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About ION Solar

ION Solar is a solar panel installer headquartered in Provo, Utah. Since 2013, its in-house team has installed solar panels for 85,000-plus homeowners across 11 states. Its streamlined installation process includes custom design, permitting, financing and more. All products are backed by lengthy warranties. While pricing isn’t available online, you can get a free custom quote from the company.

    Pros & Cons

    • 85,000+ installs across the U.S.
    • No upfront payment required
    • 25-year microinverter warranty, 10-year workmanship guarantee
    • Only available in 11 states
    • Doesn't offer maintenance or repair services

    ION Solar service areas

    ION Solar is available in 11 states.

    • Arizona
    • Colorado
    • Nevada
    • New Mexico
    • North Carolina
    • Ohio
    • Oklahoma
    • Oregon
    • Texas
    • Utah
    • Virginia

    Note: Costs in this table are average costs for the state and do not represent specific company pricing. "Average cost after ITC” reflects the cost after receiving the full 30% solar investment tax credit (ITC). “Estimated net savings” is the average amount residents in that state will save on electricity over 25 years, including their cost of installing a solar energy system.

    ION Solar solar panels and equipment

    ION Solar installs premium Tier 1 solar panels, meaning that they’re backed by superior warranties and a strong performance history. These panels utilize a microinverter rather than a string inverter, so if a panel goes out, the system will continue working during repair.

    ION solar panels feature a black-on-black look with hidden wiring, providing a sleek finished product. The company doesn’t specify its panel technology, so you’ll have to contact a rep for these details.

    ION Solar installation

    ION customizes and installs each system, and the in-house team handles everything from financing to permitting for you.

    Installation starts with an in-home assessment. Then, ION Solar works on design, installation, permitting and testing. Depending on the complexity of the system and your local jurisdiction, the process typically takes between 60 and 90 days.

    The company then sets you up with a personal project coordinator to perform weekly check-ins on your system and answer any questions you may have.

    ION Solar services

    ION Solar doesn’t mention any other solar panel services outside design and installation. If you need repair or maintenance, you’ll likely have to contact a local professional near you to get the job done.

    The company does have a roofing team, called ION Home Services, that provides services like waterproofing and shingle installation.

    ION Solar costs

    ION doesn’t share any information about how much its solar panels cost, and its online quote form doesn’t generate a price immediately. However, a residential solar panel system typically costs between $12,000 and $30,000 or more as of publishing.

    When you submit a form online, be warned that it asks for very few details and requires that you sign up for text messaging to submit. If you’re looking for a quicker estimate, you can call the company directly.

    In addition to your monthly financing, you may still have to pay a small monthly fee to stay connected to your local grid and utilities. This depends on your location, how credits are set up and how much energy you need.


    ION offers financing with no upfront out-of-pocket costs. However, the company provides limited details about financing online, likely because each solution is customized to each customer.

    ION Solar warranty

    ION Solar provides the following warranty coverage:

    • Premium pane warranty: ION Solar panels are protected and guaranteed to produce a minimum percentage capacity or more for 30 years.
    • 25-year microinverter warranty: Enphase, the manufacturer, provides a 25-year warranty on microinverters.
    • 10-year workmanship guarantee: All work performed on your home during the installation process (e.g., rigging, drilling) is covered for 10 years.

    Additionally, ION Solar guarantees a “premium product and a premium experience.” If there’s anything wrong with your panel or process, you can contact its customer service team for support.

    ION Solar FAQ

    What is Ion Solar?

    ION Solar is a solar energy installer headquartered in Provo, Utah. The company handles every step of the installation process and customer service rather than contracting any of it to third parties. However, it doesn’t offer maintenance or repairs.

    How does Ion Solar work?

    ION Solar customizes each solar energy system to a home’s needs. Each installation starts with an in-home assessment, where the company analyzes factors like a roof’s pitch, its durability and more. From there, its team designs a system that fits a home’s power needs and design style.

    To help you pay for your solar system, ION also offers zero-down financing options.

    Where is Ion Solar available?

    ION Solar is currently licensed in 11 states: Arizona, Colorado, Nevada, New Mexico, North Carolina, Ohio, Oklahoma, Oregon, Texas, Utah and Virginia.

    Does Ion Solar offer storage and monitoring options?

    It’s unclear if ION offers solar storage, but it does have an app called Sunrise you can use to monitor your system. The app has mixed reviews, with some customers saying it doesn’t give enough details.

    Is Ion Solar legit?

    ION Solar has over a decade of experience in the solar industry, and it claims to have helped over 85,000 customers power their homes with solar energy. As of publishing, however, we don’t have enough customer reviews on our site to get a sense of the overall customer experience.

    ION Solar Reviews

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      How do I know I can trust these reviews about ION Solar?
      • 4,475,815 reviews on ConsumerAffairs are verified.
      • We require contact information to ensure our reviewers are real.
      • We use intelligent software that helps us maintain the integrity of reviews.
      • Our moderators read all reviews to verify quality and helpfulness.
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      Verified purchase
      Customer ServiceInstallation & Setup

      Reviewed July 11, 2024

      We have a new house, so we just moved in. And I was considering solar, so I was looking at a few companies. A couple of solar reps from different company had come and I had interviewed them and decided on ION Solar. They were responsive. With regards to communications, it's been quite free and they were prompt on their responses.

      The install was smooth. They kept me apprised of the entire process and with respect to getting all the approvals, where it was during the entire process. I was able to track the progress by their emails, and they had an app as well that had a very high level view of where it was during the installation process, but I would get more details of where it was in the process by reaching out to them, or they would let me know as well. Our electricity bill now is a bit lower. Other than that, there isn't a whole lot of difference in terms of how we're using the electricity. Generally, we have been satisfied with the service they have provided. And so far, it seems to be working fine. There have been no issues.

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        Verified purchase
        Customer ServiceInstallation & SetupTechOnline & App

        Reviewed June 30, 2024

        ION Solar representatives stopped at the door and then, I scheduled a representative to come later to my home and do a demonstration for me and my wife. It was a very good presentation. The young gentleman showed us information regarding the solar panels that he had on a previous house that he had just sold. We asked a lot of questions and he was very informative and patient with us. The installation took four months and took a little bit longer than normal. But I'll take the responsibility for that because my HOA and I were going back as far as the requirements and what they needed or what they wanted from me.

        During the first phase of the installation, the technicians came out to survey the home. The two guys went throughout to check the attic to make sure that there was no water damage or leaks, and to make sure that the group was in good condition. They took pictures and sent us all the information. They emailed it to us for our records, showed us all the pictures and answered all our questions. Once I got everything straightened out with the HOA and they approved it, there was another technician who came out. There was also a Dominion Energy representative who looked at the box, to make sure everything was accurate, that Dominion was able to turn off the power on the current system and that everything was good and connected with ION Solar.

        I received the approval probably two days after that review by the Dominion Energy representative and also ION Solar. Three days after that, I saw the email saying that everything had been approved and I could energize my system. So, I turned it on. I downloaded ION Solar’s app and I go through and review the amount of power that the house is using as well as the power that the house has put back into Dominion Energy's system. The only thing with the app is, it is only set up for one person. I'm the only one who has this app and my wife is not able to upload the app on her phone so that she can set up her own password and use the same user ID. But it’s not a big deal. She has all of my passwords so I’d just give her the password and explain it to her.

        Verified purchase
        Customer ServiceInstallation & SetupSales & MarketingOnline & App

        Reviewed June 29, 2024

        We had about 50 different solar people coming to our door every single day. We talked to about seven other solar companies before ION, and they were super used car salesman-type people. When the ION guy showed up, he was very not a salesman. He was no pressure. He showed us everything. It wasn't like a sales pitch. It didn't feel like any pressure. He just said what they could do, did everything, and it was really cool.

        As far as the install, they had to go through a lot of stuff. From the time we signed to the time they installed, it took two months max. It took about a month and a half to get through the utility company. There were four other things we had to go through. They did most of the installation in one day, and then it got too hot. So, they said they would come back the next day to finish. They sent me a photo of my panels. One of the guys that installed it took a photo.

        I saw all the stuff on the side of the house when I went to activate it. The activation was easy. They had a step-by-step with images of what to do. I just had to go out there and switch off something and switch on something. Then I installed the app on my phone and it immediately started showing me the kilowatts. I've only used it a few times because it only gives me like kilowatt information. So, I'm just waiting on bills, which I just got today. I'm gonna call them about it because I don't think I should have gotten one because we've been live for a couple of months now. The bill is the same as it used to be. So, there's a mistake somewhere.

        Verified purchase

        Reviewed May 16, 2024

        ION Solar's team was polite and kind. A gentleman walked to my door. He was polite and professional, and he did his best. He's at a very young age. I told him, "No matter what I was gonna do, whatever the project you have, I will take it." He said, "It's solar." The idea was good. The next day, he made the appointment with the sales rep to come to my home. Everything was cool.

        When he gave me the presentation, he told me we will supply some extra, and there is a secret account to be opened and to be connected with my account. And no matter what we gonna supply extra, every month should be $50, $25, $30, $10 or something. Now, it has been months. My account has been there for a while, but I never received a penny to be deposited for me. Other than that, we are happy with our solar being useful for the home. Financially, it's the same cost. I'm not getting a big difference financially. But it's divided to two places between the loan of the solar and the electricity. But for the long run, it's good. I'm extremely happy.

        Verified purchase
        Installation & Setup

        Reviewed May 16, 2024

        Things went well and smooth with ION Solar. They were able to finish the installation on time and things went as planned. And the good part was whatever have been promised during the initial talks, they made sure that they had done those things. So, I'm quite happy with that. But at the moment, I'm still facing some issues with regard to the reporting. Once in a while, I'm able to see some spikes while the system is reporting the power. When I talked to their partner, she was feeling like that is happening while there is an update on the system. But that is inconvenient because it affects the total calculation of how much power has been made. Also, nowadays, the power generation is less, but I'm assuming that is because of the cloudy days.

        I also observed after the system was installed that there is a limitation on it where at any given point of time, the max power which the inverter is able to handle is just 5.3 kilowatt, even though it's a 7.8 kilowatt system. I was expecting that at the peak sunlight, the system must be able to generate somewhere around 7.8. I agree that all the time it will not be like that, but I have seen that there's a clear cut-off and I want to know why that is like that.

        Verified purchase

        Reviewed July 11, 2024

        The enrollment process was fairly simple. They walk you through the process. They've been pretty responsive. The system seems to be working. But you would have to have a house that's suitable for it. You should get enough solar exposure to be cost-effective.

        Verified purchase
        Customer Service

        Reviewed July 11, 2024

        Hunter, the guy from ION Solar, came in here and talked about it, and we decided to give it a try to see. He said the price is fixed until we finish paying for it. We went by his word, and hopefully, it doesn't change, because people say things. It's the third month now. For now, I'm dissatisfied because I don't get a response when I ask for something. I called the number once to ask some questions. No one got back to me, and it's been about a month already. I'm trying to figure out how this app thing works and how to read and understand what I'm looking at. I don't know what I'm looking at. So, what's the point for me looking at an app and I don't understand how to read it?

        Aside from that, there was a time when the power went out in the whole street, and I'm trying to figure out how mine got affected as well. I was like, “Why would mine go off if it's solar? Maybe I'm getting it wrong or something. Theirs is going off. They don't have solar. But why did mine go off?” I didn't hear from anybody when I called ION. It's like it's okay to keep withdrawing the payments, but you can't get any help or questions answered when you have questions that you need to be answered. I just keep waiting for the bill to show up and pay, but in terms of talking to somebody, that's hard to do because nobody calls, and if you call, you never hear anything. So, I'm stuck paying for something, but I can't get any help when I need it.

        Verified purchase
        Installation & SetupOnline & App

        Reviewed July 11, 2024

        The guy who came by the house for a presentation gave a very thorough overview of everything. He was knowledgeable, friendly, and wasn't pushy at all. The installation was understandably noisy but everything on their part was fine. The only thing that was an inconvenience was the local power company taking a long time to come back out to turn our power back on. But that had nothing to do with ION and ION was communicative with us with what they were hearing from the power company on that timeline. Everything has been in place for about a month now and I wish the app could show my usage. It shows what I'm producing, but it doesn't show what I'm actually using.

        Verified purchase
        Installation & Setup

        Reviewed July 11, 2024

        ION Solar's enrollment process was easy. A lot of it was electronic. I haven't had any issues with their customer support at all. Everybody's been straightforward and they stuck to their timelines. Installation was really quick. They were in and out in a day. There were a couple of appointments where they did some miscellaneous wiring and stuff, but the bulk of the work was done in a day. I've been interested in solar for a while to get our electricity bill down. So far, going with ION was worth it. I track what we produce through the Enphase Enlighten app. It is extremely easy.

        Verified purchase
        Installation & Setup

        Reviewed July 11, 2024

        The ION Solar rep was very informative. He asked me what my needs were. He looked at my bills to make sure I was gonna have something that was gonna work for me. I submitted the application and got approved. They installed everything. The only issue I have now is it doesn't feel like it's enough power because I'm still pulling the majority of my power off the grid. I'm still paying two bills. I have an app I could pull up and it shows me what it is. I've got a bill for 200 something dollars, the same bill I've been getting. It hasn't gone down at all.

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        ION Solar Company Information

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        ION Solar
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        4801 North University Ave., Suite 900
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        United States