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I purchased a 2015 GMC Acadia in September 2014. The steering wheel shakes terribly. I've brought it to the dealer several times. At first they said the tires had flat spots and would correct itself. Then they did a "special" wheel alignment on it. 40,000 miles later and having brought it to other shops (shops specializing in tires) I am still having the issue. In March 2015 (6 months after purchase) I had to have the brakes, rotors, brake pads, calipers, --everything replaced at a GM dealership in Florida as the rear brakes etc were completely rusted out. They had to use a sledgehammer to get things off. In September 2015, I had to have the same rear brake parts replaced as they had rusted out again!

I used to drive 100,000 miles a year and never had this happen. Now I drive 20,000 and the brakes are rusting out. I've lived in the same area for 60 years, so it's not that I've moved. I love the Acadia - but with the shaking steering wheel and the brakes rusting out, I wouldn't recommend buying it. Also the XM radio goofs up (not a big deal but it does happen) and they installed their WIFI in the Acadia and it shows there's a signal, but you can't use the WIFI.

I purchased a new 2012 gmc acadia, in September 2012. Right the first months I had to take it back for 2 issues noticed then: sound/noise heard during cold start and both of the rear interior panels were scuffed. After phone calls and many attempts, these issues were in a way "fixed" but had to lower my standards. Then, right my very first year of use, the major issues began. The AC (first summer is when I noticed) did not work properly, I live in Vegas with triple digit temperatures during summer, and the ac did not work. Also, the motor started to leak oil. These are the major 2 issues I have had since my first year of owning this LEMON! every year, I have to take it in for the same issues.

Just recently called GMC and asked them if they were going to stand behind their product, that they have evidence this vehicle is a LEMON, same issues for the last 4 years in a row now. To not surprise, they are not. They treated me like an idiot, and of course to no surprise, there is nothing they can do for me. Except, oh yeah, they can "HELP" me with a TRADE!!! It has been weeks waiting for them to call me with a "status" on my complaint with GMC, and then they had the nerve to call me and advised me of this. This is worse than an insult.

Please, do NOT buy ANY GMC, vehicles are expensive as if you're getting the best quality but they are robbing people's money, please be smart, think what you are buying, do your homework. You can see thousand of complaints just like mine, GMC does not manufacture/sell reliable products/vehicles. They just sell to make money without thinking of what they are selling. Just thinking of sales/numbers for themselves. While we are here making a complaint or reading about it, CEO's are in a gateway with our monies!!! Any advise would be helpful, if you've been in a situation like mine, please tell me how did you handle the outcome. Or if we all together can do something to stop these big companies STEALING our money and making us go through all of these things and inconveniences!! ENOUGH!!! THANK you.

2010 GMC Acadia. I bought this car December 2015. Start good after that I have to spend every other week by a mechanic and everything with something I have to install and lots of repair. Just name it. Transmission, most of the control arms, ball joint, power steering rack and pinion. Just lemon. Will never buy any GMC anymore.

I purchased a 2010 GMC Acadia 2 years ago. I was driving on the Bear Mountain Parkway when my car just lost power. I had my car tow to an auto repair when they indicated that my engine blew. I had oil in my car. My warranty was done. Now I'm stuck with a big car note and a Lemon car. I called GMC. They won't stand by their product. Stay away from buying an Arcadia. Read all the reviews before. My mistake was not to read the reviews and to buy an American car. DON'T DO IT!!!

Purchased a used with 50000 miles 2009 Acadia. All routine PM completed on Acadia. First problem occurred at 75000 miles. Transmission began to slip, felt like engine missing, then reverse went out, heard a pop. There is a plate in there that snapped. GMC replaced the Tranny. Happy for that. Second problem 76000 miles, O2 sensors changed, 102$ each. Next the converters failed. Replaced the front and I gutted the rear one. Engine light stayed on but ran fine a little rich. Converters are 450-560$. Next problem the passenger door window not working fixed myself. Next problem the rear hatch collapsed on my wife's back and her back is broken due to this. Next problem, the power steering pump went out, it would work fine then stop all of a sudden. My wife and I were constantly avoiding wrecks due to this.

Take the Acadia to dealer for recall. They tell me they need to see if the number on the pump is the recalled one. I'm like, "Well it's bad so... must be..." A week later... The service guy tells me, "Well your strut is out, your motor mounts are bad, and your rack and pinion need to be replaced. It's leaking oil." They had Acadia for a week and still did not look at the pump. I take it home, replace the rack and pinion and both struts, the motor mounts were not bad at all. I take it back to the dealer and tell him, "Ok, here. Check to see if the pump is the recall one." He calls me two days later says to me, "Until you replace the rack and pinion we can't check the pump." I blow my fuse, tell him not very nicely the parts I replaced. I take Acadia home then order a pump on eBay 150$. Change it myself in a hour.

CURRENT problem, fill up with gas Acadia dies in the middle of my left turn in traffic. Get help tow it home. I checked fuel pressure it was low so I changed the fuel pump myself 150$, and put brand new plugs in it. Before I send to dealer I had friend who is a mechanic put code computer on it, throws 6 codes over and over. I research web, says code related to timing chain stretched. I send to dealer telling them the codes. They call me next day say, "Your plugs are black, burnt up." I say, "That is brand new plugs. Never ran with them. How can they be burnt up?" Then he says, "I'll put factory set in and try again". Calls me back says, "Well I have real bad news, we ran a oil analysis on the Acadia and you have signs of metal in your oil." Then tells me the rear converter got sucked into the engine (the one I gutted out) and caused the crank shaft and pistons to fail, and I need a engine.

Also tells me they got the Acadia running but it would not go over 1500 rpm. So I'm like, "Well you just told me the engine was running but not over 1500 rpm, how can the crank shaft and pistons be bad if this is the case?" Far as the oil and metal all oil will have trace of metal at this mileage it's called wear. I am so disgusted with this dealership and GMC in general. I will never buy anything GMC makes again. 37,000$ AND WE DROVE THE CAR FOR ONLY 70,000 MILES.

This is Courtesy GMC in Broussard LA. Do not go there people. Every time this service guy talks to me about my car it is all lies. I don't think they even looked into the converter, if they did they would have seen it was gutted completely. My main gripe is how they jump to these conclusions so fast without getting in there and working on things. It's like they see one thing and stop and blame everything on that one issue which has for me been never the main problem with this Acadia.

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After I tow my new acadia awd denali, even for a short distance, the vehicle will back up but won't go forward until I turn it off several time and let it run for a long time, until the fluid lubricates the awd system. Have taken to dealer with no satisfaction. Is anyone else having this same problem?

I got a 2016 gmc acadia in oct 2015. Weeks after I noticed a noise coming from the engine. Took car in Dec 2015 and was told there was a problem with the sln valve faults p05cc, p05cd, p05cf, and p05ce. Dealership replaced all 4 actuators. Contacted gmc and told them that my vehicle is a lemon. Earlier this year started to have same problem informed dealership. Sunday 8/7 coming back from an outing got a ln alert on dashboard engine overheating. Had to pull over. Had vehicle towed to dealership, diagnostics engine is damaged. They had to order a new engine which will take about 2 weeks. Contacted gmc, open case and have not heard back. I just want for them to buy my car back because they sold me a lemon. Brand new car I should not be having these problems.

I bought a 2008 Acadia. The car was pretty. I started having ac problems and transmission problems then I started researching and there is a lot of problems with the transmission and ac with the Acadia. I cannot afford to fix everything. I would never buy a Acadia ever again.

Well I bought my car in November 2015. It was my dream car. Acadia Denali 2011. Fully loaded. Got a great price on it. Had 1600 thousand miles, leather seats, Bose stereo system. Love it so much. It has now 3300 thousand miles on it and I am having so many problems. I got in a accident on April 4, 2016. Was not my fault. They fixed it 20 days later.

Four days later pink fluid was pouring out of the bottom of my car. Took it back to the collision place. They said it was power steering fluid. They looked at it and could not find anything wrong. May 16th 2016 took it back again and they checked hoses and everything that could be leaking. They said, "Take it to the dealership." Well I was looking up things before I took it to the Dealership. They were having problems with the Steering units on Acadias from 2007 to 2011. They have to fix it for free. Of course why would they tell anyone that. Also my coolant is empty. I really do not understand what is going on with my car. Took it today to the Dealership. They cannot find anything but a oil leak. I have no light saying anything is wrong but I need to know if anyone is having this problem. I was told that my coolant is empty. My engine would freeze up correct.

I own 2009 GMC Acadia SLT-1. This is the nicest vehicle I have ever owned so I have strived to take really good care of it. For the last few months, I have been experiencing an issue that seemingly cannot be resolved! When I am driving on the highway and I achieve the speed want to go and let off the gas and the vehicle would "coast", it starts what I refer to as missing. It has not given off any codes and I have had it checked out by two mechanics. The problem is getting worse! Without a code and the lack of anything obvious, it cannot be resolved.

The last time I took it in, the transmission fluid was low, which makes me wonder with all of the posts on transmissions going bad in Acadias, if it could be my transmission. I do not know what to do and am writing this in hopes someone has had similar issues and can share your experience and maybe your end result! HELP!!!

I have a '12 GMC Acadia Denali where the cheap antenna base cracked and came loose in a dealership car wash even though they removed the antenna first. I do not believe it's the dealer's fault but a factory defect or poor design. The service manager said he sees several a week come through with this issue. I tried to work with a GMC Factory rep; no help at all and blames the Stubby antenna that had always been removed before washing. My 4th GMC, but more than likely my last since they don't stand behind their products or dealerships. The dealership will cover 1/2 the cost of repairs, which is almost $500.

Ignition issues. Took car in twice. Only had the car few days after buying it at Cherry Hill Mitsubishi, and have been stuck and stalled at gas stations, in parking lots, etc. If anyone knows issue or resolution - it is GMC Acadia 2014 SLT-1. Disappointing experience all around.

I purchased my GMC Acadia new in February 2008 and have taken excellent care, keeping up with all the required maintenance. In October of 2011, with approximately 50K miles the transmission failed and had to be replaced. My car now has only 84,000 miles, which means, 34K on the new transmission and the car is currently in the service department at the dealership where I purchased it and where the original transmission was replaced, they confirmed that the transmission does need to be fixed or replaced again and I'm expected to pay for it. The original transmission should have lasted at least this long and it's unreasonable to expect that I pay for a third transmission on this car at only 84,000 miles.

I have a 2010 Acadia SLT. I love my car however upon my last visit to the dealership for regular tune up we discovered the car was leaking oil which led to completely taking the car apart. This car was purchased new in 2010 and was $38000.00. It has 65,000 miles on it and we have had very little issues - the recalls. Not too bad. This car is very safe and rides and handles very well after 6 years. I am even considering getting a new Acadia Denali. I do feel like now that the car has over 50,000 miles - little things are going to start going wrong. When I went in for my last tune up the service manager gave me a list of things that my car was due to have done to it. Thankfully my husband is a retired mechanic for Ford and knew that it was all a bunch of crock. A car this expensive with that has been maintained as scheduled should last well over 150,000.00 miles. Not sure if it will.

We bought our 2012 GMC Acadia with excitement and high expectations. We were so wrong, and regretted our decision fairly quickly. Within months, we had numerous recalls, the AC stopped working, the USB port stopped working, and a piece of the rubber on the car windows fell off. Luckily, it was under warranty. After 2 years, we had a total of five recalls.

Within a couple of months of the warranty expiration, the problems got worse. The AC stopped working AGAIN. Same problem, different year. Our front tires suddenly went bad ($550), confusing since the car didn't have many miles. No explanation from the dealer. Now, year three, AC went out AGAIN ($1100 front and rear), front CV joints cracked ($650) which we were told was probably why our tires went bad so fast, fuel injection issues ($240) causing car to stall every time we got gas, power steering fluid hose leaking ($200), and other issues with a total bill of $2900. Mechanic said it was one of the biggest messes he'd ever seen on a car. He said the car was very cheaply put together with plastic parts. I hate this car and completely disappointed that we paid $45000 for a piece of junk.

December 18, 2010. Purchased 2011 GMC Acadia LT-1, Model ACA, for $39,363.19. November 2015 - Received the following notice from GMC: As the owner of a 2011 model year GMC Acadia, your satisfaction with our product is very important to us. This letter is intended to make you aware that, on some 2011 model year GMC Acadia vehicles, the throttle-position sensor may cause the engine to run rough, cause the malfunction-indicator lamp and/or an engine reduced power message to illuminate, and reduce the engine’s power. Do not take your vehicle to your GMC dealer as a result of this letter unless you believe that your vehicle has the condition as described above.

General Motors is providing owners with additional protection for the condition described above. If this condition occurs on your 2011 GMC Acadia within 10 years of the date your vehicle was originally placed in service or 120,000 miles, whichever occurs first, the condition will be repaired for you at no charge. Our Acadia did not have the malfunction-indicator lamp and/or an engine reduced power message illuminate but starting in January 2016, the engine did start to run rough.

January 2 – January 7, 2016. First Noticed Problems: Our Acadia engine was running very rough – idling, accelerating with unusual RPM’s, not running smoothly, stopped at lights and it felt it was going to die, etc. The Acadia has 60K miles on it. Brought the car to BTR (garage we have used for over 20 years, and 9 cars). BTR replaced four Solenoids, which did not fix the problem. After several more days trying to diagnose the problem, they suggested we have the car towed to a GM dealer that was most convenient, Classic Chevrolet. So we did.

January 8 – January 25, 2016. Classic Chevrolet reported that the problem was the Catalytic Converter, and that they would replace it, under warranty. Apparently, this did not fix the problem. After researching this for several days, they were looking at a timing chain. Classic informed us that ‘needed to open the front end to further diagnose it. This was going to cost us $1,600 to open up the engine, and it could cost significantly more depending on what they find.’ Classic then reported they found ‘metal shavings’ in the oil, diagnosed the problem as “Catastrophic Engine Failure” and reported we needed a whole new engine, at a cost of about $7,700, on a 2011 GMC Acadia with 60K miles. Classic stated that since we had not had the Acadia serviced (i.e. oil changes, etc.) at a GM dealer, thus ACDelco oil filters were not used, we would be responsible for 100% of the cost.

After we provided receipts for the regular maintenance required for an automobile, Classic stated that GM would pay for 60% of the new engine, and we would be responsible for 40% of the costs. The offer of us paying for 40% of the costs of a new engine is unacceptable. According to our Acadia’s owner’s manual we were not required, nor is it even suggested, to use ACDelco oil filters, and that according to the Federal Trade Commission, i.e. the Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act, it is against the law for a car manufacturer to mandate a specific brand of car product, unless it is provided at no charge. After we informed Classic of the above mentioned point, Classic Chevrolet stated they wanted to tow the car to a GMC dealership. So, it was towed to GMC Beck & Masten North. This is where the car was purchased in 2010.

January 25 – Present. Upon receipt of the car, GMC Beck & Masten North first reported they needed to do their own diagnostic research as no paperwork was sent with the car. Furthermore, they stated the car started up fine, albeit it was running a little rough, but they would get back to us with further details as soon as possible. After over 2 weeks at this dealer, now the 3rd repair shop to be used, the service manager stated that ‘the engine looks good, appears to be well maintained. Our service records were good but he was waiting on GMC to see what kind of assistance they could offer. He also stated the oil looked good, and that he did not see any problem with the filter and/or using after market oil filters.’

Finally, Beck & Masten stated the engine needs to be replaced – 5 of the 6 bearings were spun/gone – it would cost approximately $8,000, and that GMC would pay for 50% of the costs and we would be responsible for the other 50%. Again, this is totally unacceptable. Beck & Masten stated they would talk to their regional GMC representative and get back to us. Other notes during this process: This is 2011 GMC Acadia – purchased on December 18, 2010 – it has 60K miles on it – the problems started 5 years and 15 days after it was purchased. It is not stated in the owner’s manual what brand, or what specs are required, in an oil filter. We have serviced this car regularly since the date it was purchased – have provided all receipts to date. We have spoken to GMC Customer Service, (1-800-462-8782), during this whole process.

We have been told to be patient 63 times. Industrial Distributors, supplier of the oil filters to BTR, called Classic Chevrolet, the dealer who originally stated the after-market oil filters were faulty, in attempt to investigate the filter scenario in more detail. Classic never returned phone call. General Manager of Classic Chevrolet, commented that he ‘had a hard time believing that after-market oil filters would cause catastrophic engine failure.’ We have been told “I understand your frustration”, 47 times.

Beck& Masten, stated there could be two reasons that this many bearings in an engine would fail. 1. There was water in the engine, i.e. car drove through high water. However, they stated there was no evidence this ever occurred (which we also attested to), or 2. There was poor lubrication in the engine due to lack of oil. We have provided all receipts affirming the Acadia was serviced at regular intervals. We have further reported that at no time was there an indication that oil was low in the Acadia. Therefore, if poor lubrication did occur, any warning indicators in the Acadia did not work properly.

The engine in the Acadia is a 3.6 LLT, is a Direct Injection Engine. This feature causes extremely rapid degradation/failure of the oil between changes, resulting in rapid degradation of cam gears, timing chains and premature failure of crank bearings. It is our understanding GM stopped using this engine in the Cadillacs, LaCrosses and Camaros. General Manager of GMC Beck & Masten, stated, unsolicited, that his recommendation for the future, whether it is a GM product or not, to have cars serviced only at a dealer, because it ‘carries more weight.” Commentary: Kind of interesting how a GM would suggest building your war chest for a potential fight with the manufacturer. Is GM building cars anticipating situations like this to happen on a regular occurrence? Several times, we asked Classic Chevrolet, GMC Customer Service and GMC Beck & Masten North for their diagnoses in writing. As of this date, nothing has been provided.

Not once, have we seen any evidence that GM, GMC, Classic Chevrolet, and GMC Beck & Masten North, are working together to resolve this issue. Commentary: seems to be a Catastrophic Communication Failure for a Catastrophic Engine Failure! GMC, GM, GMC Beck & Masten, not to mention numerous auto mechanics we have talked to, all question, “Why was the car transferred from one GM dealer to another GM dealer?” BTR – it was explained to us that a catastrophic engine failure is a term used to describe a complete failure of the engine. 5 out 6 bearings spun would mean completely knock out the engine. If a bearing fails, you hear a “knock” or a “ping”, usually one fails at a time. If there were 5 bearings failed it had to be an instantaneous loss of oil and a catastrophic failure. If the engine ran on January 8th to check the catalytic converter, when did this catastrophic failure occur?

On Jan 26th, after going to Beck & Masten, the engine started up but ran hard with knocks. I was under the impression with 5 bearings failed the engine shouldn’t even start. Beck & Masten sent this to us a little while ago: When we disassembled your vehicle, we found 5 spun rod bearings and scored cylinder walls. The engine (inside) was not dirty and the oil was clean. The oil looked to have been changed recently. Cause of failure is unknown. It will be necessary to replace engine to complete this repair. Commentary: Kind of sounds like a faulty engine to me!

After working hard for many years and striving to purchase what I thought was a top of the line vehicle - I purchased in July 2013 a used GMC 2010 Acadia SLT AWD fully loaded coming off a 3 year lease. I cannot afford a brand new one with a sticker of $45,000. The vehicle had extremely low mileage 33,000 miles. I wanted a larger, heavier vehicle with AWD to plow through the Michigan snow. I need a vehicle with low miles as I drive annually 22,000 per year. After one year of ownership, the vehicle had the typical Rack noise which is described in many forums was supposedly fixed by the dealer.

This fix lasted one year and the rack once again is starting to thump at low speed turns. To fix this rack even though it was replaced a year earlier is $1000. In the 2.5 years that I have owned it I am now at 87,000 miles. I regularly changed the oil faithfully every 5-6,000 miles. I used synthetic oil as was told to me to do at the dealer. I did this because I was relying heavily on the car to last me to 160,000 miles or higher. That was not to be.

4 days ago my husband took the car and the vehicle completely died on his way home. No lights, no warning, no nothing. We thought it was the battery and replaced the battery. You turn the key on vehicle to turn it over and nothing. My husband is not a professional mechanic but knows a lot about vehicles. He got under the vehicle to see what was going on and decided to try to turn the crankshaft -- it was completely seized. Yesterday the vehicle that I thought was finally one that was going to last now is going to cost at a minimum of $3000 to $6000 to repair. I am so upset and so frustrated with the way the Chevy/GMC vehicles have major issues with miles greater than 70,000. I don't know yet how we are going to pay to fix this vehicle. We are right now waiting on the official diagnosis from the dealer.

Yesterday they called and stated it is for sure an internal issue and needed our permission to tear it apart. Once and if we fix it (not going to be able to afford the fix probably), I will never be able to trust the vehicle again. 2 weekends ago we had a basketball tournament and had 2 other children in the car with us over 100 miles away from home. Thank God this vehicle did not break down in rural Michigan that far from home. We are unsure if the root cause was the timing chain that seems to happen to these SUVs. I wish I would have spent hours investigating and reading reviews on this vehicle as I would not of purchased it if I had known this. I am very scared if we do decide to keep it that the transmission will go next.

I had a Chevy Venture van which the transmission blew up at 80,000 miles and the whole car pretty much fell apart. Power sliding door stopped working, automatic windows stopped working along with the rear back wiper. I thought I would give another chance to GMC/Chevy to prove me wrong with a top of the line vehicle but I was wrong.

My advice on these message boards is this - do not keep these vehicles more than 70,000 miles. They do not last. I have decided after the 2nd lemon from GM/Chevy I am going to try either a Ford Edge or Chrysler Jeep. I plan to purchase something with a better warranty than what GM and Chevy offer. GM and Chevy have lost my business once and for all.

Updated on 02/23/2016: Today is February 23 and it is Day 25 since my 2010 Acadia blew up. After 9 days of diagnostics the final diagnosis was a spun rod bearing went in the lower end of the engine and it experienced catastrophic engine failure. A new engine will need to be installed if one can be located. After countless hours speaking with GMC and due to the fact that I am just shy of the 5 year mark --- GMC agreed to pay 60% and we pay 40% for a new engine. Total out of pocket expense will be around $3000.00. The dealership was kind enough to give me a rental car while this mess is figured out. Total fix for an engine swap is about $7500.00 for a vehicle that is at 87,000 miles. I am detailing the saga here of dealing with GMC and how many hours my husband has been on the phone trying to get this resolved.

An engine was located and arrived at the dealer on Feb 16th. On Feb 17th we were told the engine that GMC agreed to split cost with us arrived missing parts. The dealer stated this was unacceptable and sent the engine back and requested a new one. After 22 days at the dealership we are still waiting on an engine. I believe engine availability is so limited right now because GMC is having to replace so many of these 3.6L V-6 engines. So the saga goes on. So the saga goes on. For something to happen in January – I am really hoping to have my car fixed in March some time! An engine was located and shipped to the dealer.

Hello. I bought a used 2008 Acadia. It had 69k miles on it when I purchased it. It ran perfectly fine until it hit 80k miles. Since then I had the transmission switched out twice and been through 2 transmission modules. Luckily I bought the extended warranty but they extended the warranty until 120k or 2017. I only have 92k miles and don't drive a lot. I called GMC and talked to corporate. They reviewed my vehicle maintenance report and said there maybe a possible option to get a coupon voucher to help get into a new car.

They called me back a week later and said the manager reviewed the case and said that they have helped me every time there was an issue, "we took care of it". I said ok but that was because of the warranty. They weren't rude but said they can't help me but if more issues occur they review my file again. My issue is what happens after warranty expires. I'm stuck with a vehicle I expected to be in my family for a long time. I don't have money to be putting in transmissions every year.

3rd Oil Leak for this car. Just told it is now the Oil Pan. $2000 to drop the engine for the 3rd time plus $500 to replace the oil pressure sensor. Wow EVERYTHING has happened with this vehicle. Danger to people on the road and the families riding in it. Few of my other problems: complete instrument cluster panel, vehicle went completely dark and dead in middle of freeway, timing chain cover leak (1st time), timing chain cover leak (2nd time), timing chain replacement, rack & pinion gear, water pump, steering pump, brake master cylinder, rear lift gate free falled on my daughter's head while she was loading groceries at Trader Joe's.

Within a few weeks of purchasing my new 2012 GMC Acadia Denali the car went into the shop for 6 weeks while they tried to diagnose a transmission problem with GM's help. Since making the repair the engine continues to surge to 4000 RPMs from time to time under certain driving conditions as the transmission struggles to keep up. Problems with the car also includes numerous recalls, driver seat coming loose, and the front AC evaporator unit failed. After the GM warranty expired and weeks after replacing the front AC evaporator unit the rear AC evaporator and power steering failed. I can no longer afford the car and I believe that GM's product quality became poor after the GM bankruptcy and when "GM" became known as "Government Motors".

When is GMC going to admit that they threw quality out the window when they built this vehicle. Recalls are done only when it's life and death. Right from the start, my headlight harnesses melted. Thousands of similar complaints online but no recall yet. Steering column, timing chain and the list goes on. Now for the shocker. I took my Acadia to the dealer because I received a 'Special Coverage Program 14582'. My vehicle ran rough and the check engine light was on. That is exactly what the Notice described. I also asked the dealer to inspect the front end and steering because there was an outstanding power steering pump recall. After a few hours, the dealer called me back with the news.

As per the email, my 2009 GMC Acadia with 150,000 km needed: replacement of catalytic converter bank2 $722.10, replacement of pre-CAT/post cal oxygen sensors $451.41, fuel system servicing recommended $169.95, replacement of spark plugs $295.40, evap purge solenoid $124.32, replace both front struts $952.86, replace both rear shocks $456.00, replace one broken engine mount $248.42, replace water pump $513.50, perform four wheel alignment $129.95, replace rack and pinion assembly $1,583.24, replace right front lower control arm bushing(s) $416.05, replace left front lower control arm bushing(s) $416.05, replace left rear upper control arm $541.12, replace right rear upper control arm $541.12, plus three separate @120.00. Diagnose charges for the check engine light, an oil leak and steering and suspension came to over $9,000.00.

Sorry for the long-winded story. I only accepted the repairs that I thought were important. It came out to just over $2,000.00 and the Acadia seems perfect now. Moral of the story is that dealership service areas will attempt to build you a new car if you let them. I think they wanted me to give up on this SUV and head straight for their showroom.

I bought my 2010 Acadia in 2013 when I found out I was having our third child. It has 34000 miles and I bought the GM 100000 extended warranty. I did not get the walk through bucket seats because I went for price. I got a great deal on a base model (1st worst decision). The seating is horrible and third row is basically impossible to get to when other kids are in the second row in car seats and boosters. And LOTS of crud and junk gets stuck in the seat sliders on the floor board.

Anyways, my problems started with the steering rack. As someone stated above, a swooshing noise with turning the wheel. Luckily my warranty covered it after I went back to the dealer a few times. But the noise is still there! Now, a noise in the front end started early in the mornings as small accelerations such as in traffic. Dealer says we can check out or wait for it to escalate. Well in the last week it has escalated to the point I feel it's unsafe to drive. It is going in the shop tomorrow!

I bought a GMC Acadia for my dad, brand new 0 miles. I've had all kinds of problems.. Some lights stopped working. AC we turn it off and it keeps working. Yesterday my dad was gonna go to work and that piece of junk didn't wanna start with key stock on the ignition. The day we bought it staff was very helpful but GMC is the worst brand out there. Do a favor to yourself and buy any other brand but GMC. GMC is junk. I rather have any Korean car than this useless car company.

I have a 2009 GMC truck with 80 thousand KM on it. The transmission failed. I do not tow heavy lousy 14-foot boat and trailer with a 15hp engine on it. A 1.5 cylinder car could tow this boat. Cost me 3500.00 for replacement transmission. STAY AWAY from GMC trucks... or buy one and put 3500.00 aside cause you're going to need it!

I have a 2014 GMC Acadia that I purchased new. I have had a hesitation upon inclines for the past 6 months. Service says there's nothing wrong. Tech took a ride with me and confirmed he felt the hesitation too but computer says nothing wrong. I've complained about it three times already. So now I have had my car almost stall twice in three days with my two kids in the car crossing over an extremely busy two-way road. The check engine light went on both times it occurred. Now my Acadia with 17,000 is at the dealer getting a new fuel injector!!! I will never buy another GMC!!!

I bought my 2009 Acadia SLT brand new in 2010 since it was on offer, since then I had problems two times with the fuel system and had to replace it all. And by all I mean fuel rails, fuel injectors, spark plugs, fuel pump, fuel sensors and hoses, I get warning lights of low oil pressure from time to time with no apparent reason. I also had to replace the complete front suspension with the lower control arms and engine mounts. Now I am also getting a warning that I have a bad catalytic converter. Not to forget to mention that I had to replace the hydraulics for both the trunk and the hood, and what kind of car has the battery behind the passenger seat? Not to mention that the engine compartment is too congested and you can't even see the accessory belt in order to know if it needs replacing. My advice is never to buy an Acadia. I think total cost of repairs so far is about $10,000 and it only is driven 75,000 miles so far.

My 2010 Acadia is needing its 3rd water pump. I have already had to have the struts replaced and now the dealership is saying I need them again. I am being informed my timing chains are stretched and need replacing too. This has truly been the worst vehicle I have ever purchased and will definitely steer clear of making that mistake again. Despite the multiple complaints over many of these same issues, the only thing I can get covered under warranty by GMC is the water pump... of course, the least expensive thing to fix. It's a shame the company will not help the consumers out, but in the end, they are only hurting themselves. Never buying GM again!

I purchased my 2010 GMC Acadia in the summer of 2010. Since then I've been in love with my SUV and still am until May 2013 when my Air Conditioner stop working. According to the dealer (where I always take my vehicle) they says it's the Condenser which cost $848.84. After the repair everything was great and I was COOL. Until September 2015 when there is another problem with my AC that's going to cost $2211.00 to fix. What in the hell. Contact GMC Inc.

After several emails no calls over the phone just emails. They told me they are unable to help me but my dealer at Ourisman of Alexandria VA will help out with some coupons. Spoke to someone today 06 October 2015. The only help they would help me is $200. I know I should be happy but it still have to come out of my pocket with a lot more money when I just knew my problem was fixed with the last amount. Now 2 years later I have another issues with the AC. Not asking for the bill to be paid in full (GMC has more money than me) but a little more help than $200 would have been much appreciated. HELP. HELP.

2007 Acadia. The transmission went out at 125000 miles. It was replaced at certified GM dealership at the cost of 3961.22 Dec. 2014. In March, I received a letter from GMC that some 2007 have experienced a cracked or fractured wave plate. This was the exact problem with my car. GMC will not reimburse us for the repair because of the mileage, even though they are aware of the faulty part. I don't understand how GM can expect loyal customers when they won't take care of us!! Please be sure to post your problems on GM Facebook page.

I just bought this 2007 Acadia less than 11 days ago. Come to find out my transmission is no good. I put all my money down and it giving me problems will giving me my money back. I wish I would have known this when I was looking for a vehicle. I would have never bought this one. Now I'm out of the vehicle again and no money.

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