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Purchasing Power first became available to me at work about 4 1/2 years ago. This company has helped me out so much. I am able to purchase things that I would never have cash upfront to pay for. I have ordered a sectional couch, a side by side refrigerator, a dining room table, TVs, trampolines, you name it, and I have bought it! I am able to buy Christmas and Birthday present for my grandchildren, and only pay twice a month for it. The prices are great. Everything arrives on time. The customer service is outstanding. I could go on and on about the company. They knew an outstanding service to those of us that don't have the cash required to make these purchases. Thank you for your time, A very Satisfied Customer.

Purchasing Power is a great company. An asset to have when buy the items that is needed for your home, yard or just buys what's needed. I have order multiple items from this company, which makes me very happy with the quality and shipment of my items. Always on time. Never a hustle to get what you order. Over a period of one year I have had 10 items delivered to my home on time in great condition. No complaints at this time.

The other thing I like about this site is when I order it automatically come out of my paycheck which is great because I won't see it and definitely won't miss it which makes me very happy as well as my family. So please take the time and look around. Purchasing Power has a lot to offer. Now as for the ordering the taxes are a bit too high. Even though I know it due the fact that there is no credit check or payment expected at time of placing order I really enjoy this site. I really hate paying those high taxes but hey it the price you pay for wanting the things you want.

I ordered a High Back Leather Chair and a OSP Designs Sature Desk. These items are perfect. They are made of high quality and very comfortable. I've ordered a lot of items from Purchasing Power and am very impressed with the quality of items and their service. If you don't have lots of money on hand or charge power but want nice things, you should definitely try Purchasing Power. Over the years, I've purchased everything from furniture, electronics, appliances to toys and tools and am still getting great use of them. Give them a try.

I have purchased many items through Purchasing Power and I have never been disappointed. They are prompt in response to questions or issues as well as in delivering the items ordered in a very timely manner. I would recommend purchasing items through Purchasing Power to all of my friends.

Purchasing Power ease of payments and ordering. I love using this company, it gives me ease of supplying my children and I with up to date computers, laptops and electronics without the hassle of paying all at once.

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My company sent out e-mails about PurchasingPower, so I thought I'd look into it. A few of my coworkers ordered from the site and had no issues. So I decided why not, I need a new TV and this way I can pay it out instead of having to pay all at once. On June 10, 2016 I placed the initial order. Just 4 days later I received an e-mail stating that my order had been shipped, and yet when I clicked on the tracking number, it showed that it was still being processed/preparing to ship. After a week of no updates, I did the live chat with a customer service representative. I was told that they don't send out shipping e-mails until the product is being shipped, am I sure that is what the e-mail said. I then sent her a copy of the e-mail. She acted like she couldn't be bothered with this, and stated that the product was still being processed and she did not have a ship date yet.

2 more weeks went by with still no update. Again, I got in touch with Customer Service. THIS time, I was told that there was an error on the vendor end that was keeping the product from shipping. The original order, which payments for were already coming out of my check, was cancelled and a replacement order was SUPPOSED to have been entered. After yet another week with no information, I again got in touch with Customer Service. The replacement order was never entered. I was sent new information once that order was placed. 2 more weeks went by, still no information! This time when I got in touch with someone, I was livid. I demanded to speak to someone higher up because now I was going on 6 weeks with no information and getting the runaround or getting disconnected when I tried to get information.

I was sent an e-mail from someone, not called, that 15% would be taken off of my order and expressing apologies for the trouble I'd gone through. And the shipping company is not any better. My order status is not regularly updated. Once it got to the Kilgore, TX terminal, the order was effectively LOST! No one that I spoke with could find it!! The order information was then updated that it was in Tyler, TX, which is 30 minutes from me. It has now been a week that my order has been there, but they claim that they could not reach me to schedule delivery. I spoke with someone just today stating that I was now beyond waiting for this order, and to give me an address and I would pick it up myself. I was then informed that with PurchasingPower, you are not allowed to pick up your order. It must be delivered. I will NEVER order from this company again!!!

Getting credit info - I heard about PP and work the other day and thought I'd check it out. I filled out all the information it asked for and it came up an error msg that I didn't work for that company any longer. I've worked there for 42 years. I don't know if I should go to work tomorrow or not.

Ok, to start this off, I will say this: they will ship it quick! They do have great CS. However, the only flaw I find with this company is the constant excuse of "Routine maintenance" on their website. When you go to check your balance, it takes over a month for it to update. That is crazy. And it depends on your employer as to what you can purchase. Would I recommend them or use them again? No.

I ordered a new kitchen table and chairs from this company, thinking it would be an interest free way to buy something new. I found what I wanted and placed my order. Almost FOUR weeks later, the package came, but the truck driver wouldn't even unload it from the truck because the packaging was so destroyed that there were visible chunks taken out of the wood. I refused the package and called the company immediately, thinking they would be apologetic and try to make the situation better... I thought wrong. The woman I talked to did nothing to make up for the fact that my package was destroyed, except to resubmit another order. She then continued to state that it would take the same amount of time for the next package to arrive. Mind you, they had already taken a payment out of my check.

Annoyed with the situation, I told her to cancel the order and I would figure something out. Two weeks later, another payment was taken out of my paycheck... for a dining set that I never had. When I called to question, the lady told me "not to worry about my money, it would be refunded" and that it took 7-10 days got the cancellation to go through and then my money would be refunded. Time continued to pass, I received an email that my cancellation had been processed on April 20. This too was supposedly the day they cut a check for the balance they owed me, and the check would take another 7-10 business days to reach me (I learned this because of yet ANOTHER phone call to the company).

Today is May 3rd, and I've still not received the check... so ANOTHER phone call to learn that "there was an error and it had to be resubmitted on Friday, so it will be 7-10 MORE business days". At this point I was furious and asked to speak to someone higher up in the company. I was placed on hold and no one ever answered. I will NEVER purchase anything from this company, and I will be encouraging my co-workers not to either.

I called a few times and was told that the computer was getting shipped soon or on its way. Emailed a few times which no one ever responded to. Christmas came and went with no box under the tree! I cannot express enough how poor customer service is. They don't respond to emails. The laptop ordered showed up weeks after I canceled it in late January and continued to take money out of my paycheck. When you call, there are lots of finger-pointing going on and no accountability. Don't count on apologies since no one will take ownership of the neglect or error on their end.

I kept on giving them an opportunity to correct their mistakes. I just wanted my mother to have her Christmas present! They're really not interested in correcting problems because they already make enough money in the business to not care. So imagine actually having a product with a problem? Think you'll get it resolved with the kind of customer service they have? I don't think so.

After my order was never processed, I called customer service. Here I had set up my allotment incorrectly and used the wrong account number. The rep was patient and kind. Well I got my couch yesterday and I LOVE IT! It's so comfortable and was just like in the picture.

Ordered bags on dec 15. Called more than 3 times and was told it will be shipped on Dec 24th. Today is New Year's Eve and I still have no tracking or shipping info. They've deducted from my paycheck already! I told them to cancel and stop the collection but they said they can't stop or cancel the order cause it was already processed.

This company is by far the most irresponsible that I have deal with. Ordered 3 items on the 13th of Dec. One item arrived on the 21st the other by the 24th and the last one I'm still waiting for it. Have to wait more than 1 hour to speak with someone.

I received an email with an advertisement for Free Shipping and 25% off from Purchasing Power. Purchasing Power's system failed to deduct amount for the Free Shipping and 25% off from the subtotal. I called to complain and was advised that the system did not deduct this amount because of a glitch in the system. Apparently if you do not purchase your item from the website banner on then you will not receive the discount. This is not mentioned advertisement email. I was on hold for an hour when trying to reach a Customer Advocate to address my concerns.

When I finally reached someone, they said the codes I used were now expired, then placed me on hold to speak with a manager who never answered the call and then after another 30 minutes, he or she disconnected the call. After a couple more tries a manager agreed to give me 20% instead of 25% off and to apply free shipping to my account. The 20% was applied but the Free Shipping has not. Been on hold for 1 hour now... as I type.

I ordered a product and the product was returned. I have the proof of receipt. The company will not credit my account. I have called 3 times. The last call the customer service agent assured me my account would be credited in 2 business days. That was 7 business days ago. The representatives I believe English is a second lesson and they do not understand the issue thoroughly. My payments for a product is being taken out of my account. Proof of receipt label.

I ordered Christmas gifts for my family on Dec. 9, 2015. My status has been "processed" since I placed the order. That concerned me since I have not received a ship date. After waiting 25 minutes for a customer support rep, she told me that 2 out of 3 items will not ship from the manufacturer until December 24th!! Ridiculous! First, they state that if orders are placed prior to 12/16, they should be delivered before Christmas. If I had not called, I would have never known the gifts wouldn't make it on time. To make matters worse, the order cannot be cancelled until it is received by me. I feel ripped off. I should have never used this service. I'm spending extra for what? This is not convenient to me. Especially during the Christmas Holiday.

I placed an order with Purchasing Power again on Black Friday because I thought I was getting a great deal on furniture. Upon further investigation I found out this couch and recliner had gotten horrible reviews on Amazon and Walmart. And the couch only cost $500.00 on both websites and had free shipping. Now I called Purchasing Power to cancel and they told me I couldn't cancel the order because is already processed and I have to wait to get a tracking number then I can call back to get it cancelled. I called another Purchasing Power number and a Arabic lady told me they will cancel it in 10 days and I will get an email. I'm mad. The first representative told me they couldn't cancel it. Why lie?

Phone was bought with a 1 year manufacturer warranty then a 2 year extended warranty with SquareTrade. When issue arose neither one knows of Purchasing Power and has no warranty on my phone. Purchasing Power will do nothing to help resolve the issue.

I've been on hold exactly 40 minutes. When I asked to speak with a supervisor I was put on hold again. This is the worst company I have ever dealt with, Chloe ** needs to be retrained.

Ordering from this company was the worst mistake of my entire life. When calling to check order status I was on hold for a rep for over 30 minutes each time. Half the times I called they could never locate my account and I would be placed on another hold for more than 30 minutes. The furniture I ordered was missing parts. It took over 2 weeks just to receive tracking info for the missing parts. The reps are extremely unprofessional and have no knowledge of how their own company works.

I ordered a tv in 2013. The tv stopped working the second week I had it. They sent out people to fix it. Now I am having problems from the same tv but now it's something different. I need a whole screen. Purchasing power needs to just replace the tv because I'm sure it will be more problems from that tv again.

Excellent company. I literally had all the stuff I ordered overnight and earlier than the expected delivery. I never write a review about anyone but I was reading all these negative comments about this company and I've come to the conclusion that all these people bombard this company come Christmas time and expect their ** overnight. The truth is order your Christmas ** earlier than that like a normal person. You can't order Christmas gifts in December with all the mail companies flooded and expect that, then write an angry review. That's really ** stupid for all you people who have everything handed to you and expect instant gratification. Smh.

I am a slow learner. My experience has consisted of a hutch for a desk being sent to Indiana (I live in GA) by Office Depot with my name and contact information. I was contacted by the delivery people and had a hard time explaining to them I was in GA and not Indiana. In addition, items I ordered at Christmas were either delivered after Christmas or Purchasing Power had to cancel the order because their supplier ran out of the item with no time for me to obtain them elsewhere. Now, a washer and dryer were to be delivered today by Sears during a specified two-hour time frame which did not happen. I was going to be paying a large sum for these items and they (Sears) are going to tell me when they will deliver it and I am to be at their beck and call. Think not! I left for work and told my child to refuse shipment.

I then called the 1-800# for Purchasing Power and got a call center in the Philippines. I think the call center for Sears was also out of the country. I have also made two payments on this order. I must also mention the delivery truck showed up one hour late. The delivery people did not apologize for being late. In addition, the delivery people were to call one hour before the estimated delivery time in case they were running late which did not happen. I called the Sears 1-800# when the deadline for delivery was five minutes away and spoke with someone who was to contact the delivery people and tell them not to deliver the items and that they would be refused if they tried. I then notified Purchasing Power and spoke with ** in Manila who was to take care of canceling this order. He also gave me a number to the Customer Care Department with Purchasing Power which was absolutely no help with the orders at Christmas.

Ordered from company. Took two days to get a tracking information. Then order was damage in shipping. Took 10 days for reorder to process. Made no effort to rush order after already paying 1700 on order. Still have not received after 30 days. Worst service ever!!!

Worst customer service ever! Item was damaged in transit twice. No notice from Purchasing Power. I've had to contact them myself. Payment has already been paid and still no item.

I've had an account that was paid off over six months ago with purchasing power and they continue to take automatic deductions from my paycheck. They continually blame others instead of taking appropriate action to correct the issue. I continually have to wait for days sometimes weeks for reimbursement of these deductions taken in error causing me a hardship in paying my own debt obligations, as well as the stress involved.

My daughter is a corrections officer (poorly paid with no raise in sight) and wanted to get my granddaughter an Apple ProBook for graduation. She called me to see if PurchasingPower.com was a good deal since she could have it taken out of her check and her coworkers had used it. It's impossible to do anything without an account, but anyone can apparently set up one with little background.

The computer she wanted (Apple ProBook with 4GB memory, 2.5GHZ i5 processor, and 500GB hard drive) was $1918 ($180 per month) with a 2 year warranty through them. On the Apple Store, the same computer with 8GB memory and Apple Protection is $1348. That means that PurchasingPower.com is charging at least 45% interest! On top of that the Apple Store has financing through Barclay's Bank with immediate approval and 18 months of free interest ($75 a month).

When I was an officer in the Air Force, it was common for enlisted airman with limited resources to be taken advantage of by off-base businesses which would sell them stuff at outrageous interest rates. This is the same scam upgraded to be online with a wider audience. Do not use them! You can find the same thing at a better price without paying high interest rates.

My two items arrived as promised. The delivery time was 2-4 weeks but it was delivered within 1.5 weeks, in perfect shape. Yes!! Purchasing Power is higher than the average store, but having the convenience of payroll deduction is great. We paid 200 dollars extra, with the 20% off coupon. But I figured if I would have charged it to my card the interest would be the same, plus the three year warranty was included for the stove. The table we purchased was 300 under the regular advertised price. The only reason I didn't rate them a 5 star was because of a previous bad experience, but they're building my trust back up and with this service we will continue to purchase.

On Black Friday of 2014 some co-workers and I decided to order some things online from PurchasingPower.com. It is now the end of February and my nightmare is still going on. I ordered a 17" touch screen laptop from the website. I received a 17" non-touch screen. I called to return it. They sent me a label and told me that I had to return it myself to a UPS store. In the meantime I made arrangements with a customer service rep who informed me that the website was incorrect and there were no 17" touch screens. I made arrangements to get a 15" touch screen instead. I was sent ANOTHER 17" non-touch screen. Payments had already begun to be removed from my account. I was unable to return the laptops because at Office Depot, when they tried to scan it at the store it said they were already en route. The UPS tracking said they were still at Office Depot. They are still in my home.

Another rep called me and I happened to be on vacation the next week so I asked her to have them picked up at my home address, go to the back door, I have a basement apartment. I gave her the address. (Now the original laptops were delivered to my office address because I didn't want them sitting on my front porch should I be at work during delivery) I set this up for a Tuesday, one of my normal days off. No one ever came. The next day I get a phone call from a co-worker. UPS went to my office to pick up the laptops!!! He even said "Basement Apartment at an office complex???" So still these two unwanted laptops sit in my apartment, I have no home computer since November and payments have commenced being taken out of my account. No one will return my emails or calls.

I ordered 2 items from this company, which were overpriced, on Dec. 17th. They offered the items before Christmas as stocking stuffers. That usually gives you the idea that it would be delivered before Christmas. NOT! These were Christmas presents that were not given to the recipient. It is now Jan 7th and I still haven't seen the items and they have already taken 2 payments out. I just called because it was sent to UPS on the 5th and one of my items are still not at UPS but the label was created. I called to see if they could see what the hold up was and was on hold for 30 minutes and then hung up on. I called back and was on hold for quite a while again. Nothing was done for me to see what was going on. So by the time I get these items it will be a full month or longer since I placed the order. THE WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE EVER!

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