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Rated with 3 stars
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Original review: June 10, 2012

This is an update to my initial complaint about Sterling Optical. Around January 2012, Dennis (the manager) helped me find a frame and was very friendly, professional, and helpful. He spent a lot of time with me (over an hour during 2 visits) and was very patient. He also informed me about digital lenses. He gave me a good rate. I will probably go to a different place for my next pair of glasses, because too many of the female employees at Sterling have lost my trust due to their continued unprofessional behavior.

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Original review: Feb. 6, 2012

I was in their office in Jan. 2011 for a contact exam and purchased new glasses and contacts from them. I purchase my contacts on 1-800 contacts because they have better pricing and they get delivered right to my house. I placed my order with 1-800 contacts on Feb. 4th 2012 and got a phone call saying my prescription had expired just in Jan. So I called Sterling to see if they could extend my prescription for this one time for just a few days because I am 9 months pregnant and on bed rest and cannot get in at this time for a new exam. I was told there was nothing they can do and every time I asked to speak to the doctor, they told me he was in with a patient.

They have no compassion at this store and I will never step into this store again. I will also tell my family and friends to leave as well. I don’t understand for 4 days you couldn't extend my prescription in these circumstances.

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Rated with 1 star
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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Jan. 25, 2012

I have been wearing glasses for 43 years, and I have never had such unacceptable service. Sterling Optical on Niagara Falls Boulevard across from the Boulevard Mall is turning into a nightmare. I had my eyes examined in May. Joanne quickly picked out a pair of frames for me and measured my eyes for fit. I returned in October to pay 50% of my portion to Constantine. (I finally had the money.)

I returned again in early November 2011, but my glasses were not ready as promised. (Jill helped me) I returned in early December, and I paid the second half of my portion and picked up a pair of glasses quickly. Jill helped me. I got home and realized my frame was too small for my face, the lenses were not thin, and the two metal/rubber parts that snug your nose were all bent. (I paid for progressive, transition, and thin lenses.)

I returned my first pair of glasses in December. This time Kate helped me, and we spoke several times on the phone after that. In November and December, I was going to the store by taking 2 buses. My second pair of glasses were finally ready in January. I am still taking 2 buses to get to the store. (I am also 57 years old with multiple health issues, but I still want my glasses to be attractive, modern, and complimentary to my face.)

My second pair of glasses was supposed to be exactly like my old frames. (I compromised with my old frames, because the staff was rude and not offering help to help me pick out a new frame.) I informed Kate that if the manufacturing company she was making contact with did not have my old glasses, I wanted to return to the store and have her help me pick out a new frame.

I returned to Sterling to pick up my glasses on January 24, 2012. All the workers were hiding in a back room. Joanne came and gave me my glasses. To my disgust, they were not my old frame, but a different, ugly frame--Via Roma 510 which is a frame for a man. I am a woman. I asked Joanne for the name of the person who is over everyone in that store. She said his name was Dennis. I asked her if he had a last name, and she said she couldn't give it out.

I'm calling him today. Sterling has 3 options. Give me my money back, pick out an appropriate frame and do it right the third time, or I will take them to small claims court. This store should be closed.

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Rated with 1 star
Original review: Dec. 26, 2011

You asked me to rate them--I really wish I could. Now, they are trained sales people so they are taught to lie out of their teeth. They try to make you believe that it is not their fault. Maybe it isn't. I have been waiting for five months to get my glasses. I had to return a pair of glasses because the first ones broke. The lens and frames were very expensive. I bought three pair of designer's frames that first day totaling more than $900.00. We paid with our credit card, not to mention the insurance.

I raised so much hell so they gave me a pair of loaner glasses after four months--something that they wanted me to have. I hate these glasses. I was told that the glasses were coming from Italy. Yeah, right. I say, give me my ** money back. For four months, I was wearing CVS reading glasses--I have cataracts and this is definitely a no no.

Sterling Optical is going to be the cause of me not having corrected vision because I don't have money to keep having eye exams, nor do they care if I read out of a coco-cola bottle. I am getting ready to press charges on the service center in Iverson Mall. The staff is very polite but the service is not acceptable. Be advised that my complaint is in and the process already begins. I have done my part and your time is up.

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Original review: Dec. 30, 2010

I have been a customer of Sterling Optical at Brookfield Square for over 30 years. Recently I had a contact lens exam at which time the doctor wanted me to try out some different lenses due to some changes with my eyes. I was told it would take about 5 business days. After a couple of weeks since no one called me, I called and was told they had not come in. Corporate had sent the wrong ones. I waited another 10 days and still no call, so I called again. The correct lenses were still not there.

Someone would put a tracer on them. I called a week later and was told 2 of the trial lenses were in but I needed to wait for the rest of them. 5 days later, I was told the other ones would be in next week and I made an appointment for my fitting. I went in today and 2 left eye lenses were in and the rest were still not there. Everyone was very apologetic and completely in the dark as to how this could be happening. Well that makes 2 of us. If they can't fix it what am I supposed to do?

I am so frustrated with this terrible service. I can't believe that no one can fix this problem. Even though I am $70 in the hole for the exam, I just feel like cutting my losses and walking away and starting over with someone else. I don't know if it's this store or corporate but if the rest of their customers get treated like this it's a wonder Sterling Optical is still in business.

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Original review: Nov. 19, 2010

I went to Sterling Optical in Ithaca, NY on November 3 at opening time 10:00 am. Had eyes examined by their available optometrist paid him $50.00. Then, picked out frames and lenses. Paid in full then. I was told that my glasses would be be done in less than a week. So, on Monday, November 8th, I called. I was shortly told, "We will call you when they are ready." So, I called again on Wednesday November 10, I as told they would be done other next day (even thought it was a federal holiday). So, I drive out of my way to go to the mall, to get there and told " yes they are here, but they won't be ready for another hour."

So, I go home. Take the next day off from work to get my glasses. I am there at 10:00 opening time, served by a woman (who would benefit from Customer Service Training) I was told they aren't quite done yet will be about an hour, the only person we have here today is busy with a customer and can't cut your lenses until she has time. Fine, I will go get some grocery shopping done. I returned at 11;25 to be told, "She is just finishing up." I was there until 12:40 before I was presented with these glasses. I had to take them off before I could get all the way home. I cannot see with them at home, at work or even driving a car.

What ** me off the most, I take yet another day off from work to return them on Monday, Nov 15 to find Sterling ID closed for renovations, will be open Thursday (today for business) I get there tonight, (after driving out of my way again) to find they are a little behind) and should be open late tomorrow afternoon. I have tried to call other Sterling optical to get a complaint # to call and it is all a dead end. And the worst is no cash refund, store credit only. I can't wait until I can go hang out at the mall warning people of the service.


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Original review: Oct. 31, 2010

I purchased my glasses in December but picked them up in July. Three and a half months later, there was this plastic on it that was peeling of the lens. I brought it back to the place and the sales person there said that the manager will contact me the next day.

They did not contact me. I contacted them the following week. The manager said that my insurance doesn't cover it so I have to pay $149 for the lens and transition because I had no warranty. I was in disbelief as I only had the glasses for 3 and a half months. I told him I couldn't afford that and the manager said that the best he can do is require I pay him $89 instead or do without the glasses. I asked him why my glasses was like this, he could not tell me why. He said it could be many reasons such as sweating, the type of lotion I use (can you believe this?), or if I cleaned it with some kind of lens cleaner.

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Original review: Aug. 25, 2010

A sales lady showed me eyeglass frames after ignoring me for two minutes. After I chose a frame, she told me to move away from the counter and allow the man who was standing in line after me to move up to where I had been standing. The sales lady said, "She'll write you up," referring to the one other sales lady in the store. But the other sales lady was completely tied up and busy with a family. So, I was forced to stand alone in the store and wait 25 minutes just to pay and get my receipt. The original sales lady did fill out my receipt, but only after waiting on the other customer. No apology and very rude.

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Original review: June 12, 2010

Using my union insurance, I got a pair of glasses with bells and whistles for which I paid nearly five hundred dollars over and above the coverage, believing I'd have them for a few years. Immediately, the glasses cracked. The store replaced the lenses but the glasses cracked again soon after they were replaced and it was either pay hundreds to get new ones or do without. I'm wearing an old pair until I can find a decent optician with a real warranty who will stand behind and take care of what they sell me. No wonder Sterling Optical has Mr. Magoo as its logo. They'll leave you blind and all they said was "sorry you're disappointed". I had to go to a new optician and pay another $600+ for new glasses without any insurance coverage, which only offers coverage every two years.

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Original review: May 1, 2010

Mr. ** has no right trashing our reputation. He was first offered a replacement at no charge, store policy. After considerable wrangling with them and downright nasty posts, he was offered a full refund against company policy clearly posted on his receipt. It has been over a month and he has still not returned the product to get his refund.

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Original review: May 1, 2010

This patient was taken care of properly. The staff went so far as to order a pair of trial lenses to have on hand in case we did not have a pair that fit properly. The doctor in this case examined the patient and found she needed a different brand and power. The pair ordered by the employee could not be dispensed, because they were not what the doctor ordered. The doctor explained this but she was still not satisfied. She left the store with a trial pair of another brand and power.

The law states you can only dispense a product with the doctor’s permission. Our marching orders are set in stone. They are a third class medical device. Had she come in the night before, she could not have picked up the lenses put aside by the employee as her Rx had expired. She would have had to wait for the next day to pick them up. It seems you can never do right by a person who has their mind made up differently. They need to understand liability laws.

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Original review: April 26, 2010

Well, I wish I could get the contact info from the person who complained about John on March 9 on this site -- we would have a lot to talk about. I went to Sterling Optical on April 24, 2010, for my usual yearly eye exam. Prior to going in, I was told that I had expired but the clerk on the phone said I could have a trial pair of contacts to hold me over. I was called on Friday, the 23rd to come and pick them up. I said, well, I have an appointment tomorrow, I will get them then. I went in and was examined and left with a new trial pair. I asked for the ones from the Friday call to have a spare in case of a loss or tear or they were bothersome. This is what started the problem. I was told I couldn't have them by the store clerks. They made me wait while they went to get the doctor to ask her if she had them.

After a short discussion on why I could not have the other pair of trials and I would have had them, had I stopped in on Friday the owner came out, John. He said, he cannot have two trial pairs of glasses out there at the same time. I said if I had picked them up on Friday, they would be in my purse now. The discussion continued and the clerks were trying to explain to me the situation. I was very disgusted at how the "owner" John was talking to me, very rude and condescending throughout. I said do not talk to me like a child or a student. When I asked for his name, he said it was John. I said who do I contact that is above you. He said he's the owner. I said what's your last name and he said, and get this to the March 9 complainer, I don't have a last name, have fun with that... OMG. I said you're telling me you are the owner of this company and admitting to that and then talking like that. I was appalled! The doctor, then again tried to explain to me the situation. She had explained it all to me and I was ready to walk out of the store when John (no last name) spouted his mouth off again.

I said, well you just made a mistake John, I was ready to leave here and you had to speak again like you did. I asked for my records because I said I would never come to his business again and he would not give them to me. He said I needed a release to which I said, then give me one to sign. These are my records and I have the right to them. He took them and said not without a doctor's name and a release from a new doctor. I have now contacted corporate and yes, John, they're not that hard to get a hold of. I have contacted this website, and the better business bureau. I paid for my eye exam on Saturday, the 24th and thankfully nothing else. I was also a little suspicious of business practice there, when I have been wearing a toric lens for years and when they didn't have one in stock the doctor said, well you can try this one, you're right on the bubble. Basically, seemed to me like she was just getting me something they had and not actually the correct lens.

I have contacted another vision store in my area, who is dealing with trying to get my records now so I can get in there and get another exam and my contacts. By the way, corporate did indicate to me that they had already a lot of complaints on file from Mr. John no last name. As the last complaint had indicated, I too am in the legal field and have many contacts and like he said, you are gonna have fun with that Mr. John. Thanks for the space - I am now on my way the Better Business Bureau website.

As of now, I am out $100 for my exam on Saturday the 24th. I am being charged again for a new exam at the new location, however, I am willing to pay for that when I go. I am asking the BBB as well to get a refund from the company because there is no way I would feel comfortable going back in there for a contact lens follow up to complete this transaction.

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Original review: March 9, 2010

Sterling Optical Brookfield ripped us off! My wife and I want to Sterling Optical Brookfield Square and had the worst experience of our life. I had an eye exam and had bifocals made for my Dolce&Gabana ($1,000) frames. They charged me $258 and the lenses were cut crooked and from the stress they cracked. I took them back right away and they replaced one lens. The same thing happened again, this time out of the 30 days.

John who said he was the owner treated my wife badly and said that he doesn't have all day to be sitting around to talk with her. He said he is a businessman and if she was a businessman, she would know something about business. He said he had a store in Madison and one in Beaver Dam and if she wanted to come to the Beaver Dam store to meet him, she could do that. Even though we live in Brookfield and as she was talking to him, he was at the Brookfield Square store. He was mean and rude and didn't even care. She sent a text to the number that he called from (his cell phone) and he told her to never text him again and that this phone was off limits.

My wife said that she was calling Sterling Corporate and he said "have fun with that." Totally unreal. It's not even about the money, it's being treated badly. They can take your money and they are selling a brand "Sterling" and yet, nobody will back up their service/product. And "John" who says he is the owner, is a real piece of work. Well, now John boy, you messed with the wrong people because my business is public relations and I am a businessman with the right connections with many media resources and not only getting the word out, I'm going to sue you. So John "good luck with that." See you in court. I'm in your life now, John and just to think this all stemmed from you being a bad "businessman." Bye for now, "John" or should I say conman John.

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Original review: Jan. 8, 2010

I had my eyes tested and went there to get the prescription. They filled it the same day which was December 23, 2009. I have not been about to wear them since I got them. I went back to the doctor, and he said my prescription was right. But they did not fill them right. Also, I was not told there is only customer credit given. I do not trust them to do my glasses now. All I want is for them to return my money, so I get my glasses somewhere else.

I cannot see. I need the glasses. The lady that waited on me was very rude and said the doctor did not know what he was doing. I go to Veterans Hospital.

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Original review: Jan. 7, 2010

The sales rep gave me a bogus sales slip, never gave me the contacts that I paid almost $200 for, and then tried to make a scene with me, when I came to get a refund. You know that times have really hit rock bottom, when people actually swindle your money from you, behind the guise of being a business. The awful truth of it all is that, after a month, the sales representative still does not return my calls, and has not made any independent calls of his own, to update me on the delivery of the contacts that I purchased on December 7, 2009. Making a last attempt to get my merchandise, I went into the store. He gave me another story about how he would have to call the distributor.

When I asked for a refund, he said that was not possible. I plainly stated that the store should be able to give refunds, when it cannot provide the customer with what he/she has purchased, particularly after a month's time. Not only was he not communicative, not friendly, and entirely unprofessional, he proceeded to tell me how I only purchased half of what I did. So, Sterling Optical holds you for ransom by charging you, not giving you any product, and then tells you that even if you were to wait for an unstated period of time, that you will only receive half of what you actually thought you would be getting, when the store charged you. It is extremely bad business for the vendor to not deliver paid for merchandise, and to be completely uncommunicative during the process. It is even worse to cheat the customer for what was stated to be paid for, and it is inexcusable to altogether accuse that the customer is being subversive in her/his claims.

After a month, I have not received the contact lens I purchased, nor can get a refund for the $180 that I spent on them. Additionally, the sales representative will cheat me either of the dispute on the charge with my credit card company, the fact that he is now saying that I only purchased half the amount of merchandise that I paid for, or both (which is most likely).

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Original review: May 17, 2009

I bought 2 eyeglass frames from this store totalling $380. I would expect the store salesperson to tell me prior to ringing up my order that merchandise was nonrefundable. At the least, I'd expect there to be a sign indicating such. I was not told the frames were nonrefundable. I went back to the store a week later to return on of the frames and was informed they could only give me a store credit and the salesperson(the same person I dealt with the week before) pointed out at the bottom of my receipt where it said, "No refunds - Store credit only." Had I known the frames were nonrefundable, I would not have bought two pairs. I felt like I was deliberately deceived. I would also like to indicate that though the frames were $219.95, I was charged $220.

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Original review: April 5, 2009

I went into the store on 4/3/09 at 12 noon on a Friday to ask if they could fix my broken glasses. I basically wanted to know if they carried the same frames I had because I wanted to order the same frames. They said they carried the frames but didn't have them in stock so they would order them for me. This seemed fine. But as I was talking with one of the salesladies, she asked if I just wanted to buy a whole new pair of glasses (the same frames and all). At the time, it sounded like a good idea. So I paid $543.95 for custom lenses and frames. Now here's the kicker. The frames are on back order and I was told they would not be available until May. I said that this was okay, I could survive.

The lenses, I was told, would probably be available in 2-3 weeks and that I would get a call when my glasses were ready. I agreed, paid, thanked them, and then left. That night, I thought it over and decided that I didn't need the new glasses after all. So the next morning, 4/4/09, I called the store at 10 am (opening time) and asked to cancel the order. The lady on the phone asked me to hold and then another lady came on who said she was the store manager. She told me that the order had already been processed to their manufacturer and that they could not cancel because it was a custom order. Bear in mind, it is a weekend, the frames are not available, and the lenses (is the manufacturer really open on a Saturday and making my frames which won't be ready for at least a week anyway?) have not been made. She said that since my receipt said, "No refund," I could only have store credit.

She said the store had the frames I wanted (in a different color and larger size), and that they would be happy to provide me with them while I waited. But I decided I neither desired the custom frames nor any other product they offered. I decided I did not want glasses, period. Thinking I was being a responsible consumer by asking to cancel a hefty (for me since I'm a student) order within 24 hours of the original purchase, I asked for a refund and reminded them that I had paid for a product I would not receive for at least a week anyway. Again, I was told they could not give refunds, and even worse, could not possibly call up the manufacturers to tell them to cancel the order.

How is it, I wonder, that a store can claim to have no control over their computerized ordering process with their manufacturer, but then will turn around and say I can get store credit - meaning wouldn't they have to cancel the original order in order to be able to fulfill a new one using my money which they will not refund me? I emailed the corporate office Saturday and am waiting to see if I hear from them this Monday. I think it is a travesty that my money is held hostage, that I am being forced to be a customer when I do not want their product - it's criminal.

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Original review: Jan. 10, 2009

i (alberto urena) went in to sterling potical for the 3 deal that they had. get a eye exam ,contacts, glass's or 2 glass's and eye exam

so the person at the front told me the eye exam was free and i had some glasss order (i have the glasss)and trial pair of contact's i paid $300.00 for the glass's and gave a deposit of $150.00 for the contacts . found the contacts are not for me and i am not good with the installation and removel of the contact's .so a week later i asked for my $150.00 deposit back and the lady said i had to pay for the contact exam when they told me the eye exam was can i get my money back they just ripped me off with a bunch of lies
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Original review: Nov. 21, 2008

I recently went to a Sterling Optical Toronto locations (Atrium on Bay 595) to purchase my first pair of glasses. The woman who helped me (Miss Solomon) was very good in helping me select the right pair for me. She promised me i would have my glasses in two days (this seemed a little strange to me due to the fact that they would have to ship them out) but i believed her anyway. I originally purchases the glasses on Monday November 10th and only received them today (Friday November 21st). There were many upsetting factors during this time including

-being promised i would receive them on three different occasions (i did not receive them until the fourth promise) -Miss Saolomon taking my personal phone number home and calling me from her home -Being told i COULD NOT have a full refund after i had waited more then three times then they promised -and lastly being YELLED at by the owner of this location (Brian Skinner). I was originally extremely frustrated with Miss Saolmon but after being dismisses, cursed at, and hung up on by Brian (after telling him i would no longer, and understandably, continue shopping at that location), her lack of customer service no longer concerns me. What dose concern me however, is the utter lack of respect and unprofessionalism that he clearly displayed today. I have already wrote this to the head office but if anyone knows any other way i would be able to deal with this please e-mail me at thanks
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Original review: Oct. 20, 2008

I wanted a particular pair of Coach sunglasses, after calling the store to confirm they carried them, I drove 120 miles r/t (first trip) to the store only to be told they would not have the frames in until the next week. I explained I lived 60 miles away and would appreciate the glasses being obtained as soon as possible I went back the next week (2nd trip - 120 miles), picked out the frames and paid on my credit card. When I went back to pick them up (3rd trip - 120 miles) they had someone else's prescription in them. I reminded them I lived 60 miles away. 2 weeks later they called saying the frames were in so I drove to Ontario (4th trip - 120 mi) only to find they had been tinted wrong and I couldn't even see out of them.

This could have been fixed but the tech wasn't in. I waited another week and half and they called me to say the frames were in. When I got to the store (5th trip - 120 miles), I discovered that the bifocal was in the wrong placement. I then waited another week and a half, drove out to pick up the glasses (6th trip - 120 miles) and the prescription in the new lens was incorrect. The staff was wonderful when I first went in to purchase the glasses, but each time I went back they were ruder and ruder. I filed a complaint with their corporate office and was sent a $50 certificate towards my next glasses, but none of the other locations will honor it. Incompetent, unprofessional, and downright rude. I'll never go back to ANY Sterling location.

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Original review: Aug. 20, 2008

They had a sale 3 for $139.00. eye exam & 2 pairs of glasses. I upgraded to a better metal frams. 2 different style frams And they keep breaking, in the same spot. left eye on the bridge. The first time my thoughts were OK, it happens. but then the new frams broke with in a few months.

i have to take time off work to get there because with out my glasses i cannot see. i also have to have someone drive me because i cannot see.

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Original review: Jan. 19, 2008

Lack of professionalism is all I can say about several of the staff members at this location. I have dealt with this store for many years and this is my second unsatisfacory experience. I went into the store to pick up my new glasses and mentioned that I might want a box of my contact lenses while I was there. The clerk went somewhere and 20 minutes later she had still not come back to advise me of any problem or even to acknowledge that I was still there waiting. I hear another clerk saying that they could not find someone's records, I assume they were mine. She had had the records in her possesion 2 days prior to this so that I could order the glasses. If she had just returned to advise me that there was some problem I would have not had a complaint but she ignored me for at least 20 minutes at which time another clerk asks if he can help,he said I thought you were all taken care of I said so did I but my clerk disappeared and never returned. I had to explain the whole thing once again to him, he did come back and say she couldn't find my file. At this point I could have cared less about the contacts, it has turned into a major issue with now 3 people involved. If it were not for the eye doctor at this location that I have gone to for many years, I would take my business elsewhere. Every year my children give me a gift certificate for this store to get new contact lenses, perhaps after recent incident I will be going to another venue. I do hope that when I return to get that box of lenses that someone has found my records because I will not pay for a new exam. Oh yes, also when I went in to try on glasses the clerk said I had not been a patient since 2001. I had my most recent exam in the spring of 2007. Someone needs to get their act together here !!!! A word to the wise, don't ask any of these people to explain the special $75.00 gift card that si in their doorway as a special....can't get a straight answer. Thanks for listening. Barbara Foster

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Original review: Dec. 24, 2007

Both reading and distance lens had to be replaced. I was almost without sight when I put on the distance glasses. The reading glasses caused me to become dizzy....they replaced both lens and attempted to tell me I had a health condition. There is no doubt that either the prescription was incorrect or a poor quality of lens.

As I stated I went to another OD, I spent $200 for an eye exam, both distance and reading glasses and I am completed satisfied. And the lens prescribed by the second OD is complete different then the one from Sterling Optical. I have retained both RX's...

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Original review: May 5, 2007

I purchased a pair of sunglasses..and I received $100 off because I didnt have any health insurance, that Sterling Optical accepted.
I tried on the glasses and left side was way higher then the right side. The optomolgist went in the back for 10 mintues and came out ,I wore the glasses and they seemd fine. That night I went home and tried them on..they were crooked and I looked at the receipt and it said No Refunds..Only store credit.

I purchased glasses that were crooked and the doctor didnt fix them successfully. I was very unsatisfied! I felt like Iwas taken advantage of..I am a paying customer just like any other person,I deserve the same respect as any other customer!

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Original review: Oct. 29, 2003

Tonight, after several visit to the store (at Potomac Mills Mall) to pick up a pair of glasses that needed to be replaced because of poor workmanship, I was again told that they were not ready. Story one, they are in the mail, story two they have been sent by the wrong mail carrier, story three come and get them, oh sorry they are not ready, story four, they are back ordered.

Meanwhile, I asked for the fourth time to have the second of the three pairs of glasses we purchased for my wife, son and myself as well as contact lens, adjusted. A female sales clerk had suggested earlier in the week that the manager make another pair and compensate my son for the three+ weeks of waiting for his glasses by providing him with a free back up pair. She suggested that we pick out a few frames to save time for when we came back yet another day to pick up the replacement glasses. Needless to say, when I arrrived tonight to pick them up after another week of waiting and discovered that they were still not ready, and that he was unwilling to honor the promise made by his staff to replaced my glasses as well, I was "disapointed" and expressed my disatisfaction with the service.

I requested a refund and was inforemd that "that's not happening." Although three witnesses were present the manager, the sole person in the store besides the customers at the time, told us to get out of his store. I did not comply and he called the mall security. Witnesses told the security and later the police that the manger was rude and that we were not. In fact, the manager threated the mall security officers with the loss of their jobs because they would not escort us out of the store.

The manager called the police, who contacted the mall security, and spoke with my wife over the phone while she was still in the store. The police came and negotiated a reciept for the merchandise and the return of our broken property and reccommended that we contact the better business bureau and file a civil suit.

We left as peacefully as we had entereed with the broken glasses and receipt and plan to file a civil suit for the refund of our money which was over $1000. plus the cost of the eye examination which resulted in contacts that still do not provide my son with clear vision. We have been doing busines with Sterling Optical for years at the location in the Fair Oaks Mall with nothng but good results. This location seems to be problematic.

I am a peaceful man with years of conflict resolution training, which I had to make good use of during each visit to ths Sterling Optical store in Potomic Mills Mall. Any advice?

We agree with the police officers. Mark should sue the store in Small Claims Court for the return of his money.

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Original review: Oct. 11, 2003

8/18/03: I visited Sterling Optical (Store #302, Boulevard Mall, Buffalo, NY), picked out the desired frames and lenses, and paid for the order in full, as is store policy. I was told they would contact me when the glasses came in.

8/21/03: Sterling called: my glasses were ready. I stopped by after work and they presented the glasses. I took interest in the right lens as there appeared to be what I thought was some foreign object on the upper rim of the lens (these are rimless glasses and therefore polycarbonate lenses). The clerk commented that she would look at the lens. After taking the glasses into the back room and having someone inspect them, she reappeared with the glasses saying there is a chip in the lens. The other salesperson said that they would have another pair of glasses made up, and that I could take the chipped glasses with me since it would take several days. I left the store wondering if I had not noticed the chip IN the store, I would have been out of luck!

8/28/03: I was notified that the replacement glasses were in.

9/1/03 (Labor Day): I stopped by the store to pick up my glasses, only to find the store closed. (No sign saying they would be closed that day, or even a phone message stating such).

9/2/03: Picked up replacement glasses. Everything seemed OK.

9/3/03: I clean my glasses every morning, using approved methods for coated lenses (I have had coated lenses for years and know how to take care of them properly)...I could CLEAN these lenses properly, but could not eliminate the blue haze from a portion of the left lens. After several days of cleaning I realized the problem was not going to go away. Also, as the haze is disturbing as it negatively affects the vision in my left eye.

9/8/03: I call Sterling Optical, reported the problem and asked if perhaps they still had the left lens from the initial pair to replace the defective lens. The young lady I spoke with said no, that they were probably returned, and there would be no problem as coated lens blanks were in stock, and they could take care of me that afternoon. I replied that these were polycarbonate lenses...she indicated there was no problem and that they were in stock as well. I visited Sterling after work that day and spoke with a gentleman...I presented the situation to him and handed him the glasses...he held them up to the light, looked at the left lens and acknowledged that there was indeed a problem with the coating. He also stated that the lens was NOT in stock - that it would take several days to get one in, and that once in I would have to surrender my glasses for two WEEKS for them to grind the lens and drill the appropriate holes!

9/25/03: Sterling optical called the glasses were in. I picked them up after work and inspected them carefully while I was still in the store. The left lens was perfect, but there were either scratches or interior imperfections in the right lens. I tried cleaning the lens, thinking that it may be a piece of dust or something. I showed the clerk the problem, stating I cant remove this, can you? She commented that they were either scratches or imperfections, and they agreed to order another right lens.

10/6/03: Sterling called the lens had arrived.

10/8/03: I went to Sterling Optical and waited for them to replace the right lens. I cleaned and inspected the lenses. All looked OK. I asked that if I found a problem with the glasses within a few days could call them. They said yes, and I also told them I would let them know if I was satisfied.

10/9/03: Glasses cleaned OK, therefore no ocular problem with the lenses. I tried to put the inherent sunglass attachment on (these are Easy Clip frames, with sunglasses that attach with magnets) and found that the right lens holes were not lined up properly, and in fact the nose bridge was crooked! They were absolutely unwearable as sunglasses they looked like something out of Pee Wees Playhouse! I called Sterling Optical and described the problem to the gentleman who answered the phone. I asked them to order another lens and asked also that they call me when it arrived, that I would bring the frames and the sunglass attachment to them so they could properly align everything. The gentleman agreed and we closed the conversation.

10/10/03: Around 2 pm I received a call from Patty at Sterling Optical. She stated that they were not going to do anything more for me; that it was obvious they could not satisfy me and asked as to when I could drop the glasses and accessories (case, sunglass attachment) off so they could credit my charge card...she stated that she knew I put a dispute on the charge and clearly stated that she wanted me to return the property that day. I told her I could not return the glasses that day as I did not have my backup glasses with me. She pressed me for a date that I would be returning the property. I told her I would not be in the area over the weekend and that Monday or Tuesday would be the earliest I could drop anything off. She made a point of saying she would be there Saturday, Sunday AND Monday. We said our goodbyes and ended the conversation.

In closing, let me present my argument: I paid Sterling Optical in full up-front, as per your policy and in good faith. I have returned to the store 5 times, have had 3 pair of glasses, 3 left lenses and 4 right lenses and STILL have not received satisfactory product. I see NO quality control, or even concern for a job well done! AND, to top it off I get a phone call from the store insulting me! Imagine that...they insult ME because THEY cannot provide a pair of glasses that are wearable!

Damage Resulting: I have to contact my insurance company, find another optician and wait ANOTHER 2 weeks for my glasses!

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Original review: Sept. 14, 2003

I was tested at Sterling Optical in Hagerstown, MD for new lenses (the frames -- expensive ones -- had been purchased from Sterling Optical two years earlier). I again ordered progressive bifocals with "Panamic" which enables me to use a little of my peripheral vision.

When I picked up the new lenses, I told the clerk that when I looked even slightly to the side, everything went out of focus. The clerk said I should allow some time to get used to the new lenses. Over the next few days I noticed that the vision in the right eye was not as sharp as he vision in the left, and if I looked even slightly to the side when driving or walking through a store, I had to tilt my head down because the image became blurred.

I already had an appointment with an ophthalmologist for a glaucoma and range of vision test so I decided to wait till after that exam. The ophthalmologist confirmed that the right lense wasn't as good as the left.

I returned to Sterling Optical and told him the problems I was having. I was retested and the clerk told me the Panamic was placed too high and I would get new lenses with the Panamic feature lowered and a different prescription for the right lense. When the lenses came in, I returned to Sterling Optical, dropped off my glasses to have the new lenses put in, and returned a few hours later.

Now my frames were broken along the bottom rim. When I asked what caused the frame to crack, the clerk said that plastic dries out. His glue job would last maybe a month, maybe a year, he said. Those frames weren't broken when I dropped off my glasses. I will never use Sterling Optical again.

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Original review: Aug. 7, 2003

The first words when I walked into the store were, "Do you accept (VSP) Vision Service Plan insurance", they answered "Yes" with no brief explaination that they were an out-of-network service provider. I had been to two prior establishments and they clearly stated, within the first 2 minutes of conversation, they were not part of the VSP network. This is a clear case of misrepresentation.

When I called the owner to correct the problem he refused to talk to me and instead advised me to talk to the salesperson when this was obviously not a salesperson situation. He offered to give me a $15 discount on my frames when I had already been overcharged at least $300. I called first thing the next morning to advise Sterling Optical to submit a "stop order" on the glasses and the owner refused. I was advised that there was a sign on the sales floor that read "No Refunds", but yet I also noticed that there was no sign that stated "Out Of Network Vision Care".

I have already contacted my credit card company to register a dispute over payment to Sterling Optical and was informed by the Visa representative that disputes with "Out of Network" vision companies are not uncommon and that she had already handled 3 other complaints that day. I am amazed this problem has not been addressed before.

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Original review: July 22, 2003

7/4/03 asked how much swim goggles would be. I was quoted $159.99. "My daughter has a very strong RX, how much would that be?" " Nothing at all," I was practically cut off in mid sentence. I was told to come in and they could be ordered.

7/7/03 I came in to order the goggles. they can't find the book. So now I have to wait 3-4 days so they can order two and I could pick one. I kept asking how long everything would take because my daughter is on a swim team and I was concerned about a time frame. It shouldn't take longer then a week, they said.

7/11/03 The goggles finally came in and I went in the next afternoon after a swim meet. I gave the Dr.'s card and they read the RX off my daughter's glasses. I was told it was a very high RX but since the girl was there and heard what the other woman said they would honor it. I was supposed to be getting the glasses by that wed. the latest.

7/14/03 I get a call stating I have to pay $50 more because of the strong Rx, I asked to speak with a manager and after telling the entire story she said I would have to pay $20 more. When will they be done I kept asking. "I can't get them for Wed. or Thurs. as promised probably Fri. I'll put a rush on them."

7/18/03 I call no goggles. 7/19/03 I call, no goggles. 7/20/03 I call, no goggles. 7/21/03I call, yes the goggles are in but the tech. is not. When will they be ready I ask? Tomorrow late afternoon, I'm told and once again I hang up with an upset 7-yr-old by my side and more angry then ever.

7/22/03 I send my husband to pick up the goggles because I don't want to go in the store and get angry at all of the incompetent people. He is told the lenses did not come in yet. He says cancel the order, they say he can't. we are told they will be in 7/25/03 possibly. My daughter has been wearing glasses for over 5 years and I have never been treated so horribly, never been misleaded like this. If I do ever get the goggles I nor anyone I know will ever be shopping in this store again.

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Original review: July 22, 2003

my daughter had an eye appointment on July 21st. We arrived a few minutes before her appointment to fill out any paperwork. She was handed the clip board and told to bring it back to the desk when she was done. She went back to the desk where she was completely ignored by 3 employees, all sitting there. They were too busy discussing what kind of doughnuts they liked. We were finally acknowledged 10 minutes later. Her appointment was at 2:00 and the doctor showed up at 2:15 when he went into the office and started talking on the cell phone.

As we waited the conversations of the employees were very unappropriate, everything from doughnuts to movies to pornography. We could hear everything they were saying. After her exam she was fitted for contacts and we were told to go to the counter and finish the paperwork. We stood there for 10 minutes while one employee talked on the phone, another employee was on the phone and then waited on another customer who had come in after us. Two of the other employees were walking in and out of the store, going into the mall. One employee walked by us twice, she was too busy going to buy a soda to wait on us.

I finally asked the gentleman who was sitting at the desk, on the phone, if there was someone to help us and he responded, "Hopefully in a few minutes." There were 5 employees working at the time - 1 on the phone, 2 wandering the mall, another one on the phone and don't know what the 5th one was doing but when I started to complain she showed up out of nowwhere. She was very rude to us also.

They are mailing the contacts to us because I will not go back into the store again, which is to bad because I have purchased quite a few pairs of glasses and contacts over the years. I have been in retail for many years and have never seen such unprofessional behavior.

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