Are tires covered under warranty?

Know whether or not your tires are covered when it’s time for a replacement

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    When it’s time to replace your tires, it makes sense that you’d want to avoid paying out of pocket, and you might be wondering if a warranty can help.

    Whether you have a factory warranty or a tire-specific warranty, or you are shopping for coverage, keep reading to understand more about tire warranties and what they include.

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    Factory and extended car warranties generally don’t cover tires, but warranties are often available from tire manufacturers.

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    Tire warranties mainly exist to cover expenses from manufacturing errors or premature tread damage from road items.

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    The average cost to replace a single tire is about $135 if you’re paying out of pocket, but tire warranties reduce your payment so you don’t have to pay full price.

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    Tire warranty coverage

    Tires are not usually covered under standard car warranties. Instead, many tires have their own separate coverage, usually provided by the tire manufacturer.

    However, it’s worth pointing out that most warranties only cover unexpected expenses that you did nothing to cause — not problems you could’ve avoided or expected problems that come from normal driving.

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    What types of warranties cover tires?

    There are a few different types of coverage that can help you pay for your new tires, depending on your situation:

    • Trial periods: When you get new tires, most manufacturers offer trials that last for a given number of days. These types of tire warranties are designed to let you test the performance of the tires and decide if you want to keep them or return them for a new set. For instance, Goodyear offers 45- or 60-day satisfaction warranties, which state that you have that time frame to decide if you want to keep the tires or return them for your money back.
    • Workmanship and manufacturing warranties: Like most auto warranties, these tire warranties cover issues that arise as a result of manufacturing defects. These warranties are typically eligible for a longer time, like five to six years, and are only viable for issues that aren’t a result of driver recklessness.
    • Tire mileage warranties: Some tiremakers also offer mileage warranties that give you a prorated refund if the tires you purchased wear out faster than the mileage they promise. For example, if a tire manufacturer says its tires will last for 50,000 miles, but you wear them down to an unsafe level (under normal use) before then, the manufacturer may refund the difference between the miles promised and the miles delivered.
    • Road hazard warranties: Most tire warranties do not cover punctures from road objects — even if you accidentally ran over the item. However, you can find road hazard coverage from certain tiremakers, like Firestone. Firestone offers a limited road hazard warranty that covers the first year, but it is an add-on.
    • Uniformity warranties: If your tire – for some rare reason – causes ride problems immediately after installation, a uniformity warranty can cover a replacement.

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    Does your extended warranty cover tires?

    We mentioned earlier that car warranties rarely cover tires. And that’s true. However, a few extended warranty companies do sneak tire coverage into their higher-tier plans or secondary benefits.

    How much does it cost to fix your tire?

    The average cost for a tire replacement is around $200. However — depending on the condition of your other tires — you may have to replace them all at once, costing you four times as much.

    If your tire is punctured, you may not need a replacement, though. It’s possible to get a patch for about $25 to $60.

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    Do tire warranties cover punctures?

    Punctures are not usually covered under tire warranties. If your tire pops or punctures from road hazards — like a nail, glass, pothole or curb damage — you’re responsible for fixing it in most cases. The only time a tire warranty covers a puncture is if your contract states it includes damage caused by road hazards.

    Do you get a tire warranty from the dealership?

    If you purchase a new car, the tires should be covered by the manufacturer for a warranty term. Dealerships sometimes offer tire protection as part of a vehicle service contract that you can purchase for extended coverage.

    How do you get tires replaced under warranty?

    To have your tires replaced as part of a warranty claim, you will need to take your car to a dealer and bring proof of coverage.

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