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I paid for upper dentures and lower dentures. My teeth were removed in 2014 and I received a temporary plate at that time almost three years ago. I went to the follow up appointments and have never received my permanent denture for the uppers. I was called in August of 2015 and told to come in because they had my upper denture. I went in and found out that it was only a night guard. At the beginning of 2015 I made a down payment of 1500.00 for the bottoms and no work was done. I want all my money back to go elsewhere.

I visited the West Charleston office of Gentle Dental in Las Vegas for restoration and crown. My insurance listed this office in their provider network. The dentist was very knowledgeable and experienced. However, the billing system is extremely poor. I never received detailed information about the treatment and cost, previous payments I made, and what treatments my payments and insurance payments were applied to. All I received was a summary statement with the amount paid by the insurance and what they expected I had to pay that was not covered by the insurance.

The office billing manager was not helpful. She defended Gentle Dental's poor corporate billing system and said I had to pay what the statement stated. I asked for a detailed breakdown of all treatment costs and payments made by me and the insurance. She told me they didn't do that. I told her I would just pay the balance they claim and cancel future appointments. She didn't offer any solutions. She just told me that is corporate dental services and that was it.

I went last year for a cleaning. First visit to Gentle Dental and never met my new dentist. The cleaning was periodontal. This year I went for a cleaning and a young hygienist came in and looked at 3 teeth in front and said they were all 7s. I asked who my dentist was and she said, "I don't know but you can't have a regular periodontal cleaning. You need this and that." When I asked how much more it would cost she went to the front desk and back and said, "With your EDS dental insurance it will be $650.00." When I said that was way too much she still didn't find a dentist. I asked if she could just do the periodontal cleaning and the rest later and she said, "No way," but she would clean a quadrant at a time and I could use care credit. I told her to forget it and left - 7/2016. So I called EDS and asked about the extra stuff and laser and they said I didn't have to do all that and find another dentist with our program.

So I go a few blocks away to Advanced Dentistry in Scottsdale. The DENTIST checked every single tooth and gum with the hygienist on my other side. She found that they were all 2, 3 and one 4 and I did not need more than a good cleaning. The DENTIST cleaned my teeth gently and carefully and did an excellent job! So I go to pay and my bill was $12.00. That's right, 12 bucks!!! I emailed Gentle Dental and got no response. Unbelievable!!!

My husband went to the Gentle Dental on Greenfield and Southern in Mesa AZ a few days ago. He had a broken tooth and that dentist couldn't take it out. She referred us to another Gentle Dental down the street on Greenfield and University. We went this morning. I filled out his paperwork and then one of the girls calls me up, said she needs his ss#. I said it's on the paperwork, she said "no, it's not." I pointed to it... she said "oh". She also copied our insurance card. Then Ashton calls me up and said he needs to copy our insurance card. I said "she just did that". He said he needs to do it. I said no.

Finally, after almost an hour wait, he gets called to go back. After he's done and we get in the car, I asked how much it was and he said "$348". And the only receipt he got was from a little adding machine. I couldn't figure out why it was so much, if we have insurance. So, we called the insurance company and she said that Dr is a specialist, so it's not covered, but they were suppose to give a 25% discount, which we didn't get. So, I go back to the dentist and ask for the printed receipt for the insurance company. I also ask Ashton why he didn't call the insurance company and then inform us that this procedure would not be covered. He said he didn't have to. I then asked him why he need my insurance card then... he gave no response. They also did not give us the 25% discount. I will not ever, ever, ever refer anyone to them or return there! They are little criminals and thieves, who are just out to make as much $ off from people they can.

I received a letter from my Dental insurance company Assurant stating they had picked Gentle Dental as my dentist which is on my plan. I checked out Gentle Dental's reviews and saw 60 horrible reviews out of 62. I quickly changed to another dentist. Thanks Assurant.

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I have been a customer of Deer Valley Smiles until it was sold and now is under new management with Gentle Dental. The frontline help Michelle was never helpful when I or my husband made our cleaning appointments months in advance and the day of the appointment we were canceled at least 3 times and had to reschedule or they were backlogged and had a wait time of hours. Then I was seen by a female dentist who worked on a cavity and did not numb me right and I told her I felt what she was doing and she would not stop to re-numb me. The third of many bad experiences I and my husband had was when I got a cleaning and was sent a check for my cleaning since the office of Gentle Dental never resubmitted their paperwork to become a part of my network with Delta Dental. Long story short the office manager Kathy ** was unwilling to help with the problems we were having and could not tell me why I was receiving a check for my cleaning.

I had to call my insurance company with Delta Dental to find out the office never filed with the insurance company and I was out of network because of them and that is why I received the check and not Gentle Dental. That was the last straw. The office staff and management are awful. To make matters worse. I called and filed a formal complaint with the corporate headquarters. AFTER 2 months of calling to find a resolution to my complaint, NO ONE ever called me back to advise. Please, I beg everyone not to use Gentle Dental. I have always been afraid of the Dentist now I understand why. I do not want others to go through what my Husband and I have had to endure for months of pain and frustration. They should be closed down.

The dentist and hygienist were very good once I got into my appointment. Average wait time 30 minutes. Was billed incorrectly two different times. First time after about five requests they admitted their error and fixed. Second time... even after the insurance company called them... they still played dumb. Insurance company said they will again call. Fraud is fraud. It is like they just like to play games. Billing manager is totally insulting and ignorant too.

A company don't just change their name for nothing. The experience I had with Sage is really awful. They are only about money and not on what my dental needs are. I told them which tooth I had an issue on & they filled the wrong one. I refuse to go back & have it corrected because if they couldn't get it right the 1st time why go back & escalate another issue.

I first started going to the one in Riverside On Indiana a few years ago. I have had an on-going problem with my teeth underneath my crowns going bad so no news there. Everything was going okay until they changed their whole office over - Drs & front office people. I had a "few" consults about the teeth that needed to get extracted because they kept on getting it wrong. Ok - so sitting in chair ready to get teeth extracted & the Surgeon whom is the same one I dealt with in the past & love him reaffirmed the teeth & I said they left one out on the chart. He said he couldn't extract it until the Dr came in & approved it & could I wait 1 hr for that. This is after I had already reaffirmed a few times with the front office which teeth they were going to do!! Obviously they didn't write up on chart correct!! Geez - what a surprise!!! So I couldn't wait so left to come back another day.

My teeth weren't hurting & I was so disgusted so put it off a few more months. When I called back to reschedule they said my Insurance Approval has expired & they had to put it through again. You've got to be kidding me!!! Oh it gets worse!! I know it takes a while so I gave them 2 months & when I called back they had no answer. I called my Insurance Co directly & they said they never got anything.

The girl at the Insurance Co was so nice & has been helping me out trying to get an approval. I told them they could email my info to the Insurance Co directly & they said they would. Called back to verify - girl never got anything. She calls my Dentist office & spoke to someone, said they sent it & don't know why she didn't get it. Verified email address - had it right. She would resend it. Still nothing. Numerous calls after that being told same old story over & over. Asked to talk to supervisor - busy will call back - never did. UGH!!! Finally fed up & found a new Dentist!!! Never experienced so much incompetence in my life!!!

I was a getting an upper tooth drilled and drill was bouncing around severely. He hit a lower tooth below. The doctor, assistant, and I all looked at each other as he stopped. I trusted that he would have told me about any problems but he didn't. Later when the numbness of the novocaine wore off I felt pain but didn't know it was on a different tooth than he had worked on. It feels like a sharp point when my tongue touches it. I can't brush it without feeling some pain and if I bite on that side it hurts very badly. I go to the Gentle Dental office this morning to see what they say. I think I need a lawyer. Please give me feedback.

I wish I had written a review years ago. It might have saved others from ever going to Gentle Dental. Two of many bad experiences I had was 1) an appointment to get a root canal. When I got there and was waiting in the dental chair the girl told me my appointment would need to be rescheduled because they didn't have the supplies they needed to do it. Wow, weird. Kinda like if I went to McDonald's and they told me, "Sorry, we don't have hamburgers today". 2) I was sent to an oral surgeon recommended by them to have 2 of my daughters teeth pulled. Thank God he checked her mouth before pulling them. Gentle Dental sent him info to remove the wrong teeth! I remember the doctor calling over to Gentle Dental, questioning Gentle Dental and blasting them. He was more furious than me.

This place not supposed to be called "doctor office". You call it anything you want but Doctor Office. Everything is wrong and bad, from the receptionist to the doctors. I never had a worst service in my life ever. Appointment: if they give you any appointment make sure you will wait 3 more hours outside. They don't have any sense of communication, the people work there don't speak English correctly and they behave like jorks.

It's the most expensive "dentist", if we call it "DENTIST", EVER. The so-called doctor gets instruction from the receptionist. If you have a pain you need to talk to the receptionist to tell the "doctor" or whatever he is to give you the medication (I didn't take any medication they gave me). There is one trainee works there sometimes called "Iva" I think, she doesn't have any relationship with health like everyone there but she involves in everything even, actually she gonna tell you what you have to do. They don't care about the health there. The so-called "DOCTOR", Steven **, I don't think so he is a doctor. The receptionist tell him what he needs to do. Don't go to that place, you will be disappointed. I filed a report against this place to the national health and an investigation is going in.

I go in for a free cleaning only be told I have to have a shot in my tooth because it was showing peri disease. They ensured me the cost for that little tiny shot was $52.60. I went ahead and paid it but so now the insurance isn't paying for the cleaning. I call Gentle Dental after trying 6 times to contact Humana and told them to contact my insurance because I keep getting disconnected. In order to make sure I don't get additional bills, I always make sure with Gentle Dental that I know exactly what my insurance is paying for and I know what I am paying for but it always seems I get a bill a month or 2 later wanting more money. It's ridiculous and thank God dental isn't a mandatory insurance to have because it's a huge scam and no matter how well you try to cover your tracks... they always seem to want more money. I have only dealt with GD (southwest dental) but I am done dealing with them and will not refer anyone to their company.

This place is a JOKE!!! Pure rip-off artists in attempt to extract as much money from you as possible! STAY AWAY!!! Scariest dental exam I have ever had in all my 67 years!!! Be aware of their attempt to get over with their "deep cleaning" scam that proves to be extremely costly! Can't believe people are stupid enough to fall for their "rope-a-dope" scam attempt.

I went to Gentle Dental because my Dr said being since I had a sore inner lip he wanted a dentist to check it out. So I went to Gentle Dental and was this the wrong thing to do. It started out with XRAYS then the exam and he said I had a grinding of the teeth issue. Then he went on to explain I needed my teeth cleaned and before he started the cleaning he said "wow I see you need a deep cleaning", and made it clear this would cost 1,200 to do so. And I said "hold up I came in for a sore inner lip." Well then he went to explain the deep cleaning would help that. I told him to back away from my mouth and I'll talk to a different dentist and so I did, and the second dentist gave me a script for a mouth wash to heal the inner lip and told me to buy a guard to keep me from grinding my teeth, so I did. Lip healed up and saved 1,200... So Gentle Dental is a rip-off and I will never darken their door step again...

I went to Gentle Dental to have an exam and cleaning. I told them I did not have insurance and was a cash pay. After they took xrays and examined my teeth they told me I would need to pay an additional $80 to see a gum specialist before they could clean my teeth. After spending $225 I was told I would need to spend an additional $475 to have two bottom areas deep cleaned before they could clean my teeth. The areas they were referring to were not actual teeth that had pockets but fake teeth on a bridge. I told them that I would not be having any additional work done by them since they are taking advantage of me. After spending $225 I never even got my teeth cleaned. I demanded at least $60 back, but they refused. I ended up going to Aspen Dental where I spent $250, had xrays, exam, teeth cleaned and a fluoride treatment.

Smiles on Broadway was sold to Gentle Dental. Big disappointment. WOW what a different vibe. The new dentist was really poor. He did a quick exam and he was just pushing and l pulling my mouth around and my head was just flopping around like a rag doll. Also he was calling the dental assistant Honey. It was "creepy" really poor unprofessional approach. What a disappointment. Very unprofessional dentist, I got out of there as fast as it could. They lost me as a patient. I will need to find a new dentist.

When I first went to this dentists I was blown away by how smooth my appointments went! I had a root canal and crown done in one day and very painlessly and efficiently. However, it cost me $1600 even with my insurance. I thought that was very pricey, but I was getting to leave on a trip and didn't question it. HOWEVER, I recently went back to get a new exam and a print out of my work needed with the "costs" attached. It was then that I finally realized they were not basing the work on my insurance AT ALL.

I called to question the quotes and were told that most of the work I needed and the previous work I had "wasn't covered by my insurance because they were high-quality upgrades" and that I was receiving "In-house discounts instead". I became very annoyed and asked why I was not told they were not even using my insurance for these procedures! Then when I asked why I was not even offered options covered by insurance. They said the doctors had recommended upgrades.

Then the receptionist tried to tell me they do not do crowns off the insurance, and then she backpedaled after I made it clear I was not an idiot! I intend to finish one more service here since my insurance only covers one exam a year, and then I am going somewhere with a lot more transparency. Also, I have been on the phone with them several times and have yet been given corrected information and quotes based all on my current dental insurance. I have called again today and the new gal was unaware of the fact. I have been waiting for 3 weeks for an updated quote.

I went to Gentle Dental in need of implants for my lower front teeth. Other than a price that seemed higher than average, the process went alright and after a year of healing and using a flipper/partial the orthodontist installed the crowns on the new implants. When he put them in I told him that they felt tight against my lower gums, to the point of being painful. He said it was just the newness of them and that the gums would relax and settle around the crowns. For the next few cleanings and follow-up visits, the one constant I told them about was the pain and foul smell/taste of the gum area of these teeth. In the meantime I had two bottom left teeth pulled and 2 implants installed. When they drilled for the implants they hit the nerve along my jawline and after 5 months of very severe pain they had to surgically pull the implants as well as the next good tooth forward, as the nerve to it was damaged.

One of the surgeons at another branch went to bat for me with the board of directors and all the work to replace the now 3 implants and new crowns was completed at now additional cost to me. Having the implants removed makes having them installed seem like a walk in the park. On a follow-up visit for checkup and cleaning I told them that the front lower teeth were really painful and they said there was a bad infection in one of the implants and at this time the original fella that put them crowns on admitted that they were too tight. The hygienist told me that I just need to clean under them better. She tried to get a rigid piece of floss under and did nothing but make it bleed.

So, I ended up having the Doctor at the other branch go to the board again and did the same thing. Removal, heal time, bone graft, heal time, implants, heal time, and finally got my new crowns about 3 weeks ago. Once again at no extra cost to me. Only months and months of severe pain and going without teeth or the partial. At one point in the redo, Gentle Dental sent a bill to our insurance and I found out about it. I called the insurance company and explained that this was work that they had already been billed for and they got it straightened out with G.D. All I can do is tell anyone needing dental work done, DO NOT GO TO GENTLE DENTAL! Except for the one surgeon that helped me get all the work corrected, I would give them a minus review.

On November 10th 2015, I had an eight am dental appointment for two extractions. The extractions that I was scheduled for the upper right tooth and the lower left tooth. They had me sit in the dental chair. I explained that I was very nervous and the dental assistant (a young African American female) told me that I had nothing to worry about. As I attempted to get an understanding of what was going to be done, she stopped me and said that, the oral surgeon would be in a moment to go over the procedure with you. They proceeded to hook me to an EKG machine. Then a man walked into the room (an older Asian man), I thought he was the doctor so, I began to ask him questions that I had about the procedure but, he didn't answer my questions and gestured for me to sit back.

I remember saying "Oh, I am sorry I thought you were the oral surgeon" and he said no. He then injected an IV in my right arm. After that, the first dental assistant told me that I was going to have three extractions which, included one wisdom tooth. I said that, that wasn't part of the plan. She said "Well you can talk about it when the doctor comes in". Then the front desk woman (who I made the appointment with) walked in with financial agreement papers for me to sign. Everything was moving so fast and she said that this was for the three extractions and I told her that I haven't talked to the oral surgeon yet. She said that it was fine and that this is just to get thing going.

I noticed that a third dental assistant (a Hispanic woman with short hair) entered the room checking the machines and something else. I signed the care credit information. I still have not talked to the oral surgeon at this point. After I signed those papers, the front desk woman (who is also the manager), told the first dental assistant that she is all done. There was a white coat blonde haired woman standing in the corner so, I thought that I was going to have a chance to speak to her but, the third dental assistant told me that I was going to go to sleep now and put a mask over my face and the anesthesia was injected. Next thing I remember is I woke up and they were done and I was confused. My designated driver drove me to get my prescription filled.

As I am sitting in the car I decided to look at the work that was performed and that's when I realized that they took the wrong teeth. The lower left tooth was still in my mouth and the top left and lower left wisdom teeth were taken. I freaked out and started crying. I immediately called gentle dental and told them what they did. They told me to come right back. So, we did. At this point I am drifting in and out of focus and the pain from the surgery was starting become worst. They brought me back into another room on the other side from where I had work done. I remember hearing the front desk/manager tell the dentist that they took the wrong teeth and that they were supposed to have taken the upper right and lower left. The dentist, (as he was looking at my chart) said yes, yes that makes sense.

He told me that he wasn't the surgeon that worked on me. Then he began to explain that the reason why they took the two wisdom teeth, he said that it was because they had cavities. I don't remember ever hearing that I had cavities, it isn't even written in my charts. I questioned why you would pull teeth with cavities when the lower left tooth has a huge hole in it which, allowed my nerve to be exposed causing me a tremendous amount of pain. He said, right a (like he was agreeing with me).

I don't remember much more. However, I do remember that I was walking out the room and headed toward the front door when he stopped me and had me sign some kind of paperwork. I was trying to read it but, the words were blurry. Then the doctor put his hand over the paper (in a gesture to say don't read it) he said that this paperwork was only about what we just talked about. I think I signed it. Next thing I remember is that I was home. I was in so much pain that I missed a whole week of work which, has caused me a lot of stress. I am still playing catch up. I have never experienced anything like this before. When I went back six days later to ask for my records they denied me. I am taking this issue to the Better Business Bureau. Gentle Dental needs to be stopped so that this cannot happen to anyone else again.

Gentle Dental has a money back guarantee on their website. 6 weeks after picking up my dentures, I knew I wouldn't be able to use the bottom denture. I immediately told them I didn't want the bottom denture. I was told they don't give refunds.

I called this dental office 2 days before coming in to a 1 800 number. I was sold a 149.00 for a VIP membership that would insure me very large discounts, so on the phone I accepted. When I went to the office I realized this is a SCAM and this is given to all patients without having to pay the 149.00. Therefore it is just a setup. They have to get you over the phone. That is why I am again disputing this charge. I even heard the front office give these discounts to other customers that did not have this VIP discount card...

When I originally went to this dental clinic I went because I had pain on my tooth. I was advised that there was NO way they could save my tooth and it needed to come out immediately. The dentist (Ms. **) was extremely demanding and hostile, to the point of scaring me to death about future diseases if I did not pull this tooth out. She also proceeded to tell me that she might as well take my wisdom tooth out because it will probably break as she pulled my painful tooth out. After the procedure was done I immediately felt that something was not right. I am married to a MEDICAL Dr and he immediately told me why did I let them take my teeth out? I went back to Sage Dental to have the area looked at 5 days later, and to my surprise they immediately started telling me that on the other side of my mouth (the right side) I had the same problem, and I needed not one but 3 teeth taken out. I then got up and LEFT.

The tactics of scaring me to death came again and I was not dealing with this again. I have absolutely NO pain on the right side but I do have a cavity. A week later I visited my dentist in Miami (I originally did not go see her because I live nearly 2 hrs. away BIG MISTAKE) and she asked me what happened. I gave her all the x-rays they had taken and she did see I had the same problem on both sides. However she is in the business of helping and saving your teeth, not taking them out to sell them and then charge you for crowns. As you can see I did not need extractions on EITHER SIDE, however for my left side it was too late. As you can also see I have enclosed a bill from her office on 11/4/2015 for 205.00 where (Mrs. ** DDS Miami Dental) did an oral evaluation, a Prophylaxis, and a Resin composite, for 205.00. SHE SAVED my tooth. All she did was take the old filling out, clean it, and refill it.

Sage Dental is a common crook in this county and has a million reviews which NOT one is any good. I am saddened that I will have to get 2 crowns now; I am 46 years old and had never lost a tooth. They do this on purpose to then overcharge and inflate their prices to fill your mouth up with crowns. Actually SAGE DENTAL should be paying me for the crowns that I now need. I am searching for an attorney to take my case.

I am not the only person they have done this to. It is completely INHUMANE for them to have done what they did to me, and told me that the only way the pain would go away was you take my tooth out. That is a complete lie. I just need antibiotics and maybe a filling or a root canal... Now I will never know because those 2 back molars are gone. Mrs. ** has advised me to never go there again and referred to them as pirates, and sees this sometimes in her office. I am glad I left the second time because if I kept listening to them I would have stayed toothless! CROOKS nothing but pirates taking teeth out to probably sell them and make you buy CROWNS.

Had a temporary crown put on which popped off during the weekend. I called two offices and did not receive a call back regarding this emergency. I went to the University Place, WA office to have a check up and cleaning. I was told I have a cracked tooth which will need a crown, but no root canal was needed. I experienced such pain, I went back to the dentist who then said "maybe you do need a root canal".

I was sent to the Lakewood, WA office and was told I do need a root canal. I was told because of the location of the tooth, the mouth dam would need to be attached to my gums which I have never experienced or heard of when having a root canal. I was in extreme pain and still have discomfort. Approx. three days after the root canal (happened to be a Saturday), the temporary crown came off. I left messages on both the University Place and Lakewood after hours numbers and never received a call back instructing whether or not this is an emergency or if I am at risk of infection.

When I returned the University Place office to have the temporary crown replaced, I voiced a complaint and was told the district manager would be calling me. I never received a call from the district manager or anyone from corporate. When I went back to the University Place office, I informed the receptionist I never heard from the district manager and asked for a phone number. I was told that information could not be given out.

I am extremely dissatisfied with the service. Still have pain in that tooth which I was told should definitely be the case. To date, my teeth still haven't been cleaned and I still cannot chew on that side, but the out-of-pocket services have all been done. My issues are not with the initial dentist I saw (Tom **), he provided great customer service. My complaint is specifically with corporation and corporate office not calling me. I am not fully confident my complaint was even passed along. This corporation had no lag in the time it took to bill my insurance and quote me $536.00 for treatment, but seem to have challenges resolving customer complaints.

We went to the Jupiter office as they were on our plan. Mom needed a root canal, so they said. they prepped her for the procedure and was to come back the next day. In the chair, they handed her a bill and said "This is what it will cost!" It was at least 3x more than what it said in the insurance brochure. I said "You are on our plan and this is the fee.", "Oh, our dentists are specialists so it is more." What are you to do with your tooth drilled open and your mouth shot up with Novocain and a flight out the next day? They gave her antibiotics so she wouldn't get an infection for the big hole they put in the side of her mouth!

Then my ordeal, they make you come in twice, first time for paperwork and then again for the cleaning. Never have I had to make two appointments for a cleaning which meant two office visit copays! Under most plans, a cleaning is routine and at no charge. I had just chipped my front tooth on a nut and had it repaired! Awful, I will now spend several hundred dollars trying to get my tooth fixed. I never once saw anyone wash their hands, they would just put on gloves. They would touch many objects: computer, cell phones, you name it, and then put their hands in your mouth. GROSS! This place should be avoided at all costs.

Due to my insurance not covering a particular procedure, I had previously paid for retainers in 2011. I relocated to another state for family issues. I returned 2015 for dental services via insurance and was told I had credit and it would be refunded as of August 2015. Thru this date October 8, 2015, I have not received refund. I have gotten lots of excuses and run around. No one, even corporate could give a date of refund nor where the refund went.

My husband went in for a cleaning and prepaid using a coupon for a dental cleaning, check up with x-rays and left without a cleaning. Dentist said he needed a deep cleaning so refused to do a regular cleaning which he had already paid for. The staff tried selling him a yearly plan (very expensive) which he refused. He left without a cleaning and with no refund. Gentle Dental is now known as Sage Dental. Please beware of this coupon scam!! Looks like a lot of negative feedback has been written about Gentle Dental (now known as Sage Dental). Thanks for reading and hope this helps!

Went in for toothache over 2 years ago. Ended up with bridge. Pain continued. Was told needed root canal, then gum lengthening. New bridge put in over 1 year ago. Continued with pain and discomfort. Adjustments made to bridge, have proven unhelpful. Numerous return visits have not solve the problem. Now I'm told one of the root canals is infected and all the new work will cost me over $5,000. Spoke with manager with no luck. Moving to a new dentist which I should have done a long time ago.

I went to the dentist for a cleaning and I have not had anything wrong with my teeth in over 25+ years. And when I went in for my six month cleaning, they talked me into doing a filling because I brush hard and wear a grove at the top of my teeth and so I agreed. Well I have had nothing but the run around about how Dr. ** messed up two of my teeth. When I called in and went back two times they said I need a root canal and when I went in, he tried to say he didn't do it and didn't know my name. I will not pay for something they messed up on and I'm really considering taking them to small claims to pay the bill to fix them... So do not go there, bad service and to top it off, they are rude and think they are better then everyone else... and charge too much.

I would recommend that no one ever go to this dentist. In my experience, this dentist was a nightmare to work with. They charged me $197 care credit fee without even telling me and then gave me a simple credit receipt that did not reflect charge. I had to call and request a full breakdown of costs after receiving bills that did not reflect what I actually paid. I felt like I was at a car dealership with their billing. They did not have very friendly staff and on top of all of the issues I had with this company I was URGED by many of their staff members on multiple occasions to leave them good reviews online.

Last April I was in need of dental work which included a deep cleaning. The day of the cleaning appt, the hygienist accidentally broke a side of my molar. After being ignored for 3 weeks, I finally get in to see the dentist for impressions. My broken tooth is now abscessed and infected. He charges me $90 to fill it and sends me off. July, still in pain, I return with another infection from same tooth. Told it will cost $900 to fix. Given another antibiotic because now my neck, throat, cheek, and jaw are swollen. 6 days later, I call another dentist and they pulled the tooth out. At no time did Gentle Dental take any responsibility for their actions, but they happily billed me for fixing their mistakes and costs in pharmacy and seeking help by another dentist.

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