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Dodge Journey

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Last updated: Oct. 15, 2017

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Oct. 15, 2017

In 2015 I bought a 2014 Dodge Journey SXT with almost 33k on it. Besides being sold a car with an open recall (3 completed to date on the vin), it has been nothing but a headache. The gas is good, and it's a 4cyl so that helps, but that's the only reason I gave it 2 stars. In addition to recalls, the engine has leaked oil (taking 4 trips to the same Dodge dealer we purchased from) to get it fixed and multiple parts replaced (oil plug, oil pan gasket, serpentine gasket). Now, at 71k, the hose that goes to the radiator (right under the metal cap) has completely cracked and is leaking fluid badly. But powertrain doesn't cover it...

The car's 3 years old!! I've had the car less than 2 years and have made 10+ trips to the dealership just for repairs that I should not be encountering this early on in. On top of that, the cruise control, and satellite radio do not work properly, and the radio changes volume and channels whenever it feels like it. The display screens periodically go blank (mph display and radio). A few months back, my air/heat randomly turned on 4 times on its own while I was driving. I'm about to purchase my 2nd set of tires in less than 2 years. Overall this is the worst out of 4 cars I've bought, and will NEVER buy one again. I tell everyone I know never, ever to consider it!

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Oct. 13, 2017

We bought our Journey in April 2017, brand new! In August after putting around 6,000 miles on the car we started having issues... The check engine light, traction control light and this lightning bolt light all come and I can't accelerate. I can coast to a stop but that is it! It has happened to me five times now, all in different situations. Twice on my driveway going slow, on the frontage road doing about 60 and having to pull over halfway in someone's yard and out in the road, in the city where I had to think fast and try to find a place to get off the road quickly... This is a huge safety issue! Once I get slowed down the car starts to shake really bad, put it in park and it quits shaking. I am able to turn it off and sit for a few minutes, start it up and drive again. The check engine light remains on for a day or two and goes out. I take it into the dealership each and every time but they are unable to fix the issue.

Even with the error codes saved on the Event Data Recorder (EDR) which is on all Dodge Journeys from 200-2017. They have tried FOUR times now and according to a few sites regarding the Montana Lemon Law, this car is a Lemon. However, try talking to the corporate "big wigs" and they claim that the internet research is "vague" and in fact they have to duplicate the issue in order for it to qualify as a "Lemon". My response was, "this can happen to me 10,000 times but until the issue duplicates at the dealership with your technician, it is not a lemon?!" His response was "yes". So Chrysler doesn't care about my safety or the safety of my family (we have two young boys). When it happens, it's an unnerving feeling, especially in traffic and areas I am unable to get off the road safely.

I am beyond upset that Chrysler doesn't "care" for its customers. This is a HUGE safety issue for my family. I bought a brand new car to avoid issues like this and now I am scared to drive my new car anywhere, especially any place that doesn't have areas to pull off in an emergency. Coming into winter in Montana, only making the roads that much more unsafe for travel. On top of that... The value of my car has decreased immensely! How can I trade it in or sell it when any smart individual will pull a Carfax and see what's wrong with it. From the Council of Better Business Bureaus, Inc.'s website: "The lemon law covers any defect or condition that substantially impairs the use and market value or SAFETY of the motor vehicle to the consumer."

I was told by our salesperson we worked with when purchasing the vehicle that I would need to become a royal "B" every single day, be persistent in bugging these people every single day. This is not my personality! Not to mention why does it have to come to that before they realize the real issue at hand... SAFETY! I urge anyone to NOT buy a Dodge Journey. Perhaps avoid all Chrysler vehicles in general.

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Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: Sept. 19, 2017

I purchased a 2016 Dodge Journey on October 5, 2016 with 32 Miles on it and drove it for 6 months and right around the time the weather started to get warmer my journey started to fail me. I have taken my vehicle in 6 different time for the same issue (7/18/17, 7/19/17, 7/25/17, 8/4/17, 8/11/17, 9/14/17) it stalls while driving, wont pick up speed, after letting it sit for about 10 mins it starts back up. I've been stranded with my 3 and 8yr old Daughters waiting on help to arrive only to have it put into the shop and be told each time they cant duplicate the problem.

After reading the complaints online and seeing I’m not the only one who's having this problem I’m asking Chrysler to please step in and help us out. I've been told that a Chrysler engineer will look at and fix my vehicle, I dont know if it happened or not. I was told that the problem couldn't be duplicated and but it’s still stalling. I was told they flushed the fuel lines and dropped and cleaned the fuel tank, did the factory recall, they even looked for codes to help solve the problems. All which have not worked.

Now I'm being told that I have bad gas, the funny thing is I get my Gas from the same gas station as the dealership and I fill up my other vehicle and the rental cars from the same place. Now it’s someone has put something in my gas tank. Even today the manager at the dealership asked me if I had kids and when I said Yes he said maybe one of them may have put Dark pop like (Coke or Pepsi) in my tank... Wow. When will it end? I put all my Money into this Vehicle each month for myself then my Daughters and all I want is a reliable vehicle that is what I thought I was purchasing. I have every work order and many of other complaint that I have gotten online regarding the same problems and from the looks of them none of them have been resolved. If someone could please help me on what my next steps should be please feel free to reach out. I've completed my customer arbitration process application to declare my 2016 Dodge Journey a LEMON...

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Sept. 14, 2017

We bought our Journey brand new. After a week of driving the check engine light came on. Dealership continues to tell us nothing is wrong and resets it. Only 9000 miles and the light is back on for the 4th time.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: July 23, 2017

Bought a 2017 Dodge Journey 02/2017 with only 9 miles when I drove off the lot. About 6,000 miles in the car started stalling. The engine shuts off completely and I lose all power steering. Radio and lights still on. I immediately have to obviously come to a complete stop in traffic, put the car in park, press the brake and restart the vehicle (starts up with no problems). It does it at random, some weeks more than others. I have taken my car to service where purchased (under full warranty) 3 times already. I already have a case number when Chrysler and Under Arizona Lemon Law I have to at least give them 4 attempts. Of course whenever the car is in their possession they cannot get it to duplicate the problem. I have had 3 different people in my car when it has done this. I have even now purchased a dash cam. My car is currently in the shop 07/23/2017 for the 3rd time and once I receive it back I will be installing the dash cam to catch the stalling on video.

Dodge has reached out to the "engineers" and tried to come up with a reason on why this would be happening. So far they suggested to the dealership to replace sensors (didn't work), to replace wiring (didn't work). Now they want me to do a ride along with one of their mechanics and even hook up a device to my car that reads codes (won't work). The funny thing is, Chrysler is aware that the Dodge Journey's have this problem but yet don't know where it's coming from or how to fix it yet they keep selling this dangerous and unsafe product (did I mention I have a 5 year old) who loves to sit in the 3rd row, when my car is basically asking to be rear ended. Please stay away from any Dodge Journey no matter the year. They all clearly have problems and the situation is only getting worse.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: July 10, 2017

I bought my 2010 Dodge journey sxt back in 2014. Here is the list of all I have had to have done to it: 1) new passenger door latch, 2) new Brake pedal switch, 3) new EGR valve, 4) two new tie rods, 5) new head gasket, and 6) new catalytic converter. Living with, or still needs done: Rear seat arm rest, plastic fell apart, Passenger side front head rest broken (plastic) part to keep it in place. #s 4, 5, 6 all within the past year. I'd get rid of it, except I'm still too far upside down on the loan.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: June 13, 2017

I purchased this vehicle a 2010 Dodge Journey SXT used at a local dealership and they are no help whatsoever Fredrick Ford in Seaford, DE. First few weeks went to use my horn and it does not work... My husband checked the fuse box and realized fuse was disconnected (how did this pass inspection???) When he reconnected the fuse the horn just went off and would not stop. My husband also had me take it back because he realized the front end was riding rough... Rack and pinion starting to go... They will not fix b/c it is not covered under power train warranty!!! Approx. 1200.00 to fix. Then the car doesn't start... Sometimes it does sometimes it doesn't!!! I had the alternator, starter and battery checked... all good!!! I did get a new battery anyway. That is no good because it still needs to be jumped constantly and I'm making payments on this lemon!!!

Tires wore down within a year. This car is a piece of crap!!! A complete lemon. Dodge should be ashamed of yourselves putting families and especially children in danger!!! I will tell everyone I know what garbage this car is. I have had nothing but problems since I got it. It makes me sick to make this car payment every month!!! THIS CAR IS A LEMON!!!

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: June 9, 2017

I bought a new Dodge Journey 2017 on March 29. Car rode rough from the beginning, took back to original dealer who did nothing. Service told me to drive for 600 miles then bring back to have tires checked. I call the tire Kumho on my auto. They sent me to Discount Tires for a tire check. Tires were not balanced. This did not change ride of auto. Called Dodge customer they sent me to another dealer today. He said it was my suspension. Still nothing has ever been done or checked except for tires. I am 70 and bumping around is stressful. Dodge Journey is a nightmare.

Original review: June 1, 2017

Bad car will not start. Check the battery and alternator. All good but will not start. Would not recommend anyone to buy this car. It's a lemon. Manufacturer should recall all Dodge Journey. They are junk!!!

Original review: May 23, 2017

I recently purchased a 2009 Dodge Journey. I purchased it from a private owner but at a shop. However, about a week ago, while I was driving the vehicle my dashboard lit up with every light possible! I had no clue what was going on (and still don't as of today)... the next day it did the same thing but this time it shut down and would not start! I had it towed to a Chrysler dealership. They changed the module/ignition due to a recall. I was able to drive my Journey that day which was a Friday afternoon. However the next day/night (Saturday night) it did the same thing and shut down!!! I had it towed home (sad face)...

Sunday it would not start at all. Monday I called the tow company (AAA) to have it towed back to the same shop but it managed to start once the tow company got to my home. I drove the vehicle back to the dealership. I picked it back up today (Tuesday)... I was able to drive it BUT they said they don't know why it keeps shutting down! Sooo what am I to do! Obviously this vehicle is not dependable nor safe to drive!!!

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: May 20, 2017

2017 Dodge Journey - I was in a car accident and the air bags did not deploy. Do I need to say anymore. I won't get in the car if you paid. DON'T BUY THIS CAR. IT'S UNSAFE. I have already call Dodge and haven't receive a yet.

Original review: May 18, 2017

I purchased my 2015 Dodge Journey 2 months ago. The call function quit working. Next I pressed the screen and it shattered. Now Chrysler is saying it is my fault - not covered under the warranty. Now $1800 to fix it. Not very happy especially since I just bought the vehicle. Had I know that I would not have purchased.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: May 16, 2017

I have a 2009 Dodge Journey and it has been pure hell! It cuts off on me while I am driving down the road and I have to shove it in neutral, crank it back up, throw it in drive again. I am scared to go anywhere because if I cut the car off it might not crank back up. The dealership has been terrible! I take it to the dealership to have it fixed and they replace the ground wire on the battery, not fixing ANYTHING! Car still doesn't want to start and there is smoke coming from the hood... Literally as I am writing this! I will NEVER buy another Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep or Fiat vehicle ever again in my life and I will never recommend that company to even my worst of enemies!!!

Verified Reviewer
Original review: March 19, 2017

My 2010 Journey now has about 135,000 miles, most of it highway miles. I really don't have any complaints. It is a smooth ride and I just did a complete brake job at 132,000 miles, the first I've had to do. I live in northern Ohio with some pretty cold winters and I religiously change the oil every 3,000 miles at the local Chrysler/Dodge dealership and likewise have the tires rotated at each oil change. When I bought this vehicle new in 2010, I purchased a lifetime warranty from Chrysler with a $100 deductible. I happily haven't had to use the lifetime warranty but it's there if I need to. I guess that I'm one of the lucky ones to have a dependable vehicle...

profile pic of the author
Verified Reviewer
Original review: March 7, 2017

I inherited a 2013 Dodge Journey in 2016 from my father's estate. The car had approx. 55,000 miles on it. Car ran great, had no issues initially. Was pleased with the bluetooth feature both for our phones and for our iPod. This feature suddenly stopped working. Took it in to the Dodge dealer here. Entire bluetooth module broken, non-functional. $600+ to replace. We have installed a system that alerts us to battery issues and other problems on an ongoing basis. Nearly every day it signals that there is a low battery issue. Brand new battery. We have had to jump the car once after not having started it for two days. What we finally noticed is that the CD player CONSTANTLY tries to eject a non-existent disc. The only remedy to this is to pull the fuse for the entire sound system. Of course, the car is now just out of warranty (just when the issues began).

We have also had issues with the cruise control not turning on, or turning off randomly while driving. The car has a 4-cylinder engine (not of my choice), and I fear that the thing is going to lock up or explode when getting on the interstate, as it has to rev up to as much as 6200 rpm before reaching a safe merging speed. We have also noticed that it doesn't like to downshift, and will run at high rpm long after it should have downshifted. I would not own this car were it not an inheritance. Never have liked Chrysler/Dodge products, and now I'm just reaffirmed as to why.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Feb. 13, 2017

I have a 2012 Dodge Journey that has started to break down. I have had little things pop up at first but now I am seeing major issues. I bought it brand new, I have 180,000 kilometers (100,000 miles) on it now. Being only 5 yrs old things are breaking down. I have had an issue with rear tire alignment. They tell me there is no way to adjust the rear end to fix tire wear. My Uconnect has gone dead, no radio, or display and lights flashing. The radio was acting up prior to going dead, no sound but the display was working. I cannot change the setting for heat except to put it on defrost. After the second year I had to have a vent motor replaced, would only blow hot air out of the passengers side. The power windows every now and then will go up halfway then go back down. My engine light just came on and was flashing. Book says it may be serious. Very disappointed with the durability of this vehicle. Would not recommend this vehicle.

Original review: Feb. 6, 2017

I bought the car new and while driving from Florida to Charlotte when I would brake the vehicle shook so bad in the front it felt like a used car that needed rotors and brakes. This vehicle is made cheap. It is a piece of crap and will never purchase another Dodge or Jeep ever. The tires get messed up because it always need an alignment. I should have stood with my Chevy.

Original review: Jan. 28, 2017

Don't have enough space for everything. Bought car new. Started hearing water when I shut doors. Water just poured out when shutting doors. Took to dealership and they left doors open and said there were little holes that would get stopped up with debris. I'm 68 years old and never heard of this. Problem continued and got worse with dome lights staying on (couldn't turn off). Had to unplug battery to reset according to some reviews I found on computer. One time after getting car, it locked on me with keys in car and me not locking. Dealership said this couldn't have happened. Well it did. Had to go buy a valet key to unlock. Radio just decides to not come on for some reason.

Replaced brakes, brand new battery in Sept. Now it's in garage again and they tell me battery is dead. They have had it a week and still trying to fix it. I have been lax in taking it in every time radio would go off and lights come on and wouldn't go off but I just got tired in telling them the problems and just dealt with it. When it wouldn't start last week, I had to have it towed. I was actually holding key in my hand when I tried to start it and it said key not detected. Of course it is not warranty. I am like many of you. This is not my first Dodge and I have always liked them but this 2012 Dodge Journey is a lemon. We all need to stand up for ourselves. Too many of us.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Jan. 19, 2017

I purchased my 2009 Dodge Journey in 2014 with 88,000 miles on it. I have had problems after problems. I have had to change my brakes and rotors 3-4 times a year. My car randomly stops while driving. It will randomly not start. Sometimes, putting the car in neutral and then back in park with get it to start but not always. Windows will randomly not work. Took it in to a mechanic who stated it appears to have an electrical problem and the wires would spark when they tried to start it. Too many problems to list! I will never buy another Dodge again!

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Jan. 16, 2017

This vehicle would start and run ok for so many days, and then out of the clear blue sky you drive it somewhere and turn it off and then get back into the vehicle and try starting it for it does not want to start or crank over. I changed the battery for a new one, replaced the alternator with a new one and it ran good for awhile and just yesterday going to a friend's house for dinner we had to stop for gas. When I filled the tank up, got back into the driver's seat, inserted the key and tried to start it and again it would not turn over, for all the electrical components works but it just would not crank over. Got a jump from a guy with an old Chevy PU and after a few minutes it started. I believe either one The moon was in Gemini again when this takes place or the Gremlins have been living in the engine without us knowing about it and living rent free.

This Dodge 2009 Journey is the worst POS car I ever owned and going to ** can it very soon and use it for target practice or something! Dodge makes Cheap Charlie Vehicles that will nickel and dime you to death no matter you buy a new or used one, so other words do not buy anything with the word Dodge on it or you be Damned the rest of your life and tell people the Devil made you buy it!!!

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Jan. 11, 2017

I bought a 2016 Dodge Journey with a 4cy in it back in February. Within a few days I noticed a jerking in the car like something was wrong with the car. I took it to the dealership several times told it was normal for the 4cy. So I traded it in May for the 2016 Dodge Journey with a v6. The first week was good. Shortly after I started noticing it acting like it was going to shut off and the brakes did feel right with a small shake.

Got a recall notice in the mail shortly after noticing this. So I took it to the dealership. My car was the first one they repaired. In doing so they had to change the oil pump twice cause the first one was messed up too. Then it was leaking transmission fluid in two places so they had to fix that. Then when I went to pick it up it jerk hard and I mean hard as soon as you put it in gear. I told them it was not fixed. I wasn't taking it. When the tech went to check the check engine light came on right away. They changed the valve body on the transmission. But as for the shake and brakes they said they could not duplicate. When I left the shake was worse than before. And when the car warmed up it started jerking but it doesn't do it all the time.

I have since took it back over and over. I finally get a tech that feeling the car jerk and he tell the advisor he felt it but it wasn't bad yet. He asked him what they should do. The guy shrugged his shoulders. They balanced the tires throwing the front end off which they had to do a front end alignment. That was on a Saturday. They told me to call the manager Monday. So on Monday I called the manager. He told me he heard I had come back but he had not got the details on what happen. I tell him the tech felt the jerk. He then stops me and says "I talked to him. He said he was scared for his life" and I needed to go get a second option somewhere else.

So I had to start over and have been told they can't duplicate anything. They balanced the tires and did a road hazard balance thing and changed a back tire. The car still shakes, vibrates when you brake, jerks on and off now at times as soon as it is put into gear. If on a hill it will roll back. It loses power and suddenly gains power. There is an egg smell that comes from the tail pipe. Then the other day the radio turns up three times by itself. Within a couple minutes it went from 17 to 18 to 19 then starts going up to 30+ before I grabbed the volume button and turned it down. The lights blink. They have done that from day one. It make random noise while driving. The car now has just under 13000 miles. At least a few thousand has come from it being in the shop. It has been in the shop for at least 1/2 the time I have owned it.

I have sent through the arbitration process and was told there had not been enough attempts to fix the problem for it to be considered under the lemon law. I know it has been in the shop 20+ times. At one point when I was working with Chrysler to try and get it fixed they wanted them to hook a computer to it for a whole day while I drove. The two dealership I have been dealing with don't have them so they say and the one they asked me to go over to tried to tell me I would have to pay $500 to leave with it that someone from there had to be with me because their last one was stolen. I asked them "so one of you is supposed to ride around with me all day". He told me he was not sure that he had to talk to the manager and call me back. Never heard anything back from them and couldn't get them on the phone again. So that's when I started the arbitration.

I took it back to the shop today. Was told the tires needed to be rebalanced and I would have to pay $40 and probably buy new tires to see if that fixed the shake in the front end. And that they couldn't duplicate the other issues. I asked if they could schedule a day for one of them to ride my daily route from home to work and was told that would take too long and they couldn't do that. So I am going to get all my info together. Statements from people that don't work with the dealership that has felt and experienced these issues knowing and unknowing of the issues I am having and complaints I have seen on here of problems like mine and look for a lawyer.

They should not be allowed to continue to take peoples money and sell lemons like this. As for right now I'm stuck paying just under $600 a month for like 5 years for a car that ain't worth the $6000 I have already paid on it. And I am not paying for one but basically two because I trade the 4cy for the v6. Thinking it was a power issue. Oh and in all the paperwork from the dealership they say it can't be duplicated and one even said they think I just don't want the car. Haha. I work. Am the only one in my family working and have had to miss so much time dealing with this that my job was put on the line. If I keep missing time for this crap I could lose my job. If I didn't want the car I would get rid of it. I would be fight. I want them to make it right and if they can't figure it out because the computer ain't telling them what is wrong then trade it or give me my money back. Make it right.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Jan. 10, 2017

I bought a 2013 Dodge Journey 04/21/2016. It was used, only about 75,000KM on it. It has been the car from HELL. First off they told me the car had all season tires, when it had winter tires. Never thought after buying a car I would have to buy tires right away after purchasing a car because of their lies. I have had so many issues with the car to the point where I don't feel safe driving it. I recently took my car in because I had so many issues with it. My Bluetooth stopped working, my USB port would cut on and off, my driver window lags, my plate light was turning on and off, my back right tire was low, and the biggest of them all my car wouldn't turn off.

I spoke to the General Manager and they then told me to bring in my car. I took my car in 01/05/2017 at 7:30 am and went to work. They called and advised me I could pick it up by 5:00 pm, so I did. I drove out of the dealership and went home, only to find my car still wouldn't turn off. I drove directly back to the dealership and they had to keep my car. They had no clue what was causing the issue so they called tech support. They finally called me on 01/10/2017 to advise me they found the issue and the car is repaired. THIS CAR IS A LEMON! I never thought I would ever buy a car after my accident and to buy such junk really disturbs me. I have had repairs and checks on the car almost monthly since purchase. PLEASE DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME AND GET THIS CAR. Get something reliable and something that will not leave you stuck or eventually dead.

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Original review: Jan. 4, 2017

2012 Dodge Journey: Thermostats went out at roughly 34k miles. Brakes toast at roughly 42k miles. Now motor/transmission mounts are 'shot' at 60k miles. Dealer tells me it's a non-covered item under the powertrain warranty and will be $1,700 to repair. Nothing on this car is built to last. This is a 5 year max vehicle.

Verified Buyer
Original review: Dec. 28, 2016

The Braking system on my 2010 Dodge Journey are horrible! My brakes/rotors have been replaced 5 times within these 6 years. Also my ignition (module switch has been replaced 3 times due to system failure)! I have only 42,000 miles on this SUV that I purchased brand new in 2009. Chrysler hears the cries from us consumers, but...we need the voice of legal council to get Chrysler to do the right thing! Why should we as consumers have to wait and hear on the worldwide news that someone has lost their life because of Chrysler's faulty braking system!!! A concern consumer of a 2010 Dodge Journey.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Dec. 9, 2016

I will never buy a Dodge Journey again. We have 2012. Have had nothing but bad luck. Every 6 months we have to replace the brakes. It's not right the lifetime warranty on these vehicles which cost us like 1500.00 is a joke. Wish I would have save my money. WOULD NOT RECOMMEND THIS VEHICLE AT ALL.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Nov. 17, 2016

Owned 2012 Dodge Journey with 57,000 km in 2016, through motor city Chrysler. Initially multiple visits (5 or 6) to the dealer re engine light alert, replacing multiple parts which ultimately "fixed" the alert. 2016 with 57,000 km interior lights would stay on long periods not allowing me to shut them off. A/C stopped working, diagnostics did not reveal anything wrong. Days later 2016, on long distance trip, interior lights would not shut off, battery light came on, abs alerted making horrific noise for maybe 30 seconds.

On arrival at my destination, mechanics at a garage replaced the alternator. Initially for one day, things seemed ok. Then again, interior lights would come on & off inadvertently. Chrysler dealer said it was probably an electrical problem which would be difficult to find if at all. I decided to trade my vehicle as at 70 years, traveling distances on the highway, I did not feel safe. I noticed online, others were complaining of the same issues. Thought you should know, I bought a Honda.

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Original review: Oct. 20, 2016

I purchased a 2010 Dodge Journey. Thinking hey my first SUV, has to be better than the Ford Focus or the Jetta that I owned, both had issues with (of course I got rid of the Jetta before the recalls, but had a ton of issues with that car). So first starts out, thinking great, the AC still works on the Journey. The Focus I made it to 30,000 and the AC went out so the Dodge is looking good. Well this I was wrong. I kept having to change the pads and only on the front driver's side so no biggie. Well then, the rotor had to be replaced and now there is a clicking sound under the hood, and then the driver's side brakes make a clicking sound and they don't stop, plus I have the gas cap light on, and the car smells of fuel when it is running a long time. Not sure what that is about, but I had to replace the battery, and yes it is in a bad location. And my horn goes off randomly in the middle of the night (in my garage) so I know it isn't someone trying to break into my car.

I just recently had an issue where while driving and stopping it makes a funny sound and after braking going to go it doesn't want to go. So I assume it is an issue with the transmission. Lovely, and I financed my vehicle, went to trade it in and they only want to give me $3,000. Nice. Way to go DODGE! My first and last Dodge. And I work for a branch of the government, and know that they were looking into buying new vehicles to replenish their fleet, and I will voice my issues on Dodge very loudly.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Oct. 19, 2016

I purchased my 2014 Dodge Journey July 20th 2016 from dodge in Poughkeepsie New York with 71,000.00 on it. Two days after purchase the ac stopped working brakes and rotors were rusted and grinding, the car was riding rough, dealer checked it out tried telling me ac was fine it's just hot out and car couldn't handle it, and as for a rough ride it had winter tires so it's going to be like that. I wasn't having That considering my dad's a mechanic and knows, I made them go for a ride In it and they still wouldn't admit I'm right so they put it on a lift to show my husband everything was fine. Nope I was right the tires wore from the inside out and I made them put new tires on it.

Second time car was there was for a clunk noise coming from passenger side when I hit a bump and tranny wasn't shifting the way it should and has a bad bang and would shift when it wanted to. Took it back they told me the tranny was fine but the as for the clunk on passenger side it needed a certain lube to quiet it Down, took the car home that day - car still wasn't shifting right took it back they said it's fine they drove it two hours away, I wasn't having that I said that unacceptable so the service guy said he would have the service manager call me later as to what to do. The same guy calls me back says, "I wanna apologize. You were right. We did feel the car what you were explaining so we found that the clutches aren't any good there burned so we're going to replace them."

Ok got the car back a few days later, still acting up again, took it back, and called fca consumers to make a complaint and they don't do anything but call dodge and ask what repairs were done and then tell me. So because of that the manager calls me with an extreme attitude and tell me to come get my car it's fine and it shouldn't even be there it's fine. Ok I go and get it and he had an attitude and wouldn't even talk to us so we left third time now.

Driving home car is still acting up, I called consumers again and they said basically they don't do anything but make sure dodge fixes the issues that's all complete waste of time. So now I called attorney general's office to make a complaint about the lemon law, and I'm bringing my car to another dodge dealer to get a second look at it as proof that my car was not touched and we have proof it wasn't. I've made more payments on this lemon then I've had it, dodge stop making garbage and putting it off on the buyer.

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Original review: Oct. 19, 2016

Purchased my 2015 Dodge Journey in July 2015 with only 50 miles on it. Noticed right away that it seemed to have a slight vibration in the front end but figured it was perhaps a flat spot on the tire from sitting on the lot. It would be worse in the mornings after sitting all night. Drove the car 6-7 months and through the winter and the vent in the front of the car at the bottom came loose. Then noticed that I had a lot of squeaking in the front end when going over speed bumps, hitting pot holes, driving on gravel roads, etc. but never on a level straight road. Took it into the dealer and they couldn't find the problem with the vent of course (I fixed it myself) and was told that my noise was just the shocks cycling and they would make a ticket on it. They didn't want to throw parts on it that it didn't need and to bring it back if it got worse.

Forward to today 10/18/2016. I took my Journey in because noise in the front end is still there, interior headliner is coming down, windshield wiper on driver's side, when it is on high in heavy rain, will hit on the body of the car, and my front tires are worn out on the outside edges and all of them vibrate. My car has 26,000 miles on it. Service dept. couldn't find anything wrong of course with the wipers, but did put double sided tape on the headliner and says that is the way my car me from the factory, which is not acceptable to me. When the tape gets hot it will not hold.

They informed me that my Journey doesn't need an alignment but the tires have broken belts in them and they will not replace them because even though it has a bumper to bumper warranty the warranty for tires is only 12,000 miles... what... on a new vehicle. That's crazy. But they did offer to sell me new tires. Like I would buy the same brand and put back on it for them to wear out again. NO WAY. I guess the good news is at least they are going to fix the front end. My beef isn't with the car as much but with Dodge not honoring their warranty. New tires should last longer than 12,000 or even 26,000 miles. I feel like if they had fixed my car to begin with that the tires wouldn't have worn out like they did.

The dealership here always wants to do an open ticket. That way they can keep putting you off until your warranty is out and then you have to pay out of pocket. They won't let you take it to an independent repair shop to get the problems fixed if you do they won't honor the warranty. I had my vehicle at two different shops to check out vibration and alignment problems so that I had something to prove that my car didn't need an alignment and that there was a problem with the shocks etc. I don't know if I would've gotten anything fixed if I hadn't done that. I guess it's back to the dealership tomorrow for hopefully a peaceful resolution. I am threatening to picket the dealership.

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Original review: Oct. 2, 2016

I took my 2013 Dodge Journey in August 15th for a recall. The items being replaced/fixed were engine beauty cover, anti-lock brake system module with tube-heat shrink. Now when I left I noticed a smell but I assumed it was oil or something that spilled. I smelled it all the time but really noticed it when it got hot. Nothing ran hot, my gauges never moved so again I'm assuming everything was ok. 2 days ago the smell was very strong and I saw some pink fluid under my car when I went to drive it. Again my gauges did not move so I think I'm ok. I called Dodge and they made an appointment for this coming Wednesday.

This morning I go to take my children to school and notice the car started to smoke. I had the AC on and smoke came into my car and started to fill up my car. I rolled down the windows turned off the AC and then I noticed my heat gauge was going to red. By the time I pulled in my gauge was fully on the red and the car was smoking real bad.

I call Dodge and of course I'm upset and I explained this to the rep but she didn't care. She placed me on hold for over 20 mins almost 25 then she tells me that I can drop it off but they won't get to it until Wednesday. I call my warranty company and find out that my car that just turned 50k miles, just ran out of its 50k "basic warranty" which so happens to cover my radiator ended last month. But they open a claim anyway. I'm absolutely devastated. The warranty company tells me to get it to Dodge so I have it towed and even though the dealer hadn't had time to really run a diagnostic he warns me that a radiator cost anywhere between $700-$1200.

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