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Rated with 1 star
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Original review: July 27, 2015

I flew Korean Airlines from Bangkok to JFK. When I arrived at JFK I was told a mistake occurred and the bag would be sent on the next day. Meanwhile I had a connecting flight to Orlando, Florida. Korean informed me they could only send the bag by FedEX as they had no means to send delayed bags through partner airlines. Korean sent me the bag six days later. The baggage delay resulted in me being forced to cancel a cruise and seek medical services for medication that was in the checked bag. Korean offered me $100 dollars for the six day delay and inconvenience. This is far lower than other airlines. I refused to accept the small amount. Consumers should be aware that when taking connecting flights in the US, Korean is unable to send bags through partner airlines to other cities. During weekends and holiday significant delays can occur.

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Original review: June 14, 2015

My family purchased four round trip tickets from Seoul to New York on Korean Air through a reputable travel agency. We had tickets in hand with flight confirmation and even seat numbers, we were all set to travel. Exactly one week later we received an email stating that our tickets had been canceled and refunded (if we were the ones that canceled, I'm sure we would be severely penalized).

We called the agency and they told us that Korean Air said that the price of the ticket was too low, apparently there was a glitch in the system so they weren't going to honor the tickets. We then called Korean Air to find out why it took them seven days to notify the agency and if they couldn't honor the tickets seeing that we had so many plans in motion. They started to blame the agency for making up a fare, and other far-fetched stories. I called repeatedly and was met by contradiction (lie) after contradiction (lie). Yet they say that they care about their customer. I was very disappointed in the way they handled the situation, never taking any responsibility for anything. They are very good at playing the blame game. It's all about money for them and they're not very honest. It's a shame.

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Original review: May 30, 2015

it's been a year now since my husband and I flew Korean Air but it would probably take us an eternity to forget about the "fiasco" we've been through the last time we flew Korean Air. Just to clarify we are a frequent Korean Air flyer. The last time we went to the Philippines (to attend my brother's wedding) flying Korean air from Dallas, my father-in-law who lived in TX unexpectedly passed two days from landing on Cebu Philippines. So I was thinking well it's death in the family so for sure Korean Air would not charge us a fee. They not only charge us a $100 change fee/person but also charged us an arm and a leg to fly back a week early (according to them the difference in the fare to fly a different date) to attend my father-in-law's funeral. My husband was horrified that on top of our grief they cannot waive whatever the difference was in the fare.

He filed a complaint and somebody from their US office called us in a not so warm voice that they can only waive the change fee of $100/person but not the additional $1300 for the fare difference. We have a frequent flyer card if you guys need to verify but I already got rid of any reminder of that trip. Bottom line, we learned our lesson. BUY A TRAVEL INSURANCE IF YOU FLY KOREAN AIR OR DON'T FLY KOREAN AIR AT ALL!

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Original review: May 17, 2015

Today when I just step in Korean Airlines in flight KE604 from Hong Kong to Seoul, I was really worried about the food. Being a Indian, I was looking for some vegetarian food. I asked the crew member, she said, "You can have bibimbap for now", and she will try to get veg Hindu food for my connecting flight for LAX. I really appreciate her efforts which she was making for me. And I will like to fly with Korean Airlines again as they have the best customer service which I had got after many years. Thank you Korean Airlines and ** who helped me, I don't know whether I will be getting the food but I really highly appreciate her effort from the bottom of my heart. Good work ** and thank you for your concern. Thank you & Regards...

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Original review: April 6, 2015

I flew Korean airlines from Seoul to NY on April 3rd 2015 on flight 085. My seat # was 21A. I wore the slippers that were provided by the airline. Approximately 100 insect bites were on my feet when I removed the slippers. When home, A Dr. Confirmed what they were. I've tried for 2 days to contact the airline by email about this so this would not happen to other passengers. It seems impossible to write them.

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Original review: Feb. 19, 2015

I purchased a business class ticket (JFK-ICN) one week prior to departure date (Jan 8 '15) when the price was full. The only reason I purchased Korean Airlines over Asiana was because of their newer flights, A380, advertised to service JFK and ICN, regardless of all the controversies with the "Peanut" and "Bobby Kim" incidents. However, my returning flight (Feb 2 '15) changed to old 777 aircraft without any notification. I called Korean Airlines customer service on Feb 1 to confirm my seat, and checked on the Korean Airlines website on the day of departure and confirmed that there was NO CHANGE.

However, when I arrived at the airport, Korean Airlines agent told me that the aircraft changed to something other than A380 on Jan 29. I confronted that why I was not notified and their customer service confirmed my seat yesterday over the phone and their website still shows A380. They said that they are sorry and their MANUAL says not to compensate anything in this case. I was furious and demanded them to upgrade to first class, but they refused.

Long story short, here are the facts:
1. DECEPTIVE ADVERTISING: Korean Airlines advertises all over the world that they service JFK ICN with their newer aircraft, A380. NOT!!! I was on an old smelly 777 with NO LOUNGE, BAR in the business class. A380 WAS THE ONLY REASON I CHOSE OVER ASIANA!!
2. USELESS WEBSITE: Korean Air website showed A380 on the day of the departure. WHAT A JOKE!!

3. STUPID MANUAL: NO UPGRADE for swapping a BMW with Hyundai with no notifications???

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Original review: Nov. 21, 2014

I've taken Korean air more than 150 times and in all the years I've been on their flights or any other flight have I ever been treated so rudely like dirt. On a flight from JFK to Incheon on their 11/15th flight KE086 I had a seat in front of a passenger who kept kicking and hitting my seat. For those of you who fly frequently that means you can’t get any sleep. Out of courtesy I asked the passenger behind to stop so I can rest. Tried that twice only to get a bad look from him. Most of you might recall about 4 months back there were three flights diverted on an American carrier due to customers fighting on the flight. So to make sure this doesn't happen I asked for the flight attendant team manager to have him stop. She talked to him and the kicking and hitting continued. To make things short, they asked me the victim instead of the person behind me to move to other seats which was worse. Since it was a packed flight, I asked if I can sit on their business seat (remind you only seat, not to get the business class services).

To my surprise the team manager Ms. Hyang ** (ID **) throws the book at my face stating, "Once a flight leave the ground there can be no changes in class seating." So I asked, "What's the regulation if I got sick or if there was an emergency situation?" Once again, no change whatsoever. Now for those of you who know a thing or few, she was blowing smoke up by butt. I never asked for an upgrade, nor the serviced provided by upgrading. I even offered to use my mileage. All I wanted to be relocated so I can rest and not get into a fight with another passenger. After twenty minutes, I ended up sitting in the middle seat, got only a few hours of sleep on a 14 hour flight and never did I get an I'M SORRY after she stated her BS regulation.

After landing I talked to the night customer service manager to get their regulation so I can file a complaint. After sitting in their office for an hour they couldn't find their regulations. So I had no other choice other than for them to email it to me and left their office. After leaving they called me 10 minutes later to say that they can’t give out any portion of their precious regulation. What a crock of BS!!! Talk about airline bullies. They can act and do as they want. We have no rights once the doors are closed. Please people, if you have a choice to take another airline please use them. If you have no other choice please check that Ms. Hyang ** (ID **) is not servicing that flight unless you want to be treated like a dog. Now I've got to figure out what I’m going to do with all my mileage. This sucks.

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Original review: Nov. 6, 2014

My brother traveled from the US to Manila, Philippines on board Korean Air flight 621 today November 6, 2014. When he got his luggage in Manila, he found out it was slightly open but didn't notice until he got home that he lost a brand new pair of Nike rubber shoes. We doubt that it was taken in the US or Korea but definitely it must be stolen in the Philippines. What a shame. But we hope that since my brother boarded Korean airline, you will assist in the investigation though. Thanks!

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Original review: Oct. 26, 2014

Firstly, I would like to state that my wife and I, who fly Korean Airlines twice a year between Canada and our home in the Philippines, have always been extremely pleased with the service provided to us. We have no complaints at all with Korean Air service. We will always fly Korean Air. What my complaint is about is a lack of an Air Marshall on intercontinental flights.

On Oct 14th we departed Vancouver Canada on KE 72 bound for Incheon, with a transfer to Cebu. 5 hours into the flight, in seat 48A, a Canadian passenger who had been drinking started a commotion with an elderly Filipino man who was sitting next to him. The stewardesses moved this older man away to another seat, and a younger athletic man said he would sit next to the guy who was drunk. Loud voices, flight attendants standing in the aisle, all trying to talk some sense into this drunk, but to no avail.

He started getting louder and his demands for more alcohol disrupted the entire aft passenger area. The younger man seemed to calm the drunk down for about 20 minutes, then he erupted into very loud, abusive and rude language. The younger man was actually holding the drunk down into his seat, while flight attendants jammed the aisle, and a male flight attendant started playing with some plastic handcuffs. The drunk got louder, demanding just one more drink and promising to go to sleep if they provided it to him.

Then, and this was real inflight entertainment, the drunk was up on his seat trying to climb over the younger man to get into the aisle! Very loud, very belligerent, and then he starts accusing everyone of insulting his daughter! While standing up on his seat, he jostled the passengers in front of him and banged a turban wearing Indian gentleman in the head. This led to the Indian and the drunk having a very loud argument, and other passengers started to join in. The drunk now wants to fight the Indian man, shouting "You want a piece of me, you want a piece of me, come on!"

Finally in all the chaos, with the younger man holding the drunk's arms down, and with 3 stewardesses helping, they got him into the aisle and headed for the back of the airplane, away from the passengers. More final swearing and abusive language, and giving the Indian the finger over the heads of seated passengers and they finally had this drunk in the back and out of sight.

This man should have been restrained! The situation should never have been allowed to progress as far as it did! This disrupted every passenger in the rear of the aircraft! Not to mention the danger to the female stewardesses. My impression of the situation was that the flight crew really didn't know how to react to the situation. This was a fairly large man, and if the younger athletic gentleman hadn't stepped in to hold the drunk down, they could have had a real situation on their hands. The male flight attendant was timid in appearance and wouldn't have been a help at all.

For the rest of the flight he was quiet in the back except for once when he broke away from them and re-entered the passenger compartment demanding to go back to his seat but by this time the alcohol was losing its effects and they were able to talk him back into the rear. This man should have been arrested upon landing in Korea, but they let him go! We were astounded to see him at our gate for our continuing flight onward to Cebu! I think that with the heightened threats to security in aircraft travel in today’s world, that an Air Marshall on these long over-water flights would be very beneficial. Passengers like this need to restrained; tiny female flight attendants do not have this capability.

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Original review: Oct. 19, 2014

My family of 5 purchased round trip tickets on Korean Air from Hawaii to China. The week before our flight, my 8-year-old son had a collapsed lung and got diagnosed with cystic lung disease, which requires surgery. Because of the air pressure, my son is not allowed to fly until several weeks post surgery. Korean Air charged my family $900 total to cancel our flight! We have been loyal KA customers, and purchase international flights from them every year. We had a doctor's note, and pleaded our case to several different offices, and even in person at the Honolulu airport. They wouldn't budge, and continued to recite their cancellation policy. Because of their unwillingness to be flexible in an emergency medical situation that was out of my control, I refuse to fly with them again, and will continue to tell others about their poor customer service!

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Original review: Sept. 25, 2014

Our family booked our tickets through an agency called Marlin Travel in Mississauga Ontario Canada due to lost of my father in law, it was a bit of rush. We were booked for connecting flights from Air Canada from Toronto to San Francisco then San Francisco via Korean air to Korea then to our final destination Philippines. My youngest son has a severe peanut allergy which was documented in our ticket as well as respected by Air Canada. But Korean air said it is their company policies that they have to serve peanut for they don't follow international law. I asked if we can just buffered the rows not to serve peanuts say 3-4 rows before and after our rows, I even asked if we can get the last row of the plane, two managers were involved Richard ** and Thomas ** of Korean air lines both have very poor customer service, I would say the poorest customer service I have experience in my whole life.

They both said "first why not you and your son with allergy go back to Canada and your wife and the other kid goes with your wife?" that is one big strike. secondly they said about the buffering - Richard said "can't do that or else you can take the peanuts from other passengers after we serve it," I said "wow you want me to muscle those people." 3rd stupid recommendation for us to look for another plane at our own expense to fly other states - I said "fine give my money back to my credit card so I can purchase our tickets," he said nope it will take week for he has to send it to their central office and their office is closed, So he said no way Korean can allow us to be on board he said he will cancel all our flights both ways and will have my refund in week time, also gave us the advice that it was not their fault it was my travel agent's fault, so we called my agent from his office in San Francisco but both of them are not talking to each other.

We were stranded there in San Francisco no one can help us, then we asked to get our luggage back and we will find ways how to get another plane for Philippines. We end up with Delta air lines and they are so professional they respected the condition of our youngest son it was peanut free flight. I don't know why Delta can do and Korean they just ignored it. It was cancelled on August 13, 2014 in San Francisco Korean office but I still waiting for the refund. Richard ** told us to contact our travel agent to follow and as per my travel agent Yousaf that Korean told him we didn't show up on time - How in the world they twisted the story? Please give our money back to our credit card it was for $8000 for four of us. It will be less for we used up the flight from Canada to San Francisco but still a lot of money and I got hit by the interest now. I will NEVER fly with KOREAN AIR.

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Original review: July 9, 2014

BEFORE YOU FLY KOREAN AIR READ THE FOLLOWING WHAT THEY DID TO AN 68 YEAR OLD DIABETIC,U.S. CITIZEN. I collapsed on a Korean Air flight coming from Seoul to Honolulu (Hawaii). I was a paid passenger on this Korean Air from Honolulu to Mumbai (India) traveling with valid US Passport copy and Valid Staying in India Visa. Some reason the Immigration Officials in India mistakenly deported me back to Honolulu on September 6th 2011. Korean Air agent Mr. ** tells I violated Indian Law and I didn't have proper document to enter India. If I didn't have proper documents why would they (KAL) board me from Honolulu, to Mumbai. It is the pre-boarding requirements check before boarding to check the passport and necessary visas.

With the same documents I travel-led to India after a week later. Mumbai Immigration refused my entry, Kochi (India) Immigration officials allowed my entry to India. Immediately Korean Air Agents came and demanded and asked remove all money from my valet. I did remove and gave to the agent; he did not give any receipt. The agent didn't tell me this money for 1 way ticket to Honolulu. The money they took was over 2000 US dollars and 3000 Indian Rupees. At Mumbai gate I cried out telling the agent I am tired. I am hungry. I didn't take my medication. I don't want to go back, need water to drink, I had a long flight coming from Honolulu (almost 22 hours), he ignored me.

When I was refused to enter India, it was Korean Air responsibility at their expenses to send me back to Honolulu, instead they stole my money forcefully, made me to sign documents without giving any copies. At Mumbai gate the agents asked if I don't give the money, sign the papers and board the plane, immediately I could end in Indian JAIL. At that point I got scared. In Mumbai airport I requested medical help telling them I am not taken my diabetic medicine. My diabetic medicines are kept in my hand (carry) luggage, with was under KAL's control. I requested them that I am a US citizen and wanted to speak to US consulate personal in Mumbai, they told me that they are sleeping whereas a duty officer is available 24 hour basis to help US Citizens.

I tell the agent that I had l long flight from Honolulu to Mumbai (22 hours), I am suffering from Diabetic & Hypertension, and I am very tired and need water to drink and some food to eat. The Korean Agent asked within minutes board to waiting aircraft. The agent hustled and pushed me and asking me to get inside the plane in blink of second. I was not given a ticket in Mumbai for the flight to Seoul nor I was given a ticket in Seoul for the flight to Honolulu. At the gate at Mumbai I was robbed, denied medical care, denied my medication, denied food, water, denied access to US Consulate, and was treated like a criminal. I tell the agent my family and friends are waiting in Kochi (India). He paid no attention.

While in the plane from Mumbai I request the cabin crew for Diabetic Meal, they did not give me diabetic meal. As soon as I landed in Seoul (Korea) two Agents came and escorted me to a CELL. I asked the agents “Where are you taking me?,” and I tell them I am a US Citizen and want to speak to U S Consulate personal in Seoul Korea. They did not spoke a word to me in English and straight took me to the Cell. This was a NEAR DEATH EXPERIENCE. When I was in the prison I requested the agents that I am not taken my medicines and very hungry and thirsty. (Drank some water from the cell toilets. )

They (the agents) ignored me, spoke no English to me. I was incremented, locking me up in Holding Cell when I have valid US Passport. A US citizen can enter South Korea without a visa and stay up to 60 days. Korean Air Agents thought I was Indian born, a Migrant Undocumented worker, from INDIA. In the holding cell there were Pakistanis, Bangladeshis, Africans, Nigerians, Blacks, and most of the women were from Thailand, we were all kept in one cell, some of the women I saw was sleeping on the floor, these people are undocumented and had no valid visas. There were NO white Americans nor White Europeans.

Then at midnight (last flight) they escorted me to Honolulu flight, I board the flight with lots of struggle and with pain. On flight to Honolulu I requested the cabin crew diabetic food but they refused telling that I did not order diabetic meal. The cabin crew refused to provide me with diabetic meal. In the flight to Honolulu I got really sick, I was sweating, whole body was in pain, back Pain, Headache, both legs started swollen, even unable to walk to restroom, somehow I managed to sit in the economy seat all because of my faith in GOD. Before approaching Honolulu I collapsed, I was not able to disembark so the stretcher (wheel chair) came and took me to a waiting. This injury happened inside the plane. Honolulu Ambulance took me to Queen EMMA.

Hospital in Honolulu (Hawaii) - Immediately I was admitted to the EMERGENCY ROOM and the doctors who attend me was very alarmed, they didn't know what was going on with me and why my both legs are swollen, so ordered tests, including, MRI, took blood from my spine and I was treated there in the hospital. The injury was potentially life threatening. I got discharged and went to a hotel in Honolulu (taxi was arranged by the hospital since I didn't have no money to pay for the taxi). All the money I had was stolen by Korean Agent in Mumbai. I paid the hotel bill by Debt card from Bank of America, I got rested for few days then I traveled to San Francisco to go to Indian Consulate (This was arranged by an Indian friend from Dallas (Texas) via emigrate airline. This ticket was from Honolulu to San Francisco to Dubai to Kochi, (India).

I informed the Consulate office in San Francisco and explained to them what actually happened in Mumbai (Indian Immigration Office), They then verified my Indian Visa and told me that I have a valid visa to enter and stay in India till FEBRUARY 2012 and I should have no problems to enter India. The Indian consulate officer told that Indian Immigration might have mistaken and mistakenly deported me back to Honolulu. I returned to Kochi and had no trouble entering to Kochi, India.

On June 15 the 2012, I had a Major open heart surgery in Broward General Hospital in South Florida. Korean Air is responsible for my Heart Attack followed by major Open Heart Surgery in Broward Medical Centre in South Florida. The stress itself is unhealthy, the body's reaction in this stressful situation because I was kept on the flight from Mumbai, Seoul to Honolulu in an economy seat (over 22 hours) and they kept me in the prison. The stress did my body was it increased my heart rate elevating blood pressure. It increases respiration elevating fat & cholesterol levels. They fed me unhealthy food instead of diabetic meals, during this ordeal I was in the STATE OF PANIC and was in great fear. Now the doctor tells me that I am suffering from PTSD.

I am suffering from left shoulder pain because of muscle injury happened in the plane and need surgery. Because of Korean Air, unorthodox business practice, in human behavior, (treatment), torture, discrimination, and I got injured. I am living in constant fear, afraid to fly and constantly thinking why someone (like KAL) would do such evil things to 68 year old law abiding US citizen... Now I owe thousands of dollars worth of medical bills and other bills, I do not own a home or a car and I am unable to continue my profession due to this injury happened during the journey on Korean Air flight.

What crime I committed to deserve such an inhumane and miserable treatment by such a BILLION dollar Company to a poor old man living in America? I want to be compensated for the pain & suffering and all the evil things Korean did to me. To get justice I filed a complaint with Robin S. Rosenbaum, United States District Judge, KAL through their powerful attorney filed a summary of judgment, to dismiss my claim and the judge denied my complaint. Article 17.1 of the Montreal Convention creates a presumption of air-carrier liability for "bodily injury" as follows: The carrier is liable for damage sustained in case of death or bodily injury of a passenger upon condition only that the accident which caused the death or injury took place on board the aircraft or in the course of any of the operations of embarking or disembarking.

When I boarded the plane from Mumbai & Seoul I walked to my seat, then in when I disembarking at Honolulu. They had used the wheel chair to take me out of the plane to an emergency ambulance at Honolulu. So, where is the injury happened? In the plane, was it not covered by Montreal Convention, as stated above? Then how can the Judge denied to law suit for a jury trial? I would like to be interviewed by your journalist. I would also like you to publish this Press Release.

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Original review: March 13, 2014

I purchased a round trip ticket from Chiang Mai, Thailand (CNX) to Los Angeles USA (LAX). The connecting flight was at Seoul Korea Incheon (ICN). Wait time from Seoul Incheon (ICN) was 8 hours 20 minutes to Flight 17. I missed the first leg of my flight from Chiang Mai to Incheon. I had to purchase another one way ticket on a different airline to make my connection in Korea from Incheon to Los Angeles.

Upon my arrival at Incheon check in for flight 17 to Los Angeles I was informed that my flight had been cancelled. Not only had my flight from Incheon to Los Angeles been cancelled but also my return flight from Los Angeles back to Chiang Mai, Thailand (CNX). I was informed that if any segment of a flight is missed, Korean Air can cancel all of the remaining flight segments and keep the passenger's payment. This means that a passenger pays for a service but Korean Air can keep the payment and not provide the service.

To board my flight I was forced to purchase an additional one way ticket to Los Angeles at a cost of 1,366 US Dollars. This cost more than the original round ticket of 1,201 US Dollars. I still have to purchase a return ticket from Los Angeles back to Chiang Mai, Thailand. Not including my additional payment for my duplicate flight on a different airline from (CNX - ICN) which is not the fault of Korean Air. My original $1,200 round trip ticket will now exceed $4,000 due to the additional costs caused by Korea Airlines not honoring their purchase agreement and double charging for one flight booking.

I did have trip insurance on my reservation which will not pay for the cancelled flight because Korean Air states that no information or documentation exists to substantiate that I paid twice for the same flight. I do have the documentation which Korean Air will not acknowledge exists. The insurance policy requires that the documentation must be from Korean Air which they will not provide. This is a copy of the Korean Air response letter:

"We have requested the relevant department to see if the documentation that you have mentioned could be provided . To our regret we were informed that only boarding acknowledgment can be provided to the passenger, as an official letter. Also, we confirm that the flight KE668 which you held a confirmed reservation to had operated as scheduled. Please understand that we are not able to give you the documentation that you requested due to the aforementioned reasons."

I find it beyond belief that a major international airline would claim that they do not maintain passenger records, ticket payments and financial records. I also find it unusual that Korean Air cannot provide copies of its own policies in regard to ticket cancellations or having passengers pay twice for the same flight. In some cases this could be considered a deceptive business practice or fraud.

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Original review: Sept. 14, 2013

I was served a banana with my Kosher meal, forced to take off Muslim head cover. Whites had seats changed next to me, seat being kicked from behind, yet would not give me another seat, and fill plane with bananas on my return. They considered me a monkey!

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Original review: Sept. 12, 2013

Recently I had to cancel the return flight on Korean Air. This was a refundable ticket, yet they were only willing to refund less than half of what I thought should be coming back (total ticket was $1500 - they told me I was liable for a $150 change fee - they refunded $290, not $600) .Their "cancellation fees" took more than $300 from what I thought should be due. Just be aware that a "refundable" ticket on this airline is far less than it appears!

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Original review: Sept. 4, 2013

I flew from Las Vegas to Seoul and had the worst flight I have ever had in my 30 years of flying. Most of the food was inedible. The seat comfort was extremely uncomfortable. I am six feet tall and skinny yet the seat was extremely small for me. The leg room was fine but the seat width was extremely narrow. My elbows overlapped into the people's seating area next to me. There was no room for them to use the arm rests due to how narrow our seats were. These were small problems, though, compared to what else my group experienced.

The worst part of the flight was that it was extremely hot. It was hot from the very beginning of the flight and only cooled off right before we landed 13 hours later. Everyone in my area was sweating profusely. There was no airflow, no overhead air control. I finally pulled out a thermometer I had and after letting it adjust to the air temperature, it read 84.4 degrees F. I and the people around me asked nearly continuously for them to cool our section off. They would drop the temperature a degree for a minute or two and then turn the air conditioning back off. It got to the point where men had their shirts fully unbuttoned and people were asking for ice packs from the flight attendants to try and cool themselves off.

Being medically trained, I had serious concerns about heat stroke. It was torturous. Again, we were under these conditions for nearly 13 hours. Near landing, the area we were in finally cooled which tells me that they could have cooled it all along but chose not to.I made a complaint with Korean Air after returning from my trip only to be blown off by them. They refused to take responsibility for the terrible conditions they put us through and replied as if we were stupid. Truly some of the worst customer service I have ever experienced. I write this in hopes that people will never have to go through what my family and business associates went through. It was the worst flight I have ever been on. I will never fly with Korean Air again.

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Original review: Sept. 22, 2012

On 9/19/2021 (at approximately12:35 a.m.) my daughter (Jessica) departed on a flight from Atlanta to Seoul on flight # KAL034. Within the first 4 hours of the flight, 3 to 4 passengers fainted due to lack of proper ventilation; my daughter happened to be one of those who lost consciousness. My daughter was brought the galley where it was much cooler and the stewardesses were extremely helpful providing my daughter with ice and cold beverages. It is so ridiculousness that such a highly rated airline would scrimp on AC for their passengers. Fortunately, there was a doctor (American) on board who tended to those in need. My daughter said that the captain finally turned on the air to the cabins after the last person fainted. I have never been on a plane going anywhere in the world where the air was regulated for the passengers. Saving fuel could have cost them a few passengers!

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Original review: May 9, 2012

I booked prestige class for myself and wife, from LAX to Inchon on April 25, 2012. I have planned to attend a reunion meeting, 50 year high school graduate (Kyung-Bok High School in Seoul) on 5/2/2012. The crews on board were great service, especially the stewardesses’ attitude and polite thing. I was able to come down myself, till I arrived in Inchon. My seat (21A) malfunctioned: did not move back and front, etc. Several stewardesses have been trying to fix this problem but cannot. It's happened Flight KE 012 from LAX at 1130 on 4/25/2012 to Inchon at 0420 on 4/27/2012.

I have been in different airline overseas country many times but I never had experienced like this, malfunctioned seat, especially in prestige class. Several occasions, Miss **, said “sorry" and when we arrived Inchon, fixed this problem for the next customer. Please consider this matter and listen.

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Original review: Feb. 9, 2012

The crew on board were excellent . They were very attentive. My complaint is food service. This is my first time on Korean Air. The trip was from Washington D.C. to Seoul, over 15 hours due to strong headwinds. The meal was served within the first two hours of the trip. There was well more than 8 hours to the next meal. We were served some tiny brownies or warm tea roll. I asked if I could have one of each. I was told, "Only one." I am not a big eater nor am I overweight but really, I was so hungry on that flight. I have flown many times on long hauls to Africa, Philippines, and Guam and never had there been such a long flight with so little to nibble on. The tickets are very expensive. It seems that food would be a little more accessible. Thank you for listening.

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Original review: Jan. 18, 2012

I booked business class ticket for myself and engineer to Shanghai from LAX. Unfortunately, my mother-in-law passed away 4 days prior to the trip. The funeral was scheduled for the departure day. I requested Korean Air to let my engineer fly on the booked date and move my flight back one day as there were seats available on the flights. I was told my engineer could not fly without me since I paid for the tickets. I was then told we could both move our flights one day for the fare difference of over 5,000 dollars. I then asked to cancel the flights, but could only do this with a 600 dollar cancellation charge for the 2 tickets. I was then told that my cancellation fee could be waived with proof of death but my engineer's fee could not be waived.

So the bottom line is they wouldn't let him fly and charge a cancellation fee because he couldn't fly. How does this make sense? I sent the local newspaper notification of death but that wasn't good enough to prove I wasn't lying to them. I ended up flying out a day after the funeral on a different airline and had a 3-hour layover in Seoul, so I thought surely the Korean Air office can work this out. I took with me a copy of the Death Certificate and the funeral announcement showing my wife as surviving daughter and myself as her husband.

In Korea, I was told that the Korean Air policy is to give no waiver of fee even for members of the family. I showed them the letter from the US Consumer Relations department of Korean Air stating that I would get refund if I showed the Death Certificate. I was then told that this would take a lot of paperwork and I would have to go outside of the airport to do this. I was then told that the Death Certificate and funeral announcement was not enough proof and I must also show my marriage certificate!

I have now sent the Death Certificate and Marriage License to the Korean Air US office. I have been told I will have the airline ticket refunded to my credit card minus the cancellation fee for my engineer. I flew 220,000 miles last year and others flying with me have flown similar distances. I flew Korean Air earlier in the year and the flight attendants were very competent and the planes were clean and well organized. I decided to give Korean Air an opportunity to earn our business. They blew it!

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Original review: Aug. 4, 2010

Korean Airlines is a complete rip off and an insensitive organization. My wife purchased a roundtrip ticket to visit her family in the Philippines. Unfortunately while she was there, four days before her return to NY/JFK, her mother suddenly passed away. As she needed to stay for her mother's funeral, which in the Philippines, requires a stay of eight days before the burial, then a mourning period after, she needed to postpone her flight.

She attempted to rebook her return flight, but found she could only be confirmed from Manila to Seoul, Korea and the flight was full from Seoul to NY or Newark "for the tickets that she had purchased" until September 2010. Miraculously, if we came up with an additional $2900, they could get her a seat on a flight. I consider this to be extortion on behalf of Korean Airlines. We have booked her a flight on Delta, where I learned that in the above situation, airlines are supposed to enact Rule 240 and book her on another airline to get her home due to her change in plans being from an unavoidable emergency and tragedy.

Korean Airlines would not even hear of trying to book her on a different airline. While asking for money back on the flight would be minimal compensation, other people should be warned of Korean Airlines fraudulent activities.

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Original review: Sept. 17, 2009

Dear sir/madam:

I recently purchased a ticket from Korean Air to travel from JFK to Seoul, South Korea. The reservation code is EECQZR. After making the reservation, the swine flu epidemic has become much worse (4 deaths) and is worsening. I deliberated over the situation for some time and decided the only sensible thing to do was to cancel my trip. I called 3 times to try to cancel the reservation and spoke with a supervisor named Cho Sun Heo. After speaking with her, she said “…When you bought the ticket, you were aware that the swine flu issues in South Korea…We will waive the fee if you obtain a doctors note stating that you have or may have the swine flu.” So in other words, the fee can be waived by the airline if it benefits them, but they refuse to waive the fee to protect my health. I’m a 55 year old woman and I feel the risk is too great for me to be exposed to the epidemic. I feel that the airline’s policy is extremely unfair and self serving. Under the circumstances I’m asking KAL to allow me to use my ticket for travel at a later date or refund my money without a penalty. This is not fair and I will fight this. I’ll send my complaint to the Better Business Bureau, the DOT's Aviation Consumer Protection Division (ACPD), Consumer Affairs, and local TV stations, etc.
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Original review: Sept. 17, 2007

We called to redeem our family's plan mileage for the round trips to Vietnam on 09/17/2007. But the customer services tried to avoid to award our redeeming by saying that we can not claim my grandchilds' mileage for my award because they are not in my family side (they indicate my grandchildren are not ours as they said, this is wrong). And this is not what they said in the policy when we applied for my family plan.

They also tried to avoid the award by increasing the mileage required for the award ticket. As before, they required only 45,000 miles for the round trip to Vietnam, now they told us that we need to have 85,000 miles for this award. And this increasing is not the same, 65,000 miles, as when we called in June-2007. I think, they do not hornor their services by increasing the number of mileage (3 times) by each time we called, so we will never have a chance to claim for my award.

They also did not want to deal with this situation while I was on the phone. They put me on hold for more than 30 minutes. They were not nice and tried to get away with this situation.

They do not honor for their services and with their clients.

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