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Yes, Sunlux is legit. Founded in 2012, Sunlux is a legitimate solar company available in California and Texas.

93% of Sunlux customers in the last two years report being satisfied with the company, with the highest ratings for ease of installation, technician quality and customer service.

Finding a reliable solar company is a challenge in such a new industry without any established names.

We’ve done the research and combed through reviews from verified customers. We can say with confidence that Sunlux is definitely a legit company.

What is Sunlux?

Sunlux is a solar energy company that specializes in full-service panel installation. Customers work directly with a Sunlux advisor to customize their system. The company serves residents in Southern California and Central Texas.

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Sunlux customer reviews

Sunlux’s reviews are positive. Of the 563 verified customer reviews on ConsumerAffairs, 93% are satisfied.

Customers appreciate the company's thorough presentations, clear communication and responsiveness. Many customers mention that Sunlux's pricing was competitive and that they felt comfortable and trusted the company. The installation process is smooth for most customers, although there are a few instances of miscommunication or delays.

Recent Sunlux reviews

Cynthia, Chicago, IL: An absolute flawless experience. I would have put solar in earlier had I known about their services earlier! My biggest worry was not knowing who to go with. Sunlux did all the leg work and research for us.

Victor, Vista, CA: We called Sunlux and we chose them because they had everything that we needed. No matter what my question was, they were there. They walked us through the process and helped us every step of the way. It was excellent. We decided to finance the panels as that was the best option that worked with our budget. Sunlux hooked us up with a company that would do the financing and they seem to work hand in hand. There was no interruption or any delays. Everything was approved in a timely fashion.

A little irritation was that Sunlux didn't seem to have enough people showing up during the installation process, so it took a little longer than I thought it should to install everything and get everything running. But they were very diligent about getting the job completed as quickly as they possibly could. There was just a little hang-up at the beginning of the actual generation of energy. My concern at the beginning of the generation of power was we weren't generating enough to cover our bill. 17 out of the 30 panels that we had installed were generating energy. In talking to the Sunlux representative, she answered all of my questions. She said that she was sending a couple of technicians out and she did.

It turned out it was something dumb where when they initially installed the system, somebody forgot to turn on half the panels. We have 30 panels. Some of them are on the main house and some of them are on the guest house. In the sub panels on the guest house, they didn't flip the switch on. We worked through that and everything came out fine.

In this next billing cycle, we're gonna notice a big difference. We've been tracking it every day. We're watching when the sun is shining and when it's not shining as well as the differences in the generation. We're very pleased with where we're at. I have the Sunlux app which is very user-friendly. I'm not a computer whiz. If I can understand it, anybody can understand it.

We have recommended Sunlux to some other people. We have our main house, a guest house, and a mobile home. If they did mobile homes, I would talk to them about coming out and doing it. But for whatever reason, a lot of companies don't want to do mobile homes or are unable to do so. I would probably put at least 10 panels on our mobile home. It's getting more and more popular. That is my only dissatisfaction with Sunlux.

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Is Sunlux a scam?

No, Sunlux is not a scam. Saving money through solar energy could take years. It comes down to where you live and how much energy you consume.

With that in mind, Sunlux may not be the right choice for you, but its products and services are not a scam.

Additionally, Sunlux offers a 25-year warranty that covers the solar equipment they install. Payment options for Sunlux include cash, loan and lease.

Where is Sunlux available?

Sunlux is available in California and Texas.

Sunlux information

Sunlux FAQ

How long has Sunlux been in business?

Sunlux has been in business for 12 years.

Is Sunlux public or private?

Sunlux is a private company.

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