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I have been using QB 2016 online version. They were after me to accept online payment of my invoices. Finally I agreed and started to use. After 3rd invoice paid 6500 dollars invoice was paid online by client but QB held the funds for "unusual activity". First I had thought that there was a fraudulent charge. Later I learned that QB needed all my business documents including bank statements, all invoices, business licenses, etc.

It would have taken me 2 weeks and an expensive CPA to get all these documents in order. I expected them to credit the amount back to my client so I can get paid by a check as he always did for last 10 years. Of course not. QB held on to money for almost three weeks while my client is out of money. I could not expect him to pay me again. I am still out of money. No QB cares. Garbage department. Calls and I am out of money. I just paid 2000 for a lawyer to litigate my case. So in short I would not recommend this to my worst competition. NO QUICKBOOKS FOR ANYONE WHO HAS ANY SENSE OF BUSINESS. YOU WILL LOSE.

Satisfaction Rating
After 18 years using QB for my 3 small companies (and loving it) I hired a bookkeeper and "upgraded" to QBO (online). WHAT A MISTAKE!!! There is absolutely no resemblance between the 2. One is made for everyone and the other for I don't know who. You better know accounting systems to try to master this clump of c**p. After 3 days with Intuit "customer service" finally go uploaded all of QB 2012. 1/2 of it was not accurate and took very smart bookkeeper 2 days to untangle.

This is the most unfriendly software you could imagine. No chat room for help and 45-90 minute wait for customer service.

Satisfaction Rating

I have used TurboTax for many years to file my taxes. This year when I filed my taxes, I was charged $4.99 for QuickBooks. I have no idea why. I have never used QuickBooks and never will. I researched why this happened and apparently it was a scam to get self-employed TurboTax payers to subscribe at $4.99 per month. I followed the instructions to cancel and was still charged the $4.99. Now I have been on the phone with QuickBooks to get a refund for the $4.99. I have been on the phone with them for over 1/2 hour and still counting. They are so unorganized and unethical. They say it is taking 30 minutes to locate my account. I am not on hold and I have my confirmation number so why is it taking so long? This seems to be quite the scam. They make it so difficult to cancel so the customer gives up. Multiple $4.99 times millions of customers and they are making quite a profit.

Satisfaction Rating

I just purchased QB Mac 2016. What were they thinking when they changed GO FIND to some two-sided flip file that gives you WAY too much information? I spent 7, yes 7 hours on the help line with QB last week. A good thing I had purchased a support package. PLEASE bring back the old method, I can't begin to reconcile my banking ledger with the new, improved flip file. Also, my mouse doesn't work with the banking ledger. It works fine with other parts of the program. I feel like I am going crazy! I have used QB since it came out and this is the worst software update to date.

Satisfaction Rating

BUYERS BEWARE!! I bought QB Pro 2014 and used it for a little over one year. After having QB walk me thru a transfer of the software from my old laptop to my new one, the software began to lose transactions that should have been imported from my bank. After calling QB tech support, I was offered a fix for $400!! After declining the fix and deciding to manually key in my missing info, the problem increased, losing even more data. I called tech support again. I was again offered a horrible solution of having my software fixed for hundreds of dollars. The tech told me that I should have updated my software regularly.

When I confirmed that I HAD done that, he said that I should have upgraded it then. The tech told me that since I did not upgrade annually, I was not living in the 21st century (outstanding customer service by the way). The tech then said that my problem was due to antivirus software that was recently installed. The tech said that had I called sooner, they could have fixed it quickly and for free since it was a smaller issue. After proving that I HAD in fact called when the problem first began (which was also before the anti virus software was installed so that was a line of garbage) the tech resorted to telling me that I either had to pay hundreds of dollars to restore and encrypt my data or I would just lose all of my data.

This is software that thousands of businesses rely on to store crucial data every day. If QB software can so easily be corrupted and fail, why would anyone trust it?? Furthermore, if it was true that anti virus software could increase potential problems with QB, why would QB not automatically encrypt its software knowing that thousands of businesses also employ anti virus software?? It is not a new scenario to have both QB and AV software on a PC. Who is the one not living in the 21st century? I WILL NEVER OWN QB SOFTWARE FOR ANY OF MY COMPANIES EVER AGAIN.

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Satisfaction Rating

My online version quit uploading my bank transactions. I own online PLUS and support is nonexistent. They purposely put glitches in their program and then charge you extra to fix them. When I complained about this "extra" charge, the supervisor "Mark" hung up the phone on me. When I called back he stated that QuickBooks sells the software and then you own it and must PAY for support. He then told me not to call back and hung up again. This is a horrible business model, but it makes money for them as they have us over a barrel. Stay away them.

Satisfaction Rating

I've been using Quickbooks for over 20 years. About two years I switched from the desktop version to the Quickbooks Online version. Not happy. The reporting capabilities are nowhere near the desktop version. Customer service is highly untrained -- if you don't mind waiting 30 minutes. And course their pricing is significantly more than all the other players -- which they will continue to raise since Intuit currently controls the market. My #1 goal for 2016 is to switch to a new player. From reading, there are many great lower price options for online accounting.

Satisfaction Rating

Takes them 40 minutes to answer the phone for customer service. Their website frequently crashes. I'm paying for it, but it doesn't work. The tech-support representatives don't know what they're doing, they pretend like they're helping you and when you call back for further assistance they tell you nobody took any notes. I encourage anyone thinking of migrating over to this company do not do it! Save yourselves time and money. I've spent about two solid weeks of my life on hold with this company. They make so many mistakes! I hate this company!

Satisfaction Rating

I called a year ago to find out why my QB online backups had stopped working. I was told I needed to update software. He signed on and updated. I was told I had 1 year of free support. When I called today to tell them I didn't want to renew... I was told that if I didn't my software would stop!! My only choices are to BUY more. Ha. Great business plan.

Satisfaction Rating

It is the worst experience I have had with Quickbooks Online and I have not been able to download transactions from the bank for almost three months. Each time it states bank error code 102, 103 then 185 and it is just so frustrating. The bank has confirmed nothing wrong from their site but Quickbooks! We have a business to run and this is just impossible! I would not recommend Quickbooks to anyone.

Satisfaction Rating

My trial was for QuickBooks Simple Start... When trial period ended, it charged my card for way higher cost than I had ever seen. I had to call in two times to try to resolve, but the only way I could get it changed was to cancel my account and start ALL OVER. At no time in the check out process did they tell me it would be the price they charged my credit card for.

Satisfaction Rating

I got my confirmation email showing my subscription for SIMPLE START ONLINE at $12.95 AND the PAYROLL part for $39.95... We have no employees... I did not order that. So I responded to email. So I set up the company and set up the banking. When I connected to my bank account, I connected to personal account instead of business one. I found no way to delete the download. I could exclude the items from the transaction register but the Balance totals were my personal checking. I tried to contact Intuit but all you get is a FAQ. NOTHING they explained worked.

It said F2 to find company file location on my computer... F2 turned off my WIFI. They said to check all Program file and delete file from there. NO QB file in site. After several issues and reading the complaints online... I cancelled my subscription... but the CANCEL SUBSCRIPTION button did not do anything... for 10 min... for 15 min... I hit it again... Nothing. SO you can't even cancel? What the heck?


I have QB simple start 2008 that stopped working as license was suspended due to discontinuation of product. I was advised to upgrade to a 2011 version or pay a monthly fee of $13.08 to have the online version. They tried their best to sell me a newer version all the time, I was on the phone with Tech Support and the problem has not been solved as no one has followed up after giving me a case ref #. I was also told by Joy (supervisor) that that's their policy and she could do nothing other than transfer me to the online department to get rid of me. She transferred and I was disconnected as always. Any thing I could do to have my product working back? I just use it to write checks as we have an accountant that uses QB and needs us to use the same.

I paid $110.00 for the product in 2008 and no discontinuation policy was described in the product. I subscribed for a free 30 trial of the online version until the problem was solved and I was charged today for the first time as the problem is still going on. The uncountable hours on the phone trying to get help are so expensive to the company that I was told to let it go. I personally am so nervous with this that I had to take medication after talking to this people that are ripping us off. Its a scam, definitely.


First, today's date is 4/28/2010.

I own QuickBooks 2007. I have invoices to send out today and I cannot because QuickBooks has blocked my ability to send email invoices in order to force me to upgrade to their 2010 product.

See, when a QuickBooks user tries to email an invoice, the QuickBooks product makes an Internet connection to one of their servers prior to creating the PDF and email to be sent using client information within QuickBooks itself. The problem now is when Quickbooks contacts the Intuit server, I receive a web page with the following text:

"Important! On May 31, 2010, the Intuit Billing Solution for QuickBooks and the free e-mailing service will no longer work with your version of QuickBooks 2007 software. In order to sign up for Intuit Billing Solution or the free e-mailing service, you must upgrade to a more recent version of QuickBooks. Discontinuing older versions of QuickBooks allows us to focus resources on supporting more current products, which are used by the vast majority of QuickBooks customers.

The result: a better customer experience for millions of QuickBooks users. To learn more about Intuit's discontinuation policy for all QuickBooks software, please visit www.intuit.com/policy

With Intuit Billing Solution, save time and make it easy for your customers to pay you faster. Upgrade to QuickBooks 2010 today and take advantage of the following offers: Save 20% when you upgrade to QuickBooks Simple Start, Pro or Premier 2010* Save 25% when you upgrade to QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions 10.0*Plus, get free standard shipping with your upgrade! Offers end on May 31, 2010.

Intuit Billing Solution can help businesses that invoice their customers get paid faster with less time and effort, by allowing customers to pay you online. Here's a quick look at what it does:

1) Helps get you paid faster by giving customers access to a password-protected web
site where they can pay by credit card 24 hours a day, regardless of how you deliver
your invoices - mail, fax or e-mail. **
2) Service your customers better with an always-on Web site where they can pay you
by credit card, find information about their account or send you a question via e-mail.

3) Easy to set up and use because all the features are integrated with QuickBooks.

Order online or call to order: 1-866-676-9670:

If ordering via phone, call 1-866-676-9670 and mention special offer code 6433262399.

* Offer of 20% off is good towards purchase of QuickBooks Simple Start, Pro or Premier 2010 and is available to QuickBooks Simple Start, Pro or Premier 2007 customers only. Offer of 25% off is good towards purchase of QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions 10.0 and is available to QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions 7.0 customers only. Both offers end on May 31, 2010. Free standard shipping with upgrade offers. Terms, conditions, pricing, features,

support and service are subject to change at any time without notice.

* Online payment requires a subscription to the QuickBooks Merchant Service. Additional fees are assessed by payment providers for online payments. Terms, conditions, pricing, features and service subject to change.

2000- 2010 Intuit, Inc. All Rights Reserved. Legal Notices Privacy Statement Terms of Service Intuit Business Services: Service Signup Denied Page 1 of 1."

Missing in the text are the graphic buttons for "close and buy online". Those are my only two options. There is no continue that will allow me to send my invoices as usual.

This change that Intuit has implemented effectively renders their product that I purchased useless ahead of their published May 31, 2010 date.

Calling Intuit tech support is of no use because their options for me are to either upgrade or safe each invoice to PDF, create a new email message, look up the client's email address and type it in, attach the PDF to said invoice, and then email said invoice.

All of this was automated prior to Intuit's change. I have a PDF of Intuit's web page announcing the May 31st date and my options of Cancel or Buy Online if you want it. I even recorded a phone conversation with their technical support since their on-hold message states that they too may record phone calls. I also disclosed I was recording as a means of taking notes on the procedures they wanted me to enact.


We are EXTREMELY disappointed in Quickbooks. We have a copy of Simple Start and Quickbooks and apparently neither will work since we dont have updates and cant get them without spending more money with you. We are also apparently having much trouble just trying to get either one of the programs to work on just 2 computers networked.

We are totally unable to retrieve many manhours of work and have no access to any of our records entered with this program.

Expert Review

Shelley ElmbladFinancial Software Contributing Editor

Shelley Elmblad is a freelance writer with years of experience covering small business, personal finance and tax software and mobile apps. Shelley’s goal is to help others choose the best software to run a small business, track personal finances and save money.    More about Shelley→

QuickBooks Online is developed by Intuit, a long time leader in accounting software for small- to mid-sized businesses and tax software.  At $12.95 per month, the Simple Start version is a low cost way to send invoices and have access to a good set of small business accounting features. If a business eventually needs more features, it’s easy to upgrade to higher versions of QuickBooks for  $26.95 to $39.95 per month, and $39 per month for payroll services. There’s a 30-day free trial with iOS, Android and Blackberry apps.

  • No limits: Send unlimited invoices and estimates.
  • Easy to use: QuickBooks Online Simple Start is very easy to use with intuitive tabs and graphics and was designed for people who are new to online billing and invoicing and accounting in general.
  • Grows with business: If your business grows, you can add the ability to manage and pay bills, have multiple people use QuickBooks Online simultaneously, manage payroll and add inventory management features.
  • Gateway: To accept invoices, you need to use Intuit Merchant Services for $19.95 per month plus per transaction and other fees.
  • Signing up: When you sign up for free trial, it’s strongly suggested you should add payroll service. Look for “continue without payroll” button if you’re not interested in that feature. An upgrade to a higher version for another $14 per month is required for recurring invoices.
  • Best for Self Employed, independent contractors and mobile professionals.

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