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It was very easy to redeem my rewards. I had no issues at all and found that it was a great way for my employer to show their recognition. I feel like it is easy to use and had no problems at all. I feel that there is a large selection of rewards to choose from. I enjoyed being able to really take my time to decide on a reward that was right for me. It was way better than a coffee mug that said "#1 employee" for sure. I think that being able to choose from so many different rewards really gives this program an added value. With something for everyone you can really find something that you will enjoy. The site is very intuitive and I really had a great time looking into all of the different options. It was really easy to go from one option to the next and compare what was available. It really made making my decision a lot easier.

Satisfaction Rating

The process of cashing in on my reward points was very easy to complete. There was a wonderful variety of items from which to make a selection. The variety is amazing. It is quite difficult to choose which item(s) to select. As such, it motivates a significant number of employees to perform and/or complete tasks to earn more points in order to obtain those highly desired items.

The value of the program lies in the ability to motivate employee performance and behavior. Additionally, the program has a positive impact on employee morale. Personal discussion in the workplace is now centered on the program (who wants what, who received what, how they earned it, etc.). In an office full of women, this has cut down on negative, idle gossip as dialogue on the new program is positive and fun. The program is incredibly easy to use, even for employees who do not possess a high degree of computer skill or experience. Personally, I've found it easy to use. Additionally, I have not heard anyone state they were having trouble using the program.

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Awards Network is an employee incentives program company located in La Porte, Indiana. Founded more than 60 years ago, the company is focused on helping employers provide their employees with awards as incentives.

  • Veteran company: The company has been in business for more than 60 years, so they have lots of experience working with a wide range of companies and clients.
  • Account management team: Awards Network offers a dedicated account management team for every company that has a rewards program with them, meaning they receive detailed and personalized customer service.
  • Easy to contact: The company makes it easy to get in contact with them, offering customers telephone, email, Facebook and Twitter as communication options.
  • High-level clients: Awards Network works with high-level, reputable companies, including Frito Lay, Flowers Foods, Goodwill and Junior Achievement.
  • No minimum requirements: Awards Network has no minimum requirements for customers, so employees can use the company for programs as big or as little as they'd like.
  • Best for Human resources representatives at large companies, executives at struggling companies and heads of sales teams.

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Awards Network Company Profile

Company Name:
Awards Network
Formerly Named:
2700 Monroe Street La Porte
La Porte
Postal Code:
United States