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Reviewed Dec. 14, 2020

A gas company that is unwilling or unable to switch on gas supply for an entire week from the request. There are people in far worse situations than ours (we just moved into a new place but have access to another place with heat and hot running water). We do have a baby and a toddler and were told it would be prioritized, but we just found out our prioritization request was denied. I can only imagine how many other requests they are denying, and the situations others are in. Typically we would call another gas company who would be happy with the additional business. But Peoples Gas have a monopoly, and clearly zero incentive to change their ways.

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Reviewed March 6, 2020

Their people could not care less about the people they provide services to. It's a classic government company. They shut off my heat in the middle of winter without warning and then told me they couldn't get anyone in for a week to turn it back on, which by the way is AGAINST THE LAW. They also would not let me talk to a supervisor outside the script reading robot. Unbelievable.

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Reviewed Feb. 28, 2020

When I move from CA to Pittsburgh, I was charged about $60 for a gas bill. I am a single person and used it just for a shower and use a stove once every few days. I asked why it is so high, they told me it is because I am on estimate bill for $60 per month. But my actual usage was only &$20 per month. If I want to pay just for my real usage, I need to cancel the budget bill. So I did. Then I went to Europe for a month, and I see my bill escalated to $80 per month, not even being there. Then having replaced my stove, not able to use it for 2 months, my bill was 180. I was very concerned about this. I called the company. However very rude person without any understanding of my situation was actually aggressive over the phone. I did not know what to do as I was at work. After listening to her for a few minutes I apologized I need to go to a meeting. She continued so I had to disconnect.

When I came home from work, my gas was turned off. I Found a notice there was a technician and because I was not at home, they had to to disconnect for a safe reasons. Please never call this company, they are not your friends. They will not help you. If you need help, look somewhere else. They are here just to take your money.

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Reviewed Dec. 18, 2019

The gas lines around my house in the street started in May and ended in June. Since then ALL the grass on the side of my house is gravel. 2/3 of the grass in front of my house was ruined. Section of sidewalk is gravel. The pavement is uneven after the poured the cement to fix the trenches where the pipes were replace but leaving damaged pavement along where the curb was and in the middle of Addison Rd. where the concrete and pavement is uneven. Besides all the noise and dirt from the construction I now have a cracked foundation from the buses and trucks running over the uneven pavement causing my house to shake and things rattle in my kitchen. Who is going to replace. I should not have to put a claim in to my insurance company when the city and gas company are responsible for the damage.

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Reviewed May 7, 2019

I have called 7 times since May 1 to get my gas turned on. I scheduled an appointment online for 5/6 for them to come between 8am-4pm. I called at 8:09am to confirm that they were coming and to get a better estimate of when they were coming. They could not give me an estimate of when they were coming but confidently confirmed my appointment with them for today. Around 2:30 I received a call from their automated system saying that my appointment is scheduled for 5/7 from 12-4pm. I have two email confirmations as well as talked to 4 reps confirming my appointment for 5/6 from 8-4pm.

When I finally got to speak to a "supervisor" Octavia, she told me (at around 4pm) that there was nothing they could do, that they couldn't do same day appointments (even though this appointment was made on 5/1 and I received email confirmation on 5/1 and 5/2 as well as confirmation verbally on 5/3 and 5/6) and I had to reschedule my appointment even though the mistake was on their end. I asked what is going to happen when they don't show up for this appointment again and was told I would just have to reschedule again. This company is an absolute joke and a waste of time.

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Reviewed April 20, 2019

Hi. I've been trying to add my husband's name on the bill, they confirmed his approval and it has been the 4th month that it is still the same thing. Are they so incompetent or their system is such a disaster? Except this, I was charged 50$ for the "not enough funds" action on my bank account, that's because their system could not process the payment. What is wrong with those people? Hire better people.

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Reviewed April 1, 2019

Unusually high billing. I questioned them and wrote a complaint since they couldn't actually tell me anything that makes actual sense. They send a tech out to take meter readings and change some device that lets their techs remote access meter data. They confided that the data they use to bill me is basically a guesswork of my usage and not based on actual usage. I challenged this because what they're billing me for is more for a huge house than a 2 bedroom apartment.

Their rep says they've been billing me for less than I'm actually using which triggers yet another question mark. No verifiable data or math, so essentially the short version here is that because it's winter Peoples Gas feels it's in their right to charge me what they consider a 'reasonable' amount based on nothing more than gut feel. With this same logic I should be able to contest and argue that I should pay what I feel I ought to pay and not what I actually consumed.

I don't mind paying the bill if it's accurate. To date they've been completely confusing and only feeding me a ton of verbal explanations that tree branch in every which way except the truth of the matter. I caught their customer rep agent several times just feeding me lies and on the spot explanations which made zero sense, only designed to pacify and circumvent legit arguments.

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Reviewed Jan. 29, 2019

I am extremely unsatisfied with the service with Peoples Gas. I have been living in my home for 4 years and they haven't been reading my meter properly. Not once have they attempted to come and check my meter. When they came and finally read the meter, they noticed it wasn't accurately reading in which case they replaced it and 2 weeks later sent me a bill for $850 dollars. When I was on the phone with the representative, I asked her what this bill was for and why wasn't there anyone that followed up with us prior? She said it was because they are busy....

I am soooo disappointed in the service and partnership from peoples gas. It's not problem that they don't have enough workers. That is your job. I chose them thinking they had their stuff together, but clearly they aren't doing their jobs and don't have enough people to do so. Being in the service industry, this is just downright unethical, and I don't trust their service. I'm still on the call with them with no resolution. My customer service lady was rude and talking over me! I'm considering changing service? Any recommendations?

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Reviewed Dec. 9, 2018

Tried to start new service. Keep in mind it's dangerously cold temperatures. However they refused to expedite service to me and my 1 year old. They set false expectations in expediting Service along with given the runarounds. I was told they didn't care about how dangerously cold my house was for me and my child and had to wait 3 days as the temperature drops. No empathy. No Respect. The customer service experience from HELL!!!

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Reviewed Nov. 19, 2018

I think Chicago should work on getting an alternative energy source . Peoples Gas has some of the worst customer service agents I’ve ever encountered. I applied for CEDA 11/01 /2018 as this date is for SHUT OFF SERVICE. Only to learn that since my gas was shut off they closed my account so I had to reapply but they will put it on hold because of my previous balance on my old account. If that just sounded like a bit much it is because IT IS. They do not wish to make arrangements with low income residents. It is cold and I’m living off space heaters, I asked if I could make an arrangement as I wait for CEDA. They agreed I could make a payment arrangement but my service won’t be restored until the bill paid in full. I’m just saddened at their lack of respect for low income residents. And no empathy towards situations involving children. And good luck with talking to a supervisor.

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Reviewed Oct. 10, 2018

So I had a gas bill that was high and needed to be paid. I never received a single notice on my door and I was unaware of the high bill. I had someone staying in my house but came out regularly. Now I've paid the bill and I have been told it'll be 2-3 weeks before I get my gas on!!! Temperatures are going to drop significantly tomorrow. I KNOW it doesn't take that long to get a permit from the city to dig. They are full of it! I contacted my attorney and would LOVE to get a class action lawsuit going to sue them! This is unacceptable.

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Reviewed Jan. 19, 2018

I am currently in a bankruptcy and ComEd system generated a bill and disconnected gas services at my house. Well at least this is the excuse that was given to me upon calling... The degrees outside was 34 degrees and temps dropped to 21 degrees last night. After contacting my lawyer so that he can re-submit documentation that ComEd already had on file, I am able to get my gas services turned back on but unfortunately I have to wait three days to have my gas services turned back on. Unfortunately I have two small children at home, one with a disability and they are telling me there is nothing they can do but wait the three days to reinstates services.

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Reviewed Nov. 11, 2017

As you may be aware Peoples Gas are working in the City of Chicago to remove all gas meters from the interior to the exterior of the home. Well what about residents with fully finished basements? Be aware the construction crew completely trashed my home & re-installed dry wall so badly & incorrectly it will cost between $800.00 to $1,200.00 to repair after having 5 professional contractors assess the work.

I am still waiting for a supervisor from Peoples Gas to look at the well below average work that was completed. No one returns calls! It's been 3 weeks where everything from a closet in the basement was emptied out & items are sitting on the laundry room floor. I will be honest. Dealing with Peoples Gas Construction Dept. is like dealing with fly by night fraudulent contractors. Despicable & should be illegal conduct that is transferred to the homeowner at the homeowner's expense!!! Something has to be done to hold Peoples Gas Accountable!!! What a scam!

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Reviewed April 11, 2017

People Gas receive my bill payment automatically from my online account that I setup. In January, they were unable to receive the payment amount that I was charged due to the restriction that I placed on my acc# which require notification before withdrawal if exceed $170.00. So, I unrestricted the payment amount to allow them the payment. Subsequently, the payment still did not go through. As a result, I paid manually March 16, 2017. On April 03, 2017, the payment wasn't taken out again although I gave permission for March. I understand that it was set up automatically to take the money out that didn't exceeded the set amount however, when I unrestricted the account it should've happened in March.

I talked to someone on April 5, 2017 and, they said I have to wait for 10 business days to receive my fund but, when I called April 11, 2017 the supervisor stated that I have to call back around April 17, 2017 and at that time put a request to receive my funds back and I will only receive a partial payment after they have take out for the new bill amount which is due May 3, 2017. I feel like that's Ethically wrong. My acc# is already set up online which they have access too. Furthermore, I am a full time student and I desperately need my money.

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Reviewed Feb. 11, 2017

Had a gas leak in my house and I called the gas company to come out and check it. Boy was that a mistake. It's February 11, 2017, it's wintertime and my house is like living in an icebox. The gas company (People's) shut my gas off completely and I am in a house with absolutely no heat in the wintertime! I am freezing!

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Reviewed Jan. 24, 2017

I applied for gas service at my home through Peoples Gas. When they arrive to turn on my service I was told there was a gas leak that would need repair. At that time the gas wasn't turned on. I notified the owner of issue where the pipes were all replaced. I called the gas company again where they sent out a tech. Now my gas is off because the tech never closed the job, I was accused of stealing gas. They have noted the problem however will not come out to turn the gas on. This is unacceptable. It is winter out in Chicago.

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Reviewed Jan. 20, 2017

I have been trying to make updates to my account while on vacation in New Zealand, but their website is not accessible. This is a serious issue in terms of customer service. How am I supposed to update my payment method if their website doesn't work internationally? All other websites load fine, it is specific to the for some reason.

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Reviewed Jan. 19, 2017

I have fallen a bit behind on my bill, and this company have the audacity to send me a letter requesting that I pay a $288 deposit due to slow payment!!! Are you kidding me, I have had service with this company for almost two years, I already paid a deposit, why in the heck do I need to pay another one!? How is this even possible, People's Energy is the epitome of a greedy company? The ONLY reason why this company get away with actions like this because there's no competition! It's the only company that is providing service to the Chicago area. So now my bill is going to be outrageous because I've been ordered to pay this deposit. This type of nickeling and dimming has to stop. I'm going to take my complaint as far as I can!

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Reviewed May 24, 2016

It takes a lot out of me to come to this point. Peoples Gas is the worst customer service on the planet. "It's never their fault". I am now 6 days without hot water. Waited all day and they never showed up, but apparently they called and left a business card at my front door... what an absolute joke, and more so, an absolute nightmare. The problem is there's nothing we can do. What other providers can I go to. The only reason they are still in business is because they are the only ones around that offer what we all need. What a scam, and an embarrassment of a company. This place has seriously sucked the energy out of me. Perhaps we should all start a support group? Good luck all...

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Reviewed April 22, 2016

I just received a warning on pink paper warning me that my service will be disconnected because I haven't contact them after they tried "numerous" times to contact me. They want to change meters at my condo. The issue is I never receive one letter or phone call that they need to schedule something. I called and there's a huge wait. They direct you to an "easier" way to schedule on their website and the site says they are having problems and check back in 30 minutes. Guess what? Surprise, surprise, the system isn't even up an hour later. You can call the Illinois Commerce Commission (ICC) Consumer Services Division to complain which I am doing at 800 524 0795.

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Reviewed Feb. 3, 2016

Peoples Gas sent us a confirmation letter when we moved then today they cut us off without warning. They are getting a bill when my pipes freeze!

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Reviewed Jan. 5, 2016

I'm very confused with this company. I haven't had gas since 2012. I moved into my own house and wanted to reconnect service. Long story short bill is paid already then they asked me to send in my lease, my id and social because apparently someone else tried to get gas at my house which is odd but I sent it anyway. Now a rep from residential services suppose to call me within 2 business days to ask questions and take the hold off my account so I can finally get a date to reconnect service. Now they recieved my info the 29th of last week and here it is the 4th day and no call.

I keep calling and they keep saying "we sent them a email, they should get in touch with you." So everytime I ask to speak to a manager they transfer me to the excavation team and they say the same thing. I have a 1 year old asthmatic and 2 smaller children. We haven't been able to enjoying our home due to the cold and having to eat out all the time and my light bill is sky high because of the heaters being On nonstop. I just want my gas in. I hate to see my kids suffer. My daughter is in and out the hospital nonstop and they still don't care. I'm over the top with this mess.

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Reviewed Nov. 13, 2015

The lies and nonprofessional employees that work there as well as the so called Supervisors actions and attitudes is horrendous to say the least. It does not require a technician to come to disconnect services, so why should there be one to reconnect when all that needs to be checked is on the outside of the unit? I have been inconvenienced by People's Energy on a reconnect for almost a month. This is not an CUSTOMER ERROR but a People's Energy ERROR and it is NOVEMBER... It is cold outside and yes, I too have children to consider and the fact that no one cares is unbelievable. I spoke with Mr. ** (Supervisor) on a recorded line and he knew it was a P.E. error and still did nothing... NOW WHAT???

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Reviewed Sept. 11, 2015

I understand that you have other customers to take care of as well. My complaint is that I paid my gas bill because it was disconnected for a couple of months but I paid my gas bill Thursday, Sept 10, 2015. I have a infant child at home with three small children and I live in Chicago, IL 60623, and where I live it's cold and remind you I have a infant child and three small children. I'm trying to figure out why I should have to wait September 15, 2015 for them to turn my gas on. I believe y'all People Gas company should care if it's children in the home without heat and hot water. It's been too long since I have heat and hot water. I wonder why People Gas couldn't turn my gas on today... I need my service on today. Please and thank you. My number is **.

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Reviewed Sept. 4, 2015

My roommate and I moved into a new apartment in Chicago in August of 2015. Before we moved, we called Peoples Gas to have them switch the account into our names. The previous tenants were still "using" the address even though they did not live there anymore. We were told we had to wait. About 1 week and 2 weeks into living in our new place we called again to have them, once again, switch the gas into our names. Again, we were told they could not. On August 30th, 2015 our gas was just shut off. No warning, no note. Just done. We had called three times previously and were told there was nothing we could do and now we had no gas.

Upon calling, they told us we had a hold on our account because we had to fax over a SS card and license, THEN 24-48 hours they would get back to us. Well, 48 hours has come and gone and no call. So I called again today, September 4th and the woman is now telling us we need a confirmation number from our fax (never told us that before, and they already have our fax) and a copy of our lease. Both are bits of new information. They never called to tell us there was a problem (which was not part of the stipulations from before). If you have a choice, do NOT use Peoples Gas. Our leasing company requires us to use them, otherwise I would not. Not worth the effort and they are all robots on the other end of the phone.

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Reviewed Sept. 1, 2015

Peoples Gas came out and dug up my parkway in December 2014 to shut off gas in order to tear down an old house. They came back in the spring and did even MORE damage to turn on gas service to the new construction house. Supervisor on site promised me they would be back to fix it. I made calls on 7/28/2015 (Mercedes), 8/7/2015 (Chiquita), 8/31 (Kaitlyn... who promised a call back from a supervisor in 4 hours). Someone named Mrs. ** called me while I was on a conference call and instructed me to call back, where I was told to leave a message and wait 24 more hours. I have done so, with no call back. I just left a message on the "supervisor voicemail" again on 9/1. I just want my parkway (grass between the street and sidewalk) repaired before it is winter. I cannot believe that NO ONE will call me back and give me a date when this will be fixed.

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Reviewed June 29, 2015

Can't get gas for a 6 weeks!!!! These idiots could not verify my personality for 4 weeks! O_o So I hadn't any chance to take hot shower or cook my food. Now then I finally got scheduled I have to wait another 2 more weeks coz representative instead this week put other one. I have no words to explain it! Mindless idiots.

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Reviewed June 23, 2015

My father is 79 years old and has not had a problem in almost 30 years. My father paid the bill. On today, the gas was turned off. While call Peoples Gas, it was discovered that payments were made to an old account. But the gas is shut off.

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Reviewed June 16, 2015

I notified Peoples Gas that I was moving and I never received a final bill. I contacted them four times during the month with no final bill. I received a call from a collection agency who stated that Peoples Gas sends all customers who cancel service to collection to ensure payment, but it does not appear on the credit report: well it did and I suffered negative consequences with creditors.

I filed a complaint with the Illinois Utility Board and received a call from a representative who said I had a history of being late. I was in utter shock because 10 years of service with over 120 payments with three payments not made on the due date, but within 30 days does not constitute a history and reporting is based on month to month: in March 2014 it was reported okay then less than 30 days I was reported. I disputed with TransUnion and to no avail the negative report is still on my credit report and my score dropped from 748 to 689. I just want the item removed because I did not deserve to be treated that way!

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Reviewed June 12, 2015

I've been a Peoples Gas faithful customer since 2013 when I moved into my home and signed up on budget plan, until I missed a payment because I didn't get the bill. Did not go paperless since I like to review my statement for discrepancies. I've made payment arrangements but the amount exceeds my weekly paycheck amount to pay. Each time I call it takes more than 30 min to answer. If calling almost to closing, customer service drop the call. It really infuriates me to wait a good 45-60 min for CS to answer for them to disconnect the call. Received a final notice for disconnection with a $2000 balance and a second one for $1747.00 so they're not even crystal clear as to really which amount it is we owe.

I made a minimum payment last month of $650 dollars to avoid disconnection and this month and it did not significantly lower the balance owed; they request another $850 dollars before the end of the month, not to mention the bills just keeps getting higher and higher like a Tetris game. They've reported me to the credit bureau already. It's just frustrating not been able to arrange anything that suits our income since we live paycheck to paycheck and are willing to pay. Can't qualify to any assistance program either as most resources average income before taxes. No alternate gas company since it's a monopoly. It has given me such a headache. I might as well cancel it out and change my entire house for an electric heating system. Frustrated and dissatisfied with the service and the rude reps.

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