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Bought this 2009 Journey SXT in May 2015. It had 159,000kms at the time. In a year and a half I've spent nearly $3000 repairs not including the recalls that I haven't had to pay for. Now the dreaded TIPM issue which Chrysler is refusing to acknowledge is a problem. Another $1200 repair. Except I won't be paying it. I'll be trading it in. This is the biggest piece of garbage I've owned since my Chevette.

I bought my Dodge Journey in 2014 with less than 50k miles on it. I was really excited seeing as this was the newest car I had ever owned and it was loaded, sunroof, navigation, etc. 2 months after I got it I was on my way to school and got in my car to look up and see that the whole liner on the top was soaked. I thought perhaps I had just left the sunroof opened and messed with that to find it sealed so that was not the issue. This happens every time it rains and now my car smells like mold and mildew, eww. No matter how much I washed it, same thing. I called the dealership and they say the seal is broken and want money. Shortly after this, my key would not come out of the ignition. What I had to do was turn my car on and move it forward and back like 30x then it would come out. Then my brakes went out for my mechanic to tell me my U joint is going out, and I need new ball joints all the way around.

$$$ is all I see and it is drowning me how has this piece of crap has not been recalled. What finally put the icing on the cake for me was my water tank that cools my engine got a leak on it because it MELTED one summer day. You heard me people the water tank MELTED. I went to an auto parts store. They give me putty to fix the issue and, I agree because I was broke and hungry due to the other issues this piece of crap has brought into my life. A few days later my temperature gauge shoots up and my hood starts smoking. My god, nothing like being broke down on the side of the road. Thanks, AAA. My car gets towed to my house and I have a friend take a look to tell me my head on the motor is cracked and I'll have to replace the whole motor. It's now mid-2016 and my car has 65k on it because the majority of the time my car does what it does best - SIT!

In 2 years 15k miles lol, that's pretty bad for a woman who had a full-time job and is a full-time student. I have a 5-year loan on this car and am paying 13k people. It gets pretty bad when you have to decide do I want to fix your car's latest issue every month, or pay the car payment because that is what it has come down to. I just flip a coin. Please do not buy this car. If it is the last car on the planet, walk, please. They add all the fancy gadgets to distract you from the POS engine under the hood. If I had it to do all over again, never.

Dodge you should be ashamed. This is a lawsuit waiting to happen I assure you. I thought it was just me and my rotten luck but as I read I am not alone. I swear if my car drives itself into a pole one day like these previous people have said, I will sue I promise you. I have babies, and I want to put them in a reliable, safe, vehicle, not what I have just described. P.S. I can no longer afford AAA due to the mounting costs of this car, so next time my babies and I might be walking. RECALL!

Bought a 2013 Journey in April 2016. Have driven it 18,000 miles. It gets 25 MPG and handles well on all road surfaces. Other than replacing the battery (Why is it located in the driver's side front fender?) I have had no problems. Mine is not AWD so the tires wear evenly and provide a smooth ride. There are lemons in every make and model. Guess I got lucky with the purchase!

Bought a 2009 2.4l on April 2016. Had only 152k on it. Problems started with brakes and calipers engaging unnecessarily when touching the brake pedal just slightly. Vehicle jolts when shifting from P to D. Then comes leak from transmission and then engine noise. Took for a recall and oil change and the noise gets louder. I didn't care to check consumer report before buying this piece of ** or I wouldn't have bought in the first place. Reading all this now makes me feel stupid. Stuck with 4 years' payment while on min wage. Why would Canada let Dodge sell its cars while it has so many defects? Class action suit calling a total recall should be the solution.

I brought my car new in 2010. Since the beginning I realized it wasn't like the other cars I had but I keep on complaining. One day I put it on reverse and car shot down I crash into a pole. Thanks God nobody was behind but forget about the back of the car. Then later I had problems in the alarm system the police had to came in the middle of the night a couple of times they already know me and my car. Took the fuse out, take it to the mechanic and everything is fine. (Took the car for the same problem 5 times). They couldn't find nothing wrong with the car as today the fuse is not on and I don't have an alarm or horn in my car.

But today was something new. I went to a supermarket and when I park couldn't get the key out. After turning the car on and off a couple of times the key was still there. So I got my spare key and left the other one in the car, went shopping, when I came back turn the car on one more time and I guess the car was ready this time. All this plus having to get 4 new tires twice (the dealer told me that I'm ready for a new set). This will be my third time, new brakes twice, transmission service, and a lot of little things. I'm tire of spending money (that I don't have) on a lemon. Please let me know if we are doing something together. I'M READY!!!

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I drove many rentals when I decided which Crossover to purchase. I must have driven a 6 cyl. but I made the mistake of a 4 cyl. purchase and boy do I regret that decision. It is a gas hog. I purchased my car in late April 2016 brand new and I have 1680 miles on it - and the Malfunction Light just came on - are you kidding me - it has 1680 miles and is 3 months old. I have appt. this week to take it to dealer but so far very dissatisfied with the car and the issues that are starting so early... Had a Sonata before this for 5 years with no issues at all - I feel like I may have made a big mistake buying an American made car - and given all the complaints on this site I feel like things are just going to get worse... So sad that our quality is so poor that we are forced to buy imports in this country.

Has been my worst purchase in my 52 years. In total have replaced 39 tires, 15 complete sets of brakes, 2 radiators, 5 Speed Sensors, water pump, timing belt, 3 catalytic converters off the manifold and replaced 8 wheel studs due to breaking, check engine light has been on more than off. The alarm for overheating randomly goes off even if not overheating. AC does not cool and heat does not warm. Dumped the tire pressure sensors because they did not work and set of 4 is about $340. So why replace if faulty? Brakes have stuck twice requiring tow. Tapping in engine since day one. Creaking power steering on tight turns from day one as well. Eats oil at the rate of a quart 500 miles.

Had bought 13 cars from dealer and based on service will not buy the 14th. Dodge works hard to avoid recalls. I had taken back 3 times for the ignition issue and they told me it was unique to me. Dropped $350 for FOB then it is recalled for the same. Chrysler took my complaint and gave me a brake job and recommended a tire size change that did well for tire performance but screwed up odometer and in my opinion caused the speed sensor issue.

My advice to other Journey owners: Remove FOB from key chain and it will lessen the possibility of the engine shutting off. Upgrade all possible brake parts and replace pads at first possible issue to avoid issues with rotors and overall performance. After servicing fluids park in a spot that is free of stains and check for any random leaks. Brake fluid, antifreeze and oil main issues. Leaks water from AC and somewhere else constantly so you have to keep a look out for other issues. Under no circumstances buy the Kumho Solace which was the only tire that fit until 2014.

My biggest complaint is between dealer service and Dodge engineers. Dealers simply lie to avoid recalls. And how can they issue a recall but have no solution to the repair? How can Dodge allow a car to be designed where to replace a fog light bulb or battery requires the removal of a tire and wheel well cover? How can a car of this weight be designed with such low capacity braking materials? How can simple maintenance such as replacing spark plugs require so much of the engine components to be removed? How can they design a radiator that appears to be as durable as a plastic milk container? Why design tire sizing that is made by only one manufacturer for so long and be of such a low-quality tire? Dodge is not just doing a disservice to consumers but their sales teams have to be furious with the design and service issues crushing repeat business. Something has to be done.

I purchased my Dodge Journey brand new, a 2013 leftover and the first 3 months of ownership I had taken it in for gas cap not properly sealing amongst other small issues, mainly computer hiccups telling me something was wrong when it was discovered to be a computer updates that were needed.... Hmm. Today 8/8/16 I had a flat tire and when I went to put on the spare tire it too was flat even though my dealer passed my vehicle for state safety inspection in June and some nice guy used his air compressor to blow up spare.

He mentioned that all 4 of my tires look in bad shape (My Journey has 33,000 miles on it). My AWD Warning came on, went to dealer and YUP NEED 4 BRAND NEW TIRES AND ALIGNMENT, $970.00 and I failed to mention I had all brakes replaced August 2015 and vehicle had only 22,000 miles on it at that time for $857.45. My Journey won't recognize my key fob when it's inside the vehicle (random). My dealer charges $100 to diagnose problem, unreal. The JOURNEY NEEDS A MASS RECALL. THIS VEHICLE IS DANGEROUS and matter of time before it kills someone.

Called the corporate office, they told me to go to lemon law. The 2014 I have only had 16,000 miles. It has been trouble from start lights come on for nothing and stay on then go out. They never show up at dealer or if they do, it's your fault. Brakes not work all the time, caused me an accident. Transmission doesn't work right. Electric problems, car still under warranty but they will not fix it. Other car dealers know about these problems, they will not buy them.

These cars are going to get people killed and they will not fix them. Should be taken off the road 'til all problems fixed and those who have suffered should be compensated. In 2 years very low miles, not worth half of what you paid. My friend had a 2009, it was better than mine but still had defects. Worst car ever, will never buy a v6 from Dodge. My 1998 mini van had this engine with no problems, it's the newer cars.

Horrible experience. Bought 2010 Dodge Journey six months ago and it's been hell on wheels. In several occasions the car stalls in the middle of the highway. Called Dodge Customer Service to no avail. Just spent $200 just to change the battery and on my way to work the car stalled AGAIN on the freeway, and was really close to cause an accident. Dealer won't do anything about it and I am still paying for the car. Never again will buy a Dodge.

I purchased a used 2012 Dodge Journey R/T in October of 2013 from a Dodge dealership who used it as a rental car before selling it. We have kept the vehicle extremely well maintained. I have just under 159,000km on it, so of course the warranty is up. Two weeks ago, my car stopped moving forward and made a weird grinding/whining noise. The transmission blew and has to be rebuilt and parts replaced (unsure of what exactly at this time as we're still waiting to hear back from the transmission shop it's at which is a whole other issue in itself). I phoned Dodge today as I am incredibly frustrated that this has happened. They won't do a thing for me because the warranty is up based on kilometers. After speaking with transmission mechanics and other Dodge owners, I have found out this is a common problem for this particular transmission. The company is doing NOTHING for this problem if it's not under warranty.

I understand the way a warranty works, but it's only FOUR years old. Clearly not a well built vehicle. I have never had transmission problems with ANY other vehicle I have owned, this new, or older that had many more kilometers. I also found out from my conversation with a customer service rep at Dodge Canada, that there is ANOTHER recall on my vehicle. I have yet to receive a letter in the mail regarding this. It was a nonchalant statement made to me during this taxing conversation. This is the second recall in 8 months for this vehicle. A bit ridiculous in my opinion. I have primarily owned Dodge vehicles, but this will be my last. I had wanted a Journey since they came on the market, and was so excited when I purchased this vehicle. Incredibly discouraging. If I had the money right now, I would be trading this vehicle in for another. The first change I get, this vehicle will no longer be my problem.

I bought a 2015 Journey sxt, I had 19k miles on it less than a year old. The dang car caught on fire while being driven!! Turned out to be a faulty wiring harness in the dash!! Dodge didn't care. Thank god I had good ins, they paid it off but I lost all the money I put down and payments I made. Don't buy one! Piece of crap. I wish I never bought!

This car is a lemon, has electrical/computer issues since we purchased it. Seriously within the first week multiple issues came to light. One issue is radio, lights, air conditioning, touch screen, etc., goes out all the time. I brought to dealership. They "cannot duplicate the issue so they cannot fix it. I have provided numerous videos proving what we are telling them however since "they cannot duplicate" I am screwed... I have other issues as well and was told they were "normal" however after multiple trips to the shop one of the "normal noises" the knock and jolting when car shifted or when you put car in drive or park was fixed. So the "normal" noise and shift jolt wasn't normal after all... The other normal noise, three clicks when turn car off comes from right side is still considered "normal" even though it's getting louder and louder.

The dealership sold this car without prior inspection or oil change was also sold with recall that wasn't fixed until the second or third time it went to the shop. The car also has had the wipers go on even though switch is off. It accelerates even when you leave off gas. I can go on and on. Dodge does not stand behind their products. Dodge is looking for me to pay diagnosis fees and which is been in the shop over 18 days one time and they still couldn't diagnose it. I am stuck with five years of payments and a car that is defective. I have contacted a lawyer and filing it under the lemon law... DODGE JOURNEY = DEFECTIVE LEMON MONEY PIT.

This vehicle has shut down 3 times when you apply the brakes. I have been in two accidents because of it. Last time it shut down we were doing 117 km/hour on the 403 headed into Toronto in the fast lane. Tried to put car in neutral to restart it and dash says vehicle must be in park with brake applied to start. Had to cross 3 lanes of traffic with no engine power, get into park and restart the vehicle, then we had to get back up to travelling speed and merge in with traffic on the shoulder. Issue has been reported to Dodge... Big surprise, they don't care. They have the money from the sale of the car and that is all that matters to them.

They tell me hooking up a diagnostic device and seeing no code means they will do nothing to even attempt to fix the problem. I have a lawyer. They told them the same thing. The dealership checked the vehicle, there are no codes and they are not aware of any issues with their Journey. Trying to start a lawsuit against them before someone dies from this thing. Contact me at ** if you have similar issues.

Lemon on 2011 dodge journey - Bought car 2011, had to have breaks replaced 3 months after purchase. I have had them replaced 4 times. Took car in 5-10-2016. Now keep in mind this car is 5 years old. We had to have the calipers replaced the brake pads and the rotors. This came to $1,032.00. Wish I had read consumer report before I purchased. As soon as I can, this car will be traded. Woe be to unexpected consumer. Will never purchase a Dodge again.

I love my Journey but it's a shame that it always breaks in the winter. If the power steering can't handle cold weather then maybe they shouldn't be sold in cold climates. But that is discrimination so make the power steering to work in cold climates. And what if it went when the roads are icy? I live in the country and do a lot of highway driving. It would be hazardous if not fatal if it went and I (and heaven forbid my children) hit the ditch. Please solve this problem.

This is my first and last Dodge. I wanted the upgraded package and have the GPS, satellite radio, with bluetooth through the car and sunroof. After eight months I couldn't pair my brand new phone, the GPS and satellite stopped working. I took it in and they said there was a recall on the radio and I arranged to replace it. A couple of days later the Gps and satellite went out again. I called and they said they were waiting for a software update from the company. They don't know how long it's going to take and no-one has called since. That was three months ago. Also all four tires are almost bare at 22K and I was told it is out of alignment. Which I am sure is all my fault.

Brakes and rotors are replaced often. Calipers locked up this last time on the highway! My seat belt just comes undone randomly! Even after making sure it's secure! Power windows are going out again!!

2012 Journey - This all started in Feb. 2016. Miss in engine, called Chrysler, found out the left head had to be replaced under warranty. That took a week. Less than a week after we get the car back the car is leaking oil all over. Back to Chrysler. This time they tell us the oil cooler line broke (I think they dropped something on it) which caused the oil filter housing to explode pumping oil thru the cooling system. They had to flush the system and replace the radiator along with several other parts. That took 2 weeks to get all parts and repair it.

Less than 1 week later my daughter calls and says the check engine light is on and she is about a block from work. Had the mechanic go over and scan the car and it shows a PO6DD code meaning oil pump or wrong filter. After many many phone calls to the Chrysler garage and Chrysler hotline, car was towed back to Chrysler under warranty. Have not heard back from the garage yet but I am guessing it's the oil pump. I left a message with the service writer's voice mail that I would like them to run a compression test on the car being there has been so many oil problems the last 3 weeks. I doubt they will do it. But 2 questions for the forum (1) has anyone else had this problem and (2) what else should I have them look at? I am worried this thing is going to have many more problems with the engine. The car only has 55k on it. And just to let you know the dealer has rented her a car and towed it all 3 times.

2009 Dodge Journey RT LEMON!!!! - I bought used in July 2015. By that time I had to replace my battery, brakes, power steering rack, and electrical module of some kind (a recall item) TWICE!!! The vehicle lost steering AND brakes everyday with my kids in the car until I figured out I had to warm it up for at least 15-20 minutes before leaving the driveway. I owe $13000 on it and I've used up all my AAA jump-starts for 2015 & 2016. It's now a driveway fixture that needs to be jumped every time that I pay a monthly payment on. Apparently, the recall for the electrical module was also done the month before I bought it. I'm so disillusioned. I've owned 4 Dodges previously and loved them. I will never buy another Chrysler product again.:(.

My 2016 Dodge Journey for about a month going to make my first payment tomorrow. However after owning it for a week I've had it into the shop 3 times now. When backing up and then pulling forward as my wheel is straightening out, I'm hearing a popping noise coming from the front right of the vehicle. However because I cannot duplicate this while at the dealership and they cannot seem to find the issue because it does not show on their diagnostic, there is nothing wrong with my vehicle. I'm not very happy with this experience at all. It's not every day we buy a brand new car and Dodge so far has not lived up to their name and they're not backing their product. I am almost to the point where I'm going to call lemon law on themselves.

Purchased 2009 Dodge Journey SXT used in 2013 and has been a money pit and a car from HELL!!! First the car wouldn't start all the time. Took to dealership but they didn't see a code, so I couldn't get fixed. Finally took in and they said it was a transmission module. Had replaced and worked for a while but now doing again. I have replaced 3 sets of brakes and I am on my second set of rotors. My brake light is on on the dash and I can't get off and so is my tire pressure light stays on despite tires being properly inflated. My driver side window won't go down and nor can I control my mirrors or passenger window but then I can put down the back ones and control the window locks.

I had to bring in for the sunroof leaking and now currently sitting in shop due to something with the EGR valve hose and air leaking or sucking. I have to keep oil because it sucks up oil even though I keep oil changed. I have talked to DODGE and they have basically told me tough **!!! I'm tired of car and can't drive it but I have to pay note.

I have a 2009 Dodge Journey, that was gifted to me. We've had the car less than 3 years, and she's high mileage. I've taken it on trips to West Virginia, Florida, and Louisiana, with no issues. We had only changed both thermostats, at that point. Then, the brake problems began, mostly pads. About 6 months ago, my rear brakes locked up on me. We ended up replacing both rear pads, brake calipers, both rear wheel bearings, both front rotors and pads. I then drove it a handful of times, before the check engine light was on, blinking, and it didn't want to stay running. We then replaced the intake manifold actuator, per the code. That did NOT fix my problem.

My husband then replaced the intake manifold, and that seems to have fixed the problem, as the engine light hasn't come back on. He also replaced the battery, which was the real pain in the ass. I've now driven it a handful of times, and I could smell the brakes while doing 75mph on the interstate this evening. If this car hadn't been gifted to me, I probably would have abandoned ship a long time ago.

2012 Dodge Journey is a horrible lemon SUV. My SUV has been jumpstarted four times in the last two months. I have lost count of how many times I've had it jumped in the last year. I've also replaced the battery twice. The SUV never starts when it is cold outside. I live in Michigan. The radio, CD player, MP3 is also defective. I have contacted Dodge and the Federal Government. Dodge is ripping people off while the owners continue to be wealthy. After I give this SUV the boot I will never purchase another American vehicle. This SUV is by far the worst vehicle I have ever owned. Dodge will reap what they sow for this mess. I would love to file a class action lawsuit against Dodge.

I have always bought Nissan or Toyota products. After much prayer I decided to give an American company a try. I chose Dodge, my car has had the brakes changed 3 times in 2 years and recently the rotors because they are warped. I took the car in for a new battery to find out the battery casing and the cables were completely burned up.

We bought our second Dodge Journey in June 2012. The first Dodge Journey work well for our family. We bought the new one in 2012. Worked great for first year. The second year we had to replace the brakes, not cover but Dodge well aware of brake problems on this model. The next year we had to redo the brakes again, again. Told that this is a very common problem. I cannot keep replacing brakes on a vehicle that is only a couple of years old. I will not recommend this vehicle to anyone and will not be buying another Dodge.

Have had recent issue with brake light staying on after sitting on hill/grade with light staying on. Told that it needed rotors but doesn't affect drivability or safety. Wondered if anybody experienced same issue. Took it in for brake recall today but that didn't cure the problem. Thanks.

I have had my 2014 in for battery problems 4 times now since December 2014. 1st time low battery message Grogan Chrysler Dodge stated it was one of the cells in battery. Battery replaced. 2nd time battery was dead which causes nothing to work not even doors, so I was stranded and Button Dodge told me it was the glove box light causing problem - battery replaced. 3rd time Button Dodge returned car to me with low tire light on. I returned car and Button Dodge said that caused battery to get low. Again replaced battery and guaranteed that fixed the problem. 4th - I now am back at Grogan Chrysler Dodge with low battery message. They are telling me it is the sensor for the vent. This is a total of 4 times in a 2-month period. This car was purchased brand new.

I purchased a new 2010 Dodge Journey from Bill Howich Chrysler in Campbell River, B.C. This car has been a lemon and Dodge refuses to back the product they sell. Bill Howich himself phoned me and told me he would review my complaints and get back to me. That was two years ago, still waiting for the call! My car to date has had two new computer systems and three sets of brakes, a new ignition and now I need a new brake abs sensor. I understand Dodge has a recall on this abs sensor but apparently not for my year.

I am asking anyone who has had this issue (abs, emergency brake, anti skid and engine lights on) mostly during wet road conditions to please contact me. I am hoping we can ban together and get this covered by Chrysler Canada. In the meantime anyone considering buying a vehicle from Dodge, take your money and run. This company has absolutely NO customer service and do not back the products they sell.

Dodge Journey SXT 2011 - My worst purchase ever was to buy a Dodge journey. The first car that I have to replace brake pads so frequent, seems to me that it is not of quality. Since purchase in Dec 2011 I am running on the third set of front brake discs. After approximately 4000 kms if not less, I experience brake shudder. Unfortunately it seems this car's value drops by the day making it difficult to trade in or sell.

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