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The situation I experienced was a shame, really. After a long, tough evening I ended up checking in at Sleep Inn around 6am on a Sunday morning. All I wanted to do was go to bed & pull the blankets over my head. The front desk clerk took my card, gave me a receipt with my room rate of $108. I signed. Went upstairs & put the 'do not disturb' on the door. Midday, I went out to grab lunch & dropped by the front desk to ensure everything was kosher on my end after getting a phone call in my room about updating my room key, etc. The room key was taken from me, the clerk checked everything out in the system and sent me on my way. I was thankful for a day of rest.

The following Monday I panicked with an overdraft notice & couldn't understand what could have possibly caused it! To my surprise, Sleep Inn had charged my card 4 times! This required calling the hotel, calling my bank, getting a call back from the hotel manager, etc. Hours of phone calls - what better way to spend a Monday? At any rate, I was told that the manager would clear the two hold charges & refund me one of the $108 ones in exchange for such a hassle. Several days later, 2 charges fell off my account however I was still charged over $200 for a room that I had signed off on for $108. I called the hotel manager back & was told due to my earlier than normal check in, that I should have been charged 2 nights & he could only refund me half of what was originally promised. I was livid.

If you call their customer service line, use a landline - chances are you will be ON HOLD for a minimum of 30-40 MINUTES. I must've spent hours & countless calls back and forth trying to get this mess cleared up. I received a formal letter stating I would be refunded a portion for the hassle & have yet to see an actual refund from the hotel itself. They claimed it was credited over a month ago & emailed me a statement - I check my online banking religiously, there was no refund. A shame. I had left a great review before leaving the hotel & was grateful for some much needed peace. Little did I know this would evolve into an EPIC HEADACHE. Next time I'll sleep in my car if I have to.

Stayed one night, staff was very unfriendly, room was not that clean. Should have asked for my money back and not stayed. Sleep Inn & Suites Port Clinton, Ohio #198 not that good at all.

Do not stay at the Sleep Inn Midway Airport Chicago. There is a scam going with an employee giving out room phone numbers. We got a call on our room phone around 10 pm. The man on the phone said he was the manager and they are having computer issues and they lost our information in the computer. The phone was very staticky and it was difficult to hear him. He asked a lot of questions and continually apologized for the inconvenience. He said there would be a 20% discount for our trouble. When he asked for our credit card number we immediately said we would come down to the front desk. I told him my husband will be right down and he hung up on me. We talked to the night manager and they shrugged it off and did nothing. She didn't even ask any questions nor did she want to deal with it. Management should have investigated. She was in on it for sure.

We stayed one night at the Sleep Inn in Coffeyville, Kansas. The staff was nice, but the minute we walked into our room, we noticed a peculiar smell. We also noticed that Housekeeping left a previous guest's used wash cloth hanging on the shower curtain rod. We checked out the swimming pool, and the water was so discolored and murky you couldn't see the bottom in the shallow end, so our swim suits stayed in our suitcases. We got a decent night's sleep, but we rather anxious to get out of there after we woke up. I would not recommend this hotel, and not likely to book a room there again.

I booked a hotel for my bosses request need a project that we were working on. I called the hotel directly and spoke to a young lady and which I asked her several questions before booking this hotel. She informed me that it was a non-smoking hotel and that it was brand new and that if I looked on the internet I could see that there was a sign stating that this was a brand new hotel. My boss is very picky. I also asked her,"Was the hotel nice? Was there any construction going on?" Because I know he has breathing difficulties. We arrive at the hotel July 5th and we're scheduled for departure July 8th. Upon entering the hotel I immediately realized that they were under construction. There was painting going on. There was no access to the indoor pool because they said the pool was closed and under construction.

I continued on with the introduction to the hotel. I am from the lady at the desk that I was there under a group name and had reserved 5 rooms. She was very nice and pleasant. She look me up and the party's over with me and we retain their keys upon entering my room. I smell the overwhelming smell of smoke. Cigarette smoke my boss into the room with me and immediately got nauseous. I called down to the front desk. I told the lady, "This room is full of smoke. I can't stay in here." She said, "Okay, I can move you to another room," which she did. Now in mean time, I asked her how long is the construction going to continue. She said, "They will be through tonight and there will be no more painting." That was Tuesday, July 5th. On that date that when we return to the hotel there was no painting.

Two days go by we come back to the hotel and they have the lobby paint dip. Painting the lobby. They're painting the dining room. They're painting the hallway. The paint smell was overwhelming. My boss immediately got sick. Again I went to the front desk and I asked the lady and said, "I thought you told me or your representative did that there would be no more painting or construction work in this hotel?" She looks at me and my boss and said, "No one could have possibly told you that we've been on there construction for six months." I said, "So you're lying to me because according to your sign outside it says you're a brand new hotel." She didn't told me, "Oh, I need to take that sign down. I meant to a while back but I forgot." "I see. So you're lying to me."

My number one, she asked me what could she do for me. She asked to move us to another hotel which would be more expensive they didn't want to take on the cost. They just wanted us to move and pay a higher rate to one of their affiliates. I told her, "No." I said, "You should financially compensated. You need to return a portion of this money and because since we've been here we've been complaining about one thing or another with this hotel rooms." She said she couldn't do that because we were already paying the lowest rate possible. I said, "The rate that you charge this shouldn't be charged because this hotel is under construction. There is paint fumes. There is some kind of damage to your ribs and your floors everything smells like smoke. Your food is horrible and your kitchen area and sausage and bacon isn't done. You serving raw meat."

She looks at me and says, "That's not true. It doesn't smell like smoke." That's the only reply to what I said so we leave. I decide to call their corporate office. The corporate office tells me that they can either contact her. I'm assuming she's the manager. I never asked your name and never will and don't really give a care. The lady at the corporate office informed me that she could do one of two things for me. She could contact her and let her know about the complaint or she could file a complaint. We could check out of the hotel and then they could process the complaint and mind you my boss paid over $1,500 to stay in this hotel not including not being able to use that one amenity in this hotel. The lady also inform me that after the 72-hour wait which I only had 72 hours to process this claim did it and if I did not that the claim would become null and void.

I told her to process it now. I have no intention on processing it because I know they work as a system but I wanted to get on here to make people aware of all the Quality Suites and Sleep Inn Suites anything that these companies on I will never ever ever ever patronize again. I will not book my boss any places with them and apparently he spends good money. He doesn't complain unless there's an issue. I'm the one that complained. So since that is the case I will never ever patronize them again neither will his Corporation patronize them again. They're rude, disrespectful and their big, huge liars. And since that is the case, they will never ever get any business from my boss or from me again.

Side note: As we were leaving the hotel we found they're painter pouring paint down the drain outside the hotel. This is an EPA issue and even though they don't know I know about this after that so I took pictures of it and I will be turning them over to the EPA. I hope they see this and get their stuff together but I doubt it because of the reviews I've read before I didn't experience any bed bugs but I don't doubt that they have them. Customers like my boss make these people super rich. They don't deserve it and since that is the case everyone I see I'm a put him on blast.

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My husband and I, along with our two kids were on July 4th Holiday on the west coast of Michigan for the weekend. We had a reservation for the Sleep Inn, located in Allendale, Michigan ($151 stay). Our room, by all appearances, seems nice and clean. We were not happy with the fact that we had a broken television, with a volume so muffled you couldn't hear and they gave us a room with the tiniest bathroom. There was barely enough room to turn around. It was a toilet and shower inside of a closet, not efficient or accommodating to a family of four. We were willing to overlook those minor things, but the horrors that unfolded over night, could not be dismissed.

My kids started complaining about itching, which we dismissed as mosquito bites. In the morning, my son found a bug on him and immediately I know what it was-- a huge bed bug. He had bites all over him and so did my daughter. We tore back the covers and to our horror discovered that there were droves of them crawling around in the bed. I called the front desk immediately and asked for a manager to come up to the room. I got a desk clerk girl instead because there was no manager on duty. I got a desk clerk girl who was as equally horrified as I was. She offered no apology and looked like she wasn't even trained with how to deal with this situation.

I demanded a refund for our stay, considering I would have to burn my kids blankets and pajamas (I wasn't taking it home with me and risking an infestation in my home). She assured me that we would be compensated. We hurried up and packed up and got the hell out of there. When we went to check out at the front desk, there was still no manager on duty. She tells me that he isn't in until 11am and then she tells me he refuses to refund us but will only give us a $25 discount. I was FURIOUS. The fact that the manager didn't have the decency to show up to apology and make this situation right with us shows just how low-class this establishment is. That room should have been quarantined immediately to prevent further infestation.

Bed bugs are a serious health risk and I was absolutely appalled by how nothing was handled. I wanted to stick around for this manager to come in, but we had to leave. I emailed this manager and he never returned my calls or emails. I was not refunded and I was not even discounted! I didn't even get so much as an apology. I will never stay in another Choice Hotel establishment as long as I live. I'd probably be safer sleeping on a frat mattress.

One night's lodging at Sleep Inn, 3620 Candlers Mountain Road, Lynchburg VA, confirmation **. Checked in on Saturday at approx. 3 pm to room 420; went to family gathering, returned around 10 pm; got call from desk around 11 pm that we were too loud and would be evicted if noise didn't stop. The occupants of the room were 3 senior citizens and one millennial. Upon returning we visited with other family members also on the fourth floor, as well as another family that we had met on the same floor earlier, and had several stop by our room. After receiving call, went to adjoining rooms to see who we had disturbed and to apologize. All were unaware, had not complained, and were not disturbed.

Called front desk to say I didn't understand earlier call as my neighbors were all fine. Rude desk attendant in a surly and dismissive manner said "I was on the floor, I heard your noise, and I decide that you will be leaving if you do not go silent." No one talks to me in this manner when I am paying their salary. Left appropriate tip for housekeeping, but needless to say I was outraged and will never, ever utilize this chain in the future. Will also encourage my extensive family and friend network to do likewise. Don't know what if any training and expectations you provide, but you need to do a better job. SLEEP INN never again for me.

Although my stay was brief, my nightmare at this Sleep Inn (Memphis, Tn) on Front st, downtown is long. Regardless I'll be brief. C/I @ 11:30 am (nice) FDA (Leslie) pleasant. Settled in rm 412 w/ luggage, small gray purse like bag, toiletry case, small over the shoulder bag, and small green medicine bag. Room (small but clean and cozy). Had cash paid from job in Nashville $1000, took out $40 for spending money, zipped up gray bag, left bag on opened suitcase on rack. Went behind hotel to get food from food trucks for an hr.

Came back to room, went to tour Victorian Village, Tour $10 gone 2 hrs, back to hotel. Showered went behind hotel again on main st., walked half mile to Beale st. to listen to music and have a beverage gone 2 hrs returned to hotel. Stayed in room, went to sleep at 10:30 pm, got call from FD at 5:15 - young man said he found my briefcase - recovered briefcase thanked him, tipped him.

In room checked for contents two sketch books with architectural and portrait drawings gone @ 6 am called down - asked when is breakfast served his answer now. Went down had breakfast for 45 minutes. Back to room back up left hotel at 7:30 am to drive to Dallas. On the way heavy, heavy rain stopped in gas station to fill up looked in small gray purse like bag for cash, all $960 gone. Called hotel, told them, talked to GM Kurt ** - he said he would review tape - call back - called back 4 hrs later. He said no one entered my rm from c/I to c/o, next got call from director of operations Shannon (don't have last name). She said someone did enter room after 6 am when I was having breakfast. Was in Dallas by this time. Called back Kurt - told him, he wasn't very interested but said he would review tape again.

I called Memphis police (Sgt. **) an excellent officer took up my case (investigated) did interviews, the young man who entered my room said I called down at 6 am to tell him to go to my room to get the a/c cool working a (lie) but he did enter my room, saw the purse like bag opened it up while I was having breakfast and took the money. Unfortunately I only realized this in Little Rock, ARK. Sgt ** said if I could get back to Memphis he would arrest the young man (didn't get his name) but no promises of recouping my money.

After, his investigation he said they closed ranks. He believed they all spoke to one another to get their stories straight when again questioned by him. Of course you know the outcome, the young man (thief) got away with the $960 he stole from me. The management claimed I had no proof I had the money in the first place. I could not go back to Memphis to get with the police. If you plan to stay at Sleep Inn @ Riverfront Memphis make sure you lock up or hide your purse or valuables or any money you have - they will scope you out, see a mark and steal it, that's guaranteed! I'm both angry and sad, justice will never be served and this thief will continue working there, this crew is not on the side of the guest i.e. victim. Memphis is historical but criminals abound.

This complaint has to do with the specific hotel we have booked. Sleep Inn, 10775 W. Emerald Coast Parkway, Destin, Florida. I specifically reserved a room with the request for a rollaway bed. This due to the fact that I have two opposite gender teenagers staying with me. Upon questioning of the rollaway bed, I was informed that they had a rollaway, but was not available for the room assigned to my reservation.

Let me start with the fact that I am a gold member. My company books rooms through the Choice hotel app virtually weekly. It is severely disappointing when I take the steps to book a room with your company, travel all day, only to find that the specific items I detail in the reservation are not met. This should be addressed at the time of booking the reservation if there is a potential issue with the simple request of a rollaway bed. Especially so, when it is a typical request for a rollaway bed. I do not feel that this request is out of the ordinary, yet rather common. Now I am faced with the discomfort of figuring out how I need to deal with situation. This is something that I do not feel should be an issue that I need to deal with when I had made the proper requests and communicate our need for an extra rollaway bed while making the reservation.

I will state this. I am now severely inconvenienced while attempting to have a great family vacation in a Destination we frequent twice a year. This attempt to use your company for lodging accommodations places me in an uncomfortable position. This is not how I wish to vacation with my Family. I have modified my reservations here from 4 nights to one.

I will not stay here again, and seriously question the fact of whether to continue to book rooms using the choice hotel service. My company spends thousands monthly with Choice hotels. I will refuse to book rooms through your hotel unless there is an acceptable resolution to the inconvenience caused to my Family while vacationing and attempting to use Choice hotels as a lodging accommodation. This service is simply unacceptable. My Family deserves a hotel that accommodates. I do have options. My company will now be forced to explore these options to determine which hotel chain will deserve our business.

I checked in late on a Saturday night, did not even question the outrageous price. (Date Feb 6) Location Morris Bridge Road, Tampa FL. I paid for my room with a debit card. Two weeks after checking in I happen to check my online bank statement and saw that the completely incompetent desk clerk charged me TWICE for one room. I was claim because fortunately this account is rarely used and no checks had been written against it. Imagine $150 extra dollars disappearing and the number of check charges that could have occurred.

I called the hotel and spoke to a lady named Margie with a lovely voice. At first she claimed I had two rooms and then changed the story to a single room and a double charge. She said the manager would call me on Monday. Seemed fair. It is now late Monday evening and no call. I call the hotel again and get charming voice useless Margie, who was surprised that I hadn't heard from the hotel. I wasn't at all surprised. She assured me that she would reverse the charge tonight, but it would take several days to reach my bank (I figure 2 days). I will do everything I can, in every magazine, BBB etc to tell the story of this motor inn. For your information it is off a major interstate and 90% or more are travelers who might not be as fortunate as I am to not be financially embarrassed by checks bouncing. BUYER BEWARE.

I have been traveling extensively for the better part of 40 years and have all the platinum, silver, gold member cards to prove it along huge frequent flyer miles from multiple airlines. The hotel I am referring to is the Sleep Inn on Plaza Drive next to the DFW airport. I have been staying here on my business trips to Dallas for the last three years and everything has been great except for the decline in the last year. It seems to me every time I ask for anything to do with housekeeping it is NEVER done! The maids and I guess the housekeeping supervisor, she didn't wear a name tag, I had to ask the front desk her name. I ask them for what is normally a easy for sure task or item but like I say it never happens.

People it's called customer service and they are in the hospitality business in which a hotel becomes a home away from home so you expect to get what you ask for to make your stay at the hotel a good one but not when housekeeping makes it a very bad one. So I turn to the front desk to resolve it in which there is only one name and face that's the same since I started staying here and it's sad to say she can't get it done either (she I guess is the manager is what she told me), and nobody else I ask at the front desk gets it done.

I made several complaints to Choice corporate and the complaints are falling on deaf ears even though I am a diamond elite member. So what the consequences are that I have had Choice removed from our corporate lodging and taken it public. Along with trying to dispute charges on my CC because of the multiple bad stays at the hotel. Also I am going to gather up all the corporations Choice member cards and mail them to the CEO along with my and their statements because I am not the only one in the company that has had issues with this Sleep Inn (which is way too many to list). This is very sad that I have to write this because they were a great place to stay but in last year it's like it's a totally different establishment, hotel, business than from what it used to be. Also normally when I complained to another hotel they asked what they could do to make it right and not ONCE was it mentioned.

Bad experience checking in at 7821 gateway lane concord NC. The front desk check in young lady was very rude and I was trying to check in for 6 rooms. She was very unprofessional. She needs to be trained we are the customers. This location lost our business that night. And my company will never use this Sleep Inn. If management does not take action with this young lady who did not have a name tag on and would not give her name my company will stop using Choice motels.

Me my husband and my daughter stay at the sleep inn in pineville, louisiana on December 4, 2015. We checked in after 10:00 pm on a Friday night, went right to sleep, woke up at 7:30 am the next morning, went down, ate breakfast and left. It wasn't until we got back to Texas that we discovered they had charged us 3 different charges for one night. My husband called to get this situation rectified and the front desk clerk was extremely rude to him so I called back and I received the same treatment and was told to call back on Monday to talk to a manager. So Monday, I called- talk with management and was told that we were charged because the room smelled like smoke. I explained to the manager that no one in my group had smoked in the room because I have copd and cannot be shut up in a room with cigarette smoke. She told me she would think about it and call me back.

I called back Wednesday because she never called me back only to be told that she would not drop the charges off our account charges that add up to a little over 400$ for one night! I am contacting a lawyer and bbb. This is ridiculous. I would not recommend anyone staying at this hotel because even if you have a serious medical issue and cannot be around smoke, they will still accuse you of it and charge you ridiculous prices and tell you, oh well it's not their problem. No one from corporate or the hotel itself has tried to fix this problem. I can't even get a call back!

My husband I stay in Sleep Inn when we travel on the East Coast. The Sleep Inn we stayed in last night (Gateway Ga). Identified as GA730 was by far the worst.
It took 25 minutes to get checked in. The room was not very clean. The carpet had stains. The sink counter was sticky. There was an unpleasant odor in the room.

The air conditioner made a loud enough noise to prevent me from sleeping through the night. It will be challenging for us to consider staying in Sleep Inn in the future.

My husband checked in to the SLEEP INN in COFFEYVILLE, KS 9/28/15. The motel manager, Lori, agreed to only charge our credit card one week at a time as the stay would be for 4 weeks. On 10/6/15, the hotel submitted 2 charges each for a 1 week stay ($601). I called Lori and she said she would take care of it. A credit was submitted for 601. The following week the same thing, double charge. So Scott gave the night person, Wallace, a different credit card on 10/28/2015 as his stay was to extend to 11/20/15. Wallace was told to only process $601. Well, the night of 10/28/15 upon checking my credit card, here are the following charges $2245.45, $1978.81, $1386.65, $785.49, $1644.29!!! Immediately called hotel, spoke to Wallace who admitted his error as he "had not been there long" and would submit a "reversal".

Next AM 10/29/15, an additional charge of $2069.94. So called Lori who stated her "system" only shows 3 of the 6 charges and she would void the 3 charges but "can't do anything if charges not viewable in her system". I sent her picture of the other three charges. I had to call my credit card, report the charges as fraudulent, get a new card but I had no available credit due to these charges. Lori then proceeds to tell me that upon investigation, Scott owes the hotel 1803 (21 days) as the hotel made an error and refunded too many weeks/charges. I asked Lori what type of compensation she would give for the mess up on the other charges and she said our balance is 1803, no compensation. Corporate of Sleep Inn said nothing they can do as the hotel had to submit "release of temporary charge for" and Lori not willing to do that either. DO NOT TRUST WHAT THIS HOTEL MANAGER STATES...

We had planned a day at Cedar Point in Sandusky, Oh. We had an enjoyable day and were planning on driving back home about 250 miles, we did not plan on staying overnight, so we did not bring extra clothes, toiletries or anything other than money. It started to pour down rain at about 9pm and we left the park for home soaking wet. We were miserable and we drove down route 250 for the turnpike when my wife said she would like to get a room in Sandusky, Oh. We chose the first hotel we saw which was Sleep Inn. I went in and they had rooms available. We could not believe how nice the room was. The beds were so comfortable. We planned on eating breakfast at the breakfast bar, but we overslept the next morning. We had a very comfortable night in Sandusky, Oh and we will do it again next year for sure. Very nice and comfortable hotel. Thank you so much.

I am currently at the Sleep Inn located in Queens at 153-75 Rockaway Blvd., Jamaica, NY 11434. Every time you make a complaint they ignore it. The cable service is currently a mess and since yesterday morning when I told them it remains the same. I would never recommend this place to anyone. The staff is too nonchalant about service.

My daughter and I stayed at the Sleep Inn Airport in Kansas City on July 30 to get to the airport really early July 31. After swimming in the pool she got chemical burns all over and she left her iPhone in the breakfast room before leaving for airport. When realizing she didn't have it, immediately after checking in, I called them. The front desk clerk Emily asked me to describe phone which I did and said someone had turned it in. I told her I would be back on Monday Aug. 3 pm for it. She said she would let manager know. I went back to get it and was told manager wasn't in and he would have to get it to call next morning.

I called and manager Jason said he has no such phone. He said he would ask Emily her next shift in a couple of days, as if he couldn't call her! I didn't hear back and called Emily myself on Friday and she said she had put it in drawer with note. I then called the manager and he tells me someone else just so happened to have the same phone and left it in the same place the same morning and it was that person's phone, not mine. The email address that I have complained to won't even respond, but the manager knows all about my emails and will not reimburse bills, phone, room, nothing! He does not care and was really rude. I would not stay at a Choice Hotel ever again!!!!

I checked in for three night at this hotel. First two days were okay. Then, on Sunday after shopping I came to the hotel to shower. As I was getting ready to go in to the shower, it falls on me hurting my chest area. I was scared and hurt so I called the front desk. They told me to move to another room and would compensate me since I got hurt (I believed them) since I had taken off my makeup and we moved to a room that was next to the other one. Once we moved there I just took a shower and we went out to dinner and shopping. We asked the front desk if we could move since there was a bad urine odor so he said he would put something that would suck in all the odors in the room (it only made it smell 10x more).

We made it to the hotel and when the fire alarm was going off since it needed batteries, remote didn't work, lights didn't work. I tried to call front desk but the phone didn't work so I had to use my cell phone. Finally, at 12:30 midnight we were able to move downstairs. When we check out the front desk clerk was rude and said they would not give me a refund or compensate me for my injury. I had to call corporate and I only got back one night stay for my injury. I will never stay in any Choice hotels ever again since this hotel doesn't care if you get hurt but only want your money.

I request 3 week advance a 1 King smoking bed (a special request on the first floor because of back knee) at 5005 Carmichael Road, Montgomery Al, 36106. An hour before I get there, Sleep Inn calls and leave a message to let me know that my room will be on the 3rd floor. OK, I get there and they set me up for my room which was on the 3rd floor. We got on the elevator. I get to the room, it's two double beds. Ok, I was called them and ask them why they give me two double beds because online it shows what room was available. They couldn't honor my request.

The next morning going for breakfast, the elevator was OUT OF ORDER THE WHOLE WEEKEND. I walk down the stairs. But, walking back up to the room I got a muscle spasms which I didn't want to have. I just got over one a couple of days ago. I request a king bed downstairs. I get the key again. All I see is 2 double beds again. I have been trying to reach the manager, no respond yet.

Booked a suite with 2 Person Whirlpool off @ the Dunmore Sleep Inn & Suites. I arrived, checked in, walked to my room, checked out the "Suite" and immediately went back downstairs to talk to the woman at the desk. I explained that I booked a Suite with a 2 person whirlpool based on the room description. The woman tells me that's impossible because they only have one suite with the advertised 2 person whirlpool, and that suite cannot be booked online. So we go round and round for a few minutes, I offer to pay the extra money for the suite I booked on the website, she said I can't because they were all booked for the night. I walked away before I totally lost my temper went out to my truck and got on the phone with Choice Hotels Customer relations.

The woman on the phone was no help at all. I spent 15 minutes on the phone with her going round and round trying to get someone to help me with my current situation, but all she would do is submit my complaint for review and I would hear back and 5-7 days. So I ask to speak to a supervisor, after some back and forth she said a supervisor wasn't available and she would leave my number and a supervisor would call me back in the morning. I argued with her more to no avail, so I left my number and guess what, I never got a call the next day.

After I got off the phone with customer service I called another local hotel that had the type of room I was looking for. I booked it and walked back into the Sleep Inn to get my money back and grab my stuff. The woman at the counter told me I'd been checked into the room for too long, she couldn't give me my money back.

At this point I was so angry I was shaking. I couldn't believe they pulled a Bait & Switch on me, and when I tried to get it resolved I got nowhere, and when I tried to get my money back they denied me because I spent too much time arguing with customer service while checked in that they couldn't give me my money back. Unbelievable. And to prove that the website showed the FIRST feature of the room to be a 2 person whirlpool, I've attached a couple screen shots that show the website advertising their suites as having whirlpools.

During an early May 2015 stay at the Fairburn GA. Sleep Inn, I received an activity alert from my bank that this hotel had made an unauthorized transaction on a card given only for incidentals. All room costs were made on a company card. The manager was not very agreeable, tried to blame the company, and ignored the fact the card used was only for incidentals. Only after I said I would handle the dispute through my bank did he finally remove the charge. Lo and behold, at the end of May, they did it again. This time I will report it as credit card fraud. I see from this site I am not the first one to experience this at a Sleep Inn. I would advise anyone who has stayed at this hotel to keep an eye on their credit card.

Booked 25 rooms with Sleep Inn & Suites in Smyrna, TN for my daughter's wedding. We received a rate of $75.00 per night since we booked so many rooms. My check in was on Friday and check out was that Monday morning. The total cost of the room ended up being $258.21 and that was with tax.

On Friday night when we checked into the room it was dirty and smelled like smoke, so in spite of all that, my niece started cleaning up the room. But when she saw that the bed pillow had blood on it and that the smoke detectors were taped up she asked for another room. They moved us to a different room. Later that night at around 11:00 pm I received a private call from ** the Sales Manager telling me that she was charging me an additional amount of $136.56 for the room that they moved us to because she said we lied about the room being dirty and that she had pictures and it cost her revenue. What ** didn't realize is that we have pictures of the blood and of the smoke detectors being taped up. I called corporate Saturday morning to get the charges removed and they told us that they contacted the hotel to have her to remove the charges.

Today is Tuesday and not only has the $136.56 charge not been remove, but ** has charged my card 3 more times in the amounts of $86.07 twice and $172.14. for a total of $480.84 that would have potentially overdrawn my account, but I funded it in time to avoid the fees! I have never in all my life been so disrespected and taken advantage of by any company. I will never stay at this hotel again and I will tell everyone I know about my experience and I will be posting this on all social media and will tell everyone I know to do the same.

** you are a disgrace to Sleep Inn & Suites and if I owned the company you wouldn't have a job! All I can say to you is good luck! Because you are going to need it with that mouth and evil heart of yours!!! You should have been a warden instead of in customer service!!!! One more thing isn't it illegal to make unauthorized charges to someone's card??? Well I signed a legal document stating that I was paying $75.00 per night for 3 nights!!! And was not informed of all of those charges. I may need to call my attorney! I'm PISSED!!!!

Edgewood, Maryland: A charge of $138.33 was placed against my card on 3/14/15 for a room rental at Sleep Inn. After checking out on 3/15/15, an additional charge of $250.00 was made against my card which I did not authorize and for which I was not aware until I checked my account on-line on 3/20/2015. The manager who was present today first said “the additional charge was for someone smoking in the room”, then after being advised that no one smoked said “it was for unauthorized children swimming in the motel pool”.

After learning that the children were all family member registered guests, she finally said “it was for a missing blanket and pillow”. She was told that they were all verified as still present at time of checkout. This is the fifth time renting a room from the Edgewood, MD Sleep Inn, and the first time being overcharged by them due to someone’s error. I filed a dispute with my credit card, and I will follow up with other complaint sites.

My son and I were woken up and harassed by the owner of this hotel last night at 11 pm. He was not wearing any hotel uniform, so at first I thought he was possibly trying to rob my son and I, or maybe looking for some nefarious fiend. He was very aggressive and insulting and entered my room without my permission. It was a very threatening and dangerous way to make contact with me. Calling him "unprofessional" is a gross understatement!

Instead of someone calling our office or informing me or my son DURING THE DAY, that he was having a problem processing our payment, the owner chose to wait till after 11:00 pm and appoint himself as Sleep Inn Storm Trooper and initiate contact with me for the first time at that hour. He told us that we had 15 minutes to leave and that he was calling the police. I told him that I'd see if I could resolve the situation by calling someone at our company that had authorization to pay the bill--not an easy task at 11:00 pm at night. I told him that my company pays the hotel bill and that I would try to reach someone even at that late hour to see if the error was on our end. His response was, "No, you need to pay it right now or I will call the police."

I told him to call the police and shut the door on him so I could call my manager who is staying across the street at a friendly hotel. I had to close the door because the owner wouldn't stop shouting, saying he could do anything he wanted because he owned the hotel. Mind you, at that time, I still wasn't even sure he was the owner of the hotel. He was wearing gym clothes and a baseball cap and had no ID, name badge, nothing! He proved, at least, that he had some sort of authority when he opened the door to the room and entered behind me and continued to threaten us. He's very lucky that I didn't resort to physically defending myself. It was a very close call.

Eventually, I got him to leave, telling him to go ahead and call the police. I felt that was a better alternative to having to escalate the situation. After he left, I was able contact my manager, who came over from the good hotel across the street. It turns out that the credit card processed through with no problem. All the owner or a staff member had to do was tell us about the situation during regular hours and it would have been handled immediately! We've been staying here for 12 days and the staff sees us coming and going every two to three hours during each day.

I never heard back from the owner, nor have I received any form of apology for his grossly unprofessional and threatening approach to this situation. He's very lucky that I'm level-headed and that no one got hurt.

Someone needs to get this owner on a leash before something really bad happens. If he had approached someone a little less squared away than me, I'm pretty sure it would have gotten much uglier than it did. I seriously doubt that our company will be using Sleep Inns, or any of the parent company's other brands in the future. I'm sharing this post on Yelp, Google, Consumer Affairs and any other place I can find to post on the internet.

We have stayed at this Sleep Inn many times. We have a 4-pound Yorkie we take with us and this motel was reasonably priced, $15 per pet per night next to pet motel during my and my husband's follow up cancer treatments. It is also very clean with friendly employees. We stayed in July and came back Sept. After checking in, we were told no pets were allowed to stay for $50 fee for our cleaner than a lot of people's well trained baby. When we checked the website, it still says pet friendly and in the room, the policy book plainly states $15 pet fee per night. This is false advertisement and needs to follow what web and in room policy says or change web and info. Girl at desk excellent clean and no other problems. Just bad publicity for Sleep Inns and pet lovers.

I had reservations and was refused a room this morning after a 12 hour drive. I encountered Jeff the clerk and he didn't even greet me. He told me don't touch the newspapers, they're for his customers. He then took my id and credit card. He then came back and told me he doesn't want to accept my payment and that he doesn't have to tell me why and that I needed to leave. I let him know I'm a disabled vet and I had been on the road all night. He let me know he doesn't care. I recorded this and I let him know you would speak to his manager. And I did, his manager Kirk let me know Jeff was suppose to check me in with a deposit. He then explained to me that Jeff told him I was acting irrationally and irate.

After driving for 12 hours to get turned away, no I'm not happy but far from acting out. I am a disabled veteran and I don't know why I had to sleep in my car today. But this place is unprofessional and I feel highly offended. I was never told a reason for my reservation being refused.

I have just retired and started my trip of a lifetime. I joined Choice hotels program. After staying in the second hotel in Gallup, NM, I would think twice before using this brand. Here is what happened. I arrived at Comfort Suite and was told my dog was over the weight limit and sent to Sleep Inn next door. Guess they treat pet owners poorly - only to find higher rate, fees and an old, dirty, rundown room. After checking in, I returned the keys within 10 minutes and checked out at the desk. I went next door and stayed at La Quinta. Nice room, better price too! Only to find out Sleep Inn refuses to return my money via credit card! I am now forced to take legal action - fraud charges! Beware!

I stayed at a Sleep Inn in Edgewood, MD last week. I checked out at 9am. Breakfast was just over as the attendant was standing next to the juice machine and I asked for a glass of juice and she told me in a rude voice, "No, it’s over." All I wanted was a glass of juice and I was treated that way. I’m a Diamond member - where was the customer service? I wish I knew how to get hold of CEO, Steve Joyce, to ask him if this is the way to treat a guest. I would never stay there again. Very poor service.

We had a wretched stay at the Sleep Inn El Paso but the owner refused to give us our money back for one of the two nights, overcharged us, and gave us a suspicious receipt (no room rate or tax itemized, just a flat amount for the two-night stay). A violent argument engaged in by other guests kept us awake and created problems for my partner who is a disabled veteran so we checked out at 8.30pm. Later, when I called the hotel and spoke with the General Manager, Linda **, she actually said, "Don't play that card with me!" when I asked why it was okay to treat a veteran with such disrespect. I then spent a month trying to get some sort of reasonable response from Choice Hotels.

I called Guest Relations seven times and was told varying things. One employee (Dawn) even screamed at me that her shift was over and hung up on me when I didn't want to be placed on hold again. Finally, I called the Corporate Office and spoke to Rob **. He apologized and said we would get 10,000 points (which isn't worth much) for our trouble, but that the hotel was owned privately and there was nothing else he could do. Sleep Inn El Paso is owned by Josie Mowad Chehedeh and her daughter, Linda, is the GM. However, we never got the 10,000 points and when I wrote to tell him that we just wanted our Choice Privileges account closed, we never heard another word.

I searched the Choice website extensively trying to figure out how to close the account on my own. Finally, I requested help from Guest Relations. I have received three emails asking me to verify our home address, and I did once, but they still won't close the account. At this point, I feel they are just messing with us because they can. Clearly, not one person at Choice cares about doing good business and they seemed to have no problem screwing customers over for fun.

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