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About Ally Extended Warranty Reviews

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Ally Extended Warranty is a branch of Ally Financial Inc. Its warranty plans range from comprehensive to specific technology or maintenance coverage, with several options to choose from. All Ally warranties must be purchased directly through a partner dealership.

    Pros & Cons


    • Several plan options
    • EV warranties available
    • Flexible deductibles
    • Can visit any licensed mechanic


    • No pricing information online
    • Sold only through dealerships

    Bottom Line

    Ally Extended Warranty’s vehicle service contracts offer flexible deductibles and the ability to visit any licensed mechanic. The company isn’t particularly transparent about its pricing, but its website offers several plan options.

    Ally Extended Warranty coverage

    Ally Extended Warranty offers a suite of protection plan options, ranging from standard warranty coverage to more thorough and specific coverage. Its standout plans are Major Guard (comprehensive), Essential Guard (basic powertrain) and Feature Guard (technology). Here’s a look at its coverage:

    Major GuardEssential GuardFeature Guard
    Front/rear/all-wheel drive
    Front and rear suspension
    Climate control Limited
    Braking systems
    Fuel delivery Limited
    Electrical Limited
    Steering Limited
    Engine cooling
    GPS navigation
    Power sun and moon roof
    Radio and satellite radio
    Airbags and crash sensors
    Lane departure warning
    Front and backup camera systems and sensors

    Major Guard is also available for electric vehicles. The Major Guard EV plan is a comprehensive plan customized to the unique needs of electric vehicles, offering coverage for liquid thermal battery management systems, accessory DC power and battery energy control modules.

    These plans also include extra perks, including roadside assistance, towing, trip interruption protections and alternate transportation. These are limited by state.

    Some of Ally’s other vehicle service plans:

    • Ally Auto Care Maintenance Plan: This prepaid maintenance coverage is available for standard and hybrid vehicles (not EV) up to 20 years old, with no deductible or additional out-of-pocket costs. Engine oil changes (plus oil filter), chassis lubrication, tire rotations and fluid top-offs performed at your selling dealership are all eligible. This plan is transferable if you sell your vehicle.
    • Guaranteed Asset Protection: If your vehicle is totaled, your coverage may not be good for the full amount you owe. Typically, insurance pays out the current cash value rather than the full amount of your outstanding debt; this plan (also known as gap insurance) helps cover the amount between the cash value and the outstanding balance of your car loan.
    • SmartLease Protect: If you’re leasing, you might have to pay lease-end fees for any extra wear. Ally’s SmartLease Protect plan can help pay for these fees as well as exterior surface damage, interior and upholstery, tires and wheels, bumpers, glass and light lenses, and missing equipment and broken parts (navigation system, DVDs, DVD player headphones and remote control).

    Optional coverage

    You can also add quite a few coverage add-ons to your plan:

    • Tire and wheel protection: Repair or replace tires or wheels damaged by a covered road hazard. Available for terms between one and six years.
    • Dent protection: Remove minor dings and dents on vertical surfaces. Available for terms between one and six years.
    • Theft protection (Etch): Etch a six-digit number on six glass surfaces, plus warning decals, to safeguard your vehicle.
    • Theft protection (DNA): Place a permanent tamper-resistant label on six areas of your vehicle that, if removed, can be detected by UV light.
    • Appearance protection: Exterior and interior finishes that protect against damage for up to 10 years.
    • Windshield protection: Fix windshield cracks with curable resin.
    • Key protection: Receive a replacement key fob if yours is lost, damaged or stolen. Available for terms between one and six years.

    Ally Extended Warranty cost

    Ally plans are only available through an Ally-partnered dealership. To get information about how much a plan costs, you’ll have to work with your dealer, who can offer plans and price points based on the make, model and mileage of your vehicle. This coverage can be included in your finance agreement or purchased separately and paid for in monthly installments.

    In terms of deductibles, the company offers $0, $100, and $200 options plus a $100 “Disappearing Deductible” feature. The disappearing deductible is waived if you return to the dealer where you purchased the contract. If you go somewhere else, you must pay a $100 deductible. For luxury vehicles, the deductible is $500.

    Ally Extended Warranty warranty exclusions

    What’s not covered depends on the warranty. Most of Ally’s plans do not cover the following, however:

    • Failures caused by misuse
    • Failures caused by lack of maintenance
    • Damages caused by external force (like a deer or a wreck)
    • Water, rust or corrosion
    • Preexisting conditions
    • Issues related to a part that’s not original manufacturer equipment or a replacement part

    Read your contract fully to see what’s included and what’s not in your coverage.

    Ally Extended Warranty contracts

    Compared with some other companies, the Ally Extended Warranty sample contract is pretty straightforward and easy to read. It clearly outlines what’s covered and what’s not in fairly simple terms.

    A few key notes to point out:

    • The company may deny a claim if you get work done before preauthorization. Make sure your ASE-certified mechanic reaches out to Ally for full authorization before beginning any work, or Ally may deny your claim.
    • You can transfer coverage if you sell your vehicle, but you’ll have to pay a $50 transfer fee. This doesn’t apply if you sell to a dealership.
    • You can cancel coverage at any time for a prorated amount. The prorated refund is based on the number of days or miles left on your coverage. If you cancel within 60 days and haven’t made a claim, you get a full refund.
    • Some states have their own laws. Make sure you check the contract for your specific state to see if there’s anything additional to consider. For example, in some states you can move forward with emergency repairs without prior approval.

    Ally Extended Warranty claims

    To get coverage, you’ll first need to take your vehicle to a licensed repair shop in the United States or Canada. When you arrive, tell the service advisor what level of protection you have. They’ll reach out to Ally to see what’s covered and at what price on your behalf. You must obtain authorization from Ally before any work can be done, and the work won’t start until you pay your deductible.

    Depending on the situation, Ally may either pay for the work directly or reimburse you.

    Ally Extended Warranty FAQ

    Can I pick my own mechanic with Ally Extended Warranty?

    You can pick your own mechanic, as long as they work at a licensed ASE facility. Make sure all work is authorized by Ally prior to start, though, so you don’t get caught with a surprise bill.

    Does Ally Extended Warranty have a limit on repairs?

    Based on the sample contract, Ally Extended Warranty doesn’t seem to have a limit on the number of repairs that can be made during a contract term. It does say it won’t pay more than your vehicle’s cash value (minus the deductible) for any one repair, though. Check your specific contract to be sure.

    Can I cancel my Ally Extended Warranty plan?

    You can cancel your service contract by calling Ally Extended Warranty. If you haven't filed any claims and call to cancel within 60 days, you can get a full refund. Otherwise, Ally will prorate your refund (it may include a $50 administration fee).

    Where is Ally Extended Warranty available?

    Ally warranties are available in all states, although coverage may vary by state. For example, in Kansas, trip interruption and locksmith/key services aren’t available. Read your contract for more information.

    Is Ally Extended Warranty worth it?

    Ally Extended Warranty’s website is full of useful and in-depth information, including sample contracts and resources. Because the plans must be purchased directly from a dealership, however, it’s hard to know how affordable or fair the pricing is.

    Before you commit to an Ally Extended Warranty, we recommend comparing its costs with those of competitors while weighing Ally’s benefits (like extensive additional coverage, roadside assistance and free cancellation within 60 days).

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