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The Chevrolet Equinox is a roomy compact SUV that was first introduced in 2005. Read more Chevrolet reviews to learn about other models.

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    How do I know I can trust these reviews about Chevrolet Equinox?
    • 4,483,147 reviews on ConsumerAffairs are verified.
    • We require contact information to ensure our reviewers are real.
    • We use intelligent software that helps us maintain the integrity of reviews.
    • Our moderators read all reviews to verify quality and helpfulness.
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    Reviewed Feb. 12, 2024

    I am a single mom struggling day by day. I bought a Chevy Equinox and I have had to change the motor 3 times, these last time is over 8k for a used motor. Everyone I speak to tells me they are known to for bad motors. I want to say it is the worst vehicle I have ever had, and saddest part is Chevy don’t give to finger about selling junk to anyone! Please stayed away from Chevy Equinox, is not with the stress. I would never again would do the same thing with Chevy!


    What years were all your equinox?

    Customer ServiceCoveragePunctuality & SpeedStaffReliability

    Reviewed Feb. 3, 2024

    I wasn't going to post a review, because I didn't want to ruin business. I've had NOTHING but problems since I bought my 2022 Chevy Equinox BRAND NEW with 8 miles - I was in love with it! Right away, I had to bring it in because of the infotainment package did want to perform the way it should - it took multiple times for them to fix it. It was glitching and wouldn't come on - I had no access to safety features, radio, blue tooth, etc! They "updated" it the first time. It still wouldn't come on every time.

    I had to take it back, said it "should" be fixed - nope! same issue! I had to make ANOTHER appointment on the third time bringing it back, they replaced the entire infotainment package (after they said it was replaced the second time!) YAY! It FINALLY works and no issues since! Secondly, I've had 2 oil changes, they are supposed to check the fluids and top them off, however, every time I took it for oil changes my windshield fluid would state "add more fluid" - got home, popped the hood, canister was half empty - the first time I ignored it.

    The second time it happened I brought it up to the technician. "I thought my fluids were supposed to be topped off when I got an oil change, on the paper it's marked "green" so that means you checked it and topped it off, so, why is it still stating add more?" Technician simply asks "would you like me to put some in there?" I said "the paperwork says you did put some in there, why mark that it was done when it wasn't?" If they didn't do this simple task, what else did they not do/check? BUT HERE'S WHERE IT CHEVY GETS REALLY JUICY! One day my husband and I were coming back from St. Augustine, I was driving with Adaptive Cruise Control on, well, nobody was around us on the open road and my vehicle decided to slam on its brakes while going about 70 MPH, we were terrified. My heart stopped!

    Meanwhile, on the same trip, it was nice and cool so we had the sunroof open, but it started raining and it wouldn't close. We had to pull over and push the button while pulling on the shade to close it and I noticed a discoloration on the fabric when we successfully closed it (this is only the third time I opened it because it's so hot in sunny Florida.)

    Needless to say, I made an appointment, which was scheduled for this morning (Saturday, 2/3/2024 at 8:20 a.m. EST). At the time I scheduled, the technician brought up the recall on the chip for side mirror warning, they were supposed to call me when it came in after I bought the vehicle, I'm still waiting after a year and a half. Anyway - When I arrived this morning, someone ONCE AGAIN messed up, I wasn't on the schedule at all! Luckily, the technician was nice enough to take the car anyway. I got a call a while later, they wanted to tell me they ordered the part for the recall (but I thought you ordered it when I bought the car /shrug).

    They also informed me that my "sunroof wouldn't be covered under my warranty! I was told that debris is building up in between the glass and shade which is why it is leaking and discolored." I said "how is this possible it isn't even really used?" He bluntly told me "well, it's a weatherstrip there, it doesn't prevent debris from getting in, so, this is what happens when it does"... Me: "I'm sorry, you're charging me for a design flaw?" (I know it isn't the person informing me on the phone's fault, so, I'm trying to remain calm and kind toward him). I did state that this is not normal wear and tear and I shouldn't be held responsible for a manufacture defect.

    If a barrier fails to barricade unwanted situations, then maybe you should put something a little more reliable there. A dealership should not be able to conduct business with such unfair practices. I was sold a defected vehicle and they don't won't take responsibility for it. If you go here, I hope your luck is better than mine. I will be contacting an attorney about Chevy.

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      Reviewed Jan. 17, 2024

      Chevy is aware that the 2.4 eco engines have extreme oil consumption and timing chain issues. They have multiple lawsuits and class action lawsuits for this engine blowing. They continue to put this engine in newer vehicles. I had a 2016 Chevy Equinox and had it checked multiple times because I researched the issue. Of course, 5,000 miles after the warranty ran out the engine blew. I still owe thousands and had to roll it into a new car. So I bought a Ford. I will never own another Chevy with their clear lack of morals.


      Reviewed Sept. 19, 2023

      I recently bought a used 2021 Chevrolet Equinox and BOY did I make a mistake. I have only owned my equinox for 2 months and I really really regret my purchase. I HATE this car. The interior is cheap. The car has zero features and feels very cheap and basic inside. On the outside my clear coat is already starting to peel away. The tires are like tiny thin donuts. The trunk is a joke. If you put anything over 5 lbs on the trunk deck it falls in on itself because it's made for cheap garbage material. The area underneath the trunk lid is even worse. There is nothing but a spare tire and what looks to be the metal frame of the vehicle. Why would Chevy leave it looking cheap and unfinished?

      Now to the mechanics of the car. It runs ok but in my opinion it lacks much power. My model has the 1.4 liter 4cylinder. It does ok on gas but really has no get up and go. My transmission makes a bump bump feeling when sitting at a stop light. It feels like someone ran into the back of you. I had it in the shop for 2 months. They said it needed a software update. I just got my car back today and it is doing the same thing it was before I took it into the shop. I hate my car. I don't even want to drive it but unfortunately I am stuck with it for the time being. DO BETTER CHEVROLET AND PUT OUT QUALITY VEHICLES.

      Customer ServiceContract & TermsStaff

      Reviewed July 29, 2023

      Stay away from this dealership at all costs! They have a new system called docupad and it's impossible to follow the slick salesman (Peter **) & his much worse finance manager, Matt ** when running through the deal numbers. They refused to print out the sales contract on paper & did it only begrudgingly when I said I wouldn't sign. They tried to add on $5,000 in extras and when I caught them they gave me attitude! The worst is they tried to add on a $1,300 fee for paying cash! But far and away the worst employee is the sales manager, Adam **, who takes the honor of being the worst car salesperson I have ever come across in my 40 + years of buying cars. His rudeness, unprofessionalism, and attitude are a fine example of the culture at Lou Bachrodt Pompano Beach. This dealership is a great place to recommend to your enemies!

      Customer ServiceInstallation & SetupPricePunctuality & SpeedStaffProcess

      Reviewed June 30, 2023

      My 2017 Equinox's transfer case went. I had it diagnosed and knew what was wrong with it and how much was to fix this. I have less than 100,000K on the engine but all warranties are gone. The car has been very well cared for, including tires, oil changes and so on. I reached out to Chevrolet Customer Service just to see if there were any options for me. I can't afford the $3000 it is going to cost. Customer Service Rep, Jordyn assured me that there were options but first I must take it to Pye Chevrolet to have them diagnose the issue. I explained that I had it in writing from a reputable transmission shop and that the car was not drivable, I would need a tow. He told me the only way to move forward was to have this diagnosis done at Pye's. Being assured that there were some options, I followed his instruction. (I was clear that I had to tow the vehicle at my expense, and it had already been towed 2 times and really couldn't afford it).

      I towed the car in, had the diagnosis. Shocked to find out it was exactly what I had stated. Another $100.00 later. I immediately informed Jordyn from Customer Service. A week later, after many excuses I heard back - $3700.00 and they would absorb the diagnostic fee if I paid the money and had the work done at Pye's. After everything, and that wasn't all (many excuses and lies told to me) I informed him I would not spend $3700 at Pye's when it's $3000 everywhere else and that he had literally put me in a financial pinch b/c I had to get 2 tows and pay the diagnostic fee. He was unapologetic about the fact that I had to put out so much money to be told there was no help other than to go to Pye's. I was also assured during the process that the Service Manager of Pye's was going to deal with me directly and follow this right through to the end...never heard from him.

      The car will be towed home. I understand that I will have to fix the car - the fact that it broke is just crappy but it's a car - the customer service I received was horrid and took me for a few hundred dollars. This may not be a lot for some but hurts us. If he hadn't been telling me that there was hope, I would not have been so stupid to have followed his direction and would be just stuck with a crap car, but now I have a crap car, out a few hundred dollars and a month of my time dealing with Pye's and Chevrolet customer service, all with false hope. I am naive - yes....but had no reason to disbelieve him. I wish he had been truthful and forth coming about it all.

      Reviewed June 29, 2023

      First off, the oil consumption issue is insane. This issue has caused bigger issues. Two Chevy dealer service stations said nothing to me about the issue. Just fixed random things. Thousands spent. The recall for this problem happened a couple months before I bought this and Chevy won't fix it. This has destroyed the catalytic converter. Bye Chevy.


      Reviewed Jan. 27, 2023

      2017 Chevrolet Equinox
      VIN: **
      80,000 miles always serviced; I have proof.

      Purchased 10/26/2016 New.

      12/16/2022 I had the vehicle serviced @ Walser Polar Chevrolet White Bear Lake, MN just like I have since I purchased it new. Oil & Transmission fluid changed, new tires, wheel alignment, rear brake pads and rotors, $2,045.00. No mention of a class action lawsuit for Frozen PCV valve, causing the rear main seal to blow out. GM has known about this problem for years and has done nothing to rectify it.

      I brought my vehicle into Walser Polar Chevrolet for service as always trusting I would leave having a safe ride in the deadly winter weather conditions, that was not the case. They knew there was an Issue with this Make & Model, I should have been notified regarding the freezing of the PCV valve and rear engine seal blowing out. Someone is going to DIE because of this, they will break down in subzero temperatures and freeze to death.

      12/24/2022 at 6:45 am on Christmas eve. I had no warning whatsoever, there was a problem until the Equinox started to sputter, the engine light came on and a few minutes later the engine shut down. The PCV valve froze causing the rear main seal to blow out, the engine was completely destroyed. $9,700 estimated repair bill. Thank God, I made it to White Bear Ave and a police officer showed up, it was 11 degrees below zero out. AAA had a 299-minute estimated wait. I know of 3 other people this has happened to last Month and there were 3 other vehicles that weekend on their lot with the same issue, I was told this by management.

      I sold it to Walser Polar Chevrolet White Bear Lake, MN 12/30/2022 for $4,000.00 that’s all they were willing to offer. After paying $2,045 on 12/16/2022 I ended up with $1,965.00. This car was in great running condition when I brought it in for service, no leaks or indication of a problem other than the maintenance suggested. KBB Trade in for this vehicle is $9,000.00 to $10,000.00, fair market value $12,5000 to$15,000.00. People are being taken advantage of and misled, they are not disclosing this issue to the vehicle owners, this is unethical and dishonest on the part of the dealerships and General Motors. If I had known there was an issue with this Year, Make and Model I would have sold it immediately. I ended up with $1,955.00 for a vehicle I could have traded for up to $10,000 or sold it for $12,500 to $15,000.00.

      1/23/2023, come to find out my old 2017 Equinox is selling at Walser Polar Chevrolet for $14,998. No disclosure on the CARFAX report that the engine was destroyed due to the PCV valve freezing and the rear main engine seal blowing out causing the engine to be destroyed. All other detailed history including damage report when hit is listed.

      Reviewed Feb. 23, 2022

      I have seriously dangerous electrical issues since I purchased this 2018 Equinox. GM claim they don't have a fix for the electrical issues. When I lift my foot off brake several sensors come on as well as door locks unlock and relock. The vehicle jerk forward or rolls backwards when foot is removed from brake. I have no choice but drive it as it is my only source of transportation. Lemon law attorneys are only concerned about getting their fee and GM offer to buy back with drastic deductions for depreciation for a few thousand dollars when my car loan was 25,000 plus thousands still owed. I would review with half star or less.


      Reviewed Feb. 15, 2022

      Purchased 2017 Equinox. Religiously changed the oil. 70k. Engine leaks all oil out of rear main and engine is trash. I’ve owned 5 Equinox’s this one was defective from day one. I’m seriously rethinking ever buying another GM. I’ve read many other owners that have had exact same problem. I now know why they pulled back the 100k warranty. This is a known problem yet I’ve never received a recall to fix it.

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