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18 Sunrise Senior Living Consumer Reviews and Complaints

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: April 30, 2018

My two family members are in the process of being kicked out of Sunrise after being misled for 2 years about how the relationship would go in the future. One is 85 years old and dying of Parkinson's disease, the other is 77 years old with a heart condition. He (77) drove a truck and she was a house cleaner. They had no financial knowledge or business knowledge. They spent their entire life barely above poverty levels but managed to be disciplined and pay off their house a few years ago. Their income level would qualify them for Medicaid, as it would have 2 years ago. The 85 year old that's dying of Parkinson's has the medical qualification and would have also been eligible 2 years ago. The problem was that these two people had no understanding of the industry or of contract law and have been shafted along the way.

In April of 2016, their head of sales, Keith **, and their Executive Director, Amy **, told my family that if they sold their house and paid for 2 years... Full price (over $11,000/mo due to the 85 year old's health)... that they'd be assured a place at Sunrise no matter what income level they had after 2 years. That despite the 85 year old being eligible, pay out of pocket so that you both can stay at Sunrise for the rest of your lives. They then had these two people sign a contract dozens of pages long where it clearly indemnifies them against ALL "previous oral agreements or contracts".

The signed contract creates the environment where these people can say whatever they have to in order to get the naive, uneducated, dying elderly folks into their facility. Then, when they run out of money, they deny the whole thing and are now threatening to kicking the 77 year old out onto the street and will immediately move the 85 year old into a Medicaid facility, not nearly as nice as Sunrise facility. They have taken almost $275,000 of my family's money and are now going to force a 77 year old to leave his dying wife, apply for section 8 housing, and live the rest of his life in a government subsidized, high crime, cold, dirty apartment complex.

In hindsight, the "experts" at Sunrise should have properly guided my family, informing them that the 85 year old was eligible for benefits at a medicaid facility. She is so sick that the quality of life that Sunrise affords versus a less quality facility would not be of great value to her. With no assets except the house, the 77 year old never HAD TO sell his house as he is fully independent. He did it because he was told too in order to liquidate an asset to pay for his wife's care. An asset that is excluded from needing to be liquidated for her to gain Medicaid status.

I began inquiring about the 2 year hurdle almost a year ago. At the time, the family still had about $140,000 left... money that they could have used to buy a place if they knew Sunrise intended to kick them out... Still a travesty considering they owned their house outright but it would have given him a chance. They deliberately did not talk to me for months until recently informing me they would not honor their word and were exempt from any liability because the contract specifically exempts them.

I have found almost a dozen more people who have had a similar experience at Sunrise. Ironically, part of the pitch was that "Sunrise was started because the founder's family saw first hand what happens with elder care and wanted to provide a great alternative to help senior citizens". Yet they have defrauded my family and stole hundreds of thousands of dollars from people who had benefits and other options that would not have cost them anything. I would NEVER recommend this place and I hope that they see the harm they've caused when people are literally going to die cold and hungry because of this behavior. Don't buy the warm fuzzy feeling when you walk in and see a fire in the fireplace and cookies on the counter. It's all a facade to steal your money.

P.S. The quality of care hasn't been great either. My dying cousin has been left for hours in her own dirty clothes after having an accident. I got to her, from 150 miles away, faster than the people who are 10 ft away at the counter... They could not even have the decency to button her pants or pull her shirt down... Disgusting.

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Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: Feb. 19, 2018

I have been repairing the TV sets for Sunrise Senior Living Annapolis for several years. However the last repair went without compensation. I contact them several times to rectify the situation but never heard back... EVER... I don't know, I guess they just don't pay their bills anymore?? As a small business owner every job counts.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Feb. 19, 2018

My aunt has been a resident of Sunrise Senior Care Plainview, NY for almost 2 years. The Sunday that we initially toured the property the main room was alive with music and activity. One resident was in the corner enjoying the music on his radio. Another resident was sitting behind an open folding table showing off and selling pieces of costume jewelry that she made herself. Our Sunrise tour guide salesperson boasted how happy their residents are. She said that they have an activities director who keeps the residents occupied and engaged all week long. She showed us the big beautiful Sunrise bus parked right in front of the entrance and said that they use it to go on trips daily.

I remember thinking to myself that this place sounds like an adult Disneyworld. Then we went into the dining room where we were told that my aunt would receive three delicious meals daily, and snacks at night if she desired. After viewing the game room and the resident rooms available, we decided to make Sunrise her new home. Let me start off by saying that the aids and other staff at this facility are some of the nicest, caring, and helpful people I have ever seen. They go above and beyond in care. But this is what you need to know before you bring your loved ones here:

On Monday, after they are finished with their sales pitches to prospective residents Sunrise turns back into a lifeless, boring, old age home with few, if any activities to keep the residents occupied. No more music, few, or no activities, and other than a Monday morning bus trip to CVS, or a Thursday afternoon trip to a restaurant for lunch, that big Sunrise bus doesn't move an inch. All of those casino trips and outings to the mall are non-existent. And other than board games and a television set there is little to stimulate the minds of the residents. At 7:30 PM Sunrise turns into a ghost town. Not a peep. All residents have been brought into their rooms, and the rest are already in their beds. Sunrise-Disneyworld is closed.

The food is overcooked, dry, tasteless, and very poor quality. Fresh fruit and vegetables are scarce or non-existent. Many residents don't eat what is on the menu, and opt for a bowl of Corn Flakes or a peanut butter sandwich instead. Their food budget is extremely tight as they run out of food basics all of the time. Items like English muffins, butter, lemon or honey for tea are hit or miss.

On two occasions money has been stolen from my Aunt's room. All of the above were brought to the attention of the Administrator with little/no improvement. It's obvious to me that Sunrise corporate gives their communities a minuscule budget to work with, which is why we can expect much of the same going forward. My four phone calls to Mr. Martin ** who is in charge of Sunrise operations nationwide were not returned. Sunrise is a money-making machine with little or no concern for the well-being of their residents. It's all about the bottom line. For the $12,000+ per month she spends on care we would hope to receive better. The only reason we haven't moved on to another facility is that my aunt loves her aids and she has made several good friends. If you are looking for a place for a loved one I would think twice about taking them here. If you decide to go on a tour anyway, go on a weekday so you can see the real Sunrise.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Dec. 7, 2017

Sunrise Senior Living at Crestwood used to be an excellent, warm, well run location. The current director and some staff are not welcoming, honest or caring. The onsite activities are non-existent aside from Bingo. The director and supervisors do not follow through. The actual caregivers who work with residents are very hard working, the RNS and most LPNs are good and all the concierges who work the desk are kind and helpful - those would get 4 to 5 stars but overall the place is poorly run, left hand doesn't know what the right is doing and amenities that used to be great are now poor.

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Original review: June 22, 2017

The Sunrise of Mt Vernon in Alexandria is the absolute worse. They treat the care managers unfairly. They literally do everything, they overwork them to the point it's impossible for them to give the proper care the residents need. Housekeeping doesn't clean the showers. Have the same hair and bowel movements in the shower that was there for weeks. Management is the worse. No communication and they abuse the staff. The director sits in the office. All his concern is about money. I would never send my love one to this Sunrise facility.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Nov. 14, 2016

They offer the family the ability to create a schedule that the family can work with which is good if the family works. This allows us to work and have time too for others. The music that they play is great and having time to have art time is good too because it helps to reduce stress and allow the mind to be creative. The insurance gives us the ability to make sure all our needs are being taken care of so that life becomes less stressful which is always a good thing. The service is good and allows me time for others without having the feeling that something might happen which allows me to live a life that is peaceful.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Nov. 13, 2016

My grandmother was 96 and not only did they not have any stimulating activities, none of the staff actually cared or took time to talk to her which really saddens me. I have to at least give them the credit of their features. They have good features. The only problem is that they are underused because some require help. While I didn't like this place at all for my grandmother I at least liked the fact it accepted her insurance. She was always frugal with money so that was good. The value of this place overall is crap. They could be doing a better job but they aren't. Unfortunately most assisted living or rest homes suck though.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Nov. 8, 2016

There were plenty of options to choose from as far as the variety of residential options go, and they were helpful and informed so it was easy for us to make our decision. The extra features were a pleasant surprise. We were excited to see all of these available and easy to use. The features were comforting and exciting. The insurance offerings were top notch! Really, congrats! I've never had an easier time getting my insurance together. It was a really great experience; I was surprised at how smoothly things flowed. The whole experience was simply wonderful and worth more than I can put into words. I really wouldn't have chosen any other assisted living service.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Nov. 7, 2016

They offer a family oriented surrounding for those who are in need of help. They are like family and friends. There for us always and day to day. They are always there for everyone and make sure they are there to make sure we are and always in safe surrounding to help us all feel safe at all times in their home. They are like family for those who need help. Always and always treats everyone with the most respect at all times. And they will always go the extra mile to help each person always.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Nov. 6, 2016

It's sometimes hard to find the right thing for your loved ones because you don't want them to get treated bad or get trashed talked while they're spending half of their life on earth. They can skate, they can have lunch in the park, they have a bowling night and they can dance with each other. They can go to the movies and do much much more. It's a lot. It's probably about 2,00 for both of them because they are old just trying to have fun while they can with friends and family and do special things. At least 200,000 because of the way how they are. They want to do a lot so I had to pay that much out of my pockets but it'd not matter cause they always have fun.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Nov. 5, 2016

There were lots of different people. It was very nice to be surrounded by all those people in a place so you don't feel alone like you're still walking around the streets downtown. Everything was proofed for people of older age. Everything was safe. Lots of handicap accessible ramps, etc. Lots of wheelchair lifters. A lot of intelligent nurses and cnas. They accepted a variety of insurance. It means a lot leaving home going to an unknown place but still feeling at home there - that feeling is priceless. Home is everything so it's great you can go there and get that feeling.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Nov. 4, 2016

They took great care of me while I was recovering from surgery and put me through a get exercise and rehabilitation therapy. It was a friendly and homelike atmosphere. They put me into therapy and exercise program with my rehabilitation program while my stay there recovering from surgery. They take great care of their patients. My insurance paid for my stay there. And all my rehabilitation and therapy programs. I was very surprised what all was covered by my insurance. Their services provided there has improved my life greatly. I walk and stand better after all my exercising and therapy with my rehabilitation program.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Nov. 3, 2016

The options were amazing. There were options for the people who were more independent and then there were rooms that were compatible for those who require more in depth care. I felt that they were prepared for any situation that would come up. They have different activity rooms. There are in suite kitchenettes as well as a cafeteria. There is such a wide variety of activities of all kind. The staff is there day and night which is great and very comforting. They have housekeeping services, laundry services, basically anything to keep the process easier.

They work with great many insurance options. They are straightforward about what insurances they cover and they have a lot of different options about different ways to pay. If you tell them your insurance and they do not cover it then they will offer to help you plan a way to be able to afford the care. They offer move in deals for $100 off move in. They are very affordable. They will work with any budget and try to make it fit for you and your family. You definitely feel like you are getting your money's worth and never feel like you are overpaying.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Nov. 2, 2016

They have a variety of providers and services for the elderly. They were very professional and helpful. My grandparents need help in their home. They are home bound due to several illnesses. This service is very valuable and helpful for what they needed.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Oct. 31, 2016

Sunrise Senior Living has allowed my grandmother to remain independent. It's safe. She very much values her independence and Sunrise Senior Living allows her to do just that. Sunrise Senior Living offers a lot of features that other nursing homes do not. They make sure to fit the needs of the person that they are caring for which is the best thing. At Sunrise Senior Living we have never had an issue with insurance. They have always worked with the insurance company to make sure that my grandmother maintains the best care possible. The value is great and the insurance company pays for everything. Even if the insurance company didn't pay the price of admission isn't bad at all compared to other nursing homes.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Oct. 30, 2016

When they helped my grandmother, they offered her so much. She got to participate in so many activities as well of having her independence. Round the clock care, always there for any needs, or reasons. Various things for people to do and enjoy. My grandmother was always so happy. Accepted our insurances with ease. Even things we had trouble with, they took the time to try and make sure that they stayed in touch with the insurance company to get it approved. Always gave us the best rates and discounts that they could find :). We never had a moments trouble getting them to our financial needs. They were wonderful.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Oct. 27, 2016

Nice, friendly individuals and they provide a great deal for the elderly and even the visitors and also for the ones volunteering to help, so it was overall a great place. Free food for the volunteered, and they treat you as their own, like a family. They help you find the place and they assist you in everything you do. Insurance offered at the place and they include a good place to stay, so no need to worry about any incidents occurring during your stay. Served you like a family member would. They do as you ask, and in fact they go beyond that. If you ask for something they might bring you something with it to make it better.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Oct. 25, 2016

A variety of options as far as level of care needed. Daily care, overnight care, 24 hour rotations. Assist in personal and medical needs. Features and services vary to your personal needs, 24 hour rotations, daily care, help with personal needs, bathing, dressing, feeding. Variety of services including medical attention. Good customer service will explain insurance. Good value for the very reliable service, caring and reliable workers, the various options to choose from to meet individual needs. Value for the quality of care, medical, help needs.

2 people found this review helpful

Sunrise Senior Living expert review by ConsumerAffairs

Sunrise Senior Living operates in over 300 communities throughout the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom. Residential options include independent living, assisted living, memory care, respite care and skilled nursing facilities. The company was founded in 1981 and is headquartered in McLean, Va.

  • Dining: Sunrise Senior Living communities offer table service dining facilities with menus specifically designed to meet seniors’ nutritional needs. Residents in assisted living receive three meals a day and snacks throughout the day. Those in the independent living communities can choose how many meals they wish to have in the dining room, allowing them to adjust their program and cost to their needs and desires.

  • Pets: Independent living communities allow pets as long as residents can care for their own pets. The assisted living communities are home to community pets—dogs and cats with friendly temperaments adopted from local shelters. Assisted living residents can interact with these animals as much or as little as they wish.

  • Activities: Sunrise Senior Living offers activities to engage seniors mentally, physically and spiritually. They host lecture series and book clubs, fitness classes and nutrition education as well as religious services and yoga and meditation classes.

  • Affordability: Interested consumers can use Sunrise Senior Living’s online affordability calculator to compare their current cost of living to the rent and fees for living in one of the company’s communities. Visitors to the site can also read about amenities included in the rent and fees.

  • Hospice coordination: When necessary, professionals at Sunrise Senior Living can work with hospice providers to coordinate palliative care. They provide support for both residents and their loved ones.

  • Best for: Sunrise Senior Living’s facilities serve retirees and seniors with any level of assistive need.

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