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Chevy Volt

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Last updated: Dec. 29, 2017

19 Chevy Volt Consumer Reviews and Complaints

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Original review: Dec. 29, 2017

You can google the many heater issues with the 2014 Volt HVAC system, but the upshot is this: Chevy will not stand behind its product, it's overly complex HVAC system which uses electrically produced heat in electric-only mode, and uses the engine heat in gas mode. Eventually the HVAC system fails - in my case in the late 35k miles, and was sold to me as a preowned car with the HVAC system not working properly by an authorized Chevy dealer. After failing, in electric mode, the first 36-41 miles of driving, you can turn the heat on, but instead of heat, the air conditioner will blow. It could be freezing outside, only the AC will blow in the car, the heater will not work. There is nothing you as a consumer can do except take it to the Chevy dealer to have the 3 way valve/pump fixed for $500-$1000 USD - AND, if you look online, it will simply break again, so why waste that money to patch their inferior HVAC system?

This should be a recall, it's not technically a safety issue, just a shoddy design issue. I spoke with Chevy customer service, but no matter how many times I spoke with them, they would only dock $500 dollars off the repair. I urged the Chevy "California Engagement Team" (Case **) advisor to simply google the problem to inform himself - its a known design issue. But unfortunately Andras, the corporate advisor, has to follow the company script and say it's out of warranty, and until the car is recalled, too bad! No more GM products for me. This is my second Chevy Volt so I know the car well - the HVAC system NEVER, EVER works properly right off the assembly line - it runs the AC for a while until the many switches decide what mode to be in. Eventually the car will turn the heater on, IF it is working.

Later in the life of the car, it will stick with the only the AC blowing on you in freezing cold weather, no matter what you set the HVAC system to. You can turn the heater to MAX (90 degrees F) but it will make no difference. Only AC will go on. Rather than pay Chevy to fix my car (I do not want to pay further for the mistakes of their R&D dept.), I paid the $250 to get my car back. When want heat, I'll have to wait for the battery to deplete (40 or so miles of driving) and wait for gas mode to kick in.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Oct. 17, 2017

3 of my family own Volts. 2 of them are 2012. Both have had charger problems. Mine lasted 5 years and melted. I was pleased with it and purchased a new one for almost $600. Within 24 hours it stopped working. I went back to the dealer who said it was my house wiring problem, get an electrician. For 3 weeks I have asked Chevy support and the Chevy dealer 3 questions which Chevy refuses to answer. 1. Can Chevy fix the new charger? No answer. 2. Can Chevy tell me what to ask the electrician to do? No reasonable answer. Well, they did say to check that the plug is on a dedicated circuit and no extension cord. After 5 years owning the car, I know what an extension cord looks like and it is on a dedicated 20 amp circuit 2 feet from the meter.

3. If Chevy does not know what I should ask the electrician to do, can they help me by recommending an electrician who has the qualifications to check out my wiring? No answer. While waiting for Chevy customer service supervisor to answer, I went online and purchased a charger from It has been working fine for 3 weeks. The car is good, but Chevy doesn't know how to keep it charging. Before this, I would give the Volt a 4 or 5 star.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: July 2, 2017

I was just thinking how much I loved this car (drives nicely, ergonomically designed, makes a cool noise when you turn it on)... and then today happened. I was driving on a nearly full charge and 207 miles worth of gas, and whilst turning onto a busy road, it decided that it was just going to stop working. The accelerator stopped working. I couldn't switch gears. I could not turn it off. I could not put it neutral to move it out of the middle of the road and get to a safer position. I could not switch it to gas only mode. Nothing. This car is dangerous and needs to be recalled. If this happened on a highway I could have been killed. You have been warned.

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Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: April 20, 2017

I bought a 2012 Chevy Volt in May of 2015 from a used car dealership. The car had about 38,000 miles on it when I purchased it and has been running fine up until yesterday. Keeping in mind that I financed this car for 19000$, and still owe 15000 on it, I only put about 10000 miles on it in the last 2 years and have changed the oil as it required me to.

Just yesterday I was on my way to my new job, after moving halfway across the country to work. All of a sudden, after never having a single problem in the past, my car starts notifying me, saying "low oil pressure, turn engine off." I'm about 1 mile out of town and the sensors sometimes say things that aren't true, (like low tire pressure when it's fine) so I drive maybe another 30 seconds before I start to see smoke billowing out my exhaust pipe. I immediately pull over and turn my car off. A few seconds later I turn it back on to see if it's ok and the notification for low oil pressure had disappeared. A few moments pass and a new notification appears. "Engine not available." My car stopped accelerating. It was on, but it would no longer go. And I was stuck on the side of the road, (thankfully in town) where I had to have my car towed to the nearest chevy dealership.

After running a 120$ diagnostic on my vehicle, and charging me 68$ to tow my car 1 mile, they tell me that my power train warranty had expired and that I would have to pay it out of my pocket. Then they proceed to explain that my car is out of the power train warranty by 3 months. They said my car needed a new engine and the total would cost 7700$. I asked if they would take payments. They said no.

So then I called the GM Customer support specialist and they told me that even though I've only put 10000 miles on it since my purchase, and have never had a single problem, and have only had it for 2 years, and it has less than half of 100000 miles on it, they wouldn't waive the charges for the 90 days out of warranty. Leaving me with no car to go to work at my brand new job, no car to see my daughter who is staying with her dad 1300 miles away, which leaves me with no money to pay my bills, and a 14000$ piece of junk I now have to pay on with the job I now don't have because they couldn't be decent Human beings. If you are reading this, DON'T EVER BUY A CAR FROM GM!!! They don't give a crap about anyone and they just want money. Their employees forget that they are humans too and I guarantee that if it was their family in this position they would've covered it.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Dec. 1, 2016

Wonderful price for a small car that we used to get around the city with. We would of kept it if we didn't outgrow it with all the kids. Always great on the pick up speed, was always running smooth and nice never had many issues with anything breaking on the car, very good quality. Very nice look car, very clean lines and very nice details, had a good selection of colors that it was offered in. The interior was nice and stylish and clean. Held up great with lots of city driving, had great gas mileage driving around the city. Worked great in both the cold and heat, would go through the grass and over and rocky area.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Nov. 26, 2016

This car is amazing. The price is well worth it. It is amazing on miles per gallon and very roomy even though it is a smaller vehicle. I would buy this car all over again if I could. I really had a great dealer who helped me out a lot. I love the technology in the car also. Very great handling and speed for a car of its size. I can weave through traffic easily without worrying about disturbing or annoying other drivers. It's sleek, sexy and beautiful. It comes in the best colors and the make is hotter than any other car of its stature. It's actually a little intimidating. This car is undoubtedly one of the best in its class. It's more luxurious and better made than other cars of the same size. It will last for a very long time I hope and I can tell it will because of the materials.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Nov. 25, 2016

It was an average car so I gave it an average rating. It could have been designed to be a lot more reliable. In the future I will not probably purchase another american made car because in general they do not last as long as foreign made cars do. Performance was average. There were some times when I would have mechanical errors but they were fixed easily enough. It feels like there could have been easy fixes to make the performance of the car a lot smoother. Average appearance. I do not really care too much about a cars appearance as long as it is reliable and will perform when it matters. Appearance is what I care about the least when considering the car that I am choosing to drive. Average durability. Broke down sooner than I would have liked even though I kept up with scheduled maintenance and took good care of the car.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Nov. 24, 2016

Very good mileage, no problems at all to speak of, very satisfied with the Chevrolet brand. Easy to use and intuitive controls and very useful instruction manual. I always buy Chevrolet products. This Chevrolet model gives a smooth ride, not bumpy. I am very comfortable driving it. It drives well in both highway settings and suburban and country roads. I am always satisfied with a Chevrolet model auto. The car is very sporty looking, but not at all flimsy or juvenile looking. It looks very sophisticated and modern. Its looks are very innovative and state of the art looking. For the time I have had it, (2 years) I have not had any problems with the automobile, to speak of.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Nov. 23, 2016

I would highly recommend because the car is amazing. I had never had one hiccup or problem with this vehicle. It is wonderful and safe. I love it so much I recommended to all friends and family. The performance is amazing. It runs so smoothly, has a great engine. Great miles per gallon. It is a great and amazing car that has never given me any problem. I love it. It's a very clean well put together car. I love the look of it that's why I bought it. It's small and compact and very pretty and it fits me personally very well. The car is very durable. It can stand up to any weather. I keep it very maintenance and tuned up.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Nov. 17, 2016

Good value for the price. Excellent gas mileage which was a necessity for me since I have a long commute to work. It is really easy to take care of as well. It performs well. I like how quiet the engine is when it initially starts and most people are surprised by it. It runs well and I love the radio screen which is very modern. It's a nice sized car but I don't like the trunk area. It would be better if it were not as wide. I love the silver color I got though which is a plus. I've never been in an accident in this car but it feels sturdy and would survive a crash well. I always feel safe in it. It can feel "heavy" to drive sometimes but is easy to steer most of the time.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Nov. 16, 2016

It is very valuable to me because it allows me to move anywhere fast and efficiently and most importantly very comidad for me and my family besides being very safe for everyone. The product has an excellent performance in all entidos either in the field of comfort or safety. It's a very good product. I recommend it 100 percent. It is very fast but at the same time provides a sense of control that helps the driver when driving. In terms of durability is a car that can last long if given the necessary care so that is always in the best possible conditions hardly fault, great endurance in tires and excellent brakes.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Nov. 15, 2016

My purchase was a great investment. Owning this car improved my confidence. The maintenance and upkeep were affordable. The vehicle got good gas mileage and required only routine maintenance. The ride was smooth and there was little road noise. I enjoyed the stereo system. The car had ample leg room and storage space. The vehicle had an appealing modern look. Both the exterior and the interior had great details and were as fun to look at as to operate. I always felt confident driving in that car because of its appearance. The interior held up very well especially considering I have two children. It handled dirt and mud well. I rarely had to have it worked on for more than routine maintenance.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Nov. 14, 2016

I love everything about this car. The sound system is very awesome. Overall it is very great car. It performs very well. It gets great gas mileage. This car never lets me down. Best car I ever owned. I change the oil regularly and rotate the tires. Everybody love the car and the women really love how it performs very well. I love the car and plan on getting the same type of car in the future. It is very durable. It rides very well and rides very smoothly. I can hardly tell that is any bumps in the road. One of my most favorite cars.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Nov. 13, 2016

Nice, above and beyond value, everything you wanted in a volt car - respected, trusted, honest. Proven technology you can trust. Number one electric car. Fast, reliable, trusted performance you can rely on. Above the rest electricity cars. Shapes corners sexy rear end knobs of volts. Clean, nice car to have. Trust looks while driving down the street. A car you love how sexy looking the shapes are. Durability you can trust. Bendable not breakable- a car you trust driving a long time. Gas mileage galore. Nice styling kicking tires volt volts you back. Beyond trusted relaxation.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Nov. 6, 2016

This car has provided lots of comfort and safety for me, my husband and my three kids. Perfect for travel, daily commute, and good mileage. This car runs well, the brakes are a bit touchy however. But I am not complaining. It is of good value and safety. I would recommend this brand. Appearance is sleek and decent for a family car. If you are looking for a high tech, cool car then this probably is not your style. Inside is comfortable. This car is highly durable, my family has had the brand for ten plus years with minimal repairs needed. Normal repairs were expected but no intense repairs.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Nov. 5, 2016

Great product. Can't get better than it. Brought me such joy in my life day in and day out. Always love driving it anywhere. One of the best when it comes to performance and can't ask for any better. Great appearance all around. It's by far the best looking on the market today. Great looking ride for the money. Has great durability and always on the right track. Never any problems with it. Can always count on it to start all day anytime.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Nov. 4, 2016

Great value car, totally worth it. Even though it was a little bit pricey. Energy efficient and was very fun to drive. Saved a lot of gas too. Performance of the car was great. Got great mileage. Cool car and very stylish. Would definitely buy again. Fun to drive on the freeways. Very stylish and futuristic looking car. Received a lot of compliments while on the road from other drivers. The interior of the car was beautiful as well. Very durable car. Can handle dings very well. Does not show wear and tear too much. Has great buy back power. Had the car for five years and had a great experience.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Nov. 3, 2016

I enjoyed riding around in this car. It was a comfortable smooth ride. I also felt pretty safe in it. I felt like it was good for driving around with my family and they also felt it was comfortable. I had this car for a year and I did not have any problems with it. It performed well and I didn't have to do extra maintenance or anything on it. I liked the way it looked on both the exterior and on the interior. It has a nice design and I got a couple compliments on it from friends and family. It is pretty durable I'd say. I have some harsh winters where I live and I did not have any problems in the cold snow storms. It withstood the seasonal changes pretty well. I also didn't have any issues going around some bumpy back roads near my house.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Nov. 2, 2016

Did not care for it at all. Pint size. No power. Like faster cars. Good for younger kids. Easy on the eye. Nice colors. Very small. It runs smoothly, cheap on gas, economical, easy maintenance, easy shift, brakes well, nice performance, red, blue, white and black - my favorite colors. Nice car design, roomy interior, good radio, very roomy in trunk, power windows and doors, security, very nice look overall. The car handles on wet and dry roads well, nice interior design, holds 4 people nicely.

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