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    How do I know I can trust these reviews about American Express?
    • 4,479,812 reviews on ConsumerAffairs are verified.
    • We require contact information to ensure our reviewers are real.
    • We use intelligent software that helps us maintain the integrity of reviews.
    • Our moderators read all reviews to verify quality and helpfulness.
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    Customer ServiceStaff

    Reviewed June 4, 2024

    As a Black card holder, I would expect vacation bookings to be on par with a high concierge level of service. Customer service is TERRIBLE! On multiple occasions, I've had VERY long (once over a week due to the representative handling our trip being sick) response times. Very disorganized and lack of any common sense in arranging hotel and van rental service. Inability to respond to simple questions. For example, can I drop the car off in country x. No response. This service is USELESS at best and detrimental to clients' travel experience at worst. They should dissolve the entire customer service team and let clients books their own travel with perks.

    Customer Service

    Reviewed Dec. 24, 2022

    I bought $100 prepaid Amex card for my child’s birthday from the company and they mailed it to my house. On trying to use the card it had been used and left with a balance of $7.51 cents. Customer service cannot help. I was told to call the store that is in Texas where the card was used. I am in Georgia and They will not give me the details of the store number to call. I was given transaction number.

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      Reviewed Aug. 13, 2021

      Great news they accomplished more than I ever expected by getting my credit rating to be a lot better because of things I didn't even purchase off my credit report. Bill's that totalled 20000 dollars. Thank you Lexington.

      Customer ServiceSales & MarketingPriceStaff

      Reviewed April 9, 2021

      Dear American Express,

      In total, between three businesses and my personal accounts, I have 12 credit cards and do business with 8 different banks and credit unions. I had three AMEX credit cards. Now I'm down to two, soon to be just my personal, and, maybe, none if AMEX doesn't start acting like a respectable company again. In the past 20 years, I cannot recall any major issue I had with any of my VISA, MASTERCARD, or DISCOVER accounts. I had to dispute a few charges a handful of times out of the thousands of transactions I did, but they were all quickly rectified by the credit card company.

      However, from May of 2020 to March of 2021, I had four issues with business American Express cards, in particular, their Amazon Business card and their Bonvoy Marriott card, ranging from them protecting unethical businesses, I proved, through email evidence, had charged me unjustified fees for services not rendered to cutting my business credit lines from $65,000 to less than $9,000 because they felt that 'I was living off my credit cards' to rewards points being all screwed up. After calling and emailing numerous times unsuccessfully, I filed a formal complaint via email and through the website, left a negative review on several websites, and then, for good measure, sent a certified letter to their corporate office just to make certain somebody over there knew how ** I was. I even called my attorney.

      I was called a few days later by an "Executive Assistant" Naomi C., who explained that she had received my letter and would be looking into the matters. After a few weeks of sporadic contact, Ms. C. finally called me Christmas Eve morning to give me triple bad news. She was obviously annoyed to be working Christmas Eve and made several comments that were eyebrow-raising, my three favorites were; one, that the unethical companies I was disputing were also defined as "American Express clients" because they initiated the non-fraudulent transactions through my credit card. Two, that I looked to be "Living off my credit cards". And, three, that she was looking forward to going on a vacation through January 5th as soon as she finished my file along with some others.

      The only good piece of advice Ms. C. gave me is that I could combine the credit limits of my now two practically worthless business cards. Unfortunately, a few months later, another rep I dealt with for that, instead of combining the accounts and then closing them, simply closed one account and didn’t do the transfer at all. A few week later, when I called again, I was then told by a third rep that it wasn’t that rep's fault, but my fault because I didn’t ensure the account remained open until after the transfer was completed. Hmmm… am I supposed to be psychic and a babysitter as an AMEX customer? When you specifically tell someone not to close an account until after the transfer has been completed and they acknowledge you then ignore your request behind your back, how am I reasonably at fault?

      Whoever from American Express who may be reading this, here's my response to Ms. C’s eyebrow raising remarks: Your "other clients" are criminals that wrongfully charged me $2,000.00 for services that were not rendered, I'm not "Living off my credit cards" (especially NOT your company’s anymore), in fact, I paid them all down to zero last month (Closing one of yours, which another rep screwed up the credit transfer for so I lost the remaining 9K of credit) and currently have a credit score over 800 and, I hope Ms. C. enjoyed her holiday vacation because she put an unnecessary damper on mine by calling Christmas Eve with no good news (Shame on American Express for making non-essential employees work holidays).

      Furthermore, I wrote Ms. C. an email last week to update her and pass on some much-needed guidance to this company. I received no response. Apparently certified mail to one of the company executives is the only thing that's taken seriously over there and, even then, an executive will not be calling to apologize for multiple screw ups on a business account, they’ll cowardly pass that duty on to someone who’s obviously already overworked, overwhelmed, and, possibly, unqualified to be interacting with the public.

      WARNING: For anyone reading this, the "business guarantee" American Express champions on so much advertising that they will fight on your behalf when a vendor mischarges you, well, I didn't see that at all. I saw the opposite. Furthermore, their interest rates are ridiculous, their rewards points incentives are shrinking rapidly, their grace periods between payments is a joke at about three weeks, and their customer service… well, quite frankly, their customer service I rate a 2 out of 10. American Express, do you want to fix this?!



      Customer ServiceSales & MarketingPricePunctuality & Speed

      Reviewed Oct. 24, 2018

      I placed an order for furniture (two teen beds) with Coleman furniture. I had been getting the run around for weeks and suspected an internet scam so called Amex customer service and they said, "Let’s open a dispute. They may respond, then the dispute can be dropped, or you’ll get your money back". Sure enough, I heard from the company quickly...they were now eager to deliver the furniture. It still took another month so I did not drop my dispute. Two months after being charged, the furniture was delivered. The delivery guys brought it all in, then proceeded to build it. A half hour in, they came to get me and showed me the furniture (they were an independent delivery company). The furniture was toddler sized. Dimensions online were teen sized. They said they will pack it all back up and take it back. I called Amex to update them on the dispute. They said, “No problem as we credited you that amount anyway.”

      Today on my bill I see a rebill for half the amount...over $1000. The furniture company says they’re charging re-stocking and delivery. I’m sorry, not when you scammed me! I called Amex and told them, "I kept you updated all along". They said yeah, but they responded with a policy of restocking fees! This bed has a picture online of being 68 inches high and holding 250 lbs. The beds that came were toddler sized. False advertising, internet scam, whatever you want to label it, those people don’t get to charge me over $1000 for lying! I have nothing of theirs but one big fat hassle and two months of my boys sleeping on mattresses on the floor waiting for Toddler size beds? I am Amex’s Customer. They are supposed to ‘have my back’ and offer me protection against internet fraud and scams and bad deals. That’s why I use a credit card in the first place. I won’t be using this one any longer.

      Customer ServiceContract & TermsStaff

      Reviewed Feb. 5, 2018

      I received my 1st direct deposit from my employer on 1/18/18 and someone sent 2 money transfers to 2 different Gmail accounts on 1/19/18. I contacted American Express on 1/19/18 as soon as I received a low balance alert on my phone. They said they would investigate. After 5 days I contacted them again and they said I was in violation of section 15d of the user agreement. (Fraudulent activity on the account) That's what I called them to report. On February 3 I received a check for 64 cents stating I had elected to close my account. I never told them to close my account and when I call now I get a customer NO service rep who told me my account is closed and they cannot access any information about my original claim that was declined by American Express due to section 15d Fraudulent Activity. So much for your funds being insured. I am still waiting for a reasonable explanation.

      Customer Service

      Reviewed Aug. 12, 2016

      AMEX claims the payment was sent, yet Cap One did not receive it. AMEX customer service advised they would retract the payment, however will not disclose information such as check information to provide to CapOne so they may investigate where this money is. I have spent 6 hours in phone calls over the last 30 day period following up on this matter to get absolutely nowhere. This balance transfer has been a nightmare. Over 20 business days, and no one knows what is going on. To top it off, I now have a balance of 1k with each company and nothing to show for it!!!

      July 14 2016, called AMEX. Told them I want to do a balance transfer from my Helzberg/Cap One for $1000 + a $30 dollar fee. July 16 2016, approved my AMEX, in writing via USPS mail. July 18 through 30th, no payment to Helzberg/Cap One posted. Called AMEX three times between those 3 dates, and Cap One. Everyone gives me the ol', "It can take up to 10 business days." July 27 2016, AMEX shows a balance of $1,030. August 11 2016, No payment made to Helzberg/Cap One.

      Reviewed July 12, 2016

      I just had my tax 6000 USD refund go to my Serve card. Never really used it much but now using it a lot. My last transaction was to pay my Capital One Card 1000 USD using their so called "Bill Pay Option". They removed the 1000 USD on May 29, 2016 09:47 hrs. Still shows in the online website as expected Pay date of July 5th 2016. It is now the 11th and Capital One say they have never received such a payment. Had to pay for rental car on the 9th thus the reason for making sure card payment was there on time. Called AMEX every day for 7 days. Was told 7 different LIES BY 7 DIFFERENT SO CALLED SUPERVISORS. TODAY TOLD BY HEAD ** IN-CHARGE OF ENTIRE FLOOR named Travis (not real name just made up lies) that an investigation was opened into where the money is and could take up to... get this...45 days.

      So now I am going to get some of you together and we will ask Senator Elizabeth Warren to open a Senate hearing and drag Diego Paul Fabara's little butt down to the Senate floor and drill the truth as to why this particular section of AMEX has much higher profit margins than any other secured type debit prepaid than any other competitor in its FIELD. We will also join together as a CLASS ACTION AGAINST DIEGO's (named personally) entire Supervisory Board of this POS company for an undisclosed 9 figure sum of reward.

      Customer ServiceStaff

      Reviewed Dec. 22, 2015

      I will never do Banking again with Centurion. I go into my local branch of Bank of America, planning to send my sister $100 for Christmas, since she can get home from Paris for Christmas. The manager tells me he regrets to inform me that they do not do business with Centurion banks, it's because they don't follow US banking regulations because they're out of the Philippines and are not required to. I thought this was ** until I talked my sister, she told me that she'd encountered the same thing when she tried to transfer money from Centurion. So, when did American Express move to the Philippines? They need to call themselves Philippine Express...

      Profile pic of the author.
      Customer Service

      Reviewed Oct. 8, 2014

      Don't make a mistake and get one of these serve cards from amex because they totally screwed up my direct deposit and they use offshore call centers with people that can't help you or speak English. They damaged my credit with my car dealer .

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