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The prices overall are very very good and I highly recommend them to the consumer. Their prices are very very low compared to others on the market. The eyeglasses are exceptionally made and well designed for the consumer. They are of the highest quality and very affordable as well. Because they are so well designed the quality speaks for itself. The delivery time of my eyeglasses was quick within 24 hours. I was very pleased with the delivery time and the exceptional customer service that I got from the company. Very satisfied with the company itself. They have a wide variety of eyeglass wear for the consumer in many different shapes and models and colors. The quality is exceptional to anybody else on the market that I found and I highly recommend them.

I wear glasses and this place is wonderful! I wouldn't buy my glasses anywhere else! All the glasses are reasonably priced for any budget! Great customer care! The quality of the glasses is amazing! My glasses are lightweight yet sturdy. And fit great! I pick up my glasses I don't have them delivered. I have worn glasses most of my life. They have a great selection of glasses to choose from. I have a hard time choosing which glasses I want!

The staff has been wonderful and the quality of eyeglasses has been always up to standards in my eyes. All of my children use their services around the Manhattan areas. Keep up the great work and services. I received great customer service and had all my needs for an excellent pair of glasses solved. There were many options to choose from and I have no complaints. I was able to get two pairs of glasses for a reasonable price, from great employees.

I broke my glasses and there was no way to repair them. I walked into Cohen's and it couldn't have been better. Mel, the manager, was friendly, helpful and knowledgeable. And if you aren't sure what style would work - he has a good eye and offers great suggestions. They have a nice range of frames and they can create the glasses pretty quickly. Glad I went. Their service was fast, friendly and very fairly priced. I am very happy with their services and will happily return. Enthusiastically recommended.

I got some really nice glasses for a really fair price. I'm very happy with them. They also throw in lots of extras like lens cleaner, wipes, and cases. And they send me regular updates about when I need eye exams. Fantastic frames. I wear my glasses all day every day, so it's important to me that they look good and make a statement about who I am. They had a wide range of styles and brands and very reasonable prices. So I'm very happy with my choice. I can't say it's perfect because it wasn't out of the ordinary in any way, but ordering was simple and the package arrived on time, undamaged. Really really pleased with the selection they had. I never know what I want until I've tried on a million pairs and taken selfies with all of them, and then texted the selfies to friends to be sure. So it really takes a wide selection to make me happy and I was satisfied.

My insurance covered this cost. I am not sure of the actual price if you pay out of pocket. I only had a 20$ copay. Amazing customer service, quick and accurate. I was in and out in a breeze! Very sturdy and durable glasses. I am still wearing them as we speak no issues so far. I recommend giving them a try if your insurance covers it. You will not be disappointed! Many glasses to choose from, all kinds of various styles and shapes. Had what I needed in stock and I had many to choose from. I was able to have several options and ended up with multiple pair.

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Was very well priced and the employees were very helpful as well as good at their jobs. Everyone was very kind and they all make sure that you are comfortable with your decisions and you're one hundred percent positive you know what you are doing. No lies or fibs. Great service. If you are looking for a place with professional employees who care, go here. They are awesome and they care how you feel throughout the entire experience and they want to make sure you have read over everything without any surprises.

The shipping and the delivery was very fast and was very affordable and they make sure that your package gets to you with the utmost amount of care so that you are happy with your product without the hassle of returns due to sloppy service. The variety of this place is very large and they have some pretty amazing and unique collections. Give it a try. I was very very satisfied with my treatment and my product and I'm sure all of you will be as well.

I bought a pair of designer frames that were only about 150$. The service was great and the frames were high quality very durable. I highly recommend them to everyone. I love them. They were pink and blues Michael Kors. They haven't scratched or broken. And I have dropped them many times and they still look like new. They were very fast and friendly. My glasses were ready in two days which considering they frames was very fast. They worked as fast as they could to get them done quickly. They had a huge variety of frames to choose from. Every color you can imagine and all types of frames and designer frames to choose from.

The glasses I purchased were fairly inexpensive. I received lots of help in deciding which pair I wanted, and my lenses were made in a very timely manner. Not only was the service expedient, but the quality of the frames was impeccable. The lenses were the correct prescription, and the frame was exactly the pair I ordered. My glasses, which I placed an order to receive, were delivered to me in a very timely fashion. I ordered them on a Thursday, and they arrived at the doctor's office by Saturday afternoon. The variety of available frames was very impressive. There must have been over one hundred different pairs on display, and it took me about thirty minutes to look through them and make a selection.

The price overall was alright. The quality of the product was great - overall no issues at all. They feel very durable and very well made. There's nothing wrong with them at all. They feel very durable and very well made. Shipping was great eh? I'd appreciate a little bit more variety.

I broke my glasses and I have to buy new ones. They were the ones that turn in the sun. But luckily for me they didn't cost a lot because they were on sale. When I bought them they barely turned in the sun like my old ones did. But they worked. When I got home the things the hold up the glasses up broke. I order it at the store. About a week before I left. I went home changed and went food shopping after that. The box was at my front door. It was very different from the rest but they did what I needed them to do. And they were just black with tinted glasses with borders around them.

If you want a quality pair of glasses at a great price this is the place to go. A wide selection to choose from all at a great price. Why look anywhere else? The quality is excellent. The fashion is on fleek, the price is outstanding, the people are great, the doctor is experienced. What more can be said? The delivery was on time in a very professional manner. They called me when my glasses were ready. They made sure I was satisfied before I left. The variety was great. A lot of styles and fashion and all the colors of the rainbow. Choosing was actually kind of difficult because they had so much to choose from.

It was reasonable to go there. Prices were cheap. Some were not. Typical of a glasses and contacts place. So what you would expect. I would say plan to spend 200 at least. The quality was good. You can use your prescription you get anywhere. The people were nice. I mean do what makes you happy or satisfied with your experience. Shipping was not included. It cost extra. So make sure you have enough for that on top of regular expenses. I love not paying for shipping. Perhaps they should do discount codes. The variety is good. They have a ton of glasses and frames. You can choose what kind you want which is always a plus I must say, if you like that.

Prices were very affordable. There were many great styles to choose from at great prices. I would recommend them for anyone looking for fashionable eyewear that doesn't break the bank. The highest quality products are offered here. The frames and lenses are durable and withstand everyday use very well. I have a great success in finding the right lenses at great quality. Shipping was fast and secure. Never once was there an issue in getting my order on time and safely. The shipping costs are very affordable and the quick shipping is useful when I need things quickly. Excellent variety. So much to choose from and so many affordable options. I have never had so much to choose from to find my ideal look.

People were very helpful. Had my exam at the place, frames were the style and color I wanted. Got glasses fast, cost was reasonably priced and the glasses looked good on me. Good fit, quality lenses bifocals. Frames and lenses are warrantied. They gave me the glasses. I paid for them. They fit fine, see good. They have thousands of frames to choose from. Go try one yourself!!!

I was satisfied with the price. I could have bought similar elsewhere for cheaper than I paid but I think it was more the experience than anything else mainly. The quality and price go hand in hand. I am a firm believer that you get what you pay for. I have durable frames and lenses with a warranty guarantee. Super fast delivery. Received within 3 days of order. Could've been 2 days but I wasn't home during delivery so I had to reschedule it. Many different options for you to choose from. For all lifestyles, climates, work style. Even hard to find colors they offer. If you are light on money they are still a good option for you.

They offered prices that were in my budget and I found it very helpful. They also had a very wide selection to choose from which was nice. From past experiences with other brands were not good but with this one it's a keeper. I was very satisfied with the quality and I totally recommend this to anyone who is looking for great quality. I had to wait an average waiting time because I didn't pick fast shipping which is not a problem to me. The great thing is that the shopping was very fast. I ordered on Monday and got it on Friday which is good in my book. They had a very nice selection to choose which is very good. I had a hard time choosing a pair which I don't get to experience with some brands.

The price is reasonable and my insurance covered half of the bill so it wasn't that bad. I actually thought I would have paid way more than I actually did. This brand is the top brand for this product. It is strong and it comes in various colors and styles to suit each individual person's sense of style. I was able to get my glasses the next day due to the fact that they had to send out for my prescription lenses. I thought it would have been a longer wait but a day is not that bad.

Price was a little too much but it was worth it. I got a great pair of glass at an ok price. They have last a good while too. I would buy from them again. The product quality is great. They have last a long time and I have not had a problem with them breaking, the frame or the glass. I am very very happy with them. The shipping and delivery was great. It did not take long for me to receive my package. Maybe took a week after ordering. Best to order on the weekend and that following week you should get it. The product variety was great. I had many options to choose from. I had a hard time to make a choice on which pair I wanted. I almost got more than one pair because I wanted so many.

Great employees. Wonderful and lots of different type of eye glass frames to choose from. Also has a great eye doctor. The prices were great. Lots of great frames on sale too. The eye glass frames are nice looking and are a great quality. Good for children knowing how rough they can be especially boys. I have a boy and he is very rough so this was a great store to go to. I never had them shipped to me but I want to in the future. By then I can see how their shipping is. If they do well I will do shipping more often. Great product. Not cheap, great quality.

The price was fair for the quality of the lenses and frames but there are higher quality options available as well for a higher cost if you want something better. The quality is not anything problematic but also isn't bad. For the price I think the quality is good and offers good value for your money. The delivery was quick, less than a week and the delivery cost was low as well. It would be nice to have faster options in case your glasses need to be replaced on short notice but that's not a big deal. They have a large variety of frames in different styles so anyone will be able to find something they like. Color selection is good too and includes muted colors as well as brighter options.

The price was fair, good compared to opticians locally. Price seemed higher for frames. Would buy again, it was a good value. Glasses can be very overpriced. The quality was good. Comparable to other gone glass retailers. Not exceptionally cheap but good. I like feeling like I'm getting a deal & not throwing my money away. Delivery was good, it was pretty quick to make them. They also notified be throughout the process so I knew when they would be fine. Nice quick shipping too. They had a great variety. Had lots to choose from in many styles and colors. I like that exceptionally well. Way better than a store that only has one color and few in stock.

I found that the price was very reasonable for the quality of the sunglasses that I received. I put off buying new glasses for a long time until now. I received quality name brand glasses that were custom fit to my prescription lenses. I am definitely satisfied with the purchase that I made. The delivery was very fast. It only took a couple of days and the contact lenses arrived in great shape. Very convenient. There were so many choices to choose from when looking at frames. Countless name brand, high-end designers, as well as cheaper frames to fit any budget.

I picked out frames that were too expensive and the sales clerk steered me to slightly cheaper frames that I liked just as much and that were in my budget. These are the longest lasting frames I have ever had. They've lasted me a few years so far with no signs of wear, despite regular everyday use. The delivery was much faster than I had anticipated and I was so happy to receive my glasses early! No more squinting! They definitely surprised me with the fast delivery. I had so many good quality frames to choose from, it was crazy! I couldn't decide on just one at first. I loved all the choices I was offered.

The customer service was very nice. We didn't have to wait very long. You feel like you are at home. They always try to make you feel comfortable every time you have an appointment. The product quality is very durable and stylish. The prices are very reasonable. I always get photogray and never have had any problems with my lens or glasses. They go out of their way to make sure you are happy with the glasses you have selected. They have a good variety to pick from. They always measure to make sure everything fits properly. Always very helpful. I have a very small bridge on my nose. Their adjustments are always never perfect. They take a lot of time trying be sure your glasses feel totally comfortable.

The price was very good. It was a little cheaper compared to its competition that was offering the same service in the same ballpark as far as pricing goes. The quality of the product to me is very sturdy and feels very well made. Unlike others that feel like I could break them just by dropping them on a carpet, these feel built to last a lifetime. The delivery said it would take around 7-10 business days to arrive. It took mine almost 12 days which isn't too bad since I've waited a month before for something that said it would take 7-10 business day. The selection of different styles, colors and sizes was pretty standard when compared or other companies but it was a great selection to choose from and gave me several options I liked.

The price that I paid for my glasses was a really good price. I got everything done there and I was able to get another pair. I would go back there to get my next pair of glasses and I recommend that place to everyone I know that is looking to get glasses or contact. I was able to get two pair of great glasses. I thought I would have to pay more for the kind of glasses I picked out but I didn't. I know that these glasses won't break easy and I'll be getting my next pair there. It only took a couple days for both of my glasses to be done. I was told that it might take a week or two, but I was nowhere near that long. I got there right when I needed them. I love fast service. They had all kinds of glasses to choose from. They had almost every color you can try think of. And they had some many different styles that is in today and old school style glasses. I will tell everyone I knows that is looking to buy some nice fashionable glasses.

Price for eyewear and lenses are much cheaper than purchasing your eyewear and lenses from a box chain. It is great quality for a fraction of the cost. Products are excellent quality, very durable and very well crafted. The best glasses I have ever owned. I dropped them and not a scratch on them. Shipping is very fast from the time I placed my order to shipping. I ordered my glasses and had them within 7 days. They were packed very carefully and arrived safe to my home. They are hundreds of styles and designs to choose from and try on virtually. Many more designs and styles than my local box chain store.

Prices were very fair for the selection of styles they offered. What really sold me on my purchase wasn't only the fair pricing, but I loved the layout of the store and the associates were more than willing to assist me in making my decision. When it comes down to quality, you just have to compare their selection and pricing for the same styles that you would find in other similar type stores of this shopping tier. They have most competitors beat on the quality to pricing ratio. You select a shipping option for the same standardized prices and have it delivered. This is where the store sets themselves apart from every other location. It's the sheer variety of what they have to offer coupled with the quality and competitive pricing.

I went there on recommendations from my step sister and I checked it out. I found the whole experience very pleasant from selection to customer service and everything in between. I found that the selection and options were on point. After reviewing all of my options I went with a set that I still use to this day. My eyesight has never been great and I break or lose glasses a lot. The process of having my contact lenses set up on a scheduled delivery system has really reduced the trouble and hassle of having to deal and worry about my contact lenses. It really work quite well for me. I never realized just how large of an assortment and just how many options that everyone has when it comes to choosing which contact lenses work best and are most fitting for them to use. It's kind of crazy.

They are a good fit and come in many fashionable designs and colors. You can find in design to suit your facial color, eye color and hair color. Also for all ages.

They were ok. I liked the various fashion looks and they lasted for a medium length of time and then the eyeglass handle broke. Was disappointed. The shipping costs was fine and fair and the delivery was much quicker than I had anticipated. It also arrived in good shape and a tracking number was provided. There was a variety of shapes and sizes to choose. Also various prescription strengths. I was satisfied with this feature. It also came in various colors to choose from to match either your eyes, hair, or skin color.

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Founded in 1927, while selling glasses out of a pushcart, Cohen's Fashion Optical now has more than 100 storefronts in seven different states and Puerto Rico.

  • Designer discounts: Not only do they offer a large catalog of designer frames, they have great discounts specifically for these higher priced fashion accessories.
  • 20 dollar eye exam: Don't pay hundreds for a simple eye exam at Cohen's Fashion Optical, since they offer exams for as little as 20 dollars to local customers.
  • Frame plus lenses deals: Get a complete pair of branded glasses, frames and lenses for less than 100 dollars from a Cohen's Fashion Optical location.
  • Multiple material selections: With seven different frame materials, including gold, buyers can find frames that are durable, flexible, hypoallergenic and fashion forward.
  • Insurance and FSA options: Shoppers can use vision insurance to cut their out-of-pocket costs on glasses and/or turn to their FSA to make up the difference and pay with pre-tax dollars.
  • Best for Kids, Teens, Professionals and Contacts wearers.

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Cohen's Fashion Optical
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100 Quentin Roosevelt Blvd.
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United States