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I have had an account at Associated for the past 21 months. Until this past month I have had no noticeable issues with their practices. However since then I have had two overdrafts where I would have had enough in my account to cover the charges but the bank didn't subtract my money until it would overdraft me. For most people it would be relatively simple to pay the charges but I work mainly cash jobs while writing my novel and therefore can't afford to constantly pay their charges.

When I have tried to contact the bank to figure out what is going on, they have given me the typical "Sorry..." and then ended the call. Class action lawsuit would be welcomed because this is destroying people's lives slowly.

I would advise any customers of Associated Bank to post their overdraft fees to reflect how much this bank makes from its customers. In a month's time, I was charged $175.00 in overdraft fees. I am closing my account with them and I, in my current position of employment, have suggested our new customers to use the bank as it is local in Middleton, Wisconsin. Including the subpar app on mobile devices, do not... I repeat, DO NOT USE ASSOCIATED BANK AS YOUR FINANCIAL INSTITUTION, unless you simply want to give your money away.

Stop GIVING your money away, especially if you are a single parent, hard working American. They care not about their customers. Who has $175.00 to just give away when you have a hard time even providing for your family...and I have two jobs! Go anywhere but Associated Bank. I will continue to post this UNTIL there is a significant change or drastic drop in members who patron this financial institution! DO NOT OPEN AN ACCOUNT WITH THEM... your hunger in juxtaposition to their greed will be enough! $175.00 from me in a month's time is horrible!

All of my accounts with Associated Bank were closed after I inquired about the overdraft charges on my debit card. Associated Bank employees at the branch location on Snelling Avenue in Saint Paul, Minnesota supported the closure of my accounts by asserting that I engaged in misconduct at the bank. A fabrication. As an attorney, I am considering a class action lawsuit against Associated Bank. In 2013 Associated Bank settled a class action lawsuit by agreeing to change its debit card charging practices. I read the amended settlement agreement and settlement agreement signed by Associated Bank. The debit card practices used with my accounts in 2015-16 were the same practices Associated Bank agreed to change in 2013. My recommendation is to contact a law firm that does class action litigation and seek legal advice on how to recoup your losses and change Associated Bank's practices.

The last year, this bank will deposit checks between the hours of 11 pm and midnight, then overdrafting my account. When inquiring about these they state they don't timestamp their withdrawals. I live 45 mins away from the bank, if a check goes through I'll drive the 45 mins and deposit the money. But lately they deposit them at absurd times. One time I wrote a check at 5:45 pm, they tried saying the check went through the same night. Impossible, it was a private dentist. Awaiting the lawsuit!

Offer most things you would expect from a bank, but take absolutely any opportunity they can to pilfer money from your accounts. There is a hefty charge for nearly everything. I learned after making several withdraws from "no-fee" ATM's that Associated was actually charging me $4.00 to use a machine that's not theirs. Most banks that respect their customers reimburse them for ATM fees. But with Associated, if you want to withdraw from an ATM with a $4 fee, they will still charge you on top of that, making it an $8 fee just to withdraw money from your own account. What's worse, I just went in to have a cashier's check made out so I could make a down payment on a car. "That will be 8 dollars please." $8 to write a check!!! The deal fell through, so now I need to write a new check, so that's $16 dollars for a service that any respectable bank wouldn't think to charge its customers for.

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I have had my checking account with Associated since 2001 and through the years the bank has just gotten worse. It does not value its customers but love to take their money in fees and then call it a "one time courtesy" if they refund one out of many. I wanted to close my account but couldn't because I was disputing a charge that the bank paid from an online scam. But during the time I wasn't using my account I was charged a fee for not having direct deposit and then ultimately they concluded the dispute and wanted the money back that they initially credited. But soon I will be able to close my account and be done with this bank and their terrible customer service and constant taking of people's money in fees.

We recently found our checking account to be over drafted by 1900.00. I have never even heard of such a thing. A few hundred I could understand but 1900.00 and not one notice to let us know and THEN Associated bank's corporate security team had the nerve to accuse my husband and I of committing fraud together. My husband has never broken a law in his life, much less bank fraud against an account that we regularly deposit at least 1500.00 in to every 2 weeks. Am I the only one who thinks this is insane? Here we sit completely broke with Associated Bank calling us crooks because they allowed a debit card to be activated and used unbeknownst to us. And then to make us feel like criminals on top of well BARRY at associated bank... Go ** yourself. We will call the police on your bank for allowing this to happen!

After 23 years of using Associated Bank, I will be gone soon. Some years ago they stopped allowing the local branches to contact customers with issues (branches just sell services and attempt to sign you up for more services) and moved communications to corporate. Now, customers will get 0 notification of issues until after they arise. 4 years ago I set up an electronic payment of 2.5 times the minimum amount requested to pay for a loan. The payments were scheduled 1 week early each month until Associated Bank cancelled the payments (money was in the account to cover it all) and did not attempt to notify me. Months went by and the first I learned of it was when an attorney sent a letter.

During this time Associated Bank placed late payments on my credit report (I have never had a negative payment reported on my credit report before this). Associated Bank refuses to repair the issues and says it is my problem. Be very careful if you wish to be a customer of Associated Bank. They are no longer a small, friendly, hometown bank that is willing to work with you when problems arise. They will pour on the fees and then report negative credit while placing blame on you.

Unfortunately... that's the catch phrase of Associated Bank's customer service. They're at it again after they paid out a $13 million class action law suit in 2012-2013 for charging their loyal customers with countless overdraft fees. This is the way they do business. Go elsewhere.

Associated Bank has charged me thousands of dollars in overdraft fees and they have been fraudulently doing so. They closed my account without telling me because I told them this is exactly what they were doing and I am wondering who else they are doing this to? I am waiting for a class action lawsuit so I can join as this is the same thing Chase Bank was doing and had to return millions of dollars to their clients.

If I could give ZERO STARS, I would!!! I noticed an $11 service fee on my online statement. I don't look at this account too often as it is no longer my primary checking account. I opened the account in 1997 before I went to college and kept it open for sentimental reasons, I suppose. When I called in to speak to someone about the fees (which took forever since the IVR system never tells you how to get through to an actual person) and inquired about them, I was told about how I could avoid them and how it helps them maintain and service my account. I have not asked for any "service" in years nor have I even set foot in on of their branches!

Every answer I received was "I'm sorry, unfortunately..." and I finally asked to speak to a manager. I was told I was speaking to a manager (what kind of call center has "managers" taking front-line calls?) and there was no one else available to assist me. This was one of the worst customer experiences I have ever had and will be spending my lunch hour cancelling my account. I should have done it long ago! Credit unions for this guy going forward!!!

I have had multiple instances where my card has been declined for no sensible reason. I call customer care and they say they are very sorry, but there is nothing they can do and I have had to get my card reprinted twice. I'm going to be switching banks very soon.

I have been a loyal Associated Bank customer for over 20 years now and the deceitful practices they have incorporated are unbelievable. Even after they paid out 13 mil in the 2013 class action lawsuit regarding overdrafts, they have now just put a new twist on deceitful ways to collect money from customers. One of them is now charging monthly fees unless you keep a continual minimum checking balance. But on top of it, they don't physically put the service fee charge through until the 8th. However, they make it retroactive back to the 6th of the month so they can bounce your account and create overdrafts if anything went through between the 6th and the 8th.

It takes them forever to 'un-pend' transactions especially deposits yet they don't hesitate to 'un-pend' debits as quickly as possible. How convenient huh? Anything to cause overdrafts to make money. I guess they have to recoup their losses somehow on their lost lawsuits for the $13 mil OD class action suit and the HUD $200 mil mortgage loan lawsuit. (The largest ever!) (eye roll) I, for one, will be switching banks real soon.

I have been banking at Associated since they took over my bank when I was 16. I am 35 now. I just got a notice stating I would have to start paying an 11 dollars a month fee on Nov. 1st, unless I had monthly direct deposits of $500 dollars or more or kept a balance of $500.00 at all times. I am self-employed and so none of my deposits fit that criteria nor do I always have $500 in my account throughout the entire month. When I called to explain my situation the woman said "Oh sorry, I guess our checking options just don't fit you anymore". No suggestions on things I could do or willingness to brainstorm just "Oh I’m sorry". If this is how they have taken to treating long term customers I'm glad I'm closing my account with them and going to a credit union down the road.

I have been a loyal customer with Associated Bank for 20 yrs. Now they are adding unreasonable fees to my account. When I spoke to the Branch Mgr. they couldn't do everything for free & run a business. That's bologna. They got a lot of bail out money and now they're just as greedy as all the other big banks. I'm switching to a friendly local bank. Screw you Ass-ociated Bank.

We used Associated Bank to refinance our home and what we got was not a traditional mortgage but more like a consumer loan which has been fine up till we try to get a buy out amount for selling the property. In 2011 we had a buyer so there were appraisals done but the sale fell through. Currently we have a new buyer and are set to close in 30 days. When the "new system" came online in August there were late fees listed for almost $900. We called and they could not tell us what they were for, we have no late fees, penalties and our account is in good standing. Same fees showed up in September and now they are saying there are charges for the appraisals done in 2011.

How can they bill us for something we assumed was covered 4 years ago because we never got an invoice or a bill and it never showed up on our account at the time of service? Of course, they expect these fees to be paid at the time of closing the sale of this house. I feel like they should have to wait 4 years to get paid. Bad form, Associated Bank. Bad form.

Tired of all the fees, $11 a month for just having an account. Majority of ATMs don't fall under fee free. $35 overdraft fee for every transaction even if over by just pennies. Highest interest rates I've seen of all banks; can go to a Credit Union and get 1-2 percent lower. Basically if you don't want your money taken from you monthly, go somewhere else.

I have a son who is disabled yet works very hard at a local restaurant that was set up by DVR when he was in high school as a IEP plan. Ass. Bank is charging him 140 for 4 checks less than ten dollars each. Yet paid a 200 check!!! This is on a student's acct. Let's try to get a class action suit? And I have been client for 32 years.

Ok, so I've used Associated Bank ever since they bought First Federal here in Wisconsin (years and years). Admittedly, I have in the past had some problems with cash flowing in and out in the correct way. However, for the past 2 years, I've gotten on track and haven't had a single overdraft. I've been a client even when they went through the lawsuit that they settled over the order in which things were debited from a personal checking account. You'd think that they would've amended their systems then, but recently, I had 3 checks come into the bank on the same day - not in any particular order or date as they were written days/weeks apart and the depositor just decided to put them through on the same day.

Well, instead of taking the available balance to cover 2 of the 3 checks, which there was, they decided to cover the middle amount check first, then they try to run the highest (which didn't have enough to cover it), then the lowest amount… So then they're going to charge me 2 NSF! What a crock. I don't know if it's just some sort of system in the computers that determines which check/amount to run out first, or however they do it, but I'm totally calling them to dispute the order and try to get one of the NSF reversed. Yes, the money should've been there to cover all 3, but it was the timing of the depositor that left it a bit under. This is not the first time they've been taken to task for this kind of behavior, and apparently, it's probably not going to be the last. Am seriously considering changing banks, if not for the convenience of the branches and the ability to deposit money via their branch atm's, which works well with my work hours.

I manage my 89 year old mother's accounts at Associated Bank. A company somehow obtained her account number for her checking account. They made up a check with the bank's routing number and her account number on it. They electronically submitted the check without any signature and took $195 from her account. I disputed the charge months later when I realized there were 2 checks with the same check number. The bank took my call, sent me a dispute form that I had to sign and return within 10 days. I did this and they accepted the form. I called back 40 days later to ask about the progress. I was told it would take 30-60 days to resolve.

Fourteen days later I call again to ask about the progress on the dispute. Now I am told, after 3 previous contacts with them, that the dispute cannot be filed because it didn't happen within 14 days of the check being processed. They had 3 opportunities to tell me that previously and didn't, plus I never received any correspondence from the bank with this denial. I only received this verbal decision when I initiated my fourth contact with them. There is no coherent dispute policy as I discovered and I was never able to discuss this with the dispute dept. I would only get the customer care people working as go-betweens. "Sorry" was the only response I got... Moving my mother's accounts to another bank. I guarantee I will find a bank with greater security than Associated Bank for check fraud.

The bottom line... considering all the layers of security that we as customers must go through to even access our accounts online, speak to someone in customer care and even file a dispute, there is no security in place to prevent someone from ripping you off if they have your account number. I asked the supervisor for customer care, "what is the security required of someone submitting an electronic check at your bank?" Silence, followed by the "I'm sorry..." corporate apology. I am filing this review to help others realize that this bank has zero security measures in place if someone has your account number. (They may not be the only bank with this problem, you may want to check out your bank on this issue.)

I would rather do all my banking and bill paying online. All of a sudden I can no longer login with Associated online. I get the message "Access Denied. You don't have permission to access "" on this server. Reference #**." I called them. Several times over the last week. In the mean time I realized that the problem is between my server, RoadRunner and the bank. Somebody changed some software and there is a big bad bug. I found this because I tried accessing with my Verizon tablet hotspot and was able to log in. This problem has nothing to do with my browser. I can access my other banks. I wish they would do something.

Ever since the Federal Government passed into law certain measures to ensure banks would protect American account holders from possible fraud by hackers, identity theft purveyors, etc., which was about a year or so ago, my Bank Associated Bank and their consumer protection Department have regularly month by month blocked my bank card from accepting random transactions after the 1st of the month when I usually get my Veterans Administration disability check automatically deposited into my account for my monthly well-being and expenses.

When the new laws went into effect, it was understandable that my freedom to pay my bills on time and spend my money for necessary items around the house would be compromised slightly by Associated Bank's Consumer Protection people, at least until I built up a history in my account of my money going to the same bill collectors, and merchants that I commonly deal with from month to month. But their intrusiveness from month to month into my private financial dealings has occurred for well over a year now, despite the fact that I have now built up a history in my account of who I pay for goods and services, where the money goes, and how much.

You would think that after a year of spending my money monthly in the usual manner, that any reliable college educated consumer protection representative could review my account history and see where my money goes without being paranoid that is someone else other than me spending my money. They have gotten into the practice so regularly over simple 21.00 purchases locally, blocking my transactions and my having to call them like a school boy and ask permission to spend my money, that one can only assume that they are treating my money as if it is theirs to collect interest on, and not mine to support myself with.

As a disabled veteran who suffers from PTSD and anxiety, and yet is so intelligent and articulate to be able to handle my own affairs, the constant intrusiveness is damaging to my emotional state every month when it occurs, and often causes complications with my bill collectors, and has often caused my account balances to sometimes go into overdraft as well, where they are more than happy to charge me fees for their incompetence. Their betrayal of my trust in them has now approached a point of fraud, intentional negligence, and even possible grand theft larceny.

Because I get a monthly stipend from the Department Of Treasury that barely helps me to make ends meet, it is not such an easy thing to do to merely switch my business to a credit union locally with a better reputation, as it could cause further hardship on me. I fully intend to do so anyways as soon as my student loan forgiveness is cleared up and I get my refunds. But at this point public oversight of this corruption and fraud needs to be addressed, and the bank needs to pay through the nose for their intentional mishandling of my affairs. Where is a disabled veteran in my state and situation to turn to for assistance? Must I become yet another statistic in a long and record breaking history of being yet another vet who cannot take it any longer and decides to take my own life instead? Where's my guardian angel.

I have several mortgages for rental properties at Associated Bank. I do not have escrow accounts on them, as I pay my own insurance and taxes. I have given my insurance Dec page to them MANY times, and they still refuse to honor it. Today I received letters from them stating that the payments are going up by $3,305.55 per month per property! This is for escrow payments (I don't have escrow accounts!) for insurance that Associated Bank elected to "provide". I have insurance already through Farmers Insurance.

Why do they think that they can apply insurance policies against my properties, in violation of the mortgage agreements? Why do they think that $3,305 per month is a reasonable cost for insurance? I received assurances from many workers at the Janesville WI branch that this issue was resolved. When did Associated Bank become such a crappy bank, bordering on criminal activities? Needless to say, I am closing my accounts there tomorrow! Their activities cannot be tolerated!

Had business accounts w/ Associated Bank for years, then one day get a letter that states the accounts will be closed. There was no reason given. I have been calling looking for a reason and all the people I've spoken to have said "Associated can close any account at any time". I am right now on hold for the last 14 min & 51 seconds and counting. It so unprofessional not to give a company a reason. I was told I couldn't open another account and I ask why and again wasn't given an answer. I guess if your a small business, you don't produce enough profit, they don't want to bother w/ you. I urge all people to bypass their company and use a small business bank or credit union.

Been with this bank for like 4 years, just recently I had to let my account close. They allowed me to use money that was already promised to a merchant. They then turned around and paid the merchant, So now I'm in debt somewhat because I can't afford to pay the bank back yet. Now this is something else on my credit report that I have to deal with to further improve my credit score. And as far as the customer service goes they weren't any help in trying to fix the issues. I was told to monitor my account more carefully. I still feel that they are wrong, if money is promised to a merchant they should not release it back into your account as available funds. It should be kept on hold until the merchant fulfills his end of the deal.

We just refinanced our home and the bank that now owns our mortgage is Associated Bank. I have always paid our mortgage payments online with every other mortgage company we've been with. I just received our first mortgage statement from Associated, and I went to their website to create an account so I could submit our first payment online. When it wouldn't let me create an account, I called Associated and was told that the only way I can make a mortgage payment online is if I had an active account with them (such as a checking account) that had enough money in it to pay the mortgage each month. I have absolutely NO desire to change my bank - especially to one I have never heard of and is not convenient for me. I am amazed that there is actually a mortgage company out there that will not accept online mortgage payments! It shows how unprofessional and ancient this bank must be. I will now be doing whatever I can to get out of this.

I signed up for text and email messages as well as check my account online every day because you just never know what is going to happen with this bank! I received a text message at 11:40 am on Sunday that I had overdrafted my account...Sunday!! I put 2 checks in Monday morning and they pulled the famous "holding funds until business claims them" trick and of course I overdraft again (even though I got no text or when I checked online it didn't say I was in the negative).

When I called to check this out they said if I would have made 2 deposits with my 2 checks instead of 1 deposit, I would have been good. Then she said... "but you didn't so we're charging you." Who needs that as a bank?!! They constantly shuffle the checks and charges around so even if you think you are ok... you're not. Don't use this bank unless you have money to burn!! And why are they clearing checks on Sunday??

I made a deposit on Friday, September 26, 2014. I was told by the teller at the time I made the deposit, that $5,000 would be available Saturday, September 28, 2014. Later that day, Associated Bank called and informed me that a freeze was placed on my account and no funds would be available. I am now days into this mess, and Associated Bank will not release any of my money. Stay away from this bank. It has a terrible reputation which is well deserved.

I used this bank for my business account. Was a bank that would look out for the customer 10 years ago. Not so much anymore. I went through Associated Bank's Credit Card processing (First Data) for my small business. From the start, they charged fees that were not agreed to in our legal agreement. It went on for years with me talking to my Rep and they talking to First Data. Back and forth until it was up to enough money that I would not put up with it anymore. I went to a card reader on my tablet and have not had to worry about any of the fees that I was not supposed to be charged. I would suggest that anybody who is looking for Credit Card processing not deal with this company or any that use First Data. In this day and age, there is no reason to put up with this kind of theft.

I transferred money from this banking account to a different banking account. It took them 7 days to transfer the money. Two other banks transferred money into my new bank account. One took 3 days, the other took 2 days. This bank has gone from being a good bank to one that is trying to maximize profits by screwing over their customers. I will no longer use this bank for any services nor will I use their Associated Investments for stocks. Too many fees doesn't make it worth it.

Getting online banking setup was a pain. I had to FAX in a request to do online banking. I couldn't do it over the phone or through their website. I had to send the request multiple times because they didn't set it up correctly the first time. They couldn't fix it so I had to FAX in another request. I recommend avoiding this bank. They'll always find ways to charge you a 'Fee' or change something that will cause you to be charged.

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