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Verified purchase

Reviewed Sept. 25, 2022

I purchased a Lenovo laptop at Staples in Pelham, AL in JAN 2022. I woke up one morning and the screen was cracked and assumed I dropped it but could not remember dropping it. Later, I found out this was an issue with this product because of the way it closes. Staples sent it to Asurion for repair. I was without it for a month or more. When I got it back, the screen went black and physical keyboard would not work. Staples sent it back to Asurion for repair. It took 2 months to get it back. The screen was fixed but physical keyboard and mouse still don't work. Staples is taking no responsibility in selling a faulty product and they refuse to do anything but send it to Asurion again. I've been without a laptop long enough and I want it replaced.

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Customer ServicePunctuality & SpeedStaff

Reviewed Aug. 3, 2022

I placed an order with Staples through my classroom wallet around the end of May of 2022. I never received my order, so I reached out to Staples and was told it had not been shipped and it would be shipped later or I would receive a refund. I informed the agent that I would wait and prefer to receive the items I order, the next day I received an email stating I was getting a refund for the order. I again reached out to Staples and was told the box that the items were in was damaged. I had been in contact with Staples numerous times regarding the refund and was told it would take 1-2 billing cycles, after waiting about two months I reached out again and was told it had been refunded and I needed to talk to classroom wallet to release the funds.

After obtaining the refund I placed another order using the classroom wallets funds along with my own personal money and also going on using my money to purchase additional items on 7/19/22. After doing so there has been nothing but problems and lies communicated to me. Each day there is a different delivery date listed. For the items placed on through classroom wallet it was stated that the box was once again damaged and a refund would be issued, I talked to a supervisor because I was confused why this continues to happen. She called the warehouse and spoke with someone who stated that they found the items at the warehouse and would be shipping them out that day, but I would receive them the following day.

I waited and waited still no delivery, I decided to call in to see what was going on and was told it was delivered to the wrong address and a refund would be issued. I asked to speak with a supervisor (Dan) with no concern regarding the frustration I had experienced or went through, then I request a manager (Bill) he stated he would be reviewing the information and he would call me back which he did stating with it being Friday (7/29/22) there isn’t much he could do & that he would continue to work on it & call me Monday (8/1/22).

I didn’t receive a callback so I called the following evening, talked to a supervisor (Adam) who would have Bill call me once he gets off of a call. Didn’t happen. In regards to my order I was due to receive the items by 7/22/22 which never happened. Tracking stated that the items had been shipped but when I talked to an agent I was told she would do a replacement order & some items were out of stock. Each day tracking states delivery is running late & will be delivered the following day. The courier left the items at the warehouse. This has happened around 6 times. I talked to a supervisor on 8/2/22 and he stated he would complete a replacement. I should receive it 8/3/22.

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Verified purchase
Customer ServiceStaff

Reviewed July 24, 2022

I bought an Apple watch series 7 in June 2022, but unfortunately, I didn't open it till later date but when I opened it and set it up, I saw a scratch in the middle of the watch. I took it back to the store, they were not ready to help me as it was an online purchase, they told me to call customer care and gave me US customer care no. I called the customer care. They were not helpful at all. I submitted an online request by mail but only got an email response saying they can't do anything. Since then I have left messages to connect to their client specialist person but no response. It was such a big mistake buying an Apple product from Staples online. Please think before buying anything from Staples online. Very disappointed as I spend more than 500 bucks and no one from Staples have the courtesy to call.

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Verified purchase
Sales & MarketingPriceStaff

Reviewed June 12, 2022

Our laptop was taken into Staples as the fan was making an odd sound. The crew at customer service said they would run some diagnostics and find the problem. After this test that cost $60, they had no idea what was wrong and suggested that some programs were malware and needed to be deleted. They offered to delete them and fix the laptop for $50. The programs were original from Lenovo and came with the laptop and were not malware. Staples charged $60 for nothing and almost ruined the laptop further for even more money. Shocking that Staples has computer illiterate people saying they can fix issues. Staples does not know how to fix laptops, it is all a scam. Poor service and the laptop came back worse than it went in.

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Reviewed June 10, 2022

This company, like every other big company that gets too big to run adequately, doesn't care about its clients. It's a giant monster that will gladly waste all your time and money if it saves them a penny. The only reason I'm not suing them is because we are in 2022 and no matter how right I am, their lawyers will be more expensive than mine, and there's probably a fine print somewhere that allows them to cut my balls off. Bought a 1200$ laptop, no signature required apparently and I never received it. Their answer: go ** yourself, thanks for your money.

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Reviewed Nov. 30, 2021

I cannot recommend staples. I made a purchase a November 5. I did not like it so I wanted to return it for a refund, they botched it and ran it as an exchange. To this day I am still waiting for refund.

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Customer ServicePricePunctuality & SpeedOnline & AppStaff

Reviewed Sept. 21, 2021

I had been ordering from Staples for the past few years as a regular client spending roughly between 1,500 to 2,000 if not more annually. I have had a bit of issues but nothing too major until, I was contacted 3 weeks ago by one of their reps asking if I would like to become a preferred member because of how much I regularly order etc. informing me of all these great reasons why I should, such as fast delivery, great customer service; and so on; therefore, I became a preferred client. BIG MISTAKE!!!

Once I became a preferred member apparently I'm now just some number, they have made very clear to me that becoming a preferred member don't mean anything. The last big order I had placed included tonner which I had indicated I needed right away. I was told by the rep upon ordering it that the wait was not an issue and I would have it within 2 business days, well ok I thought, I then added the tonner into my cart and once order had been placed I expected my items about 2 days later, or at the very least my tonner. WRONG... not only did I not receive my items well over a week later, but a couple of the items I did order just magically vanished and no longer available. How do you have items you can purchase on the website and once it is ordered you're informed they no longer sell the product any longer. Are we as clients supposed to be mind readers?

Then I was told I was sent an email about the items, well yes as a matter of fact I was, "conveniently" as I was talking to the rep, I received the email; funny how that works eh! Oh and the most important item (my tonner) apparently was not ready for shipping just yet, it was not in stock when I ordered it; yet, upon ordering it, there was no indication it was out of stock..."Or I would not have ordered it." But now that it's back in stock they want to send it, but I have to wait another few days or so... UNACCEPTABLE!!!

To top it all off when I made the call to speak to a rep regarding my issues, the rep was rude, and had the "I don't" care attitude. Her exact words and, I quote was "Well there is nothing I can do about it"... At that point I informed her I was considering taking my business elsewhere, his response to that was "then you have to go I guess."

In my opinion, that is horrible and ignorant customer service, especially to a new preferred program client. I requested to speak to a manager and she tells me they don't have a manager, and continued to refuse allowing me to talk to one. I would not EVER recommend Staples to anyone if they want items right away or without hassle... I will never be ordering from Staples again but, as the young customer service rep indicated over the phone "it's no problem, we have lots of customers, I am just one". Nice...real nice. Staples will never get my business nor the business of anyone I know again.

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Reviewed Sept. 14, 2021

I purchased an ACER Aspire TC-855 desktop from Staples in Nov. 2018 for about $700 plus tax. Now I'm told that I have to spend $430 to replace a solid state hard drive to correct a problem of the computer running unacceptably slowly. The machine has been used lightly for WORD, Excel, and email. Unacceptable. This ends my relationship with Staples after purchasing 3 iPads, 1 Mac mini, monitor, printers, supplies, etc., over the past several years.

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Reviewed Aug. 26, 2021

Bought this laptop from Staples because I had bought one in 2011 and received the best of service. This is the reason I bought a second one in July 2021. The machine stopped working and now I am getting the run around. I started calling Staples at 9 am and the final answer from Staples is for me to call HP. I will tell everyone I know, (from the electronic store that I had) and everyone I know from in Ontario, Quebec and New Brunswick. If Staples loses business SO BE IT.

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Verified purchase
Customer ServiceReliability

Reviewed Aug. 25, 2021

I ordered 2 3-ring binders and a package of pens on August 14, 2021. The item was supposed to be delivered on August 18, 2021. Every weekday since August 18 (it is a week later), I have received an email telling me that delivery has been delayed and it will be delivered the next day. It turns out that Staples uses outside vendors to complete local deliveries. In this case (near Chicago), they're using Veterans Messenger Service. I called this messenger service and they told me that there is a huge delay and that I won't get the package for another 2+ weeks. If it actually is delivered, it'll be almost a month since I ordered it. Why don't they use USPS or UPS or even FedEx? I don't know. I didn't expect that it'd take a month to get the items, so I had to go out and buy them somewhere else, since I need them now.

Also, since the items already shipped, Staples says that I'm not eligible for a refund. Actually, the only way to get a refund is for Staples to contact the local delivery vendor and have them send the items back to Staples and then 10 days after that happens, I would get the refund. Good luck with that, since the delivery vendor seems to be a total mess. I really don't want to support Amazon or Walmart, but dang, Staples really doesn't have their stuff together (or they use vendors that aren't reliable). I'll never order from Staples again. Learned my lesson.

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Reviewed Aug. 16, 2021

As a customer of Staples for many years, I was disappointed at how the store was so dis-organized. We had to ask for what we were looking for as it was not on the shelf. Several staff were standing around, and could have been busy helping to re-stock shelves. As I was paying, I was notified that I had to put in a PIN - my personal number in order to process my payment.

This is new as I have always used my card as a credit and do not put my personal PIN anywhere but the bank. I do not want to use a credit card. The manager informed that if I didn't put in my pin that I could not shop there. She said it is a new system and that is the way it is. I left and ordered everything I needed from Amazon and it was cheaper and will arrive the same day. Shipping Free. It seems to me that store like Staples would want to keep their customers and not lose business to Amazon. I am sorry to say that after many years of shopping at Staples, I won't return.

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Customer Service

Reviewed June 27, 2021

Bought Printer April 2nd, used it half a dozen times before it started jamming. Called Staples in Newington, NH where I bought it. The "customer service rep" I spoke with asked if I bought the protection plan. (I had to check, it looks like I hadn't) I said, "Assuming I didn't. What's your return policy on something like this," he said "14 days". I said that's it. He confirmed. There was nothing left to say, except for whatever happened to customer service? No wonder Staples stores are closing. I can't say I'm surprised following this recent experience. Good riddance!

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Reviewed May 5, 2021

I ordered an item online. Attempted to cancel it ten minutes later. Staples policy won't allow this. Therefore I have to return the item to a store which is half an hour away. The store is in another region as well... so according to the present lockdown rules I cannot return this item. I am extremely disappointed and will never shop at Staples again.

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Verified purchase

Reviewed April 18, 2021

Ordered 10 Apple iPads from Staples online. This was my first order ever, from Staples. Two days later I go online, only to find my order has been canceled, but no one knows why. No notification. This is also my last order from Staples. Pure bait and switch online. There's a reason why many of their stores are permanently closed. These people can't be trusted.

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Reviewed April 13, 2021

Even though the product has a warranty, the company rep agreed it was covered instead of simply returning the product to the store, they send you a gift card. Well this makes no sense, especially in the mail vs online. Well after numerous emails waiting over a month, no gift card. Plenty of ** though. I would not even purchase a pen from this place.

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Reviewed April 5, 2021

I had to order three items for each of my 18 students in a course I am teaching online. Typing them into the terribly inefficient Staples online webform took me two hours. A box of crayons, a box of pastels, and a roll of paper. I got a notice the next day that all of my orders except one had been canceled. I called Staples and learned that they suspected me of being a reseller. This would be a terrible career given all of the issues - I am a teacher, not a reseller. A very kind and efficient employee took down all of that information again and placed the 18 orders. She gave me a $10 gift certificate for my wasted two hours on the website and an additional hour and a half with her.

Then chaos ensued - Staples ships, not from a central fulfillment place, but from many places - and so there were 18 x 3 shippers and shipments involved. Many of them had problems - they called me and asked the address again (written on the shipping slip), they did not leave the package. There is no preview of the order on the website and so I had to log into every single one of the 18 orders to see if the items had been delivered. Staples sends a notice when delivery is delayed - but they do not put who it was being shipped to - so again, back to the website to see if it was delivered and first to figure out which order it was. Finally, a number of items were returned to Staples and I had to order them from Amazon so the students had them in time. I will not order from Staples again.

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Reviewed March 28, 2021

I bought a Hon Office Chair HON2091CU1OT and is very disappointing that I was told I only had 14 days to return it. This chair hurts my back really bad, it sits straight up with no give at all, makes noise every time I sit down and makes my butt hurt too. I will never buy anything else from Staples and I am warning everybody do not buy from Staples. They do not honor what they sell. I am disabled and cannot return heavy items because my husband nor I can lift due to heart problems. I tried the chair to see if the problems would get better but it didn't.

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Reviewed Feb. 22, 2021

I ordered QB desktop on Staples to switch from QB online. I made sure that there was a valid return policy just in case the product did not work out. It didn't so I requested a refund. Not only do they not allow refunds, even though it says refunds available right on the website, but they did not put my review online stating this fact, because it was not a positive review. This made me not trust them and I will never shop there again. Best Buy, or Newegg will get my business now.

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Reviewed Jan. 27, 2021

Do not order from Staples. Order from Amazon. Their online, delivery, and customer service is trash. The experience was so bad that me and my customers won’t walk into their buildings either. Don’t waste your money or time with this company.???

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Reviewed Dec. 30, 2020

Purchased a Lenovo Laptop online (12-28-2020) and spent an hour (4 calls over 2 days) trying to get confirmation of my order! First off, I never received ANY confirmations, NONE! So then I called Staples and was told that my billing didn’t process, something about the billing/shipping address was incorrect (Really?) So I confirmed my addresses and was told they would process the order the next morning and promised an email and confirmation number to document this case-issue.

Calling the next day (no email) I was told my credit card rejected the order (weird) so I called my CC and discovered the purchase was pending, my CC did not decline the order. So I called Staples again and was told my order was cancelled, period. No explanation or options, AND I COULD NOT ORDER OR REORDER A COMPUTER FROM STAPLES. NO COMPUTER FOR YOU! So now I have $811 pending on my charge card, Staples CAN TAKE UP TO 5-7 days to clear and no laptop and a bad taste in my mouth. Quite frankly Staples is ridiculous. No emails or confirmations and false advertising (are they selling laptops or not?). I recommend you find a reputable outlet (NOT STAPLES) for your online purchases. I would also say 1 star is too many. -5 stars would be appropriate. Order # **.

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Reviewed Dec. 24, 2020

If I could give negative stars it would be negative 5. Staples in store had no kneeling office chairs. Okay, fine so I use their website. Mind you it’s Dec 23, just 2 days till Christmas. I don’t expect anything to arrive before Christmas. Not a problem. I carefully checked for in stock items, find the chair I need, it’s in stock and so I order it. My bank notification pops off on my phone with this purchase hold and I think good to go. My chair will soon arrive. Not the case at all.

I then get an email saying the item isn’t available and sorry about the bank hold and that’s that. Not trying to be rude here but it’s totally uncool to do a bank hold on my card for over a hundred dollars two days before Christmas and I get nothing. Staples get your stuff together. If it’s not in stock or unavailable DON'T TOUCH MY MONEY. I am done doing business with this company. I will NEVER recommend them and will take my money elsewhere where my bank account (and holiday spending) are respected.

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Reviewed Dec. 23, 2020

I placed and paid for an order of photo prints 3 weeks ago. I have not received what I ordered and have tried to call and sent repeated emails to get an update with no response. I requested my order be canceled and my money refunded and have gotten no response. At this point they have stolen my money since I paid for a product that they have no intention of fulfilling. Staples is a horrible company. Buyer beware.

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Reviewed Dec. 3, 2020

The story begin on Nov 25. I bought a laptop online and put a pick up location near to my home. It's in Ocean Township Route 35. At the time of ordering it shows that it is available and available for pickup in 1 hour. On Nov 26 I called the store to confirm that is my pickup ready. They said that, "Yes it is ready. You can pick any time." I went to the store and showed them the order number. Firstly they said they don't have anything to give and manager came to me and said, "We are not answerable if you ordered online." By saying that he said that, "I have other customer. Step out of the line. I don't have time now for this," and suddenly I received any email that my order has been canceled after I went back to my house. Thinking that maybe it's a Black Friday they have not enough laptop.

I ordered a laptop again a different model and confirm by calling to their online service. They said it's available. I placed an order and Nov 30th is given to me for the delivery at home. It was a Cyber Monday and Black Friday was gone. On Nov 30th I called to track my order and again they said that this order has been cancelled. When I asked the associate that why my order is cancelled he said, "I don't know. Let me put you on hold. I will let you know." After a 39 min hold they dropped the call. After that I again received an email that my order is canceled. Again I ordered a laptop via phone with the associate. He said, "I confirm you that laptop is available on Brick location." It's 30 min. drive from my location.

When I went to the Brick location their customer service was so bad that I asked for my laptop he said that, "We are not answerable to you." By saying that the associate left the counter. Then I asked another associate. He was so bad even he shout at me and said, "Don't you understand that we don't have it," and then I called the Staples associate. He said, "We are sorry. We don't have a laptop." So the moral of the story is didn't get any laptop from the Staples and bought a laptop from Best Buy on full price because all the deals were gone. Having a refund of 2500 from Staples and a bad customer service. They are so rude. Please don't order online or even from the store. They will waste your time and money too. 4 canceled orders. 2500 return. Bought a laptop from Best Buy on full price. That's what I get from the Staples.

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Reviewed Nov. 11, 2020

On October 26th 2020, I purchased thirty boxes of masks. The website price was $12.99. I actually was charged $20.99 per box. Unfortunately I trusted Staples gave me the discount as their receipt on has the total amount. After I did the math, I called them up and told them I was over charged. The response was there was a 10 box maximum for that discount. I checked over the item description and simulated another check out of thirty boxes. NOT anywhere did it say there is a 10 box maximum. When I called customer service, the best they could do was a $50.00 credit when I am owed $240.00. This is deceptive and wrong, I told them and I will be filing a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission.

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Verified purchase

Reviewed Sept. 26, 2020

I ordered a printer, and I got the printer I ordered, on time. That is all I can say that is good. The fact that neither before nor after I placed the order was I given a single clue how or when my order would get to me necessitated two calls to customer service. Both times I got people in Southeast Asia who could barely speak English and knew nothing about anything.

Today I received my box with my order. When I got home I found UPS came back and delivered a second box. It was addressed to me, and had my packing slip that was not in the first box, but nothing in the box was anything I ordered, and I'd estimate it cost the purchaser around $1000. Clearly the people at the fulfillment center either plumb don't care or are working far too fast.

Neither my package nor the other package were wrapped; they were just in the boxes that came from the manufacturer with the name of the product, the model number, and the specifications on the outside of the box for all to see. Both packages made it clear they contained expensive electronics. And UPS didn't require a signature as required, didn't even make sure someone came to the door to receive the package, just left package on doorstep.

The person who ordered the second package certainly didn't receive it, and good luck with customer service. When I phoned for a shipping label to send back the package I was sent by mistake, first CSR in SouthEast Asia who could barely understand English insisted on knowing what was in the package - and they can find out that when and if they get it back, and they're already trying to start a conflict the second I call that I got it. I'm not responsible for it, I don't have to send it back, and I won't be arguing with them! Second CSR spoke English but had trouble with what I wanted to send back.

Now I've written to the CEO, making it clear if he wants the package, he WILL send a shipping label and have it picked up at MY convenience, no ifs, ands, buts, arguments, CSR's who can't speak English, or confusion about what I'm sending back, or I'm done with it. I was going to wait and see what happened, but, unsurprisingly, the web seems to be full of terrible reports about Staples! I recommend them NOT!

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Reviewed Sept. 17, 2020

I place an order the 30th of August. Apparently after been communicated that my order was delivered I contacted Staples to know where it was delivered as I did not received anything. The first reply by Angelo B on the 6th of September was that the parcel was left in the front porch. I replied back that this was unacceptable and that a parcel cannot be left without signature (specially a $400 item). Then the 10th of September Richard V replied back saying that if I did not received my parcel to contact "MY FINANCIAL INSTITUTION". I replied back how unprofessional his answer was and obviously this was a mistake from Staples to deliver things without signature and that they get missed, he did not reply back.

Then the 14th of September I spoke with another agent, this time by chat, his name was Runnel D. After explaining again what happened he said he was going to proceed with a refund and send me an email shortly. Today, 15th of September, I did not get any email and I spoke on the chat with Hobie A. I had to explain again everything and the answer was that someone will contact me in 2-3 days. Plus I have been given a wrong email to send this complaint. Unbelievable!!

I keep contacting them to ask for my money back and every time I get the same time of reply: that the parcel was delivered and to contact my credit card for a refund!! THEY DO NOT TAKE ANY RESPONSIBILITY OF THEIR MISTAKE OF DELIVERING THINGS WITHOUT SIGNATURE. I think it is obvious that there is a lack of communication and professionalism in this company. The replies that I get back, the agents not reading or getting informed about previous conversations I had every time, is just not appropriate.

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Reviewed Sept. 10, 2020

As a novice, I needed help with doing my printing and even copying. The staff behind the customer desk came over to step me through the process, with patience, explaining the steps as needed. Another time, a line had formed for copying/printing and as I contemplated coming back later, I realized the manager was moving us through so smoothly I realized there was no need to come back later: I was in and out faster than I expected with such a crowd. So glad to have this store in the neighborhood.

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Reviewed Aug. 19, 2020

Purchased a warranty for laptop. Sent item in for repair due to the screen front and back separating from itself. They fixed that but broke the camera :-( Would have had to waited another 2 or more weeks for the laptop to be sent in and the camera fixed. Could they have not checked to ensure parts like that were working given that they had worked on that area of the computer?

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Reviewed Aug. 17, 2020

Like everyone else, I had an order canceled. I paid for a laptop, waited a couple days then received a cancellation notice. First, it says they have a shortage on hand sanitizer so my order couldn't be fulfilled. I didn't order any hand sanitizer. What does hand sanitizer have to do with my laptop order? Second, they said the pending funds would be released. They aren't pending. They've already been pulled. It reflects in my bank account as a completed transaction. So now I have to wait a couple days for the refund to process to repurchase a laptop elsewhere. Customer service over the phone was absolutely no help. They just "don't know." The only thing she could tell me was it was out of stock. Well it showed in stock when I purchased it. She then told me it was on backorder. I told her that's fine, just ship it when it comes in stock. She told me that wasn't an option. Staples need to get their inventory in order.

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Reviewed Aug. 4, 2020

A very reputable Logitech mouse was ordered online and received without the chip in the packaging. Being very disappointed, I went online to follow the return procedure. What a shock to find such a convenient process! It is very rare for a company to have a return process that is so very convenient. Though frustrated the ordered product is defective, what a relief to learn I am not required to pay postage and experience the headache usually associated with a return! How wonderful I am not required to make an unscheduled visit to the US Postal Service!! Thank you, Staples! You have a new and dedicated customer!

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