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Events and Adventures

Chicago, Dallas, Houston, Minneapolis, Phoenix, San Francisco, Santa Clara, and Vancouver BC

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Events and Adventures is more than just a social club -- it’s a way to experience new adventures while making new friends. We are located in Chicago, Dallas, Denver, Houston, Minneapolis, Phoenix, San Francisco, Santa Clara, Seattle and Vancouver, BC.

Events & Adventures is a safe, invitation-only network of people with a common thread: to get out and meet new people. With 30-50 local events each month, you’ll easily be able to find events you’re interested in meet people with common interests. Whether it's horseback riding, skydiving, wine tasting or just a casual hangout! Visit us online to learn more about how you can get the ball rolling.

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Rated with 5 stars
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Original review: Nov. 28, 2019

My boyfriend and I met through Events and Adventures, on my first event, in fact. I went to Glass Cactus and we got together almost right away. Three events later, we were dating. We haven’t used them much lately but don’t wanna cancel our membership because we appreciate the opportunity to go to events. We would stay with Events and Adventures for as long as we’re able.

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Rated with 2 stars
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Original review: Nov. 27, 2019

I'm socially lazy and I was interested in an excuse to get out, make friends and do things. I joined Events and Adventures and my first event was a poker thing. I don’t play poker but I went to see what it was about. So far, I've done two events and the people have been nice, but the availability of the things I wanna do has not been on a good timeframe for me. They also do a lot of things on Sunday and I usually try to go to church on Sunday morning. Sunday afternoons are available though. I have to work more than I realized I did and a lot of things are in the evening time and across town so I think that I really wanna go home. Maybe I’m just too lazy.

I thought more things would be free, but it seems like you'd get nickeled and dimed to death. I was led to believe that most of the things would be covered, however, you have to book things and pay for them. Then if something comes up and you forget to cancel, you still have to pay for it. For some people, Events and Adventures works out and it becomes their social life but I'm thinking about putting my membership on hold. I wouldn’t give up on them completely, but right now, there are other things that bullet my time.

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Rated with 4 stars
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Original review: Nov. 26, 2019

With Events and Adventures, you get to meet a variety of people and go to cool events, as well as facilities and venues that you don't think are in the area. I needed to get out and my friends told me about them. Before arriving at my first event, I was feeling interest and nervousness. It changed after I arrived and people were a little receptive and warming. I've been to close to 30 events and my favorite has been the mingle. It's where a bunch of people meet at a restaurant or a bar and socialize. Another event that I've been to recently is the Halloween party. I've also made quite a few new friends.

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Rated with 4 stars
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Original review: Nov. 25, 2019

I'm interested in getting out, doing stuff with other singles, and just having a good time. I signed up with Events and Adventures and I've attended quite a few events since then. Some of the events I've been to include the sand volleyball, Parade of Lights and at least one game night. I've found a few friends and we've tried to reach out through chat as best as we can.

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Rated with 5 stars
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Original review: Nov. 23, 2019

Events and Adventures was on my Facebook page and I clicked on it. I ended registering for it because I thought it was a Facebook kinda thing. Then I got a phone call about it the next day. I was a little nervous and more anxious before the first event. There were more old people there during the first week and I thought that it was not cool. But then it got different.

I like their accessibility. If I woke up one morning, didn’t have work and was bored, I got something to do if I go online. Otherwise, I would just be at home miserable. I also like that you don’t always have to preregister for the event. Trips are expensive so I haven't done any, which is sucky because I wanna do some. However, I've been in enough events to make connections with people, be familiar with faces and be recognized at different events by people I can't remember. It has been crazy.

I went zip-lining, but I’m scared of heights so, it was a thrill. It was also more fun because I was able to conquer my fear and jump. The people I was with were really nice and I’m still talking to one of them. And then I wanted to do the New Year’s Eve party. I went to Halloween party with a bus, but I was a little hurt so I’m a little scared to go up to the New Year’s Eve party. One of the reasons I signed up initially was for the Halloween party last year and I signed up right after they had it. I was so stoked. I like Events and Adventures. Whatever you put into it is what you get out of it and overall, my experience has been good.

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Rated with 5 stars
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Original review: Nov. 22, 2019

I’m fairly new to Dallas and I wanted to experience what there is to experience through Events & Adventures. I know the trips was one of the big things too. I like to travel, so having people to travel with was a plus. During my first event, I was more excited than nervous. I was a newbie so I wasn’t too interactive. But I like new experiences and meeting new people, so it was good excitement. My favorite so far is the whirlyball. It’s like basketball, lacrosse and bumper cars. It was pretty fun. The beer bike we did around downtown was a lot of fun too. I've met a lot of good people. And then I am planning the Antarctica trip in 2021. Joining the group is a great way to meet people and do things in the state, in the city, and then even in the whole world.

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Rated with 4 stars
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Original review: Nov. 21, 2019

I'm a newer member of Events and Adventures and so far, I've gone on weekend-long trips. I've done a beer bike thing in Deep Ellum which was fun. I've done a Halloween event as well though that was a slower event and there weren't many people that showed up because they did a separate event. I ended up joining them in the separate bar crawl Halloween event and I enjoyed that one a lot. Everyone dressed up and went from bar to bar, enjoying everyone's costumes. Tomorrow, I have an upcoming event at a comedy club. Thus far, I've made a lot of new friends. Everyone is extremely friendly. It's a big mixture of people so no one judges anyone for what they are. I feel very comfortable around everyone.

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Rated with 5 stars
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Original review: Nov. 16, 2019

I got interested with Events & Adventures because it wasn't a dating club, and things has been going great. I've gotten my money's worth. I wish I could end my gym membership. But this, no, I have no thought of getting out of it. My favorite events so far has been the barge ride on the lake, and when we went near Galveston for a weekend trip near the beach. I took short trips. They rented a house and it was really great. It turned out better than I thought it would. I've made friends.

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Rated with 2 stars
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Original review: Nov. 15, 2019

My dental hygienist said that she met and saw some interesting people through Events and Adventures. And since I was new to the area, I thought I should give it a try and see how it goes. I think the membership here is a bit on the older side and most of them are divorced and have kids, and that’s not really my demographics. So, I didn’t really realize that that’s what it was. But as far as the events themselves, the ones that I choose to go to has always been reasonable. They’ve been fun as far as the expense is concerned and I like the idea that I don’t have to plan stuff and that I could just show up.

Events and Adventures costs a little bit more than I would like for it to just because I don’t feel I have enough time for the inclination to do more than one or two events a week, and that’s pushing it. And then on top of that, the ones that I do go to, I still end up usually having to pay regular price for everything. It’d be cool if we got a group discount for being 15, 20 or 30 of us on some cases there. I pay for the monthly fee, and then on top of that, for each event I go to, I almost always have to end up paying for 50 bucks just for myself to do whatever. And that approaches the steep side when you do it two or three times a week. You’re looking at $400 by the end of the month every month. So, that’s a bit expensive, but I didn’t really know what I was expecting.

They do discounted rates for trips. But I’m not looking to doing international trips. I’m looking for more like weekly, monthly type of engagements in my area. It’d be nice to have some stuff that was dealt completely out of Events and Adventures’ pocket or at least give us members like half of our prices for the night or some kind of incentive to keep us permanent.

I regularly go to the volleyball because I’m a big volleyball player. And unfortunately, I haven’t been able to in the past two weeks because I have a league night where I actually play competitive volleyball. And that started to be scheduled on the same night that my area, volleyball and for Events and Adventures was being scheduled. I couldn’t do both. So, I’m gonna go to my more competitive one because the Events and Adventures one is more like people hanging out and drinking as opposed to playing.

I try to do the food one regularly. They have one that's called International Eats. I've gone to that for the past three weeks in a row. Sometimes, you can get out pretty cheap like 15 bucks, but for the most part, it’s like 35-ish to 40-ish in our area because DFW Metro is not really a cheap place. I’ve gone to a couple of the happy hour meet-up, and they went to a pool hall and I did that, too. I’ve gone to dinners and movies as well. I’ve met a couple of new friends. As far as anyone to date, the ones that usually end up going to the event that I go to are older. They’re not really in my dating range, and it's not what I want. So, that’s been kind of disappointing, but they’re all really sweet and they love me, so that’s cool.

I have recommended Events and Adventures to other people through work and some of my other friends that I play volleyball with that are older. I have recommended it to them because they’re on the same boat. But as far as like people my age and younger, I don’t recommend them. Every event that I’ve gone to, there’s maybe two other people that are my age or younger, and the rest of them are 40s and up. I’m not horribly disappointed, but I’m not satisfied.

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Rated with 3 stars
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Original review: Nov. 14, 2019

I joined Events and Adventures to get out of the house. The first event I went to was when we went to a class to learn how to dance salsa. Also, I've been to a poker night, a bingo night, and a comedy show and I went to a restaurant with them one time. When I go is when it's less intimate and I don’t necessarily interact with people. I tend to go when there’s an activity because I get real nervous when I'm around people I don’t know and it makes me less nervous if I feel like the attention isn’t on me.

There was one time where I was gonna go and then I ended up changing my mind at the last minute. And that’s another thing, too. You can't sign up for stuff at the last minute. I get kinda nervous about committing myself. I just get real anxiety when I'm trying to go somewhere. If that could change, that would be awesome. If I were more outgoing and less nervous, then I’d probably go to more events. But I just use this as a stepping stone to kinda get out. I talk to people while I'm there, but I haven't done as far as exchanging numbers. I just see people when I go there and that’s it. I have recommended Events and Adventures to a friend because they were more wanting to go on the trips side of it but they were like "It’s pricey.” It's pricey just to join. But my experience has been alright.

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