything less than the full amount. Every time I call they definitely have a nasty attitude before you even tell them your reason for calling.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Aug. 12, 2016

The reason that I am sending in a review is because these people that I spoke with was so mean to me when it came to getting my title. I paid my car off and they sent my title to the wrong address, so I called them back to inform them that it went to the wrong person. All of the customer service people including a lady by the name of Sheila very rude to me. I called in several times to change my address and they told me that it would be coming to my new address within two weeks and as of today I still have not received it... so l called back again and spoke with another customer service person who told me that I need to go and pay for a duplicate title since it did not come back to them... I told her that is not what was said to me a month ago. This company is very horrible and I would never deal with them again.

I did speak with a manager by the name of Amy and the way she spoke to me on the phone today I would not speak to a dog that way, so I just hung the phone up... The manager Amy was so loud to me and showed no comfort in assisting me. If I was a undercover boss they would all be fired. This bank has so many disrespectful staff and they also have the worst customer service I have ever seen in my life with no regards in helping servicing the public. If you are a person who is looking for someone to finance your car or any banking don't use this bank at all. PLEASE STAY AWAY from THEM. This HAPPEN to ME and MADE ME FEEL SO BAD.

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Original review: July 31, 2016

This bank is absolutely crooked. They repossessed my vehicle after a 25 day late pay! When I asked them how that was possible the representative told me it was because I hadn't "communicated" with them that the payment would be late. 25 days! They had the wrong telephone # for me, a # that was 11 years old... not the # listed on my car loan application, and said they called and left messages demanding payment. The repossession resulted in close to $700 in recovery fees, $200 to get my vehicle back, and $25/day storage fees. Unexpected expenses. I let them keep the vehicle and used the money towards a new down payment through my credit union. I will never recommend this bank to anyone. The representatives are not knowledgeable, unprofessional, and insensitive to their clients. The entire experience left me momentarily stressed out and extremely pissed off!

Original review: July 7, 2016

I had bought my car back in 2013 cause I had to. My car was on its last leg, it was becoming a safety hazard. So I bought my car and told them no more than $300 was the car payment. They told me Crescent Bank was a great bank and I would have no problems. LIES! In 2013 and 2014 I never missed a payment up until February when I was fired from my job. I did a deferment on the loan, they said everything was taken care of. Found a new job started payment once again. I was told I have until the 18th since my car is due on the 11th for it to be not considered late. It was a Sunday morning at 8 am and they were calling me harassing me already.

Then one time I was short $20 and they harassed my parents phone and my friend's phone. Called my Dad 15 times within a 30 minute period. They do what is called Spoof Call. The employees there are very rude. I was crying the one day because I didn't know what I was going to do and the woman sighed on the phone and was smacking her gum in my ear like some ghetto fabulous chick. NOT PROFESSIONAL. If they can not get the right people for their customer service maybe the managers should do it for them. Unfortunately, I still have this loan and due to my poor credit I can not find someone to refinance it. In 3 years I have paid more on my car than what it is worth. When my car is paid off I will never get another car loan from them.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: May 9, 2016

I purchase a vehicle on 8/10/2013, Crescent Bank & Trust financed my vehicle. I had a total of 66 months to pay until the vehicle is considered mine. Well, I paid the car in full on 4/22/2016, and I was told it would be 45 days before I receive my title. Then another agent told me days later it will be 10 days from the date my last payment was received. I have never been late, I have always paid more than my monthly obligations and I have been having problems with cooperation since I have been dealing with this bank. I have even had times where my funds was spit and I don't know why, but per the agent I written a letter asking that which I never indicated that. Then, when I asked that they send me the documents that I supposedly sent them stating that my fund are split to mail it to me, I never received the documents.

Then I was told I must have written two separate checks to total to my payment amount which that also never happened. I check my credit report monthly with all three bureaus being that I am a victim of fraud. When I looked at what my balance was I started a investigation. Crescent Bank then replied to the dispute stating that the balance that is appearing on my credit report is correct. They did not update my credit report monthly like they are suppose to and as of now my current balance is showing $10,353.00 which I am disputing as of today. I do not know what else to do, but I know some type of legal actions need to be taken against this bank immediately. I am a loyal customer who always paid on time and never been late.

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Original review: April 7, 2016

This bank must hire idiots! I recently deferred February's payment to help out financially. The bank called saying we were 46 days late and that they were going to repo the car if a payment was not made. So payment was made and all misunderstanding was cleared up, so I thought. However, the next morning after talking to the bank I wake up to the vehicle missing out from under the carport and tire drag marks all the way down the driveway. Contacted the bank and they confirmed receipt of payment and their mistake on the deferred payment but no one ever cancelled the repossession. This company is a disaster and obviously after reading the 90+ "very dissatisfied" reviews can't seem to complete normal bank processes. DO NOT GET A LOAN FROM THIS BANK!

Original review: Dec. 13, 2015

Do not, I repeat do not get a auto loan with them!! Yes they will give anyone a loan but if you're a day late, they call and harass you! Not one of those employees are nice or understandable! After having a loan with them and lost my job, they repossessed my car and but was on time with every single payment for 3 years straight!!! After 3 years of having the car, they marked that. Every payment for the past 3 years was late when it never was!!! Don't go through them!!!

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Original review: Dec. 12, 2015

All my payments are made on time. One of my payments I mail off to them got lost and they got it. I've spoken with one of the workers already but the bank claim it's not there. The other workers claim it's not there and another employee said the payment is there but the workers and the bank managers been calling me everyday with attitudes for a payment they lost.

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Original review: Oct. 21, 2015

My loan was sold to them a few months back, old loan company mailed info to the wrong address even though they deny it, continued to make payments to old company. All of the sudden start getting calls from Crescent Bank demanding payment. Rep that I initially spoke to said we need confirmation # of payment that was made to update records. Advised did not have it and they need to contact old company to get that info. No one ever completed my request even though I spoke to Judy the manager who advised she would reach out to IDA. I just contacted Crescent to advise can no longer afford the car and would like to surrender it. Got put on hold twice and mistransferred to another useless rep that could not help me!

Spoke to some ** named Sharonda who claimed to be a mgr and was interrogated as to why I wanted to surrender the car! Asking questions like "Did something happen?" Meaning did something happen to the car. Is the car still fully insured? Why does that matter at this point? Why would anyone carry insurance on a car that they can no longer afford??? She also advised could not provide a specific date for when the car will be picked up because "We cannot come and get the car just because you want us to." "There is a process." So what process do you have to follow? The let's use stall tactics to ensure the customer will be left on the hook for as much as possible process?? Do not do business what this bank!!! I've never even heard of Crescent until my loan got sold to them! Who the ** are you guys anyway???

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