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American Express Black Card

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19 American Express Black Card Consumer Reviews and Complaints

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Rated with 1 star
Verified Reviewer
Original review: Oct. 24, 2018

I placed an order for furniture (two teen beds) with Coleman furniture. I had been getting the run around for weeks and suspected an internet scam so called Amex customer service and they said, "Let’s open a dispute. They may respond, then the dispute can be dropped, or you’ll get your money back". Sure enough, I heard from the company quickly...they were now eager to deliver the furniture. It still took another month so I did not drop my dispute. Two months after being charged, the furniture was delivered. The delivery guys brought it all in, then proceeded to build it. A half hour in, they came to get me and showed me the furniture (they were an independent delivery company). The furniture was toddler sized. Dimensions online were teen sized. They said they will pack it all back up and take it back. I called Amex to update them on the dispute. They said, “No problem as we credited you that amount anyway.”

Today on my bill I see a rebill for half the amount...over $1000. The furniture company says they’re charging re-stocking and delivery. I’m sorry, not when you scammed me! I called Amex and told them, "I kept you updated all along". They said yeah, but they responded with a policy of restocking fees! This bed has a picture online of being 68 inches high and holding 250 lbs. The beds that came were toddler sized. False advertising, internet scam, whatever you want to label it, those people don’t get to charge me over $1000 for lying! I have nothing of theirs but one big fat hassle and two months of my boys sleeping on mattresses on the floor waiting for Toddler size beds? I am Amex’s Customer. They are supposed to ‘have my back’ and offer me protection against internet fraud and scams and bad deals. That’s why I use a credit card in the first place. I won’t be using this one any longer.

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Rated with 1 star
Verified Reviewer
Original review: Feb. 5, 2018

I received my 1st direct deposit from my employer on 1/18/18 and someone sent 2 money transfers to 2 different Gmail accounts on 1/19/18. I contacted American Express on 1/19/18 as soon as I received a low balance alert on my phone. They said they would investigate. After 5 days I contacted them again and they said I was in violation of section 15d of the user agreement. (Fraudulent activity on the account) That's what I called them to report. On February 3 I received a check for 64 cents stating I had elected to close my account. I never told them to close my account and when I call now I get a customer NO service rep who told me my account is closed and they cannot access any information about my original claim that was declined by American Express due to section 15d Fraudulent Activity. So much for your funds being insured. I am still waiting for a reasonable explanation.

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Rated with 1 star
Verified Reviewer
Original review: Aug. 12, 2016

AMEX claims the payment was sent, yet Cap One did not receive it. AMEX customer service advised they would retract the payment, however will not disclose information such as check information to provide to CapOne so they may investigate where this money is. I have spent 6 hours in phone calls over the last 30 day period following up on this matter to get absolutely nowhere. This balance transfer has been a nightmare. Over 20 business days, and no one knows what is going on. To top it off, I now have a balance of 1k with each company and nothing to show for it!!!

July 14 2016, called AMEX. Told them I want to do a balance transfer from my Helzberg/Cap One for $1000 + a $30 dollar fee. July 16 2016, approved my AMEX, in writing via USPS mail. July 18 through 30th, no payment to Helzberg/Cap One posted. Called AMEX three times between those 3 dates, and Cap One. Everyone gives me the ol', "It can take up to 10 business days." July 27 2016, AMEX shows a balance of $1,030. August 11 2016, No payment made to Helzberg/Cap One.

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Rated with 1 star
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Verified Reviewer
Original review: July 12, 2016

I just had my tax 6000 USD refund go to my Serve card. Never really used it much but now using it a lot. My last transaction was to pay my Capital One Card 1000 USD using their so called "Bill Pay Option". They removed the 1000 USD on May 29, 2016 09:47 hrs. Still shows in the online website as expected Pay date of July 5th 2016. It is now the 11th and Capital One say they have never received such a payment. Had to pay for rental car on the 9th thus the reason for making sure card payment was there on time. Called AMEX every day for 7 days. Was told 7 different LIES BY 7 DIFFERENT SO CALLED SUPERVISORS. TODAY TOLD BY HEAD ** IN-CHARGE OF ENTIRE FLOOR named Travis (not real name just made up lies) that an investigation was opened into where the money is and could take up to... get this...45 days.

So now I am going to get some of you together and we will ask Senator Elizabeth Warren to open a Senate hearing and drag Diego Paul Fabara's little butt down to the Senate floor and drill the truth as to why this particular section of AMEX has much higher profit margins than any other secured type debit prepaid than any other competitor in its FIELD. We will also join together as a CLASS ACTION AGAINST DIEGO's (named personally) entire Supervisory Board of this POS company for an undisclosed 9 figure sum of reward.

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Rated with 1 star
Original review: Dec. 22, 2015

I will never do Banking again with Centurion. I go into my local branch of Bank of America, planning to send my sister $100 for Christmas, since she can get home from Paris for Christmas. The manager tells me he regrets to inform me that they do not do business with Centurion banks, it's because they don't follow US banking regulations because they're out of the Philippines and are not required to. I thought this was ** until I talked my sister, she told me that she'd encountered the same thing when she tried to transfer money from Centurion. So, when did American Express move to the Philippines? They need to call themselves Philippine Express...

7 people found this review helpful
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Rated with 1 star
Verified Reviewer
Original review: Oct. 8, 2014

Don't make a mistake and get one of these serve cards from amex because they totally screwed up my direct deposit and they use offshore call centers with people that can't help you or speak English. They damaged my credit with my car dealer .

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Rated with 1 star
Original review: Feb. 10, 2012

My account was sent to IRS, and we are being audited. The account # is **, and closed. American Express Centurion Bank sent IRS electronically for transaction date of 1/16/2009. We turned this account to Debit company, to pay all my bills. We contacted those companies and paid them. We have never lived in West Palm Beach. The account states the amount of $1,5171. the place address is 1645 Palm Beach Lake blvd ste. 480. zip 33401-0000. I need someone to notify me about this issue.

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Rated with 1 star
Original review: Dec. 23, 2011

American Express filed a lawsuit against me, stating they were a bank called Centurian Bank. I guess this is a way around unsecured, versus secured credit.

They did not try to negotiate, nor ask me what the problem was. I wonder if this is legal? Judgement was filed against me, as a secured debt.

16 people found this review helpful
Original review: Aug. 4, 2010

They put ad on web to give home loan at 4.36% etc. I am in the process of buying house. I sent them my paper work thru email. Initially, they called but after that never responded. They have all my personal information, taxes, bank statements. Please tell them delete my records. I have sent email but no response.

9 people found this review helpful
Original review: March 2, 2009

I have two American Express cards, business and personal. (Centurian Bank). For years I paid their required minimum due monthly of $2000 to $4000 per month In November I lost my income. I entered a Care Credit program with American Express, and did receive a confirmation letter. The Care Credit is for hardship. It is a way to preserve credit and pay them their money when you are out of work or broke. Under the program rules, as long as my payments are on time, I will not be kicked off the program, reported to credit or have finance charges and late fees accumulate. I MADE EVERY PAYMENT ON TIME AND HAVE WRITTEN RECEIPT PROOF. In February they sent me a letter (2 of them) that I was kicked off the program for missing a payment. I called customer support and was shifted through 4 representatives telling me that my payments were in fact on time and they have no idea why I was kicked off. I sent American Express a certified letter explaining their mistake and telling them I do have all my receipts. In return, today, March 2nd, I received a call from Nationwide Credit Collections Company. They turned me into collections. I want to continue to pay them per THEIR agreement. They have made a mistake and fail to ackolwedge it. The collections amount they turned me in for is higher than my monthly salary. I have all my receipts and proof that I honoured their agreement. I did report them to the Fair Trade Commission, and am contacting the Federal Government. They are damaging my credit and causing me undue stress, for no reason...especially when I want to pay them.

17 people found this review helpful
Original review: Jan. 5, 2009

My story is exactly the same as many of your AMEX card holders have reported. I have really good credit, never paid late with AMEX. Had 3 AMEX business cards for 6 years. Had very high credit limits. In the past 30 days, all my accounts with AMEX have been cancelled without warning. Their explanation was that my credit wasn't good enough and some other excuses, which none of them made sense.

They expect me to pay off $100,000 in full in 1 month. Since they cancelled my business cards which I used regularly to pay for advertising to make money with my business, it’s impossible for me to pay off all my AMEX cards in full in 30 days. In my business, I have to spend money to make money. American Express (OPEN) ruined my business and my income. I am the only bread winner in our family. Thank you American Express!

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13 people found this review helpful
Original review: Nov. 24, 2008

American Express offered my a card and the offer to transfer balances for 1.99%, which I did. After paying my bills ON TIME for a year, I received a letter stating that my credit limit was lowered (amazingly to the amount I owed) and my interest rate (as of next week) would be 28.99%. Outrageous!!!

9 people found this review helpful
Original review: Nov. 8, 2008

Where do I begin? My husband and I have been AmEx cardholders for almost 4 years. We have never been late in payment, and have in the past made payments in the thousands of dollars to keep our used credit limit low. As a result, AmEx always increased our credit limit. We were happy with their services and got another AmEx card. Now that times are harder, we have recently only been able to make minimum payments. We wanted to hang on to our cash for as long as possible in tough times. Again, we never missed a payment, and we had stopped using any credit cards at all. In short, WE DID NOTHING WRONG. One day we received a notice in the mail that AmEx had reduced the credit limit on one of our cards by thousands of dollars so that now we had officially maxed out the card. We are not idiots, and we realized that having a card maxed out on our credit was not a good thing. We called to complain. We were tossed around to 6 different individuals, and each promised to call back. No one ever did. We followed up and were tossed around some more and promised a call back again. Finally, we spoke with someone who rudely and nastily told us that there was nothing AmEx was going to do about it. In the meantime, now that our card was officially maxed out, they jacked up the interest rate to nearly 30% on the balance. Our minimum payment DOUBLED. We decided to pay off the balance in full on our OTHER AmEx credit card (it was about 4500 bucks) . . . as soon as we did so, they reduced our credit limit to 2400 bucks. Reliable, long-term customers who had never done anything wrong are worth nothing to AmEx. They abuse people who will pay out of fear that their credit will be affected. Jacking up interest rates and minimum payments so that good, hardworking Americans suffer and put more money into the coffers at AmEx to make up for the people who have stopped making payments altogether. It's disgusting, and I wish we could earnestly do something about it. This is PREDATORY. AmEx should be thrust into the national spotlight for the things they do to people who are trying to get through the tough times, responsibly cease using credit cards, and continue to make at least the minimum payment on time and with good faith. CAN WE EVEN DO ANYTHING ABOUT THIS!?

12 people found this review helpful
Original review: Oct. 7, 2008

This is SO bizarre. I got a letter from American Express dated 9/26/08. In it, they tell me they are lowering my credit limit and here is the part that shocked me. One of the reasons they gave was this: "The credit risk associated with customers who previously had residential loan(s) with lender(s) as indicated in your credit report." WTF??? I am reading this to mean that they don't like my mortgage lender. I don't like them either, but I am not behind in my mortgage, am not behind in my AMEX payments... This is just so strange. It appears that we are all now being vilified for the bad behavior of the failing mortgage banks! My particular bank is Downey Savings. I did not know they were a poor choice when I was offered a refinance through them three years ago. We took out a 70% loan to value ratio loan, feeling that we had a great cushion for the future, and now of course our house may not even be worth what we owe on it. And yes, it's one of those awful adjustable ARM loans, but we haven't missed payments and make the right choice each month as to which payment choice we make.

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Original review: Oct. 5, 2008

After 15 years of having AX, paying all my bills on time and having a large amount of credit, I was surprised my cc was declined for $200.00. I called to find out why since everything I checked in my account was good. I was told by customer service agent they denied it because I had cards from other companies. I was stunned and asked to talk to the manager. I was refused, when I told her I had a right to speak with the manager, I was put on hold. After she came back, she said her manager was busy and she/he would call me shortly getting my telephone number. They never called, never responded. It adds up to the highest interest pay than any other credit cards I pay monthly to them.

7 people found this review helpful
Original review: Sept. 22, 2008

Once upon a time I was using an American Express Credit card for which after cancellation I paid the money demanded by the bank. Still the bank has submitted my name in the CIBIL defaulters list. Now they as per the information submitted by them is showing overdue amount. At the time of taking payments they didnt told me to give the above mentioned amount.

5 people found this review helpful
Original review: Jan. 13, 2003

We incurred a loss of 52% due to mismanagement of our portfolio while we were paying $200-$400+ monthly management fees to American Express. We did not receive the expert advice expected of an American Express Certified Financial Planner to protect our portfolio during volatile times. American Express and our Certified Financial Planner were not looking after our best interests.

We were kept in the same mutual funds although we emphasized to our Financial Planner on several occasions that we could not afford the continuing decline in our portfolio. We were assured that the funds would be moved to safer investments. We discussed with our Financial Planner using the annuity in our Universal Life policy to pay the premiums. He assured us that this would be all right, but he failed to advise us of the negative implications of using the annuity funds in this manner. If we had understood this, we would have continued to pay the premiums out of pocket to avoid the increased premiums in future years.

The annuity balance in our Universal Life policy decreased from $94,736 to $24,930 -- a 74% loss. Today, while talking to our new American Express Financial Planner for our Universal Life policy, we learned that the annuity funds inside this policy could have been moved to the fixed account where they would have earned a guaranteed 4.5%, and we could have used dollar cost averaging.

Steve W, our previous American Express Financial Advisor never offered this option to protect our funds. If he had, we could have protected our funds and assured some growth. In regard to our annuities, IRAs, and ROTHs outside the Universal Life policy, we also learned today that our previous Financial Planner could have moved these funds to guaranteed 4% fixed accounts. We were never given this option to save our portfolio.

In a desperate effort to salvage what was left of our retirement funds, we decided to remove them from American Express. To add insult to injury, American Express slapped us with $1,250 in termination fees. We are being punished for trying to salvage what little we have remaining for our retirement.

We trusted American Express and even refinanced our home upon the advice of our previous Certified Financial Planner, so we would have additional funds to add to our portfolio. He is well aware that we are in our mid 50s and can ill afford to lose our retirement funds -- we told him this over and over again. In desperation, we consulted with Financial Planners from two other firms, and the first thing they both said was that we were in too volatile a mix of mutual funds for people our age.

We also know now that other mutual funds were available but never presented to us. Why did our Financial Planner do this? Was there a conflict of interest? He was not looking out for our interests. Perhaps the American Express fee schedule has something to do with it. We don't have the means of exploring the benefits to American Express and our Certified Financial Planner for his course of action, since compensation between American Express and our Certified Financial Planner does not appear on our statements.

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5 people found this review helpful
Original review: Jan. 1, 2000

I submitted an application to American Express Centurion Bank for a combined Checking and Money Market Account, with an inital deposit of $5,000 as personal check payable to "Membership Banking" as instructed. My check was cleared on 05 Jan 2000. But the bank has not opened my account and refused to acknowledge that they have cashed in my check for the aforementioned amount.

The customer services reps change their statements frequently, are vague and express lack of knowledge about everything. Once the rep said the funds will be returned to me due course, a few minutes later he said he has no idea what would happen since he can't bring up my record.

It seems the bank has no record of what checks are cashed in by them, and poor management of correlation between new account applications and initial deposit checks. I have been instructed to mail a copy of the check to a PO Box in West Viginia, and 'that would help expedite the matters. I am in the process of obtaining a copy of the check.

My concern is that even when I have presented a copy of the check I might have problems getting my funds since these guys apparently don't keep any records. The response of this bank to my various calls has been perfunctory and dismissive. This is a very agonizing experience since $5000 is my hard earned savings and means a lot me.

I can hardly sleep at night. $5000 is a result of about an year of slogging at work and depriving oneself of verious comforts. I feel devestated, helpless.

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Original review: Jan. 1, 2000

Attached is a letter I sent to American Express Centurion Bank.

April 15, 2000

Mr. Don E. Nielsen

Vice President

American Express Centurion Bank

PO Box 1195

Moundsville, WV 26041-3195

Dear Mr. Nielsen:

In mid-March, I sent you Check #1352 drawn on my account at Chevy Chase Bank FSB in the amount of $500 to open a Membership Banking account with you. I did this after reading the promises made on your Web site and successfully completing the online application there provided.

On March 26, you cashed said check and converted my funds.

On March 29, you sent me an exceptionally rude and dismissive letter stating that you "will not be able" to open an account in my name. The fact that I have been an American Express cardholder for nearly 30 years apparently does not entitle me to even the most rudimentary business courtesy.

More significantly, to date you have not returned my $500. Nor have I been able to contact your organization, since all calls are answered by voice mail and there is no option to leave a message.

I believe that you have unlawfully converted my funds to your use in contravention of Federal banking regulations and that this act may also violate numerous Federal and state consumer fraud statutes.

Demand is hereby made for the immediate return of my funds. If payment is not received by April 30, legal action will be immediately commenced.

These gentlemen tell us they got their money back after several weeks of calling and writing. Neither is very happy about the experience.

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12 people found this review helpful
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