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Reviewed June 11, 2015

I recently moved into my new place. I signed up for People's Gas and I got an email a few days asking me to send two forms of ID and my lease. I faxed that over that day I got the email. I received a bill a few days later which I paid the following day. I thought everything was fine until a month and half later when I got 4 calls from my landlord. The People's Gas were there shutting off my gas- cause of unpaid bills. I found out that the person who lived there before me had an outstanding bill of over $2,000.

I called them to explain that it wasn't me and they need to turn my gas back on ASAP. They said they could not do that- that they needed proof from me- which I already had sent them. I just resent it where they said they would contact me within 24 to 48 hours- which I won't hold my breath but they didn't hesitant cashing my check and gave me NO warning about turning it off because someone else who I don't even know didn't pay their bill. I feel this is somehow illegal and terribly wrong. People's Gas is just the worst of the worst businesses and they should be shut down for terrible they are. But from what I am gathering from other complaints they aren't so quick to come back out and turn my gas back on. What can I do to make this a faster turn around time?

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Reviewed June 8, 2015

Received no shut off notice. Bill date 6/5 $381.00. Turned off my gas on 6/8, paid bill, can't get service until 6/12. This is not right. Rudest customer service I have ever had! Need another option for service.

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Reviewed May 16, 2015

I called to set up an account with Peoples Gas before I moved into the unit. However, since I did not have an account with the company prior to the move, I had to verify my identity at a third-party to do so. That is fine, and I complied to their policy, verified my identity, and submitted the confirmation number to People's Gas.

Fast forward two weeks, I have still not received a call from the Enrollment Services department. I have been following up with their customer service line daily, and continue to receive what seems to be the standard, boilerplate response of "I'm sorry, but you really should have gas by now." I have confirmed on multiple occasions that I have done my due diligence, all information has been submitted, and that Enrollment Services will be contacting me within 24 hours. This has not happened!

I have requested multiple times for management to call me in order to discuss this issue. Much to my chagrin, I have yet to receive a call from any supervisor, and customer service refuses to let me speak to one citing company policy. I cannot get a straight answer or any help in resolving the matter, and continue to live without any amenities that should have been provided to me upon arrival. The gas line should not have been shut off to begin with!

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Reviewed May 13, 2015

I recently tried to get service and was told that I had an outstanding bill from 23 years ago. I told them that was impossible since I didn't live in the place they said it was from. They told me in order to get service I had to file a police report, put the bill on my credit report, contact the credit bureaus and a few other things. I then asked why wasn't the bill in collections and they couldn't tell me. I even went further to ask for a payment plan to pay the bill off and they refused to do that. The bill is for $1,578. I have to pay it in full on order to get service in my name. The bill isn't mine and I'm not putting it on my credit. I'm trying to clear my credit up.

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Reviewed May 12, 2015

How do you send someone a bill for 1200 then when you call them they tell you your account balance is 2000. Wtf??? Then ask them why, they come up with a dumb excuse like the bill comes out ahead of time. What? I need a good lawyer.

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Reviewed May 9, 2015

I was reported to the credit bureaus because of a missed payment even after their policy states no payment shall be received by them until after 45 days of cancellation. How does this make any sense!? Why report me if I'm willing and able to pay!? Why do I need to continue to pay even after I have closed my account with Peoples Gas? What service have you been providing if I have no bills to my name!?

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Reviewed May 7, 2015

I've faithfully paid my bill in full (even in the winter when it went as high as $300) since I've been a customer. At my current place of residence Peoples Gas came and shut the entire building down because one unit had "an illegal connection" and the service tech was unable to gain access into our building to turn off that 1 particular unit, so they shut us all off!

I called in to Peoples Gas to ask for some type of credit towards my bill or just see what they could do to appease the situation. These people had no sympathy for me at all, all they said was that "they're sorry for the inconvenience" - mind you I have no heat, can't take a hot shower, can't wash my hair, can't cook - of me having to be an innocent victim (more like collateral damage) in this situation. To make matters worse I was told by 1 representative that everyone in the building received a notice and when I told her I didn't receive a notice she switched it up and said my building's management received a notice (which they claimed they didn't either).

I talked to a different representative the following day and I was told that I didn't receive a notice because I had an active account and only units with inactive accounts received the notice - what sense does that make??? So my gas was turned off without proper notification and yet they still weren't willing to do anything. I requested to speak with a supervisor... I'm still waiting to get a "return call" from 1... tomorrow will make a week since I've been dealing with this craziness.

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Reviewed April 27, 2015

I paid the bills but called to get an explanation. I was told that no agent had access to my budget bill summary. So, the agent said there was no way to answer my question. Early one morning, one agent hung up on me before I could even ask the question. Otherwise, the service is good.

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Reviewed April 16, 2015

I have a high gas bill. Call in to get help on bill. Was put on a payment plan. Was not able to keep payment plan because of amount of payment I had to pay. Had I none the payment was so high. Never would have got on payment plan. I know I need to pay my bill but I need help and can't get it and also I had a medical certificate on my account when I was at ** sent. I have move to ** and my medical certificate can not be transfer but to my understanding you can have it for a year and I was placed on the plan on June 18, 2014 and when I move it canceled out and the reason I move for the ** address, my family was a victim of a crime. So me and my family were relocated and I have proof so if I did not move I would still be on the medical certificate for my son **.

I think my gas service should be place back on my certificate. Also call two days ago talk to someone team leader and they could not help me. Ask to speak with a supervisor person, talk told me someone will call me back in two days. I don't have two days or 241.63. I need to pay by April 20, 2015. Call two days ago. Talk to team leader. Told me I need a new medical certificate and when I get it faxes it over because the one I have on file expire. Call back in two days. I was told it was denied because can only be on it for a year. You can call me at **. My gas will be shut off after April 20, 2015. My son has diabetes.

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Reviewed March 9, 2015

As I was checking my credit history a charge of $123.00 was posted as a unpaid bill from Peoples Energy. I have never done business with them, received a bill to dispute or don't even know who they were. Calling their service dept. was a waste of time. They needed a account no. to assist me. I don't have a acct. with them.

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Reviewed March 4, 2015

I inadvertently made an electronic payment to Peoples Gas. I have requested a refund for about a month. I've called around 4 times. Each time I get another delay or another request from them. The conversation today they told me I was denied for my refund. The representatives #s ** today told me that after I send in my proof of payment they would put in a request to approve it, then if it was approved that I would get my money in about a month. I am a customer in good standing and never pay my bill late.

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Reviewed Feb. 22, 2015

I just completed one of my rental home and was about to rent it. I returned to the house to find out that the gas was shut off by accident, in this cold February 2015. I did not want to believe my gas was off when I saw Peoples Gas' flags posted into the grounds in front my house. I rushed into the house and it was extremely cold. Due to the fact that the gas was turned off, the water meter burst allowing water to run freely into the house. Water filled the laundry/furnace! I rushed to turn the main water line off and called my HVAC man over to check the boiler. He also saw the posted flags from Peoples Gas and asked why was the gas turned off. We both tried turning on the stove and it did not come on in the now frozen house.

I called Peoples Gas emergency number to report. Before Peoples Gas came out, I called the second time and the person admit that it was accidentally turned off. When Peoples Gas' two workers pulled up, one of them immediately dug into the ground and began to work. Then he asked his partner to go inside of the house and turn on the stove. Of course the stove then came on and they proceeded to tell me that the gas was not off. It was crystal clear the gas was turned off. Both Peoples Gas' workers continued to work, checking the meter and doing what they had to do. On top of wrongfully shutting off my gas, they caused so much damages and the two workers came out to insult my intelligence by telling me, "Gas was not off".

What can I do now? I'm at a lost. Waiting for the water department to replace water meter. It's been more than 14 hours waiting for City of Chicago, Water Department. Today I will find out if this problem being without gas for days has destroyed my boiler. How can Peoples Gas do this to me when I have been paying my bill? This is about to run me out of business at that location. God help me!!

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Reviewed Feb. 3, 2015

After trying to start service for over two weeks, and waiting on hold for approximately three hours total (at least thirty minute waits for two minute replies) Teco needed to review my account for an ex-roommates bill (in their name). I explained to them the situation, that it was their responsibility while I was out of town to take care of it, and upon them not doing as such they were kicked out. Teco exerted their mob-like business etiquette by holding service hostage at the expense of a bill in under my ex-roommates name. I'm furious. Two weeks, and hours of my time to the incompetent scum of a corporation Teco! Only to be without hot water or gas in the cold of winter. The best part is they're the only gas company able to provide service to my home!

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Reviewed Jan. 16, 2015

We happily sold our condo & bought a house. Both Peoples Gas and ComEd acquired a forwarding address and informed that our final statements would be mailed. True for ComEd, nothing after 4 wks from Peoples Gas. I called, they reported I should receive something shortly. The next week, I received a call from collections regarding my Peoples Gas account. I was confused as to why I'd be in collections when I was awaiting my final statement. Regardless I paid the account in full, including the late fee they chose to include. This all made my account technically 35 days late.

Flash forward to six months later. We decide to apply for a HELOC. Quickly, the bank informs me our application will be turned down with me on it. However, we require my income to qualify. I asked why there was a problem, again confused because my credit has safely been above 750 for over a decade, and they informed me it was because of a derogatory remark reflecting serious delinquency on a Peoples Gas account. I contacted Peoples Gas immediately and was informed that a late fee of around $15 had been in collections since May.

I explained that my total final payment six months ago included a late fee & my account should have been closed. This information was confirmed and I was informed the fee was waived...clearing my account & making it current & closed with a zero balance as of my final payment date. They also sent me a letter confirming this action. So now what's the problem. Since October, my credit report still reflects this account as a serious delinquency, a charge-off account, and 90-160 days past due. They have updated my account balance to reflect $0, however, despite several bureau disputes they will not remove the false derogatory remarks.

I have called Peoples Gas on numerous occasions and they have reported to me that my account has been reported accurately & confirmed that in their system it is not a charge-off account & confirmed that the collection activity following the final payment should be removed because they did in fact waive that fee. This would also make my account NOT 90 days late. So, they confirm this on the phone & then I ask for the info in writing so that I may submit it to the credit bureaus myself and they tell me they cannot do that because my account is closed. Really??

When I asked if they'd please update the bureaus accurately, they said they also would not report anything because my account is closed. I said "You just reported to me exactly what needs to be reported" to which the rep then changed her story and told me that Harris & Harris (the collection agency) actually handles the reporting and gave me their number. Of course I called right away only to find out what I already knew...

This last statement was indeed a lie. Peoples Gas is in fact the reporting creditor & will do nothing more to help me clear up this error that will follow me and damage my credit throughout the next decade. I am at a loss. It makes zero sense that they can't simply just put my account number on a letterhead document and bullet point what they have confirmed for me over a handful of times. No skin off their back & helps me tremendously. You'd think my spotless account with them since 2003 would help out...apparently not.

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Reviewed Jan. 12, 2015

My heat has been off since Saturday the 3rd. It has now been 9 days since I've been warm. The temperature has been as low as -20 this last week and I haven't taken my coat off in so long. I've been sitting in front of space heaters forever and have to alternate between my pets and me being warm. My turtle actually froze to death. I've called multiple times every day and receive the same response every time, "There's nothing we can do", or "They should be calling but we don't know when". I don't ever get angry with the people on the phone because they work for the company. It's not their fault. It's the companies. They need to be better equipped to answer questions and help customers get gas. A little dramatic, but if I had died, they probably would have said "There's nothing we can do".

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Reviewed Dec. 29, 2014

I sent all types of information that People Gas requested like a year and a half ago to investigate my case and I received no response after a year and a half ago, so I called to check the status of my case and the service representative told me my case just got opened 2 months ago October of 2014 and I'm in the process of buying a home and I obviously can't get gas turned on and it's holding me back from looking into buying a home. Why does it take soooo long to finish the case? I gave numerous paperwork that states that I never stayed at the address in question. It shouldn't take this long an furthermore I found out that all you need is a SS number and a name. You don't even have to show your face to get service turned on, that's why so many people are facing this problem, people should have to show their face and be recorded so these identity cases can't happen.

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Reviewed Dec. 27, 2014

It's been 2 years since I have been able to afford heat in my house. I finally have a small window of opportunity to re-activate and People's Gas gives me 1 PHONE CALL [no voice-mail], and this is expected to be okay? In addition, the "blue note" that was posted by Technician, according to the Supervisor, could've been "blown away." Really, that's the excuse?! A blown away note?! There was no getting through this Supervisor. It was the worst experience ever. A couple of hours later I get a voice-mail after insisting we were going to talk to our Alderman, Citizen's Utility Board and Media and the conversation being recorded, People's Gas called us back and stated they wanted to deliver service to us and again between such and such time, and again, NO ONE EVER SHOWED UP. We spent the rest of our evening looking like little puppies out the window for our heat. This proves that their name should changed from People's Gas to - Monopoly Gas. I can't even re-activate with another service provider.

I want to cancel this service, but the winters in Chicago can be excruciatingly brutal. What else can we do but wait until this company lifts their big stomping foot from our dignity? What mostly irritates me about all of this, is the Supervisor not letting me talk to anyone else other than him [or much rather, wait 1 business day to speak to HIS Supervisor]. Sadly, we cancelled our plans to have a fragile family member stay with us because 1. The deposit we made was gone to obtain heat through another source [a space heater]. 2. We couldn't talk to anyone to hear our emergency situation 3. We would've invested in said heaters rather than spending our money on People's gas.

Our Landlord even told us that he's needed service before and has seen the Technician drive off without even knocking. It really makes you wonder why we never found the mysterious note, that is a standard procedure to post, according to Supervisor. With that being said, I would love a copy of that "blue note." We've gathered our change and Christmas money to fix our doorbell situation, and offered an alternative number for calling; let's see if such technician really does his job this time.

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Reviewed Dec. 20, 2014

One star, because I can't give negative stars. I have been a client with People's Gas for over four years, at this address. Which is not a choice, exactly, because there are no other options. They are the epitome of corporate thievery, in my opinion. Being new to Chicago, I had never had a company "estimate" my utility usage, based on the previous tenant's usage, and then continue to piggyback that estimate, over the years. It wasn't until I had turned off all of my gas appliances in my home for several months that I realized they were just continuing to charge me for whatever they felt like. I continued to pay a "delivery fee" for several months, and finally asked them to come out and just lock the meter. I'd be better off without any gas, to turn on. Really.

I argued with several non-caring customer service people, who apparently answer the phone from Atlanta, and finally they agreed to set up an appointment to come out and lock the gas, since they would not agree to my reading my own meter, which I have photographs of. On the appointed day, I stayed home from work so that I would not miss the appointment, and no one ever showed. They had left a phone message, the night before reminding me, but when I called, I was calmly told that there was no service call scheduled, and I would have to continue to pay the delivery fee, until they could get someone out in a couple of weeks. I finally told them there was a gas leak, at which point the girl hung up on me. She said I was lying. I called again, and they sent someone right out. Turns out there was a gas leak.

He put in a new meter. He said he was appalled at the "estimated reading" on my bill as opposed to the actual meter reading. When I asked for a receipt, he said that I'd just have to trust them. I asked when I would get my deposit back, and he answered, "Ha. Good luck with THAT!" And, he was right. They adjusted my last bill. They admitted that they owed me $36. They owed me lots more than that, but I realized I'd have to go through a lot, to get them to alter several months to maybe years, to get it all back. They said they would return my deposit of $126 and the $36, via check.

Well, today, I got the check for $85. They deducted the $36 back out, but that doesn't even add up. I feel that complaining here is doing very little, so I will also be filing a complaint with the better business bureau, next week. I doubt that will do anything either, and they can continue right on, gauging the citizens who work so hard to keep their families warm, here in Chicago, and have no other option. I've called so many times that I've lost count. I've lost my patience, and apparently an unknown amount of money, over the years. But at least I have my dignity, which I don't see how anyone who works for People's Gas, could ever say. It's embarrassing to think, that there are people in this country, who take such advantage of others.

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Reviewed Nov. 20, 2014

There was a misunderstanding between my husband and I with regards to who set up the Peoples Gas account in our new apartment. I recognize that this is our fault. We received a letter stating that we needed to set up an account or the gas would be shut off. I went online and created the account. I received an email confirmation that everything went through. Today, Nov. 19th, I received a voice mail from my building that they were shutting off my gas. When I called Peoples Gas they stated that there was a problem with my application. This was the first I was hearing about it. I searched and found an email in my spam folder from yesterday, Nov. 18th. Due to my profession, I do not have access to my email until evenings. I did not check my spam folder yesterday. Peoples Gas was able to get away with giving me one email and less than a day's notice before sending someone to shut off the gas. I have excellent credit and have never missed a payment yet they still went through with this. I am absolutely appalled that they can get away with this. I have currently been on hold for an hour waiting for the "excavation team".

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Reviewed Nov. 13, 2014

My gas was turn off. I paid the bill to get the services turned back. They said someone will be out between the hours of 9-3. It's now 8:15 pm, I have yet to receive a call letting me know that someone is outside. It's 23 degrees outside. My apartment is cold & I'm pissed off. It didn't take them all day to turn it off, why does it take a whole day to turn it back on?

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Reviewed Nov. 11, 2014

I was just told by an Escalation Supervisor at People's Gas that, as of Nov 11, new customers will not be able to schedule new service until, at the earliest, Nov 25. In other words, new customers to People's Gas (which is a monopoly) cannot get a basic and necessary utility for a minimum of two weeks. How is this not considered criminal?

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Reviewed Nov. 8, 2014

I absolutely hate Peoples Gas. I'm in the cold right now with the baby. They do not care about anybody at all and they take to long to come out to turn your gas back on. I have to call the NEWS because something have to give.

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Reviewed Oct. 22, 2014

My experience should actually be rated "No Stars" based upon an absolutely rigid intransigency to deal forthrightly with what should be an annoying but minor clerical error. I received a bill for October 2014 which was calculated from an "estimated" meter reading. This is the first estimated reading I have had going back to at least March of 2013. The estimate is for over 10 times my average monthly usage for the previous year. At 11.26 therms/month the estimate exceeds my average monthly usage of 1.01 therms over the past 12 months! The estimate is for more gas than I have used so far all this year. The dollar amount is 50% higher than my largest bill for 2014.

I called Peoples Gas Customer Service and was eventually referred to their "Escalation Team". I was told that once an estimate is entered, it cannot be changed and the bill must stand as issued. I was also told that I could submit my own reading and an adjusted bill would be issued. I live in an old, large apartment building. I do not even know where the meters are located, let alone if I have access to the location (probably not). I now find myself in a position where fact-based business dealings must give way to guesses and subterfuges as Peoples Gas and I spar over whose usage reading wins out for October. I would have expected the company to have an estimation process based on known actual readings and be willing to correct a significant deviation from that use.

Now, I can go through great effort to contact my landlord and try to get access to the gas meter then submit a reading or I can short pay the bill and risk some sort of credit reprisal; finally, I can pay the bill and then wait for the dollar amount I actually owed to be made up (a no-interest loan to a super large utility!). I am a small customer, a retiree living on a fixed income and this is a smallish issue to some, but a noticeable financial problem to me. Peoples Gas is managing to totally mishandle this whole affair. The lion's share of what I pay each month on my bill is for the Peoples Gas' "account charge", some sort of management or administration fee. What am I getting for this? Not much it seems.

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Reviewed Oct. 16, 2014

I don't understand how People's Gas can be so quick to interrupt your service but "drags their feet" when it's time to restore it. They were an hour late outside their designated service time with no courtesy call. TERRIBLE!!!!

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Reviewed Oct. 11, 2014

I can identify with all 112 complaints/reviews about Peoples Gas! My gas was shut-off in July of 2014. I am a senior on a fixed-income (as many of us are). The bill was jacked up to $1500 bill and I I could not pay it even on a 'long' payment plan. I went to CEDA in August, paid a good faith effort payment of $75.00, bill was paid in September. Service was to be restored on Oct. 9th and when the serviceman came out, there was a problem with the pipe - it needed to cleaned/filtered out. The serviceman put in another service call for someone else to come and do the cleaning/filtering because he did not have the equipment (talking about job specialization). Anyway, a bigger truck with equipment came at about 7:30p and the pipe was cleaned/filtered-whatever. I was told that if someone did not came on Oct. 10th, I should call Peoples Gas again because he was authorized to only clean/filter the pipe-someone else would have to flip a switch to turn the gas back.

Naturally I had to call again and was told I would need to make another service time and the next available was next week (Thursday) October 16th! When I called again to let the gas company that to go another week without heat or hot water was not acceptable, I asked to speak with a a supervisor/manager, was put on hold for an hour listening to that loud annoying music that played, and nobody came to the phone. I know it won't do any good but I'll call again tomorrow. Peoples Gas sucks. They did not monopolize the industry. Even if signed up with Direct Energy, Tara, etc., Peoples Gas would still be the main provider! Talking about a Catch-22! You're just a dollar sign & an account number to the Peoples Gas. They don't care about anything about providing decent customer service! All they care about is collecting money and "putting you on punishment" if you don't pay up!

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Reviewed Sept. 24, 2014

I don't see how Peoples Gas is still in business knowing how they continued to take from those who have limited income. Some of the representatives at Peoples Gas comes across as being rude, callous, and cold-hearted when a person tries to asked for payment plans to help lower the cost of a constantly rising bill. We need another and cheaper gas provider who hires caring people and not those who only care about working and having a job, that they too Maybe without.

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Reviewed July 25, 2014

I have two issues with Peoples Gas: 1) Due to the arm on loans and not being to refinance, I moved out of my house in 2008, call peoples gas and told them that I left the side door unlocked. They supposedly said it was locked in 2009 and never sent anything to me. In 2014 on my credit report they put me in collections. I faxed over a few times my 2008 state and federal taxes with the address that I was living at and of course no response.

2) I was living in an apartment 2011 and Peoples Gas had the meters all mixed up. A couple moved out on the first floor and they turned off my gas and I was on the second floor in the middle of the winter and didn't come back for a few hours. Then Peoples Gas decided on their own to bill ME for the two meters and I called at least 50 times and they came out a few times to get the meters straight and ended up turning my gas off a few more times then put me into collections for both meters. And after 6 or 7 months of calling and arguing, I had to pay in order to get out of collections.

My boss also has 600.00 sitting in their account and they haven't paid her the money they owe her. I will never move anywhere where Peoples Gas is. I ask who is the gas company before I move into a place.

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Reviewed July 5, 2014

Peoples Gas found a massive leak in THEIR plumbing under & in my building last winter - after my contacting 12+ times in the summer & fall because of gas smells. After 6 hours, with my maintenance crew & plumber, with 20 below zeros weather, they shut my gas off for repairs - for 3 DAYS! I had 7 apartments, 13 tenants to put up in a hotel and put in electric heaters, anti-freeze pipes, etc. They put ALL the gas pipes - from the street, thru my building - IN ABOUT 1957! They gave me their complaint dept. and denied my claim! Is there an agency I can contact to force reimbursement! They know unless it's $50,000 or someone died, I wouldn't hire an attorney for a claim this low!

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Reviewed June 18, 2014

North Shore Gas is a monopoly. You cannot go to another source to provide natural gas. They say they have alternatives but when you try to switch, you must give them your North Shore Gas account because they work through them. If you try to go to another company, you will still get supplied through North Shore Gas. It is a monopoly that needs to be stopped. They can charge you whatever they want because they know you cannot get gas anywhere else. Please sign to try to get them to stop! Please sign the petition at **

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Reviewed June 4, 2014

We have only moved to Chicago 1 1/2 years ago and from the very beginning we have had nothing but problems with them. At first we would not receive a paper bill until a final notice to disconnect our service. We called and let them know this. They advised us to go "paperless" so we did. We paid an exorbitant amount of money for an apartment. We still did not receive emails from them stating what we owed, until again another final disconnect bill would arrive. Amazing how only those bold red bills would arrive but nothing else. We have lived in 2 other states for 50 years and never ever had a problem with a gas company! Phone calls got absolutely nowhere and the wait times were horrendous. This went on for a year.

In November we moved into a house and the trouble only got worse! No sooner did we receive our first bill, we started seeing the same pattern begin. Again we had set up auto payment and paperless, not to mention a budget billing for $99 a month. We began receiving bills for figures in the $200's range. We called again. The speeches the CS reps gives makes them look like they have no clue as to their job! Supposedly, whenever you talk to them, they are supposed to be documented what the complaint is. Again they say, "Yes, I will take care of this," and next month the same thing happens! No email again till the next one says we now owe $612 even though we are on a $99 budget billing.

We call again and the rep told us they took us off the budget billing because we did not pay the initial money. We explained again about the budget and that Peoples Gas was supposed to be taking it directly from our auto pay. But because one department didn't bother to read our problem from prior months, they just took it off budget and "NEVER" contacted us about it. After being on the phone for over an hour with Lillian, she said she would place us back on the budget and if we paid the 3 months' worth of $99 = $297, we would be up to date and then next month we'd be back to only owing the budgeted amount of $99. She assured us both that the $612 would be gone because we paid the $297 that day. I just knew something would not be right.

The following month, Peoples Gas automatically took $612 from our checking account! As soon as I saw this, I called my bank and put a stop payment on it costing me $30. Oh, don't ever try to speak with a supervisor - left me on hold for 90 mins and never picked up. So another call to CS. Again assured me $612 is not what we owe. Last month, got email saying we didn't owe anything, we have a credit (because they tried to take $612 out of my account which was stopped by myself). This month, got email saying we owed $298 really! Called yesterday - CS not knowing again what they are doing! Asked for supervisor, left my husband on hold for 190 mins and never picked up. He finally hung up because it was like 6:30 and we needed to eat dinner. He is calling again today!

We even tried to go down to office (which states accepts visitors) only to find out after walking through building inspection (metal detectors) that not only do they not accept visitors but have their own armed guards too. I am at my wits' end and can see why they would need double security! If I could rate them 0, I would. Wish us luck today but doubt it will work!

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Reviewed June 3, 2014

Last July, Peoples Gas dug a 10-foot long and about 3 ft deep trench in my backyard to install new pipes. I have called them at least 30 times to have them sod my yard. They always say someone will call me back in 2 days and nobody ever does. I haven't been able to use my yard for 11 months. What can be done? Why don't they repair the damage they have caused? Do I need Pam ** or an attorney to solve this?

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Reviewed June 3, 2014

I am up to date on my gas bill. I need my gas back on, but every time I call Peoples Gas, recording stating long call volumes, call back another time. I have to take my kids to the gym to take showers...tomorrow I have to go buy a electric burner. Even though I am up to date on my gas bill, I was told I owe some $200 to the credit bureau...they were quick to put my gas bill on my credit...why can't they be quick to put my service back on?? We all need to come together somehow and some way and get heard!! I may need to contact a local news channel to be heard...Peoples Gas is ripping people off big time!!

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Reviewed April 22, 2014

I freaking hate People Gas; they're no help. I'm so not pleased with their service at all. My service was disconnected on Friday, 04-18-2014, and that same day I paid a $1768.00 bill for two floors - basement and floor 1. They schedule me to be turned back on 04-22-14 between the hours of 11am-3:30pm. Someone came out around noon, to only piss me off. He came out, turned on the basement and said he didn't have a order for the first floor. When I spoke to someone, she stated to me that my services will be turned on 04-22-14 basement and first floor.

Well they only turned on the basement and been giving me the freaking runarounds all day about my first floor. I'm so freaking pissed right now because I know someone can come right back out here today to turn my first floor on. That was just so stupid to come and do one floor and not the other. They are so unprofessional. I ask to speak with a supervisor; they're not available. I ask for the supervisor boss, not available. And to top it off, I been on the phone with them since this morning. Still no one helped me. It's now 6:36pm and I'm still holding. I'm over pissed right now. All I want is my gas turned back on because I paid my bill in full. So why? Can't I have my services turned on at the same time I paid them at the same time?

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Reviewed April 9, 2014

I own two houses. One is my own and other is my rental home. My rental home has 2900 square feet and has two floors with a basement. I have two furnaces and one water heater. Four gentlemen live there. Its bill is for $38 to $42 dollars per month. My home is less than 1200 square feet and only two people live in the house. We have only one furnace and one water heater. My bill is $340 to $380 per month. It is a huge difference every month. The difference between the two of them shows the misreading and the inaccuracy of the meter reading... It needs more than inspection. I called and they said they were a mistake because they are crediting the other house with mine. I required an investigation and still do not called me or fix the problem... I do not know what it would be suggested in my situation since it's causing a hardship.

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Reviewed April 3, 2014

My thermostat remains at the same temperature throughout the cold month, but the bill varies from month to month. I cannot understand how it is possible to get a $700 gas bill for one month. I am finding myself using my entire check to pay a gas bill. This is terrible, something need to be done and it can began with another gas company being established.

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Reviewed April 1, 2014

We purchased the building in Chicago on the December 31, 2013. On January 6, 2014, we called Peoples Gas to transfer the gas (heat) on our name. On the beginning of February, we received the bill from Peoples Gas on $4,974.83 showing that we are using almost 150 therms per day (We monitored the heater for couple days and it proved that the real usage is around 120 therms; we are the only one who controls the temperature on the heater in the building). On February 11th, we called Peoples Gas. They told us that the previous estimate reading was incorrect (6768 therms) and they will send us corrected bill (for 7862 therms). That would make a different on a bill in about $1,700.

On March 13, 2014 we received another bill, including the whole amount from the first bill plus late fee charges. We also received Notice of Disconnection. We called Peoples Gas again. Person from Customer Service said that someone will call us in the next 24 hours to resolve the problem. No one ever called. On March 17, 2014, we contacted Peoples Gas again. We were transferred to the escalation department where they simply informed us that we either pay the bill or we will be disconnected. They said that they did not contact us after February 11, 2014 because the first bill was correct and we will not get any discount.

Just for the record, the first bill we got (January 2014) included 29 days so the second one did (February 2014). The temperature was only 1F degree higher in the second month and according to Peoples Gas that one degree made the 1,378 therms different in usage, which is $1,989.92 on a gas bill. This is how Peoples Gas takes advantage of their customers.

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Reviewed Feb. 25, 2014

I lived in my house & it's very well insulated. We seldom need to use gas. Suddenly, Peoples Gas insists they need to install a new meter & my bills jumped from $60 on average to a whopping $500 & that's that last year we had a severe blizzard & a lot of Christmas lights & STILL didn't go past $200! I spoke with other Chicago citizens & they have the exact same issue! It seems that the company's monopoly is costing us far more. Is this a scam?! Is there something that can be done to end it? I have tried to find other companies to supply me with gas but they are the only ones in Chicago.

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Reviewed Jan. 9, 2014

In August of 2013 I inadvertently made a payment in error to a Peoples gas account in my name that was inactive as of April 2013. The payment was meant for another Peoples gas account that I was making in my husband's name. I called peoples gas on 4 occasions informing them of this payment error. All 4 times their representatives told me I was issued a refund check and that it had been cashed. Each time I assured them that I never received or cashed this refund check. The representatives all stated that I would be receiving a fraud form to complete so they could further research into the cashed check issue which would entail them comparing my signature to the signature on the check. I have yet to receive these forms and I am tired of them lying. The amount of the check is so minute ($56.99) normally I would just say forget it. But it is the principal. If you owe them a penny they want theirs. I will continue to call them on this issue until they send me the forms to be completed, and this case is closed. If I never get the forms, I will never stop calling them!!

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Reviewed Dec. 20, 2013

Peoples Gas OWES me $163 from an auto withdrawal after my account was closed in full. NOT ONLY have they NOT RELEASED funds after they told me the word and over 3 weeks ago-they are WRONGLY reporting on my credit reports that I owe them over $500 in late payments. This is absolutely incorrect and I've been fighting for 3 weeks to have this removed. Customer Representatives agree with me, see that I am NOT late, that I do NOT owe money but they say their hands are tied. I've disputed with credit agencies but STILL Peoples Gas has not updated my reports and has not sent my refund check. You better believe if I owed them money they would do their best to get it from me but what can a consumer do but beg them to refund and stop LYING on their credit reports??? I'm sick of this. I've reported you to the BBB and I'll post on all of your social media pages until my credit reports are clean, I'm refunded my money PLUS INTEREST. I've been calling, writing you- with NO RESPONSE. You are financially hurting me with this credit reporting LIE.

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Reviewed Nov. 21, 2013

Peoples Gas is stealing money from their customers and they are still stealing money because they are making people think that their bill is based on their meter reading knowing that they don't have a truck that goes around reading their meters from the outside. They also don't come out and read their meters and if you can't read your own meter, you are being robbed. And this is why they are so quick to think that someone is stealing from them.

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Reviewed Aug. 21, 2013

I wish that there was another gas company that I could switch to. I hate People's Gas Company in Chicago! My hot water was cut off and they received their payment in full! I have 3 small children and we haven't been able to bathe because of the hot water heater being shut off! People's Gas has $343 of my money and we are still without hot water! This doesn't make any sense and I pray that they get what they deserve!

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Reviewed July 26, 2013

Peoples Gas installed a new gas meter in my home on 7/24/13. This procedure required the gas to be shut off in the house, which affected my hot water heater. The following morning, I noticed I no longer had hot water and called their customer service. I was told the job was completed and if they came out, there would be a service charge. I have never had a problem with my hot water heater until the completion of their service call, and now they want to charge me to come out. I guess when there's no other gas competition, they can basically do and say what they want and not be accountable for their work.

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Reviewed July 15, 2013

Peoples Gas is seriously one of the worst institutions in the history of institutions. I came home to find a big yellow notice on my door announcing that my services had been disconnected (Thanks for embarrassing Peoples Gas)! I called on Thursday, July 11th, and made a payment over the phone. I paid with an electronic check. My payment cleared my bank on July 13th and Peoples Gas received my money on July 13. I called Peoples Gas on July 15th to confirm that they received my payment and they said yes... However, they said I had to wait 10 days to receive an appointment to get my services reconnected! This is their policy: if you pay with a check over the phone it does not matter if the money posts to them, you have to wait 10 days to even make an appointment.

Now they have 460 dollars of mine and they are refusing to even give me an appointment. I called my bank to stop the payment and they said that because the payment already posted to the gas company, I cannot stop the payment! So now, I have to wait ten days to even make an appointment. After I make the appointment I have to then wait for them to give me an available date, which can take up to 7 days. This would mean that my service would be reconnected by August 1st. This is unacceptable being that they have my money. They are not waiting to receive my money. I can't even take the money back at this point, it's theirs and I still have no service.

This is an unfair practice in place to penalize people. Large utility monopolies suck. Yes, I get we live in a capitalist society and Peoples Gas is trying to ensure that they get paid for providing services and there are probably a lot of people who scam them on a daily basis, but I am not one of them. I have paid my money, they have it, and they refuse to turn my service back on. I have no power to fight them and they know it, so they put policies in place to bully the consumer. I called the Illinois Commerce Commission to make a complaint and they are also powerless. At least the counselor that I spoke with was not able to provide me with a solution. (I say this next statement with a great deal of sarcasm and disgust). So, from this point on I have to be a good citizen with no personal crises or hardships that come which may prevent me from paying my gas bills on time, pay with a credit card or cash and thank God everyday that Peoples Gas exists to offer horrible services to the people of Cook County.

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Reviewed June 27, 2013

I paid my gas bill the day before shut off & they still came & shut off my gas. Now it's 6 days before they can come out & turn it back on. I asked to speak to a manager - they have 24 hrs to call me back - they never called back in 24 hrs. I called again & was told it is 24 business hours not minute to minute in a day. What a Joke & there is nothing I can do! There is no other option for gas companies in Chicago! How do they get away with all this? This is also the 1st time I have ever had an issue paying my bill. Up to this point, it was always paid on time for years! Also it's an $89.00 charge to reconnect & I can't forget the deposit they want of close to $200 to hold on to for a year! When someone is having money issues, why would you want to hurt them more? May the greedy all burn in Hell!

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Reviewed May 23, 2013

The company fails to mail out bills so that people are suddenly getting a final notice of disconnection bill after not having gotten any calls or bills. When you call them, you wait forever then they tell you they don't make calls to customers! (Yet, I got a call at 7:02pm from 312-40-4851, which is their automated system telling me I have a notice to disconnect if I don't pay my bill.) This is after I called them two days in a row. The mistake was that I always make it a point to overpay my bills should one day I get sick and cannot afford to pay a month. I do this with all my bills. It turns out that my automated payment was going to an old closed account which I hadn't had in over a year.

I understand that that was partly my bank's fault because I did edit my account but it didn't seem to save it, but why was I not notified that three months of payments going to a closed account by Peoples Gas?! Furthermore, they sent me checks back so I put them back in my account only. Unlike other companies, they didn't put a notice telling me why they were sent back. Because I always overpay, I assumed it was just that; certainly not that I was paying a dead account! When I explained this to them, they said that they sent the bills, only I just got my bill of three months build-up the day before and a collections notice yesterday! They basically told me that they would disconnect me if it wasn't paid by the end of this week.

I now explained that this means I would be short on my mortgage. They clearly didn't care. The lady told me that it would cost a reconnection fee so that when I told them how bad a service they were and agreed to pay, she still told me I would owe her an additional fee just for taking my money over the phone! I was so incredibly angry that I just told her I was already short on my mortgage and that I would have gas in a house I might be kicked out of due to their lack of work ethic. And on top of that, they wanted to charge me even more? I said I would take care of it and find other companies or move than to deal with their abuse, and then hung up. They feel that they can be neglectful at work because they monopolize the service sector and that is just unethical.

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Reviewed May 20, 2013

It is May 20, 2013 and online it states that I will be disconnected if I do not pay the bill by June 17, 2013 for account number **. Also, online, it states that I am past due; however, it never mentions a disconnection of my services for account number **. Both of my services have been disconnected today. I am confused. I work from morning till night with overtime on my check and I do not make $1500 in one check to even pay for these bills to get my service reconnected. I need help! This is wrong. Why in the world is my service disconnected if I was not notified and why online does it state differently? I have called and called and spoken to people on the 1-866 line and they are not helpful at all! This is horrible! I have small children in my home. How am I supposed to bath them to go to school, etc.?

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Reviewed March 22, 2013

Deceitful, manipulative, inferior, rude, apathetic, non-responsive, unethical and possibly/likely discriminatory. We called Peoples Gas due to a distinct gas smell in our home. They came relatively prompt and were not able to locate a gas leak (as a side note, we later called the service line inquiring as to whether this overwhelming smell could have been related to the underground gas work the company is doing on our street, to which the representative said yes it was likely the cause of the smell). Two men came to the house, one of which had a particularly negative attitude. They talked to us briefly about needing better ventilation in our furnace room. Our landlord was present and commented that would be no problem, stating that she had a door in storage that could replace the current door. The service person made no comment about this, handed her a piece of paper and left.

Later that evening, it became clear that these 2 men disconnected our hot water tank and furnace without telling us. We were shocked to discover this as they spent enough time in our home to at least mention they had to do this. Had we known they were cutting the heat and hot water off, we would have simply taken the door off the hinges on the spot and avoided all of this mess. Instead, they sneaked out of the house with full knowledge that someone living in the house had surgery less than 48 hours previous to that and could not tolerate being in an environment that was nearing 40 degrees due to the overnight temperatures being in the low teens.

We started calling Peoples the following morning; first to complain about this poor treatment in the middle of winter for a violation that had not been addressed in the numerous times their service people had been in our house in the previous years and second, to figure out how to fix the issue. Because we had not been told what they were doing, it took some guessing and multiple phone calls to even be told that was what happened. Not surprisingly, if you want to talk to a supervisor, they have an endless set of excuses (in a meeting, busy, with another customer, etc). They always transfer you to a voicemail for someone who never returns the call (3 voicemails today). They then tell you that it isn't their responsibility to tell you what they're doing and they additionally have no responsibility in fixing it.

Finally, after several hours of calling them and getting the runaround, they finally agreed to send someone out for a $30 fee. When the guys arrived, he proceeded to tell us that he can't reconnect the appliances (unknown reason). We basically told him that he's not leaving without reconnecting them. He was resistant, but complied. This company obviously has a strong hold on the gas service in this area, so they are not motivated to engage in any level of customer service. We pay our bill on time every month and do not feel it is ethical to simply disconnect service without so much as a notice. This business is a joke.

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Reviewed Feb. 26, 2013

I have been trying in vain to get them to do something as simple as get my name correct on my account. I have repeatedly faxed proof of identity and nothing.

They just say, "Try again tomorrow," and hang up. I'm close to allowing a lawyer to get them to do it. They have a monopoly on gas and know it and don't care. They are the absolute worst.

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Reviewed Feb. 12, 2013

I noticed no heat on Thursday, 2/7/2013. I contacted Peoples Gas at approx. 8 am, Friday, and was told service had been transferred to someone else. Apparently, the change was made in error. However when the other party's error was corrected, my service was turned off leaving my family with no heat or stove. I was told by Peoples Gas that a supervisor would have someone contact us within 24-48 hours for access to get service back. As of 6 pm on Monday, we have not been called and have no heat. Another call to Peoples Gas and I'm told we are scheduled for Wed., 2/13. When I asked why I am without heat and cooking gas because of a Peoples Gas mistake, they told me there was nothing they could do because of some company policy. I asked to speak to a supervisor and was told one was not available. I said I would hold and I was told that company policy would not allow me to hold for a supervisor, but I was told that someone would call me before the end of the evening. No one called. Why are we without heat and cooking gas for a week because of an error made by the gas company?

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Reviewed Dec. 7, 2012

I moved into a rental home in Logan Square on 11/1/2012. My landlord never provided a heating cost disclosure statement or directions to transfer utility services out of their account. This morning (12/7/12) I learned by waking up in chilling cold that the landlord had called Peoples Gas and had my gas shut off. My landlord did not notify me of their intent, nor did I receive anything from Peoples Gas. I called to set up my own service and was told that a technician cannot come out and start service until the 12th (Peoples Gas also said we could not transfer service without shutting off the prior account, to which we did not have the account info). My complaints are as follows:

1. Prior to suspending service, Peoples Gas should have at least inquired if there were existing occupants who would take over the new service so as to prevent the lag time in gas delivery. This should especially be true in the winter months as I know there is a ban on suspending service per the Municipal Code of The City of Chicago. They should also have a system in place to set up service in the winter months for people that will be left in the cold, especially if those people have no issue paying for the service; 2. My landlord, via not providing a heating cost disclosure, should be liable here as living in the frigid cold is very damaging to me.

I would not care about this whole situation if Peoples Gas would just send someone out to start my service, but now I am faced with having a miserable week, and potentially incurring health issues as a result of the cold. I would really like either my landlord or Peoples Gas to simply fix the problem by getting my service going.

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Reviewed Oct. 17, 2012

Peoples Gas Chicago has not returned requested call from a supervisor, continually hung up when telephone inquiries were made to customer service representatives to rectify a problem due to errors made by Peoples Gas, closed one account in error and without notification to account holder, and threatened to cut off service.

Peoples Gas issued a bill on 10-9-2012 with an alleged transfer balance from 1994. On 10-10-2012, Peoples Gas sent a Final Notice for disconnection to take place on 10-22-2012 based on the 10-9-2012 bill for that account. Prior to that, Peoples Gas had erroneously assigned a meter to a wrong location and applied payment for the requested location to the wrong meter, resulting in alleged late payment for the 2012 portion of gas charges for the requested location. A verbal Notification of Dispute of Bill was given to Peoples Gas by us with request for supervisor call back on 10-11-2012 to sort this out. No call back or information has been forthcoming.

Subsequent calls to customer service reps to ascertain where to email fax or mail any documentation to proof of non-occupancy at that location during the alleged time for the alleged gas use at that location (1994) have met with rude behavior, non-information, and hang-ups from the representatives. Peoples Gas also closed one account in error and without notification to account holder because their representatives mixed up locations and meter numbers. This "comedy of errors" is not being addressed with the potential result of shutting off two accounts that have been in good standing for over 30 years.

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Reviewed Oct. 15, 2012

Openly discriminatory practices: I am writing because Peoples Gas, of which Integrys is the parent company, is allowing a family in Chicago to freeze in their own home this winter, at best due to negligence and, at worst, due to extreme prejudice displayed by the actions of its employees due to the fact that the family in question is LGBT. Put succinctly, the case is as follows:

On Tuesday, October 2nd, 2012, there was a fire at the property in Chicago, IL 60608. The carriage house that my family rents was adjacent to that property and was relatively undamaged by the fire. On Thursday, October 4th, 2012, Peoples Gas terminated the gas supply to both properties claiming that the fire caused a gas leak. Between October 4th and October 12th, 2012, the contractor for my landlord's insurance company, Unlimited Fire and Restoration Board Up, attempted to initiate repairs on the gas line. Having no place to go, my wife and I remained in the apartment with no heat or hot water, despite low temperatures that week dipping to 36 degrees Fahrenheit and lower. We were promised that Peoples Gas would be returning the gas supply to us by Tuesday (October 9th).

When that did not occur by Friday (October 12th, 2012), the contractor claimed that they attempted to contact Peoples Gas on four separate occasions. Their calls were not returned. When representatives from Peoples Gas did finally visit the property on Wednesday (October 10th, 2012), my wife and I attempted to ask them questions about whether the gas service was to be turned on. We were met with disdain from the employees, one of whom just scowled at our appearance and refused to communicate. On Wednesday, October 12th, representatives from Peoples Gas indicated that there was now an underground gas leak that only they could fix. They informed the contractor that they would be at the property on Friday October 12th at 10:00 am to initiate said repairs. The contractor assured us that People's Gas would honor their appointment and that we would have heat and hot water by the end of that day.

On the afternoon of Thursday, October 11th, I received a terse phone call from a woman named Blanca at Peoples Gas - Gas Operations Department informing me that no repairs would be commenced without a permit from the city of Chicago, which would take a minimum of five to seven business days. When I challenged her as to what my family and I were supposed to do in the meantime, having suffered though no heat or hot water for the past seven days, I was told to contact Customer Service. I did so and was met with similar scorn for our situation. At this point, I informed the Customer Service operator that I would be filing a complaint with the ICC and contacting an attorney. On Friday, October 12th, 2012, a representative from Peoples Gas met with the contractor at the property on Chicago, claiming that I had threatened to sue. He carried a number of legal documents with him.

He informed the contractor that he believed it would actually take a minimum of three months for repairs to be initiated and completed through Peoples Gas. I have further been informed by my landlord that his attempts to contact Peoples Gas met with no success, the file for my apartment and my family having been 'lost' by Peoples Gas on several occasions. While my wife and I have been left with little choice but to terminate our lease and find an alternative place to live, we cannot conceivably find said apartment, sign a lease and move within the next two to three weeks. Peoples Gas, in the meantime, has left us with two choices: Live in a home with no heat and hot water in low temperatures expected to drop over the coming two weeks. Be homeless. I have been a Peoples Gas customer since 2007. Never once did I fail to pay my bill on time and in the full amount requested.

The company claims that chief among their core values is 'integrity' and, in regards to customer service that "We focus on creative solutions to meet and exceed our customers' expectations." I submit that neither of those claims is valid. I submit that Peoples Gas has treated my family, your customers, with aversion and contempt - both in our choices of lifestyle and the dangerous living situation we find ourselves in. I further submit that Peoples Gas has refused, either through absolute negligence or owing to discrimination on behalf of its employees, to consistently communicate with either with my family or the contractor looking to resolve a most urgent issue. I intend to hold Peoples gas wholly responsible for any and all health problems my family may suffer in the coming weeks, until we can relocate to a new apartment, owing to the fact that your company refuses to provide us with the basic necessities of living and the colder temperatures.

Furthermore, I am terminating any further bill payments to your company and thus ending a business relationship which has proven only one thing: since Peoples Gas ostensibly has an energy monopoly in my area, they can treat their customers with, at best, contempt; and it would be fair to say utter repugnance without it affecting their bottom line. According to the last statement I received from Peoples Gas, the company owes me a credit of approximately $11.54. I am hereby billing you for that amount and will use it towards finding my wife and myself a new place to live - with electric services only. I request that Peoples Gas remit that payment immediately.

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Reviewed Oct. 15, 2012

Peoples Gas, of which Integrys is the parent company, is acting with discrimination and extreme prejudice as displayed by the actions of its employees to an LGBT family in Chicago with regards to resolving and providing heat and hot water (essential living utilities). The facts of the case are as follows.

On Tuesday, October 2nd, 2012, there was a fire at the property on **. The carriage house that my family rents was adjacent to that property and was relatively undamaged by the fire. On Thursday, October 4th, 2012, Peoples Gas terminated the gas supply to both properties claiming that the fire caused a gas leak. Between October 4th and October 12th, 2012, the contractor for my landlord's insurance company, Unlimited Fire and Restoration Board Up, attempted to initiate repairs on the gas line.

Having no place to go, my wife and I remained in the apartment with no heat or hot water, despite low temperatures that week dipping to 36 degrees Fahrenheit and lower. We were promised that Peoples Gas would be returning the gas supply to us by Tuesday, October 9th, and when that did not occur, by Friday, October 12th, 2012. The contractor claimed that they attempted to contact Peoples Gas on four separate occasions. Their calls were not returned. When representatives from Peoples Gas did finally visit the property on Wednesday, October 10th, 2012, my wife and I attempted to ask them questions about whether the gas service was to be turned on. We were met with disdain from the employees, one of whom just scowled at our appearance and refused to communicate.

On Wednesday, October 12th, representatives from Peoples Gas indicated that there was now an underground gas leak that only they could fix. They informed the contractor that they would be at the property on Friday, October 12th, at 10:00 am, to initiate said repairs. The contractor assured us that Peoples Gas would honor their appointment and that we would have heat and hot water by the end of that day. On the afternoon of Thursday, October 11th, I received a terse phone call from a woman named Blanca at Peoples Gas’ operations department informing me that no repairs would be commenced without a permit from the City of Chicago, which would take a minimum of five to seven business days. When I challenged her as to what my family and I were supposed to do in the meantime, having suffered though no heat or hot water for the past seven days, I was told to contact customer service. I did so and was met with similar scorn for our situation. At this point, I informed the customer service operator that I would be filing a complaint with the ICC and contacting an attorney.

On Friday, October 12th, 2012, a representative from Peoples Gas met with the contractor at the property on **, and claiming that I had threatened to sue, carried a number of legal documents with him. He informed the contractor that he believed it would actually take a minimum of three months for repairs to be initiated and completed through Peoples Gas. I have further been informed by my landlord that his attempts to contact Peoples Gas met with no success, the file for my apartment and my family having been “lost” by Peoples Gas on several occasions. While my wife and I have been left with little choice but to terminate our lease and find an alternative place to live, we cannot conceivably find said apartment, sign a lease and move within the next two to three weeks. Peoples Gas, in the meantime, have left us with two choices: live in a home with no heat and hot water in low temperatures expected to drop over the coming two weeks or be homeless.

I have been a Peoples Gas customer since 2007. Never once did I fail to pay my bill on time and in the full amount requested. I submit that Peoples Gas has treated my family with aversion and contempt - both in our choices of lifestyle and the dangerous living situation we find ourselves in. I further submit that Peoples Gas has refused, either through absolute negligence or owing to discrimination on behalf of its employees, to consistently communicate with either with my family or the contractor looking to resolve a most urgent issue. I intend to hold Peoples Gas wholly responsible for any and all health problems my family may suffer in the coming weeks until we can relocate to a new apartment owing to the fact that they refuse to provide us with the basic necessities of living and the colder temperatures.

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Reviewed Oct. 4, 2012

I got a phone call from Ms. ** of Peoples Gas on Thursday,10/04/2012, about the meter reading I called in yesterday. I am doing nothing but read what was on the four small gauges in front of our house. I was shocked - in essence. She said that the readings were "inconsistent"! What is that? That I lied about the reading or what I saw? We turned the gas on one time, I believed last week - the last week of September, when it got cold at night. I was furious. I called and some guy told me that they were "estimating" our gas bill. They always say that Peoples Gas has guys coming out to read our meters each month. That was a lie! We have lived here two years and I have never seen anyone from Peoples Gas.

The gas meter is located in front of the house; on the left side bottom behind some bushes. You are going to tell me some man came and bent down to read a meter. Then he told me there is some kind of "gauge" that is hooked up to the meter to "read" a meter. Give me a break! What I think is they are adding extra numbers to our bill to get more money and for the reputation that Peoples Gas has, I wouldn't be surprised! We went from using cooking gas at **, acct.#** to a private house in the middle of summer where we moved in and they automatically said we owed $800! I always wanted to question this, but was told several times through mail and email, that if I didn't pay the bill no matter what, they would turn my gas off! Our account now is ** and they are still trying to take extra money from us that is not warranted. Does the stealing ever stop? And you wonder why I am angry? I do not work. I'm at home. What else can I do?

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Reviewed July 27, 2012

I can't believe the level of bad service this company gives! It’s July 27 and they tell me I can't get service until August 1. I ask to speak to a supervisor and I’m told the same thing. I express nicely that it’s poor service and he (Jim) tells me rudely that it’s not poor service and the technicians are on a schedule. I disagree with him and he begins to curse me out! Now I'm angry! I can't believe they feel it’s acceptable to have people without the ability to have hot water for that many days, and also have supervisors with no people skills. Yes my bill is current! It takes an incredible lack of concern toward the customers that help generate their paychecks… It’s a sense of entitlement at its worst!

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Reviewed July 19, 2012

On June 21, 2012, I filled out a request to turn on the gas at my new apartment for July 1, 2012. I have an email from Peoples Gas showing that the system got the information and that they would contact me. They obviously had my contact info, since I have an email from them. On July 18, 2012, Peoples Gas cut the gas off, stating that they have no information of me requesting any service. I stated to them that I have the email, and they stated they don't care and that I have to send additional information over to the enrollment services. It would be 1 to 2 business days, and then, they would schedule appointment. So I have sent all information requested to them and a copy of their email to me, showing that it was their mistake.

There's no expedited or anything; just we follow what's in the system. Customer service is wrong; there's nothing in the system. I asked to speak with enrollment services, but there's no phone number available. I asked to speak to the manager of customer service, but the manager's not available. I asked to speak to the manager of enrollment services, but the manager's not available. I asked to speak with someone in-charge to discuss, and still, not available. This is clearly a Peoples Gas issue, and they refused to fix their issue. I did my part, and they failed. They need to fix it and make it right.

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Reviewed April 14, 2012

March of 2012, I stopped a payment from one checking account and the same day, sent a wire transfer to People's Gas for the amount. I called People's Gas and told them I was stopping the payment, but would immediately issue another one. I asked the agent to notate this in my account. Approximately two weeks later, I received a letter from People's Gas telling me that because I stopped a payment and because another payment had been returned in June 2011, they would no longer accept checks or wire transfers for me to pay my bill. It would have to be cash, money order or cashier's check. Fine. On April 10th, I mailed two money orders - one for $250 and the other for $75 to pay my bill. The payment was made from the main Post Office on Adams St in downtown Chicago.

I checked my account online on April 12th to see if they had received the payment. I noticed they had not. I found this strange since I've had previous payments arrive in one or two days. As of Saturday April 14th, People's Gas has not received my payments. My bill was due on April 13th. I will have to fax documentation to a number a customer representative provided me with on April 13th when I called to check the status of my payments and possibly make another payment to keep my account in good standing. The representatives I spoke to on both Friday and Saturday told me it can take up to five days for payments to post. Three days (payment was mailed first thing in the morning on April 10th) is more than enough time for a payment to be processed if in fact they are processing payments in a timely manner.

I would very much like to know the processing times for payments so I and other customers are caused endless worry and confusion. As a customer, I have done exactly what People's Gas has asked me to do and it has caused my account to now be late. I will be faxing in the money order receipts on Monday, April 16th, and would like to have it researched and reviewed and have this payment status marked as "on time".

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Reviewed April 6, 2012

The technician for People's Gas was scheduled to replace the natural gas pipes and the meters, if necessary. The employee damaged the natural gas pipe that runs into the house and this created a gas leak. It took the employee several hours to determine that he damaged the pipe and this was the cause of the leak. We never had a gas leak before his arrival and we did not smell gas. As a result, our first floor tenants have been without gas for 2 days, going on 3 days. The employee could not properly diagnose the issue and this created further delays.

In addition, he damaged the pilot switch on our water heater and attempted to say that it was broken before he turned off the water heater. This service goes against everything the company claims to support regarding customer service. It is now 6:55PM on April 5, 2012 and if it's not resolved, it will be 3 days without gas on April 6, 2012. The technician was technician number **.

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Reviewed April 5, 2012

These utility monopolies have to stop. The service from People's Gas is laughable at best. Two weeks prior to a move, I called up and scheduled to have my service moved from the old address to the new. Everything went well (or so I thought), I never heard anything back stating that I had done anything improperly and I went about my move.

So now we're in the apartment and I'm waiting for the technician to show up and turn my gas on on the date which I had selected, but no one ever came. I called up People's Gas and they told me that when I had set up the transfer, I had listed the new apartment's address as 4A, which was not in their system. The only entries in their system were 4F and 4R, therefore they had cancelled my appointment and no one bothered to call me and ask the appropriate apartment or even tell me that the appointment was cancelled. Not to mention, you'd think anyone with any common sense could look at 4F and 4R in the system, see which one had a date scheduled to turn their service off and say "Gee! This must be the one that people are moving into/out of".

But wait, it gets better! Because of this mix-up, my account was somehow flagged as needing an identity verification, even though I've been a customer for four years now, have never had a single complaint or issue and have never been late on a single payment. So yesterday morning, I had to take a couple hours off of work, dig through five or six boxes trying to find my passport, then drive to one of their shady "payment centers" which was really just a disposable cell phone/pager store and present to them my license and passport. They provided me with a confirmation number and instructions to give that number to People's Gas.

I called back, waited on hold for an hour, then gave an associate my confirmation number. "Great!", she said. "We will forward this information to our incoming accounts department, who will review the documents and determine whether or not this is enough information to continue and if so, we will give you a call to set up an appointment to get your services turned on". For those of you at home who are keeping track, that's another three days without service, plus however long their technicians are going to take to get to my place. I called back about five or six times, finally being put in touch with a manager, who after a 20-minute conversation, called the incoming accounts department and made them get their ** together. Small victory.

An hour later, I got a call from a different People's gas representative to set up an appointment to turn on my services. But the earliest a technician can come out is Tuesday, 4/10, 7 days later. So my girlfriend and I are apparently supposed to spend the next week without being able to take showers, prepare food and do laundry all in an apartment where the temperature is dipping down to the 40s every night. Since the appointment was scheduled, I've called back four times, each time demanding to speak to a manager and each time being told that all managers were currently occupied, but would call me back. So far, I have not received any calls back and there is still no sign of getting the gas turned on in a reasonable amount of time.

For a company this size, there is absolutely no reason why during peak times (such as the first week of the month, when everyone in the city is moving), they do not have enough technicians working to be able to provide their customers with reasonable turnaround times on service requests (1-2 days vs 1-2 weeks) and it's really hard to believe that there are no technicians anywhere near my area who couldn't spare ten minutes to read a meter and turn a ** valve on.

I will be contacting both the BBB, the Illinois Department of Consumer Affairs as well as the City of Chicago: Business Affairs and Consumer Protection division with a detailed explanation of all of the unacceptable service that I have received thus far, as well as anything that transpires up until my services are turned on, like they should have been two days ago.

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Reviewed April 4, 2012

After Peoples Gas billed me incorrectly, I called to point this out and instead of fixing the matter, some ** lady told me it was my problem and I had to fax the "evidence" that I had cancelled service on a certain date. I had an email from them and she refused to acknowledge it or hear the order number. Super ** and not helpful at all. How is your screw up my problem? I waited on hold for almost 20 minutes. I asked to speak to a supervisor and was told no. I was told he would call me within 24 hours. He finally called at 7AM from a restricted number, then hung up when I answered. Called again an hour later when I was already at work and left a message saying call the 1-800 number! Yeah, like I should sit on hold again for them to fix the bill they screwed up. Terrible! This isn't my first time with this business being jerk, probably because they have a monopoly.

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Reviewed Feb. 25, 2012

In December of 2010 I made a budget payment to People Gas. According to People Gas the payment did not post to my account due to some sort of error on their end. This improper activity cause me no longer to be eligible for the People Gas budget plan. Therefore I was forced to take time out of my schedule of being a full time student and employee to go down to my bank and request a printout for six months payments to the People Gas Company. I provided proof and never got credited for my payment. During January 2012 People disconnected my services reason being "a continued gas flow". Well I was then forced out of my old account into a new account that requested me to pay a deposit. I called People to ask why have my service been disconnect in subzero weather and their response was "the service has been shut off since July". My service was not interrupted! Until they came out fumbling with my account. I now have a first time bill of $337.16 after paying $150 to have my service restored in subzero weather. There was no need for a new account because there was an existing account already in place. Payments along with gas flow was already at my location.

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Reviewed Feb. 24, 2012

I am writing to complain about the techs that come in and install service. I had to reschedule my service because the tech said they showed up, but they failed to show to install service. I have kids and it’s cold in the Chicago winter weather. The tech did not leave a tag or anything. I was at the apartment since 10AM and my scheduled service was from 11:30-3:30! I was at the apartment all day and was even shoveling in front, and I saw no one came in or knocked on the door or anything. I called customer service and they didn’t do anything to make the tech go back and install service. I want them to come on Saturday, but no, customer service can only use what the tech gives them. I’ve been having this appointment for a month and now this! I’m pissed off! I already complained to the Illinois Utility website as well as the Consumer Utility website! They have very bad service! Peoples Gas sucks! They need a better way to train their techs!

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Reviewed Feb. 20, 2012

I set up a mandatory safety inspection for my gas meter, and service pipes appointment on February 20, 2012, from 9:30 AM to 11:30AM. I clearly stated on the form to have the technician call my cellphone number, when he is at my apartment, because my doorbell does not work! Clearly, that didn't happen. I didn't receive a phone call (when I clearly stated on the form), and now I've been told that I have to reschedule. I took the day off from work, just to be here for this appointment, and I feel that I shouldn't have to take another day off of work, when this issue wasn't my fault. I know that you provide service on a Saturday, but I have weddings to attend, and will be out of town for personal stuff. So the next 4 Saturdays, I'm not going to be here. I am extremely upset. This has been very inconvenient for me, and the customer service People's Gas is supposed to provide, has been unsatisfactory.

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Reviewed Jan. 30, 2012

A Ms. Jefferson located in the Valley office of South CA gas told me that I started to process to receive gas service. However, when I applied, I was told that there was a fraud watch on my credit report which I placed and they would have to have me physically come in to verify my identity. I never came in and told them that I will not be needing service. I finally moved into the apartment in Dec of 2011 and I checked my mail and there was a $230.00 bill for service which I never used. I was told that there is nothing I can do. I can only talk to collections.

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Reviewed Jan. 5, 2012

After I complete this letter, I will begin my research into finding an alternate gas supplier. I have been a homeowner for nearly 30 years and have faithfully paid Peoples Gas every month with the expectation of being treated kindly and with respect. My nightmare began in October of 2011. As instructed by the automated message, I left room to access the meter, water heater, and furnace. The technician informed me that I failed to meet the industry standard in terms of clearance and did not service me. Please note that your automated message gives no specific guidelines; hence, the conflict between his definition of clearance and mine.

My next appointment was scheduled for the 29th of November. Using the standards given to me by the technician, the clearance adjustment was made. I had an afternoon appointment. So, with both my cell phone and my house phone in my pockets, I waited in my home. I waited and waited and waited. At approximately 2:15 p.m., I called to inquire about the appointment. As I was on the phone, the technician pulled up. I sat in my reading room waiting for him to leave his truck. It appeared as though he was writing and I assumed he was doing either a pre or post-report. As I waited patiently, the strangest thing happened. He pulled off!

Frantically, I called Peoples Gas imploring you to contact this technician and have him return. I was told that was impossible. The customer service representative I spoke with was named Sharnise. As you know, she was not allowed to give her last name. She informed me that the technician (employee number **) reported that he called me but there was no answer, so he left. I asked to speak to a manager. Sharnise returned and said that a Ms. L. advised me to make another appointment. I asked Sharnise to advise Ms. L. to speak to me, a long standing customer. I was denied this request but was told she would call me within 24 hours.

When I spoke to Ms. L., I informed her that I had both phones with me all day and not only did he not call. He did not even get out of the truck and ring the doorbell. She told me he did not have to ring the doorbell and that the policy was to call. I refuse to believe that a business such as Peoples Gas would encourage such a policy. In terms of efficiency, it makes no sense. Feeling as though my situation was being dismissed, I implored her to check the technician’s phone log and she would see that he had not called.

She did not even acknowledge my statement. Instead, she told me that she was putting me down for January 5th and asked if I wanted morning or afternoon. I told her that I had already taken off 2 days of work for the gas company and unless I was the first appointment on that day, then Peoples Gas would not gain access. She said that was not possible. She did not control scheduling. I asked to speak with the person who did and was refused. She told me that she would email him on my behalf. I specifically asked, “So you will get back to me with his response?” She replied, “Yes.”

Time passed and I got no call. So I called again. Again I was not allowed to speak to a manager right away. Later that day, a Mr. M. called. I repeated the series of events. He listened politely and said, “I will look into this for you and if you do not hear from me or Ms. L., then everything is all set for you to have the first appointment on January 5, 2012.” No one called. So I woke up earlier than usual in the morning so I would be showered, dressed, and ready for work when the technician arrived at 7:30. He did not come.

I pray that this has not become a ** contest. What I know is that I have been ignored and disrespected in terms of customer service. And quite frankly, after 28 years of paying you thousands of dollars promptly, I am insulted and frustrated. Insulted and frustrated to the point where I am looking at alternatives. So, if you have time in your schedule, it would be great to hear from you. I would like to hear how you are going to address this issue and insure that I am treated fairly. I would like to hear how you are going to stick by your word and, in an effort to make things right, do what you promised to do which is to give me the first appointment so I don’t have to take off work again. If I get no response within the next few days, I will have to assume that you are no longer interested in retaining me as a customer. You can best reach me at **.

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Reviewed Dec. 22, 2011

Peoples Gas sent me estimated bills for months which I paid on time, and even though I requested a meter reading, they told me everything was fine. Then months later, they dumped a $2,000 bill on me after taking an accurate meter reading and sent it straight to collections. It screwed up my credit score and now I'm paying for it.

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Reviewed Dec. 21, 2011

Reading other complaints, I see mine is not unique. How in this day of customer service can I call for service to be started, and be given a start date one week later? It's December! This is not a high volume move in time. After speaking to the agent with no concern for my issue, I asked to speak to a supervisor. She told me they won't take calls, but I could provide a call-back number. I called back immediately, to try another agent. She was at least willing to put me on hold to speak to a supervisor. As expected, she was extremely unhelpful.

She clearly could care less that I'm supposed to stay in a home with no heat, in December, for a week. All she could say was a scripted, "I'm sorry you have to wait a week, but we have guidelines and policies". This was her idea of good customer service, by saying that I called for service and an appointment had been made for a start up in one week. I've never been so annoyed with a group of people or a company! If I had any recourse, I'd certainly be taking it immediately!

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Reviewed Dec. 13, 2011

Worst place ever because you have no alternatives or repercussions. They simply don't care. It doesn't matter that you can go a week without heat in December when temperatures are in the teens. Water pipes might break, you can freeze to death, but they won't work past two on weekends and 3:30 on weekdays. The CS rep actually said that. I even offered a $100 tip if they came out at 4 to 4:30. They said no. Complete soullessness, careless, and laziness. Especially in this day of unemployment, it's a shame we have corporations that do this **. There are no consequences yet. I'd love for there to be some. I have to put up with their garbage.

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Reviewed Nov. 12, 2011

I have had my gas turned off for a week, after paying the bill. I was given a date of11-18-11. I told then that was unacceptable. I called the next day, the young lady Tania, was able to move my apt. up to 11-12-11, at 730 am, 11:30 am. I called to see where I was on this so called appointment list, to find out they had the wrong telephone number. I got that straight and check the time again. I called 11-12-11, to find out that someone at the gas co. had changed the time from am to pm. I"m mad as hell, I have two people in my house with Asthma. I told them that and all they can say is "I"m sorry they have Asthma." What kind of ** is that?

Peoples Gas have been taking people's money for years and screwing over them. Peoples Gas need some competition that would make them clean their act up. Nicore would welcome the competition and bring Peoples Gas to their knees. When I asked Mr.Norell where was his office located. He replied, North Carolina. This was the worst experience ever.

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Reviewed Nov. 10, 2011

I take care of my elderly mother's building in Chicago. (She now lives with us.) I live several blocks from Lake Michigan right on the border between Indiana and Michigan. I have a family and commitments there.

I was scheduled to have gas service established on Nov. 9 between the hours of 11:30am-3:30pm. I called at 3:06pm, 4:49pm, and 6:36pm, confirming that a technician would still be coming. The last time, I got the employee name and number (Aeshia, #**). When I called back at 7:39pm, I received the standard recorded message stating that their offices are now closed, and if I would please call back during normal business hours. I finally left to drive home to Michiana Shores, Indiana after about nine futile hours of waiting in an apartment with no heat other than an electric plug-in heater.

Emergencies happen, but toward the end, it would even have accepted a call from the technician saying, "Sorry, I'm drunk. Call to reschedule."! Anything would have been preferable to the absence of any kind of communication on their part.

I would like a credit on my first bill for my time and for gas money to drive to that unit and back home. But the irony is that it will probably be passed back onto me and the many other customers the next time this utility company stands in front of the Federal Regulatory Commission asking for a rate hike due to increased costs of operation.

What I would really like is to be paid from the offending employee's next paycheck. Not because I'm angry at him or her, but because of accountability. The person responsible for the mistake should bear the cost, so he doesn't do it again. It's the same as making the child who broke the window pay for a new one. Wise parents understand this principle; why don't mega-utilities?

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Reviewed Nov. 9, 2011

It was scheduled on 22nd of October 2011. The inside safety inspection was scheduled for November 10, 2011. I received gas disconnection notice with a reason of "failure to schedule inside safety inspection" called "notice prior to disconnection". I can’t find a human being to inform that this is a false notice and prevent wrongful disconnection.

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Reviewed Nov. 9, 2011

ZERO Star Rated Utility Company. Here is a monopolistic gas company that is acting like the King. They will not show up on time, and ask for reschedules to turn on the gas in the middle of a Chicago Fall Season where low temperatures are in the 30 degree to 45 degree range.

Chicago needs to kick out this franchise or we as customers need to select another Gas Provider (equal access is available), to teach these guys a lesson. With all of the rest of the complaints, we are finally feeling terrible about buying a condo in Chicago.

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Reviewed Oct. 30, 2011

People Gas has cut off my gas several times in error because of a neighbor. I pay my gas bill in advance, so there is no reason for them to cut off my gas. This happens to me about every three months. A neighbor who cannot pay her bill across the street is the one who should have her gas off. I wake up early in the morning when I have to go to work and several times I had to go in late or call off because there was no hot water, only cold working in my house. The heat is not on and I cannot fix me anything to eat.

When I called at 7:21 a.m. on 10/30/11, People Gas stated that it will be an hour or more before they contact me because their computers are not working and they have to see should my gas be off. It is 9:30 a.m. on 10/30/11, no one has contacted me. I wearing a down winter coat in my house because it is that cold in my house.

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Reviewed Oct. 19, 2011

Peoples Gas turned off my gas 3 weeks because of a mix up with the online billing. It didn't work and they shut off the gas for my two meters. Then I called and called again, and 14 days later, they came but only turned one meter on. It's been another week and I'm still waiting for their scheduling department to call back. It's getting colder and there is no gas for cooking. I'm fed up, you can call these people all day and nothing ever happens. I need my gas back on. I’m still waiting and my tenants are frustrated to say the least.

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Reviewed Oct. 4, 2011

We noticed a gas smell after an agent from Peoples Gas did a safety inspection. I called Peoples Gas about the gas leak and they came out and shut off our gas service. We found out that the leak is from the main pipe, coming into the meter. We feel that it is their responsibility to repair the gas leak. They refused to repair our leak and will not provide gas until we hire our own contractor to have it repaired. We have no gas service for three days now. Plumbers are charging us over $800 to do the repairs that Peoples Gas is responsible for.

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Reviewed Sept. 28, 2011

You schedule an appointment with them after they threaten you about an inspection. Then they don't show up and send you another letter telling you that you have not contacted them. So you try calling the number they give you and it tells you that that service is unavailable.

I finally hit paying my bill and I reached a live person. I told her I have a confirmation I printed out from the internet showing my appointment. She tells me that because I filled it out over the internet, that's why it never showed up in their system. What the heck is going on? So she gives me another appointment almost a month away.

No one has time to wait on these people and they don't show up. My cousin has been going through this since last year.

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Reviewed Sept. 26, 2011

Today, 09/26/11, I observed some men from the gas company on the block were I live and one man was doing all the work, while three other men were doing nothing. One of the men was on his cell phone for the whole duration of me watching them. The other two men were standing around talking to each other with an occasional laugh. I raised up my window and said to the one working, "Why are you the only one working?". He chuckled and said, "They're working". Is this why the company wants to increase the payment?

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Reviewed Sept. 19, 2011

On August 27th, I received a letter regarding mandatory safety inspection from People's Gas Company. Have an inspection or turn off your gas? I scheduled inspection for September 8th and that evening, I smelled gas in my basement. What did they inspect? This lead to replacement of a leaking gas line on my water tank. Replacement of that tank was $745. I also recalled, before the inspector left, asking him to inspect my gas stove and I was told "I just turned off my gas meter checking device". I told him to turn it back on and check the stove. He did, but was not pleased as it caused him another 3 minutes to be in the house.

Now, I ask if I am threatened to have a safety inspection or have my gas turned off? They came out and told me everything was fine and then I, myself, find a gas leak? Where is the justice in this inspection? I called People's Gas but to no avail. They said they would come back out and I said, "For what? I already took care of the gas leak and replaced my water tank". There are no more gas leaks. I'm very disappointed with a service I pay royally for, in return, I receive no satisfaction at all from them. They say it is their commitment to deliver safe, clean and reliable natural gas every day. Now that's a joke, if I ever heard one. I would suggest if this is a federal law to do inspections, perhaps People's Gas could do a better job for the safety of their clients.

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Reviewed Aug. 30, 2011

The Peoples Gas monopoly is now seen fit to sneak a security deposit on my monthly bill. I have had an account for 32 years at this address. I have made approximately 320 payments in a timely fashion to this monopoly! All of a sudden, they think I'm a deadbeat and that they need to extort a little more money. 320 timely payments don't mean squat! But, I guess, when you have everyone by the short hairs (being that they are a monopoly), they can hold customers hostage. Talk about a greedy company.

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Reviewed July 26, 2011

I received a call today from my tenant that People’s Gas was there; they said that they are there to turn off the gas of the tenant of the 3rd floor because she has never paid the bill. That she owes over $4,000. I was nowhere in the area. He said he is coming back tomorrow, and turning off the entire building.

I am appalled that he would discuss someone else’s bill with the tenant and me, and I am disturbed that they are threatening to turn off the gas for all of the building although everyone else is paying their bill. Is this legal?

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Reviewed July 22, 2011

Peoples Gas shut my gas off yesterday, without giving a disconnection notice. I have a wife who just had surgery; she cannot leave the house (so we can't go to a hotel), and we have a five month old baby. They won’t turn the gas back on until 7/26/11. They said that was the first available time they can do it. We will now be bathing and eating by hot pot.

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Reviewed July 20, 2011

I have a 1 year old grandchild that needs hot water and they shut my gas off and I didn't receive a disconnection notice. I have been making payments every month and they tell me that I have to pay $168.04 to have my gas turned back on. I tried to make the payment over the phone and they tell me that their system is down and they can't tell me when my gas will be turned back on so my grandchild have to suffer as well as me.

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Reviewed June 23, 2011

My gas service was turned off yesterday afternoon June 22, 2011, without notification and the re-connection service amount was paid that evening. I called up this morning June 23, 2011 to schedule an appointment to turn on service and the next available appointment is not until Saturday June 25, 2011, refusing to have someone return our service any sooner.

After talking to a female service rep Zekeiah, I was told that Supervisor Mrs. G would return my call within the hour. I never received that phone call. Every time I try to get a hold of someone to rectify this situation I'm told that there is no one available to return my service to me. Yet I have photographic evidence of truck number 3734 parked at the corner of the street I live on, with two workers sitting inside, at 11:15 this morning.

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Reviewed Feb. 8, 2011

Peoples Gas requires that I arrive in person at their payment location within 14 days and provide a copy of a major piece of identification in order to have them turn on the gas. They say that the government is requiring them to authenticate people’s identities to protect us from identity theft.

Why, are there a lot of people pretending to be other people trying steal cooking and heating gas? Is this a rampant problem that everyone must trek out of their way to prove this? What makes Peoples Gas a valid agency against identity theft? I don't really trust Peoples Gas to accurately and privately maintain my personal information. If I don't provide this information, my ability to heat myself and cook for myself will be turned off? I don't want to provide the information, but I need these utilities.

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Reviewed Jan. 2, 2011

In about August 2007, I, Adrian **, rented an apartment from Caroline ** at **. In about July 2008, there was a fire in the building. The landlord told me to turn off utilities because of possible water damage. I gave Peoples Gas forwarding address and paid final bill. Some time in 2009, I received an automated call stating that I owed People Gas for service. After the fire, I moved out and didn't renew the lease. How could I owe when I no longer live there? I called the gas company and told them to call the landlord as I did, because I was told at the time of my call that the unit in question had not been occupied since I left. I paid Peoples Gas on time every month. I don't deserve this.

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Reviewed Jan. 1, 2011

I have tried to cancel my automatic bank withdrawal payments with this company on several occasions. Prior to my upcoming bill on 12/29/10 I called the company to ensure that there will not be an automatic payment taken out of my account. I was told by a representative and a supervisor that it would not. Subsequently, it was still taken out and my account was overdrawn. I have contacted the company several times since and have been told I would receive a call back from a supervisor. I have not been contacted.

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Reviewed Dec. 23, 2010

We moved after 7 years of paying our gas bill on time. After we move, we get a bill from People's Gas saying they had been under charging us for gas while we lived at our old place. Now, they want $380 for the last year we lived there. They are going to pass on the other 6 years. This seems like a scam to me. It's their fault for under charging us, but how can we prove this or how can they prove it? We just got a letter in the mail at our new address asking for $380.

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Reviewed Dec. 1, 2010

I had a disconnection of service with People's Gas due to economic challenges. I then paid the full amount due in full at an authorized dealer. The funds were removed from my account and posted to my account within 2 business days. However, when I called to schedule my reconnection, they stated protocol demands that they wait 10 business days. This doesn't make any sense. They first said it was due to needing to make sure the "check" cleared. I advised that we are in an age of modern day technology and the check wasn't even physically taken at the authorized dealer, it was an Electronic Funds Transfer, so it came out and posted to account right away. They need to update their policy to differentiate EFT from checks as more and more businesses are making the paper check process obsolete and implementing EFT in place. It should not take 10 business days to clear!

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Reviewed Nov. 19, 2010

I had been working with People's gas with my gas bill because I had lost my job. After making several phone calls to them, they assured me that all was well with my gas services and the representative suggested that I go to CEDA to get my bill covered. After going to CEDA, I was told that I could not get assistance because I had tampered with the meter. I was lost for words because my gas was never turned off! My landlord resides on the property and she would have been aware of the gas being turned off. As a result, I could not get the assistance that I needed and I have to pay the entire gas bill with a very limited income and now I don't even turn my heat on because I don't want anymore issues with them. So, my daughter and I are in my home with a electric heater to use.

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Reviewed Nov. 19, 2010

The gas company refuses to release a copy of report regarding their findings in my apartment and apartment building after fire department called them about my carbon monoxide levels being elevated. My fiancé and I have called on numerous occasions of which the workers will disconnect our lines while on hold and refuse to release the report which should state there were elevated readings downstairs in two apartments.

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Reviewed Oct. 29, 2010

I bought my residence over ten years ago; and every year, lately, I received notice of inspection of the gas meter which the company access through a remote device to calculate the meter readings. I don't have problem with that. Anytime they come, they open the wall where they hid the meter and seal it up after inspection.

This time when they came they asked me to open the wall. I was surprised because I am not a carpenter or a handyman. I explained to the guy that you installed the meter where you wanted it to be and normally opened it up and sealed it back at your will, so why this time you wanted me to open it myself at my expense? I spoke to the supervisor and he said if they open it, it has to be at my expense. I told to move the meter outside then where they could have access to it at their will.

He said that will cost me again an amount he refused to disclose. I believed this is injustice. He threatened me to cut my gas off within a week. I believe I should not be a victim of their earlier error of hiding the gas meter inside my closet because the building was built before the meter was installed. Removing it from my closet should be at their expense not mine. Please help before my gas is unjustly cut off.

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Reviewed Oct. 26, 2010

I had a gas leak. Peoples Gas came out Monday night and turned off my gas and said that I had to have it fixed before they would turn it on. I had it fixed Tuesday morning and called Peoples Gas at 10:30am to have someone come out and check out the work and turn the gas back on. It is now 5:30pm and no one has shown up. I have called Peoples Gas 3 times to see if they can come out after 7:30pm because I have a family dinner that I need to go to. I was home all day. I had to take a day off of work.

Still they cannot accommodate me. What kind of business does that? What kind of business treats their customers like this? Why isn't there any other company I can go to for my gas needs? Why am I stuck with people’s gas? I have no gas right now and I probably will not have any tonight and tomorrow (because I can't take off work and wait for them). So I won't have gas or heat or hot water until when? When I can take off work, lose a day's pay and wait for them to come out. Baloney!

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Reviewed Oct. 1, 2010

I live in a 6-unit enclosed townhouse complex. Yesterday, a People's Gas representative knocked on our window to request access to disconnect the neighbor's service. I informed the rep that the residents at the unit in question (unit #1) were not at home and to return later. Additionally, I was very surprised that the rep had disclosed private information about the neighbor's service disconnection to me. 15 minutes later, a supervisor from People's Gas yelled outside the window again and asked for access into the building. I informed the individual that I would not be able to help and did not feel comfortable providing access to the requested unit without the owner's permission or presence.

Another 15 minutes later, my wife, our two children and I were exiting our car park when both of the reps from the utility company stormed the garage door and entered the building. At this point, I was very nervous and uncomfortable and stated my discontent at the individuals storming into private property without permission. I had no way of confirming the authenticity of their association with the utility company and the reps did not provide any identification. The reps became irate and refused to leave the premises and started to use foul language in front of my wife and children.

The commotion scared my wife and children. I ended up calling the police to help remove the individuals from our property. It took the police 15 minutes to arrive and during that time, the reps refused to leave our premises and I was unable to leave as I was uncomfortable allowing unfettered access to our complex without supervision. I would like to report this unusual and extremely aggressive behavior by the gas representatives.

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Reviewed Aug. 28, 2010

It is 12:05 pm and I am currently on the phone with peoples gas waiting to speak with a supervisor. I asked to speak with the supervisor during the previous call with a man who said his name was Omar and refused to give his last name. He also told me there was no way to change the payment date, and that there was no supervisor available and he refused to give me his last name.

I called to request that my bill payment date be adjusted from the second day of the month to the fourth or fifth day of the month to allow processing. I am requesting this change because I am sending my payments using online bill pay and I need an additional two days for processing. Also, I am on a fixed income and I would like to ensure that my payments are made on time. During the last call, I asked for a supervisor and was transferred to a Mr. M*** who was polite and professional. I was told by Mr. *** that the payment date adjustment will take effect for the October bill.

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Reviewed July 6, 2010

I gave Peoples Gas a deposit of $120.00, paid in full, last April 2009. They keep your deposit until your payments are paid in full for one year without being late. I am on disability and I make payments when my check comes and sometimes, it is late. So I think the Gas company should refund me my whole deposit check because I need it more than they do. Now, they are telling me I can't get it for one more year. My payments will be late because of my check being late. So what am I supposed to do? Can you do anything about this for me? I really need this money. I am partially blind and need this asap.

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Reviewed June 22, 2010

The customer service at People's Gas has been consistently horrendous. I have had numerous unpleasant experiences in the past, but my experience today in particular prompted me to write. I spoke with a woman who would only identify herself as "Tameka". She would not provide a last name, though I did ask.

After several minutes and numerous attempts to make my very simple question understood, I asked her if I could please speak with someone else, as she would only reply with what sounded to be a scripted answer that did not actually address my question. She told me that the only way I would speak with someone else was to hang up and call back (and thus go through another 10 minute hold).

I asked several times for her to let me speak with someone else on her phone so that I could explain my question, which she refused to do. She provided two entirely contradicting answers to my question and, when I alerted her to this, she quite rudely informed me that she had already answered my question correctly. I continued to ask to please speak with someone else, and she continued to tell me that she would not transfer me to someone else and that my question had already been answered.

I had to say "hello?" approximately 5 times during the call because she would not respond to me. When I finally stated to her what I thought the answer to my question was (which I stated at the beginning of the call), she told me that that was what she had been telling me the entire time, and denied ever telling me otherwise (which she clearly had or I would not have spent 10 minutes speaking with her). She offered to transfer me so that I could pay my bill and, of course, she ended up hanging up on me.

All in all, I suppose I could have just avoided yet another completely frustrating and useless experience with the Customer Service Dept. at People's Gas, as I apparently had the right answer the whole time.

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Reviewed June 21, 2010

On 6/17, I called and talked to Denise about moving at the end of the month and my bill. I was out of work for 3 months this spring and getting caught back up. End of last week, I kept getting recorded phone calls to call People's Gas or they would just call and the recording would hang up. I was worried it was about moving my service, so I called and got a Hispanic man named Phyllis, who hung up after I asked him 3x to spell his name. Then I called back and got Bevin, who did not listen since the moment she picked up the phone and kept thinking I already moved. It was clear, after 6 minutes, we were not making headway so I asked for her supervisor.

After 16 minutes, she finally got Miss Love on the phone, who was no better than Bevin! Both of them talking over me! I asked her for the department head of customer service and she had no idea who that was, so she gave me her supervisor's name of David **! They both said, I was getting hang up calls and recorded messages because of my bill, yet neither could tell me why, since I already talked to Denise! Neither seemed concerned to even check and make sure my transfer of service was all in order! I was on the phone for just under 20 minutes and was furious by time I was done. Both Bevin and Miss Love need to go back to training as they missed the part about listening to the customer and not to talk over the customer!

I do know, even if my service is set to be transferred or not on 6/30/10! People Gas is a joke, as they are anything but gas for the people! I have had them for 2 years now and had Nicor since 1997 and never once had a problem with Nicor. In 2 years with PG, I have been ridiculed and berated and hung up on and repeatedly overcharged, yet no one cares. Why is PG the only gas company to serve Chicago?

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Reviewed June 9, 2010

Peoples Gas screwed up my credit, and I'm very upset. I have a condo rented by a tenant who moved in March 1. On February 3, I paid what I thought was my final gas bill for this unit located. However, sometime in March, I received another "final bill" and questioned the company about it. However, they explained that this was the real final bill; therefore, I paid it.

Then, a collection agency sends me a this same bill, and I told them after speaking with the gas company I realized that I did indeed own the $114 and paid the money on the spot. This all occurred within 30 days. However, this was reported to a credit agency; and now, my credit score has dropped 200 points! I need this corrected ASAP. Can someone please let me know what to do? My credit scores has been reduced from 820 to 680. I'm mad. I'm in the process of re-financing, and this is not good.

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Reviewed May 14, 2010

You dug up my lawn of freshly planted grass seeds and turned off my gas. Is this how paying costumers are treated? Our bill is current on a consistent bases. Who is going to correct this mess? When was I going to be notified that you were coming? Don't ask me what happened. You tell me what happened. How inconvenient! I have a young baby in the home with me. A funeral in the morning. Where will I bathe the family? Who is going t5o repair my lawn? Can we shower at your home?

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Reviewed April 22, 2010

On Monday 04-19-10, I returned home from work to cook dinner for myself and kids, I discover the gas was off at my home. I found a note on the front door simply stating, "I came to let you know gas service has been temporarily turned off,” with a phone number to call. I called the number and spoke with Tom. When asked why the gas was shut off, with a really bad attitude, he replied he didn't know. I inquired about my surrounding area if they had gas or no. He again replied funky he doesn't know. He stated he could send someone out tonight.

At 10:05 pm or so, two guys showed up, one in street clothes and the other one just had on a vest with Peoples Gas on the back. Because I’ve seen these two people before and the fact that it's 10 pm, I asked for ID. One had a problem with that and stated they could leave. I stated you would never let anyone in your house you didn't know. The other one showed it with no problem. After a minute of staring at each other, the other one showed ID. I still didn't really see the name. Oh, well. Long story short, I also asked if they had information on the gas being off, no.

While looking at the meter, they decided to replace the meter then checked the stove, dryer, and my furnace. While upstairs with the one guy checking the stove, the other one was downstairs by himself checking dryer and furnace. When I returned back downstairs, the guy was telling me he has to cap my furnace because of "rusted out flue pipe that have been replaced and inspected by the contractor." Also, he wrote this on a ticket. I asked what does that mean. He stated he could not leave this furnace on because it is rusted and could leak carbon monoxide. I explained I just moved in this house not even a year yet, not only was it inspected I had it serviced prior to turning it on for the winter.

He stated I should have licensed people look at and fix it. So in spite of my best effort not to have myself and my children in a cold house by paying hundreds of dollars in gas bills in full and on time, this what we got. On 04-20-10, I started calling Peoples Gas company at 8 am and continued all day talking to many people, but no one who really cared or who could really help. I did find a couple of things out: (1) The gas was shut off by mistake; (2) every other bill is estimated; (3) the estimated one is always the highest one. (4) No matter how many times you call and ask to speak to a manager, you never will. (5) When they tell you someone will call you back in 24 hours, they will not!

After getting home on 04-20-10, I decided to see what this technician was really talking about. At first sight you could clearly see a giant hole in the part the technician called the flue pipe. He pushed a hole in my flue pipe, and to cover it up, the technician from Peoples Gas had to cap off my furnace because for sure carbon monoxide would kill me and my children, just not understanding why. There is no way that the hole was there all this time. We also have detectors for fire and carbon monoxide, and it never ever went off. It's monitored by ADT. From 04-19-10 onwards, my family and I have not had heat in my home. My son is 13 years old and he has had asthma all his life.

I worry that he will get sick and must go to the hospital as a result of the gas being mistakenly shut off and the Peoples Gas technicians coming out. I now have to pay for my furnace to be properly repaired with money I don't have and just pray it warms up just a little faster. My house is brick and if it's 50 degrees outside, it feels like 20 inside. I do have pictures from inspection (Frank, the inspector) to show it was not rusted as stated by the technician and there was no hole. I do have pictures of the hole as of now, and will get a statement from the contractor (Rob) who inspected my furnace in October. I truly cannot afford to pay for this repair right now. As of May 1st, my mortgage has been going up over $300.00 due to taxes. Truly, if I would have known the gas would be a problem, I would not have paid $362.11 in March. By the way, the next bill is due on 04-23-10 in the amount of $60.97.

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Reviewed April 2, 2010

After moving into a new apartment, I opened up an account with Peoples. I accidentally made a payment on the previous tenant's account instead of mine. I called and was told by two representatives that they would transfer this credit to my new account, so I faxed in proof of payment from my bank and a letter asking them to transfer the credit. Whoever received this misunderstood my request and charged my account for the $197.95 that I wanted credited. I have been on the phone with Peoples for two hours and am now being told that not only will they not credit my account for the payment, they won't reverse the charge. This seems a bit inappropriate to me, as this means they are expecting me to pay them $400 for services I never received. $200 of these services was accumulated by the previous tenant, and $200 is nonexistent.

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Reviewed Feb. 26, 2010

My family and I moved into a new apartment. We called Peoples Gas. They said they would send someone out to read the meter. They never did. I called again. When they did come out, they turned off my gas. I am nine months pregnant with two children. I asked the tech what could I do? She gave me the 1800 number.

The numerous reps were rude, uninformed and at best unconcerned. I was finally told I had to pay $670 to have my services restored. I was also told my lease was invalid because my husband's name was first on the paper even though it had my signature on it as well! They had copies of my driver's ID and social security card. My landlord even talked to a manager, which told the tech to leave the service on until Friday. Her response was, "I have already turned it off. I'm not turning it back on!" The following day, I paid the total in full! Now, it will be next week until they turn my service on! I am due to have the baby on that day! Unreal! So everyday I have been calling to get my service restored quicker without any luck! My family and I are forced to buy electrical heaters or stay in a cold home and order take out for the next week!

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Reviewed Feb. 26, 2010

I scheduled a "change of service" appointment for my move. People's Gas sent a technician; however, the tech did not follow through with the appointment. My landlord's representative was onsite at the appointed time and received no calls at the time. When I called to complain that their guy didn't actually show up, People's Gas claimed they did nothing wrong and wouldn't grant me a new appointment until the following week, after our move. As a result of the service failure, my fiancee and I are without heat in our new apartment for five days.

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Reviewed Feb. 24, 2010

I have paid my bill when I was active duty (army) and they still reported me 30 days late on my credit file. The customer service agent cannot tell me why exactly. It has impacted my credit score. I need help with this issue, they are paid in full. Credit report has dropped 30 points because of this and this is the only negative rate I have.

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Reviewed Dec. 29, 2009

Peoples Gas is requesting and keeping on file images of driver licenses and social security cards when opening new accounts for people whose credit reports note they are victims of ID theft. Peoples Gas is not offering to review these copies and destroy the documents, but instead to keep the images in perpetuity on its customer database servers. While this seems well intentioned, it is breach of commercial data servers like Peoples Gas' systems that led to mass ID theft in the first place (TJ Maxx, Mellon Bank, Countrywide - the list goes on and on). Keeping these documents is an invasion of privacy, a huge liability and an unnecessary practice that should be illegal.

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Reviewed Nov. 14, 2009

I paid my outstanding gas bill on Wednesday, November 11th. My services needed to be restored and I was given the date of Saturday, November 14th between 11:30am - 3:30pm. I told the representative that the technician would need to knock on the door and that we have a dog. The technician (#335)showed up to my home at 1:00pm to restore our gas. He heard one of my dogs bark (the dog was on our enclosed back porch in her kennel, behind a door). The technician said he would not turn on the gas with a dog in the house. We advised him that the dog was secure. The technician left without turning on the gas. I called People's Gas to report the problem immediately so they could send someone out that was not afraid of animals. I was told that the technicians stopped working at 3:00pm and no one could come back out to my home. I also asked to speak with a manager and was told their was not a manager on duty. I would have to wait until Tuesday, November 17th to get my gas turned on. I feel this was unfair because we were home and made the representative aware of the dogs ahead of time. I feel the technicial just didn't want to do his job. His attitude upon arrival was poor. He didn't even tell us he was leaving we had to chase behind him to find out what was going on.
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Reviewed Oct. 6, 2009

I have had problems with this JOKE of a company since I've moved back to Chicago. They ruined my credit back in 2008 and are at it again. Most recent garbage: I moved from the 2nd flr to the 1st in my buiding. They first wanted proof that I own the building. Then they said I had an unpaid balance so they could not give me gas service. Then they said they were wrong. Then I got a letter threatenng to report me to the credit bureaun again. Then they said, forget that letter it's wrong. Now thought all ok, got another letter that I am behind on payment and will be reported to the credit bureau. Called and got info that I have $371.00 CREDITand to disregard this letter!!! Let's see where the next aggravation will come from these people.
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Reviewed Oct. 3, 2009

On Sept 22,2009 a tendant in the apt buliding that I live in, gas was shut off. The next day I found out that I did not have any hot water.Called People Gas and was told that they did not shut off the hot water tank,so for me to call a plumber.The plumber clean the hot water tank and found out there is a lock on the tank.I called the gas company back on the 25th and got an appointmnent for Oct 2nd,from 7:30- 11:30 at 12:00 I called back and was told that there was an emergencies somewhere and tech will come by 3:30. At 3:45 I called back and was told that I didn't even have an appointment for today.So I explain to customer service that had open surgery done and I need hot water. Why should I have to wait 10 day for their mistake.She talk to someone in emergency service and explain the problem,she was told that this is not an emergency,if I still had cooking gas and my heat is working then I have to wait for an appointment. So now they are suppose to come on Oct 7th from 7:30 - 11:30. That will be 15 day and no hot water.I pay my bills on time every month and I get treated like this. Is there anyone who can help us little people.
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Reviewed Aug. 28, 2009

People's Gas will not turn on the gas at my current location which is ** S. East End Avenue, Chicago. They have a bill for $395 owing to a property I sold in 2002. The bill is for August 5th, 2004 to July 2005. I did not own the property and had sold it. Consequently, they will not give me gas service, even though I have proven with closing statement, etc. that I have no cooking gas and no heat for winter. They also sent me a bill for $126 for my current location and the gas is not even on yet. How can that be legal? They have not provided a service.

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Reviewed Aug. 5, 2009

Our gas has been disconnected due to our failure to pay. The amount was paid within three to four days of disconnection based on pay date. It has been two weeks now that we are without gas (no cooking, no hot water, etc). They refused to connect the gas until 08/11/2009. Please note that both workers refused to provide a supervisor or manager stating that they are unavailable.

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Reviewed May 27, 2009

On May 25 2009, I woke up to find that my gas had been shut off without any kind of disconnection notice. I am there only person living in my house and I have only turned the heat on in Dec and Jan. The other months I just used plug-in heaters. Pretty much I only use my heat for hot water and cooking, which I rarely eat at home anyways. But for the last few years my bills for each month have ranged from 150.00 to 300.00. I have contacted People's Gas numerous times to have someone come out and make sure that my lines have not been crossed. On every occasion, the person has not showed up for the appointment. At the beginning of April 2009 my bills had gotten over 700.00 and the only thing anyone could say was that the price for gas had went up. Well in the end of April I made a payment of 350.00 leaving me with a balance of 462.00. And today on May 25 like I said my gas is shut off and when I called today I had to pay the full amount and the person would not be able to come out until June 4th to turn it back on. I mean are you serious, what do they expect people to do. I also have to pay a 150.00 deposit to have it turned back on. What is seriously going on and why hasn't anyone been able to help us. When I called to try and get help I was told that I made to much money. I understand helping people who are in need and I am one of those people. I know a lot of people that just use the assistance programs just to not have to pay their bills and its not fair to the people out here working hard just to get by that we can't get help cause I don't have any kids and I make over 9.00 an hour. I seriously want some legal representative to contact and let me know what I can do.
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Reviewed May 11, 2009

I am writing to express my concerns regarding an issue I recently encounter with Peoples Gas.
In the month of January, I was not able to pay to Peoples Gas bill in full; however I made a payment covering for more than 50% of the total amount of the bill. Same thing happened in February and March; even though I did not make a payment in full, I did partially pay the bills each month. I noticed in April that Peoples Gas started to charge my account for $46 each moth as a security deposit. There was a note at the bottom of the statement which I did not notice until after the 4th moth they charged me saying that this amount was charged to my account as a security deposit and I will not get this money back until after the 12 moth I paid them my bill on time. I am a very busy woman and make my bill payments via automatic payments set up trough my banking checking account. I did not noticed the charges nor the note on the bottom of the statement (I found out this after I called them with questions regarding this charges) and when I did pay attention and questioned the charges, this powerful company refuses to give me my money back even though I am up to date with my payments to them.
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Reviewed April 15, 2009

I moved into this apartment on March 6th. When I tried to transfer the gas into my name, I was told that the gas had already been used on the premises prior to my move-in date. They gave me a huge run-around, treating me like a criminal the whole time. Finally, I was told to send in a copy of my lease, which I did. That was supposed to end the problem. Yesterday, I received my first gas bill which is for nearly $200! I only use gas to heat my water - no heat, no stove. Clearly, these ** are sticking me with the outstanding bill from before I lived here.

I spoke to several rude People's Gas representatives and was eventually told that a supervisor would be contacting me within 24 hours. It's been closer to 50 now and nothing so far, as I expected. I have no problem paying my own bill but I will not pay for someone else's gas! Sadly, I know that these huge companies can do whatever they want, whenever they want, and eventually they'll get their pound of flesh from whoever is around to stick the knife into.

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Reviewed April 2, 2009

They are not only so quick to charge you fees you have never even known existed once you had cancelled the gas bill over 5 months ago but then when you want to call them and speak with them, they give an automated message saying all representatives are busy, please call us back. Then it just finishes with an annoying ring and disconnects. You can't even get through to them but they have all the time to call you with automated machines asking you to call them.

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Reviewed April 1, 2009

I am the landlord for the said property. I had requested 2 additional meters in August; therefore, I had to get the bills in my name. The account number is **. A tenant moved in October 1, 2008 and was given a year lease. She did not call Peoples Gas until December 5, 2008 and the rep who took the call did not ask for a lease as they did with all the other tenants. I paid the bill from date of service until October 1, 2008, which I thought was the final bill. Now they are trying to stick me with a bill from Oct. 1, 2008 until Dec. 4, 2008 for $242.84. I should not have to pay for someone else's services. Peoples Gas told me I should have transferred the service to her name. You can't just call in and give someone's name for new service - that would be fraud. They do have a copy of her lease on her file.

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Reviewed March 27, 2009

People's gas have reported incorrect information in my credit record, the account they reported on my credit belongs to someone else. The names, addresses and social security numbers do not match and they refuse to correct this information. In addition, people's gas has referred this to a collection agency which is also on my report. I contacted the collection agency and they have confirmed that this is not me however this accountwas referred to them and their job is to collect the dollars. I have communicated via email with people's gas customer service but to no avail.
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Reviewed Feb. 19, 2009

So this morning I woke up to find my heat was shut off. Today's high is 22 degrees, with a wind chill near 0. A few days prior a former roommate had requested to change his account to a new apartment and our currents apartment service over to us. The People's gas person that was to show up never rang the buzzer or called. They simply shut the gas off, with sub freezing temps.
Upon calling peoples I was told that it would take 4 days for someone to turn it on, and there was no way they could have someone do it today, even though it is below freezing out and the heat was NEVER supposed to be cut off. I asked if they could contact someone that may be on a call in the are, but they said they couldn't do that. I then spoke to the manager that said the same thing and was incredibly rude and would not listen. Her name was Suzanne, employee ID 13928. Chicago law states that an apartment needs to be 68 degrees minimum from Sept 15th - June 1st. I told them that cutting the heat is illegal especially when we did not request the heat be cut off, but transferred. We have paid bills in a timely fashion, and still were treated horribly. This is absolutely wrong and they make no effort to fix their wrongs and placed the blame on us.
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Reviewed Feb. 13, 2009

My wife recently paid the gas bill,the following week our gas is cut off. Peoples Gas reasons for disconnecting our service was the new neighbors claiming they gave the wrong apartment gas. My wife calls People Gas to explain the mistake they made and they tells her we have to what FOUR DAYS for service to be restored. First of all it wasn't our mistake so why do we have to wait FOUR DAYS? Second of all I have a 2 year old with Cronic Asthma that haves reactions in cold weather. I called Peoples Gas to get a better answer and got basically hung up on.
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Reviewed Feb. 11, 2009

I'm being suied for a bill that is not mine. The location is an address that i've never lived at and services I never authorized.
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Reviewed Feb. 11, 2009

I'm been told that I will be suied for an invoice for an address that i've never lived and services I never requested.
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Reviewed Jan. 8, 2009

i called a rep they said they had to charge me 90 dollars for them to correct the problem. they charged me 800 dollar for a bill they espimated
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Reviewed Jan. 8, 2009

i called a rep they said they had to charge me 90 dollars for them to correct the problem. they charged me 800 dollar for a bill they espimated
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Reviewed Nov. 18, 2008

In October 2006 my brother past away who lived with my mother in her house, that past in October 2005. I then inherited the house at 3321 N. Drake, Chgo,IL. and I had called Peoples Gas at the time and reported the passing of my brother. They wiped his balance clean and started me off fresh with the bill now in my name. In january 2007 I received a bill for that address for 229.?? and I sent in a check with the account number on it. The account number on the bill that I put on the check turned out to be my brothers whose account was closed two months prior so the money never got posted to my account. When I called to inquire they told me to send in all the paperwork to the department that handles that and they will send me a refund check. They then sent me a check of 143.?? and said they applied the rest to my brothers balance which I was not responsible for and had the account already closed. I then had a tenant move into the apartment at 3321 N. Drake and she was suppose to have the bill transfered into her name. I have a receipt from them sent to her saying thank you for your deposit in March, which is when she said she did this, And the money was taken from her checking account only they never took the bill out of my name. In July of 2007 my gas at my residence was shut off for a 950.00 bill due for 3321 N. Drake where my renter was responsible for the bill. Since People's Gas never took it out of my name, they shut my gas off where I live at 5351 N. East River Rd instead of where the bill was owed for at 3321 N. Drake. I had to pay 950.00 that day to have my gas turned back on which I did and never got the money back from my tenant and they couldn't come out for 6 days to turn it back on. When they finally did the meter number that was on my current bill did not match the meter that was shut off, but since I was the only one without gas the tech called it in and said he was still turning it back on. Four months later they told me I owed them 600.00 more from the previous year, because my line was crossed with some else's, which is again was not my fault. When I asked how they determined that they said they have a device on the box that calculates the usage. I then asked if that was true, why did it take them four months to come to 600.00. They should have been able to determine that right away. So I then went on a payment plan to pay this off. In September I made my payment online with my debit card, which I have a printed receipt saying payment successfully went through and has an authorization ID number. I received a letter from them stating the check for that payment went back to them NSF. I called the bank and they said that was impossible and also informed me that when they changed from LaSalle Bank to Bank of America they gave me a new routing number for online payments and they would send me a letter stating that to send to them so they don't mark me as paying with a bad check. I called them last week to resolve this and the lady I spoke with said that when I made my payment I clicked pay by check, but entered my debit card number. I didn't know I clicked pay by check and said if that was the case the computer should have said wrong info entered,not given me a receipt saying transactiion went through successfully. She then said she couldn't take the bad check mark off my account, but she would put me back on my payment plan that they took me off of. Then on 10/29 at 7pm I get a call from People's Gas message system saying if I don't make a payment in 5 days of 111.?? I will be disconnected. So I made that payment over the phone that night. Today, 11/18 I got a disconnection notice in the mail from them saying if I didn't pay the balance on my account of 433.?? I would be disconnected. When I called back today I talked to a supervisor and he admitted the computer was in error to say the transaction went through, but it was my fault for clicking the wrong payment and there was nothing he could do. He said I had to pay in full or he would put me on another payment plan, but for more money. I asked to speak to a manager, and he would not put my call through. Everyone makes errors, but if I clicked the wrong payment then the computer should have said wrong info so I could have corrected it at the time of the transaction or contact me right away to correct the error. I have been treated so bad by this company. I have never went through anything like this with anyone in my life. You can't walk into a payment center to resolve any issues, because they closed them all. When you try to take care of something over the phone your put on hold forever hung up on or when you finally get someone they can't do anything for you. I think their customer service is the worse I've ever dealt with. Most of them are rude and don't care.
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Reviewed Nov. 14, 2008

My tenants called to get thier gas turned on 11-03-08 but People Gas tech told us we had to have a plumber out to fix some pipes leaks. I had it repaired the same day. I then had my tenants call Peoples Gas to come out agian and got an appointment for 11-7-08 and tenants were told that gas could not be turned on because the leak is on the outside of the building and that those repairs are done by Street Department once agian gas was not turned on. I then called to set up appt and so did tenant, they agreed to come out on 11-10-08 but NO ONE SHOWED UP! I then called around 12 asking why noone had showed to repair, then was informed that we need to set-up appointment and that we didn't have on. I was shocked since I had done so. I then once agian requested an appointment was given a date for 11-13-08 and of course no show. I called this same day and was told that they would come out, it's 11-14-08 and still haven't had any lucky with having someone come out. My tenants have small childern and I wouldn't blame them if they want to move after this MESS! Peoples Gas have no skill when it comes to customer service. I find them to be very rude and unpleasnt to deal with.