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I started an account for internet Friday, got the modem Saturday, then found out Monday the service couldn't be used until my sister paid her bill first. I was not told any of this when I started the account or during the weekend when I was trying to get it activated. I have to wait 6 weeks to get my money back.

TWC will notify their customers when they do a price hike. Probably I have had to call their customer service several times a year. Previously before I made the (regrettable) switch to TWC, I actually used RCN. Their service is so much better and they keep their commitment to keeping things regular until the customer is notified. Unfortunately, this is not the case with TWC. It does not matter whether you have been a loyal customer or not for however many years that may be, they will not help you much. Maybe they might put you on a temporary promotion (which you have to ask for and if there is then they might give it you after checking certain eligibility requirements). But most of the time they will not let you know of when the promotion will end so that you can have some time to make adjustments to the plan(s).

The representatives simply say that they understand what you are talking about, but, to be honest, I don't think that they actually do. This was not what I have expected from TWC and their advertisements on TV is totally misleading. I would never recommend to anybody to become a customer of TWC. They need to make some serious changes to get this 1 star up to a 5 and maybe that's not going to happen for a very long time.

My monthly bill kept going up every month so I called to see what I can do to reduce it back in June. I was promised one rate and then of course the next month my bill was higher. So I called in July to complain and have them fixed it and I was quoted another rate of $152.00. My call # was **. Next bill comes and it is for $188.00. So here I go calling them again, spoke to a supervisor in the retention department by the name of Cameron who promised I would keep all my channels and they would just take my phone away and my bill would be $131 + tax and the rate would be good for a year. That call number was # **. So the next bill comes in for $147.97. So here I am on 9/23 calling in again and they are saying they have no record of the calls and they can only offer me out what the new packages are and not honor what they promised less than a month ago.

I feel like all they do is tell you what you want to hear and then the next month you get a bill higher than what they quoted. This probably keeps people on the hook for a couple extra months because they have some sort of hope that when they call in the issues will be resolved. But after calling 3-4 months in a row and realizing it is all lies people likely just go somewhere else. I feel like all of these lies have not only cost me money because of the higher bills I got compared to what I was quoted but also the hours of conversations on the phone with them trying to resolve the issue.

I signed up for a 50 megabit internet only plan for $39 per month. The first month had many service interruptions. Three service calls were made. The first replaced of the hardware; the last replaced the wiring all the way to the computer. We asked the technicians if there was a fee for all of this and they said no. My first bill came in and there was no credit; instead there was an extra fee for that service call.

I called and Time Warner agreed to remove the fee and issue the credit. However, they say they will apply this to the next billing cycle. I said no. The reason I said no was I was with Time Warner a year ago and had television and phone service with them. The phone service was terrible. I switched to back to Vonage before leaving Time Warner. However, they tried to make a threat that I would lose my phone number. I found that to be ruthless. With all of this said, I found my experience with Direct TV to be worse.

I have TWC business Class for years, and now I am closing my business. I called them and asked to close my account, but they said the penalty is more than $3,000.00. When I had contract with them, the sales woman said there was no penalty for early stop service. That's why I signed it. But at the time I tried to close my business, they said the contract is for 5 years. Since I am closing business, they said the penalty will be 25% like more than $700.00. That is fraud. That is so ugly. Why do they do this? They try to cheat their customers like that. Moreover when I tried to cancel my service, they put me on hold and made me wait more. Than 10 minutes. They still transfer my call more than three people. Why? They want me to hung off the phone and stay to the service. Poor service! Worst company! Cheating people!!!

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If you're in NYC, and have Verizon Fios as an option, switch. With TWC, we had to reset our modem daily, still experienced significant slow downs when using it during, and called upon tech support agents who would routinely visit and unplug our cable only to switch it with our neighbors. How does that fix ANYTHING? What do you think happens when they complain?! A year later, we still receive "please come back" notices in the mail, despite emailing and calling them to request they discontinue the mailers as it is a waste of paper and resources. Nope. They can't do that. So we continue to receive monthly reminders of this despicable company. If you have the option (in NYC at least), switch to Verizon Fios. If you don't, request they bring it to your neighborhood. 1 year in and the modem had never needed a reset and the service is extremely fast and consistent.

I've been a TWC customer for a little over 1 year. This has been the worst cable service I ever had or paid for. The equipment (Cable Boxes) continue to freeze and I have to constantly reset them. I had 4 boxes in which one of them I returned because I thought that was the only one giving me problems. No... They all have this thing where they will freeze or go blank whenever I change the station. I tried to get AT&T or DirecTV but the satellite must be placed in an area to get frequency and my townhouse is not facing in the right direction for it. So I'm stuck with this useless service. Also, TWC does not have certain stations that I like such as, TVOne. I've been throwing my money away and cannot wait to move. I will never ever use this company for my cable services again. And if you're wondering why I didn't complain, I did but not resolution to this problem. What a waste of money???

My connection goes off and on all day long. Technicians here twice. Still not working correctly. Cannot get an answer on their site - would not recommend them to anyone.

Both internet and cable have not worked for months. Cable freezes at the same time the internet goes out, happens about once every 30 minutes. There are outages here in the area (Garner NC) just about daily, Time Warner trucks all over the place and they don't seem to have a clue what's causing it, nothing ever improves. Just about ready to drop all services and start again with someone else. Last rep I spoke to on the phone just about encouraged me to leave, they aren't even offering any suggestions at this point.

This year I moved into a house with 7 other residents, each of which had the desire to obtain both television and Internet service. We chose to use Time Warner Cable to fulfill our needs because this is the only place we are familiar with in the area who provides both of these services. Although some of my roommates have dealt with TWC in the past, I was given the task to set up the services and obtain the equipment. I was informed to call ahead of time to let TWC know you are looking to use their product, how many residents you will need equipment for and what your needs are. After a painful computerized introduction phone call, I was finally led to a representative to complete this portion and I thought everything was straightened out. This representative was helpful, friendly and worked for the company, not the local Palumbo TWC branch where I was directed to pick up my equipment.

I had knowledge the lines were always outrageous, so I chose to enter the store around 2 pm on a Wednesday afternoon thinking I'd cure myself of lunch breakers, rush hour goers and general traffic. However, the store was tiny, crowded and loud. The line was not organized and the clerks were swamped. There was a lot of yelling for instruction to create organization, which did not help anyone's mood. I waited patiently thinking, it's okay this is a one time event, then my roommates and I will have cable. Nope, I had to return to this same situation four times within ten days. My roommates were also getting flustered not having services, but I was swamped with work and had trouble getting myself back out to TWC because they continuously were giving me wrong direction. First, they would not provide all the receiver boxes we needed at one visit.

Then, they gave me the entirely wrong box for our living room. Then one representative complained about our signal at our house, when the previous residents who ended their services said it worked fine. Each employee had a contrasting option and spoke poorly of the previous decisions of each other. Although I was extremely frustrated with TWC during those 10 ridiculous days, we did receive a few credits for our service. I am writing to share my experience to motivate the Palumbo location to work on better trained staffing, more control of traffic and organization within the location, and a better way to contact the local branch without having to call the 1-800 number and deal with the computer during local issues.

The current system is confusing and outdated. In addition, I have heard from other students to pay extra attention to TWC because they are known to add on charges and rip students off. This is not a good reputation to send around to young adults or a good target for ways to sneak in extra money. I hope for my future with TWC that the billing is consistent, my phone calls are with ease, and if I do need to visit the store that I am treated in a timely manner with utmost respect. Overall, I would like my basic customer satisfaction to be reach, so maybe TWC can improve the value of the relationship between customers and clerks.

Time Warner is the WORST cable company ever!!! In addition to the rep's lack of knowledge. They debited my account and my daughter's account 4 times for the same payment and it took 2 weeks to clear it up. These customer service reps lack experience. Everyone always has a different story... I hang up and call right back and hear something different ea. Time... THEY ARE THE WORST!!!

Back in March 2016, my wife and I finally moved back into my childhood home. Until then, we had been living about an hour away and had Time Warner for Internet. The only negative run in I'd had with them at this point was that they never hooked up my Internet. When we moved into our old house, the technician that was supposed to hook up the lines marked that he did come out, but we still had no Internet. Sure enough, when I opened the box beside the house, the cable wasn't connected. I had to tear away the security bit with a pair of wire cutters, but I hooked it up myself and had no more issues with Time Warner.

Anyways, after we moved from that house into our current one, that's when the issues began. I was paying for the 50 Mbps option and I actually got that, if not more, for a few weeks. Then my connection began to drop around 20 Mbps, then 15. I got frustrated that I was paying for so much more than I was getting, that I dropped my plan to the 20 Mbps one. That seemed to have been okay for a while, but my connection soon dropped even lower. My neighbor came over one day, as they were having the same problems, and she asked if I had any recommendations. She wound up calling Time Warner multiple times a week, until a technician finally said that the main lines going into our neighborhood were bad. Given, at that time, the only people in the neighborhood were my wife and I, my neighbors, and my grandma, who had DSL instead.

However, my neighbor and I both work from home, and a fast, reliable connection is necessary for us to make a living. From there, I fought with Time Warner at least once a week for the next 5 months. They told my neighbors that it would be ~3 weeks until they would have the lines replaced, but several months passed by with no new lines. My speeds would regularly drop to <1 Mbps, or go out altogether. I would call Time Warner, they would send a reset to my modem, and speeds would go back up to around 5 Mbps for a little while.

I finally had enough in September 2016. My wife and I were away for our anniversary, and when we got back home, we had no Internet. I didn't worry about it too much, as I still had a couple of days off work, and it was fairly late when we got home. After talking to Time Warner the next day, it turns out their modem was bad. I had been using my own modem up until about 2 months prior, when it finally bit the dust. But to think, I only had their modem for 2 months before it stopped working. I took it up to the local office to get a new modem, hooked it up, called to activate it, and... still no Internet. I called Time Warner and after 1.5 hours of them telling me what I already know, they claimed that they would sent a technician out to look at it. The tech told me that he try his best to find the soonest time a tech could be out, as I work from home, and that he would call me back within 45 minutes.

A few hours passed and I heard nothing. I decided to call the next day to see if a tech had been scheduled, when I heard that one wouldn't be available until the following Monday, between 3 PM and 4 PM. Being as this was a Tuesday, I'd had all I can stand. I can't afford to take an entire week off of work, due to no connection, only for them to say they can't do anything until the lines are replaced, and who knows when that will happen.

I quickly decided to call around to other ISPs, even though Time Warner has a monopoly here for cable Internet. I talked to Windstream's Business line, and even though it's DSL, they offered 10 Mbps down, 2 modems (1 for my work computer, another for everything else), an unlimited phone line, and 24 hour turnaround due to it being a business line. On top of that, DSL is unaffected by usage from neighbors, so I wouldn't have to worry about bandwidth drops. Even though it was a bit more expensive, it was well worth it to not have to deal with Time Warner anymore.

I was so happy to make the call to Time Warner to cancel my appointment, as well as disconnect all of my services with them. So, I'm still without Internet until Monday, when Windstream can hook everything up, but I can use other means for work for now. Time Warner doesn't care about their customers, because why should they? They are well aware that they are the only option for cable Internet around here, so they treat their customers like dirt and could absolutely care less. I hope that one day, Google Fiber will come in and just completely obliterate them.

Cancelled service on 4-1-16, was billed one month in advance. Have yet to receive a refund. Every time I call, the check is in the mail. As of 30 days ago, they have no record and need to search their archives. So, to make a long story short, the account will be cancelled as of the date of my latest call. So I've now gone from my $120 refund, down to $20. Oh, and still haven't received that check. Naturally, everyone you speak to is a supervisor, and you can't get anywhere with the person answering the phone. Good news was, the last person I talked to I could actually understand.

I was carrying the standard cable service in the Wilmington, NC area and was told to get a HD box ($12.00) and subscribe to the HD sports channel ($10). If I wanted to view The NY Yankees (Yes HD). So I proceeded to do so and later realized that the channel (yes) was not in HD. This is false advertisement since the TV guide lineup shows it as a HD channel. And they a few other channels as well in that list (not showing HD).

AFTER 20 YEARS of service it's time to cut the cord! My old TWC would listen to me and help me rebundle to get a decent rate that was good for 1 year. Now enter Charter/Spectrum and all bets are off. I spoke with Daniel on 7/13 and ask him to adjust a problem with my bill, and rebundle all to a negotiated bill of $140 (after taxes) plus a credit of $16 for an overcharge. I was happy & paid my bill through him. They overcharged on the next bill, so I called and spoke w/ Laura on 8/10 who said they couldn't honor what Daniel said, plus the bill payment never went through.

We rebundled again that included a new & better DVR box plus to TV adapters. The DVR & adapters were to be delivered for free & NO installation charge. The price was guaranteed for 1 year. I also paid my bill AGAIN. On 9/2 I spoke w/ Jock about my bill. My one bill had not gone through once again, plus they charged me for installation of the DVR & new boxes & a late fee & above all there was NO record of my "guaranteed" rate. When it was "suggested" that I may have misunderstood, I asked them to review my last call that they had recorded. He said they would indeed review the call & straighten this out & someone would call within about 5 days.

Surprise... Denitria a manager at Customer solutions/retention called me on 9/4. She never pulled the call. Because I was such a loyal customer she waived the late fees, service charge, but said that I STILL had an outstanding bill. The kicker was that she said she would at a later date listen to the call that proved my guarantee, but that I would NEVER receive a call back because they wouldn't honor it. They said their price was their price no matter what the others said, but that she would "give" me a month of the guaranteed rate, plus no late fees or service charges, AND I could take her word to the bank. This time FOR SURE!

I called Beaurline on 9/13 to pay my bill and you guessed it, there was NO mention of the 1 month price, it had gone up, No mention of the waive for service charge or late fee! TRUST ME? ARE YOU KIDDING? To be nice (even though I should never been charged the fees & rate to begin with), they waived the overages and my balance is zero! FINALLY!

The last person I spoke with was Victor who assured me that NO MATTER what I did they will NEVER honor the rate quoted, even if they heard it in a recording. I'm in the process now of shopping for another source for TV, internet & landline & I WILL cut the cord as soon as I do! Just one more thing TWC, my bill is now $142.91/mo., that's $1,714/yr., and assuming that I was still a loyal customer for the NEXT 20 years, that's $34,280. Do you want $34,280 or $0... Your choice, I'm just a switch!

TWC is the absolute WORST to deal with... they mess up bills and one representative doesn't know what the other representative is doing to your account and the technicians that come to your house even mess up the service!! Absolute worst company to deal with!!

I've been using a Motorola modem recommended by TWC for 4 years now and recently last year TWC gave me a 200 Mbps connection. The modem allows 343 Mbps download speed and I was told by a TWC personnel who came to my house to fix my phone that the modem is good for 200 Mbps connection. Today I was realized from one of the reps that the modem supports only 100 Mbps for TWC only (which is strange). I've been cheated to pay for the 200 Mbps connections for a year and yet have only a max of 100 Mbps download speed. No one from TWC even hinted me to upgrade the modem. My monthly bill also bumped up by $10 last month for no reason. TWC is a bunch of cheats. My zip code 27519 has AT&T giga power now and I'm moving to that. So long.

All I can tell you everybody is that TIME WARNER CABLE is a totally rip off. I have been having issues with channels dropped that are initially in the package I upgraded, and then suddenly TWC will take them away, and when you call the customer service they try to sell you another Upgrade in order to include the channel that was taken away. Don't you think this is pathetic ripoff?

Time Warner is the worst company ever. It started out with when they set up our service in February 20016 when we moved into our home. They didn't take the right amount out of our checking account, then tried to say we had another account when we never, ever had Time Warner before. After dealing with all of this we never receive a bill from them and they shut off our service every other day, and have to fight with them to get it turned back on, then after 7 months of them constantly messing up our service they finally admitted they were wrong. The finally straw was when my fiance paid 129 dollars and they finally gave us a credit of over 200 dollars, and still shut our service off again two days later. They have messed with our service and shut it off because of their mistakes four different times in one week. The worst service we have ever dealt with and getting rid of it ASAP. I don't know how they stay in business.

After trying Internet service with Time Warner for over five months I was never satisfied. We always had issues with streaming, downloading, connecting to the Internet, staying connected to the Internet. Even my children would complain about the Internet. My daughter was unable to stream any media in her bedroom which was the farthest from the modem. Mind you we live in a single level house less than 1200 ft.² -- very unacceptable this day and time. I immediately canceled service when I found out that AT&T now offer service in my area. ZIP Code is 28208. I would highly recommend AT&T or Google Fiber. Google is not available in the area however AT&T offers the same fiber optic cable that runs under the ground; so far no issues and my daughter is able to stream Netflix fine. Goodbye forever Time Warner.

We have not had cable or phone service for two days. The technician was schedule to come out on day 2 between 4:00 - 6:00 pm. I called Time Warner at 5:15 pm and they said the technician was at my house at 4:06 pm. IMPOSSIBLE!!! There was no evidence of any technician arriving for the scheduled appt. Of course, Time Warner refused to provide another day of prorated service. Piss poor customer service. I never rec'd a courtesy call from the tech. Time Warner has monopolized the cable service in our area and they don't care how they treat paying customers. I've had it with them!!!

I tried to disconnect my home security service after 8 months of the contract. I learned that I was unable to disconnect without hefty penalty. Upon signing I was not told that I am obliged for 18 months contract. I was told I can terminate any time. When I ask for termination, I was tossed from one representative to another without any solution. Finally, I asked for the contract that I signed and I told them I am willing to pay whatever I am required by my contract. I was informed that the contract that I signed will be sent to me. It has been more than a week and I have not received yet. Apparently, I learned from a technician working at Time Warner that they have no such a thing as 18 months contract. What they have is 1 year contract, which turns out to be another lie from Time Warner sales people that I talked over the phone. It is very hard to trust what they say when they sign you up and what they say when one requests to terminate.

This is not the only thing that I learned on the day I called to terminate my home security service. I learned that my internet service was "standard" while my bill shows "Extreme" service. Apparently, I was being charged for "Extreme" service while they provided me the "Standard" service. I don't have the time and the energy to fight this, but it is sickening to realize a company can cheat its customers this way.

Time Warner Cable is very unprofessional and have caused me to be paying for services they lied to me about. They told me I would be getting a 79.99 deal having both internet and cable. And I repeatedly asked if the deal was for both together. And she said yes. The stupid idiot lied and charged it all separately so I'm being forced to pay now $164.00 for something I was lied about.

I called them and told them that I did not want the cable then and for them to disconnect it. The lady on the phone said it will be disconnected. I checked a few days later and sure enough it's still under current services. They repeatedly lie and play idiots and you're assed out from their deliberate mistakes. Their phone support sucks, I got the service disconnected by reaching out to their outsourced chat support instead. I would NEVER recommend for anyone to get services from them. It's just a bunch of crooks that do not care for customers at all. Time Warner Cable is a joke. You know how bad they are when I am being forced to take screenshots as proof as what was told to me in case they screw up again. Saying "screwing up" feels wrong since they do it on purpose. I can't believe this company hasn't even been looked into about all the scams their employees run under their company just so they can make extra bucks.

Worst customer service of any company I have ever been a part of. Horrible service as well. If you upgrade your internet to a higher MBPS you will get no change in quality. These people put you through the ringer when you call them on the phone. They will just keep transferring you around and you will get nowhere to solving your problem. I closed my account and brought back my modem and I was supposed to receive a refund check because I paid my bill 1 for the next month and I closed my account the day of the start of the next billing cycle. I received no refund check! Called about getting it and they said they sent it to my old address. I tried to get them to send it to my new address but then they said they couldn't do it.

The people they hire to answer the phones are all foreign and speak horrible English. I talked to Vennin, from the TWC Vestal NY location and he was very rude to me. I was very polite and asked him to repeat himself because I couldn't understand him and he was getting very frustrated. He did not solve my problem so he transferred me to someone else. This whole company is a ** joke! Monopolizing the market so people have no other choice but to go through TWC. I will never be associated or be a customer of TWC EVER again!!! I will continue to tell other people not to go through them as well. Just a horrible ** company! I rate them -5 out of 5 stars. Just a ** joke. So sick of the ** they put people through. And then they ask me if I want to upgrade my package and get cable. Ha ha ha ** off!!

I called into one of the Time Warner call centers to add cable to my service. I spent 20 minutes on the phone with a sales rep going over my options before making a selection after which I was told I could go to store and pick up my equipment. After driving across town and arriving at the store I was told they had no idea what I was talking about as no work order was placed on my account. Then I was informed that they could add the service to the account at a higher rate than I had been quoted.

To sum up my experience with Time Warner I wasted 4 hours of my life that I will never get back calling in and getting jerked around and transferred from person to person only to be told they will look into it. I have yet to be called back from a manager but have been called/texted 5 times about installing the equipment. My advice to anyone considering Time Warner is if there is any other option, take it. THEY DO NOT CARE about earning/keeping your business!

I had the internet because with Time Warner cable for a few years. I recently added TV service. I just received my first bill was for $324, the only one TV about 40 channels, not even a DVR. When I call to complain about the bill I spoke with someone named Joaquin who had a very rude attitude and was actually very being very sarcastic. I asked to speak to a supervisor. He put Randall on which was also just as rude I express to him. How I thought it was too expensive for the service. I had I don't even have DVR. He very coldly said this is what the bill is and wouldn't even offer me any type of deal. When I told him I was going to cancel he said "that's fine, but for now your balance is as such."

I called Time Warner to see if they had service in the area where our new house is. We were moving. I work from home, so internet is ESSENTIAL. Time Warner assured me they did have service in my area and even set up an appointment for installation complete with a confirmation number. They told me it would cost $39.99 for the install. I showed up at the new house on the day of the appointment. I made arrangements with work to be there for the install. I waited and waited. No one showed. I called Time Warner and was told that they had done a survey, and that they did not have service close enough to the address, and that it would cost $14,000 to get the internet to our house.

Now, if they would have told me that when I called to set up the installation, or anytime before the day of the appointment, I would have just thanked them and moved on. But here's the problem: I based my move-in date on the fact that they were setting up the internet that day because I work from home. They never even bothered to contact me to let me know that they weren't coming or that they didn't offer service to this house. I had to call them and ask where they were. They were less than sympathetic.

And by the way, even if I agreed to pay the $14,000 estimated cost, it would take 60-90 days to even get the line to the house. They told me they were installing the internet that day for $39.99. So now I have used time off from work, will not be able to work from home, and have to contact another company and wait for them to install internet. Horrible customer service. I am glad that I figured this all out before I was a customer and had an issue. I can't imagine paying this company and receiving that kind of service. I am just thankful that not one red cent of mine has gone to this company.

Time Warner offers gift cards if you switch from DirecTV. They put out conflicting and confusing information in order to make it VERY difficult to claim the reward. When you sort it all out, they tell you it is expired. When you tell them you never got the redemption code promised, they send you around the world from call center to call center to speak to one person after another who can do nothing to help you. This program is bait and switch. The only reason we are still with them is because of the way they bundle the sports coverage. I have read that they know their business model is not sustainable and are experiencing a steady decline in subscriptions. You would think they would be more invested in keeping their current customer base happy. We will be cutting the cord.

Cannot watch a movie without buffering. Only have 2 tvs 1 laptop still bad signal. When calling they say we will do a system check then it will be ok. Still bad. Call everyday our area only has 2 providers so that is a big problem.

I called 6 times. Gave all information and still they did not get it right. They weren't rude but they did not disconnect 1st account. I felt like I gave my info to someone that could steal my stuff. Horrible service. Then when guy came to install left 2 times saying I didn't pay, even when I gave him conference number. Still did not disconnect old service. Then they said it was 25 a month. It was a 100 for 1 month. No one could tell me why. Horrible service... horrible.

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In 1989 when Time, Inc. and Warner Communications merged, the first seeds were planted for what would become one of the nation's largest cable television networks. Time Warner is headquartered in New York City.

  • Pay in store: Consumers who prefer to pay with cash can visit Time Warner retail locations.
  • Big on-demand catalog: More than 10,000 shows and movies are pre-loaded on the Time Warner on-demand service.
  • Mobile viewing: Customers can view programming on their smartphone or tablet.
  • Enjoy Internet access: With Time Warner, viewers get access to a network of more than 400,000 WiFi hotspot locations.
  • Bundled services: Time Warner also offers discounted Internet and phone service bundles.
  • Best for Television fans who watch a range of programs, households on a budget and businesses who provide entertainment to customers or staff members.

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