Capital Management Services Collections Agency
Capital Management Services Collections Agency
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Capital Management Services Collections Agency

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Last updated: Jan. 9, 2018

21 Capital Management Services Collections Agency Consumer Reviews and Complaints

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Jan. 9, 2018

These so called debt collectors are bogus and use scare tactics to make fast money. They obtain information from Check 'n Go and other payday lenders INCLUDING social security numbers! They will skip trace and find possible relatives and harass them to get a hold of you. Once I contacted them and I quickly caught on to their ** collection techniques I called them out on it. Their response was “good luck apologizing to all your family because we are going to continue to harass them”. I continued to call them and they repeatedly put me on hold. Hem finally spoke to another low-life and he tried to bully me by saying “I pay my bills”, I told him, "Good for you. Now go fly a kite, I’m not paying you!" They laughed in the background because I’m on speaker phone.

He thought he be slick by calling me unemployed, I told him I am employed then he had the nerve to ask where? Haha good try but I have worked collections 15 years and know how to get information. I would never use lame scare tactics like “We have a case against you... and we are gonna serve you at your place of employment or residence” C'mon if you’re really going to take legal action do so don’t say you are... Who does that?? Lol. I’ve contacted several attorneys and was told to ignore them (which is hard, since they harass the crap out of you and your family). They are NOT real creditors! ONLY SCAMMERS!! Avoid them!!! Do not buy into their scare tactics!! If they threaten to serve you say “ok do so!” (They won’t.) They will eventually move on to their next potential victim!!

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Dec. 13, 2017

I received a phone call from a court processor threatening with serving me papers to my house or place of work to court. They included the local law enforcement agency as well. So, I call the number they gave me and they verify my information and it cost money. I call the payday loan company and they have no record of a payment. I reached out to one company before contacting Capital management Collection Services with an email today. I feel I was scammed out of a lot of money. This is not the right way to handle business. Please be careful of this company.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Oct. 27, 2017

A guy named Brian called my mom asking for my address because he indicated he had some paperwork from my prior job he wanted to send me (I haven’t worked in a LONG while due to being 100% disabled Veteran) and left a phone number for me to call back. I called back and he addressed me by 1st name before I even explained why I was calling. He said I’m being served by the county courts and he wanted to “schedule” a time I would be home to hand me the paperwork. I asked him what paperwork was about. He said he didn’t know. He would need to transfer me I the paralegals unit.

I spoke with Lorraine ** who advised an account was opened before my CH7 BK was discharged and stated I am being sued and I need to pay. I advised her of the BK and filing date and she stated, "We can still come after you." I told her I will be contacting my lawyers and she breathed heavily into the phone sipped on something that made her choke and said “ok make sure you call me back today”. Ummmm no, I am not my lawyers will deal with this. #Scammers #Frauds #Slimy3rdPartyCompany

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Oct. 20, 2017

So this company called - first the ID said asset recovery, then goal structured solutions, I dont know which is which but a man called me from this number repeatedly. I picked it up and they said I owe a delinquent student loan, of course I wanted to act upon this so I asked what exactly is this regarding. They told me they could not tell me this info unless I gave them my SSN?!! I politely declined... but they kept calling, I was getting nervous and feared I'd be hit with something if I kept ignoring, so finally, I GAVE IN.

I told them my SSN over the phone (I know, I regret) then they told me it was a loan from 2012 - Turnstile Cap Management, I had no clue who this company was and it would be insane if I didnt make payments on anything since 2012. So I asked for more info but this seemed like it. I kept saying this must be a mistake. They stopped calling me and then recently I see that my credit score had dropped - THEY REPORTED A CHARGED OFF STUDENT LOAN. There is no record of this loan previous to them posting it on there. I keep trying to call them and I'm getting NOWHERE.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: July 5, 2017

This company is horrible. They lie to you, tell you they are trying to help you out but all they are doing is screwing you more. My identity was stolen for $80,000 plus a truck and they did not care. Police reports and all I had to pay a settlement of $5600 dollars and according to them, they were doing me a favor… STAY AWAY FROM THEM!!!

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: June 26, 2017

A man whose name I did not catch called my work number and addressed me by my professional title. When I confirmed my name, he then identified himself as being with Capital Collection Management, LLC and asked me to confirm my date of birth or address. He gave me a phone number from the state of New York. He would not reveal any details about the purported debt without first obtaining my personal information. I asked that he send a mailing to whatever address he has in his record. We'll see what happens.

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Original review: Dec. 17, 2016

This company contacted me stating that a legal complaint in court was being filed against me for no payment on a old payday loan. They refused to validate the debit and afraid I tried to work with them. I later found out that the statute of limitations on the debt had expired; as well as the company I got the loan from no longer exists. They will not get another red cent from me. What they are doing is wrong. They purchased the debt and are profiting from scamming people who are unaware of their rights. Check your credit report and you will probably find the debt not listed.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Aug. 30, 2016

For the past two months we've been getting phone calls from long distance numbers. They'd call and hang up. And every time I'd send the number to auto hang up they'd just call from a different number. Once in the mix I had answered and instead of saying hello I said, "Please stop calling me." And the guy on the phone told me to shut up and hung up again.

Well just yesterday they called my mother-in-law and told her they were trying to get a hold of my husband. The young lady (Jennifer) told her it was about a lawsuit so she told us to give them a call. We then call them at 3 PM and no one answers. The next day at 5 AM we get a call from a guy named Stevon **, asking for my husband. He said that he had debt owed and was willing to settle it down to 800 if he paid today. When we said we didn't have it he then said we could pay half today. When we again said we couldn't because of rent being due in 2 days he told us that on the 9th pay 300 and start a payment plan. (I'm now looking this place up while he's on the phone.) We asked him if we could make smaller payments and he got angry.

We asked him to verify that it was a real company and he said no, and transferred the call to his "boss" Ryan. My husband said he could pay 300 over the next month and the guy said no, it had to all be at once. He started saying they'd come to his work or our house, and then when my husband asked for something proving they weren't a scam he said, "Have fun at court," and hung up. He gave us a case number that wasn't real and everything.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: June 17, 2016

I have been receiving calls for my boss every day at work! It is illegal to make collections calls to your place of employment! These people are horrible! I have reported them to the Better Business Bureau and will be reporting them to the local authorities as well.

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Verified Buyer
Original review: May 18, 2016

I was contacted via phone by CMS regarding my debt. I set up a payment plan and expected to receive this agreement in written form. After 3 payments no letter confirming the agreement was received. I stopped payments to the company. I requested via voicemail to receive information and did not receive a call back. I called again during business hours requesting a mailing address to send a letter requesting such information. Ryan (a snotty supervisor) refused to provide me with a mailing address multiple times and refused to send me any documentation. Then before I ever got angry he rudely corrected me when I said the word "y'all" (I'm from Texas)! I told him have fun being reported because he is breaking federal law! DO NOT GIVE THESE MORONS A DIME OF YOUR MONEY!

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Sept. 24, 2015

I received two phone calls from this business. I've never done business with them. I've never received a letter from them. I asked them not to call me again. This company is underhanded in dealing with customers. Couldn't tell me why they were calling.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Aug. 22, 2015

They called from me @8:45 PM. They also called my cell phone # while I'm working. I thought this was against the law. Am I right or wrong on this?

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: June 30, 2015

Was called by them, long story short, I was threatened to have wages garnished, told I had a summons (which I called and there were none). Threatened to take my taxes...etc, etc. Pretty much the opposite of what a collection agency should do, going against pretty much ever debt collection law. At any rate, looked on credit report, was nothing on it from said debt. Nothing even matching the debt amount. When I had looked up everything, I called back told them there was nothing there. Told them I wouldn't pay. Told them if the debt was valid to send me a validation of debt (which was refused). Wouldn't give me an address, pretty much trying to extort money out of me.

Please if these people contact you or you talk to them and get what I got, EVEN if the debt is real, they can't threaten you with anything. PLEASE PLEASE report them to the Consumer Finance Protection Bureau. The more people that take 15 minutes to tell them their story, the more likely this place can be shut down. Here is the website to report these bad and illegal debt practices: **.

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55 people found this review helpful
Original review: June 12, 2015

This company keeps calling and hanging up. We have no outstanding past-due debt. This is a slimy third party collector that tries to collect on dead debt (debt which exceeds statute of limitations). Any debt which exceeds the statute of limitations, which is four years in California is non-collectible, unless you are tricked into restarting the debt. If the debt were indeed valid it would show on your TRW.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: June 4, 2015

They keep calling at all hours, and then when you call back, they tell you to verify all kinds of personal info, and can't give you an address to write to request a copy of original credit application and all charges that they have bought from written off or closed debt. They make it impossible to try and get them to quit calling without SSN and DOB, which who gives that to a stranger over the phone.

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Original review: Jan. 31, 2015

I called, made a settlement on an account, was put on hold twice by the young lady to get approval from her boss. Approval was agreed upon, I gave my account information, received a reference and confirmation number. Received a call the next day, Saturday morning stating the agreement was an error and they have to give the money back but want me to pay more a higher amount????? What kind of business is this?

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Dec. 9, 2014

When I tried to make a settlement on a 300 payday loan although I paid $150... they wanted 520 to settle. When I asked for original paperwork they refused. It was a Jennifer ** at Capital Management.. I'm retired on SS.. I offered to make small payments but they became very nasty. To settle they wanted the 333% interest. I want to settle but they won't. Is this legal?

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Original review: Nov. 6, 2011

I received a letter from Capital Management Services, LP on the 6th of Nov 2011 that they have been engaged by Galaxy International Purchasing LLC on the 2nd of Nov 2011. I just sent a payment to another company on the 1st of Nov 2011 that was handling my account.

This makes the third time that Galaxy International Purchasing has changed accounts with three different companies for collections. I cannot pay anything until next month. It is wonderful how this company can make your life miserable concerning trying to pay an outstanding debt. I have to wait until Monday - 7th of Nov 2011 to see what transpired. I can't do anything on a Sunday afternoon.

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Original review: Feb. 24, 2011

Well, I'm getting phone calls and letters from this collection agency for some time now. They're trying to collect on a company that folded back in 2000 by the name of Providian Finance Corp. This bank had a large number of law suits dating back to 1995. The last letter I got was from a lawyer back in June 2000, saying that they folded and we are no longer required to pay any and all loans back. I wish I still had that letter. I only keep them for 5 years.

So, as of today, they are trying to collect on a debt on a bank that doesn't exist anymore and the account is over 11 years old.

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Original review: Jan. 7, 2010

On 1/4/10 at 8:11AM, I received a call from a woman wanting my husband. I said I was his wife and could I help her. She said she was calling about a $3000 debt owed to some bank I had never heard of. I stated as much and she said she would check. She then said "Disregard the call" and hung up on me. I called back and left 2 messages wanting an explanation and perhaps, an apology. Well, it just gets better. My husband has a message from her on his phone. Two days later, my 88-year old mother-in-law told us that early Monday morning, some lady called and browbeat her into giving out our numbers. I immediately called them and the first man transferred me before I could finish my sentence. A second man came on and kept interrupting me and treating me as if I was a criminal until I told him to shut up and listen.

He finally got my story straight and looked it up. He told me I had 2 accounts that had been paid in full, but that we did not have any debt and she had made a mistake. I told him I wanted her to be spoken to and that I would proceed with whatever actions I could take. I also said I would say that he eventually was helpful. My mother-in-law was afraid that there was some emergency. She felt she had to give our numbers, as the woman would not take no for an answer. She was very worried and upset. She has never owed anyone or been late on a bill, so she had never experienced the collection mentality.

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Original review: Nov. 2, 2008 on november 29 2004 I called capital management services to settle a debt,they wanted a settlement of $3600,I told them I could only come up with $3200,the female representative told me to hold while she spoke to her supervisors,she came back on the line and told me they would accept it,I made the payment of $3200,now years later they tell me I still owe the full amount and the $3200 was taken as a payment, account-5458004058062397
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