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Reviewed Aug. 13, 2017

Prague International Airport is place of bunch of thief. Shameless Czech gate workers women, horrible rude uncivilized airport ever. I flew on the 21st of July by flight number SU 2011 by Aeroflot. When I arrived in the gate just before the boarding the plane, there were 4-5 women checking passengers' tickets. I had 3 items like laptop, cabin size luggage and small backpack. I was using my small backpack as my handbag, inside there were my valuable souvenirs and my expensive cellphone, toothbrush etc. very light few items. Blonde Czech woman who tied her hair and another Czech woman with black hair demanded me to leave my backpack there and threatened me if I don't leave my backpack they will not board me and plane will fly or to pay 100 euro for my backpack. Unfortunately I don't have 100 euro, and then I left my backpack.

After 2 days, I called them to tell my friends in the Czech Republic will come to the Vaclav Havel Airport to get my backpack. Shamelessly they said they didn't take my backpack so they don't know where my backpack is. After I continuously wrote and called them, they told me that "yes it is true that we took your backpack but we don't have your backpack now." Until now they are not giving me back my backpack with my cellphone. On their final email, they told me "please be kind and don't ask your backpack from us and don't send your friends to collect your backpack, bcoz we don't have your backpack anymore with us." It is very weird situation.

Actually from the first, they were looking very weird, after I left my backpack I noticed some kind of joys appeared on their faces, they were just looking like beasts to attack to the prey (my left backpack). They seemed they already accustomed to get passengers' items and divide valuable things and throw rest ones into the rubbish. On the same day, when I reached Shermetoyva Airport, I asked gate managers about this case, they were horrified by this story and said it is shocking, and also said according to airline rule, those Czech gate women workers must give it to the lost and found department. They must not use items of passengers and they must not throw it to the rubbish bin. It is airline rule. It is so shameless that those Czech women don't care Czech Republic fame and stole passengers item and throw it to the rubbish bin. Maybe they are people from very poor background and hungry, rude, uncivilized stray ones.

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Reviewed July 17, 2017

People So I have spent over $2,300.00 for my parents airline ticket so they can go to TAS and visit their families. Ticket shows flight is at 01:00. Does not say AM or PM. From our experience (they fly there every 6-9 months) we have arrived at JFK at 11 am for 1 pm to find out that our plane took off at 1 am. The funny thing is that when we came people were checking in for the same flight. I explained everything to the agent and they wanted $3,800.00 in order to take my parents for the flight that had to leave 1 hr later. So we have left back to PA. Everyone is confused, upset.

It was Sunday and I called the number on their website just to hear that I should call a different number on Monday. On Monday no one wanted to help us and we end up buying a new one way ticket since we could not afford round trip. BTW, they cancelled our return ticket because we did not "show up" on time for our first flight. Well that is stupid! Return ticket had nothing to do with our origin ticket. Aeroflot lost me as customer, they suck.


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Reviewed July 13, 2017

I would like to bring to your attention several unfortunate and preventable wrongful acts against me and my companions during our most recent experience with Aeroflot. On May 27th, 2017, my companions and I boarded flight SU213 to our first stop, Helsinki, Finland. I was assigned seat 23G and we were dismayed to find that the entertainment system was out of order for the entire row, making the 9-hour journey unbearably long and tedious without distraction. Six of us were delayed in Moscow during the transfer due to our flight having arrived at local time 17:20 pm: An hour and ten minutes later than the scheduled arrival. All transferring passengers (approximately 300 persons) waited to pass an immigration checkpoint where only two officers were on duty. Passengers did not receive priority in line based on their flight schedules. Furthermore, there was another bag check, causing further delay.

During this time, our connecting flights boarding gate changed from gate 7 to gate 30. With no assistance from the airline and no translator provided, the six of us arrived at gate 30 at 18:05 pm, We were able to communicate with another member of our group from the shuttle bus. Four of them flew the same day from Shanghai. We suppose to join them in Moscow and take the same flight to Helsinki. The airline refused to let us board the plane despite the fact that we were at the gate 15 minutes prior to departure. They instead took our luggage off the flight and I was informed to talk to the information counter to discuss options for the next flight.

The Aeroflot representative at the information booth gave us a next day 10:45 am flight and our party was forced to stay in Moscow overnight. I told the representative that the Aeroflot was responsible for missing our flight due to the delay of our first flight, the long wait at the immigration and security line, and the gate change that was not properly communicated to us due to the language barrier. I was informed that security, immigration, and the airline are three separate departments and that passengers accrue their own risk to board the next flight on time.

I explained that five members of our party were in their late sixties and seventies. With the excess physical exertion, anxiety, and hunger, many were not feeling well. During this time, one of my companions began to suffer from nausea and heartburn. Still, the Aeroflot representative did not offer any options for food or lodging, only offering to call for a doctor or ambulance. As I continued to reason with her for accommodations and food, she began to shout since I had a difficult time understanding her English. She threatened to cancel the next day's flight so that we would be forced to buy our own tickets and I was forced to calmly advise her to stop shouting.

Due to this incidence, we not only suffered a loss equivalent to booking 3 hotel rooms and 3 tickets to main attractions in Helsinki, but also accrued unnecessary expenses in hotel and meals at the Moscow airport. We believe we were discriminated against due to our language barriers and the fact that our party had elderly traveling with us. We request that Aeroflot compensates each of us 150.00 Euros (airport hotel and food) + 100.00 Euros (hotel charges for 1 night in Helsinki) for a total of 250.00 Euros. The compensation requested for our party based on this incidence is 250.00 Euros X 6 = 1500.00 Euros.

Upon our return on June 8th, 2017, we boarded SU 2659 from Copenhagen via Moscow transfer SU 212 to Hong Kong. Three of our members' luggage were delayed for 11 hours. As a result, we were unable to change out of the cold weather clothing we had donned in Copenhagen, where the temperature was 33 degrees F, to accommodate Hong Kong's much warmer temperature of 88 degrees F. This necessitated us to call for a taxi to take us home in a situation where we would have normally taken public transportation. We request that Aeroflot compensates each of us 60.00 Euros. The total compensation requested for these party members is 60 x 3 = 180 Euros.

Furthermore, I seeks an additional 60 euros due to lack of entertainment system provided on SU213, as this is an in-flight amenity that is widely advertised by Aeroflot. It's been over one month. We received the case number from the airline on June 16, yet we have not heard from the airline since and all of my follow-up emails return to me with "Failure Notice: Unable to deliver your message."

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Reviewed April 7, 2017

I flew to Berlin from Hanoi in February with Aeroflot and it was one of the worst decisions I've ever made. I needed to buy medical supplies to treat my Type I Diabetes and the supplies are only available in a few countries around the world. 3 out of the 4 flights were late. But the worst part was that when I landed back in Hanoi my checked baggage with my gifts and luggage weren't there for me. Someone had taken my box and stolen all the gifts and medical supplies from it. It arrived in Hanoi a week later with only a bag of tea, cranberries and shorts inside.

After bugging the local Aeroflot representatives in Hanoi for 2 months they decided to offer me $120 for my medical supplies and gifts which cost me $1,200. They accepted responsibility but said it was their policy to only pay $20/kilo for stolen luggage. Now I have no money and my health is bad and I might die soon. Oh well. I guess nobody cares about people anymore. An airline can absorb $1000 in losses but an individual usually can't. And I sure can't. What a horrible airline and group of humans. Aeroflot sucks!

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Reviewed Jan. 14, 2017

Waiting at Guangzhou airport from China for 12h with no explanation given, held on wait forever. Little amounts of water offered followed by one small portion of food. After great pressure by passengers crew very reluctantly told us our flight was cancelled with no explanation. With no expected next departure. Moved to a hotel very slowly with long lines, hotel was not prepared/informed. Flight departure after 24h. Important details: Both flights were not fully booked until finally combined; This was 30/12/2016 meaning many passengers (I included) completely wrecked plans for New Year's Eve. I have lost my plans with my wife after many months of planning while separated by circumstances. The company crew could not care less, and pretended not to understand/hear claims and questions all time. This was my worst air flight experience EVER.

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Reviewed Jan. 8, 2017

At New Delhi Airport (10 hours until now): New Delhi, the capital of India faces weather delays in the months of December and January due to fog. I was checking my flight from New Delhi to Moscow from 1 January 2017 to 4 Jan 2017 and found out that it got delayed on an average by 75 minutes. While I was checking in at the Aeroflot for my flight SU 233 and the representative confirmed that the flight was "way before time." It gave me some sense of confidence that I would reach Miami on time. I had an interview scheduled for the 6th of January 2017 with a construction company. I had to pull a number of strings to get a call from one of the biggest construction companies in the USA. I am also a research Assistant under my professor at the University of Florida.

I had an appointment for 5 of January at my university but I requested to move by a day (6 of Jan) as I was sure that would be a safe date. I don’t know how my first flight from Delhi got delayed by 35 minutes. I had a layover time of 45 minutes at Moscow airport due to which I missed my next connecting flight for Miami from Moscow. Aeroflot representatives affirmed that it was a weather delay but the weather reports show something else.

The weather report states the weather was smoky and clear. The visibility was not an issue. However, The past flight records for SU 233 states that only 52% of the time this flight has reached on time. The data has been collected for over 61 flights in the year 2016. The performance for the flight SU 233 can be judged by the rating 0.1 on a scale of 5. Also, The past flight records for SU 233 states that on an average the flight gets delayed by 44 minutes (track record of past 51 flights). The past records create another picture in the story of how the Aeroflot representatives gave false information to the customers and used ‘weather delay’ as a term to get away from things very easily.

At Moscow Airport (17 hours until now): However, we missed the connecting Moscow to Miami flight by 15 minutes. After getting off the plane the Aeroflot representative present at the Moscow airport gave me 30 seconds to choose one out of the two options. The first option was to Stay at Moscow airport for 24 hours and take the same flight next day. The catch here was the Aeroflot won't be able to provide the transit visa in Russia and I had to stay at the airport for next 24 hours.

The second option was to catch the next Moscow to Los Angeles flight which was waiting for the people to board. I was given 2-3 minutes to reach the gate 25 to board the flight after completing the process of transfer and security check. I was informed that I would get 9 hours layover at Los Angeles airport. The next overnight flight would take me to Miami. I didn't have time to ask for a second option or to talk to someone to get a better option to reach Miami. Hence in a matter of a fraction of a second, I took LA flight.

At Los Angeles Airport (32 hours until now): After reaching LA airport at 1:15 pm, after clearing the immigration process I was able to reach the belt number 9 by 3:30 pm. So, far my journey has reached to 32 hours (adjusting time difference) from 4th January 9:20 pm to 5th January 3:30 pm. The last 21 hours I was in a continuous flight which was terrible and tiring. After reaching the belt I was informed that there more than 25 customers were missing luggage but the Aeroflot representative Elena confirmed that she has some information about the luggage which was left in Moscow. By waiting for another hour and couple of discussions with her, she informed that she has no idea about where my luggage is and when I would get it. I felt so helpless and pathetic that it's been 2 nights I haven't had any hygiene products with me and haven't taken a shower and won't be able to take it for next 36 hours at least.

I was patient enough to file the missing baggage claim but Olena refused to file anything because Los Angeles airport is not my final destination hence I cannot file any complaint. There I was again felt helpless, tired and felt pathetic and angry at the same time. A second thought came to my mind--have I planned a trip to Miami (southern most city on the east coast) hence then what the hell I am doing in west coast at Los Angeles Airport (2500 miles) away from my destination. I was not given time to talk to any Aeroflot representative at the Moscow airport.

In conversation with Aeroflot Representative at LA Airport: Shavarsh **, Roman **. Thinking about this I met these 2 representatives with above details at 4:45 pm. I asked them why I and 2 other students from my university were delivered to west coast (2500 miles away from final destination). I checked there was a flight from Moscow to Newark airport after 2 hours the time I landed at Moscow airport. With a layover of 3 hours at Newark, there was another direct flight available for Miami. I checked that on

The representatives had no answer to my queries and said it's a system that checks the next flight. It's not a smart judgment to notice that Aeroflot had 3 (or maybe more) empty seats on a flight from Moscow and Los Angeles airport. They surely saved a lot of money but at the expense of customer suffering for it. They forgot about how tiring would be it be to a customer who has to drive 350 miles after reaching Miami. I stay in Gainesville and also had to waste a bus reservation done for 5th January night from Miami to Gainesville. I requested and had a conversation until 5:45 pm with the above representatives at LA airport stating why I would need a hotel for 2 hours. It was already 6 o clock at an airport and I have to return at 9 o clock in order to catch a 22:55 flight to Miami. It makes no sense traveling to the hotel.

I am pike have appreciated if I got a chance to have a shower at the hotel but I was missing my luggage. I requested to cancel the hotel reservation worth $100 because it would be a complete waste but they refused. However, they refused and I checked in just for having dinner. The meal coupon provided was also only $20. I mean it's sufficient if you have a meal at Subway or KFC. How in the world it's feasible for a person to have dinner at four points by Sheraton in $20 including taxes and tip? I requested to cancel the hotel meal coupons and provide some airport meal coupons with the equivalent amount but they refused to that also. Finally, nothing was resolved for the above matters.

The last option I requested to get a comfortable seat in American Airlines as LA to Miami flight is 8 hours long overnight journey and I couldn't properly sleep from past 2 nights. The Aeroflot representative refused to that also. I requested for that because I had to drive another 350 miles after reaching Miami. How unethical was that I don't know?

At Miami Airport (50 hours until now): I was informed by Olena that I have to claim my missing luggage at Miami airport as that would be my last stop. After I reached Miami airport today morning I managed to reach Aeroflot counter at E13. I found the counter to be closed: the information desk located right opposite Aeroflot counter informed me that it opens at 1:30 pm. I felt so angry and helpless that now after 50+ hours I am here standing at the Miami airport completely drained with no clue where my luggage is? How would an airline justify a journey of 24 hours of was converted to 50+ hours? I am not adding 5 more hours to reach my town in Florida. I took the risk of driving a rental car and have to pay enterprise another $100 for a rental car with a drop-off in my town. In order to reach early and as soon as possible I got an over-speeding ticket worth $253 on interstate 95. How can you justify this? Can you correct this?

I stayed at Miami airport in order to claim the baggage. The website states the office at Miami airport opens at 9:00 am but the Aeroflot administration didn't arrive until 10:00 am. I also got confirmation that they won't arrive before 1:30 pm. So, now I should wait another 4 hours and increase my journey to 60+ hours? I called Aeroflot at 3:00 pm today to make a missing baggage claim at Miami airport and I was being informed that the desired person would arrive at 5:30 pm and before that nobody can help me with that. How unethical is that? I feel like I have taken a world tour for no reason?

Sir/Mam, I am just an international student with an education loan of $60000 while my dad earns 68 times less than what people earn in the USA. The currency difference is $1 = 68 Indian rupees. I would have clearly saved all these money if I would have reached Miami on 5th January by regular flight or at least a comfortable seat. How can someone travel for continuously 52.5 hours? What would your state of mind would be if I ask you to be in my position?

I need a couple of answers for the queries stated below: If you know that a layover of 45 minutes is not sufficient for your ground staff to manage the luggage transfer and guests transfer why in the first would you give the option to sell such tickets? The alternate route was available if Aeroflot actually wanted to help its customers. The Moscow to New York flight was available for that day too but they made us suffer. This flight would have saved total duration of the journey as well as money. We would be also closer to the final destination Miami.

Also, after reaching the Moscow airport the ground staff made a transfer for people like me. Why he/she responsible acted careless for the luggage? Aeroflot made us board the flight but luggage got missing? Why? If you say 45 minutes isn't sufficient for luggage transfer. If I agree to that to an extent then why more than 25 customers missed their luggage who booked their flight to LA? The flight had a safe 1.5 hours layover at Moscow airport. So, it has nothing to do with the weather and proves the carelessness of Aeroflot management.

Also, why couldn't the next connecting flight was delayed by 15 minutes? If we would have boarded the connecting flight I would have saved at least $400. I have spent $1600 on tickets and now $400 on 6th of January. Is this how customer satisfaction by Aeroflot takes actions? Sir/Mam, I belong to a middle-class family from India and I cannot afford to spend money like this. The interview and meetings I couldn't attend would reflect negatively on my professor and the construction company as truly unprofessional.

I somehow managed to board the Moscow to LA flight and didn't get a chance to email to delay my interview but still that would count as unprofessional in my life as god knows when I would be able to reach that company for the interview. I am mentally broke writing this email and tired feeling pathetic. How bad an airline can act and make a person suffer is truly reflected by the different conversations at different airports I have personally seen it. I have no words to end this. The Aeroflot representatives at Los Angeles airport with the following names affirmed that it was a weather delay. Please explain how it was?

At Gainesville, FL (59 hours of journey to my home)- On Friday 6 Jan: I waited until 10:00 am as customer care representative of Aeroflot confirmed that the Aeroflot management arrives airport each day at 9:00 am but nobody arrived. I gave up and left!! On Saturday 7 Jan: I called Aeroflot to look out for my missing luggage. I could not get in touch with the desired person who can resolve the missing luggage issue. Thank you.

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Reviewed Dec. 21, 2016

The services of the Aeroflot airlines are very pathetic. I travelled from Munich to Delhi via Moscow (flight number SU232). I landed in Delhi on December 18, 2016 morning, I received but my luggage didn't arrived. 3 days have passed and I have not heard anything from them regarding my luggage and worst part is that no one is responding to my e-mails sent on ( and no one is picking up the phone number which was provided to us at Delhi Airport for Aeroflot inquiry. I don't know by when I will get my luggage and bit worried whether I will get it or not??? I will not suggest anyone to select this flight.

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Reviewed Nov. 16, 2016

Very stupid airline company. I understand why it had very low review. I bet no one would take it again after one time. It's always delayed and delayed again without any reason given. And I was taking flight from Krasnoyarsk to Moscow, no English announcement. Very stupid.

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Reviewed Sept. 15, 2016

I bought Aeroflot ticket due to interruption of the trip (Family Member funeral). At that time wasn't aware of a Transit Visa Requirements. Was travelling from Minsk (Belarus) with transfer in Moscow (US citizen required to have Transit Visa) and further trip to New York. At a checkpoint to New York flight, my ticket was withdrawn from my hand, and protocol was made. When went to an Aeroflot, did not get any help and or advice as what should I do in this situation. I wasn't offered to replace/postpone a ticket. I am aware that any other Airlines would charge a cancellation fees, etc. I had to buy additional ticket to go back to Minsk, and that is an end of it.

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Reviewed Sept. 8, 2016

Worse experience with the airlines. Booked a flight from Dubai to Prague via Moscow. My luggage was supposed to be received at Prague but didn't come. When asked at the Baggage claim department, the response was that the transit time was less so luggage must have been missed- are you seriously professional with your work? Had to waste my entire day to wait for my luggage and the claim department staff was so casual with the response that it will come. Who is going to compensate for my waste day on the vacation? Is Aeroflot any responsible towards its passengers?

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Reviewed Aug. 12, 2016

Had the worst experience. I was flying from JFK to Moscow in August 2016 and when I was checking in I was dealing with 2 Russian speaking women. I didn't get their names since it was a stressful situation. But they sit next to one another and one is Russian Asian (probably Kazakh) and another girl has big eyes and curly hair. I will keep my story short because I still don't know how to deal with it and how to go about it. What they do is unspeakable, and most importantly ILLEGAL. They make you pay cash to them when your baggage is over the allowed weight. They tell you to put the money in your passport and hand it to them. They make sure that their American co-workers don't see it. SHAME SHAME SHAME.

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Reviewed Aug. 9, 2016

Book my daughter for flight to Moscow. 6-hour delay. Very frustrating. No answer, no compensation. Talked to employee **. No answers, no information. Spoke to manager Tatannia **. Can't help me. Please avoid Aeroflot at all cost. They don't care about you.

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Reviewed July 29, 2016

This message for all to read! Shame on you. Oksana **, leading expert claims service. I was on a flight on May **, 2016, from ** to ** with a stop over in Moscow, and had a very bad experience. During the flight I had an extremely annoying passenger sitting near me. He kept on telling me and his other neighbors "Excuse me" whenever we shifted in our seats. I asked the stewardess to change either mine or his seat but nothing was done. I ended up standing a nice amount of time on the 9-hour flight, which was extremely uncomfortable. Only once the guy fell asleep was I able to return to my seat.

Additionally, the video screen in front of me stopped working. The stewardess' tried resetting it a couple of times but it was just not functioning properly. I was unable to use it. To top it all off, I also ended up with a damaged suitcase after the flight. I'd rather not spread negative comments around to friends and relatives. I would appreciate if something could be done regarding my bad experience.

I waited a full month from when I initially contacted you, and when I didn't hear back, I contacted you again. Only after I emailed you a second time, just as your 30 days were running out, did you suddenly reply (a day later), and had a full investigation conducted. You guys came up with a bunch of lies, without shame, just to deny my complaint.

Firstly, the truth of the matter is that no other seat was offered to me! The steward tried finding me another seat, but was not able to. There was one empty seat near a woman who refused to have anyone sitting near her in that seat. Unlike you mentioned in your response email to me, that I was not pleased with the seat offered to me. That is untrue and is shameful of you to even say so.

What actually did take place is as follows: My brother offered to change his 19D aisle seat for my sake!! He gave up his comfortable aisle seat at the front of the plane to my ungrateful neighbor. The guy that was seated next to me at my 49E seat, went to sit in my brother's 19D seat and came back after 15 minutes complaining that his neighbor (near his 19D seat) is too fat and he can't sit there. (Not that I was the one complaining about my seat. He was the one that disliked the change.)

Secondly, regarding the entertainment system that wasn't functioning, the steward did restart it 2 times, but it never started working. You said in your response email that it started functioning and that is untrue. The same problem that occurred at the beginning before the system was restarted kept on occurring again. So it was not corrected. Just as a by the way, you never bothered responding to my luggage claim.

All of the above leads me to believe that one of you are lying. I am ready to meet with the steward and your so called investigator and figure out exactly which one of your team is lying. For your information, I had 3 brothers on the flight with me. 2 of them were sitting in the row in front of me. In addition, I had an uncle, X, and 2 friends, x brothers, sitting one row behind me. All of these people were eyewitness and saw exactly what was going on.

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Reviewed July 1, 2016

I came across a very unenviable experience with Aeroflot which puts the image and ethical values of the company in stake. My wife and my children are regular customers of Aeroflot, who use to travel every year to Russia in summers. I have purchased the ticket on 29th March from Cleartrip. The onward journey was scheduled on 27th May by SU 535 at 01:05, which my wife and son were unable to board as she missed out to carry her PIO card along.

After returning back home, we enquired with Cleartrip customer care and we have been informed that the tickets were non-refundable and for fixed dates, and since it comes under no show condition, they are helpless. They gave me the number of Aeroflot Delhi office to call (01123310426/7390) and discuss directly with Aeroflot office.

I called Aeroflot office at around 11:00AM and explained the situation. I asked and requested them for options of any other day that they could fly as the return ticket is valid. During that time I have not been told that my return has also been cancelled. She started giving me options of 6th and 8th June with overall additional payment of Rs 54000 for both and to pay the same day at 3PM at Aeroflot office. And that they can utilize the same ticket for their return journey. Since I was not in the city, I requested for the next day which she declined.

However, 6th and 8th June were also suiting us as my wife had to reach there till 31st May. So we started looking for other options knowing that at least the return ticket shall not go in vain. Finally, we booked the onward journey tickets from Delhi to Moscow by Air India and from Moscow to Krasnodar by Ural. On 23rd June, they had their return flight from Krasnodar-Moscow Delhi at 11:35 from Krasnodar. At Krasnodar Airport, she had been informed that since your onward journey was a no show, so the whole ticket has been cancelled.

During that one hour spell, we tried calling to all possible nos. of Aeroflot office in India and hotline (0008001008924). But no one could give any answer apart from that it was a single ticket which has been cancelled due to no show. Finally, she has not been able to board the flight and all of us have gone through immense stress apart from the financial losses.

The question still remains... 1) Why we have not received any official information on mail from Aeroflot regarding the cancellation of the return ticket? 2) Why your officials at your Delhi office didn't informed during that time that the return ticket stands invalid? 3) When I have not cancelled or asked for any refund of the ticket, how can Aeroflot cancel without intimating the passengers? If would have been a no show while return, I can agree but I have paid for the seats. a) Let the seats go empty or it should only allotted to someone in case of a no show. b) How can Aeroflot resell the booking without intimating the passengers?

c) How can Aeroflot charge twice for the same booking without even intimating and refunding the amount to existing passenger?

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Reviewed March 30, 2016

Me and my wife booked Aeroflot to Vienna via Moscow from New Delhi. Our visa was processed as per Schengen requirements and was done with the Swiss embassy, the first destination however was Austria. This was our honeymoon trip. To our horror, Aeroflot denied us a boarding once we reached the check in counter. Their argument was anticipated penalties in case of a remote possibility of Austrian immigration deporting us back to India. We were asked to book a return flight through Aeroflot on the spot OR beat this one - go to Switzerland using Aeroflot airlines, throwing all of our itinerary into a jeopardy.

The manager, airport staff was extremely rude and uncaring. First it is not their prerogative to anticipate the immigration possibilities. They are clearly overstepping their duties here. This harassment went on for good 45-50 minutes, until I gave a signed undertaking of bearing all the expenses in case of a hypothetical deportation in Vienna. They also took our passports for photocopying and did not return until it was close enough for the flight boarding.

It was not just us, they were doing a virtual immigration check on almost every passenger, and every single check in was taking no less than 20 - 25 minutes. To Aeroflot, I would say, It is not your prerogative to do so, you are just an airline bound to ferry passengers and not do paper checking. We also had some Nepalese people travelling to Moscow, initially Aeroflot guys seized their passports and also inquired them of the amount of currency they are carrying, and would they be able to sustain their finances once they are in Russia.

Since when is it airline's responsibility to do that, that's what the embassies are for. Also, one of the principal guy from Aeroflot, was mocking the Nepalese guys in no less than racial ways. And nonetheless to say, the flight, food, service were a crap on top of all the mental harassment we had to undergo. Would seriously not recommend this airline to anyone, it is no short of a scam.

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Reviewed Feb. 13, 2016

Well I am normally not the person who write reviews, but after I saw the rating of Aeroflot, I thought I should add a few comments. Firstly, I am a frequent business traveler from Euro to Asia and as I travel a lot within China I was looking for an opportunity to get a Skyteam Status in addition to my Star Gold Status.

What I like on Aeroflot: Transfer in Moscow is actually on my way, I hardly lose any time on my way to Asia. There are two TGI Fridays in Sheremetyevo. Comfort Class (I am not allowed to fly business unless it's pretty cheap) and pretty cheap business class flights. A lot of miles for every flight and cheap to upgrade to business class. Young and mostly friendly flight attendants. Good connection to Asia and especially to China. Real business class from/to Europe to/from Mow when you book comfort class. I can speak Russian and improve my language skills (plus English-subbed Russian movies during the flight). Newest airplanes among European carriers. I got an 800 voucher for a downgrade from comfort to economy class on a flight that was just 1100€ due to a change of aircraft and full business class.

What I don't like: Sheremetyevo is way too narrow - it sucks to walk across the whole airport to get to your gate. I feel that if you don't speak Russian you are treated a little differently. You get a drink before your food and not while you are having your food. Upgrading your ticket is pretty complicated comparing it to other airlines.

Having lived in Russia a few years ago for some time, I can see that things in Russia everywhere are changing and getting better and I believe that in the future Aeroflot will become better and better. Transformation takes time and I see the efforts Aeroflot is putting in. I look forward my next flights and to watching the airline improving more and more. Just give it a few more years and will be better than many European airlines.

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Reviewed Feb. 1, 2016

I had a flight the same day with Aeroflot from St. Petersburg to Moscow which was late like 15 mins. Since that flight was not in time I have missed the flight from Moscow to Baku. After I arrived in terminal from which the Moscow-Baku flight will take place, I have talked to flight manager. She was in her room talking with a phone which was evidently not related to a work. She ignored me during first 2 minutes, which was evidently very important for me. There still was 15 minutes to the flight even after listening to her long and rude speech about how it is impossible to get to that flight and how irresponsible my attitude is with mistaking the plane with taxi! Her job was evidently to help people from which she was very far away.

Then I went to customer service and learned that I can get into next flight with its original price which was very high! And that my flight from Baku to Moscow is also cancelled!! I do not understand why the hell to cancel the flight that is after 14 days in such manner! Even not contacting with passenger. Plus, in the flight that I had to get in again with Aeroflot, they took my 40 lbs. backpack to baggage with threatening me if I do not give baggage they will get me out of plane. The reason they gave for such behaviour was my baggage being massive! 40 lbs. backpack!! Overall, people, please do not fly with Aeroflot. They treated me very inhumane that I cannot still get rid of its effect.

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Reviewed Jan. 8, 2016

This is most horrible experienced we had encountered. First, our flight got rescheduled due visa requirements. Rebooking fee is ridiculous amount of money. And on top of that original bookings we had 2 free luggage, now it change to 1 free luggage only which is crazy again to pay so much money. Second, our flight got delayed and to transfer in Moscow it's awful. We are running like a lunatic to catch the connecting flight. Our gate was changed to 49 instead of 42. Third, our luggage was lost. It takes forever to find it and we ended up reporting lost baggage and again forever to process. I was so nervous because I have all the important items on my luggage. Fourth, going back to NY same problem - got delayed and we are lunatic again to catch the connecting flight. Also the food is horrible. The pasta is no taste, overcooked.

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Reviewed Dec. 27, 2015

We had the worst, rudest and unprofessional customer service ever on flight SU273 from Bkk to Moscow 26.12.2015. Especially one air host spoke English so unclearly that we didn't understand what she said and her behavior was angry and unsuitable; she snapped and glared us. After flight, we talked with other Finnish travelers and they said that they noticed same extra rude customer service on that flight.

We are very disappointed because that kind of behavior has not seen on any other flight ever. That kind of behavior does not belong to customer service. Our flight from Bangkok was late and continuation flight (Moscow to Finland) was already waiting for us when we landed. Aeroflot staff hurried us and told us to run to the next gate. At the same time, they took off our baggage identification tag from our papers. Our bags did not transfer to Finland on same flight with us and apparently if they cannot be found we will not get any repayment from our stuff because we don't have identification tags? Flight SU273 Bkk-Moscow 26.12.2015 was really bad experience. Other flights with Aeroflot has been ok. I cannot recommend this airline anymore to anybody.

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Reviewed Dec. 18, 2015

I am disgusted with the service of this airline. The flight was horrible, but the worst was the fact that once I arrived to my destination, I realized someone had opened my suitcase and taken out every gift I had purchased for my family and friends. I sent the receipts of the gifts, filled out a claim form and after 3 months of first run around and no response.

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Reviewed Dec. 17, 2015

I took my mom to the Washington Dulles airport this Monday for the flight to Moscow. We got stuck in traffic on the way to the airport. (We were traveling from a different city. Usually it takes us around 4 hours to get there. This time it took us almost 5.) When we got to the check-in counter, the woman was sweeping the floors. She said she was the Aeroflot representative and very indifferently replied that it was too late. We got there at 1:33 pm. She said they closed check in lines at 1:30 pm and everybody is at the gate and nothing can be done. While it was still almost an hour before the flight departure. Anyways, when I tried to call the company to exchange the ticket, I was on hold for a while until our flight departed so according to their policy I could not exchange my ticket anymore, and had to buy a new one. I could get around $100 fees back and that is it!!! No exchanges or other flight options were offered.

Nobody wanted to help us, they simply don't have any representatives at the airport. I was lost. I did not know where to run and what to do. The lady at the airport information desk was able to connect me with the gate representatives, something sweeping floor representative could have done, and the person said that he has 300 passengers to take care of and they cannot help us. Not mentioning my mom almost had a heart attack, when it all happened, because we did not expect this sort of indifference and simple rudeness. We used this company multiple times a year. We had pretty bad experience with them last year when same flight was delayed by over 24 hours. And this time around we were 3 minutes late and they could not do anything to help. Well, it's definitely the last time we bought their tickets, especially now I know they cannot do anything with the ticket if unexpected things happen.

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Reviewed Nov. 12, 2015

From my point of view, one star is too much for such a awful airline! Last month I traveled by this airline, the first and of course the last experience. I was traveling to Dusseldorf, but as a transit I had a stop in Moscow. (My flight number was SU513 (Tehran to Moskau) dated 21.10.2015 and SU2152 (Moskau to Duesseldorf) at 11:35 dated 21.10.2015.)

When I received my luggage in Dusseldorf, it seemed that it had been opened. I just checked my stuffs visually. I had covered my objects with 2 big jackets and I found them like before. Then I thought, "Ok, in such a long trip something like this might happen," and since I had not enough time to control all things in details I rushed out of airport.

When I got home, I understood that whatever valuable or eye-catching that I had in my suitcase had been stolen. Unfortunately I had a set of jewelry and gold in my luggage which I'd tried to hide them to be safe. Also I had various party dresses. Surprisingly "dear thief" had chosen among them! Of course all jewelries and some of dresses! It seems that he/she has had enough time and has felt secure to go through people's stuffs and found his/her favorite ones!

I tried to call airline. No one answered me. I sent an email and described my situation. I received just a simple "Sorry." I offered a detailed list of my missed objects and asked them to control their cameras, not for me but for their reputation. Except that "Sorry" I did not receive any other emails. Till now I sent many email with different subjects for different department of Aeroflot. They even did not reply. It seems that I am guilty not they and it is a normal behavior from staffs of this airline. To me it was a lesson: Before choosing an airline pay attention to their sense of responsibility and their ethical reputation before the price. Unfortunately Russian got failed.

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Reviewed Oct. 27, 2015

Round trip economy flight from LAX to Barcelona, family of 6. It was great, seamless, comfortable. I would highly recommend flying Aeroflot. While their customer service leaves a lot to be desired, they are extremely efficient and do their job. Russians aren't the friendliest but if you don't travel with the mentality of "I'm doing you a favor by being here" you'll be fine. No lost luggage, it was great!!

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Reviewed Oct. 22, 2015

I had a fabulous flight. Very courteous and friendly. Was surprised at how clean and roomy the plane was. Wonderful experience and what a savings.

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Reviewed Oct. 17, 2015

The experience that my wife and I had during our first Aeroflot flight journey was exceptionally unpleasant while we were going on our holiday trip to London. First and foremost, during our onward journey to London the airline staff conveniently forgot to transfer our bags from one flight to another at the connecting port of Moscow. This meant we couldn't find our baggage at the London airport due to the delayed airport luggage. This was faced by many other customers who were coming from Dubai via Moscow. We finally got our baggage the next day in the afternoon however this incident ruined our plan for one and a half days as had to cancel our planned activities for the first day and manage clothing, toiletries and other essential items. This was a serious issue and it was a harassment of the highest order for us both mentally and physically.

Secondly, during the return journey on 26th Sept from London airport at the Aeroflot ticket counter the lady agent took almost 20 minutes just to issue our boarding pass. We were not happy about waiting so long at the ticket counter but we didn't react to this as there was little we could say and even less that we could do. The third issue that we faced shows how pathetic their airport management is. While taking the connecting flight (during the return journey) at Moscow, we were again troubled as their management were totally confused about the gate number for the flight to Dubai until the last moment.

While the lady rep diverting the customers for connecting flight informed us of the changes in the gate number of our flight, the LED display board showed us the same gate number as shown in the ticket. When we reached the suggested gate number, the boarding staff told us to wait after seeing the ticket as passengers for another flight were being boarded. Even 25 mins prior to boarding, the staff insisted us to wait. When we checked the display board again, the gate number shown got changed but this time to a third number. When we informed this to the staff they still insisted to wait. We were restless so tried checking another gate and guess what??? This was it!!! We were among the last to get boarded. Not to forget, we had to walk a kilometer inside the Moscow airport to reach the first gate and then the second gate was also around 200 meters away.

And the story is not over yet. At the London airport, we requested the lady agent who had issued the boarding tickets to provide us window seats. Though she acknowledged our request and agreed to provide the same, we only got window seats for the first leg of our journey (i.e London to Moscow) while the seats in the connecting flight were booked in two different rows and both being the middle seat on the opposite side (18 E and 19 B). Wowwww. I really can't believe she did this and did not even informed us. This was a real shock to us after all what we experienced. Furthermore, we found that there were many other couples in the same flight who got middle seats in a different row.

Just to conclude, I have never had such a terrible experience with any airlines before and I can't believe this happened to us. I really don't know how would Aeroflot team compensate us for this entire episode but the least they can do is to provide us the full refund of our tickets.

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Reviewed Oct. 16, 2015

I just want to share that after I've lost my flight to Beijing, my return flight was cancelled from Aeroflot. I didn't ask for this! I find this unfair. I asked for a tax refund and even though the taxes are 350 euro they just want to return 50 euro. (The agency will also keep a 20 euro fee!) I find this also unfair. Is it possible to join forces with someone (something like an organization) in order to make things work in a fair way? Losing your return ticket because you lost your first ticket is just unfair and since now I know about this I feel obliged to do something about it. Thanks.

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Reviewed Aug. 26, 2015

I traveled from Copenhagen to New Delhi on 14/07/2015 by Aeroflot flight no. SU 2659/SU 0232 via Moscow. On landing at Delhi I found my only one bag which I was carrying is missing. I made a complaint at airport. The only bag I was carrying was given to me after 48 hours. At airport, the staff told us that we can buy essential items, as I was on a business tour to New Delhi and was returning on 26th July by Aeroflot. I purchased some items and submitted claim by email to their head office in Russia. I got reply that I should submit my claim to Delhi office with original receipt. I sent my claim to Delhi office. I got reply from Delhi office that claim is rejected as Delhi is my hometown.

Again I advise them that I am a resident of Denmark and sent a copy of resident card. Even I had back to Denmark on 26th July to attend my job. But to great surprise, I again got reply that claim is rejected as I am a holding Indian passport. They have not bothered to see my proof of residency and trying to cheat customers to save their money. I am looking into option to write to regulatory body to take action and also file a suit for delayed baggage claim as well as loss of business.

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Reviewed Aug. 5, 2015

We were two passengers coming from Izmir, Turkey to St. Petersburg with connecting flight Izmir-Istanbul-Moscow-St.Petersburg. We bought our tickets from And from Izmir we took a flight company Atlas Global and came to Izmir. While we're checking in Izmir they told us we should take our luggages in Istanbul. We waited there and our luggages didn't come up and we went to lost and found. The women in there saw our luggage ticket and she said on ticket it's written that we should take our luggages in Moscow. But we were in suspense cause everyone was saying different things. So went to Aeroflot counter 4 hours before our flight and let them know that there is sth wrong about luggages and they called somewhere told us that they hadn't got our luggages yet and we should come there again before flight.

So we waited at the airport and 1 hour before we again asked about our luggages. The woman called somewhere again she said "they are picking but I'll call them again so you can wait for your flight." And while we were getting aboard we asked again and she naturally said "ahh! Your luggages hadn't translated to our plane." She called someone else and we started talking with him. He said because our last destination in St. Petersburg we could make a lost claim in St. Petersburg and he'll be trying to get our luggages in one day. And we got to Moscow in case of misunderstanding we waited for our luggages and also there was a woman from Aeroflot to take us to the domestic flight and the passengers that'll take the same flight as well as us.

So we told her our story but she couldn't understand English and after every passenger got their luggage and when our luggages again didn't show up we all went to the other terminal in the lead of women who works for Aeroflot. And when came to check-in place she sent us to the gate cause we had already gotten our boarding pass and we didn't have any luggages and then we came to St. Petersburg and we made a report about our lost. But when we went to St. Petersburg airport after 3 days from our lost, a member of AEROFLOT company said to us, (and I should state that he was really rude to us) "you should have claimed this in Moscow." And we said that "your colleagues in Istanbul said to us that we must do this inform in our final destination. That means your company misinformed us." After 5 days our baggages arrived to St. Petersburg (after when we accepted to pay for customs service).

And at last they made us to pay custom service approximately 200 EUROS for 45kg luggage!! Isn't this madness?? We were victims and we paid them also!! But when we were taking our luggages a worker of the lost and found said to us that "you will probably get your money back because this is not your problem. They should have told you this." The problem is THEY SAID NOTHING to us. THEY DIDN'T INFORM US BUT THEY INFORMED US WRONG AND WE BELIEVED THEM. YES, THIS WAS OUR FAULT. If anybody from Aeroflot reading this complaint, we want an explanation and take our money back. And you can find the copy of the file reference, proof of custom payment, damage claim, baggage ticket and boarding passes.

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Reviewed May 1, 2015

Our first ever experience with the Aeroflot. We bought e-tickets that I had to call and process it via operator since the dates were all different way combined. The guy, ** put all 3 of our last names as our first names and visa versa, which I found out later, how much I had to pay to fix their stupidity!!! Then at the end of the booking, he said I can't pay for all of them now, only one, or just go online and pay them directly on the web. First, he didn't say that "you won't be able to pay since you probably being American have to use a foreign bank card" :) hahaha. It never happened.

I had to call my bank in the US and make sure they won't block the transactions, still wasn't able to pay for all the tickets. We ended up going to their local DC office, guess what the lady said "your names are incorrect - last name is in the place of the first name..." etc... "you have to pay 50 Euro for each ticket to fix" WHAT? Wow! I heard so much about Russian lies and corruption, but to that extend? You won't see anywhere else on this planet! Anyways we had no choice but to pay for it.

I would never, never recommend anyone to use the Aeroflot services. Guess why are they cheap, because they have a cheap uneducated labor working for them, who barely speak even English being held on the US help lines, or the worse - they don't know that the LAST NAME is NOT A FIRST NAME, IT IS THE SURNAME of that person... :) l hope Aeroflot will read this. To all readers, save your nerves, pay more and fly with a different airlines, it is totally not worth it to even try the Aeroflot.

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Reviewed March 23, 2015

Flight Moscow, Russia - JFK at January 18, 2015. Booked more than 2 months before the flight. Mistakenly selected February instead of January. Customer service did nothing to correct the date. Charged $100 from my refund when I cancelled booking with a wrong date. Be careful with this air company, they like to steal your money.

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Reviewed March 4, 2015

Hello, this is the worst airline I have use. I recommend do not use Aeroflot airlines, they do not care about passenger just money. I have spent 6 months for a damage refund, I got from Aeroflot just excuses about it. They do not care. I still writing emails and I have spent 6 months in this matter, luggage damage cost is 90 euros and now because it was last year, they want reduce 10% because luggage 1 year older. Really this worst airline, avoid it. Also airline is over price. This airline is not trustful airlines.

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Reviewed Dec. 19, 2014

I had lost my luggage on my flight Seoul>> Moscow>>Tehran on Sep. 20 (~90 days ago) and I submitted my lost luggage ticket, claim request and the other documents to Aeroflot on October 5th. My luggage itself was 450$ and I had a size-52 man suit, Jeans, leather belt and shoes, shirts and T-shirt and perfume in my luggage (Totally about 1640$).

Stupidly, after 90 days I was informed that AEROFLOT is going to return me only 220 $!!!! I will go to Seoul police office, and I will sue this FUNNY airline. But I also want to spread this news so that other people may know about this airline. I also hope someone responsible from AEROFLOT may do something about this problem otherwise I will keep posting this message on all of my weblogs and social networks.

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Reviewed Dec. 7, 2014

NEVER, EVER again! I was stuck in Germany for 10 days because bad weather and Aeroflot couldn't fly. I didn't mind staying longer in Germany but Aeroflot didn't offer any accommodation nor compensation which they are required by law. Once we managed to get from Frankfurt to Scheremetejevo with 6 hours delay, our connecting flight was gone. We had to wait 12 hours at the airport with no food or water. We're not allowed out of a small holding area. At midnight, we were escorted to a hotel where we had to wait outside in the bus for another 2 hours because they didn't have enough rooms. So I had to talk to those Idiots and managed to get all people in the rooms by sharing arrangements. We were not allowed to leave the floor! We were IMPRISONED!!! The room service would only take cash but the only way to change money was a machine. I had to beg our KGB prison guards to escort me down to the lobby only to find the machine broken. I had to change money with the clerk at a 100% premium. I never had any problems with Air China going through Beijing. In China, they will let you out of the airport for 72 hours, even if you do not have a visa!

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Reviewed Nov. 3, 2014

I had booked 2 tickets with Aeroflot which I have attached herewith on the 9th of August from BEY - SVO - LED - BEY. However, we missed my flight (due to some visa requirement document we had to prepare). Thus, in order to keep our prepaid hotel reservations ongoing without any cancellation fees, we had to purchase 2 other BUSINESS CLASS one way ticket ($1,685) operated by Aeroflot via Milan to get to Moscow on time since we had a limited time on our Russian Visa. I had thought that once we arrive to Moscow, we will pay the penalty fees and keep our initial ticket reservation as is. After we reached Milano, we had to wait for 15 hours transit in Malpensa Airport because the employees were on strike, and no one from Aeroflot's representatives was at the transfer desk and no one would even talk to us (Even though I kept calling AEROFLOT'S desk from my roaming phone). No one even had the courtesy to go to the transfer desk to put us on the next 2 flights which they had from Malpensa to Moscow, so we had to wait for 15 hours to catch our flight.

After waiting for 15 hours, I spoke to the lady at the boarding pass to check if our luggage were on board before boarding the flight! Everyone at the boarding gate was extremely rude, and no one responded to us. We had no Shenghen visa stamped on our passports, so we couldn't exit the international boarders of the passport control to meet anyone at the Aeroflot counter!! And no one from their counter would even respond to my roaming calls to help us catch the second 2 flights they had to Moscow. After arriving to MOSCOW eventually, to my surprise, my 2 luggages never reached SVO's airport in Moscow. We had spent my entire 5 days in Russia with no clothes and no luggage. We still have NO INFORMATION ABOUT OUR LUGGAGE UNTIL THIS MOMENT. I have filled and attached the Customs Claim Form which I had to fill out at SVO airport after I have lost my luggage. Kept calling them almost 10 times everyday and they never answer. When they do, they reply rudely that we have no information!

In addition to all the above, our initial tickets on Aeroflot which I had booked and paid for (Attached herewith) were cancelled. We had to do a new one way booking from Moscow (SVO) - St. Petersburg (LED) - Beirut (BEY) again! And pay Aeroflot $900 USD again per ticket to keep ours and return back to Beirut! So we had to pay $5,000 for 2 passengers tickets!!!!

I requested them kindly to compensate us on the following: Compensation for losing our bags for 10 days. I had to repurchase everything during my stay in Moscow, WHICH I CLAIMED AT THE CUSTOMS IN SVO MOSCOW. OUR REFERENCE NUMBER IS **. EACH LUGGAGE WAS WORTH $10,000 USD. (Still NO INFORMATION ON THE BAG). EXPENSES FOR SHOPPING IN RUSSIA SINCE WE ARRIVED WITH NO LUGGAGE!!!! COMPENSATE FOR AT LEAST 10,000 USD FOR 2 PASSENGERS. Clothes, underwear, jackets, shoes, vanity kits, roaming telephone expenses etc. Compensate on waiting at the airport for 15 hours because no one would bother to meet us at the transfer desk at Malpensa to board us on the upcoming flights, even though we were on Business Class. Thus, a refund of my purchased ticket. Compensate on the roaming telephone expenses that I had to pay to get in touch with an Aeroflot representative at Malpensa, and the calls I had to call the airport to follow up with the lost luggage! In other words, I have never been compensated for a Dollar, they never took the courtesy to respond to my calls, messages, emails. And my luggage are still lost!

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Reviewed June 24, 2014

Specially on Indian sectors those fatty old air hostesses are so rude to Indians... They just ignore all requests and never pay attention to calling requests. I travelled from Copenhagen to Delhi Via Moscow on 21.06.2014. When we reached Delhi, Bags of 55 passengers were missing. No one from Aeroflot was present at the airport at 3AM. Around 4AM Air India's 2 staff started collecting the missing bags forms and that too they said that they are just helping us... they don't represent Aeroflot. I requested for Hindu meal and I was given 2 slices of chickens... that was Hindu meal for them.

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Reviewed May 21, 2014

I flew from Los Angeles to Tehran in April 2014. The food in the flight was horrible. The flight attendants were unbelievably unfriendly. In Moscow the connecting flight to Tehran had technical difficulty. It was announced to change the plane but they didn't open the door for 20 minutes. Then we had to wait on the corridor for another 20 minutes because the door to the airport was locked and no one was there. Eventually a crew passing by opened the door but there was no one to tell us where to go. When I came back to Los Angeles, I had to wait 2 hours for my luggage and finally we were told that 2/3 of luggages have not been loaded from Moscow. There was no rep. to tell us what is happening the whole time. The rep. showed up after 2 hours when everyone was screaming. When I told him about my experience in that flight, he didn't say anything like he couldn't care less. I got my luggage a day later at midnight. They were opened and damaged.

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Reviewed Feb. 27, 2014

This is the worse company I ever deal with. Unprofessional and horrible customer service!!!! I was the customer of Aeroflot from 2010 and today was a last time I called them!!! I think I am a very valuable customer when I fly around the world very often enough. I have booked ticket for Sunday at 2 pm to fly out to Moscow from NYC but unfortunately due to death of my grandpa, I have to change the date of my ticket. This is the case of emergency and I needed to fly out today but I couldn't change it because there was a fee of $100 to change the date...

Since I had booked 2 tickets I have to pay $200 penalty fee. I was pretty shocked. I was nicely asking to reduce the fee to at least $100 BUT Aeroflot doesn't do exceptions for their customers. But not only that, at CALL CENTER girls are rudest people ever were giving me an attitude and when I asked to speak to the manager, I was told that all my questions were answered and that they won't transfer me over managers. And there is a "MANAGER" who doesn't speak to the customers. SO I AM WONDERING WHAT THE HELL DOES AEROFLOT NEED A MANAGER/SUPERVISOR IF HE/SHE DOESN'T SPEAK TO THE CLIENTS?????

Just terrible customer service, terrible company and I would never EVER book a ticket with them again and would NEVER recommend to anybody to deal with them!!!!!! Stay away or God forbid you will have an emergency situation. AEROFLOT doesn't understand its' clients. Oh, not only that, I was also told that next time I should get a Premium Business class tickets instead of budget economy class, so I will be able to change the date for free. SERIOUSLY??? If I would have $ for PREMIUM class ticket, you think I would mind to pay $100 penalty fee. USE THE LOGIC!!!

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Reviewed June 22, 2012

I missed the flight (Moscow - Amsterdam) because the business class administrator did not repeat the request of the administrator of gate 49. When it was my time, I asked the business class administrator when my flight will be announced. She was in shock and sent me direct to the gate, but it was too late. The gate was closed.

The administrator of gate 49 told me that she announced it several times, probably in the hall but not in the Business lounge. From this point, all Aeroflot employees sent me to different desks and their English was not good. Also, my Russian was not good enough, but I can guarantee you that it is good enough to understand that they are looking for me. I fly for more than a year to Russia and I like your company. What I don't like is the service if those things happened. My fault, my fault that is only what they can say. That is the reason that I write a complaint.

I don't know why but Aeroflot changed the lounge, the Amber lounge instead of Classica. Maybe you can tell them that I am disappointed and expected more service. The penalty is less 800 ruble, that is good service. But, I still think that I am not wrong. Minimum, we are both wrong. I learned my lesson and do not wait anymore and would act earlier. My question is what did Aeroflot learn?

This is what I want: my 800 ruble back; I want to go with my wife to Australia in 18 months and I need more Air miles. Maybe you can do something back for my little money damage but a bigger social damage, 6 hrs delay. I want to go home to my family.

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Reviewed March 20, 2012

March 16, Friday at Vladivostok. I requested to change my flight from March 31 to April 17 (from Beijing to Amsterdam through Moscow). Request accepted by paying a fee of 100 euros. This fee was only guaranteed for 24 hours from changing time. Fee can not be paid by credit card over the phone neither by me or a Russian person, but only in the office of Aeroflot in Vladivostok or Airport Artom. However, this Friday the office in Vladivostok is closed and the airport office is not in reasonable distance from Vladivostok. Also, the office of Vladivostok is closed on Saturday and Sunday. Aeroflot offered to call the office in Holland or Austria, for they could accept credit card. I called, but they demand resp. 125 euros and 170 euros. I want to pay 100 euros as quoted, nothing more. I can not pay this amount within 24 hours without going to the airport of Artom. I decided not to do this because I can not and do not want to spend this time. Aerflot suggests to risk a higher fee and wait until Sunday to call back and make new reservation for the change of ticket so within 24 hours on Monday I can pay at the Vladivostok office according to the rate available on Sunday. I decided to wait for Sunday to make new reservation.

March 18, Sunday at Vladivostok. I called Aeroflot but they refused to make a new reservation for the change of ticket. They say it is not possible since I already made a reservation. I asked again, but no new reservation can be made. I wait until Monday. March 19, Monday, Vladivostok: I went to the Aeroflot office in Vladivostok, and when I walked in there are about 40 to 50 people packed in the office where 2 ladies are working at the desk (place for 3). I make video recording of this which is available on YouTube under "Aeroflot Service March 2012.” We entered this office about 2.30 pm. The office closes at 6.00. I call to Aeroflot and they said it is possible to make new reservation, which I do. The fee of 100 euros is still available and I need to pay this in one of the offices (Vladivostok or Airport Artom) within 24 hours to be assured of the fee of 100 euros. I went out of the office and returned at about 5.30 pm. The lady who was waiting in front of us around 2.30 still has 9 persons in front of her. I tried to talk to the manager, but she does not want to reply.

March 20, Tuesday at Artom Airport. I take the bus from Vladivostok to Artom Airport and arrive at the office of Aeroflot at the airport after 1.15 hours at about 1.35 pm. The lady behind the desk informs me to wait 30 minutes so she can help passengers of upcoming flights first (nice for them). After this period, she wants to help us, but her system cannot process the request of payment. She called Aeroflot and at 3 pm she can accept our payment. The credit card machine is not working and I can only pay in cash. I paid and I changed my flight by being able to pay after 4 days. I called Aeroflot to discuss this situation right after I paid and while explaining my situation to the man over the phone, he ended the phone call.

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Reviewed Dec. 26, 2011

I have been an Aeroflot Airlines customer since 2006 because I fly to Russia every year. I always order the plane ticket online. (1) On May 18 2011, I ordered a ticket online and made sure all the information was correct, and I pressed the submit button for payment in the amount of $1,117.30: Simferopol-Moscow-Astrakhan, Moscow-New York. (2) After I received my ticket confirmation on e-mail on 8.57 pm, it stated that the flight Moscow-New York was scheduled for 10.05 am instead of the afternoon flight I requested.

I assumed the Web mistake occurred and decided to contact Aeroflot. (3/a) I waited for morning in Moscow and called Aeroflot (according to my Google account on 5/18/11, 11:56 pm which was 7.56 am by Moscow time) requesting to correct the website mistake. (b) The lady whose name was Natasha (if I can recollect correctly) replied the ticket was non-refundable, and even in the case of mistake, they cannot do anything. I asked for a manager, she said the manager was not there, but the manager would not be able to help, anyway. Her tone was rude. (4) I applied for dispute with American Express. They couldn't help, either because Aeroflot told them the ticket was non-refundable. AmEx advised me to use the third party. (5) I contacted Aeroflot several times from Ukraine and Russia after that, but all the time the lines were busy, or I got disconnected. I did not use the ticket, at all.

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Reviewed Nov. 17, 2011

My flight from London to Delhi (via Moscow) was cancelled on the day of departure. They put me on an alternate flight on the same route that departed several hours later and included a 12-hour stop in Moscow rather than a 3-hour one.

This was annoying in itself but not the main issue. I requested a vegetarian meal, and had this verified prior to the initial cancellation of my flight. No one at Aeroflot bothered to transfer this request to the replacement flight and that flight didn't carry any vegetarian meals. So I didn't eat on the flight and on complaining at the Aeroflot desk at Moscow airport, received some meal tokens to spend in the airport.

However, the value of the tokens was pathetic by any measure. The only eatery open was TGI Fridays and the only vegetarian option there was soup, which I ordered with a glass of orange juice. These two meagre items not only came to more than the amount I had in tokens but required me to pay several Euros too! Just to add insult to injury, this event happened nearly a year ago and repeated emails to Aeroflop are ignored and occasionally referred to some other department that proceeds to ignore them. Also the level of English of Aeroflot staff is terrible for the international airline.

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Reviewed Jan. 8, 2011

We are at SVO in Moscow on 8 Jan 11. It is all quiet here but the Aeroflot agents are as unhelpful as ever. We arrived early and tried to get an earlier flight. We spoke with the duty manager, Andrei ** of Aeroflot. He was very unhelpful and called a lady over to deal with us, English speakers. Obviously, we had gone to him as he is a manager. Andrei's female colleague did not translate and he took minimal interest. She said that we need to pay $170 per ticket to catch an earlier flight and there was no recognition of the fact that we had such a big problem with Aeroflot on our outward leg at the end of December. Andrei did not even bother to say good bye. Later, we went to check-in and spoke with "Natalya." She was equally unhelpful and it was difficult to persuade her to allow my wife and I to sit together. All in all, it was terrible service again from Aeroflot.

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Reviewed Dec. 27, 2010

I was flying from Beijing to Moscow with Aeroflot on the 23rd of December 2010. The airport was practically empty as it was a very late flight (01:55 am). When I was checking in I heard some loud voice from the man in front of me. It was a man from Azerbaijan, complaining to the check-in officer that he cannot pay the 280 euros for 8 kilos overweight.

I got involved since the man did not speak good English assuming that the Chinese check-in officer did not say euro but RMB. I was wrong. He was in fact asking for 280 euro! The customer left screaming and opening his luggage to get some stuff out. I went to check in with my business partner and for 45 kilos total weight (for 2 passengers) we were informed that the excess 5 kilos would cost 200 US dollars (this time the currency had changed!) I complained, realizing that the Chinese man was making money from this as he was the oldest of all 8 check-in officers and had replaced a young girl by sending her somewhere else while she was checking passengers in.

And I noticed that all other 7 lines had no such problems. Obviously he was in charge. I refused and asked why it costs so much. He said in good English that Aeroflot had such high tariffs for excess weight. He refused to let us fly unless we paid. I refused again asking for an official from Aeroflot to confirm it. He told us there was none there. We were in this mans mercy! It was $200 or Christmas in Beijing, China. I told him I would rather get rid of some of my clothes,and he told me it was not his problem. So we had to leave some of our clothes (4 pairs of jeans, 4 blouses, a bag of underwear) in a bin in the airport and wear 2 jackets each and 3 sweat shirts! Then we could fly. Where was Aeroflot? How much should I have paid for 5 kilos? What will you do about it?

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Reviewed Oct. 24, 2010

I am writing to you, because my trip was abruptly cancelled due to unsuspected complications with my passport. On 23rd of October, I was supposed to travel with Aeroflot Company from Los Angeles to Minsk, Belarus. I am a dual citizen of both countries with American passport valid till 2016 and my Belarusian passport valid till 2022. This is my first time trying to fly with Aeroflot. Normally, I do fly with Lufthansa or Lot. My last trip was three months ago with Lufthansa and I never had a problem to present a visa to an intermittent country, which is normally Frankfurt, Germany or Warsaw, Poland, since my start point and my destination point fall within my legitimate presence due to both passports being valid. However, while trying to travel with Aeroflot, I discovered that my Belarusian passport, even though valid, lacks a stamp that allows me to leave and enter Belarus multiple times a year.

Last time I was in Belarus, they informed me that they stop administering stamps in Belarusian passports and it never was a problem for me, while I was trying to leave my country, Belarus, on multiple occasions previously to travel through Germany of Poland. However, this time I was denied the entrance to a supposedly friendly country, Russia, even though my country, which is Belarus, doesn't seem to have a problem with me coming home as desired. I understand that different countries have different policies and regulations; therefore, I will keep this newly learned lesson in my mind for my future travels.

In the mean time, I would like to receive the full refund of the unused ticket, I do not wish to receive any credit, since I do not plan to fly Aeroflot in the future. I also have to comment on a representative from Aeroflot in Los Angeles, he was very helpful and he provided a very professional way of dealing with my problem. I do not know his last name, but his first name is Karen. Thank you Karen for being there when disgruntled and mostly upset passengers feel extremely helpless! As I am writing this letter to you, I am also copying this message to a Belarusian embassy representative for their future consideration.

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Reviewed Jan. 11, 2010

I flew on Aeroflot Russian Airlines from Amsterdam to Shanghai, connecting through Moscow, on December 24, 2009. When checking in for my flight to Moscow, I was informed that the flight was delayed by 2.5 hours with no apparent weather problems in either Amsterdam or Moscow, and was told to go to the ticket counter for rebooking as I would likely not make my connection. The ticket counter told me the only possibility was to go on the same flight the next day, but that I should go to Moscow as the flight would be held for me and 5 others. I took that advice and checked in. The flight ended up 3.5 hours delayed and I had no chance of making my flight to Shanghai. No information was ever offered about the flight delays.

When I arrived in Moscow, I was unable to pass the transfers desk as I and the other 4 travelers to Shanghai were on a list indicating that we would spend the night in Moscow and leave at 8 PM the next day. This is despite the fact we were in plenty of time for the Beijing flight at 10 PM the same night, which would have gotten us to Shanghai the next morning/afternoon. Instead, we were forced to go to the transit section of the Novotel hotel for almost 24 hours--where we were forced to share a room with a stranger, provided with one bottle of water for the entire time, and given two inadequate (some of the food was rotten) meals at improper times.

We arrived at the hotel around 10 PM but were offered no dinner since we had sat at the airport for 2-3 hours (in a zone which did not have access to food or drinks), waiting to be moved to the hotel, we had missed dinner. The worst part of the entire process was that no apologies were offered or even friendliness on the part of the staff. Instead, we were treated as if it was our fault to have been stuck in that situation. This was all took place on December 25, which is Christmas Day in western countries.

I cannot believe that the Skyteam alliance allows Aeroflot to be a member, and especially to codeshare with airlines like KLM or Delta who provide excellent service and would never subject a traveler to such events. I would never have chosen Aeroflot was it not for its membership in the Skyteam alliance which gave me faith that I would be treated the same as other Skyteam airlines. Other airlines would have provided a business class upgrade on the next leg of the flight (the business class was almost empty), as well as free frequent flier miles or a flight voucher. Aeroflot has not even offered an apology.

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Reviewed Dec. 31, 2009

On the 23rd of December 2009, I was traveling from Edinburgh to Chelyabinsk, in Russia to visit my partner. Due to inclement weather conditions, my flight was cancelled. I managed to secure a later flight which should have arrived in London in plenty of time to catch the Aeroflot to Moscow and a further flight from Moscow to Chelyabinsk, but this flight was continuously delayed, and consequently, I missed my connections from London to Chelyabinsk, I had to pay an extra 150 British Pounds for a flight from London to Moscow on a flight which was virtually empty. Then they decided my suitcase was overweight and charged me a further 80 GB Pounds. Eventually arriving in Moscow, I had to collect my baggage and check in for the onward flight to Chelyabinsk, I could not find my luggage and was promptly informed it was still in London. No one apologized; no one accepted responsibility. They just shrugged their shoulders and said, "It is not my fault." I feel that Aeroflot personnel at airports are running some sort of confidence trick on tourists. Aeroflot and BAA should look into this matter. It took four days to retrieve my suitcase, with still no apology.

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Reviewed Nov. 14, 2009

Aeroflot lost my luggage last month. On Oct 9th, I flied from Rome to Shanghai and transferrd in Moscow. Finally they lost my suitcase and haven't found it for me till now. There are a lot of luxury goods and gifts in the suitcase and total value is higher than $4000 US dollars. However, they only would pay me $400 US dollars as the compensation base on the Warsaw Convention.
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Reviewed March 29, 2009

Aeroflot Russian Airlines lost my suitcase in February 2008. Their Los Angeles office offered $460, citing Warsaw Convention limitations. When I went to San Francisco small claims court and filed suit for $1500. Aeroflot wanted the Los Angeles small claims court to hear the case, but the San Francisco court refused. The Warsaw Convention allows the baggage victim to file suit in small claims court in the city where the travels ended: Spanner v. United Airlines (9th Cir. 1999) 177 F.3d 1173. Aeroflot gambled by not showing up in court, so the San Francisco judge awarded the entire $1500. Aeroflot did not appeal, though they were correct that $460 was maximum under the Warsaw Convention. It all depends on where you go to court.
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Reviewed Jan. 12, 2009

Aeroflot left me with no suitacase (held in customs in Moscow due to a tight connection) during my two weeks in Krasnodar and did not reimburse for any of the clothes I was forced to buy. Additionally they did not let me board my return flight on 1/5 because my visa - which they had controlled but did not notice was wrong upon check in on 12/20 in JFK - was for an earlier day (the day I left Krasnodar). With three hours to spare, nobody from Aeroflot was able to provide the service (nor speak English) to show me the place where I could correct my visa at the aiport (a process that took 15 minutes the following day) and therefore missed my flight. Later nobody helped me rebook another flight. This airline does not deserve to be a member of the Sky Alliance Team!
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Reviewed Dec. 19, 2008

Applied for refund for a ticket on June 13th using a refund form signed and dated by the Aeroflot official in New York office. Its been about 6 months hanv't received the money yet after numerous calls to Aerofolt. We were told the refund is already made and american express is holding my money, i am unable to secure a refund tranaction ID from Aeroflot and was told to contact Moscow (I don't speak Russian).I called American express and no refund transaction was requested by Aeroflot. After I call the New York office they hang up and without any response, please advise.
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Reviewed Dec. 5, 2008

I purchased 2 round trip tickets for my parents to travel from Moscow to New York for approximately $900 each (Total: $1,800). When they tried to return to Moscow from New York, Aeroflot said their ticket was void. The only solution they offered was to buy one-way tickets for $1,500 each (Total: $3,000). I provided thorough documentation that successful payment was made for the original tickets, but they refuse to honor the return leg of the trip. At first Aeroflot had no explaination for voiding the return leg. Finally they said they never received payment. However I provided the Aeroflot Transaction Receipt and my debit card statement. Both documents indicate that funds were transfered.
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Reviewed Jan. 18, 2002

In June Of 2000 we planned a vacation to India and bought the tickets (for a family of 4) from a travel agent who was located in New York. When we left on June 17th from JFK the lady at the check out asked us where we want our luggage to be sent. So I told her Our final destination was New Delhi. To our surprise at Moscow they confiscated our passports and tickets and sent us back to JFK on the flight following day. The treatment was horrendous we were kept in the detention center with all of us going through a lot of trauma. My husband went through a lot of pain as he had gone through catherization 2 days before the flight.

The whole family went through such ordeal after spending more than $8000.00

and lot of inconvenience. Our luggage was sent back from Delhi to MOscow to new york to atlanta to philadelphia and arrived damaged condition. We had to forgo our 5 weeks vacation were terrified lost a bundle of money. All because of Aeroflots fault

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