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I got an auto loan with this company five years ago, it was my first car and they screwed me big time. I had very good credit, average income, and a cosigner who made twice my car note and I'm paying 20% interest! I've been trying to make a offer to pay the remainder of my loan and they refuse to take anything less than the full amount. Every time I call they definitely have a nasty attitude before you even tell them your reason for calling.

The reason that I am sending in a review is because these people that I spoke with was so mean to me when it came to getting my title. I paid my car off and they sent my title to the wrong address, so I called them back to inform them that it went to the wrong person. All of the customer service people including a lady by the name of Sheila very rude to me. I called in several times to change my address and they told me that it would be coming to my new address within two weeks and as of today I still have not received it... so l called back again and spoke with another customer service person who told me that I need to go and pay for a duplicate title since it did not come back to them... I told her that is not what was said to me a month ago. This company is very horrible and I would never deal with them again.

I did speak with a manager by the name of Amy and the way she spoke to me on the phone today I would not speak to a dog that way, so I just hung the phone up... The manager Amy was so loud to me and showed no comfort in assisting me. If I was a undercover boss they would all be fired. This bank has so many disrespectful staff and they also have the worst customer service I have ever seen in my life with no regards in helping servicing the public. If you are a person who is looking for someone to finance your car or any banking don't use this bank at all. PLEASE STAY AWAY from THEM. This HAPPEN to ME and MADE ME FEEL SO BAD.

This bank is absolutely crooked. They repossessed my vehicle after a 25 day late pay! When I asked them how that was possible the representative told me it was because I hadn't "communicated" with them that the payment would be late. 25 days! They had the wrong telephone # for me, a # that was 11 years old... not the # listed on my car loan application, and said they called and left messages demanding payment. The repossession resulted in close to $700 in recovery fees, $200 to get my vehicle back, and $25/day storage fees. Unexpected expenses. I let them keep the vehicle and used the money towards a new down payment through my credit union. I will never recommend this bank to anyone. The representatives are not knowledgeable, unprofessional, and insensitive to their clients. The entire experience left me momentarily stressed out and extremely pissed off!

I had bought my car back in 2013 cause I had to. My car was on its last leg, it was becoming a safety hazard. So I bought my car and told them no more than $300 was the car payment. They told me Crescent Bank was a great bank and I would have no problems. LIES! In 2013 and 2014 I never missed a payment up until February when I was fired from my job. I did a deferment on the loan, they said everything was taken care of. Found a new job started payment once again. I was told I have until the 18th since my car is due on the 11th for it to be not considered late. It was a Sunday morning at 8 am and they were calling me harassing me already.

Then one time I was short $20 and they harassed my parents phone and my friend's phone. Called my Dad 15 times within a 30 minute period. They do what is called Spoof Call. The employees there are very rude. I was crying the one day because I didn't know what I was going to do and the woman sighed on the phone and was smacking her gum in my ear like some ghetto fabulous chick. NOT PROFESSIONAL. If they can not get the right people for their customer service maybe the managers should do it for them. Unfortunately, I still have this loan and due to my poor credit I can not find someone to refinance it. In 3 years I have paid more on my car than what it is worth. When my car is paid off I will never get another car loan from them.

I purchase a vehicle on 8/10/2013, Crescent Bank & Trust financed my vehicle. I had a total of 66 months to pay until the vehicle is considered mine. Well, I paid the car in full on 4/22/2016, and I was told it would be 45 days before I receive my title. Then another agent told me days later it will be 10 days from the date my last payment was received. I have never been late, I have always paid more than my monthly obligations and I have been having problems with cooperation since I have been dealing with this bank. I have even had times where my funds was spit and I don't know why, but per the agent I written a letter asking that which I never indicated that. Then, when I asked that they send me the documents that I supposedly sent them stating that my fund are split to mail it to me, I never received the documents.

Then I was told I must have written two separate checks to total to my payment amount which that also never happened. I check my credit report monthly with all three bureaus being that I am a victim of fraud. When I looked at what my balance was I started a investigation. Crescent Bank then replied to the dispute stating that the balance that is appearing on my credit report is correct. They did not update my credit report monthly like they are suppose to and as of now my current balance is showing $10,353.00 which I am disputing as of today. I do not know what else to do, but I know some type of legal actions need to be taken against this bank immediately. I am a loyal customer who always paid on time and never been late.

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This bank must hire idiots! I recently deferred February's payment to help out financially. The bank called saying we were 46 days late and that they were going to repo the car if a payment was not made. So payment was made and all misunderstanding was cleared up, so I thought. However, the next morning after talking to the bank I wake up to the vehicle missing out from under the carport and tire drag marks all the way down the driveway. Contacted the bank and they confirmed receipt of payment and their mistake on the deferred payment but no one ever cancelled the repossession. This company is a disaster and obviously after reading the 90+ "very dissatisfied" reviews can't seem to complete normal bank processes. DO NOT GET A LOAN FROM THIS BANK!

Do not, I repeat do not get a auto loan with them!! Yes they will give anyone a loan but if you're a day late, they call and harass you! Not one of those employees are nice or understandable! After having a loan with them and lost my job, they repossessed my car and but was on time with every single payment for 3 years straight!!! After 3 years of having the car, they marked that. Every payment for the past 3 years was late when it never was!!! Don't go through them!!!

All my payments are made on time. One of my payments I mail off to them got lost and they got it. I've spoken with one of the workers already but the bank claim it's not there. The other workers claim it's not there and another employee said the payment is there but the workers and the bank managers been calling me everyday with attitudes for a payment they lost.

My loan was sold to them a few months back, old loan company mailed info to the wrong address even though they deny it, continued to make payments to old company. All of the sudden start getting calls from Crescent Bank demanding payment. Rep that I initially spoke to said we need confirmation # of payment that was made to update records. Advised did not have it and they need to contact old company to get that info. No one ever completed my request even though I spoke to Judy the manager who advised she would reach out to IDA. I just contacted Crescent to advise can no longer afford the car and would like to surrender it. Got put on hold twice and mistransferred to another useless rep that could not help me!

Spoke to some ** named Sharonda who claimed to be a mgr and was interrogated as to why I wanted to surrender the car! Asking questions like "Did something happen?" Meaning did something happen to the car. Is the car still fully insured? Why does that matter at this point? Why would anyone carry insurance on a car that they can no longer afford??? She also advised could not provide a specific date for when the car will be picked up because "We cannot come and get the car just because you want us to." "There is a process." So what process do you have to follow? The let's use stall tactics to ensure the customer will be left on the hook for as much as possible process?? Do not do business what this bank!!! I've never even heard of Crescent until my loan got sold to them! Who the ** are you guys anyway???

I have been dealing with these crooked, rude and overall disrespectful "people" for 1 and a half years. I do not know how this company is able to stay in business. I am researching how to report and deal with these criminal, predatory Lender.

Crescent Bank and Trust by all means was not the best for a car loan. However if you have bad, horrible, or ** credit, they give you a shot. The interest rate is horrendous but at least you have a car. People complain that they call you when you're late on your payment but to fix that, don't be late on your payment. It's that simple.

I finance a 2010 Chevy Impala LTZ and was paying a 19.4% interest rate. Yes it was high and my payments were higher, but my credit score was less than a 600 and this is the only bank that would finance me. After 12 months of paying on-time and fixing things on my credit report, I was able to refinance my car through another establishment at a better interest rate.

Would I recommend people to go to Crescent Bank and Trust first? Absolutely not. But if you have poor bad, horrible, ** credit and you are trying to fix it, like everyone else who is trying to fix their credit, you have to start at the bottom. That means paying high interest rates, paying on-time, and you have to bite the bullet. If you make your payments on-time for one year, I guarantee you'll be able to refinance your car through another establishment at a lower interest rate as long as you're not messing up your credit anywhere else.

I would give this company 4 stars, maybe even five because for what I needed them for, they were there. I needed a stepping stone to establish good credit and they gave me an opportunity to do it. If you have poor credit, you're not going to get an interest rate of 5%. People with great credit can barely get an interest rate of 5% nowadays. I'll end with this - if you have bad credit and you're looking to take your credit in the right direction, no matter where you go you're going to have to pay high interest rates. Crescent Bank and Trust gave me a shot and I appreciate that. To everyone who says they call if you're late on your payment, simple fix is to not be late. Keep your word. If someone owed me money and didn't pay on the day they said they would pay, I would call them too.

This company repossessed my car after 32 days! Everyone I talked to was very rude! They do not want to work with you at all. I guess they do not understand how life happens sometimes! I surely hope none of the workers have something tragic happen and need some help with bills. This is the worst company to finance from. How they are still in business is beyond me! DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH THIS CORPORATION! Horrrribbleee!

I purchased a 2012 Dodge Caravan in June 2015 & of course I had poor credit issues due to being seriously ill and unemployed. I was grateful and shocked when I was approved for the car because I knew I had credit issues. I'm on a fixed income that comes in after the due date so I was late paying in July, and now it's August and as of today, I'm 12 days late and they repoed my car. At first I thought it was stolen because according to our police, the law is that they have to be notified of towed and repoed vehicles... there's no record.

I spoke with my acct rep (named Jeff) yesterday because I'm in the hospital with pneumonia and I told him my daughter was paying that day and the payment was mailed already via money. He promised he'd note the account and never said anything about the repo. He did violate my privacy though by asking what I was in the hospital for and said, "oh so you got sick after your cruise???" He asked for my daughter's number and I told him I didn't know it and was in the hospital.

Now I have no idea where the car is. No notification of the repo... and the days are adding up. I can't afford to pay the charges I'm seeing noted in all these comments. This is ridiculous. I'm sick, I can't take no more. This is crazy. I'm in the hospital trying to breath and heal and this is killing me. Now they've extended my hospital stay because my pressure is up. BUT FOR REAL, 12 DAYS LATE??? I need help and have no idea where to turn. I'm getting sicker and sicker. Why did the dealer recommend these abusers??? Why??? My credit is already bad so if I can't afford to get the car back, they can keep it!!?? You can't get blood from a stone!!! I can't add the verified receipt info because all my papers are in the car they repoed!!!

The only major issue I have had with them is that they do call and harass you daily if you are one day late with is understandable in most cases but if you say that I'll make the payment on Friday why the need to constantly call everyday up until Friday.. I have no idea if there is any logically explanation behind this. Also the interest rate is horrible and it's front loading interest. What that means is that no matter when you pay your car off you will pay all of the interest. Horrible right. I decided to refinance my car through my credit union and I will still pay more than the car is worth but I guess that's the price you pay when your credit is horrible. Wish I would have known about my credit union before I went with Crescent bank... I will call this experience brought sense. I will say if you want to buy common sense finance your car through Crescent Bank and trust they will for sure teach you a valuable lesson.

Very rude employees up to management. The manager was worse actually. No compassion whatsoever. As if the money belongs to her. Most ppl don't answer the phone or choose to hide the vehicle. I've done neither. I called myself at 13 days late. Can't wait to pay this off. Never get me again.

I had a 2013 Dodge Charger that financed through Crescent Bank. I was always on time till me and my husband both lost our jobs. I quickly find a small pay job and sent in what I could. After being 22 days late on a PARTIALLY paid payment they sent out a repo. Called to work a deal and they said no - I signed paperwork saying I would pay. All of their representatives including their bank manager is very rude and will not answer any questions but will have a representative call and do their dirty work. I will never ever sign with this company again and have encouraged all my family and friends to never sign with them.

I wrote a review back in 2013 saying I was happy with Crescent Bank & Trust and here it is 2015 and I am still satisfied with the company! I see all these complaints saying how rude these people are! How they call and harass you and your family and reference! Well never ever has this happened to me! I always pay within the grace period and they never once called me. However this month I has a bad rash of things happened! I had someone get a hold of my debit card and take my money so I had to shut my debit card down! So my payment was 2 days past grace period! I also lost my phone in the same week and had to buy a new one so Crescent didn't have my new number so they had to call my work phone today which I completely understand.

My point is they did not yell or scream at me!!! They did not call and harass my references! They only do that when people try to avoid them! Answer your phone and be honest and they won't call everyone you know! Everyone has things come up but if you let this bank know they will work with you! Of course they will hunt you down if they can't get a hold of you for weeks after payment is due! You have their car!!! And yes it's their car till you pay it off!!! We have bad credit so they have to stay on top of us to get their money! But if you pay on time or at least let them know when you will beating they are very nice and professional! I have not had a problem yet!!! I appreciate they gave me a loan when no one else would! Thanks Crescent Bank!

This company doesn't work with at all. I was only 39 days behind and ready to make a payment on Friday (payday July 10,2015) and they repo my car the day before (July 9, 2015). The recovery co. they used didn't notified me. They were taking the car and pulled it on the rollback without putting the car in neutral. Now the car may have mechanical problem. They called for a payment on the car on July 10, 2015. The customer rep. had no idea it was repo. When they transferred me to the correct dept. they had no idea what was going on. They are rude and have no compassion to work with the customer.

This company is horrible. I was only 22 days late on my car note and they came and took my car from work. I was stranded and couldn't get to my child. They didn't care when I called them. They are extremely rude and **!! This should be against the law - how they treat and disrespect and steal from people. They do this on purpose to get more money from people, then take you to court and try and sue you. I wish I would have known about them prior to getting a car.

I only had 1 year to pay off my 2010 Kia Rio. I was in a accident and my car was totaled. I was in the hospital for a week and out of work for 2 weeks. My insurance company paid all but $1700.00 to pay it off. Even though I was not working, I sent in over $500.00 one week and the next week $289.00 and that was not enough for them. I started getting the threatening phone call and the mail say they would report me to the Equifax and all this BULL!!! I was not late on a payment and at that point I really did not care what was being said!!!! Please do not use this Bank. I don't how bad you need a car loan!

I just received notice of a negative report to the credit bureau 6/8/2015 on an account that was paid in full 3/2014. I was told this is a disclaimer just intended to let you know we do report. That's great but that is not what the letter says. I am very angry because they continued to report to the credit bureau that I owed them after it was paid off in 2014 which caused a delay in obtaining a loan in 2/2015. I had to call multiple times and each time they would say they were taking care of it only to find out they had not. It was resolved finally after weeks. So imagine getting this so called disclaimer in the mail months later and being told "oh that just to let you know we report". No ma'am this letter states your company made a negative report on me. So am I the only one confused? "No we have been getting calls all day." Get it together Crescent Bank!

OK, here is my story... While I was married, my wife neglected to make payments on my vehicle without notifying me which I was notified by the bank that I was put into collections. I tried to quickly rectify the situation as soon as I was made aware. CB&T offered to accept my payment, but not remove me from collections with the repossession company. At this time, I was not aware of my rights as I am now... They asked for a balance in total at the time of the call which I was obviously not able to pay. I asked them, "Is there NO WAY to get caught up so I can be removed from collections?" and the response was "No". So I asked, "So if I make a payment to you, it doesn't matter how much, other than the whole balance, my vehicle is going to be repossessed regardless?" The lady responded, "Yes", and then proceeded to ask me how much I was going to pay today.

Well, needless to say, I asked her for the balance and she responded, about $5000.00. (Don't remember the exact number, only that it was $5000 something...) I responded, "I'm not paying you anything if my vehicle is already going to be repossessed and you're not willing to work with me on getting my payment caught up." She said irately, "Um sir, THAT'S NOT HOW IT WORKS!!!" I then responded, "That is how it works, and you have a LOT to learn about conducting business - treating your customers this way!" She then started to scream at me so I said, "SUE ME" and hung up the phone. They called my phone all day harassing me, but I ignored their calls. Well the day came that the repo guy showed up to my house to collect the vehicle. He never showed me his credentials, never gave me any paperwork, and took my plate with him. I handed him the key and he left.

The bank supposedly placed the vehicle in auction and sold it. I never received any paperwork regarding the auction so I could buy it back if I wanted to, and no bill of sale from the auction, nor did I receive a delinquency balance for what I owed vs what the vehicle sold for. Now what you have to understand is, I owned this vehicle prior to dealing with these people. I was leaving for the military and my wife needed a car, but she claimed she couldn't drive a standard, which is what this vehicle was, so I traded it for a car which she now owns. Either one or two days after the trade-in, I asked for a courtesy sale to buy it back because they only gave me $4,500 for it, which I just paid $10,000 because what they gave me was too little in my opinion.

Well anyway, they resold the vehicle back to me at a rate of 33% interest... and the only reason I ever agreed to it was because the military was supposed to reduce the interest cap to 6% for service members, which they never did, which of course is not CB&T's fault but nonetheless... I knew I was going to receive calls about any balance owed so I waited for the call. Well, that day came soon after... I answered the phone and they said that I owed about $7000 and I told them that they were crazy and asked for the bill of sale for the vehicle and any and all paperwork related so that I could see the numbers. All she said was "We'll get you the paperwork, but I need you to pay your balance..." I told her that I wasn't paying her anything until she produced paperwork with the exact amounts owed. She exclaimed, "I don't have that paperwork, I am calling to take your payment."

So I told her that she already had the vehicle, I gave it up voluntarily, and I am waiting on the paperwork before I pay out any money that I owe. I bought the vehicle in Apr 2008 and this was Approximately Aug 2010 and had been making timely payments up to this point in which my wife allowed my vehicle to go 3 months delinquent. I was working so much, I rarely slept so, we had the money, I just assumed she was paying the note as usual. I tried to make amends but the bank wasnt having it. Anyway, rather than deal with the constant harassment, I let them take the vehicle, even though it hurt my credit. Well here we are 7 years later and I am still being harassed by them. I was a co-signer on this loan with my ex being the primary and they attempted to sue both of us and get the full amount from both!

Along with all of this, the many times that I spoke with them, they gave me fluctuating numbers and told me things like, If I settled today, I could buy out the loan for $1,100, one day, and $4,000 another day. EACH AND EVERY TIME I SPOKE WITH THEM, I asked for documentation which they NEVER PROVIDED!!!! It's the same as getting a blank bill in the mail and letting them decide on what you are expected to pay today! No way!!! Not without documentation!!! I never received any documentation whatsoever until I was served by a sheriffs deputy advising me about the court date. Not only that, but their attorney met with me in the hall after the case was over and told me that it wasn't required to issue papers to me. Well, I looked up this information and found that is completely inaccurate information.

All in all, the civil court case ended up being almost $8,000.00, $1400 for the balance on the vehicle, $1,200 for the attorney fees and the rest was added interest and penalties. I am in the process of appealing the judgement against me which will cost an additional $550 but, in comparison to the $8,000 they claim I owe, that's a fair deal that I am willing to risk paying extra!!! I am not looking to be exonerated from paying the balance, (which I believe to be grossly inaccurate being that I saw the vehicle at the dealership I rebought it at with a window sticker price of $9997, and an employee driving it around town running errands... But it supposedly went to auction) I am only looking to pay what was owed on the balance. The fees were added because I refused to make payments on it being I hadn't received any further paperwork after the repossession.

This company is a predatory lender and in most cases, all you end up paying most of the time is strictly interest if you pay the minimum amount owed. The longer you owe, the more compounded interest that can be accrued, especially if you ever have a late payment with a penalty added because that money can draw interest against your balance as well. All in all, the vehicle that I bought was originally $4500, and with interest added over time, the balance was shown as $16,000 according to the paperwork from the dealer at the time of the signing. And goes to show just how much I paid out being that I only owed a $1,400 principal left on the vehicle. Anyone with a situation related to unjust fees, interest, etc I strongly urge you to research any and all class action lawsuits against this establishment and add your name to the list. And by all means... KNOW YOUR RIGHTS!!!

This bank just repossessed my vehicle without me realizing I was behind because I was sending in money orders due to losing my checkbook. They used a towing company 2 hours away and the work order did not even state how much was owed. I did not receive a letter or a phone call stating my loan was in default. Last year they repossessed my vehicle for being $200 behind, which in the long run cost me $1500 to get back. I had made the payment first thing the next day and sent them all the paperwork by noon but they would not release my car. I had to pay a weekend storage fee and drive 2 hours to pick up the vehicle.

These people are so disrespectful. They call all damn day. After I spoke with someone I received another call IM. So aggravated with crescent bank & everyone has a bad attitude. I wish I knew this in the beginning!!! Crescent city you suck.

I don't know how these criminals remain in business. My loan was transferred to them in 2014. My payment was due 2/20. They sent a letter to my home informing me of the transfer on 2/13, while I was on vacation. I logged onto the previous bank to make the payment and could not. I called and they informed me that my loan had been transferred and stated that I should have received a letter and new payment booklet. I contacted CB&T to inquire on making a payment, only to be told it's some ridiculously high fee to make a payment by phone. I also inquired why they mailed me a letter on 2/13 if my payment was due 2/20 knowing there's a delay in mail delivery. They had my phone number and could have contacted me. Not only that, but I didn't get the payment book until 2/26. Not only did they charge me a late fee, but the majority of my payment now went to interest instead of principal.

Fast forward a year, and I'm ready to pay my car off and received no information whatsoever from them for the payoff amount. I made what I thought was the final payment on the due date. Two weeks later I received a letter stating my payment was late. When I contacted them, they stated I only made a partial payment since more was due than what I thought was the final payment. I inquired as to why I was never contacted prior to final payment to notify me the amount was or would be different and they said I was supposed to contact them. Not only that, but they insulted me by stating they had called me multiple times, when in fact they had never. I happily made the final payment and celebrated by finally being done with this bank. I would rather walk or use public transportation than to ever have to deal with this bank ever again. They're beyond crooked and flat out liars.

I have a car financed through Crescent. Before my first payment was due I got they were putting my repo out. I tried to explain my payment wasn't due that I didn't have a payment book, address or phone number for Crescent. I didn't even have an account number yet. Fast forward to now, my job ended Dec. 2014 and I contacted the bank and asked for the Dec payment to be added to the end of my note. Being in Texas our winters are unpredictable and we has a lot of ice/snow days. If I don't work I don't get paid, asked again for extension. I made arrangements with them and was keeping my end. I called to make a payment according to the arrangements only to be told I couldn't make a payment and they wanted more money. WHO doesn't take money owed.

I made arrangements with the supervisor to pay the money by the end of May. Now they call all the time, threatening me with repo. Guess what a lot of my conversations were never recorded only what they wanted to make note of. You call them, you do the do the right thing and threaten, embarrass and lie. When though I'm doing what they asked I'm expecting my car to be gone every morning when I wake up. No should live that way. HORRIBLE DISHONEST PEOPLE.

Updated on 04/24/2015

Just a follow up. I had things worked out to catch pmt up. Called them to make a payment and they refused it. They wanted more money. 7 days to having car having car pmt caught up (remember this was their arrangement) and woke up today with car. Now I get it. They make arrangements, then jack up the pmt so they can take the car. So sad for good customers like me.

I am contacting a attorney. I owed 100 dollars - these people sent for my car telling me with all their fees due it's going to cost 780 to get my car. They claim that a third party was sent to my house twice to ask for the 100 dollars and they charged me for this visit. For one nobody came to my home. Someone is always at the house and we have 4 dogs to let us know if someone arrives. These people are thieves. Can't believe they took my car over 100 dollars and told lies.

Mazda 3 I got last may and just because I work 3rd shift I sleep during the day so no I do not answer my phone. I had just sent them a payment and they came when I was at work and repoed my car. Left me no way home and my husband was having surgery this morning and could not get there. When I call they said they received the payment but they could not reach me. When I call them it's late in the evening but when your phone doesn't work it don't work. We live on a fix income and they did that to me. That is disrespectful to people.

They call me every month 2-3 days before my payments are due with 20 questions and harass me and my family members. They claim even though the money is transferred electronically through my financial institution, that they haven't received the payment even though I have proof they have. They claim it is almost always a day or two later even though it is within the grace period they still call multiple times a day. Wouldn't recommend them, they should be sued for the bad business practices.

Car picked up for repo on March 4. On March 6 called bank...told them I was going to redeem car. Sent to them on same day all required docs. Yesterday, march 9, payment made to release car. Today mar 10, a transport came and got the car and 20 min later, bank sent release. I almost had a heart attack. Called Crescent...was told they couldn't stop transport and I had to pick up car 3 hours away at auction and pay auction storage. I just about died. Don't know what to do. Bank was always extremely rude and uncaring. I can't believe my situation.

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