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    187 Jaguar Consumer Reviews and Complaints

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    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: July 7, 2018

    I'm a retired technical writer and lifelong car enthusiast. I happened upon this Jaguar review site while researching a mattress I want to buy, and could not prevent myself from writing a review about my Jaguar that is positive. Over 50+ years of driving I've owned mostly European brands, including Audi, BMW, Mercedes, Alfa Romeo... and Jaguar. I'm on my fourth Jaguar, a 2001 XJR -- their big sedan with a supercharged V8 that when introduced in 1997 was the fastest production sedan in the world. Over the past 10 years, with a little preventive maintenance, it has been reliable, affordable to service, and a delight to drive. I intend to keep it forever.

    My first Jaguar was a 1970 XK-E, purchased used and pretty beat up in 1976 when I was 26. It was a dog because Jags built at the time were under British Leyland management. BL was a nightmare corporation put together by the British government to save their car industry, but instead, due to horrific management and rebellious labor unions, it ended the British car industry for the most part. That car ate me out of house and home. But hey! I was single, in my 20s, had a good trade, and owned an E-Type. Life was good!

    My other three Jags have all been XJ sedans, the biggest car Jaguar builds. In my opinion, since its introduction in 1968 to its redesign in 2011, the Jaguar XJ is to this day the most beautiful post-war sedan on the market. The car was designed in-house and constructed at their legendary Coventry plant. My 2001 model was the last steel-bodied Jaguar, from the last series of XJ models to be constructed at Jaguar's original plant.

    The company's reputation for poor reliability began when under British Leyland ownership, from the late 1960s to the mid-1970s. Unlike most other fine English brands like Rover and Humber, Jaguar survived the British Leyland fiasco and build quality improved under new management. But it wasn't until Ford bought Jaguar in 1990 that the company had the resources to upgrade their plant and, crucially, hold their parts suppliers accountable when the provided substandard components. (Think of Lucas electrics, the shoddy supplier that ruined so many British cars' reputations.)

    Through the 90s, Ford spent billions modernizing every aspect of Jaguar, but left the British designers and engineers in charge, keeping the car English to the core, sharing no parts with American Ford products. By the time Ford sold Jaguar to Tata in 2008, the XJ series of big sedans rivalled Lexus in build quality and customer satisfaction. Ford never got the credit they deserved for saving the Jaguar brand and instilling world-class quality throughout the line. Only enthusiasts like me were aware what a bargain Jags from the mid-90s onward were on the used market, because their old reputation for unreliability kept resale prices at rock-bottom. Tata followed Ford's lead, investing yet more billions on an entirely new line and willing to wait years for the brand to become profitable. I love the new Jaguars but can't justify selling my 17-year-old XJR to get one because the car I've owned since 2008 is just so right for me.

    Mind you, the series of XJ sedans mine came from -- the X308 series built from 1997 to 2013 -- was not perfect. In their obsession with keeping the cars lightweight, Jaguar used plastic components for some of the timing gear, and for the water pump. These components were failure-prone, and when failures occurred the company replaced them under warranty with metal parts. But many XJs got away without service problems and the plastic parts failed years out of warranty, causing engine overheats and even engine failures. Many unsuspecting buyers, people who did not devote their spare time to reading car magazines, got burned by this problem with the plastic parts, and I truly sympathize. But I was not one of them because I was in the know.

    Being a car buff, I joined an independent Jaguar internet forum where I learned the car's weak points from other owners. And, I had my car serviced at a non-dealer independent Jaguar specialist shop. When I bought my 2001 XJR I had it inspected by my shop, who had serviced my two previous XJs. My shop informed me the car hadn't been through an overheat, and was mechanically excellent despite it still having those failure-prone plastic components.

    I bought the car for a song ($12,000 for a car whose original price pushed $90,000 and was pristine). Then I spent a couple of thousand dollars swapping the plastic bits out for the factory metal replacement parts. Since then, over my 10 years of ownership, nothing major on the car has failed. I replaced the battery before it was worn out because a weak battery is the cause of so many check engine warnings and other anomalies in modern cars. Preventive maintenance is an important part of keeping a European luxury car reliable, but you need to be a knowledgeable owner and have access to an honest specialist repair shop.

    The other weakness of this series of XJ was its ZF automatic transmission. This transmission was installed in most European luxury cars of that era, from Mercedes to Volvo, and was unscrupulously promoted as being "service free" for the life of the car. That marketing fantasy was based on the transmission's fluid being synthetic, not petroleum based. But in reality, though the synthetic fluid did not break down like petroleum-based fluid is prone to, it became contaminated with metal dust that is a natural product of thousands of miles of use. At over 80 thousand miles these ZF transmission were failure prone, as the accumulated dust clogged the filters and eventually became too gummy to lubricate the moving parts. This happened not just to Jags, but to all premium Euro brands of that time using that transmission.

    When my car neared 100 thousand miles I discussed my concern about having to spend $6,000 replacing the transmission with the owner of my service shop. He suggested the shop replace the synthetic fluid, taking care to remove by hand all the accumulated gunk from the torque converter and other hard-to-reach areas. It was a big job and cost me several hundred dollars. But now the car has 155 thousand miles on the clock and still shifts like new. At every oil change my shop checks the transmission fluid for contaminants and it is still sufficiently clean to lubricate the internal parts effectively. I will have the transmission cleaned out again after another 20 thousand miles or so.

    On the user forum I have read reports from owners of my generation of XJ sedan with 220 thousand miles on the clock and even more, and they are still reliable daily drivers. With a knowledgeable owner willing to invest in preventive maintenance, carried out by a Jaguar specialist, owning a used Jaguar sedan can be affordable even if its owner does not have a high-paying job. I am fortunate to live in the San Francisco Bay Area, which has more Jags than any other part of America and service shops abound. If you live in a red state and don't have access to a Jag repair facility that is not part of a dealership, I recommend you don't buy a Jag. On the other hand, for a car buff in a major urban center, a used modern Jag is cheap to buy and very reliable.

    Why am I so fond of this particular car? One reason is that I like the British approach to luxury: lots of wood and leather inside, and exceptional styling outside. This appeals to me far more than the sterile form-follows-function ethos of the German manufacturers. Jaguar's chief stylist through its classic years, Malcolm Sayer, was actually an aerodynamicist whose training was in the aircraft industry. For this reason, Jaguar cars from the E-Type onward and including my XJ have a "fuselage" approach to their design.

    On the outside, the bottom of the car's body (the rocker panels, rear fenders, and so on) follows a curve to the car's underside rather than ending abruptly as with most cars. The overall exterior design language is dictated in large part by the car's streamlining, for better performance and fuel economy, and by its simplicity of form, free from decorative swoops and scoops. Jaguar sedans including the generation I own are low-slung, sitting four or five inches lower than German or American sedans. That's why they are so pretty. On the inside, the fuselage approach means a more snug fit than other luxury cars. Actually, if you're over six feet tall, a Mercedes might fit you better. But I'm only 5'10" and 170 lb. and the XJ fits me like a glove. My previous car, a BMW 740i, was a wonderful machine but I felt like I was sitting in a barn.

    I purchased my 2001 XJR privately from the owner of a Porsche custom tuning shop. The car was his wife's. She didn't want it anymore because her friends all drove Priuses and teased her about not being environmentally aware. The owner and I had a pretty good laugh about this. Being flying averse, the owner's wife drove the car regularly between the San Francisco Bay Area and Los Angeles to see her Prius-driving friends. As a result, the car's 80 thousand original miles were easy ones, what they call highway miles. The car was never used for commuting, which is the hardest driving there is on a car's mechanicals, and it was parked in a garage every night, protecting it from the aging effect of the intense California sun. And being a California car, it never saw snow and rarely even got rained on.

    Under my ownership since 2008, I too have not had to use the car for commuting. I was self employed and worked mostly from home. And every night of my ownership, the car spent in underground parking, sheltered from the elements. Though its factory-order mica Emerald paint has lots of stone chips on the hood from all that freeway driving, after a wash and wax that deep green metallic sparkles in the sun as if the car was new. Not a bit of fade or orange peel. Inside, the wood and leather have also held up well, due to minimal exposure to the elements and application of leather conditioner to keep it from drying out.

    Though I've slowed down in my later years, I've always valued the performance qualities of the cars I owned. My XJR accelerates faster than muscle cars from the 60s, and is governed to 155 mph. Its double-wishbone suspension and Bilstein shocks give it a cloud-like ride, yet it corners remarkably well for a big car. The front seats are superbly comfortable -- I've done several thousand-mile days and emerged without a sore back, not even terribly fatigued. The rear seats are a little cozy but acceptable for adults under six feet. At 70 mph the car is eerily quiet -- the is no engine noise and little wind roar, and you can barely hear the tires. Noise causes fatigue on long trips, and quietness at highway speeds is a very important aspect of a luxury car.

    But the car is not perfect in its performance. Its four-wheel disc brakes are a little smaller than they should be and so the car experiences some brake fade on long mountain descents at speed. And, being supercharged, it uses a lot of gas. I get only 15 mpg in the city and 20 on the highway. But then again, the car's power makes it all the more enjoyable to drive. It's not about out-accelerating the car beside you from a stop light. I'm talking about the kind of power that enables you to easily get up to highway speed on a short freeway entrance ramp, or pass a slower car on a two-lane road with minimum exposure in the left lane. Used responsibly, power is a safety feature. And it contributes to the car's driveability: the minimal effort required to speed up, slow down, or maneuver.

    And then there's the sense of occasion that comes with every Jaguar. Here in the Bay Area, BMWs, Mercs, and Audis are commonplace and go unnoticed. But everybody spots the Jaguar. Even members of the general public who know almost nothing about European cars can identify a Jaguar instantly. I couldn't guess the number of times strangers have complimented me on my car over the years. By the same token, the experience of driving the car never gets old. It's a very easy car to drive around town, with feather-light steering, excellent outward visibility, and effortless acceleration. Friends and clients are delighted at the opportunity to be passengers in a big Jaguar sedan -- usually it's the first Jag they've actually driven in. And universally they are wowed by the luxurious interior, so warm and traditional, built by craftspeople, not robots.

    At age 68 I suppose I have another decade or so of driving left to me, before the guys in the white coats take me away. I'm sure that if I continue to take care of it, my XJR will see me through to my retirement from the road and go to some lucky third owner. I realize how different I am from most luxury car owners. In fact, here in the USA, most people driving luxury cars don't really own them -- they lease them for 36 months and are careful to keep the miles low to avoid surcharges. After the lease expires it's on to the next luxury car. Often, people who go from car to car like this don't bother servicing them. They know they won't have the car long enough to bear the cost of premature wear caused by, say, not bothering to change the oil or even check its level.

    Car enthusiasts like me are quite the opposite, behavior-wise. We buy our cars with our hard-earned cash and keep them for a long time. If we can afford it, we own two or three cars. (I can't.) And we love our cars. We make sure they get the best care, and we don't abuse them with clumsy driving, and we make sure they're kept clean and have a safe, dry place to spend every night. I haven't bought a new car from a dealership for many years. Instead I use resources like Craigslist and buy privately from fellow car enthusiasts. It's like sharing the same religion -- there's a bond among us and we can spot a grifter at a hundred yards.

    So even though my Jaguar-owning experience has been generally wonderful, I can understand how owning exactly the same car could be problematic for a non-enthusiast. Most car owners are at the mercy of car dealerships or franchise repair shops for servicing their cars, and that's an expensive route to take with an out-of-warranty Euro luxury car. The dealerships don't have the time to actually fix things -- instead they swap old parts out for new and parts for European luxury cars are very expensive.

    And if you buy a Jaguar, for goodness sake keep it away from Pep Boys! It must be serviced by a trained Jaguar technician. If I did not live a convenient distance from an honest, independent Jaguar service shop, I would not own a Jaguar, The same goes for any other used European luxury sedan. Especially the German ones. All three major German brands have a dismal repair record once they are out of warranty. Modern Jaguars, believe it or not, are built to last.

    No doubt this review will be an outlier, because usually the authors of product reviews on websites like this one are unhappy with their purchase and want to share their misery. From the one-star Jag reviews I've read here, I can tell many of the owners did not understand their car or appreciate it. Premature brake fade, for example, is almost always the result of riding the brake pedal with the left foot. When you see cars cruising along with their brake lights flashing, it means their drivers are dabbing the brakes without realizing it and wearing them out prematurely. Never rest your left foot on the brake pedal!

    Owning a Jaguar requires a level of commitment that other cars don't. These are not disposable cars. They need to be cherished. For those of us willing to make the leap, a used mint-condition Jaguar sedan can be bought for pennies on the dollar. And if properly serviced, the car will be reliable and economical to own. If you find the right car, and the right service shop, and know the car's vulnerable aspects (something all cars share), you too could be the owner of a car you never intend to replace.

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    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: July 5, 2018

    I love my 2009 Jaguar Premium Luxury XF but there could be improvements to gas consumption in city. But on the highway is a different story and it definitely makes up for gas mileage. One fill up from Detroit to Indiana with a little more than a quarter tank left upon arrival. That included 30 minute periods in excess of 90+mph.

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    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: June 28, 2018

    I have always wanted a Jaguar which has always been my dream car. Jaguar XJL is an amazing car which has all the options I wanted. It has exceptional performance, luxury and style. I love the British racing green color on the exterior and the beautiful cream color leather upholstery. However, the navigation system needs updating as it will not accept some street names and addresses and the touch screen is not nearly sensitive enough.

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    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: May 9, 2018

    1990 Jaguar scares the crap out of me while driving. It is extremely difficult to get into and once you are in you need a crane to get out. Eats gas like a pig as well, EXPENSIVE gas.

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    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: May 4, 2018

    I bought the 2010 Jaguar XF Supercharged used, so far it is such a sweet car, a real head turner. Its inside appointments are fabulous, lots of high grade leather, wood trim, and such a sound system, out of this world. The paint job on the car, plus the body parts are all precision, everything fits perfectly. The ride and fuel mileage are fantastic, 16 mpg city, 25 mpg highway. The performance is incredible, 470 horsepower makes it a real rocket ship, plus the overall handling is great. In closing, it's a real blast to drive.

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    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: April 29, 2018

    Jaguar S-type door - This is my 3rd jaguar; performance and quality are the best. Service beyond excellence. From all the cars I’ve owned this is the best of the best. Love ❤️ it.

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    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: March 21, 2018

    I purchased a new Jaguar XJL from this dealership. I put $1,000.00 down payment and was told I could pick up the vehicle the following week. After four weeks of non delivery they claimed Bankruptcy. They keep telling me the bank would release the vehicles within a week. They never returned my deposit. I have reported the issue to the New York State Department of Motor Vehicles and the BBB.

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    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: Jan. 16, 2018

    2015 Jaguar XFR - Leased this car in October 2015. Shortly after having it, we noticed that it was not handling well at higher speeds. The front end felt loose. Reported to the dealer, but found nothing. Now, over the course of 2 years and 22,500 miles on the car- a popping, cracking sound has been coming from the front end drivers side. The car has been into service 7 times for the same issue. Jaguar has replaced every part possible on the car. We have asked for Jaguar to buy the car back since it falls into the Lemon Law category of Texas. Jaguar refuses and admittedly states the "car is safe to drive."

    The last visit to the service department lasted 5 weeks! I have been working closely with the dealer and Jaguar North America. I had asked for the contact information for the Consumer Affairs department but was told that I do not have access to that department as it is only for internal employees. Hmm?? How can a consumer affairs department not work directly with the consumer?? We are longtime Jaguar owners, but after this experience, we will be considering other car manufacturers for future purchases.

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    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: Dec. 19, 2017

    2017 F TYPE - Bad smell coming out of vents - Bought a beautiful Jag last summer, shortly after having it we noticed a urine like smell coming out of the air vents. We have taken it in 3 times the first two times they say they found it and fixed it. The car is immaculate, kept in a clean heated garage, had only been in the rain once and the dealership was trying to tell us it was animal urine on the engine. After taking it back in the 3rd time, they say it's the air conditioner unit. They have had our car for 41 days now. Today they said they got the okay from Jag to replace the unit but it takes at least a day and a half to take the dash out. I have made two car payments on a car I am not even driving. I wish I had not bought this car. Jaguar customer service is not what I thought it would be when I bought a $100,000 car. So disappointed.

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    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: Nov. 28, 2017

    I reckon the engineers built this car so badly because they were trying to have a laugh at the stupidity of those with too much money. I have 2004 VDP XJ8. Only 150K miles. The major issue is the air suspension. It is only a matter of when you will need to spend $4K fixing it. Parts are outrageous. Many here have fuel pump as an issue. $1000 to fix. When a 10 cent switch went bad on overhead console the whole unit had to be replaced $600 part $100 labor. You can't change wiper blades like other cars. Battery has to be special silver calcium. I also have water on floor by glove box. I won't bother you with all the small issues such as coils. Transmission may be next.

    There is a reason why you don't see any of these vehicles on the road anymore. I have to laugh because if stock market investors ever looked here they would never buy another Jaguar share. The powers that be don't care. The bosses are here today, take a fat check, and leave tomorrow. I hope we can stop people buying Jaguar. And I'm a Brit. Even if you are rich, why throw money away? My Jag was $85K at 2004 time value of money. Today one can find them at $4K. The depreciation and cost of upkeep will probably end up costing you $2 a mile. Imagine taking a 10 mile drive to grocery store and just throwing $20 out the window. Silly rich folk. The only plus for this vehicle is that it looks so beautiful.

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    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: Oct. 14, 2017

    I bought my Jaguar XF in the summer of 2015. I never had any issues with it, best car I've ever driven. The interior is simply stunning and very comfortable. As for the performance of the car I have only good things to say, it's fast, very stable and easy to drive. I usually don't write reviews, but today I accidentally came across the reviews others left and I felt they very unfair to Jaguar. It's a great brand.

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    Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
    Original review: Oct. 12, 2017

    Jaguar XF tires: I currently have my 8th and last Jaguar. Never had a problem until I made the mistake of going to Jaguar of Birmingham. I've had to replace the same tire 3 times. The gearbox failed as well causing my car to stop in the middle of traffic. It was towed to Birmingham Jag. Since that was covered under warranty, I suppose they needed to "find" something that I'd have to pay for. It left Florida with no tire problems, but I was told there was a hole in one that couldn't be patched. Ended up buying a new tire. Within 9 mos I've had to purchase 3 new tires. The last one exploded with such force it damaged the back panel of the car and blew a hole out of the steel wheelbase. I DID NOT run over anything.

    I contacted Jaguar corporation since the staff at Jag Birmingham are rude, uncaring and useless. Even the manager, Lily. I wasn't offered a loaner either time. After the explosion, the car was once again towed to Birmingham. I get a call telling me I have to pay over $1300 for the damage and another tire! Jaguar Corp wasn't any help, so don't waste your time. I advised them I was driving a death trap, but they don't care. A lot of unreturned calls and emails. Do yourselves a favor and stay as far away from Jaguar. Most specifically Jaguar of Birmingham. You take it there for something under warranty, but I guarantee they will find something you'll have to pay for. Don't throw your money away and don't put yourself in a luxury death trap. If I could give them zero stars, I would. There are other luxury cars that I'm sure are safe and most likely have good customer service. #lastjagforme! #youllgetscrewed

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    Customer increased Rating by 2 stars!
    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: Sept. 18, 2017

    Forgive the Rant… Public service announcement. I Purchased a certified pre-owned Jaguar XF July 2017 with 32,000 miles. When I picked it up it was raining so the next day I noticed it had road tar all along the bottom and scratches, Called my sales guy Chad and he apologized and said they are in between detail people so I told him I was getting it detailed. The detail manager called and once again apologized and asked me to submit the recent and he would reimburse me. Then we noticed a sputtering (Shaking) when the car was at an idle so I called service and was told I would get a callback. Well 2 days later no call, I called the GM Bryan… because Mercedes also called me saying my payment is 28 days late and they haven’t received payment. (It wasn’t even due when I purchased the Jag.) Of course once I called the GM then everyone called me…

    Service had my car 4 days the 1st time, said they replaced the Motor mount. OK got it back. 3 days later a cloud of white smoke from the exhaust started and still sputtering, they came to pick it up, gave me a loaner and had my car almost a week, this time replaced the fuel sensor. Well it’s still sputtering, the guy who came to pick it up drove it with me and felt it, my husband felt it and my daughters so I’m not making it up… Now it’s been in service almost 2 weeks for the 3rd time. (They were closed 4 days due to Hurricane.) I got a call from Patrick (not sure who he is) today Friday and he asked what the situation was, I explained and he said he was going to check on the car. I get a call from Frank in service 30 minutes later saying that they replaced the motor Mount.

    “Really? Isn’t this what you did the first time?” “Yes mam but this is the other one,” (Aren’t they a pair replace one replace the other?) so I guess all of a sudden this other one just got bad? They proceed to tell me to drive it for a couple of weeks and see how it is…. He also went on to tell me that because it is a 4 cylinder it will ride different than a 6 or 8 cylinder, I guess he thinks I’m stupid because I’m a female, The cylinder 4, 6 or 8 has nothing to do with the sputtering when it’s idling. Needless to say I’m pissed, I don’t even want the car, asked to trade it but of course I got the runaround and told they know it’s an inconvenience but it’s under warranty… (they’ve had the car more than me)… Needless to say I picked the car up for the 3rd time and it is still sputtering I feel like I’m in a race car with the big exhaust pipes when I’m at an idle.

    Disgusted with Jaguar. Wish I would have kept my Mercedes AND if you’re thinking about buying a Jaguar. Think again. So far I have had 3 brand new 3 loaners price range from 45,000 to 66,000 and I wasn’t impressed with any of them but at least they didn’t sputter like mine… Oh and I still haven’t been reimbursed for the detail 2 months later after the GM, used car manager and detailed manager said I was going to be… 1st time sputtering Motor mount. 2nd time. White smoke & sputtering. Fuel sensor replaced. 3rd time replaced another motor mount. Told by service to drive it for a couple of weeks and see how it does, also that it rides rough because it is a 4 cylinder still sputters.

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    Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
    Original review: Aug. 19, 2017

    BOUGHT NEW 2016 XJL $89,000 window sticker, it has been in their Merritt Island, FL Jaguar shop over 6 times for problems, radio issues, dash issues, and too many more to list! Jaguar of North America really doesn't give a damn about their customers, and their dealer doesn't carry many parts, so be prepared to leave your car for a few days just to get it back "not fixed". Have complained 2 times about 1 tire that keeps losing air every 3 to 5 days, have fun filling up your 1 tire that often! The dealership didn't have a tire sensor in stock and I guess they want me to return 3 times for the same problem? NOT GOING TO HAPPEN! Don't waste your hard earned $$ on a JAGUAR!

    Manufacturer doesn't care much, and this dealer stinks, I gave them a 2 day notice with the problem with a appointment and you would think they would have gotten a tire pressure sensor in stock for the fix! But NOOO, THEY WANT ME TO BRING IT BACK for the 3rd time??? Sorry I'm repeating myself, getting ticked off just thinking about it AGAIN... I'll spend the maintenance $$$ with another dealership! And soon trade my Jag for a American made car!

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    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: Aug. 8, 2017

    Please do not lose your time and money!! I just bought a Jaguar Pace 2.0 Diesel 2017, and 3 months later a whistle, coming from the engine started. I took the car to the agency and after several test, they told me they didn't know whats happening so they gave me again the car with the same whistle. After one weekend the check engine and diesel malfunction alarms start appearing so I took it again to the agency. After 3 weeks they told me that they need to change the engine completely!!! A new car! 3 month old! What did the people at work told me?: "We told you so!" Jaguar have a terrible engineering and mechanics but I never heard them!

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    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: July 17, 2017

    I own 2007 XJ Jaguar Vanden Plas Sedan, I have spent over 19k at Tampa Jaguar in service with constant attention to engine light being on and the last 3 to 4 times, I have brought it in for the same problem, and to date, the engine remains on and my spouse is taking it back this week. Service manager was aware I was tired of spending on it, and we spoke of me selling it to Tampa Jaguar since they have solely repaired it.

    My spouse saw a Jeep Wrangler and began negotiations on it for trading the JAG, the Jeep was souped-up which would be odd enough for me, went to trade, arrived the Jeep no longer had the same lights, new pics on Carfax, and the manager of sales denied changes, then admitted to small lights. The problem I have is upon arriving, no one came outside to speak with me, my spouse spoke with manager told him I am outside, he totally remained inside and still refused to speak about how to get car sold, test drive Jeep, or even act as if I was a customer of Jaguar.

    I have been coming there from 2012 to now, no other company ever touching the car, and we know the service team by first name. Yet, sales ignored my existence, refusing me the courtesy to honor my business, to honor the terms of the presenting Good Faith to sell the Jeep as it was originally shown, not taken down from where it was, or he could have come out, asking "what can we do to get your BUSINESS ".

    I have made this complaint to someone whom called me for follow up to no avail. I have written this up and assigned case number, only for a case manager, Danny to ask me about calling to speak with General Manager, you would think 2 complaints later, General Manager for this from everyone else. Was it racially motivated? I am **, and I have seen no one present during there, or even in their showroom, and no it is not because of cost, my friends all drive top of the line and from Tampa area, I am not, but they all patronize other brands.

    I wonder if it is due to the very haughty, negligent personality that one portrays to allow a customer to sweat for over an hour, while you are aware of their presence but ignoring them because you have spoken to their spouse over the phone, and what... you figure the ** woman does not deserve respect? It is my car, my sale, my deal, my spouse is aware of cars, and was helping me out. BTW, spouse is **, so that might add a racial overture to it, would he got ignored standing outside, when you expected him to trade his car today? My car was originally purchased in Jacksonville Go while I was in Germany, so transfer to Tampa few months later. Came bringing this car to this company and they have taken 19k of my money, offered to purchase it for trade, engine light still on, and I am not paying another dime.

    I have been given every reason for the cause of this issue, I want the car traded or paid by this company as promised and I want Jaguar National to investigate the way these companies are really destroying their name, it stands for something, but if you have people who disrespect those who drive your brand, no matter their skin color, then you will be famous for Silver Bells, nothing more, whereas the image really should change to coincide with the sleek look of the Jag... it is a very sleek vehicle, and looks good with certain people. I am very disappointed that ownership of another has been destroyed by your local folk. Please do the right thing. Your Customer Service Case Management is horrible too, time for someone to get new people.

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    Verified Reviewer
    Resolution response: Aug. 5, 2017

    A true test of an organization is not what they do when things go right, it's what they do when things go wrong.

    Jaguar of Ft Lauderdale and Jaguar Land Rover are definitely head and shoulders above the rest.

    The team at Jaguar Fort Lauderdale including Kellen, Diane, Al and Bob ** have been phenomenal. They have gone above and beyond and far exceeded all expectations. Throughout the years they have always been stellar when it comes to taking care of me and my F-Type. (By the way, if you are into sports cars, the F-Type will eat Ferrari's and Porsche's for breakfast and not even break a sweat.)

    I also need to give BIG kudos to the corporate team at Jaguar Land Rover, including Rory **. The attention they give to their clients and the effort they have put in to make sure things are right are amazing.

    I cannot say enough about them, five stars is not enough.

    Alexander ** T.

    Original review: July 11, 2017

    You couldn't make this up if you tried. My car has spent 150+ days in the shop on 20+ occasions. I purchased my vehicle from Alpine Jaguar, no known as Jaguar Ft Lauderdale. My story is fully documented. When I purchased my factory certified pre-owned F-Type less than two years ago, it broke down within 2 1/2 minutes of me leaving the store. That’s right, 2 1/12 minutes later. Kellen, a very kind and understanding sales manager, was assisting me in getting the vehicle back to the store where I spent the next eight hours waiting for the technicians to repair my vehicle. As an aside, the service team at Alpine treated me with excellence and was exemplary.

    Since then it has been in the shop in excess of 20+ (that's TWENTY PLUS) times for various repairs of which numerous were repetitive. One incident was so bad the engine punched through the hood (yes, you read that correctly). I am also still waiting on parts from early May of 2017 and it is now July. The car has spent over 150 days in the shop for repairs. That’s more than 5 (FIVE) months out of less than two years I have owned the vehicle. How is this acceptable? And now, the vehicle is back in the shop AGAIN for over two weeks for a transmission issue and I still do not have it back. The team knows what is wrong, but the feedback I am getting is that they are waiting on corporate to give them a fix. This is not normal. Jaguar should be embarrassed to allow this malfeasance to continue to happen to one of its customers. It is evidentially clear that this is an absolutely defective vehicle.

    Jaguar has sold me a vehicle that I can very rarely drive. Jaguar has sold me a vehicle that is AN OBVIOUS SAFETY concern. I purchased a Jaguar Factory Certified Pre-Owned vehicle, not a used junker. By any and all standards it is absolutely reasonable to expect that a factory certified vehicle will NOT be in the shop in excess of five months! I am really curious as to how a judge and/or jury would see my perspective? Additionally, and more importantly, federal law protects consumer rights against defective products; the Federal Magnuson-Moss Act affords me numerous protections and affords remedies that are clearly spelled out.

    The product in question, the F-Type, persists to be defective, despite over 20 attempts to repair it and has been unavailable to me for over 150 days. I have tried to work out an amicable solution with Jaguar. Their answer; "we'll give you trade in value for your car and sell you a new one." Now they say it's at a discount, but I can get that same discount from most dealers in S Florida. What kind of solution is that?!? I was hoping I didn't need to get a lawyer. I thought Jaguar would work it out with me. Obviously they are not concerned about putting their customers in what is obviously a grossly defective vehicle. I now am down the path of seeking representation. I can only speak for my experiences, but 150+ days and 20+ times in the shop - you be the judge. If you were jaguar, would you allow one of your valued customers to drive such a safety risk?

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    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: June 10, 2017

    New $90,000 plus Jaguar XJL. The car has been in the shop Four times for over a total of 20 days. All kind of electrical problems, most prevalent is with Bluetooth disconnecting or instrument panel blanking out completely. Jaguar has no idea how to fix the issues and refuses to replace the computers. They have asked us to wait for a major software update that in July. This is our fifth Jaguar XJ and by far the worse electronics of any of the over 25 cars I have owned.

    34 people found this review helpful
    profile pic of the author
    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: April 4, 2017

    BRAND NEW 2016 Jaguar XJL. After reading all the review, now I know I'm not alone in the dark. Been back in the service shop for 4 times, in just 2 mo. First with the Bluetooth/audio cutting on & off, they upgraded the software system. Problem still remained. Second, the dashboard will just turn off itself to completely black. Almost got into an accident while driving through the highway at night. I don't have time to type all the problem, the more I type the more pissed I am. Is 2107 already, JAGUAR put your act together.

    35 people found this review helpful
    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: March 26, 2017

    I purchased my car on the 2nd of May 2016 from Checkered Flag Jaguar of Virginia Beach, in Virginia Beach, Virginia. Within my first 21 days of ownership, my vehicle would not start, beginning on 23 May 2016 at approximately 7:45 pm after my shift at work. I could not get the vehicle to start, all in control features would not work, the Jaguar symbol and dash would light up; I called my salesman to advise me on what may be the failure issue. I also advised him I could not call for assistance nor would my car start from my control assist app as I attempted to step outside of the parking garage as he directed me to do in an attempt to see if this were a signal interference.

    My car was towed from the garage to Checkered Flag by Quality Assist towing at which my spouse advised Jaguar Assist not to utilize this agency as he has record of their mal-performance in the past. Jaguar Assist did not take his advice into consideration. As my vehicle was being towed, with witness of 3 US base security police on the Naval installation, the person who was towing the vehicle began to "drag" the vehicle approximately 10 feet while there were no "skids" for the back tires. This caused bare and flat spots on the tires; which was video recorded by me when I requested the tires be replaced due to the ill-preparation and skills the towing company displayed in loading my vehicle.

    Upon diagnostics of my vehicle, there were no reasons found for my car to not start. Subsequently, my vehicle did not start again with each attempt x 5 attempts while I was out shopping at Greenbrier mall in Chesapeake, Va. I called my service advisor with Jaguar Checkered Flag again to have my vehicle serviced again in an attempt to find the reasons for malfunction. This time upon diagnostics, I was told "the case was never closed due to Engineers at Jaguar who were building a software specifically for my VIN # in an attempt to make it start". Per the notes they reconfigured an existing BCM with built file software on 09 June 2017.

    Once again, while out of town, the car started to intermittently not start again, with each attempt up to 3 attempts before the car would start. I noticed the car continued to not start intermittently then it began to shut off on its own. The entire drive shifter would be completely rescinded into its compartment, with all electrical options still on, (radio, dashboard, etc). I brought the car back to Checkered Flag, each correspondence my service advisor on 30 Aug 2016, once again there was no apparent reason for this malfunction, no codes, nothing could be causing the issues or concerns I have been experiencing. On 21 Dec 2016, I noticed a brake pedal switch that was appearing on my dashboard "brake fault". Noticed I again could not call for assist, brought the car back into Jaguar to have it diagnosed at which this time they replaced the brake pedal switch.

    Recently, I have re-opened my case with Jaguar Consumer Relations on 13 February 2017 after even greater safety concerns that arose over the previous few days while I was transporting my son to and from Chesapeake Regional Hospital ER on two separate days, both on Thursday, 09 Feb 2017, and Saturday, 11 Feb 2017. I informed Jaguar Consumer Relations that my Jaguar XF was shutting off in an idle at a traffic light while the car was running as I was bringing my son home from an ER visit late that evening as I was in an attempt to make a right hand turn at a red light on Battlefield blvd, in Chesapeake, Virginia. I gave the time of discharge and approximation with hope that these approximate times would assist in the mechanic's attempt to find the time that these occurrences are happening.

    I noticed the car would not proceed as I stepped on the gas, not realizing the car was completely off, due to the fact that the stereo system would currently be playing, dash and center console would be on during the shutdown experience. I had to restart the car in mid traffic twice for the car to start, put it back in drive to proceed. This occurred again the 11th Feb 2017 as I was again leaving the hospital with my son, this time approx around 4 pm. Days previous to this incident I experienced my entire dash console where the stereo is located completely going out to an entirely black screen while the car is at approx 55-65 mph on the highway and will come back on with the Jaguar symbol, and I would have to reconnect my bluetooth and phone. This has happened coming back from Langley AFB on 64 Eastbound, and near my neighborhood on Greenbrier and Kempsville Road, in Chesapeake, Va, same instance on both occasions.

    I was not prepared to bring the vehicle in that week as my son was ill. This last visit once again to Jaguar Checkered Flag, I was told it was "only an update that was why the car was cutting off". This car has been having issues since I purchased the vehicle. If it were an update, this update just came out. This logically has no impact on the car's issues last May 2016. After this previous "update", as I was on my way to work, turning into the base, I was again attempting to proceed at turning right at a light on Effingham in Portsmouth, Virginia, at 6:20 am. The vehicle once again cut off while I attempted to accelerate and other vehicles had to go around me as I attempted to re-start the car. Once again, with no warning, radio and all other electrical components were still on. A vehicle almost rear-ended my vehicle as I could not accelerate.

    I immediately contacted my service advisor at 6:28 am, then again at 07:37 am, informing My service advisor of the recent aforementioned issues. It was at that time that I spoke with Jaguar Consumer Relations on Thursday, 09 March, 2017 of these concerning safety issues. This Jaguar XF has become a safety risk, cutting off in traffic while the car is on, unreliable as the car will not start intermittently even when I am out of town, and has no traces as to why these instances are continuously occurring places a safety and unreliability issue to my family and myself. I have made multiple attempts at rectifying this situation that has become increasingly concerning, and each time Jaguar Corporate has taken no concern to the safety and concern to rectify this vehicle's mal-performance and accept a request for a trade out of this vehicle, with both request denied each time I have expressed concerns regarding this vehicle.

    I told them that I hope this enlightens their team at Jaguar as to the circumstances that have evolved in the course of 10 months. I truly took my time prior to purchasing a Jaguar, approx 2 years to be exact. When I purchased this vehicle, it was not my expectation that my vehicle would be unreliable, unsafe, and inconsistent, not to mention the numerous visit and inconvenience it has caused me in the last 10 months. It was also not my expectation that Jaguar would not live up to its reputation. At this point, I would hope that their team reconsiders a trade out. As I mentioned, it is my hope that they reconsider the numerous safety concerns I have regarding this XF or any XFs Jaguar has developed.

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    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: March 15, 2017

    Two weeks ago I drove into the service department of the Virginia Beach Jaguar/Land Rover dealership to make an appointment to get my Bluetooth and cell phone issues resolved. I'd been having issues with not getting my cell phone to connect whenever I was in the vehicle for the past 3 months and now, I just got tired of having this issue. I purchased the F-Pace on 6/10/2016 and I really love, love, love this vehicle. While I was there trying to schedule my appointment for them to trouble the Bluetooth, the service manager Michael??? took care of me and indicated that the computer has my vehicle listed for several recall.

    I then scheduled the recall appointment for today 3/15/2017 at 9 AM for them to come pick it up at my home. I confirmed with the service manager if that time would be ok with them because I had to be at another place by 10 AM that same day. On 3/14/2017 I received two customer courtesy call from the same dealership to confirm my pick up and drop off of the loaner vehicle. One of those courtesy call came from Michael of course, who was more than enthusiastic to inform me that he also believe when the vehicle is dropped off in the morning by 9 AM the person dropping off the vehicle will try and troubleshoot some elements with the Bluetooth to see if they can figure out what is wrong with it from my home and possibly give me some pointers to aid in fixing at least that problem.

    I got up early and got myself together awaiting the dealership to call and inform me that the vehicle was on the way to my house on 3/15/2017. I didn't get a call from them until 9:06 AM when a young lady called to tell me they had my loaner vehicle car ready to send up to me, but right now its at the dealership and wanted to know if I was home for them to deliver it.

    Yes, I was extremely irritated by this bubbly and perky young lady's statement and told her that "the vehicle should have already been here and that I've been waiting for them to show up". I requested that she confirm with me what time should the vehicle have been delivered to me. She said "by 9 AM". I asked her to "please confirm what time was her clock actually showing". She repeated "9:06 AM". In my opinion, it was only 6 minutes past my appointment time, however since the vehicle wasn't at my point of destination as yet, that meant that it would take them at a minimum another 30-40 minutes to get to me. So this conversation immediately headed in the wrong direction.

    Next thing I know Michael is on the phone with me profusely apologizing for the mix up. I simply wasn't content with that especially since I not only spoke with this same gentleman less than 24 hours ago, but I also received two confirmation emails stating the same time for appointment on 3/15/2017. My feeling was simply I couldn't trust what Michael was saying or the fact that I purchased such an expensive vehicle (in cash mind you... and I've being treated like a second class customer). That's just not right. How am I suppose to actually trust what the representatives from this establishment is saying if in fact I'm left these bad taste in my mouth.

    Michael tried to say to me that "Ma'am we can deliver the vehicle anywhere you need us to deliver it". I told him that at 10 AM I had a prior appointment to deliver Meals on Wheels, so I'm all over the City of Chesapeake. Which would make it difficult to lock in a hard and fast address. I was extremely upset because clearly, while I hope this doesn't happen often, I don't feel that I was either treated with the respect and regard that should be provided to customers or that Michael wasn't as honest with me from the onset when I initially made the appointment and trying to get the vehicle to me on time. Whatever it was, at this point, I'm sadden by this experience. My recalls and my Bluetooth remain unrepaired. However I did continue with my appointments for the day.

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    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: March 10, 2017

    I purchased a 2013 XF CPO on 11.1.16. Car has been back to dealer over 70 days!!! New rotors, new engine mounts, put on vibration analyzer, transmission faulty-fluid sent to Jaguar to be analyzed, nothing fixed, engine idling rough. Just got new engine, car still vibrating, transmission still shuddering at 47mph! 4 months of ownership, making payments on a car I can't drive! What do I have to do to get Jaguar to buy back this LEMON of a car!!! In 4 months I have put on less than 4k miles!

    18 people found this review helpful
    profile pic of the author
    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: Feb. 15, 2017

    Jan 25, 2017 I purchased my 1st Jaguar. I had reservation only because what others had said and the reviews I had read. More things not positive from other owners. But I've watched the line-up for the last four years and I was very impressed. Once the F-Pace came out I was really sold because I wanted to get off the ground from my 2015 E400 Benz.

    Well it would have to happen to me. The first day I take my car home the bluetooth is not functioning correctly. But Jaguar came to my home and tried a couple of things that didn't work but left me with another car and said all should be fixed by Monday. But I was still ok because I just didn't want to think this is what I have to look forward to for the next 6 years. By the next Monday with no fix in sight I spoke with the sales Manager at Bluff City and he said "Greg, this is not suppose to happen and I give you my word. Give us a couple more days and Jaguar and this Dealership will make it right." By Wednesday morning my F-Pace was ready and not only that Jaguar Service Manager Mr. ** have been in contact with me about the vehicle and Corporate has called and provided inconvenience gift for my time spent. Which they didn't have to. I just wanted to be able to show off my New Jag like I did with my 1st Benz.

    So what am I saying, some things are really unforeseen, had we known it would have happened to us we would have gone in a different direction. This vehicle offers so much more than what I received with Mercedes as far as service plan, stolen vehicle protection for free. No one was trying to sale me any other products once I purchased the F-Pace. I'm still waiting to get my refund off my Benz since it was paid for early and I purchased the extended warranty, Tire and wheel, prepaid maintenance and MBrace. Almost 6K on top of the car. But I did love my Benz. Just wanted to try the new Jag Cars. Bluff City Jaguar see Derrick and Virgil and if you need service see Mr. **! I give them 100 in taking care of Jaguar/Land Rover family members.

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    11 people found this review helpful
    Original review: Jan. 30, 2017

    Hi, I am the proud Owner of Jaguar XF. Though I have many high-end cars Jag had remained my favorite until now and I drive the vehicle and none of my driver drives this car as I reserve this for my self drive car. No doubt the car is amazing but just that will not help to own a Jaguar car and even the service matters a lot. I am glad that Tata has taken over sales and service of this premium segment but they are maintaining the service quality like the lower models itself (Tata vehicles) which I am not happy with.

    I have been experiencing the very bad service from your dealers from my very first service of the vehicle. First of all you people don't have free pick up and drop services like other high-end cars but no issues but what matters is I would have taken prior appointment and taken the vehicle to drop but still I need to wait for more than half an hr which is not agreeable and when I inquired at reception instead she calling service adviser she also joined morning meeting and was left with no option but to wait for more than half an hr. Look I am a businessman and I can't afford to waste time.

    Till date my vehicle has gone every time twice for same repair after service. Recently I had serviced my vehicle on 8th Nov 2016 which was run around 14,511 Kms and I remembered the adviser telling me in earlier service that the brake pads should be replaced. Based on that I insisted that brake pads be changed but the adviser told it will run another 2000 kms and told "whenever you are going on long trips you come we will check. If it's worn out we will replace."

    But to my shock 500 kms later I. e, on reaching 14,950 kms (07.01.2017) I got a message saying the brake pads needs to be replaced. Luckily I didn't have to replace the sensors but I had to drop the vehicle again back to service center which is waste of my time again. And after doing this I had another shock waited. My driver when washing the car saw that one nut (which we require separate bit to open wheel for security) was missing and I had to call up service center to check on the same. They checked and replied saying "sir we had tightened the wheel nuts properly and we have checked it twice even after road test." The thing is either your people should open or mine but at my place my drivers don't even know where the bit is and nobody touches my car apart from washing so where did the nut go and how did it fall if they had tightened properly?

    But however it may be I am at loss. Again I need to spend around 10 to 15 k and purchase the nuts which is waste of money. I was very happy with the car and planning to buy a Vogue but seeing the service I am planning to drop the plan and planning to go for Merc. Because of all this experience I am very disappointed and don't recommend this brand to any of my people. Look into my issue, wrt to the nuts if anything can be done to it. I would like to share my experience online to all other people as well but doing so your reputation will be spoilt which I don't want to do it anyway. With regards to the above I had even mailed the details to Jaguar but till date no response and got some acknowledgement kind but you can't call that as one.

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    7 people found this review helpful
    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: Dec. 3, 2016

    I bought my 2016 Jaguar XJ in March of 2016. To date, it has been in the shop longer than it has been on the road (over four months). The wire harness was damaged by rodents, not surprising when I learned the wiring insulation is made of soy. A few minutes on the internet reveals that many other owners are having the same problem. The new wire harness has been on backorder for almost four months. How is that possible? A current model year vehicle has a part as common as a wire harness that is not available for over four months?

    Jaguar Motors refuses to replace the vehicle under lemon law, as they claim the damage was caused by outside factors (the rodents, but no concession for the part being made of soy maybe next they'll make wiring insulation from bacon). They have also refused to make any concession of any kind. To date, they even refuse to apologize for the part not being available (anything remotely close to an apology is only patronizing... "I'm sorry YOU are frustrated," "I'm sorry YOU are not happy," as if my frustration is self-generated and they have no responsibility).

    At the two-month mark, they sent what they claimed was the replacement part, but only demonstrated their incompetence as the wire harness they sent was the European version for my US vehicle. After Jaguar Motors argued with my dealership for over a week about whether it was the right part, they finally admitted to their failure and agreed to send a new part. Two months have passed since. On several occasions, they told me the part was scheduled to arrive. "It will be there Friday"... nope... "It will be there next Tuesday"... nope. This week, when I was told for the third time the part was scheduled to arrive and it didn't, I asked Jaguar Motors to provide a tracking number. When they couldn't produce one, they finally admitted the part is still being "tested" in England. Why have they boldface lied on three occasions about where they part was. "Sir, we don't have that answer, we can only tell you where the part is now."

    Throughout the entire process, the Jaguar customer service department has demonstrated only one goal... resign me to my fate. There has been no effort of any kind at any point to attempt to resolve the situation faster or to make any concession of any kind. (Of course they still expect that I make my payment in full). Even requesting to speak to a supervisor in the customer service department requires an act of congress. It is their policy that you can never be connected directly to a supervisor. The supervisor reviews your case and then decides whether they feel your case is worthy of a supervisor's time.

    This is the level of service I might expect if I bought a lesser vehicle but this is Jaguar XJ. This is the flagship vehicle of the brand. Should a current model year vehicle ever have to sit for four months waiting for a part? Should a vehicle have accessible parts made from food products that attract animals? Should a car brand of this stature be so blatantly apathetic to customer concerns? My hope is that many will see this review and give it strong consideration before making a purchasing decision.

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    43 people found this review helpful
    Original review: Dec. 2, 2016

    I have been without my 2011 Jaguar for almost 3 weeks because it overheated and has severe engine damage. Jaguar of Honolulu is saying that it will cost me over 48K for repairs. I have had multiple issues with my car since purchasing it in Jan 2014. I've had bluetooth connection issues, fuel gauge reading empty after a fill up of gas, engine idle problems, mostly after backing into my garage but also sometime while parked with the engine running, trunk not closing, unable to lock my car, and last but not least the engine overheated and they want me to pay 48K.

    I brought my car in while it was still under warranty because of the engine idle problem. It was embarrassing to have people ask me why was my car rocking back and forth like a boat. Every time I brought it in, the service department claimed that they could not reproduce the problem but it happened to me on a daily basis. They could not find anything wrong while my car was under warranty but now that it is not, they want to find everything wrong. I feel like they know that there is a engine issue and a overheating issue with their cars. They need to just come clean because this will and should destroy their reputation if they continue to deny that there is a problem.

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    28 people found this review helpful
    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: Oct. 12, 2016

    My 2009 XJ Portfolio with less than 20,000 miles that stays parked in my garage, has never been thru a car wash, had the back windshield come unglued. A car that well cared for should never have that occur. At a cost of $1000, I had to pay to have it done. Certainly makes me rethink purchasing another one. I thank the dealership for at least repairing it.

    19 people found this review helpful
    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: Sept. 21, 2016

    Four weeks ago I purchased a XF. So far I have not received any call from anyone at the dealership or from Jaguar USA to ask about my experience with the purchase transaction or any concerns with the vehicle. And I do have some questions and relevant feedback. Last week, my daughter purchased a Hyundai Tucson and she has already received calls both from the dealership and Hyundai USA asking for her feedback and if there was anything they could do to enhance her experience. Amazing!! Jaguar has to go a long ways before it can hold a candle to the Japanese and Korean counterparts.

    19 people found this review helpful
    profile pic of the author
    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: Sept. 14, 2016

    We the Jaguar lovers are very disappointed with the removal of the signature Jaguar emblems from the hoods of the vehicles. Please put it back. Thanks, Jaguar Lovers.

    18 people found this review helpful
    profile pic of the author
    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: Sept. 1, 2016

    When I read all the terrible reviews I actually wondered what percent of total Jags sold this represents! I had a 97 XK, a 2010 XK, a 2014 F Type, and 2015 XF, and now a 2016 F Type. I have literally had zero problems... ever! I've owned other exotic brands, including one very expensive one that had to be lemon lawed! The Jags have been refined, problemless, and totally fun to own and drive. The dealers have been wonderful and supportive. WOW!!! A completely different experience from some of these other stories! I love the Jaguars!

    42 people found this review helpful

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