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The Jeep Wrangler is an SUV designed for off-roading and is available in both 2- and 4-door models. Read more Jeep reviews to learn about other models.

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    How do I know I can trust these reviews about Jeep Wrangler?
    • 4,461,376 reviews on ConsumerAffairs are verified.
    • We require contact information to ensure our reviewers are real.
    • We use intelligent software that helps us maintain the integrity of reviews.
    • Our moderators read all reviews to verify quality and helpfulness.
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    Customer ServiceCoveragePriceStaff

    Reviewed Feb. 3, 2024

    I have been a Wrangler owner for decades. I've modified mine over the years, and spent almost $75,000 in total on my newest, a 2018. I've been a fan and "recommender" the whole time. But I've never really had an issue before, so I never knew how truly awful Jeep is. My Wrangler is rusting horribly at all the hinges on all four doors, and on the bottoms of the doors and a spot or two on the hood. It's awful, bubbly paint and my wrangler looks like it has acne. Or cancer. It's been in the shop for recalls and other standard care, and each time the service department of my local dealer was going to report it. It's not safe to assume they never did, as I finally called Jeep myself.

    My first call ended in the rep telling me that I was 30 days too late for the work to be covered. It could NOT be more obvious that this bubbling paint has been going on for over a year, but now I'm "too late." If Jeep had done their job, I wouldn't be in this situation. I attempted to escalate the issue, but no one returned calls. I must've made 20 calls and spent HOURS on hold, repeated the story dozens of times to different reps during that 30 day period. I got apology after apology and admission that they dropped the ball. But they still aren't covering it. They estimate my cost to be between 4 and 6 thousand dollars. They admitted on the phone that the reason they're denying it is because it's such an expensive repair. That they'd stand behind the car if it wasn't so costly.

    They've admitted that this is a known problem. Yet still not covering it. WOW. Have they lost a life-long customer. And I'm going to spend as much time as I can on my Jeep forums and social media spreading the word. This is such a slap in the face. But it does give me the excuse to switch over to the Bronco now. Maybe Ford will be better to their loyal customers.

    Customer ServiceInstallation & SetupStaffReliability

    Reviewed Feb. 2, 2024

    Jeep has the worst customer service I have ever experienced. On December 4, 2023, I made a deal to purchase a brand new Wrangler Willys from a dealership even though this vehicle had some extra features that I did not initially intend to buy. One of these features was a Uconnect 4C NAV & sound group. After picking up my Jeep and driving for only for about 20 minutes, I realized that the Navigation was not working. I did not pay much attention to this, thinking I just needed to sync it when I got home. However, after getting home and trying to sync and reset the Navigation, it still was not working.

    I called Jeep Chrysler customer care. The support person who answered the phone explained how to reset the Nav but their advice did not work. I was then advised to go to the nearest Jeep service. At my servicing appointment, it was determined that the entire radio unit in my Jeep was broken and had to be replaced. The Jeep dealership ordered a new radio. However, the service workers informed me that they could not complete my radio replacement without permission from Jeep customer care and that I would have to open a case regarding this. The service workers called the dealership where I purchased my Jeep. I was told over the phone that my radio was most likely wrongly installed when the vehicle was in the factory and this was not the first time this had happened.

    Three days later, I finally managed to get through to Jeep customer care over the phone and I received a case number. It has been a month and I still cannot reach the case manager assigned to my case using the number provided to me by Jeep customer care. I have called every day and the call always goes to voicemail. Despite leaving three messages, I have never been called back. I have even tried calling other Jeep departments who have tried to connect me to my case manager with no luck. These departments have also sent emails to my case manager but I have still not received a single response. The navigation system, SOS call and road assistance in my new Jeep are completely broken, I have received no help, and I still have no idea what is happening with my case. This is unacceptable.

    I am extremely disappointed in the horrendous customer service I have received. I paid for a brand new Jeep and paid more for its extra features, including the Uconnect 4C NAV & sound group. It is this feature that is not working, so I pretty much spent money for nothing. I was so excited about having a Jeep but now this became just a huge headache. Jeep has not taken any action to replace the faulty radio and their customer service exists only on paper. It seems that Jeep and Stellantis unfortunately just care about taking all your money without providing the quality service they claim to offer. I hope my story can help other potential customers think twice before purchasing a Jeep.

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      Customer ServicePunctuality & SpeedStaff

      Reviewed Oct. 24, 2023

      We purchased a brand new 2023 Jeep Rubicon 3.6 Litre Engine which started leaking oil at 1200 miles. Took vehicle to dealership McKinney Jeep and was told it was a defect from Jeep on the assembly line. A brand new Jeep should not need a new block at 1200 miles. While our Jeep was laid up they gave us a crap Jeep to use but was told not to take out of state. Jeep does not want to compensate us anything for our time and expenses and keeps blowing us off on phone calls and emails. That being said, that was our first and last Jeep we will ever buy for that kind of money. As far as dealer goes, McKinney Jeep in Easly, SC screwed us too in that they had the new block and it sat out back for 2 weeks with nobody to put it in.

      Finally got Jeep back with oil leak and antifreeze smell. Sent it back to dealer again, they had spilled oil and antifreeze on top of engine. They kept it another two days and when i got it back I noticed two weeks later that they had scratched up my driver's seat and they are putting the blame on me and refuse to fix it. Don’t buy a Jeep and certainly not from McKinney Jeep in Easly SC.

      Customer ServiceReliability

      Reviewed Aug. 30, 2023

      Jeep customer service is awful… I have been waiting for almost a month for a resolution on my 2020 Wrangler whose service 4wd light continues to go off and on…local dealership has had the car twice and both times we have been told it's fixed but it isn't… terrible several for a defective product.

      Profile pic of the author.

      Reviewed Aug. 27, 2023

      I bought my Jeep Wrangler in 2020, man I was in love with this car. I felt it was a good drive, sporty, I was so happy for the first 6 month. One day about 6 months after I was coming back from a work trip to LA and I hit a very small bump. I was going about 60 mph and my car started to shake, it was so bad I thought my car was going to come apart on Freeway. I'm not try to be funny but I actually peed my shorts. I was almost hit by 18 wheeler. I managed to get over to side of freeway where I sat for a 1/2 hour. I got off the freeway and called a good friend and asked what I should and he said call the dealer.

      I called Crystal Cathedral Chrysler and the woman in repairs said, "Oh that's called the Death Wobble, bring it in and we will repair it." She said, "It's ok to drive, just drive in the slow lane." Well I brought it back 3 times in 3 years to have the "Death Wobble" fixed, It's good for about 3 months. I don't take it on the Freeway anymore. My lease is up in 5 months and I can't wait to turn it in. MY buddy has the truck version of my car and no problems.

      Customer ServiceCoverage

      Reviewed May 13, 2023

      I have NEVER in my 65 years had SUCH poor service. Service Manager HAD NO IDEA how a Hybrid Jeep Wrangler even works. Short history: my Jeep constantly loses its ability to run in electric mode. However, EVERY TIME I take it back to the dealership, I'm told the car is fine. NO IT'S NOT. It's an electric vehicle that WILL NOT RUN IN ELECTRIC MODE. They 100% ignore the error message "Electric Mode Temporarily Unavailable. Fuel & Oil Refresh In Progress" Reading the manual, this is a safety mode. IF the preset self diagnostic (Fuel & Oil Refresh) can not complete its diagnosis, the car will disable the electrical ability and only run in gas mode. YET, still no fix..

      I spend $85 a day in rental which is not covered... they could care LESS. DO NOT DO NOT DO NOT purchase a JEEP. READ all the comments JEEP could care LESS!!! Stop buying, that will stop their despicable practice of turning out lemons. AND NEVER NEVER buy from Larry H Miller Jeep in Albuquerque NM especially if you are an older woman.

      Punctuality & Speed

      Reviewed May 9, 2022

      I bought my Jeep about March 9 and in One month car breaks down. A month later smoke everywhere saying hot engine. Turn engine off hot engine. I their road side assistance. I had to wait around for the for the roadside assistance that came with my car after putting $7000 down with a $575 monthly payment to lease which is a little bit ridiculous but I love the car. I wish I would've never done it. The worst mistake of my life. I'm stuck with a payment. I was saving money to buy the soft top from them that they told me they would charge me $3000 to put a softer top on. I will never ever ever spend another dollar.

      They took forever to pick up my son. I had to leave. I left my son waiting with the car pulled over, a brand new car. I paid this money And I struggle never to have a problem that's why I pay so much to never be stranded and never have a problem. I guess not only did they pick up the car after a while but then they told my son, "I'm sorry. I have two people in my tow truck. You can come," and left my son stranded somewhere in Farmingdale. Took him two hours to get a friend to find where he was to be picked up. This is unheard of. This is not right at all. This is unacceptable. I regret the day I walked into the Jeep Dealer and I had my son going to buy a wrangler for his birthday for the summer. They lost out on that because I will never ever ever ever and saving money to spend another 3000 on a soft top. Forget it. I regret the day I spent a dollar on jeep.

      Reviewed April 12, 2022

      We have been waiting (and still counting) for an instrument cluster for our 2021 4xe with no end in sight. I have no idea how much gas we have, how charged our battery is or if there are any other instrument warning indicators alerting us to issues. I am confident Jeep is still making these vehicles and using these instrument clusters in their new vehicles, so the poor supply chain issue is not going to work this time.

      Customer ServiceInstallation & SetupCoverageSales & MarketingPunctuality & SpeedStaff

      Reviewed Aug. 28, 2021

      I purchased 2018 Jeep Wrangler on December 2017 with prepaid maintenance package. I have quite few things to tell. First, after purchased the car, went to Livermore California location for oil change few times, the last time I went there, was absolutely NO customer service! I called before I went there. The receptionist said it was ok to come for service, so I drove all the way from Fremont California to Livermore California, you could Google it how far it is. After got there, the man at front door with BAD ATTITUDE, said ”no, I can’t take you!” I said: ”The receptionist says it’s ok to come.” He said: ”I can’t .” I went back to receptionist, she said the system shows it’s ok to do oil changed service. She had confused face to look the man at door. This is total Racist. He just wouldn’t take my car for Service by his control. This shows the management has no communication to each other, on top of let customer take the responsibility.

      At that time, I knew that I have no effort to complain. The company won’t do anything for it, all it is cover their own employee. I decided to change to different dealership for service. Redwood City Jeep at California is the most unprofessional management. It is the most difficult appointment to make for oil change service. Only three a day for waiting services appointment. A lot drop off appointment. I asked the receptionist, "If I drop off, do you have shuttle for drop me?" She said no. Which means cause customers money for no reason. I know it’s pandemic, but you CANNOT use this excuse for everything.

      I rescheduled my appointment with Fremont Jeep California, they have Monday to Friday, 8am-5pm all waiting appointments. Why they don’t use the “pandemic“ as excuse. Same jeep brand different advertisement. Why would let these unprofessional Dealerships to representing JEEP. Although few attorneys have contacted me for sue on 2018 jeep transmissions problems. I did not pay attention for it. It is so unfair, after customer purchased car, treat customer like nobody. All need it for easy access for make service appointments.

      Punctuality & Speed

      Reviewed July 5, 2021

      I bought a 2021 Jeep Rubicon in Sept 2020. It has 10k miles now. Drove to Las Vegas and the interior wheel wheels melted. It came off in chunks. Took to Yucca Valley Jeep and they told me I cut my own wheel wells!!! I'm a 50 year old woman. Why would I cut my own brand new wheel wheels? RIDICULOUS! They denied my warranty. JEEP IS RIDICULOUS, BUY A TOYOTA!!!! Never went off road 1 time. I didn't want to rate at 1 star but required to do so...Seriously frustrated.

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