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22 Nationwide Recovery Systems Consumer Reviews and Complaints

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: April 19, 2018

I have no idea what is going on, but I'm also filing a complaint with FCC! They call six times in a row and never leave a message! I called them and they asked for my name and address. I'm not giving them my information! If this important, leave a message... stop calling me!!!

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Dec. 8, 2017

In the year 2015 I started getting nasty calls from this company. I explained to them that they had the same account $1021 over ten times on my credit. The girl wanted to argue that they didn't make a mistake and were not going to fix this. This company has added by their self over 70 negative/derogatory marks. After asking to speak to a supervisor let's just say I felt as if I was talking to my car... BECAUSE THIS supervisor would not listen to anything I had to say! I need someone to help me because these people have ruined my credit. The threats that this company made to me felt like an assault and should be against the law of the State of Georgia.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Oct. 26, 2017

Elizabeth ** called my place of employment and left a message with the secretary that she was calling regarding a complaint in the county where I live. I called her back. She was very rude and continued to state that I owed money to a payday loan company. She said they were taking me to small claims court where my wages would be garnished. When I argued with that point, she adjusted it to say it's up to a court to decide. I told her since she was recording the phone call that this was my notice to not call my place of employment again or I would be reporting her. She got angry then and said, "Let me cut you off right there. If it goes to small claims court then there won't be any reason to contact your place of employment." I told her I didn't care, not to call my place of employment again. She asked me if I wanted to settle outside of court or not, I said no. She got mad and hung up.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Oct. 12, 2017

I had never been contacted by this company prior to the first week of October, when they called and left threatening messages with my parents who live in another state. I called the number the next day and spoke with an Arthur **. Being led to believe this may be legit, I set up a "repayment" arrangement. I think the hook of them contacting my parents did it. Then, after thinking further, I realized that I had no "document verification" of this said debt from them. I called today, spoke to a gal named "Megan" who transferred me to Mr. **. I explained that I wanted documentation to confirm my obligation. He stated that 30 days prior to this phone call, I had been sent a "duney" notice in the mail (never received). I never docu signed anything and in calling back, Mr. ** got very agitated with me for wanting verification. He even said ** you" as he hung up the phone on me!

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: May 3, 2017

Received a call from a customer service rep requesting that I pay all what is owed on a account, I stated I could make payments and then she proceeded to inquire how much I brought into the home. I explained I was on a fixed income and that what monies I brought in was none of her business and she stated that she would just put on my account that I was uncooperative on giving any information and that if they did not receive payment in two weeks I would receive another call.

13 people found this review helpful
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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Oct. 13, 2016

Picked items up from my car that was repossessed (Irresponsible of me but the car was a lemon. Couldn't afford payments and all work that needed to be done). So I picked items up and am still missing one of my son's Nike shoes, perfume (Lisa must try and smell good or some **), synthetic oil, and my Bluetooth headset. Claims items were not in car. Can't return phone calls. Will be bugging them until I get my items back.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: June 29, 2016

Rep. called me on my cell, threaten to have a processor come to my job and home. Then told me if I wanted to avoid this pay now over phone. I told 'em I paid the all my payday loans and wanted to see what they're talking about in writing. Needless to say they refused and hung up.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: June 22, 2016

Received two "threatening" phone calls from this company - one on my cell phone, and one on my office phone. Female individual identified herself as a process server for White County and that she would be at my house tomorrow between 3-5 and to have ID ready. She left a call back number 443-205-1370 for questions. I called and spoke to Mr. ** who identified himself to be with NRS Management.

I asked what this was about, and he informed me that I had taken out a payday loan in 2011 from some company I had never heard of. He quoted my email address, physical address, last four digits of my SSN, and the name of my former bank. He said unless I paid the $300 before Friday, this account would be taken to court. I told him I did not owe this debt, and that I had never heard of the company before. Nor had I received anything in writing from the payday loan company or NRS up until this point. He remained calm and answered all my questions.

I asked if NRS was a collection agency, and he reported "NO," that he was a mediator. I asked if he was just trying to collect the money to keep it from going to court, and he said "yes." So I ask if I gave him my payment amount, it would keep me from being sued... He said "yes." I asked him to remove my work phone number from their list, and he stated he could not do that. (Collection agencies cannot call you at work, if you tell them not to.) I asked him for something in writing from NRS and copies of everything that may possibly have my name and/or signature on it. He said there was no time to do that (basically refused), because it was going to court before they had time to send me such information.

I told him I would be home tomorrow for the process server to bring whatever she had. The conversation with Mr. ** at NRS was not informative. Just basically him telling me I owed this debt that I have never heard of and him offering to take a lower payment over the total amount due (because he had been authorized to do so)... but only if I paid it immediately over the phone. I asked for information to be given to me in writing before paying anything.

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33 people found this review helpful
Original review: Feb. 24, 2016

Have called all kinds of friends and family. Even people that don't have the same phone number anymore since I had last spoken to them. Told me once that T mobile was trying to sue me for $200. Really? $200? First, I don't have any outstanding bills with them and second, who sues for $200?

17 people found this review helpful
Original review: Oct. 9, 2015

In reviewing the posts, it's crazy!!! Same thing has been happening to me!!! These people have my personal information! They contacted my ex-husband's current wife and gave her all this personal, inaccurate information as well. They call me daily, telling me I owe money from a payday advance from 2010 that never happened. They keep threatening to have me served legal papers at home or my job. They won't give me anything in writing though. This is harassment and can't be legal!!!

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Sept. 9, 2015

I found out via a credit report check as part of a home mortgage application that I owed under $250 to this Nationwide Recovery Service. Since I never received any communication from them, I had to hunt their number down off their website to call them. I offered to pay in full immediately if they removed the mark on my credit, as my mortgage broker advised that simply marking the debt as paid in full actually temporarily reduces credit score. They flat refused to remove the mark on my credit, and were quite rude about it. This company is AWFUL. If you are going to hire a debt recovery company, do not hire this company. They were very unprofessional. I will be letting everyone I know about the company that sent me to this company, and not to use them EVER.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: July 13, 2015

I was called at WORK by 2 representatives from Nationwide Recovery Systems. They were polite enough, but insisted that I owed money for a payday loan to a BMG Group. They were offering to solve the dispute voluntarily. I did not take out any payday loan with this group (although I have taken out payday loans and paid them in full). I told them I needed everything in writing - and that they could process whatever they liked but I would not respond unless it was in writing and they hung up on me. Additionally, they called my mother's home and harassed her as well. I am concerned that they had information about me - including the last 4 digits of my social security number and bank account number. I immediately looked them up and found them to be a fraudulent group.

44 people found this review helpful
Original review: July 3, 2015

Not only did this company call and harass me, they got my daughter as well. They scare people all the time. Don't fall for it.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: June 30, 2015

I've been receiving phone calls from Nationwide Recovery for the past 2 weeks stating that I have to pay double the amount of some $300 loan. If I didn't pay this loan they were taking me to court with 4 lawsuits. I explained to them that I don't believe them and I will not be giving my account information over the phone. I also told them that I've already spoken to them about this and they say the same thing every time, "Are you sure sir because this is the first time we've contacted you." I tell them yes it was Nationwide Recovery and I will not be giving my information over the phone.

I then told them to send me information by mail. She then starts getting belligerent and starts reading the last 4 of my social, the last 4 of my account number and asked, "is that your information?" and I tell her I am not answering any questions and send me the information by mail. She yells at me and says "we will see you in court." Later my brother and mother call me about some lady who called and stated in detail about me having 4 lawsuits and they want me to call them. I don't believe this is fraudulent and needs to be looked into. Also the level of harassment is unbelievable.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: June 22, 2015

Received a phone call from ** stating she was from the state of Michigan, phone number **. Then call my house saying she was from Nationwide. Left a reference number and for me to call back at 8442241499 or would be arrest at my home or place of employment stating that there are 4 lawsuits against me and I could reserve this issues out of court.

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profile pic of the author
Verified Reviewer
Original review: June 10, 2015

I got a call this morning from a woman claiming to be ** of NRS at 216-302-2564. She stated that I still owe an old payday loan from 3 years ago which is no longer on my credit report, and told me that criminal federal charges will be filed if I don't pay twice the balance of the original loan (around $1200) by 3pm today. If I fail to comply, a warrant would be issued for my arrest. She claimed that I'd gotten something in the mail, which I have not. I called the original company I owe the money to and they claim it's fraudulent and you can't be charged criminally for a civil issue. I also called the local sheriff's department and they confirmed that this isn't something I could go to jail for.

I then found out she'd called all of my close relatives and friends to tell them in detail how I owe the money and will go to jail if I don't pay. Not only is this humiliating, but it can't be legal. She's using scare tactics to try to take advantage of people and make them pay. The funny thing is, I wanted to pay the balance several months ago. I kept getting shuffled from one collection agency to the other saying they had sold our debt, and since it's not on my credit report anymore, I can't find who to pay. To suddenly be threatened with jail time for something like this... it's preposterous. I have no proof that this woman is actually with NRS, but they are the company's name that she gave, so I'm going to assume it's true. Especially based on other reviews.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: May 21, 2015

In 2011 I had a surgical procedure. Prior to the procedure I was told to pay (don't remember the exact amount) about $600 upfront to cover charges that my insurance company did not cover. At the time, I asked if there would be any further bills after the procedure. I was told NO. A month later I got a bill for $229 and have been disputing it ever since.

Today I contacted Nationwide Recovery Services - 800-776-4600 - and told them I would pay this disputed amount if they would confirm to me in writing that they would remove this derogatory information WHEN they receive my payment. The person I spoke with at Nationwide Recovery Services ** informed me that they were unwilling to provide any such assurances to me. So, I'm between a rock and a hard place. I'm willing to pay a bill that I don't owe but the collection agency will not confirm that it will be removed from my record WHEN they receive my payment. This is simply outrageous.

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Original review: Feb. 18, 2015

We are trying to refinance our home. We talked with Quicken and was informed that we were 2 points away from getting a loan and we needed to look at our credit report and try to pay off some of them. We did and then I called Nationwide Recovery to pay off 4 different medical bills. We talked with several people about raising our credit score before contacting Nationwide, and was told that when we pay them we needed to have them deleted or removed from our credit to get our score to go up. If they are just marked paid it would not help our score. I didn't think it would be a problem as long as they were paid but Nationwide said all they would do is mark them as paid and they refused to take them off our credit report. I explained our situation and why it had to be removed but Nationwide flat refused to be of any help at all. They didn't care and were not willing to work with us at all.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Jan. 11, 2015

I called the alleged "Nation Wide Recovery" that the creditor hired to repossession my vehicle on January 9, 2015, and NWR told me they were shipping my car to the Auction (note: this is within the 21 days for me to try to redeem my vehicle). When, I asked to come and pick up my items, up I was told to pay Nationwide Recovery $50 and they would bring the items to my creditors location. I was not given their address,and the alleged Lisa **, continued to be rude and disrespectful to me. I was confused, like "why did you all take my items out my car? If you are shipping my car to the Auction within its 21 days, you should be shipping all my items that came with it." The alleged Lisa **, told me, she was then going to throw my items away, then she said to meet her at the police station. When I agree to meet her at the police, she said refused to meet me at the local police.

I feel that this company has violated me since I called to inquire about my vehicle on Dec 29, 2015. Nation Wide Recovery will not disclose their address. I do not know what I do at this point. The police would not even make my police report, they told me , this is a civil case and to take it to court. But, Nation Wide Has technically stole my car at this point because I'm not given any information as to where they are located or the right to pick up my personal property. This is insane. Any attorneys out there who can help me?

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20 people found this review helpful
Original review: Oct. 12, 2011

These people keep calling me daily, multiple times a day for a friend's debt. It wouldn't bother me as bad if they only called and harassed me on my cell. But they are also calling me at my work. I do not see how this can be legal. Is it?

16 people found this review helpful
Original review: Aug. 16, 2011

I had sold a car to a private individual that was not paying and had no recourse but to get the car back to recoup my money by selling it again. I found National Recovery Services LLC online. I did a Google search with that name and nothing came up with complaints or problems. Later I searched National Recovery Services only and then pages of the same complaints came up.

It's the old hold for hostage scam like the moving companies used to use. They pick up your furniture and give you a quote. When they come to deliver your furniture, the quote has skyrocketed and they will not release your furniture unless you pay them the new amount. I was quoted by a "very nice" gentleman Chris the $895 for recovery of my vehicle. I was told it would take place within 72 hours. I was never told about extra costs and was assured everything would be handled. I agreed to allow this company to keep the car and send it to auction after deducting their fee.

It took almost three weeks to get the car. I was never called and nothing was ever updated online as promised. Every phone call was answered with an excuse. I called the police who advised me to file a stolen vehicle report. My car was finally recovered and I have attached the invoice for a total of $2,305.90. When I called, I was told the recovery was much more difficult than expected and resulted in extra costs (see other complaints).

I spoke to the man who actually picked up the car (their agent). He said he did have to go back several times because the man who had the car was hiding it. But he told me he charges one flat fee whether he goes once or 10 times. I was never told of any additional fees by anyone I spoke to. At the end I was told to wire the money (by Rick **-- the owner, GM or whatever) or I would never get the car.

After all of the deception, I did not know if they actually had the car or what condition it was in. I opted to getting the car back because I was not going to let them sell it and then tell me I now owed them more money for getting less than their bill. I asked about seeing the car and was told no before I paid for it. I asked to give them a certified or cashiers check as they handed me the keys and was told no. I was told if I didn't do it, I would face abandonment charges and storage fees. Their agent who was holding the car also told me he does not charge them storage fees.

So, I went to the bank feeling like a gun was being held to my head and wired them $2,305.90, not the $895 I was quoted. They have three addresses: one in Payson AZ, one in Scottsdale AZ, and one in Apache Junction. I have been advised to take them to small claims court.

Do not use this company! This has cost me endless hours of job loss and stress. The car was never where they said it was and I had to drive two hours to find it and even the initial address they gave me for that was another lie. Do not use this outfit!

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12 people found this review helpful
Original review: Sept. 23, 2009 These people are harassing me. I probably can't prove the second and third methods that they use on me now, but they call me every day about an AT+T bill that was run up in Texas by my son by mistake. But they don't care, I did this entire transaction on the internet and I never personally signed anything, nor have I ever been in Texas. There is at least one other major complaint site where there are a bunch of complaints about these same people.
The second method is to call me from another place I've never been, Triangle, VA, and then not speak when I answer the phone.
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14 people found this review helpful

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