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The GMC Acadia is a mid-size SUV. Model years 2007-2016 were full-size. Read more General Motors reviews to learn about other models.

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Reviewed Aug. 30, 2019

First and foremost, if you are going to buy this vehicle make sure it is still under the 36k mileage. If it is not, GMC and all of your local dealers will do absolutely nothing. Not only nothing, they will charge you a service fee to do nothing. 2 issues that we are having with this vehicle. #1 Put in park to turn off... Shifting assembly is junk. Most go bad before the 36k warranty... Mine went bad at literally 37229. #2 The wheels are delaminating. The previous owner must have been lazy because over 10% of all 4 wheels are delaminating. I made a huge incorrect assumption that GMC would cover a vehicle that is barely a year old. Again, I was incorrect. Never again GMC. Will never again buy a piece of junk. I will stick to the foreign makers from now on. You have seen your last dollar from me. Run away people. Crappy customer service.

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Reviewed Aug. 10, 2019

I bought my 2008 Acadia New from the dealership and I have been in Love with it from the beginning. The biggest issues I've had are my water pump going out in 2013. The rails on floor to moves rows back & forth are a hassle but we've managed to just fold the seats & that's always worked (I got the 8 passenger). A/C has gone bad a couple of times as well. Other than that no major issues. I'm at 180k miles now & it decided it was tired by stalling on me & shaking on the freeway, it read on dash "Engine reducing speed". I was told by a technician that the transmission was going out and not worth putting money in it anymore because it was at the end of the road.

I took it to a different tech at a different shop and he said there seems to be nothing wrong with the transmission and it's the suspension, a/c and a few leaks that were not caught which led it to have no coolant & overheating. I have been debating getting a new car because this car has been so good to me and I've driven it from Los Angeles to Arizona, Las Vegas, Lake Arrowhead, & Big Bear every single winter. I'm also a Realtor so I drive a lot. My transmission and engine have never been replaced. So I'm having a hard time parting with it. The second technician that gave me a second opinion also offered me $2500 if I decide to actually part with it. I'm still debating and having a hard time but I think the time has come to say goodbye. :(

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Reviewed July 29, 2019

The Acadia Denali is the same as the Acadia with the molding taken off and the cute Denali put on it. What "luxury" vehicle doesn't have a console with departments in it? What kind of "luxury" vehicle doesn't have automatic passenger controls? It truly rides like a truck highway and streets. Save your money - at the least don't pay extra for the false luxury. If you must, buy the Buick. Or go elsewhere. Period... Tell everyone you know. I kicked my butt already.

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Reviewed May 30, 2019

Only good for the first 15,000 miles. Factory tires are a joke and made with softer rubber. GM is aware and it was the discretion of the dealership to share the info. At 18,000 miles I had 4 bald tires. They cover a portion of it under warranty. The tire guy has to call Michelin with the mileage and size of tread - if any. We did get 70% off new ones. Two days later I started experiencing the "SHIFT TO PARK" error. It's in park and I try to shut it off but it doesn't register being in park. This prevents the car from locking and causes nonstop dinging that will ultimately drain your battery. You have to turn it on/off again multiple times, jiggle the stick, hit the brake until it magically decides it's good. It now happens EVERY time I shut it down. There is no fix. Again GM is aware and left it to the discretion of the dealership to share the info. Now I'm stuck in a lease for a PITA car that I can't properly use. Save yourself the headache - buy something else!

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Reviewed May 17, 2019

Sat in the car using accessories on my lunch hour. Clock did not keep time. Hit the accessory button. Again it went back 4 min from where it was - overall lost 10 min every time I hit the accessory button. Has anyone else had this issue? Also very uncomfortable driver's seat. Supposed to be top of the line better than other models. When I took an SLE out for comparison that seat was much better. Go figure.

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Reviewed May 14, 2019

I was driving my car maximum 10km/H because I was getting out of the parking of a gym. Sunny day, good visibility, 10 o'clock in the morning, I was alone in my GMC Acadia. Suddenly all my airbags deployed without any accident. There is not even any scratch on my car.

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Reviewed April 25, 2019

We bought our Acadia in the summer of 2017. Within 2 weeks of owning it we had to take it to the shop for motor and catalytic converter issues. Long story short, we have now owned the car for two years and have only been able to drive it/ have it parked in our driveway for 6 months. Those 6 months aren't even consecutive, more like the weeks in between shop visits. During those visits numerous motors were put into the car along with new parts to whatever they could see needing fixed. At first we thought it was the shop doing a bad job but after the THIRD shop we visited, it became clear to us it is something with the car and not us.

Every mechanic we have talked too says the motor for the Acadia and a couple other GMC/Chev models just don’t last past 32,000 miles. We can't even get rid of the vehicle due to the never ending check engine light and its constant engine light led to it failing inspection making the car undrivable (eventually we did get a passed inspection). Our last visit had the car pulling up 19 error readings, most involving the Transmission and Motor. There is no end to the problems on this vehicle and we have barley driven it.

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Reviewed March 15, 2019

I purchased my 2012 Denali from an Authorized dealer in Anchorage Alaska. I live in a rural community in Alaska and had my car barged to me in Nome Alaska. I have serviced my car 2 times a year with our local mechanic. My car as less than 25,000 miles on it. I drive less than 4 miles round trip to work at 25 to 30 miles per hr. This car has never been ran hard. This SUV is now in Catastrophic engine failure!!! The only way to check on what is going on with it is to pull the engine. If there is an issue with the engine we should just replace it due to the cost of whatever could be the problem and no guarantees it will not happen again. My mechanic explained that this is a known issue with these engines and there is no way of preventing it from happening even if we replace the engine!!! I feel like I have a beautiful piece of junk. I loved everything about this SUV. I paid top $$$ to have a nice reliable vehicle. I will never buy a GMC again.

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Reviewed Feb. 27, 2019

I purchased a 2012 GMC Acadia from the used vehicle department of Cole McNatt GMC in Gainesville, Texas. Shortly after purchase of the Vehicle, I noticed that the Vehicle began shaking while shifting. This led me to believe that there was an issue with the Vehicle’s transmission, which was confirmed by my mechanic.

Below is a timeline of my correspondence with GM: Initial call to GM on 11/20. Case number given #**. Spoke to representative and told him there was a transmission issue diagnosed by my mechanic. Watson Transmission in Denison, TX that could potentially be covered under warranty. GM Representative indicated that there could be coverage assistance if issue was similar to Wave Plate and recall transmission for similar model vehicles. GM Representative also indicated that GM would likely provide financial assistance due to the fact that the vehicle was under the mileage limit for warranty coverage (despite being a few months out of the time limit). Was advised by Representative to bring vehicle into a GMC dealership.

11/21 brought vehicle to my local GM dealership, Parkway Buick GMC in Sherman, Texas. A week later I was told the vehicle transmission would need to inspected in order to identify issue to submit to GM for coverage. I was informed that the charge to disassemble and diagnose the issue, $1,000, would be my responsibility until coverage was determined; the dealership. Based on the statement from the GM Representative that GM would likely provide financial assistance, I decided to proceed. 12/6 Dealership indicated the transmission would need to be replaced and GM had denied warranty claim. I contacted GM and was told the claim was denied but a new ticket number was given to escalate to Senior Analyst. Senior Analyst determined no coverage.

Parkway Buick GMC gave me the option of paying to have the Vehicle put back together (in addition to the $1,000 we had to pay to take it apart) or replacing the transmission altogether. As it did not seem prudent (financially or practically) to reassemble the Vehicle with a known transmission issue, I elected to have Parkway Buick GMC replace the transmission (at a cost of nearly $5,000). Had I not been encouraged by the GM Representative that assistance would be provided, I would not have proceeded, at that time, with the initial disassembly and inspection, as my family was not prepared for the financial burden of transmission replacement.

After researching this specific problem, I have learned that this is a common issue with the Acadia model vehicle. I believe that the failure of the Vehicle’s transmission was a manufacturing flaw. And, considering that the Vehicle was just a few months out of warranty but under the warranty mileage limit at the time the issue was discovered, I appealed, asking that GM cover in full or share with me the cost of this repair. My appeal was denied.

GM’s reputation and marketing emphasize its vehicles’ durability, reliability, and safety and care for customer satisfaction. I have many family and friends that have owned GM vehicles and, before this incident, I had no reason to believe that the company would deny coverage for repair of an issue with one of its vehicles. I was, honestly, very surprised that GM not only denied my claim but also declined to offer assistance with the $1,000 charge for diagnosis, a step that was taken at the suggestion of one of its dealerships. Especially considering that I had been told by the GM representative that there would likely be assistance.

I anticipate that in a few years, I will need to upgrade to newer vehicle, but now I hesitate to ever purchase another GM vehicle. I am GM’s target customer, the father of a young family that is growing and will have a need for multiple safe and dependable vehicles for years to come. GM did not stand behind its product and cover the cost of this repair.

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Reviewed Feb. 12, 2019

I purchased a brand new 2012 GMC Acadia at the end of November 2011. The engine had to be replaced at 31,000 miles. When they replaced the engine (thankfully that was covered under warranty) and took it for a test ride it was noted that the engine was MISFIRING. They replaced the fuel injector and everything seemed kind of ok for a while.

Months later the car had a thumping/ rattling noise in the front end. Also the car started misfiring again. Spark plugs were changed twice and coil was replaced. I have been towed a few times and drove to the dealership numerous times. The car has been in the shop 22 times for the SAME TWO ISSUES. They changed just about everything in the front end for the thumping/rattling noise... struts, bushings, etc. They couldn't figure it out so they had a GMC expert fly out from the Midwest. Supposedly they fixed the issue and the noise went away for a while and came back. Now they tell me I need new struts!!?? Again?? And, now they tell me I need new cylinder heads also at $5100!! This new engine only has 60,000 miles on it!!

I have a friend who has owned a shop for 35 years and has worked on my car a couple of times. He thinks maybe when they put the engine in they pinched the wiring harness or it's something electrical that is causing the misfiring since it is random. He also feels since they changed everything in the front end they didn't tighten the cradle bolts when they put the engine back in and that is what's causing the rattling noise. These problems started after they put the new engine in. Whatever the case the car has been a piece of junk from the beginning. Also the power steering pump has been replaced twice in two years, not to mention numerous recalls and other issues. I have contacted an attorney and I would NEVER trust another GMC vehicle. I have NEVER owned a vehicle with so many issues. Not even a used vehicle...

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Reviewed Oct. 20, 2018

I called GMC for roadside assistance. They took my information & payment, made me wait for 3+ hrs for help & then they cancelled my order without notifying me. I called them back to complain & their response: we will be returning your money back within 3 to 5 days & that i should call the police. GMC needs to stand by their products & services. You need to hire well qualified, trained & reliable staff and/or business partners. This was unprofessional & deceiving to the consumer. My complaints will be recorded with the BBB, Consumer Affairs & Federal Trade Commission. The consumer shouldn't have to go thru this nightmare. If you can't do the job then say that you can't do it. Be honest for once. Word of advise to ALL reading this: DO NOT CALL for GMC roadside assistance - no one will come to help you. Call your insurance company and use their roadside assistance - it FREE and they helped me in 30 min. Hope things will change.

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Reviewed Sept. 17, 2018

I purchased a 2012 Acadia with 55K miles a few years ago and honestly it was the best riding and most spacious truck I have ever owned. I loved it until it started have random issues with engine light going off all the time and it was always another sensor that need to be replaced. Finally a month before the warranty ran out the engine light was reading timing belt (dealer said stretched and needed new at $3,000). Truck was running fine as I saved up the money for that. Then when I did bring it to the dealer to get new timing chain they told me the next day that it had camshaft engine failure and it would cost me $8,800 to fix it.

I still owe 11,500 on it and trade in is $9,500. Ran fine when I brought it in and now does not run at all. Contacted GMC and they were very in telling me they would not honor the warranty that ran out a few months ago even though the engine and chain failure was well within warranty. GMC and the dealer agreed to discount the engine to $6,400 but that only puts the price were it should have been in the first place. Found some records at the dealers that says engine went in 2013 with 2,600 miles on it too.

That for sure means GMC is well aware of this engine chain and camshaft problem but refuses to acknowledge it or take responsibility for it and that BUCK STOPS HERE... Small claims court here we come... Sorry for all you others out there that purchased a GMC product as they were a great company 15 years ago until they decide to go the route of Ford in 1975. Just bad trucks and customer service until they almost went out of business.

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Reviewed Aug. 29, 2018

I bought brand new (expensive) 2015 Acadia Denali 3 yrs ago. I get it Ziebarted with diamond gloss wax as recommended by GMC dealership every year faithfully. This vehicle was my pride and joy sort of speak. I have a defect in the paint on the hood. There is no paint damage or scratches in this area, its started to show as a rust bubble. Of course, paint only covered under warranty if 36,000 miles or 3 yrs, which I don't qualify for. So sorry about my luck. Also I have the same problem as the 2015 Buick Enclave with an inoperative purge solenoid, it's causing the same problems but you guessed it, no recall on the Acadias so again, no help from GMC after spending so much money.

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Reviewed Aug. 29, 2018

I bought brand new (expensive) 2015 Acadia Denali 3 yrs ago. I get it Ziebarted with diamond gloss wax as recommended by GMC dealership every year faithfully. This vehicle was my pride and joy so to speak. I have a defect in the paint on the hood. There is no paint damage or scratches in this area, its started to show as a rust bubble. Of course, paint only covered under warranty if 36,000 miles or 3 yrs, which I don't qualify for. So sorry about my luck. Also I have the same problem as the 2015 Buick Enclave with an inoperative purge solenoid, it's causing the same problems but you guessed it, no recall on the Acadias so again, no help from GMC after spending so much money.

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Reviewed July 16, 2018

I purchased my 2014 GMC Acadia Denali from Dutton Buick from Riverside CA. I traveled to purchase my car because I was unable to find exactly what I was looking for in my hometown. I drove 5 hours from my hometown. This car is a certified pre-owned car and purchased from an actual GMC Dealer so I thought I was making a wise decision and would run into any issues. I purchased my car and drove home. I was in the shop 2 days later. The motor in the A/C blew out. I thought, no problem, I would have no issues having it repaired since it a certified pre-owned car. I get the dealer in my hometown Fresno Buick and GMC dealer only to find out my car was never registered as a certified pre-owned car.

So I had to go through the process and a few days without a car with A/C in 95 degree heat. Since then I have been in the shop month after month with issues with the car, 12 times to be exact. This car has been a headache since day one, literally. From motor mounts, control arms, bushings, electrical issues and a banging noise under the driver floor and a clank when I turn my wheel to make a U-turn which I have been told that "it's normal for these cars". I have finally decided to do some research about purchasing a Lemon Car and found GMC Lemon Law. I opened my case June 5, 2018. It has been about a month and a half and I have not seen any progress with my case.

Laura (not sure of her last name) has been the one to handle my case. I called her twice before she finally called me back 3 weeks after I filed my case. She said she was sorry but has "had a hectic few weeks". Which meant she had not even started my case. I contacted GMC Fresno and MaryAnn (the office assistant) showed me that she first contacted them on June 20th. 15 days after I opened my case. Since then Laura has called back and will return calls when I do call but basically to tell me that there is no progress. She is extremely rude, she cuts me off and will not let me complete my sentences, she raises her voice at me and states that there is nothing more to tell me and "have a good day Mrs. **, have a good day" and hangs up on me.

She repeatedly tell me that "it is not an overnight process". I completely understand that it is not an overnight process nor did I expect that but It has been 6 weeks and still has no new information for me. No one can tell me what stage or place in line I am. I ask to speak to a manager and she says she cannot transfer me but will put in a request, then she stated she did not because she called me back and apologized (so she knew she was being rude) so I assume she thought that I was fine with her horrible attitude. She has reacted this way twice and I am not going to allow that. I am not asking for a lot when I ask for an approx time for my case to be evaluated.

I think I have been very patient with GMC as far as the hassles and inconvenience I have had to endure since purchasing my car from a GMC Dealer and was told it was a pre-owned certified vehicle. This car has been a hassle and in the shop on monthly basis since I purchased it, literally the next day after I purchased it. GMC should be ashamed that a person has to turn to GMC Lemon Law in the first place and then has associates such as Laura working for them. Also, I have tried to have this handled with the GMC dealer that I purchased it from which was Dutton Buick and GMC dealer in Riverside California. Alexa, their shop manager told me to drive it to them and they would look at it for $159.

I explained to her that I live 5 hours away and all the stress and cost I've already had put into this car because it was not inspected properly and she basically told me, the cost of the inspection was my responsibility and It was up to me if I wanted to drive it there. I have suffered enough with this car and now the suffering and unsatisfactory continues with the people they choose to hire. I can't express how much I am dissatisfied with GMC and how they treat their customers. I am requesting my case worker be changed, I do not want to speak to Laura again, she is unprofessional and rude and should not be working in customer service if she cannot handle frustrated customers, basically she cannot handle her job.

I have requested twice for her to connect me with her manager and I have not yet received a phone call. I have also called in and requested a manager call me back through the customer service line and still have not received a phone call from anyone. My next step will be a lawyer and contacting the Automotive Bureau. I strongly, strongly would not recommend this company to anyone.

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Reviewed July 4, 2018

I purchased a 2008 Acadia brand new. First transmission was replaced at approximately 60000 miles. Second one at 122000. I have been a GM person all my life. However, from what I have read, I would stay away from most of the GM line. Their transmissions seem to be of poor quality.

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Reviewed June 21, 2018

I have loved the 2017 GMC Acadia. I had a wonderful experience so far. It drives very smooth, it has a ton of space to fit my family, and has a luxurious feel to it. We have 5 kids, three of which are teens. They require a lot of space for all of their activities and this car provides me with the space to fit everything. We also travel a great deal so space is important. A couple of the accessories pop out every now and again so that could be better. One of the air vents falls down occasionally, as well as one of the rivets on the headrest, but they pop back in. Other than that, we have put a ton of miles on the car and the only problem we have had is that we need to change the tires.

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Reviewed June 13, 2018

I drive the GMC Acadia now because my husband got a company car. For me it is a very large SUV to drive. I find it is hard to pull in tight parking spots and the doors are loaded with dings and dents from other car doors parked next to me. I wish they would downsize the width of this SUV. It is too wide for me. If I lived somewhere more spread out and less crowded, this may not be a issue. Other than that, it is very roomy inside and I feel very high up when driving so that gives me the safety feeling.

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Reviewed June 12, 2018

I bought my 2009 GMC Acadia new. It just turned 62,000 miles. All 6 ignition coils have been replaced (not all at once). Numbers 4 and 6 went first. Then 3 and 5 went. Since they're at the back near the firewall I had number 1 replaced too since the intake manifold had to be removed to accomplish the repair. A little over 2 weeks ago number 2 had to be replaced. The replacement of 6 coils is unacceptable for a vehicle with mileage as low as mine. Of course we all know about the timing chain issues and transmission flex plate problems. GM should be ashamed of this 3.6 liter motor and the transmission. The comfort and passenger compartment is great. Of course when you have to have your vehicle towed over 100 miles to get back home from vacation that comfort doesn't help. That's what happened to my family Saturday.

This junk is in the shop now with my mechanic. He is very honest and doesn't try to sell you service you don't need. You can look over his shoulder if you want to. He left dealership service due to their dishonest practices. I'm getting no ignition to 2, 4, and 6. This isn't a coil issue. It probably is a wiring harness issue or fuse box issue. He explained the flimsy fuse boxes. The fuse boxes are made of layers of flimsy metal sheets so the sockets for the fuses wear out. I also may have damaged my cat by driving with the constant misfires resulting in dumping unignited fuel into the cat. I also have a broken front motor mount, another piece of junk as he states. All of this with around 62,000 miles. Buyer beware. My wife wanted this car bad and I bought without doing research. Never again. I may go for a Honda Pilot next time, after I do lots of research. BTW, I guess most of you know that the Acadia and the Chevy Traverse are the same. I forget the Buick equal.

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Reviewed June 12, 2018

Had a two door Honda and needed and wanted something bigger for car seats. Love how roomy the GMC Acadia is. Didn't want a minivan so this was a nice compromise. Bought used but it has been a great car for our growing family. Easy to purchase at the dealership. I wish it had bucket seats and changing the battery could be a little easier. Why is it in my floorboard in the backseat where my daughter sits?!

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Reviewed June 4, 2018

I thought for sure I had not only a beautifully used (with 2 normal previous owners) Acadia. Mint condition. My kids and I finally felt like we were moving up. The coils were replaced, drive shaft per recall was replaced and now all of a sudden car is dead due to engine and timing chain. 2009 GMC Acadia gave me false hope. Still have two years left of payments and I have no idea how I am going to afford to get my car out of the shop now. Am contemplating on getting an attorney.

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Reviewed May 26, 2018

I bought this 2010 Acadia 3 months ago. Oh sure, it looks great, but I discovered the a/c doesn't work, the window locks don't work, the windshield washers don't work. When I remove the gas cap to refuel, it wont start unless I floor it. It cranks slow like that battery or starter is bad. Now it pops into neutral while driving and the electric door locks cycle up and down rapidly. What a huge pile of crap this vehicle is. I was a certified GM mechanic for 20 years, but after seeing what kind of junk they are building now, I'm ashamed to admit that to anyone. Don't ever buy one of these vehicles. The warranty company is worthless, says the problems are on me, and they wont repair them.

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Reviewed May 15, 2018

I purchased my 2011 GMC Acadia Denali new and have always serviced at the dealership. Two weeks ago my engine stalled at a stop sign. I had it towed to the dealer thinking it was the alternator, but turns out my engine went with only 58,000 miles. The dealer contacted me yesterday after the vehicle being there for two weeks now. They informed me that the bill will be $9,500 and that GM will cover $4,300 and I will need to cover the $5,200 balance. I had just replaced the defective navigation system in February 2018 which entailed replacing the entire radio as well. I have been loyal GM customer my entire life with all of my new vehicle purchases. Unfortunately loyalty does not seem to really matter with this company. I had been planning on buying the new 2020 Cadillac XT6 next year.

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Reviewed May 9, 2018

The GMC Acadia is the best SUV I've ever owned. It handles like a sports car, has the torque of my Corvette and a Kalahari leather interior that is beautiful. There is lots of room and it turns heads.

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Reviewed April 29, 2018

Driving comfort cannot be beat. The GMC Acadia Denali has great back support and all features during cold and warm seasons to add more comfort. Visibility is perfect, great gas mileage for a lot of vehicle, I wish I could afford to keep it after a 39 month lease but it is priced very high for the very low mileage recorded.

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Reviewed April 28, 2018

We bought this Acadia 2 years ago, first we weren't shown the Carfax. No signed copy in contract, 2nd dealership won't honor extended warranty. But anyway we have had CV joints replaced, motors in both windows, ignition locks in start position. So it constantly starting, back hatch bangs and jumps like it's falling off, oh and the transmission had to be replaced to the tune of $7,000. Warranty but still put out $400 deductible. But we had to go to another GMC dealership for acknowledgment of issue. Purchase dealer told us nothing wrong, after the 5Th visit. They said, "Well if you put 4 or more people in it and go on a 30 degree grade that that's how it runs." Then why would I buy a 7 passenger 3 row seating SUV? Oh and also the brackets that hold down the seating are rusted. They said that is normal wear? And now today when I pull out it's driving like there's a flat tire. But no flat.

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Verified purchase

Reviewed March 23, 2018

First foremost I bought this car with 3 miles on it from Stadium GM Salem, Ohio in Aug of 2016- this is 2017 Acadia. Fast forward it’s March 1 of 2018. It all started driving 65mph on freeway and the dashboard says my cameras from back not working. I contact my dealer. He quickly responded saying he was unable to get me in till Monday. Ok thanks. Hang up then starts flashing airbags are in need of service. Dashboard lights are going on and off- flashing. Then I get to a red light few min later, stop and the car starts moving forward with my foot on brake. Almost causing me to hit the person in front of me. Mind you this car has a safety feature that automatically stops when I’m following someone too close -and now it moves forward on its own. Um what. Then I’m getting into turning lane to turn left into my work and it won’t stop so turn into work with foot on brake and coast and coast till it came to rolling stop.

I put the car into park. I remove the keys, go to get out of the car and my door will not open. The car is still running -heat, radio, etc. My car alarm starts going off as I keep trying to open door from the inside of the car. I’m now currently locked into 2017 Acadia so instead of breaking the window I called the local cops. They arrived and was able to let me out. Ummm what if it was a 90 degree day and I have 4 kids in the car and your electric system stopped working like this so nothing like my automatic window/locks work? I would have definitely busted my driver window to get out of the car so we wouldn’t of died. In the meantime my car alarm was going off for 4 hours by itself and lights flashing etc till my lunch break. I go outside and try to attempt to start it and it’s still running! No keys. Heat/radio kinda like remote start mode has been in for 4 hours. Needless to say it will not physically start or come on.

So as a mom of 4 working 2 jobs I am in need of help. Roadside service comes, picks the 2017 Acadia up - puts it on a flat bed. And takes me to my dealer. Brian their so called service manager says, “I told you I could see this car for another 4 days,” umm what??? Where would you like the tow truck driver to put the car? He tells them in the garage - goes on to tell me he doesn’t have rental. Umm what... Then he says, “Your car has 44 thousand miles on it even though it 1 year old. You will have to sit in service room till we figure out the 33 codes that came back on it. We are open till 6pm. It’s only 2:30pm.” After reading the first 9 he comes and said I’m lucky he found a rental.

Awww how nice he found me a car to use out of the 200 plus on the dealership grounds. Maybe this one will not accelerate forward when my door is on the brake. Maybe this one will actually stop when my foot is on the brake. Maybe this one will not lock me inside of my own vehicle. I called the dealership for an update about a week ago. He said still wasn’t fixed, needed another part. I went to the dealership on March 20 2018 looking for help and trying to get explanations and was told nothing. Continue drinking the rental car. Mine is not safe or fixed...

Fast forward to today March 22 the dealership has now almost had my car for the entire month. It is fixed- I arrived at dealership, handed my rental keys in then the service guys tells me I owe him over 6**.00. When talking to 3 different General Motors representatives in the past 22 days I was told my car has extended warranty. "Don’t worry. The repairs will be taken care of.” Now yesterday the service guy Brian nowhere to be found left Another guy to tell me, “No, no. That’s not right. Your 2017 Acadia only has 3 year 36,000 miles. Even though it’s a year old it’s not covered.” So guess who doesn’t have 6**.00 to fix electrical/ 2 side modules replacement at 5:30 pm? This mom of 4 that already works 2 jobs. Mind you I just paid 879.00 car payment on the 3/18/2018 for this Acadia that I have driven in over a month.

I call General Motors rep. They said under warranty - my dealer screaming at me saying it’s not and I’m not getting the keys to my car till the invoice is paid so I sat there in the service waiting area for someone to come pick me and my 2 small children up. They all left at 7:30-8:00 when dealer closes and left me sitting there until 8:40 pm. They don’t care this SUV almost killed me. They have no customer service. They actually just laughed at the fact this car is a year old and having this problem. Then to top it off he told me before he left at 7 that he’s not even sure this will fix the problem. My Acadia has failed me. My Acadia does have 44,000 miles on it at this time but I don’t care it’s a year old. I don’t care if it has 90,000 miles on it. It shouldn’t be having these problems it’s a year old.

Sincerely one mom with 4 kids and 2 jobs with no vehicle because your GMC has failed me and the dealership you do business with could care less. How reassuring it is to leave someone in a dealership while they all get in their cars and go home and I sit with 2 of my children waiting on a ride. Then he says I’m not even sure this will fix it. General Motors you can keep the car.

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Reviewed March 9, 2018

I purchased a 2007 GMC Acadia in 2006 brand new. When I had about 38,000 miles on it I would hear a clunk when I would turn left or right took it to the dealership several times. They could not hear it. I finally gave up on it. Then my transmission went out & I called the attorney general after paying about 4000 dollars to get it fixed. Two weeks after I called them I received a letter in the mail and they had a recall & I got my money back.

Now the rack & pinion had to be replace. I'm very upset as I when on the internet And found out that several other people have had the same problem. If anyone still has a Acadia please call this number as this is a safety issue that should be address for our safety and our children's safety. The # is 888-327-4236. It cost me 1400 dollars for the rack & pinion to be replaced when I feel that they could have the solved the problem if they would have just check underneath the car. I now know that is why it would always clunk.

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Reviewed March 3, 2018

They sold these with faulty timing chains and my car (07 Acadia) has 67000. miles on it and out of their extended warranty for the timing chain which they won't fix til it breaks so I will have to pay to fix. Terrible company. Terrible customer service. Totally never going to buy another car from GM.

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Reviewed Feb. 4, 2018

In 2015 I bought a 2009 at 81000 miles. Since I have purchased it we have replaced the rear shocks, timing chain, coils, wheel bearings, power window motors and the sunroof drain tube was leaking into the blower assembly. It has been an absolute nightmare. The power mirrors have now quit working, the DVD player on the driver's seat only works half the time and my current check engine light is due to a bad catalytic converter. I've had this car 15 months. I parked it for 4 because I couldn't afford to fix it at one point. It's the only car I have a payment on. I bought it with no warranty from a reputable car dealership close to me in Fishers Indiana. DON'T BUY THIS CAR. I'm trading it in next week.

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