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The Subaru Outback is an SUV. Older models are station wagons. Read more Subaru reviews to learn about other models.

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    How do I know I can trust these reviews about Subaru Outback?
    • 4,466,033 reviews on ConsumerAffairs are verified.
    • We require contact information to ensure our reviewers are real.
    • We use intelligent software that helps us maintain the integrity of reviews.
    • Our moderators read all reviews to verify quality and helpfulness.
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    Reviewed May 28, 2024

    Two sensors came in,, still need a third, the shop has no estimate on when. Need the third or car is not drivable. This problem only occurs with the 2020 Subaru Outback. That diminishes the value severely since car will not operate without all three sensors. Jay still will not bring this issue to his supervisor. Obviously, this is at management direction. What good is a car that performs great in an accident, but Subaru USA will not stock parts to fix it!!!. Unfortunately, there is no government agency that can control the manufacturer! Shame on your organization for dealing with your customers in this fashion!!!! You get zero stars.!!.


    Reviewed May 2, 2024

    Looks like over 50% rate you a 1 or a 2. If you had a zero, it would be 75%. You should be ashamed to manufacture a car and not have adequate part to repair it in an accident. Waiting 5 months now for 3 sensors. Obviously you waited till you need an amount that would give you a price break when you ordered. Think of us who can't drive our car because of your actions. NEVER BUY a SUBARU!!!!

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      Customer ServiceStaff

      Reviewed Feb. 8, 2024

      I have 2018 Subaru Outback. My infotainment system has not worked for some time. I am now aware that there was a class action lawsuit that lead to an extended warranty of 5 years and 100,000 miles, but unfortunately I am now outside of these parameters. I was not notified at the time although Subaru claims they sent a letter.

      The representative repeatedly stated that if I used the dealership for servicing rather than a more cost effective mechanic I would have been notified. I realize I have no recourse at this point, but the fact is the company sold a faulty product and has made no effort to make it right with a customer. Maybe they made it right with the class action trial lawyers on order from a judge, but not with me, a Subaru owner and paying customer. Honestly otherwise the car has been pretty good, the radio is just kind of a big deal. They want $2200 to replace it now and the attitude in the company response really got to me. Think I will go another direction with my next vehicle.

      Customer Service

      Reviewed Sept. 25, 2023

      The engine of my 2018 Outback was recently diagnosed leaking to exhaust pipeline. Can't believe that Subaru still making cars with engine problems.... Called Subaru USA, very bad experience with those guys.... STAY AWAY FROM SUBARU IF WANT HAVE YOUR CAR LONGER.

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      Reviewed Sept. 3, 2023

      While the car itself is great… The electronics ie touchscreen is worse than you can imagine. There are so many glitches in this thing I can’t list them all. I have had the car for two months now and I am still finding new ones. The safety features are over the top and annoying to say the least. This is my third Subaru and I am already considering getting rid of this one.

      Reviewed July 8, 2023

      Seems like they should have adequate parts inventory for a 5 year old car. Contacted both the dealer and Subaru, Subaru said they knew they had a problem. Car is now not only disabled but not salable. Nor being able to replace a key part is not acceptable.

      Installation & Setup

      Reviewed March 26, 2023

      This is my first Subaru as I have historically purchased Fords in the past. I bought a brand new Touring XT Outback with the promise that it could tow 3500 lbs as advertised and reinforced by everyone at the dealership. When I received the Outback I immediately had a hitch installed as I needed it to tow a trailer. The hitch that was installed only provided a 4 pin connector but I need a seven pin connector to tow my trailer with electric brakes. The owner’s manual states the vehicle can only tow 1000lbs with a trailer without brakes (4 pin connector) which is understandable. However a seven pin connector is needed to tow every trailer with electric brakes (standard type).

      When I spoke with the dealership to get a 7 pin connector installed which I would have assumed would have been installed with the 3500 lb hitch, I was told Subaru doesn’t provide this connector and I need to go to a 3rd party to have it installed but this installation would void the warranty. Now I’ve owned this vehicle for one week and already cannot use it as it was intended. I can either install a seven pin connector and use my trailer and potentially void the warranty or I need to find another vehicle to tow my trailer. I would not recommend this vehicle or this manufacturer to anyone. Since manufacturer is fraudulent with this minor issue I fear what other issues I will encounter in the future. Save your money and go with a logical manufacturer that will stand by their vehicles and would prefer to keep their new customers happy.

      Reviewed Feb. 1, 2023

      I purchased a 2016 Subaru Crosschek with 40,000 miles from the Glendale Subaru dealership, not realizing they had just replaced a blown head gasket. The Head Gasket blew again at 50,000 destroying the block and the Palm Desert Subaru replaced the block because it was still under warranty. The Head Gasket blew again at 70,000 miles and the Subaru CS is going to assist with $2500 of the $4800 bill, so I'm in for $2300 bill. My goal of purchasing a Crosstrek and getting 200,000 miles is bunk! Three blown gaskets in 70,000 miles! Wow!!


      Reviewed Dec. 21, 2022

      1st Outback was 2005, engine blew at around 70,000 miles because of head gasket failure. Dealings with the dealership and Subaru America. 2nd outback is a 2021. The computer(s) in this thing are a complete mess. Anything that is connected to a computer is randomly dysfunctional, and the most worrying part is the randomness of it. Short list of things that randomly go wrong:

      Car regularly steers across divider lines and sometimes pulls toward the wall to the left of the fast lane on one of our local highways or off to the road to the right if we’re in the slow lane; it does recognize there’s a line but doesn’t steer accordingly; warning lights flash and beeps go off but I never take my hands off the wheel but on a few occasions felt like I was wrestling with the steering system.

      On a few occasions when in cruise control the car accelerates wildly.

      Driving through a parking lot once the car just wouldn’t go; it was in gear but just wouldn’t move forward until I put it in park, turned off and restarted the engine and put it back into drive. Similar thing happened with my coworker’s friends but they were in the fast lane and result was a major accident.

      Emergency brake activates randomly as when backing into or out of a parking spot; you have to experience this to appreciate it. So far mostly just an annoyance but is actually kind of alarming when it happens.

      Cruise control feature does a pretty good job of locking on and keeping distance from the vehicle in front of you but doesn’t recognize cars that are stopped on the road e.g. at a stop light.

      On highway travel the lane keep pulls the car dangerously close to big trucks in the lane to your right. The lane keep feature often swerves one way or the other and doesn’t center the car in the lane. Oddly, on a vacation when we rented an older and lower trim Forrester and the cruise control and lane keep features worked perfectly

      Other computer glitches:

      Main screen goes blank except for a spinning circle in the middle of it. I drove 20 minutes to the Subaru dealership and they took it into the shop and did a huddle while I stood outside. When the huddle dispersed the service guy backed it out and let me know they couldn’t do anything about it because there were no “error codes”. I pointed out that the screen was still doing it while he was telling me this so why would you need an error code? But that is how it was left and I drove home with the screen black and the little circle spinning.

      The stereo system randomly turns on while driving; the most common thing is all sound blasts in low quality audio suddenly from one speaker always front driver side, also happens randomly. This is their high end stereo system. Using the screen system to reset or move the sound to different speakers has no effect. The only remedy is to stop the car and turn off the engine and restart, but that doesn’t always work.

      When closing the driver side window it closes to about 2/3 closed then goes back down to about 1/3 closed. It either does this once each time you touch the button and occasionally just goes up and down repeatedly until it stops. As with other problems the most reliable solution seems to be to stop and restart the engine which must do a reboot of the system.

      Temperature resets itself randomly, and sometimes seat heaters (which I never use) are fully on for no reason.

      There are two alarms to alert you when you’re dozing or have taken your hands from the wheel which go off randomly and on one occasion did so for 35 minutes nonstop

      When time allows I’ll return to the dealership which will be the third visit for this car, but if past experience means anything I’m not optimistic.

      Sales & MarketingStaffReliability

      Reviewed Aug. 27, 2022

      I bought a new Subaru Outback Outdoors XT in 2020. After about 33000 km the car started to shake at braking. Their own service people said that the rotors were warped and needed replacement. However, since it was 'more than 1 year old' they refused to replace the defective parts, and quoted me over $700 for parts and labour. I am very disappointed with Subaru's quality. They are certainly not as safe as they advertise, and have zero interest in looking after their customers. I would never buy another Subaru again, and would recommend to stay away from the brand that uses low quality parts and offers no regard for their customers.

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