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I got a promotion offer in mail that said. "It's our pleasure to inform you that you have been preselected to receive 100Mbps internet and great TV for $49.99". I called Time Warner and set an installation appointment. The technician comes in, does necessary wiring set-up but can't get the internet connected. So he calls his people and spends about half hour trying to get the internet going.

Finally I am told that the modem could be the problem (I have my own modem). I told them the modem is perfectly fine as it was working perfect earlier. After a while I am told that I am supposed to get a 50/5Mbps. I showed the technician the promotion letter and told him it's 100/10Mbps. He insists his records show 50/5 for the price. WHAT THE HELL. We spend all this time and finally I was so cheesed off that I had to cancel the whole thing. What a waste of time. Time Warner Cable SUCKS!!! I tried calling their customer service and they transferred me from one department to the other. I WILL NEVER GO TO TIME WARNER CABLE AGAIN in my life. NO, NO, NO!!!

Ordered a "triple-play" - TV Internet and phone. Tech arrived with a work order for just the internet. Had to wait a week to get a slot to fit the other services. Internet should have been 300/20 - when tested it was averaging 124/5 - had to get a tech out to fix something in the street. 3 set top boxes installed. None would allow "On Demand". Had to work through each box with a tech on the phone to configure them. Remote not set up properly for one of the TV's - another call to configure that. Got offered a FREE movie for my inconvenience - it appeared on my bill - had to call to sort that out.

Got charged for installation because I had "Upgraded" my service from Internet only to Triple Play - had to call to sort that out. Phone stopped working - got a tech out to fix it. Upgraded to DVR service - got sent a box with outdated software - returned box and cancelled the DVR service. Have not had a correct bill since I started the service. Monthly mandatory charges added that were not specified at the time of initial inquiry - ~$3.50 connection fee an $5 "sports fee" - I don't watch sports on TV - doesn't matter. Hold times to get an operator can be really excessive.

This was all within my first 6 weeks of service. Now I will say that the technicians that have attended my home have been very nice. They are generally constrained by the incompetence of other people. The problem is that there are few options to choose from in the provider space. If a new company came along that offered transparent pricing and an adequate service then they would steal customers from TWC by the thousands. However, if you want these services then there are too few companies to choose from and that makes them lazy and inefficient.

On Saturday, July 16, my internet/phone went after a bad thunderstorm. Called and spoke to a representative that same night, twice Sunday and twice Monday. Was told they were trying to get dispatch team and would call me back. ALL LIES! I WORK FROM HOME AND STILL NO SERVICE! I HAVE LOST DAYS OF WORK AND NO ONE HAS YET TO CALL ME BACK!!! I pay my bill and I guess that's all they care about is getting my money! I am so frustrated! It looks like I'll lose another day because no one STILL hasn't called me back!

Wtf is wrong with these people?? I moved from my old apartment to my new one at the end of March 2016. I had TWC transfer my Internet service ($49.95) a month, plus transfer fee. The next couple months I had been paying my bill on time as I always do. One day my service is shut off, no warning. I call and work my way through the first couple people wanting an immediate payment to restore service. I finally get to a supervisor who opens my file and finds that I am being billed for both locations.

After 20 minutes of being on hold, she takes the payments I have been making that went to my old address and credits them to my current account, that actually gave me a credit. I owe nothing yay! I was told this credit will be put toward July (this month). All seemed resolved at this point? About 2 weeks later my service is shut off again. I go through the entire process again, for at least an hour. My service is put back on after a while of troubleshooting and rebooting. The technician again apologized and took care of the problem. I asked again what my payment was and when I pay it. I was told I am paying $83.59 for turbo internet that I never signed up for!! I asked to go back to basic internet that is $49 a month. No problem.

Again, not a couple weeks later I get shut off again. Call Time Warner, explain my situation to several people, some demanding a ridiculous amount of $$, on hold forever and then finally talking to a supervisor. They finally learned that the banks did not accept the payments TWC sent through. I am going through all this again. Finally they put me on a 10 day promise to pay to keep my services on while they pend my payments. Ten days pass and is shut off without a call, nothing. I call and get hassled again to pay an amount of 299.00!! immediately. I argue with a rude woman for a while, who called me sweetie and had a rude attitude. After being in hold for a while, a male supervisor picked up the line. This man was also rude, and took off $225 after arguing with me. My new balance became $74. Then I asked if I still have the turbo internet and he said no. I said that I'm still not paying the $74 and that this was still wrong. He hung up on me.

I called back right away, fought my way up the line and finally got back to him. He pretended he couldn't hear me and then transferred me to another random lady. All the sudden my service is back on. I explain my situation again to her she says she will give me a $50 dollar credit so I don't have to be passed around to managers again. Now I owe $24, fine. So I ask again for clearance what my monthly bill is and when. Again she said "it's $84 for cable and turbo internet." She said I have digital adapters and a cable box. (Wtf)? I explained I just want the $50 a month internet and that's it!!! She was unable to update my account and said she will call back tomorrow. These people are rude and frustrating. There's no communication between them. All of this has caused a lot of distress and confusion. This cable company is corrupt and out for your money. My bill on Time Warner page online still says $300 owed. What a bunch of BS.

OMG... I don't know where to start with this company. Let's start from the beginning when I called to have the service (Internet) service set up. The technician showed up late, with the wrong customer order. A week later a tech did come back to do the correct installation. I called in to make a payment over the phone, and instead of them processing the agreed payment, 2 payments were processed at the same time, without my authorization. It took me 1 1/2 wks to get this issue resolved. I had a security service added to my account, big mistake! A technician came to install the 2 security cameras and took 6 hrs and still couldn't get them to work, no follow up phone call, no other tech was sent... But, you guessed it, I GOT THE BILL, RIGHT AWAY!!

I called to make arrangements and report after 1 month that my cameras still weren't working, I was asked to pay a past due amount to keep the service active, so I did. I paid $145.96 and despite the arrangements made, my services was disconnected two days later. Not only did they disconnect the services in spite of the arrangements and my payment, but they disconnected my DIRECTV service which isn't even connected to them. INCOMPETENCE, INCOMPETENCE... From the top to the bottom! Customer Service is a joke. The on hold wait time is awful. I have called 3 times and had a wait time over 1 1/2 hrs.

I called into customer service to notified them that my DirecTV service had been disconnected and make arrangements and it literally took 3 phones calls before the incident of the Security cameras and DirecTV not working being documented. This company needs to go BANKRUPT, nothing is competent with this company and their customer service is an absolute joke. I will be contacting a lawyer. If anyone else feels like they have been mistreated, please consider a class action lawsuit.

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No $300 gift card as promised. Tech told me after 90 days they would just send it. Went paperless and autopay immediately and never got a code (even if I wasn't looking for one. Like I said tech said it would be sent). Explained my situation and they said "call some other number." Been through that phone carousel before (just for this incident, I called 3 times to make sure I wasn't wasting my time and 3 times I never got a person) not going through it again. So in this case I'll deal with it. You can easily say it is my fault for not inquiring more. That's fair.

Still giving a 1 star because I ordered a cable card and bought a HD home run prime - it said right on their site it was one of the brands and models that would work. Even showed the tech his own site! He says "oh, open the (sealed) box and let me see it". I open it and he immediately says no. Well glad he got me to open it so I can't return it anymore. Luckily I have other cable options. Sadly they are all pretty much the same.

I returned my TWC equipment on 7/7/16 and requested a pay off balance to remit on 7/15/16. The balance of $104.57 was paid on 7/12/16. My husband received a call from the TWC retention department when I was not available on 7/13/16. I returned the TWC retention department call on 7/14/16 at 2:00 PM and was given a promotional package price of $150.00 to return to TWC, the retention dept staff promised me this would be available to me if I reviewed the terms with my husband and called the retention dept back. I confirmed husband wanted to resume his TWC account under the terms we agreed on.

When I reached the TWC retention department and was given promotional package quotes $15 to $25 dollars above the original price, I was transferred repeatedly, repriced, apologised to, lied to, kept on the phone with retention staff for over 2 and a half hours. Then we agreed and I confirmed a quote of $152.71 then I was transferred to a retention department staff to schedule my service call but instead I was told I was delinquent in my payments. I explained to Rashawn that I requested a payoff amount when I delivered the equipment to the TWC store and remitted that amount on 712/16. She firmly said I had to pay her $9 dollars and some cents or I couldn't schedule my service install.

After all that time on a call that I returned to them because they called me. While I was trying to make some sense of the 2 and a half hour nightmare the cordless phone alerted the battery was dead, I told Rashawn that I need to file an complaint and that she and the staff in the retention department should run for governmental offices because they lie and give the runaround as good as all the candidates. Please request the recorded call of 7/14/16 that began at 2:30 PM and ended at 5:50 PM. Thank you.

Transferred to people who didn't know my issue (cable and Internet out) and I didn't know I was being transferred. I was on the phone for an hour. I thought they were supposed to be fixing their customer service. They have not!

I received an ad from TWC and decided to give it a shot, worst mistake ever! They told me that someone will come in 2 days, I waited for almost 2 weeks! Every time I called them about it, they would reschedule the appointment. One day when I was not home they came unexpectedly, so I rushed home and got the internet installed. It seemed to working great until a few minutes later everything just stopped working. I called them and they kept telling me to do the same things over and over again, but nothing can fix my internet. The modem I bought was their "best" modem. After about 30 minutes on the phone with tech support I told them that it still isn't working. The tech guy hung up on me. Worst service ever.

Time Warner Cable should be the sole definition of Monopoly. They price gouge and pillage their customers. Their service is sub-par and their price manipulation is almost admirable based on how convoluted it is. I want to leave so badly however there has yet to be another local provider. Greenlight Cabling is coming soon and I am hoping that it truly is sooner rather than later.

Worst internet service ever from Time Warner cable. Getting highest speed of 0.82 Mbps. This is like nightmare. I won't recommend anyone ever!!!

My monthly bill was 109.77. All of a sudden I was billed $699.29. I was shocked and I called customer service and they said that was their mistake and they will fix it in my next bill. When I got my next bill, it was billed $801.45. Now they are saying I was upgraded and I have to pay that amount. I was very surprise and I told them I didn't agree for this and how come charge me this crazy amount? They put me to supervisor (Sharonda) who was way crazier than the customer care person. She didn't help me at all. She is like a robot saying the same thing over and over again. All her mind is to get my money. No intention to help me. They made a mistake and want me to pay for it. I don't understand this. I would give negative rating for their extremely poor service.

I am in the process of moving in the same area code as we are currently in. I contacted TWC to transfer phone, internet and cable services to the new address. I was given a new phone number with a different area code in what I was to find out was a different state. I called TWC again to request my current phone number or at least one that was in my area code. I was told I could not have a number in my current area code and the one I was given was all they could offer me. I told them that was unacceptable and they were forcing me to find another company to accommodate my request. I was told I should do what I need to do. I contacted Vonage who told me I could keep my current number. I set up an account with Vonage then called TWC to let them know to take the phone off the service change requested due to a company change.

I was asked by another rep why I was changing my phone coverage and told him because TWC would not allow me to keep my current number or stay in the current area code. I was told I needed to do what I had to. The next day when I received a message from Vonage that they were unable to switch my service because TWC had a turn off order on my number. I called a 4th rep from TWC to insist they take the work order off my phone number as I requested so I can switch to Vonage to retain my current number. I again regurgitated the conversations from the day before only to have her tell me my new address was the same street but in an entirely different city and state.

I want to warn anyone not to deal with this company if they don't have to. I have had repeated problems with this company and their service to the point I have requested money be refunded for lack of proper service for many reasons. This is as far as can go without sharing my experiences and warning anyone thinking of using their service.

We spent every day since we got TWC service on the phone with them. We were promised a debit rewards card if you pay 3 payments on time. We paid all our payments electronically through the bank. They never cashed them on TWC end. We sent them to the NY address. We sent them to the NC address. We paid them over the phone with a debit card and they never processed our payments. We proved over and over that we paid them on time. We conferenced in BOA and we sent letters proving we paid. Get this, they sent out statements with the Arrowood, Charlotte, NC address as the payment address and it has been closed for over a year. They made sure to decline payments and give incorrect information so they would not have to honor the debit rewards card payment. We signed up in May and the deal was to pay 3 payments on time. That puts us into July, yet somehow the promotion ended a long time ago. SCAM, SCAM, SCAM.

I have been a subscriber to Time Warner Cable (Cablevision Industries before the TWC takeover) and now Spectrum. This accounted for more than 20 years (my average monthly payment $125 which totals $30,000). Let me state in all honesty that I am not a "perfect" customer, I have paid my bill late several times (which always included a late charge which was paid with no complaints as I paid late). My cable was disconnected while I was out of the area, I received a call from TWC and made partial payment to restore services, I returned home 10 days later to find the service had not been restored. I called customer service, they talked me through resetting my equipment with no success.

The next day I noticed my line was disconnected from the tap. I called and was told their system did not show a disconnect. I informed them the system was wrong, they asked how I could make such a determination and I informed them I worked for them over 20 years ago. They connected me to another supervisor who said he would send someone out in a few days.

A few days later I called back in only to be told a tech was dispatched and he did not find a "downed line". Once again I stated it was disconnected at the tap and they stated their system did not show a tap disconnect. By now another payment had to be made, which I now believe I should not have made until this issue was resolved. Another 5 days go by with phone calls, promises to have someone stop in and verify this. Finally I state if it does not get connected by the end of the day I am turning in the equipment. Like magic the tech arrives and makes the connection at the tap.

The customer service rep calls me to tell me the service has been restored and that the solution noted on the work order was "disconnected at tap" (possibly done in error). Ok I should be happy right? Now for the real rave! My service was disconnected again. When I call to find out why they say my past amount due is over 65 days. I ask how that can be if my service was off over a month, did I not get a credit for the time it was off? They stated it was only disconnected for 1 day (in their system). Once again I informed them their system was wrong. I spoke with several levels of supervisors all stating that they can only go by what their system tells them. I asked if they could see all the calls I have made they said yes, however the system said I was only out of service for 1 day and they could not do anything to help me.

This is where I help myself. I have paid in over $30,000 and NEVER had a problem, no support required, never asked for credit all the times the cable would go out, nothing. I ask for a 30-day credit for the time I had no cable and they refused. I will now look for another company to give my money to. Hopefully I will find one who appreciates me being a customer.

I switched home phone from Vonage to TWC and it never once worked. Talking with support they spiked my modem (rebooted it remotely) and then blocked access to chat support. Not one working phone call was possible and instead of fixing the problem they just tried to get rid of my complaining. They are rated as the worst provider for years so bad they are changing their name to try to create a new identity that isn't so associated with their terrible history of performance.

Only a monopoly could stay in business for so long with an average one-star review. This is honestly the worst company I have ever dealt with in my life. They will say whatever they need to say in order to get your business and then deny they ever said it after they have your business. There should be a zero star rating because this company doesn't deserve any stars. Having relatives all over Europe I can tell you that our internet and cable here in the USA is third world compared to what you get in most of Europe. I think it's time for a bunch of attorneys to get together and slap a class action suit on Time Warner Cable. Americans deserve better than this. This company is Un-American.

During a remodel I returned my cable box and planned to shut down my cable service. I was talked into keeping my service even though I was not going to use it for 10 months because I had a grandfathered rate. I was told there would be no problem keeping the grandfathered rate indefinitely. 9 months into the remodel Time Warner cancelled my grandfathered rate. I called customer service who apologized but said they could do nothing. I spoke to a supervisor, George who would not give his last name, but gave the code **. He was extremely unhelpful. Not only did not acknowledge that Time Warner had done anything to cause me a problem, but his tone of voice gave me the impression I was an inconvenience. He did not have time for and he offered no help whatsoever.

What a nightmare! I called to cancel service in March, and they talked me off the ledge and got me suckered back in. This is where the nightmare began (again). They gave me a package with internet and cable for $120 per month. That only took 1 hour. After receiving my first month's bill they had charged me $189 per month. I called support, and they said they now would have to review the phone call, and they would call me back within 15 business days. Even though they said not to worry about the bill, they turned the cable off, so I paid even though I never agreed to that price. They never called me back.

Now they have billed me for 3 months at this absurd rate. Called billing back, this time I was in for over 3 hours of call time. They say there is no way they can give me the original rate they gave me, and I am obligated to pay the $189 per month, even though I never agreed to this. How can this even be legal? Terrible service and half can barely speak English. Couldn't understand them at all, and didn't help solve the problem what-so-ever! Wish I could give a negative rating.

During the first week of May, my husband and I found a new home on a gorgeous property in the same county we currently live in where we have great internet service. Because of the more remote location of the new home, we contacted TW customer service reps several times to ensure they you could in fact service our new home BEFORE we made an offer. On 4 different occasions, your customer service reps verified that the new home in Goshen, Ky 40026, could be serviced with no problem. In fact, before we submitted the contract to purchase the $335,000 home, we called one last time JUST TO MAKE SURE. My husband and I both work remotely from home, so fast internet service is MANDATORY for us to make a living and provide for our family. The answer was Yes.

The rep told us to call approximately 30 days before our move date to schedule the service to be installed. To our surprise, when we called to schedule our service last week, your rep told us our new home could NOT in fact be serviced. I escalated this up the chain of customer service, they bounced us back and forth between Customer Service, Customer Escalation, Construction & Serviceability and eventually were told that TW COULD service our new home - for $152,000. Obviously, this isn't an option for us and now we are left with a home in which we can't pay for because we have no means to work BECAUSE YOUR AGENTS TOLD US THE WRONG INFORMATION not once, not twice, but FOUR DIFFERENT TIMES.

Here's a brief rundown: TW agents told us on 4 different occasions our new home could be serviced. We purchased home at **. Once we tried to schedule service, TWC Serviceability Department told us that they cannot service our home. Your CSM listened to the calls and CONFIRMED you told us this 4 different times. They gave us a quote to install of $152,000. They expect us to be ok w/ the mistake and just forget this never happened.

How can a company provide false information to a person like this multiple times? Our family made a MAJOR life decision based on the information your company gave to us. We aren't talking about entertainment. We aren't talking about the ability to watch Netflix or to play internet games. We are talking about the means to work, how we provide for our family, how we afford food and water. This is completely, and totally, unacceptable.

I have contacted every major television station in the Louisville area and several have already started writing our story. I work in digital marketing and have a strong PR background and I can assure you that I will make it my lifelong goal to spread on the internet how awful of a company Time Warner Cable truly is. They should be ashamed of the so-called customer service this company provides.

Internet service ran incredibly slow or not at all. Time Warner tried to blame it on the router twice. I bought not one, but two, brand new, top of the line routers. The first installed by their service person upon moving in, the second by a network engineer. I had to call a MINIMUM of 4 times a month to complain. My bill was then increased $15/month! Only provider in area. :(

Very disappointed. I pay 140 dollars a month for my cable to freeze constantly. It's so bad I can't enjoy watching TV. I have had a service technician to come and it's no better. All my channels are the exact same.

I am not complaining about my service even though I believe my service is too high. My complaint is about a commercial that is shown repeatedly throughout the day and it makes me want to change cable companies. The commercial where a couple just came back to their house while a realtor is having an open house to try to sell their home and they find the neighbors have invaded and taken over the whole house. Wandering around and eating their food. Propping their feet upon the coffee table. This is the rudest commercial I have ever seen in my entire life and it insults my intelligence. Everyone know that Wi-Fi reaches a long way. I get my neighbors Wi-Fi from my home and could use it if I had their password. If they don't remove that commercial, I will seriously consider changing companies. Commercials are very stupid, but this one wins the award for the rudest, stupidest and most irritating one of all. I would give this no stars if I could.

Time Warner has sent several techs to my home until the point I will not let them send another one. TV signal going in and out, internet speeds that I am paying a price of 20.00 per month extra for they can't give me. Wireless speed are worse than a dial up. My wife works from home and her company put her Time Warner system in and when it goes down all is down. Try to tell them that it is on the outside somewhere. All they want to do is send a tech out once again. Today I called once again. This time I was told that my wife's modem was interfering with my modem and that's why I am getting slow speeds. (WTF). I told them today that I would have a fix by next week it will be hooking back up to Verizon. HOW CAN A COMPANY HAVE THESE MANY COMPLAINTS AND THERE SEEMS THERE IS NOTHING YOU CAN DO.

We've had Time Warner cable for about two years now. When we got them, everything is normal and never had any major issues. Ever since this 3-4 months, the service has been terrible! We've had about 15 different technicians come, they can't find what's going on. Supposedly it has to be referred to maintenance, and they never show up. Just last week, someone from the Office of the President came, and requested all the lines to be changed. I have been calling almost every day to find out what's going on. When are these guys coming. No phone, reps have no clue. Now for over a week, the guy from Office of the President doesn't pick up his phone. We have the 300 mbps package, but we don't get anything more then 100 mbps if not less. I am very mad, and I don't know what to do.

Received an offer in the mail from TWC. It was printed with my name and address. I said that it was an offer for for existing customers to upgrade to 50 mbps for $39.99 for a year. I called them up to take the offer and they wouldn't honor it. First they said it wasn't available in my area. Then why mail me the offer to my address??? Then they say it is for new customers. Then why does it say for existing customers??? Then they say it was a generic mailing. Then why is my name right in the body of the offer??? Read it all to them verbatim. They still refused to honor. Never have I seen such a dishonest company. Somebody must know why they mailed out such an offer. It didn't print itself!!!

We moved to a new home, and took our Time Warner Cable + Internet + digital phone with us. An in-law will be living with us, so we needed an additional phone line - "no problem" was the reply from the phone rep I spoke to in setting up the move. Here is where our frustration begins. After moving in, cable tech arrives on-time. 1/2 hour into the install, he tells us the "...port on the phone pole is bad", and because"...some other installer took all the ports for the other adjoining properties (which, apparently, is not permitted), no other ports are available". A work order is created by the tech to replace the port. Time to fix this? 7 to 10 working days. "They (TW) will call when the repair is done and we'll reschedule your install". 3 days pass. No call. We see NO line crews out working on the pole or the line.

We call TW customer service, and after being on hold for 55 minutes, we are told no record exists for the work order to repair the port - even though I have the order number the installer gave me when he called to schedule the port fix 3 days ago. The rep says the order "...must have been deleted". The work order to repair the port is scheduled - again. Much to our delight, we see repairmen on the pole the next a.m. I call TW that afternoon and schedule our install. I now get to wait 1 hour and 40 minutes on hold. I am told the only install date available is in 10 days "...the install will take in excess of 5 hours" we are told by the rep. We sigh, and wait. This wouldn't be that bad, except my spouse works from home, and since we have no internet, she has to commute until it's installed. 10 days pass, and the installer arrives, 1 hour late.

The installer is a private contractor from a city 2+ hours distant from us. He says, "yes", the install will take 5+ hours, and that he has three other appointments to get to today - he's quite "happy" to be here (not). He obviously won't be "on time" to those appointments now, will he? Some time later, he tells us the port on the pole is fixed and working - yay!. But he then tells us he cannot install the other telephone line for our in-law - "...that is a separate work order". Whaaaaat? He also switches out our cable boxes for whole-house DVR, which I had previously ordered before we moved. I have to leave for work; spouse stays to watch the installer. On my arrival home from work, I am infuriated to find the whole-house DVR does not work. We can only record, schedule, and play back from the DVR-equipped TV. The next morning I call TW again. This time, I am on hold for "only" 35 minutes.

The rep schedules another installer to come out, and assures me the DVR and phone line will be connected when the installer arrives tomorrow. At this point in time, I have all but given up any hope that we will have the other phone line installed by a competent installer or that our whole-house DVR will work, and that we will have functioning internet service. We have been in our new home for two-and-one-half weeks now, and our phone line and cable set-up still isn't what I am paying for. My spouse is having to commute to work instead of being able to work at home. I can only hope Google Fiber reads this and expands to our market. Believe me, we'd switch providers in a heartbeat, but my spouse's employer insists on the "fastest internet", which only TW has in our area. I guess we are stuck with TW for now.

I have been with Time Warner for a year now and for the past month they have messed up my payments and triple charged me. The customer service department is the worst. They promise you things that they can't deliver. They set up a payment for your account and change the amount that was told to you over the phone to a higher amount. They, customer service, has to be the dumbest group of people ever. I setup a payment for $152 to come out of my account on the 16th of June. They changed me the $152 twice and then told me it was something I setup but that they would give me a refund.

A week went by. Still no refund. I called them and they tell me, "Oh sir you need to fax over a bank statement showing the payment came out of the account," but... no one ever told me that and I talked to 5 people then the manager tells me he will handle the refund himself and I still got no refund. 2 weeks later they go right back into my account and take out another $152. That's $456 in 2 weeks. I call up there and they tell me once again, "Sir you setup this payment," but they will give me a refund. This company is straight trash and I will never do business with them ever again.

I signed up with Time Warner Cable at the TWC store in Plymouth NH for internet access only. Got it set up and it worked just fine. Later I went back online and when I opened my Mozilla browser the home page was redirected to the "Time Warner Cable New Customer Account registration Page", the first thing it asked for was my "Preferred email address." OK so I entered my email and clicked next. The next page asked for me to sign up for a Time Warner email account and it stated that this account would be the email account associated with my Time Warner account.

Immediately this made me suspicious that this was going to cost me even more money. I tried to back out of this page but I was locked onto it. I opened the Internet Options and the Home page was changed to the "Time Warner Cable New Customer Account Registration" page and it was LOCKED on this so I could not change it. I went back to the registration page and again attempted to close it, back out of it but it was locked.

I refused to create a Time Warner email account because all of this made me very suspicious that it would cost me more money but I couldn't close it so I played their game and filled in the email and password of my choice but Time Warner denied any password that I entered and then suddenly my PC screen went entirely blue (Blue screen of death) and then suddenly went Black - DEAD they destroyed my hard drive, recovery drive and even the recovery drive I created on an external drive when I purchased the PC. Time Warner Cable hijacked my PC and destroyed it simply because I refused to sign up for a Time Warner email account that I did not want. Time Warner Cable is GREEDY and CORRUPT. They have no right to hijack anyone's PC and destroy it.

I started out paying 26.99 month just 5 years ago and now I'm paying 79.99 for same speed 100 Mbps and service. I have tried many times to go with a cheaper plan. You get reps that put you on hold every time you try to question their price jumps. There are no other services available in the area so the choice is nothing at all or TWC. I was told I have to pay 10.00 more for streaming and 2.00 more for modem (same modem). The one I have to turn off and on every time my service doesn't work. My phone is 72.00 month unlimited data and I can watch shows. I'm think I might just drop them 'cause I dislike them so much. Constant sales pitch calls are also annoying. Maybe their stockholders are happy but their customers not.

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In 1989 when Time, Inc. and Warner Communications merged, the first seeds were planted for what would become one of the nation's largest cable television networks. Time Warner is headquartered in New York City.

  • Pay in store: Consumers who prefer to pay with cash can visit Time Warner retail locations.
  • Big on-demand catalog: More than 10,000 shows and movies are pre-loaded on the Time Warner on-demand service.
  • Mobile viewing: Customers can view programming on their smartphone or tablet.
  • Enjoy Internet access: With Time Warner, viewers get access to a network of more than 400,000 WiFi hotspot locations.
  • Bundled services: Time Warner also offers discounted Internet and phone service bundles.
  • Best for Television fans who watch a range of programs, households on a budget and businesses who provide entertainment to customers or staff members.

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