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Last updated: Oct. 15, 2017

91 Gentle Dental Consumer Reviews and Complaints

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Oct. 15, 2017

Dr ** snr was our family dentist excellent dentist with no complaints. Unfortunately things have changed for the worst with growth. So to cut a long story short, I found out last month that I have a bad case of gum disease that was not picked up with Gentle Dental, with a fair amount of damage to my teeth and gums. Good news is, I found a good dentist now at NIB North Parramatta.

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Original review: Sept. 22, 2017

I had a root canal (endodontic) from an expert in endodontics (he is a professor at Columbia School of Dentistry (NYC) in the field of endodontics). This dentist has been doing root canals since 1970 and has probably done 90,000 of them. He does the root canal but send you to another dentist for the post-and-crown. I went to Gentle Dental only to be told that the tooth was ruined by this endodontist and I would need an implant ($3000) instead of a post-and-crown ($900). I called the endodontist to tell him and he told me "Gentle Dental is a scam trying to steal money from you. I will give you the name of a general dentist". I went to the general dentist who admired the root canal and put in a post-and-crown for $870.

I figured it out: Gentle Dental has a limited amount of chair time so they must figure out a way to get at least $2000 or more out of everybody who goes there or the time in the chair is wasted for them. They have many staff who must get paid and $150-$200 is not enough to waste chair time. Yes, Gentle Dental is a crooked operation from the overstaffed office (many young women with no clue of how to assist you but eager to have you give them money) to the dentists who must find ways to get the most money out of you. Overhead is too much to waste on patients who need routine care and maintenance so everybody must pay them for the most exotic and expensive care that they can force on the patient. If you don't like that business model then go somewhere else because Gentle Dental has bills to pay!!

The main corporate office of Gentle Dental needs to get paid, the franchisee needs to make money, the staff needs to get paid, and the landlord needs to get paid. This means every patient needs to be billed the maximum possible and morality and decency goes out the window. The dentists stopped being medical professionals long ago - now they are just money-generating men and women with licenses for the Gentle Dental corporation.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Sept. 18, 2017

I was recommended by a friend to this outfit, but wish I would've asked for a second opinion. I went in for 2 simple cavities and was told I had to get "deep cleaning" before taking care of cavities. They checked and rechecked my insurance, told me the balance I would owe, no problem and paid them. There were 2 appts made, the 1st "deep cleaning" she turned my gums into hamburger, damaged them so bad they could not fill the cavity on that side due to bleeding and damage!

I then showed up the next week for the 2nd appt and was told there wasn't a Dentist there and I would have to reschedule? I told them it was too hard for work for me to reschedule and poof, a dentist appeared at a dentist office. They then came up with false charges and tried to charge me for them after paying them close to $500.00 out of pocket and having Union Insurance. I refused to pay them any more money than they requested at time of service and have gum damage that I will have to put up with the rest of my life, so as I said, don't walk away from these places, RUN AWAY.

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Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: Aug. 8, 2017

This concerns the office at S Macarthur in Oklahoma City, and is similar to the one from Colleen, CA, of May 5, 2017. In March of 2017 they sent me a bill for $1224 for an 'uncovered procedure' dated March 29, 2016. I found out from Aetna, that the reason it was not covered was because they only sent in a Xray and did not explain to Aetna that I had not received a new partial in the last 5 years, prior to this procedure. So when I gave Aetna the needed information, they paid G.D. $918 for 2 retaining crowns and 1 pontic. This left my balance at $306 for something for which we cannot find a claim filed.

I visited the office, and was told that the young lady would look into it, and call me back, but I never heard anything. When I called, about 2 weeks later, I was told that the young lady I spoke to was no longer there, and that the file would be audited and that they would get back to me. But all that they did was send a bill for $306 for an 'uncovered procedure. I called Aetna Ins. and they called the Dental office, but could not get anything concerning a procedure, or tooth no. or a claim no. In addition, my portion of the bill was $630, for the covered procedures, but G.D. billed for $1190 on my Discover card, and I cannot find out whether or not I am due a refund. They also sent my bill to a collection agency, and I obviously disputed it.

Just over a week ago, I mailed a written complaint to the OK Board of Dentistry. If they accept it and follow up, maybe we can do something about Gentle Dental's billing problems. Please bear in mind that the office mentioned, is not a member of the ODA (OK Dental Assoc.) which helps in arbitration of billing issues. The Gentle Dental company also has an 'F' rating with the BBB.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: July 24, 2017

I had the most horrific experience with Gentle Dental. Over 30 years ago, I had a bridge put in both sides of the lower back teeth (sadly I had two teeth pulled at 15 because I was terrified of drills). I found a fabulous dentist (probably deceased now), who did both of my bridges a year apart. It went relatively pain free and was completed in 2 visits each. About 2 years ago, I started having an irritation on the left side and the bridge eventually came loose. I was going to Gentle Dental for routine dental care for a couple of years since I was new to Maine. When they said they needed to take new x-rays, the dentist said the x-rays showed that I needed a root canal on the front tooth that supported the bridge. So he sawed the bridge apart (threw it away even though I had asked for it), then put some kind of adhesive to hold the remaining piece of the bridge. Then he performed the root canal and put a temporary cap on it.

That was an agonizing experience, but I suffered through it. I had it done and paid for it; but I still needed to replace the bridge and didn't have dental insurance so I signed up for insurance and had to wait a year before I could get the work done. On my next visit, there was a different dentist (they were both young, but this one was younger). I wasn't really happy about having a different dentist completing the job. When I went to have the bridge done, this dentist injected novacaine and chipped my upper front tooth with the metal handle of the needle. Then he removed the remaining gold cap from the back tooth which I asked for this time and got it. He put this thing in my mouth to keep my mouth open and then began to drill the back tooth. He must have drilled for over an hour (or so it seemed).

When I finally left, my mouth was sore for about a week because of the length of time that device stretched my mouth. He replaced the bridge, but it never felt right and I began having the same pain as before the procedure. At that point, he recommended I see another dentist. That dentist said he couldn't find anything really wrong and put some kind of adhesive material in the spot where the irritation and soreness was assuming that was where the food was getting in. This lasted less than a week and the pain resumed. I complained that I was still having pain Gentle Dental and said I wanted to get a second opinion and went to Wiscasset Dental. They seemed annoyed, but said fine. Dr. ** took x-rays and said she knew what was wrong and would call Gentle Dental and explain it to the dentist. On the next visit, I asked him about it and he dismissed it.

They scheduled another appointment with the first dentist who worked on me and I told him also that my bite seemed off. Both bridges felt perfectly natural when I had them originally done and the right bridge still feels natural and I've never had any problem with it. He drilled some more and gave me the bite test, but it still didn't feel right. When I got home I compared the partial bridge that they removed to the one in my mouth and noticed it was narrower and thought that might have been the reason my bite felt off. Since it wasn't getting any better, the dentist told me they would re-do it. Now I was really frightened of what I might have to go through, but had no idea. This dentist started to inject a numbing agent into the area around the tooth. He kept pushing on the needle and moving it around and it was pure torture. I was clenching my fists. When I couldn't stand it any longer, I made him stop.

I said, "Why is this hurting so much?" He said, "This type of agent wears off sooner." I said, "I'd rather have the novocaine, because this was pure torture." He became angry, especially when I told him the original procedure for my bridges, which lasted over 30 years was almost painless. He refused to continue and I was happy to get out of there. He said he would reimburse me and to go to another dentist. which I did - Wiscasset Dental.

Now that I decided to go to her to have her redo the bridge, she informed me that the root canal showed a black line (a crack) which indicated there was something wrong and that I needed to see an endodontic dentist for have the root canal evaluated. He sent his information to Dr. ** at Wiscasset Dental and I didn't hear from her and called to find out if they had received the recommendation from Dr. **. They said they had not, but would request it. At that time, she set me up for an appointment for 7/24, but I just got an email saying the office is closing. This has been absolutely the worst experience of my life.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: June 21, 2017

I used to love Gentle Dental but their customer service has gone downhill. One day they called me to see if I could come in early because the sun was out and they wanted to go home. I was at work and can’t just leave so I said no. When I got there they rushed me through. I did not get my money’s worth. Then just yesterday they called to cancel the appointment I have set for July 3rd, I’ve had it set for 5 months and they decided to call and cancel on me because they wanted a 4 day weekend.

Talk about a company who doesn't value their customer’s time. Do I want to reschedule? Hell no. It takes a long time for me to get a paid day off work and I’m not wasting it on them. I found a new dentist down the street who will gladly take me. Then today about an hour ago they called to apologize for canceling and offered me a free Waterpik or toothbrush. So shady they can’t even keep their schedules straight. I’m done with them. They are selfish and rude. I could go on about my last 2 visits but I don’t have time.

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Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: May 16, 2017

My complaint confirms the others. My first visit to the office was near home, well equipped, and the girls at the front desk were nice and helpful. They have many offices. The dentist said they wanted me to get DEEP CLEANING where they use a LASER. ONCE YOU BEGIN THE DEEP CLEANING YOU HAVE TO KEEP IT UP. I guess this is because the laser probably scars or opens the gum pockets near your teeth. Who knows what diseases the dental technicians or dentists have that you are exposed to with all the gum bleeding. Also, if you take blood thinners, etc. deep cleaning may present more of a threat to your health than the benefits it offers. I also have talked to a dentist that says not all dentists think deep cleaning is that important to have. I do use the newest recommended electric toothbrush, and I sometimes also use a sonic toothbrush, as well as a manual toothbrush.

About a year later I received a $25 credit coupon to use by a certain date. Before that date that I went for my second visit. The dentist refused to have them clean my teeth unless I got the deep cleaning. I asked him why. He said that patients could sue them for not providing needed services. They could have the patient sign a form stating that the patient declined a given treatment that the dentist thought was advisable. Also, have they ever heard of patient budgets? I think not. So as I left, I paid in full less the $25 credit coupon. They sent me a bill for $25. I called to the office and they said they would call billing to credit me with the $25. They sent me a second bill. I called the billing office and explained. They told me the dentist office had called them about the coupon.

Then they sent me a third bill and said [for $25] they would send this to a credit agency and it would have a bad effect on my credit. I have a perfect credit record of paying my bills. So I paid them the $25. This second visit in the lobby before treatment, they gave me a form to sign, that I agree and approve of a treatment plan they will provide. They don’t give you prices or tell you what your treatment plan will contain. I refused to sign it as written. In over 50 years of paying for my dental services, I have never been presented with such a form. I have never written a complaint about my dentist or dental office. I heard other ex-patients of Gentle Dental complain about being billed for every little thing, and that they were the worst. I think Gentle Dental is a money hungry, very pushy, group and I recommend you avoid them.

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Verified Buyer
Original review: May 5, 2017

I received 1 bill for the amount of $1,550.00. I called, showed that my insurance paid $1250.00. Manager advised my portion was $300.00. I paid the $300.00, then months later I received a bill from a collection agency in the amount of $1200.00. I disputed it. Called the office back and was advised someone would look into it and get back to me. I called several times and got the runaround. Then I got a second notice the bill was sent to collections. Tried to call only to be told I just have to pay. Frustrated.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: May 4, 2017

Normally I never write a review, but I have to share my five year experiences. In the town square dental office every couple year I would have a new dentist. My Worst experience was my child which was four years old, she had a cavity between the two front teeth the doctor recommended to do a filling and he had done a horrible job, which caused her mouth to swell. He prescribed some antibiotics, and only after the third visit, he decided to send me to another dentist. After I visited the other dentist, I realized that the first dentist had done a horrible job, he drilled too deep till he touched the nerves, and the second dentist explained to me how the job was bad. I ended up removing the two front teeth of my daughter.

My final experience was when I visited the doctor for regular cleaning the doctor started making a lot of unnecessary x-rays, and they told me my insurance would cover the price, but I ended up with a high bill without getting the teeth cleaned, because they said I needed deep cleaning. They care only about business and getting your money, with minimal effort. When I talk to the management about an issue, they blame the previous dentist and don't take any responsibility for the previous dentists job. I definitely do not recommend this dentist. How you could helped me with this issue?

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: May 1, 2017

Gentle Dental of Irvine, CA, refuses to provide the free basic cleaning of my teeth that I have already paid for with my insurance payments. They instead to a hard sell and insist that I need a deep cleaning for $$$. That is not ethical. They refuse to let the customer decide what services they want and don't want. They insist I must pay $$$ or they will refuse to do what is supposed to be provided at no charge by my insurance payments.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: March 21, 2017

This was nothing but a BIG SCAM!!! I was told that I would be getting a free cleaning. All they did was take X-rays and my money. They tell you what's included in the price (X-rays and 1 cleaning) to get you in the door and then tell you that you need more. I paid to have X-rays and that's all I got... SCAM, SCAM, SCAM... I will bad mouth this company to anyone who will listen.

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Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: March 16, 2017

Fresno Office - My first bill was a late notice. The line indicated services performed on Sept. 9th. Bill date Sept. 13th. While I knew I owed something the bill was a complete mess. The column of numbers didn't even add up to the final amount. I literally spent 8 hrs in their office and refused to leave until someone could agree with me on the math and review my bill. I even got it in writing. Everything was settled but I switched dentists anyway. Haven't had service since that Sept. and now in March just got a bill for $741. Bill says previous owed zero.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: March 8, 2017

In January 2015, I had 6 teeth surgically removed. When I went in, I handed the receptionist my health insurance card (as some insurance covers the removal of wisdom teeth) explaining to her that I don't know what (if any) of the balance my insurance will cover. I paid $1200 at that visit, and went on my merry way. In roughly October 2016 (YES, OVER A YEAR LATER) I get a call from Gentle Dental's billing department, claiming I owe them $4000! I explained I had the old plan they sold, and paid cash up front, and had never received a bill or have heard from them until now. The representative told me he would look into my account. I received another call in February 2017 saying they would "settle" for $400. WHAT?!? I asked the representative to provide me with a bill with detailed services rendered, along with a copy of the plan I paid for, otherwise, I will not be paying any amount. I have not heard back.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Feb. 8, 2017

I went to the Pikesville location to have a broken tooth surgically extracted. I was in extreme pain, and my tooth was broken off below the gum line. The dentist did a topical numbing to my mouth, but I could still feel pain when he started working on me. When I told him 'ouch', I could still feel pain, he did another needle and called it a 'block'. He insisted I should not be able to feel anything, and continued to lecture me that he should have only have given me a topical, and not a block. He was irritated and verbally snapped at me, while rudely tapping his finger/instrument on the table I was laying on while waiting for the numbing to engage in my mouth that he didn't want to give me in the first place.

And while I'm laying on the table waiting for the numb to kick in, they come in with a bill for me to sign while I'm on my back, staring at the ceiling. Paperwork should be conducted before a service, or after a service, not during a service while you're laying on your back in the middle of a procedure without your glasses on. Tried to call and get some relief over the phone, only to receive unprofessional and rude results. She persisted to tell me how other patients have multiple teeth pulled and are not in this kind of pain. Are you kidding me??? I just had surgery! A horrifying experience, to say the least. I wish I had read all of the bad reviews for Gentle Dental before I chose them to work on my mouth. I would never never never recommend Gentle Dental to anyone, even if they were the last dentist on earth. Horrible service, rude attitudes, followed by no satisfaction. Shame on you Gentle Dental.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Feb. 3, 2017
There are several reasons I am not happy with Gentle Dental. When I first started there the staff was very efficient and friendly. Becca and Dr. ** were fabulous. I have never really cared for the Hygienist Irina. She is very hard with my kids and they dread for her to clean their teeth. Laura has been excellent.

Ok so now on to the issues I have had with Gentle Dental. So October 2016 I called to get my kids in for their cleaning. Nothing was open until the end of January 2017! So I scheduled my whole family for exams and cleanings.

When I arrived, I seen new staff at the front desk. I believe the girls name was Megan who was helping me at the counter. In the middle of helping me she said "Excuse me, I need to take this call, I have been on hold for 20 minutes now". So I said "that's fine." While I was standing there she is on the phone giving all the clients "personal" information to the person on the other end. Name, DOB, SSN and insurance!!! Really?? What happen to the privacy of the patient?? Do they not need to follow the HIPAA Laws?? This was very concerning to me.

Along with disclosing all the clients information, she hangs up and is now on the phone with the other office arguing about the scheduling of a patient and who needs to call the customer to tell them about the schedule change and that she didn't feel she needed to do it because she called there first to get the approval to add the client to their appointments. She seemed very miserable and kept making negative comments about her job. This just seemed very unprofessional.

So back to the appointments, which had been moved around several times. I had them scheduled and still kept receiving text messages letting me know my kids are past due for their appointment. I get it, that's why I scheduled them! So I show up and the first thing Irina said was "Youre late". I said "no, my appointment is at 11:20." She argued with me and said "No it was at 11:00 so you are 20 minutes late but I will still take you". I got my phone out and showed her the appt. reminder and she didn't say a word.

So, Irina did the cleaning on my kids, however did not do any flossing BUT was very quick to tell me that I need to buy the electric toothbrush for each of them to help with their brushing. These ranged in price from around $40.00-130.00. We are a family of 5 and she wanted each of us to buy one. I show up for my appointment only to find out that it had been removed and so they could not see me. So they went ahead and rescheduled my exam and cleaning. I seen Dr. ** which during the exam he was very fast and was just saying numbers to the assistant. I have never had an exam hurt like this one did.

Afterward he recommended I have a more extensive cleaning done and left the room. The assistant comes in with some paperwork and asks that I sign the bottom. I asked what it was for and he mentioned that they had to let me know the cost of the cleaning that the Dr. was recommending which was about $350.00 that I would have to pay. I said "ok, but this was not scheduling to have it done" and he said "correct, we just have to let you know the cost in case you do it." So I signed the forms and he leaves.

When he comes back he tells me that the Hygienist does not have time to see me today and would I like to come back??? "Um no, I waited over 3 months for the cleaning and I have an appointment already scheduled to see her, how does she not have the time?" "Well this cleaning takes about an hour and they only have you down for 15 minutes." I said I did not want that cleaning done right now. I need the regular one done and then I will schedule for the more extensive one at a later date. The assistant tells me that once they have this procedure recommended they CAN'T do the regular cleaning, they have to do that one first.

At this point I am so angry with them. He flat out lied to me about signing those papers. IF she had time to do it, they would have scheduled that process without my consent. I really feel that my experience this past week has been worse than going to a car dealership and them trying to sell me a car that I don't need. I have never been treated this way and I'm currently looking for another Dentist. Lack of Patient Confidentiality, lack of efficiency, and trying to upsell every service they offer is not how I want to be treated at my dentist.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Jan. 27, 2017

This company seems like they are involved in some highly illegal business practices. They just send you a bill with some made number with no codes attached with interest. This was 5 month after my last visit. Good luck trying to get someone to explain it from their office, they are so rude. One star is too much.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Jan. 18, 2017

My family and I are switching to another dental office. Gentle Dental bought the private family practice we had been going to for approximately 12 years. We at first noticed the removal of the TVs in the patient rooms, we thought OK just corporate crap. Then came the initials on their corporate paperwork every single time we went in for cleanings or anything else. Now as with a lot of corporations we are seeing constant turnover in office staff. That speaks volumes to us as a practice. Something is amiss when the employees keep leaving. One of the biggest things that we loved about the previous dentist was the fact we not only knew every single staff member but they knew all of us, our kids, our lives. That has not happened once for us with Gentle Dental.

The practice they acquired was Dr. Shahram ** in Glendale, Arizona. He was a genuine, caring doctor who performed tens of thousands of dollars of work in our mouths with not one single issue. While the bar had been set awfully high for a new practice to achieve we gave (out of respect to Dr. **) Gentle Dental 18 months to win us over. Hasn't happened and the change has been made. I would certainly recommend folks do their due diligence before committing to Gentle Dental for their care.

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Original review: Jan. 16, 2017

Had work done and have to go back for other treatment at a cost of 600.00 and have been saving but how I received a bill for 600.00 for service not perform on me. A month later I received a 20.00 late fee for a total of 620.00 and never had any work done. This is fraudulent billing and I plan to seek a lawyer for damages.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Dec. 14, 2016

All I have to say this facility so corrupt you truthful and front desk forget about... They don't even look like human and over the phone if they don't like what they hear they hangup. I'm glad I had the doctor phone number who did implant but boy they steal my money and cancel the rest of my appointment and need to find new Dentist to finish the job. They lied and stole my money.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Dec. 14, 2016

I have never experienced so much pain, lack of respect and outrageous pricing in my life. I was referred to Sage by a work colleague. I knew I need surgery for receding gums but thought it would be covered by insurance. I scheduled the surgery and was told recovery time would be 4 days. I had surgery about a month ago and I still cannot chew, talk properly, smile without pain, or work out. I had tissue grafting top and bottom one side, followed ALL Dr's orders re: applying ice every 20 mins for 4 days, then moist heat etc. My face was swollen from my eyes down to my neck and was horribly bruised. There was a warning on my instruction flyer saying if you experience any swelling it is abnormal, contact Dr immediately. I sent Dr texts with photos and he kept playing it down telling me to calm down, everything was OK. I had to wait 4 days for an appointment to see him.

I told him I could feel a flap of skin and thought that the tissue grafting was coming out. He replied that it couldn't come out, it was sewn into a pocket. I thought I was going to die in my sleep with a flap of grafted skin closing my windpipe. When he eventually saw me he was mad at me and exclaimed: "Oh you have gone and popped all your stitches, the graft is coming out." That is what I had been trying to tell him. He then proceeded to trim it with scissors as I bled, then applied pressure to stop the bleeding. It was excruciating pain. Each time I went to see him he made light of it all as if I was a cry baby. Am going for a second opinion in a couple days. After paying him $2500 I now have to pay another $100 to see another Dr.

There was a mix up with my xrays, they gave me a treatment plan for someone else with the same first name as me, and the staff are unfriendly, unsympathetic and rude. To finish it all off, they don't have toilet paper in their bathrooms!!! VERY unfriendly, no bedside manner, unprofessional, money grabbers!!! Sad to say, I still have to go back to them!!! My gums are worse than before - all lumpy and bumpy, very uncomfortable and ugly, and the surgery wasn't even a success!! Very upset!!! I would love to add photos, they are horrific! Someone even thought I had been in a car accident!!! (But don't want to subject myself to any come backs!)

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Original review: Dec. 8, 2016

Dental techs when they take x-rays your mouth hurts for days, breaking teeth, telling you you need surgery after you pay for one thing and you're stuck. I would not recommend them to a enemy. I will never go back again. One star is too much. My favorite is making appointments without telling you and changing them. I hate getting emails for appointments never made.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Nov. 14, 2016

I went because I was in pain and very happy to prepare a plan. I have been in pain for a month - one tooth they said needed root canal. I did it and then they turned around and want me to see an endo because I hardly had any tooth. They knew this with xray. I was willing to leave but experienced more pain in two upper teeth. With only 7 top teeth left with bad decay on tops they still suggested root canal. As a human being I was horrified that they would suggest this. I have decay on these top teeth, so I went ahead and decided to do a fake upper only. Now having said that, they wanted me to have all out with just **.

Prior to having them pulled they wanted to start my deep scaling. First of all, the anxiety alone is killing me, all to get the precious money. I am going today to have two pulled because they have left me in pain for a week. Three days off work to leave early. They have awful patient care and once my tops are in I am out of their system. They are dental rapists and only care about payment, which I understand but what about the patient. If they make me wait long I will be filing a lawsuit.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Nov. 11, 2016

Worst business I've dealt with in a long time. Buyer beware, I was charged for 36 months of braces and only had 18 months. Was told I had to sign the full 36 month contract and have been charged for 4 months of no visits, just waiting for my braces. Braces have been off now for months and I'm still getting billed. The billing of over $200 a month have continued for 3 months since the braces were off. I've been working with the head billing person, Shiloh, who told me I still owe $800, but then said "oh whoops, I found an additional $2500 you've paid." To me that adds up to they owe me $1700 back. No help from anyone, can't even get returned calls. The office manager at the time was Nick and he screwed me over big time, and everyone knows it, but nobody is willing to do anything about it. This business is a sad excuse for a dentist office.

profile pic of the author
Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: Nov. 4, 2016

I am very dissatisfied with the treatment I received at Gentle (Now Sage) Dental of Stuart. The dentist who saw me this year thought I hadn't been to a dentist in years because I needed $3500 in work, when, in fact, I saw the dentist there last year and nothing was wrong. It is most unusual to have so much appear in a year and I think they are covering for the previous dentist who missed a lot of beginning issues.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Oct. 9, 2016

I paid for upper dentures and lower dentures. My teeth were removed in 2014 and I received a temporary plate at that time almost three years ago. I went to the follow up appointments and have never received my permanent denture for the uppers. I was called in August of 2015 and told to come in because they had my upper denture. I went in and found out that it was only a night guard. At the beginning of 2015 I made a down payment of 1500.00 for the bottoms and no work was done. I want all my money back to go elsewhere.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Aug. 25, 2016

I visited the West Charleston office of Gentle Dental in Las Vegas for restoration and crown. My insurance listed this office in their provider network. The dentist was very knowledgeable and experienced. However, the billing system is extremely poor. I never received detailed information about the treatment and cost, previous payments I made, and what treatments my payments and insurance payments were applied to. All I received was a summary statement with the amount paid by the insurance and what they expected I had to pay that was not covered by the insurance.

The office billing manager was not helpful. She defended Gentle Dental's poor corporate billing system and said I had to pay what the statement stated. I asked for a detailed breakdown of all treatment costs and payments made by me and the insurance. She told me they didn't do that. I told her I would just pay the balance they claim and cancel future appointments. She didn't offer any solutions. She just told me that is corporate dental services and that was it.

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Original review: Aug. 22, 2016

I went last year for a cleaning. First visit to Gentle Dental and never met my new dentist. The cleaning was periodontal. This year I went for a cleaning and a young hygienist came in and looked at 3 teeth in front and said they were all 7s. I asked who my dentist was and she said, "I don't know but you can't have a regular periodontal cleaning. You need this and that." When I asked how much more it would cost she went to the front desk and back and said, "With your EDS dental insurance it will be $650.00." When I said that was way too much she still didn't find a dentist. I asked if she could just do the periodontal cleaning and the rest later and she said, "No way," but she would clean a quadrant at a time and I could use care credit. I told her to forget it and left - 7/2016. So I called EDS and asked about the extra stuff and laser and they said I didn't have to do all that and find another dentist with our program.

So I go a few blocks away to Advanced Dentistry in Scottsdale. The DENTIST checked every single tooth and gum with the hygienist on my other side. She found that they were all 2, 3 and one 4 and I did not need more than a good cleaning. The DENTIST cleaned my teeth gently and carefully and did an excellent job! So I go to pay and my bill was $12.00. That's right, 12 bucks!!! I emailed Gentle Dental and got no response. Unbelievable!!!

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Original review: Aug. 17, 2016

My husband went to the Gentle Dental on Greenfield and Southern in Mesa AZ a few days ago. He had a broken tooth and that dentist couldn't take it out. She referred us to another Gentle Dental down the street on Greenfield and University. We went this morning. I filled out his paperwork and then one of the girls calls me up, said she needs his ss#. I said it's on the paperwork, she said "no, it's not." I pointed to it... she said "oh". She also copied our insurance card. Then Ashton calls me up and said he needs to copy our insurance card. I said "she just did that". He said he needs to do it. I said no.

Finally, after almost an hour wait, he gets called to go back. After he's done and we get in the car, I asked how much it was and he said "$348". And the only receipt he got was from a little adding machine. I couldn't figure out why it was so much, if we have insurance. So, we called the insurance company and she said that Dr is a specialist, so it's not covered, but they were suppose to give a 25% discount, which we didn't get. So, I go back to the dentist and ask for the printed receipt for the insurance company. I also ask Ashton why he didn't call the insurance company and then inform us that this procedure would not be covered. He said he didn't have to. I then asked him why he need my insurance card then... he gave no response. They also did not give us the 25% discount. I will not ever, ever, ever refer anyone to them or return there! They are little criminals and thieves, who are just out to make as much $ off from people they can.

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Original review: Aug. 1, 2016

I received a letter from my Dental insurance company Assurant stating they had picked Gentle Dental as my dentist which is on my plan. I checked out Gentle Dental's reviews and saw 60 horrible reviews out of 62. I quickly changed to another dentist. Thanks Assurant.

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Original review: July 25, 2016

I have been a customer of Deer Valley Smiles until it was sold and now is under new management with Gentle Dental. The frontline help Michelle was never helpful when I or my husband made our cleaning appointments months in advance and the day of the appointment we were canceled at least 3 times and had to reschedule or they were backlogged and had a wait time of hours. Then I was seen by a female dentist who worked on a cavity and did not numb me right and I told her I felt what she was doing and she would not stop to re-numb me. The third of many bad experiences I and my husband had was when I got a cleaning and was sent a check for my cleaning since the office of Gentle Dental never resubmitted their paperwork to become a part of my network with Delta Dental. Long story short the office manager Kathy ** was unwilling to help with the problems we were having and could not tell me why I was receiving a check for my cleaning.

I had to call my insurance company with Delta Dental to find out the office never filed with the insurance company and I was out of network because of them and that is why I received the check and not Gentle Dental. That was the last straw. The office staff and management are awful. To make matters worse. I called and filed a formal complaint with the corporate headquarters. AFTER 2 months of calling to find a resolution to my complaint, NO ONE ever called me back to advise. Please, I beg everyone not to use Gentle Dental. I have always been afraid of the Dentist now I understand why. I do not want others to go through what my Husband and I have had to endure for months of pain and frustration. They should be closed down.

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