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Last updated: Oct. 16, 2017

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Original review: June 2, 2016

First week installed had the problem with the blow, hum, suck technique horn. Started blowing on a bridge coming over from the beach where I work totally traumatized guy ahead flipping me the bird etc and severe traffic couldn't get off bridge to pull over. Finally did but had to go for a reset. This is not a safe way to drive.

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Original review: May 7, 2016

We've established that Guardian Interlock as a whole is pretty awful. Like others, the first phone conversation was very pleasant, but any service after the initial sign up was awful. I had been with a local company for a year but had to switch to Guardian, because I'm moving to a new state. I thought the device looked rather dated when I got it, and sure enough, it was a real hassle. The first few days I was getting stuck at gas stations, grocery stores, even had an incident at a fast food drive thru.

I am here to give a piece of advice on how to operate the device! After a few times of getting stuck and becoming very upset, I turned to the internet to find tricks on how to operate the device. Youtube and general reviews didn't seem to be much help. Finally, I found an official instructional video on Guardian's site. The key piece of information I found on the video was the lady's suggestion to use a "Z" sound when humming. This is the part that was making me abort so many times. Since incorporating the "Z", I've had very few aborts. They still happen occasionally, but nowhere near the frequency as before. Now, I know this isn't the actual problem a lot of people have faced, but if anyone is having trouble with the hum/blow mechanic, give this a try. I hope it helps.

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Original review: March 22, 2016

So made the legal mistake. So after 4.5 months of not driving finally was able to get the BAIID license and device. Paid to receive the device. Guardian made the appt for me. Arrived on a Mon at noon. The woman at the service center was professional and very nice. She informed me that the device never arrived and would be overnighted. So returned the next day at 12. I was given 5 forms and combined with my notes had 5 different prices. I am a single professional and with my situation money is even tighter. So I need to budget in advance. The woman at the service center told me to call. I spoke with a young woman who gave me a new price. So which is it? 90 a month, 97.59 a month, 101 a month, 125 a month or 105? She thought 97.00 but was not sure.

Finally a very nice girl said it's 121.00 a month or 220 every 2 months. She apologized. Said they have had issues training people. I also said I would not sign any legal doc unless it was correct. Please send me correct docs. She said "OH. JUST CROSS EVERYTHING OUT." I responded that is not legal. So she agreed to send me updated docs. OK!! Now it's in my car and I had no idea that you had to blow, hum for 5 min and then inhale at the correct moment. 3 techs helped. I was beside myself. I have an anxiety disorder which up until this week was under control. So for 2.5 hrs and with the help of the youngest of their staff was finally able to drive. I made it to two errands. I thought I was on the way.

So Wed I went to the car and could not do it. I tried for 3 hrs. Completely upset, crying, shaking canceling all my appts. Called Guardian and was informed 40 to remove at the service station and 150 with Guardian. My heart was pounding from all the breathing and humming, it physically hurt. So frustrated the girl at Guardian said she would sit on the phone and try and help. So for over an hour we did this. Humming and breathing together. She told me that she does this all day long listening to people hum, breathe and get upset. I only got it once. Thursday tried again it took me all afternoon. I was now becoming physically ill. Stomach issues, dizzy, weak, exhausted. Was again beside myself and now the anxiety I had under control for years was running my life.

My loved ones said they never saw me like this. Best friend of 20 yrs could not believe what was happen to me. Friday tried again brought the dog for luck. Still sick, dizzy, stomach pain. FINALLY GOT IT AFTER 2 HRS. SO THRILLED. Was able to be normal. Run to the grocery store and other errands however lost a week of work. It did take me 3 hrs to do 1 hr of errands. But I was feeling a little better except for the extreme pain in my chest from all the breathing. Had to pull over. Could not do the running test. Sat woke up with severe stomach issues and the chest pain was unreal. Tried again and kept aborting. I was running out of air. Could not do it for the full 5 min. After 2 hrs did it. However I was hysterical, in such pain. Was not able to drive anywhere due to the chest pain.

Sun again brought the dog for support so after 1 hr got to go to the pharmacy for my stomach. Then struggled in the parking lot for another hour. Finally got to the grocery store but had to pull over. Could not do the running test. Another hour in the grocery store lot. The pain was unreal in my chest. I was coughing and hacking you would have thought I was a smoker. I AM NOT!! Passed got to the vitamin store. Now the sun was going down and it's getting cold. So was out there freezing in flip flops, a big sweater and unable to turn on the heat. SO HUMILIATING. Now my dog was shaking and freezing. I had it. Just wanted to be warm. Called Uber. Went home. Had to leave my car in the parking lot across town..

I spent that whole night and the next day with Vicks on my chest and a heating pad. Nearly 48 hrs of straight chest pain and stomach issues from the stress. Every single person who cared about me felt helpless as I was literally suffering. Had a friend come out on Tuesday again rearranging my entire work schedule so we could try and get my car home. I tried. I could not do it and then my friend tried he could not do it either. I did spend that morning looking at YouTube trying to master this. I think it's unfair that each state has different length of times and styles for this device.

If I could only do it for 2 min instead of 5 I may have had a chance. However the majority of reviews for Guardian and the smart device are awful. There should be some consideration. We know we committed a crime. However as my friends said people commit worse and they are not humiliated and punished like this. It's torture and robbery. I will take trains and Uber till my license is unsuspended. Horrible.

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Original review: March 15, 2016

I had the same horrible experience with Interlock. The garage, Smith's Auto Import run by Greg Smith in Hopkins, MN treats people horribly. For instance, he belittled me in a room full of his customers for questioning him on false charges on the bill. I sued him and won. There are additional charges from Guardian Interlock corporate office that I'm suing for. Best thing to do is to sue these sharks.

I'll provide this public information to everyone to save you the trouble of digging it up. In Minnesota, their registered agent is CT Corporation System, Inc located at 100 South Fifth Street, suite 1075, Minneapolis, MN 55402. The company home business name is Sheram Enterprises Incorporated at 228 Church St. NE Marietta, GA 30060-1604. The company CEO is Kent Owens located at 4290 Glendale Milford Road, Cincinnati, OH 45242. Again, this is public info I found on the Minnesota State Attorney's website. Only way to get the attention of these losers is to sue them.

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Original review: March 11, 2016

I called to make my appointment with the Guardian 1800 number. The woman who answered the call was very friendly, but it was all downhill from there. She scheduled my appointment with the closest service center for 1pm on a Monday and told me 2.5-3 hours for installation. When I got to the service center, I almost turned around. It looked like a junkyard, inside and outside of the building. But I had already been charged $50 for the appointment, so I decided to suck it up. I went inside and gave the correct paperwork and then left, again being promised that it would be ready in 2.5-3 hours. At 5pm, I had not heard anything so I called the service center and was told he hadn't started it yet.

I was pretty upset as I had not coordinated a ride to work for the following day as I was counting on my car. I was told he would have it done that evening. At 9pm, I still had not received a phone call, so I called again and was told he was just starting on it and it would be done around midnight!!! I am a single mom of a 2 year old, so I was not going to be able to go pick it up, let alone I needed to find a ride to get me there. The woman told me they would then bring it to my home, which I was uncomfortable with but didn't really have any other option. At quarter til midnight, they called again and said they were having trouble with the wiring diagnostics and it wouldn't be done till very late. I work at 8am, so staying up any longer was out of the question, so I told her I would get it the next day.

I ended up taking an Uber/Cab to work the next morning and also had to pay my babysitter extra to pick up my son since I didn't have time to coordinate a ride for either of us. I would have just canceled altogether and forfeited the $50 deposit, but they had conveniently charged my card prior to any work being done whatsoever. Also, to just top the whole thing off, the girl forgot to take off my $50 coupon I had off of the installation and lost my paperwork when I did finally get to pick up my car, so I was waiting in the office for a good 45 minutes before they were finally able to find it. Just a huge headache and hassle. I've talked to others that have gone with LifeSafer, and although the monthly rate is a few extra dollars a month, I really wish I would have just gone with them and recommend any and everyone else to do so.

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Original review: March 2, 2016

I got a DUI 3 years ago. BUT I am still a paying customer. This product is worthless. I have had it for 11 months. I have one more month to go. I have NEVER failed a breath test, ONLY aborts! I been stranded in 5 degree weather for hours time and time again. The product has not been updated in 12 years. The technology is so old that using a cell phone too close to it can make it abort, cold weather can make it abort, eating bread can make it abort, having a cold can make it abort, your car battery not having a well enough charge can make it abort, not humming correctly can make it abort. The product is horrible.

I have had 3 different units installed in the last year. It controls my life. Every morning I have to leave extra time just in case it doesn't feel like working today. I don't leave my house unless I absolutely have to because of the stress that it causes when I get stranded because of a product that I pay a lot of money for. I don't let anyone else in my car because of the product is so loud and makes you put on such a show every time you have to use it.

There are other products out there that only take a 3 second blow and do not require humming. Not to mention the fact of how horrible it is to be stranded with someone else in your car because of a breathalyzer. The company does not care. The state of PA stopped issuing from this company because of all the complaints. Also it takes way, way, way too much concentration attempting to get this thing not to abort WHILE YOU'RE DRIVING. No one should be trying to hum, put your lips the right way and blow for that long while they are driving. THIS PRODUCT IS DANGEROUS!

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Feb. 28, 2016

I have been with this company for 5 years. When the new owners took over, the prices went thru the roof. They will charge you and not even read the report to find out if it was you or their equipment. The owner in Columbus (Linda) and the Woman (Sherrie) at the location were very RUDE. I don't know if this woman in Columbus is who they stated she was. In the time that I was there, they changed the price of removing the Interlock from my car 3 times. It went from 110 to 100 then finally 25. I still have my original installation papers from 2001.

I went there with my receipts from having my car worked on and was told it didn't matter who messed it up, I would be charged 40 bucks to have it reset. Smh. Then the Owner (Linda in Columbus Ohio) told me that she would tell my judge about my reports. I told her to PLEASE do so. Plus, when I had the Interlock removed the man that did it stole from my car, my makeup bag. Was not happy.

I feel like they are taking advantage of people that have had a DUI. In my case my record is awful, but this case was from 2001, and I had it on for five years. I know what I did was wrong, so very wrong and I feel I will never be done paying for it. I had the Interlock put on so I could prove to the judge that I don't drink and drive anymore. When I had it removed I told them that they are making me a career criminal because I was in compliance and all they wanted was money. My case is from Clermont County Ohio and I had the Honorable Judge McBride. This happened in 2001.

When I was there to have my car reset and then I was told about the charges. I told them I wanted to take it off. I didn't have to have it on this long. I was trying to obey the law. I wanted to receive my regular licenses back and I feel I deserve them. The woman started to reset my car and when I told her I would not pay the 40 bucks to do so then she aborted my report. Meaning I don't have any paperwork to prove my point. She did this and she should have known what was going to happen. Then she tried to tell me that she gave me the paperwork. I had two people with me and they can tell you what happened.

On the way there I told them what was going to happen and I was right. Smh. They did prorate my refund. I only received one because I had to argue with them. They charged me 3 dollars a day and I just had it reset and paid 105. When I had it removed it was only 10 days after paying. This is for two months. When I first was with this company it cost me 115 for two months because I had the insurance on their equipment. They dropped my insurance without informing me. I don't know why.

Also, I wanted a printout of my reports for the last two years before all this happened - I have had it on my car for 5 years - so I could send it to my judge and Linda from Columbus told me it would cost 300. I asked about this two weeks before all this, yet this same woman, after arguing with me on the phone told me she would send it to my judge because she thought it was a bad report. Not so. Over 5 years I did wonderfully. So I wish she would have done that before wanting to charge me 300 dollars to have them print it off. I feel this is my information and I am entitled to this. They said they give me a copy of my report each time I have the car reset. While this is true, who would keep five years of reports? I thought I could just print them off myself. I could if I was given permission to do so, and so can they.

It is all about the money for this company. And I still think they have/or should have a backup system so they can pull up the aborted info and print if off. They told me "No". Smh. And while writing this review I found out the main company is not located in Columbus, Ohio as they stated. Also, I have always been told that their equipment will not mess up my car. Wrong. It does mess up your electrical system. They have a sign now in their shop that tells you about it draining your battery. And it only picks up alcohol. While this may be true, it doesn't tell you if it was from drinking. You can tell what is going on if you read the reports. It does state on these reports when you blew, what happened and when you blew again or whatever. It is all there. That is why people should be trained to read them.

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Original review: Feb. 18, 2016

What a joke of a company in an already discouraging situation. I have had my device for almost 3 years and it has been a nightmare. I went with Guardian instead of Smart Start to save money. And now another one of my offices I go to has quit working with them, simply because they treat everyone poorly. So now I am on my 6th location and thru the years it is slim picking. In Denver there is 3 offices to choose from, ridiculous. At the Arvada office I was treated so poorly I absolutely refuse to go back there. Yet the woman who cussed me out still holds a job there. And as far as false positives that is just ridiculous, and for quick warm up and start... forget about it. It's scary to think if you needed to get out of a bad situation you would be just sitting there. Do yourself a favor and just go to Smart Start.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Feb. 10, 2016

First off, the garage in Vero Beach FL took 4 hours to install my device. I've had it a week now and all I've had are "abort" messages. I've adjusted my schedule to permit me 30-40 minutes to sit in the car and wait for the machine to accept my sample. The only time it worked right off the bat was when I didn't hum, and removed my mouth from the device before sucking (which is obviously not the correct way to do it). It's a complete hit or miss so far.

Plus, none of the Customer Service people know what they're talking about. I called to ask if it was okay to remove my camera when the car was not in use, and the representative told me "it should be okay." I called to ask if it was okay to schedule a calibration appointment out past the 30-day mark (due to an apparent 5-day grace period) and the representative told me "it should be okay." Does anyone in Florida have REAL knowledge about a grace period once the device reads 0 days? I was told it could read up to -5 before I was locked out completely.

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Original review: Feb. 4, 2016

If I could put no stars, I would. I have had the misery of having this device for a year. The first month the problems were countless, I was constantly getting stranded because the device would not turn on. The Guardian Customer Service Line is the worst customer service I've ever experienced with any company, in my entire life. They don't care if your car starts, they are basically there to answer the phone, listen to you complain, and then direct you to take your car in to get looked at. Or they might say that it's your car battery, this device drains your battery, esp. if you leave it plugged in while you're not driving (ex. overnight, etc.).

I urge you to go with another company. I lost an incredible job because I could not make it on time often due to my car not consistently starting. I've had it towed over five times and today, am having it towed again. It worked fine this morning, and then four hours later it wouldn't even turn on. None of these devices are going to be perfect, far from it, but Guardian is by far the WORST interlock that you could get for your car. I am writing this review in hopes that I can prevent at least one person from dealing with this terrible company, terrible device and worst of all, the customer service.

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Original review: Feb. 4, 2016

I had the unit installed at a local dealer here in Aberdeen, Washington around the month of October or November of 2015 and then on the 9th of December I had the scheduled maintenance day and it started acting up and making my vehicle as well difficult to start, and seems to now acting in a way that it never had before the unit was installed. I was eventually beginning to become more and more frustrated with unit because there was no need for a abort or anything on my part that would cause this unit not to let me pass... At one moment I looked at the unit and it said running. I thought that it meant that my vehicle was running, but that is not what it meant. The service provider told me that it only should've said that if it were plugged into the computer that does the calibrations.

I was then having to take the vehicle in for another service, charge of 32.00 dollars and then a few days later again the same 3 thing happened. I ended up waiting on the scheduled service day to take it back to get serviced, because I could not afford to keep paying the money like that on every 32 or 4 days... After the service scheduled day, I insisted that I was given a new handset because I am not going to keep having difficulties with the previous one originally given to me. I then left the service center and again the truck has been running insufficiently and talk about stressed out. I am very low income and it takes everything extra that I receive from my disability benefits to keep my driving status current and legal... I am scared to death that the interlock I currently have now will cause me to actually be in violation without my knowledge or voluntary participation in it.

I have filed a petition with the court to see what there is that I can do to have it replaced by a different company... When I tried (as well as my attorney) to contact the Guardian company and ask them for a resolution, I had gotten nothing but negativity, saying that I must not be using the device correctly, or that I must be trying to falsify the reports and the unit would not be doing as I described, it is my human error. I'm frustrated and confused on how this would be beneficial to the people that are truly trying to become and stay legal drivers. It's like you are damned if you do and damned if you don't. If I have it removed early to go to another company (service center) then I have to pay 150.00 to have early termination and then another 150 someplace else to re-enter a unit from that company in my vehicle...and of course the Guardian company will not reimburse any of my cash that I have paying to them for a faulty device..

I drive a diesel. I think that sometimes that the unit is not properly installed and calibrated for such a vehicle... Any help would be greatly appreciated. Also in the comments part of my read out that you get after it has serviced says..."Due to increased security measures, retraining may be required. Please see your service technician for details." Model # AMS2000, serial # 47450, piece of junk (in my opinion).

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Original review: Jan. 15, 2016

Thank goodness I only have two months. I am on my second under dash unit and fourth handset, soon to be fifth because I can barely hear this one. Towed to the service center twice, although Guardian did pay for the first one. Stranded a few times off hours. A few days after I had it installed it died on me in an intersection and had to be towed. So many false fails I've lost count. Customer Service is one of the poorest I've encountered. One day while at the service center I was chatting with another client who had to travel 60 miles to my center because his local center discontinued the service due to poor quality and service. The guys at my center admit it units are a piece of crap! My advice is to shop around. I went with the low price and I have gotten what I have paid for. For the last 22 months I have felt like a victim, not a client!

Original review: Dec. 27, 2015

My first two years of having their machine I have had lots of problems. One day ten aborts before I could start my car. Another time four rolling checks in one mile. Later another time six rolling checks in less than two miles. I was given one handset that looked like it had been through a war. The case was coming apart so I took it into the shop and was accused of tampering with the unit. I was then informed of the legal action that they could start against me. My most recent problems started two days after the handset was re-calibrated. Two days later I went out to start my car and the battery was dead. I knew I was not to Jump my battery so I disconnected the battery to recharge it. I did not know that disconnecting the battery sent an error message that I was tampering with the device.

The battery died the next two days so I bought a brand new battery. Two days later that battery was dead. I charged the battery for about four hours. I started the warm up of the device. When it said blow, I did. The pass came on when I went to start the car. The battery died and everything went black. I disconnected the battery to recharge it. The next day my handset went from 40 days to -1. I went and got it reset for $25.00 and a speech about how I needed more practice on blowing the machine. Guardian said that they never have had battery problems (LIE).

Guardian has two answers to any problem: (1) you're an idiot and aren't doing it right (drunks are morons). (2) being the criminals that you are, you most be trying to beat the machine. I understand that what I did was wrong and I have to pay for what I did. This is more punishment not monitoring. Lesson learned: no matter what you do or how hard you try to do the right thing you will always be a criminal.

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Original review: Dec. 9, 2015

Had to have an Interlock device installed in my fairly low mileage 2002 Ford F-150. First month went by fairly smooth except for my computer throwing various, intermittent codes that made no sense, and all sensors were checked and none faulty. Second month, generic control module went out. I know these F-150s have a reputation for that problem, but my vehicle was approaching 100k and had been taken back to forth where they inspected it and even added extra sealant around the driver's side/front lower window and body seam just to appease me. We had NO rainfall the previous two weeks prior to this happening. I chalked it up as bad luck.

Third month, I had to replace the GCM again and the engine management computer and had several faulty wiring issues which cost me approx. 1,200$ in just parts. I am a certified mechanic myself. They spliced power wires and other feed wires directly into the GCM and engine management computer wiring, and several other places. This CANNOT be a coincidence, I have NEVER had any issues with my vehicle, electrical nor mechanical. The tech that installed it just said "I don't know. It could be the problem, you will just have to wait until it's removed and see if they persist." What a **. I live in TN where it is required to have the monitoring or you cannot drive nor can you get the restrictions pulled. At this rate I will have to sell my vehicle just to pay for the repairs. Crazy, crazy.

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Original review: Dec. 2, 2015

I got a Guardian Breath Analyzer back in March of 2015 and it looked like it has been through a war all dinged and deep scratches on the screen and the side of the hand held device like someone has beating it on a hard surface. So when I got this install I would be able to start my vehicle up without even blowing into it. Also it would do different things like it would say over temp or beep. I can go on and on. So I called Audio Itch in Tampa, Fl and after I called them about the device was defective and letting them know that whoever had this unit before me really banged it up really good. But they couldn't care less that I wanted to get a new device after 1 1/2 months of hell with the unit. After calling Guardian about 5-7 times they would have the State director call me (Still Waiting).

But after the month and a half I begged and threatened Audio Itch to sue them and Guardian for giving defective equipment while they all get a cut of the $53.00 that you have to pay to get the device reset. I talked to 6 other people and they said they had to pay 6-10 times. I was shocked to hear this and after doing a little multiplication in my head this is a huge amount of money that Guardian, the State and Dealership make each year just to reset the device. Know just think how would you feel if the device was defective. Wouldn't that make you upset and want to sue them. Well I'm going to sue Guardian for this reason. To file a class action Lawsuit I would need more people who went through or still going through this. Please let me know. Thank you.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Nov. 14, 2015

Had to have a Guardian device installed for 6 months. First month, everything went fine. Then during my first check in, they said the software in the device wasn't working correctly so they gave me a new handset. From that time on, it never worked correctly and would "abort" almost every time that I tried to blow into it. Had my car towed to try to get the issue figured out and they continually told me that I was the issue, not blowing in correctly (even though the first month I had no issues at all). Had about 4 different handhelds and none worked. So about 2 months in, decided to not even try driving because it wasn't worth getting a potential violation from too many tries and it not working, so took cabs everywhere. My advice would be to look for alternatives (or just not drive) rather than go through the emotional and financial troubles I experienced.

Original review: Oct. 22, 2015

This has to be the worst product by the worst company anywhere. I have been stranded, locked out, have many fails and I don't even drink anymore. Their customer service is even more of a joke. They are rude, incompetent, and in some instances flat out lied to me. I have missed work due to this company and basically have gotten the runaround since day one. Now it's time to get the device removed and this has become more of a nightmare. I could tell the whole story but I would be typing characters for who knows how long. I could certainly see a class action lawsuit against these crooks at some point and time in the near future.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Oct. 19, 2015

Had this ** ass machine installed on Friday because I didn't blow at a traffic stop over TWO YEARS AGO! Maryland MVA will suspend your license for 120 days for refusing! I need my car to work my new job and was ordered to have this dumbass thing in my car for a year. Less than 48 hours the device isn't working. Called Guardian's "24/7 Customer Support" and the recording says they're only open M-F 8 am-10 PM. I went to work on Sat 12 AM. Unplugged the device as told because since it's cold it will take the device to warm up. Plugged the device in and nothing showed on the display but several dots. Called another company and the technician said that the device is faulty and has to be replaced because he's done plenty of these issues.

Called to find a shop open today so that I can get to my other part time job and was told I had to wait until Monday. Called my insurance company who said that there's no tow company that can fit into my employer's garage! GUARDIAN IS GOING TO REIMBURSE MY LOST WAGES, TOWING FEES AND REIMBURSE THE MONEY I PAID TO INSTALL THIS **. TRUST ME ON THIS!

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Original review: Oct. 7, 2015

I have been using a Guardian Interlock system since May of 2015 and getting acquainted with this device was difficult. I nicked named the car the "Beast" due to the learning process of using the device and I am still learning due to the past 2 violations that happened to me during the past 4 months due to not paying any attention. Waiting for the device to pass me I decided to try to start the car. Calling Guardian to have the device bypassed to have a emergency appointment to reset the device. Waiting to talk to a customer service representative could have a 20 minute wait or you might get lucky and have someone pick up the phone right away.

I think that this type of violation is not warranted paying out $53.00. More dollars to reset the device is criminal due to a honest mistake. So I decided to come here to read all of the complaints that everyone has to offer and after reading about all the experiences here with Alcolock I have decided to stay with Guardian. I have never had any false positives and my device is installed correctly. These devices are not a toy. I just need to pay more attention instead of shelling out more money to keep myself on the road.

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Original review: Oct. 5, 2015

Ok, I know I got a DUI. I am not saying that I didn't. But this device is junk. All I get is ABORT! I'm so stressed out over it. Stuck on the side of the road twice now & I've had it for 3 days. I'm meeting them at 3 today to find out what to do. Idk what to do. DO NOT BUY THIS DEVICE!!!!

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Sept. 30, 2015

NO stars for this company or product. This is 2015 and this is the best device anyone can come up with? I'm sure with the installation fees, monthly monitoring fees and the money from your franchising there should be more than enough money to develop a product that is better than what you market now. I accepted my responsibility and accountability for my mistake for DUI and living a sober life is much better for me and everyone else involved, but judging from the MANY comments on this site your product is an outdated POS and you folks need to put more resources and money into someone that can develop a better product. I'm sure you read these reviews and you have to agree it's not some isolated issues with a few of your CUSTOMERS. Yes, we are YOUR CUSTOMERS no matter how we came to use your service we still pay you for what you provide and I'm here for my turn to say your product is junk.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Sept. 30, 2015

I went with Guardian after having them recommended to me by a friend. When I had the device installed, it took SIX hours when I was told it would take two tops. After having the device for less than a month, I went to start my car one day. I live in Phoenix, AZ and had been warned about leaving the device in the heat so I had unplugged it and put it in my purse as the shop technician had recommended. When I plugged it in, the device wouldn't start at all, not a single light or noise. I called the 1-800 number and the lady told me to plug in and unplug the device rapidly 3 times in a row. This did not work and I was now pouring buckets of sweat in 112 degree heat.

I asked if they had anyone nearby that could help me, she tells me the nearest shop is closed till Monday (it's Friday at 5 pm). The best she can do is set up an appointment FREE OF CHARGE (if they had charged me I would have gone ballistic) for the next day. The next day, I get a friend to take me to my appointment since I still can't start my car. The technician was nice but he couldn't get into his Guardian account and I had to sit in the office with him for over an hour while he was put on hold. He finally got it figured out and I got a ride to my car and all was well.

Fast forward to January when I receive a court notice for "Failure to Show Proof." When I had gotten the device the techs and the people at the 1-800 number told me that they fax the monitoring reports to the courts and MVD every time I come in for calibration. When I got my court order I found out that Guardian had not submitted a single thing to them in the 3 months I had the device, the only record they had was the installation report I had faxed them. I called the 1-800 number and they told me that I would have to go to my service center to have the paperwork sent in. So, I go to the service center and the guy behind the counter who clearly couldn't care less tells me he sent them the paperwork.

I give it a few days and call the court, nothing. So I call corporate again, get the same answer and return to the service center. Where the same guy tells me I need to call corporate to have the papers sent and he can't send them from the shop... what. Finally I get him to print each one of my monitoring reports and end up sending them to the court myself. Around this time, I was moving to Sacramento, CA. I called to ask what I needed to do, they said all I needed to do was schedule my next appointment in California which they arranged for me. One week before the appointment I call the California service center to request a different time and the guy tells me I'm nowhere on their schedule and I have to call corporate to get transferred.

Northern California apparently has a different call center or region than Arizona and the Northern California people were actually quite fantastic. Once I got in touch with them and the man at the service center I went to out there was an absolute gem. I wish I never had to go anywhere else. But California was temporary for me and I had to return to AZ. Since my return here, my Guardian service center is now also a Lifesaver service center. Every time I go in for a monitoring appointment which used to take no more than ten minutes, I'm there at least 30. Today, I needed to take my car in for maintenance, I called the 1-800 # and the automated system said the hold time was 30 minutes so rather than doing that, I checked the website which said just to keep the receipt to show that it wasn't a tampering event.

The mechanic called the 1-800 # for bypass code and the 1-800 number told him he had to call the actual service center. The service center's phone number is disconnected... This is the phone number I pulled from the monitoring report they gave me 6 days ago. I called the 1-800 number again and the rudest woman I have ever spoken to talks over me to begin telling me they need to fill out an affidavit according to state law. The mechanic deals with interlocks for different companies on a daily basis and he says he's never had to do paper work, normally they just give him the code over the phone. Out of curiosity, I called the MVD. It's not state law. Anyway, the rude lady on the phone decides at this point to put me on hold while I'm mid sentence... The line then cuts off 3 minutes later.

I called back to speak to a supervisor to be told that the supervisor has to listen to the call then call me back. The supervisor calls me and says "Well the system says you hung up, everyone's entitled to their own opinion but she didn't hang up on you." I asked her if she had listened to the call and she tells me she had and that the rep "must have just been having one of those days." I get the thing removed in 3 weeks and I'm dreading that appointment because I already foresee it being another series of the runaround. Save yourself the headache and use someone else. I've heard excellent things about Smartstart and their warm up time is super quick whereas the Guardian device takes up to 5 minutes to warm up and at least another minute to analyze.

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Original review: Sept. 27, 2015

I have never had such terrible customer service. They advertise 24/7 help... That's incorrect. Their machines are poorly made and have left me stranded on many accounts. It has even failed me after drinking coffee... This place only has customers because it's ** required for them to use this company. So disappointed in people who rip others off blatantly. ** Guardian Interlock!!

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Original review: Sept. 25, 2015

Installed the interlock device in my car. 1 day later the device had a malfunction, showing in the screen that the ignition was off while the car was running. Had a lot of trouble trying to take the car back to the Guardian Interlock agent in Miami Gardens, Florida. Finally when I got to the service center, the people there did not believe the device had a problem, they kept saying it was my fault for not doing it right. They did not check the system, just reset the device and told me I am good to go. 3 blocks ahead, the device started showing the ignition was off again while the car was running. I had to go back to the service center and almost beg the guy to come with me and drive the car. At the end the guy accepted that the device had a technical problem. They replaced the device for another one.

2 days later I am having a lot of problems with the device, it take between 8 to 10 time before the device can take a good sample to analyze. I am doing everything correctly, the device is definitely not working properly. I just called twice to Guardian Interlock. First time they put me on hold and then they cut off the call. I called for a second time and the person told me that they will reset the device again, which I refuse. I told them I lost 2 days of work. They changed one device already, I am not willing to lose more time or try more devices. I need full refund because their devices are not working.

They said they have to charge me for uninstallation and early termination fee for the contract, which I refused. They said I need to speak with the state director named "Paul." They put me on hold and after 10 minutes, the lady pick up the phone to tell me that he is not in the office, that they will call me on Monday. Now I am stuck at home. I will be stuck at home during the weekend without having a car to use. This is the worst experience of customer service I ever had. Bad service on the phone, bad service with their service center and broken devices. They only care about your payment. Avoid this company at all cost.

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Original review: Sept. 17, 2015

The Guardian cannot be installed on my 2013 Ford C Max, keyed ignition vehicle. This is very disappointing because I have to purchase another vehicle to pass the 1 year probation period. A product used so universally should be available for all vehicles.

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Original review: Aug. 10, 2015

I have had this for a year and a half. Year one, had to replace starter and alternator when the actual problem was the device burnt up and the guy came from Columbia SC came to my home to fix it. Year 2015, the device has failed me twice due to me pumping gas. Had to call the company in Columbia SC because I was stuck at gas station. Went to Columbia SC for my monthly calibration and the guy gave me another device and set it for my 30 day appt. By the time I got home 45 minutes later it had reset itself back to 5 days. Called them and they said I had to bring it back to see the problem.

So I had to go right back up there same day, more gas and miles on my car. No offer of gas money or anything. The guy said I must have failed a retest and he checked and no I passed it so he gave me another one. ALSO 2 months ago, went to the gas station. Went in, came out to blow and the device would not turn on. Called them. He came from Columbia and it was the handset again. So last Friday night,1130 pm, I got off work and it was the HANDSET AGAIN.

Had to call my 65-year old neighbor out of bed to come get me and then I called them this morning and they said the earliest to come here would be Wednesday, and asked me if i could bring it to them and I said, "I could not. I have been stranded repeated times this year and I do not know if these devices are refurbished or not but I have lost time from work and gas to and from for multiple trips there because of this."

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Original review: Aug. 1, 2015

Several issues with the device. I was told I would receive a discount due to the trouble. I called to confirm my discount. They said it was good to go. Had my appointment today. No discount and there is no one at Guardian on the weekend to help with this situation. If it wasn't such a pain I would switch companies. Avoid this company. I have lost time, work, and money beyond what was court ordered. I have no issue with my court ordered penalties but suffering extra losses due to manufacturer and customer service incompetencies is like being kicked when you're down.

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Original review: July 31, 2015

I just had the alcolock interlock device - just taken out of my car after 6 long months. My DUI happened in 2010 and my case finally went to court Dec 2014. So here I was on probation and wanted to get this device put in right away granted my license was still valid. I am at the Interlock location in Sunrise Florida not knowing that my license needed to be suspended first to which then I could apply for the hardship license is the day the interlock starts. I asked them if they could remove the device and I would come back once the suspension takes place? They said they could but it will be another fee on top of the $100 I just paid along with the reschedule fee. I was pissed so I said "just keep the ** in."

It was now January, no suspension and I had to go in and pay another $100 for calibration that's still won't count because my license was still valid. I got in the horn and called my attorney to call the state of Florida to get this suspension started which they did in February. I got in for the calibration and the days start now. Thank God.

The device to me was quite simple since I watched tons of YouTube videos on how to blow and hum at the same time. I am in my 3rd month when the device gave me a fail and I couldn't figure out why. The only thing I drunk before I left was some cranberry juice and I am thinking that was the issue so my time dropped from 21 days to 7. So I go in, had to pay $75 and explain what happened and they sent me on my way. Now it's month 4 I am leaving work, did the start up test, passed. So I am stuck in traffic and decided to smoke my hookah cigar and the liquid got in my mouth the same time it was time to test and it failed telling me to pull over, turn off car and wait 30mins. I did drunk all the water I had and started car with no problems. I go to place, pay another $75 and explain what happened and was told I will receive a letter from the state of Florida and if I get another fail I will get extended.

I got letter and was told I had to go to counseling until the device was out and had to pay $25 a session - more money. I was thinking for these next two months I am going to live my life through that device. No eating, drinking anything other than water for the next 2 months which is what I did and I didn't have any problems and now thank god it's out and my car seems to be running better. To everyone on here I have read all the comments and I really feel sorry for what everyone is going through because I know how depressing this device can be. The only advice I can give is to live by that device, drink plenty of water and have a water jug with you at all time in the car. No eating, putting on cologne until after you have shut off car and properly turn off device. You shouldn't have any issues. Until then good luck and this will pass. Good luck.

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Original review: July 30, 2015

I just had a breathalyzer installed on my 2004 Dodge Ram 1500. I've had it for only a week and a half and here is my experience so far. While being installed, I could overhear the mechanic and secretary whispering to each other that they couldn't get it to work. RED FLAG!! After 2 hours, they say I'm good to go and it took so long because the equipment is "sensitive." I actually took this as a good sign. I figured since this is court mandated with State oversight, the equipment and program must be top notch. Oh, how wrong I was!! It worked fine for that day. Next morning, took 6 times to get it to work. Kept giving abort codes. 2 days later, the device started beeping at random while driving and saying "Off, unplug unite." You could hear my ignition switch clicking over and over again while driving.

I call the service center and tell them the unit is malfunctioning. I immediately am met with hostility and accusations of me drinking and tampering with the device by the secretary. I remain calm and explain again what's happening and I'm told I need to bring the handset in to be looked at so they can see what is wrong. Of course, this was explained in an accusatory tone. Oh, this is in regards to a DUI I received 3 years ago, and I've been sober since then. Next day, I go to start my truck to go to the service center and miraculously, the amount of days until service went from 27 to minus 2. WHAT THE HECK!! Go to service center, get accused of nonsense by some washed out secretary. They plug the handset into their computer and my how quick their tone changed!! It's a faulty unit with a bad computer they say. Now they are all smiles and sorry's. They take 45 minutes to put a brand new unit in. GOOD TO GO!! NOT!!!

Right there in the parking lot, the new unit says minus 2 days till service still. The mechanic gets confused and swears it just said 27 days 5 mins ago. Truck goes back in so they can put a new base in too (why they didn't do that the first time is beyond me). That was 2 days ago. No problems for 2 days. Everything's good I'm thinking, I'm not angry, things happen and I had a faulty unit. Move on up I say. Well guess what? MY TRUCK IS NOW STRANDED AT A GAS STATION PERMANENTLY LOCKED OUT, WHILE I SIT AT HOME TYPING THIS!! I went to the gas station to grab some lunch. I had just done a rolling retest 10 minutes prior. I get out, go in, grab a soda and chips, come back out in less than 2 minutes. Get ready to go and this darn thing starts beeping all crazy saying "ABORT TURN ENGINE OFF." I turn the engine off and it says PERMALOCK.

So, now I'm mad, my truck won't start and I have to go back to work. I get a ride back to work (just about .5 mile away) and call the service center. They tell me to call Guardian and they can walk me through bypassing the system so I can drive it over to get looked at. Of course I can only go there between certain hours (which are my working hours meaning I have to take time off work). I call Guardian. They say they have no idea why the service center would tell me that as bypasses are not allowed in my state. I have to leave my truck stranded at the gas station tonight, take the handset in to the service center to have it "reset." I tell them "once my truck starts, I will be coming over so you can remove this p.o.s. from my vehicle and I'll go do business elsewhere." Their reply, "We will not remove it without a court order." WTF did you just say!!

I call the court and my probation officer tells me they are lying and have no legal right to say or do that as the vehicle is MY private, personal property. The court says they could care less who I have on through, as long as I have one. The judge told me to just schedule an installation with a different company. The same day, I have it uninstalled and there will be no problems. So I'm pretty sure tomorrow will be a stressful day as I know (by reading these posts) that I have a battle ahead of me. Bottom line, do not go to guardian. Under any circumstances!! In fact, we all need to pony up and Sue the clowns. Uuugghhh.

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Original review: July 12, 2015

Only had this device for about a week, and it's left me stranded 3 times. Guardian does not do anything for you when this happens. This is fraud in my opinion, saying the device can do something it cannot- period. Oh by the way, I think one of the customer service employees I spoke to was drunk, sure as hell sounded like it. My car was perfectly fine before this was installed, now getting it to start is pot luck. I do not appreciate this service & had read too many bad things about interlock malfunctions to be surprised. Waste of my money and time, I'm not allowed to make excuses so why should they and why am I paying for a broke down vehicle? ** you and put this up your ass and blow then inhale, it might work better. Who knows?

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