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For the last 30 years, Shake A Paw has provided the best products and the most extensive selection of puppies to over 30,000 families. Shake a Paw’s pet consultants work seven days a week to help you with any questions or concerns you may have about your new puppy. We have two locations in New York: Hicksville and Lynbrook, that also carry supplies, accessories, food, crates, toys and more. Visit our website today to learn more!

Shake A Paw Puppies Reviews

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    How do I know I can trust these reviews about Shake A Paw Puppies?
    • 4,481,129 reviews on ConsumerAffairs are verified.
    • We require contact information to ensure our reviewers are real.
    • We use intelligent software that helps us maintain the integrity of reviews.
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    Verified purchase
    Customer ServiceStaff

    Reviewed Aug. 25, 2014

    I purchased a 3 month miniature schnauzer that I fell in love with. He is 3 month old. I was assured that he was just checked by the vet and was in good health.

    The next day I had to admit him to the hospital at 1:00am because he couldn't breathe. It broke my heart because he is my little baby. I called the store demanding answers and compensation. Instead I got a bad attitude from the manager. STAY AWAY FROM THIS STORE.


    Reviewed July 21, 2014

    I adopted what I thought was a healthy puppy. The next day he started coughing. Turns out he has pneumonia. The owner of Shake A Paw was not nice at all to me when I went to speak to him. He couldn't care less about my expenses or the dog. I also just found out another brand new puppy died that was declared healthy. This man should NOT be allowed to own a pet shop EVER AGAIN. My only option was to bring the dog back like he is some kind of appliance! This is heartbreaking for me because I just had to put my 15-yr old dog to sleep due to old age - she had no quality of life anymore. Besides my 5-year old also having to deal with this! I am disgusted and should not have to be responsible for the ungodly amount of money I put out to save the puppy.

    Verified purchase
    Customer ServiceStaff

    Reviewed July 10, 2014

    I had visited the Shake A Paw shop in Hicksville many times. Yesterday morning, while I was there, I saw a mixed breed dog that was 4 months old. I was told the price was $1,200.00 plus a $135.00 fee which included the activation of the chip, some AKC information and assorted other things. I returned in the evening to purchase the dog with a $200 coupon. After playing with the dog and falling in love with the dog, I told the pleasant and accommodating salesman that I would be able to pay $1000.00 plus tax for the dog, but I would need the $135.00 included in that price.

    The salesman returned with one of the two store managers. I found the manager to be aggressive and sarcastic. He told me that this dog had already been a discounted dog and that the coupon was only for full priced dogs. He told me that he would give the value of another discount that would not equal the $200.00 and that I would have to pay the additional $135.00 and I would also have to buy from him certain other food products or the shop would not be responsible for the dog's health. I told him that I could only spend the $1000.00 plus tax in total. He said that he had cheaper dogs in the shop. I told him that I wanted this dog. He said, in a way that I perceived to be irate and sarcastic, that maybe he wanted a Mercedes but he could only buy a less expensive car.

    I thanked the salesman for his help, but I left the store with bad feelings. I had bonded with the dog. I would have paid what they were asking for the dog but I felt annoyed at the way the manager had spoken to me, and I was backed into a corner. Before I left the parking lot, I called the store and asked to speak to the other manager. I explained to him what had transpired, hoping that he would be able to give me a way to come back in and buy this dog. He listened to what I had to say then wished me luck on my search for a dog.

    I am writing to thank him for his good wishes. I drove 10 miles to Canine Corral in Huntington. I made it there just before the store closed. They welcomed me in. They had a nice selection of young puppies. There I found my new puppy, Gizzy. The staff was caring, kind and considerate. They were willing to work with me. Although I did pay more for Gizzy than I would have paid for the older mixed breed dog at Shake A Paw, I left with a very positive feeling. I hope to have many years of enjoyment from my new puppy, and I know that when I think of the way she came into my life, I will have good thoughts. I hope that the older, mixed breed dog that I bonded with at Shake A Paw will find a loving home in the near future.


    Reviewed July 3, 2014

    I brought home my adorable little Bichon Poo two weeks ago from Shake A Paw in Hicksville. I think they charged me top dollar because I found out after numerous visits to the viper in the past two weeks that my dog came included with Kennel Cough , Coccidus, and Giardia parasites - not sure of spelling. Also, they sought of elderly past me that the dog had already had surgery for a herniated belly button. I did ding papers but no one bothered to mention it. My pup has been on three different medications so far and is still choking and hacking and then sometimes actually seems like she can't catch her breath.

    This is extremely upsetting and I feel so badly for this little adorable pup having to deal with all of this. How can they not start treatment on these dogs before selling them so sick. I looked up the person who they said was my dog’s breeder... seems he's a sex offender in Iowa. Don't buy your puppy at Shake A Paw!!! I'm in love with her now, but I never signed on for this. I'm so worried about her I can't sleep.

    Reviewed June 19, 2014

    My daughter and I came to the pet store to see their puppies since I had just lost my female Shiba Inu after 17 years. I looked at the three that they had. I asked several questions and visited three times before purchasing my male Shiba Inu. My questions were, does this animal come from a puppy mill or a certified breeder, can I see the paper work on the puppy (which they refused to let me see until I paid for the animal) and was this animal examined and administered all shots to date. Within 2 days of our purchase I had the puppy examined by my vet and happened to be one they also recommended. Townline in Hauppauge. Townline with just a routine examination said that this puppy had a heart murmur.

    I called Shake a Paw immediately and was told this is common. They referred me to Sunrise Animal Hospital in Rockville Center as they have arrangements with them for free Echo's. When Sunrise performed the Echo they couldn't determine clearly what the diagnosis was and referred me to Atlantic Animal Hospital for a specialist's consultation. Shake a paw said I was on my own as far as payment.

    $650 dollars later and another ECHO, my dog has congenital heart malformation and is/was unfit for sale as stated in the specialists report. My puppies long term prognosis is fair to good and will need ECHO's every year for clinical monitoring of overload flow between the heart chambers. All Shake a Paw of Hicksville can say is that it's minor and what do you want us to do about it. All we can do is have you exchange your puppy for a new one. REALLY!!!!! You heartless bastards. You say that because you know people have become attached to the animal and they won't return them. Additionally, why would I take the chance of getting another animal with possibly worse circumstances. SHAME ON YOU, YOUR COMPANY SHOULD BE FINED SEVERELY and SHUT DOWN...........

    I will be in contact with my lawyer and the Attorney Generals Office. There needs to be justice in this world for animals. Additionally, if you Google the "puppy mill" or breeder (Judy ** in Stockport, IA) they have been sited for unfit conditions and it actually states they are a puppy mill dealing with Shake a Paw. It just amazes me. Visit these two links for further details on the conditions this animal was breed under. **

    Punctuality & SpeedStaff

    Reviewed May 12, 2014

    I bought an 8 week old yellow lab puppy last Monday and against my better judgement found myself in a puppy store (shake a paw in Lynbrook). The place seemed clean and the puppies seemed healthy. My kids and I found our beautiful Maddie there and took her home the next day. On the following day we noticed that she was tired a lot and started coughing, and by Thursday we took her to the vet and she had full blown pneumonia. She was put on antibiotics and we brought her home 2 days later. She was lethargic and breathing very fast. I took her to the emergency vet where she is now hospitalized on IV fluids and antibiotics. I started doing some research which I should had done prior to buying my $2000 puppy and came to find out my Maddie came from a breeder names Steven ** from a puppy mill in Iowa. This breeder had numerous complaints and lawsuits... of course the store told me their dogs came only from reputable breeders. Well, let me tell you that is just not true. Hopefully, she will make a full recovery, but people need to see this place for what it really is!

    Punctuality & SpeedStaff

    Reviewed May 8, 2014

    Bought a small Tea Cup yorkie and fell in love with it about 2mths ago. They gave me these Nutra Drops to give until 3lbs or 6mths old, said give 5 times a day or she will die.. I was told that the dog was NOT from a Puppy Mill . **! They ALL come from Puppy Mills. I am sad to say I gave the dog away, the fear of all the Vet Bills I saw in my future and knowing that I already paid $2400 for her when purchased scared the crap out of me. Thankfully, a friend took her in. I am concerned that the dog will have health issues as well. She was 1lb. I think that that's way to small to sell. I stupidly bought it cause I watched my daughter cry for it. Ugh!! My instinct said no. But did it anyway.

    I hope the dog lives long for my friend & her family's sake. But I have a bad feeling after reading allll these NEGATIVE comments. P.S they give you this paper of St. James Animal Hosp. That of course gets a kickback of money from all Pet stores. Meanwhile, that Vet has the WORST REP! I don't know why I am writing this other than to say that whatever they tell you is not true. They lied to me and so many others. Yes, there are like 80 Neg comments here. BUT.. Don't forget that doesn't mean there aren't MANY MORE NEGATIVE experiences out there that people just haven't taken the time to post on here. Stay away from ANY stores when you want a pet. They mix the breeds and your not getting what you think you are!!!! Go to someone's home where they Breed in their home and love that pet, etc.. They are the people you want to get a pet from. NOT a store! I made the mistake in Smithhaven Mall in Lake Grove and that dog was sick 2 days later and gave it away and stupidly did it again in Lynbrook Shake a Paw. Ugh! NEVER AGAIN! It has turned me off to ever wanting to own another pet again. :(


    Reviewed May 5, 2014

    Is there a group where we can rally against Shake A Paw and put these issues out in media and ask Animal Welfare Department to shut it down?? Shake A Paw is a glorified face of puppy mill business. They should burn in hell. We bought a very cute looking, friendly, adorable Yellow Lab from Shake A Paw Hicksville in Sept 2013. And since then the puppy has had some issue or the other. Today, we found out that he has severe elbow dysplasia and signs that his hips might also have the same problem. Starting from Kennel cough, stomach parasites, ear infection, and now elbow dysplasia. We have had this puppy for 6 months now and not even a single month has gone without any medical issues. We have been patient with our with vet bills and visit (at least once every few weeks) but don’t think we can sustain this anymore especially the quality of life of our puppy is deteriorating by the day. We love him like our baby and cannot see him in this condition.


    Reviewed May 1, 2014

    In reading all the complaints about Shake A Paw, I am thankful to report that I have had a positive experience with them. In 1996, my husband purchased both a Dachshund and a Beagle. Both lived long and happy lives. After our Doxie passed away at the age of 16, we rescued a sweet Little Terrier mix. However we still wanted another Doxie. When we could not find one through rescue or a breeder, we went back to Shake A Paw. On Oct 12, 2013, we found our sweet little Samantha waiting for us at Shake A Paw. Staff was very helpful throughout the whole process. They suggested we buy certain products, but when we declined no pressure. I am happy to report that Samantha is nine months old now. She is happy and healthy. She and our other dog are best buds.

    Customer ServiceCoverageStaff

    Reviewed April 28, 2014

    I bought a bulldog puppy from Shake A Paw in Hicksville in March of 2011. I had my female bulldog spayed in June of 2013, and it was then that my vet discovered her liver disease. After blood tests and a biopsy, it was determined that she was born with a Hepatitis condition of the liver, and that she would not live a full life (or even close to that). My vet told me that the only way a 3-yr-old dog with this sort of extensive cirrhosis could have only been born with it.

    I brought this news to the attention of the manager of Shake A Paw on Sunday, April 6th, 2014 at 2:11 PM. It was then that I made my request for the store to pay my growing vet costs. I was not looking for a replacement dog. He told me they don't normally pay vet costs, but they will have to investigate her condition to see if I am eligible for the "Bulldog warranty". He told me he will open an investigation as soon as I provide her diagnosis documentation from my vet. He told me that I should fax him blood work/diagnosis documentation from my vet. I fax the documents over and I call to confirm that he received them the same day (Sunday, April 8th, 2014 at 4:51 pm) - he confirmed that they had received the fax. He told me to call back in a few days while he did "an investigation" with his veterinarian.

    I call back Friday, April 11th, 2014 at 3:17 PM to see the status. I was told the manager was unavailable and that I should call back. I call back again on April 13th at 2:24 PM and this time I got the manager on the phone. The manager at the store then told me that he needs more information (I had faxed everything he asked for). He told me, "We also need her blood test results". On April 14, 2014 at 4:34 PM the blood test information, provided by my vet, was faxed to Shake A Paw. I call back on April 17th, 2014 at 2:23 PM to see the status of the investigation. I was told the manager is not available and that I need to call back. I call back on April 24th at 9:52 AM and spoke to the manager. He told me he would return my call in a few hours. He returned the call at 11:58 AM the same day. It was at this time he made it very clear that no investigation has taken place. He now told me he needs additional information, her vaccination history.

    I explain to him that my vet has determined that her vaccinations would not have protected her because she was born with this disorder. I further pleaded with him to have "his vet" look at the documentation, because he admittedly is not a veterinarian and did not understand the paperwork. I told him that I felt that an actual veterinarian would be a better judge of interpretation of what proof was needed to show that my dog was indeed born with this disease, rather than him. He explained to me that Hepatitis is preventable and told me that this isn't not covered under warranty. My dog was up to date with all of her vaccinations, from Petco, when she passed 3 nights ago. I told him that I intend to pursue with legal action and that was my final communication with Shake A Paw.


    Reviewed April 19, 2014

    I was lucky to buy an Akita from Shake-A-Paw in 2012 and happy to say she has been doing great. She is 2 1/2 years old. When we got her, she had parasites which is not unusual when you buy from pet store. She was treated. Only issue is we found out she has mild hip dysplasia. We love her very much and she is part of the family. However, next time we will go to a breeder.


    Reviewed March 6, 2014

    They sold us a puppy one week ago and she immediately became sick. Thought it was kennel cough, but vet confirmed a bad lower respiratory infection and giardia. We called Shake a Paw in Union, where we got her and they said their vet had checked her out....**. No vet could have missed that! They said basically they would do nothing....Now we know why she was such a good price...Sure every dog in there right now has the same thing! BEWARE.

    Customer ServiceStaff

    Reviewed Dec. 15, 2013

    Two weeks ago today, my family and I stopped into Shake a Paw in Lynbrook on our way out for lunch. Like most people, we had no intentions of purchasing a puppy but of course we fell in love with one. We decided we should think about it for a day or two and returned there on Wednesday to purchase the dog. The sales person helping us thought the dog was a little mopey and said she needed to give him vitamins and some food to get him going. We spent more than an hour in the store with the dog, who seemed pretty good by the time we were ready to go but the sales person asked us to leave the dog to be checked by the vet that visits the store on Mondays.

    We agreed and were told we could visit the dog anytime between that evening and Monday. We gave our deposit and left the store. We returned to visit the dog on Saturday night and seemed to catch the store manager off guard by returning and she did not want us to see the dog. After insisting, she brought him out from the back with a bunch of stories about what SHE was treating him for including a cold, possible parasites and hypoglycemia. Hearing this we were alarmed that he was being treated by a store employee but she explained she was licensed to treat dogs with antibiotics. She said this was common practice for this store.

    We offered to pay the balance for puppy and take him to our private vet on Sunday morning but she said that was not possible. Our feeling was if this dog was sick it should have seen a vet immediately. Monday came, the day the vet would visit the store and we did not receive a call from Shake a Paw with a health update. We phoned the store on Tuesday morning to speak with the salesgirl that had originally helped us. She told us the dog was doing great, spunky, eating, barking, etc. but was a little underweight and asked would we pick him up Friday to get some extra weight on. We agreed.

    We did not hear from the store so being impatient, we called Thursday night about 5:00 and got the manager on the phone again and asked was it possible to pick the dog up that evening instead of Friday. Her answer was "WE'RE NOT SELLING YOU THE DOG". I was shocked and asked why and she said things happen and she didn't have to share private information with me, she also told me the dog was no longer in the store because the owner took him home. I hung up the phone, confused about the whole experience and knew I had to disappoint my family by telling them that they reneged on their deal. I returned to the store today to try to find out the truth about what happened to our puppy and to get a refund of my deposit. I was greeted by the aggressive and abrupt store manager again only to be told that she is not having any discussions with me regarding this situation and asked me for my paperwork to issue a refund of my deposit.

    How sad it is to think that something serious happened to the puppy we fell in love with, or that they decided to do something deceitful by keeping this puppy for their own benefit. Either way, the experience was horrible, they are a very untrustworthy place and the manager's abrupt personality is in place to shelter the owner from all of the angry customers that are unhappy with his place of business. I recommend staying far away from Shake A Paw in Lynbrook.

    Customer ServicePunctuality & SpeedStaff

    Reviewed Nov. 25, 2013

    Purchased a dog for my kids after learning one of our dogs has cancer and only a few months to live. After purchasing our Goldendoodle and asking if this puppy is from a mill, the sales girl said, "Of course not, our owner selects each dog by himself from the breeder." After getting home, the dog was somewhat active. The next day the dog was just sitting there, lethargic and motionless. We quickly called the vet and brought her in. Parvo, the vet said. We called Shake A Paw and spoke with the manager James. This POS is the rudest sob I have ever heard. Didn't even ask how the puppy was, just said you can return it if I want to. And to add in he also said I couldn't return the 500 dollars worth of extras I bought. This alone pissed me off. But what got me nuts was when I looked on the papers and googled the breeder. She popped up as a puppy mill in Missouri. Just thinking this little puppy came from such a horrible place has broken my heart. This place has saddened my family in just 1 day. Please do not buy anything from them. They really are horrible.

    Reviewed Nov. 5, 2013

    We purchased a dwarf bunny that survived one day. I was told that it was taken from its mom too soon for sale. We cared for it and gave it everything they told us to do but it was so sick that it just became lethargic and died. They really should be monitored on when to sell their pets. They don't take that into consideration. They want the money. That's it!

    Customer ServiceSales & MarketingStaff

    Reviewed Oct. 15, 2013

    Extremely rude staff and horrible customer service!!! All these people care about is pushing dogs out the doors and making sales. They don't care about the dogs finding an honest, legit, good home whatsoever. My fiance and I are avid dog lovers and have owned and spent a small fortune on multiple purebred AKC registered dogs. Before anytime we made a purchase, we made a conscious effort to make sure we were making the right moves for ours and our dogs' behalves. We went there a few times looking at certain dogs only to be met with rude, arrogant customer service. Made us feel like we were a bother to them, insulted our ability to "pull the trigger" on buying a dog which led this to be the most horrible and unfortunate potential business transaction on our part.

    Do yourselves a favor. Find a good, reputable breeder and save yourselves the frustration and aggravation in dealing with these idiots... especially the manager James!!!!!!!!! They try to rope you in to some health plan package and will not let you buy the dog without it. Obviously, we want to make sure the dog is in good health and having family that are vets, we wanted to bring the dogs to them. Not buying the health plan was unacceptable and the dog would not be allowed to be purchased without it. This seems very suspicious and just another way to milk money out of you! Again, RUN DON'T WALK away from this place!!! I only feel bad for the dogs that have to be sold there....

    Customer ServiceStaff

    Reviewed Oct. 13, 2013

    I went to this store to purchase a puppy that was advertised online. They were extremely rude. I was willing to spend the $1,795 that was quoted for the puppy, which was higher than other stores were asking for their puppies. I fell in love with the puppy and was willing to spend extra for a puppy that stole my heart. Their attitude was absolutely horrible. I was very rudely told by the girl helping us that I could not hold the puppy because someone had dropped a puppy that day. If you're going to spend that kind of money, you should be able to see how the puppy reacts to being held.

    Second, I asked about the puppy's parents and the girl helping us said we would not be privy to that information until we paid for the puppy, again she was very rude. I asked for a manager and told him that I wanted to purchase the puppy and did not want to deal with the rude young lady. He was also very nasty when I advised him that the puppy was coughing. He said, "You can't take the puppy home today," which was not even my line of thinking. I would never want to take a sick puppy home. I would not want to infect any other dog. He told me if I wanted the dog, I would need to give a deposit and when the dog had vet clearance, I could have her.

    The deposit was non-refundable for a dog that was not yet diagnosed for the cough. I probably would have done the deposit if they were a little more customer-oriented and not so rude. I thought if you treat your customers before you make the sale, how do you treat your customers after you have their money? I really liked the puppy and both the puppy and my husband and I have lost out on a happy relationship. After reading all the negative reviews about this store, I guess it is better that I look elsewhere.

    Customer ServicePunctuality & SpeedStaff

    Reviewed Sept. 2, 2013

    On July 29, 2013, my boyfriend and I took a look in Shake A Paw in Hicksville, Long Island to kill time. Where we live, we cannot have dogs but they had two adorable kittens! I held one, very timid and shy but finally started to lick my arm and purr. We decided she was cute and adopted her! Also they weren't "puppy milled". They were strays that were found and Shake A Paw took in! The manager said she was approximately 8 weeks old. The paperwork which we signed had her at 15 weeks.

    After having her for three nights, we noticed something was wrong with her butt. She was leaking poop. She was also very hungry all the time. My boyfriend and I made an appointment for the vet and turns out she had worms, parasites and mites. While studying the paperwork and my kitten's vaccination record from Shake A Paw, we noticed that she was given the shot record on June 7, 2013 but no shots were given until June 22. 15 days later???? We called Shake A Paw questioning them and all they said was, "Fax us vaccination and give the kitten back." How rude! Thank god my kitten is healthy and where she should be. But never again.


    Reviewed Aug. 14, 2013

    We bought a Netherland Dwarf bunny that we were told was 4 weeks old. After 8 days, the bunny became completely lethargic and unable to move. We took her to the Vet & was told she had been too young to be taken from her mother, and her organs were shutting down. The only option was to euthanize her. To say we were heartbroken, is an understatement. After doing some research, we found that 8 weeks is the minimum age to separate from the mother. Also, the bad press on Shake a Paw was startling.

    We did go back to the store & simply ask for a store credit of the $70.00 spent on her. We did not expect the $170.00 in Vet fees to be recovered, and were not interested in any other pet from them. Apparently their policy is "bring in the dead animal & they will replace it". She was already buried - yuk! The store manager went into the back & "said" he called the Vet. He claimed the Vet told him when the bunny was brought in, he was told she had diarrhea & stopped eating. That was not at all the case. That was never said to the Vet, because it was not true. He clearly lied about calling. He also said the Dept. of Agriculture regulates that all animals have to be 8 weeks old before they can cross state lines. That contradicted what we were told when she was bought.

    Also when we went back, at first we acted like we were just interested in buying a bunny. We specifically asked the salesperson how old the remaining bunny was - he said 6 weeks. The manager then proceeded to basically throw the paperwork at us & tell us to "Have a nice day". His combative attitude was disgraceful & totally heartless considering he was dealing with the death of a pet. I would absolutely sway anyone from buying a pet of any kind from them. All they care about is the quick buck & not the pet a family takes home to share their life with.

    Customer ServiceStaff

    Reviewed Aug. 10, 2013

    My friend received a dwarf bunny which was only one month old - which is too young to be taken away from his mother. The bunny died couple of days after she received it. The vet even said this is the second one in 2 weeks he dealt with the same problem. She and a co-worker went back to the place and the manager was very nasty (which she has the video on her cell phone), wouldn't even help her on anything and had the nerve to say it was only a rabbit. This company has been in trouble constantly - something has to be done to prevent something like this to happen again and again.


    Reviewed July 27, 2013

    I purchased a chocolate lab in March and till this day she is not medically stable. The amount of money my vet bills have cost me is unreal. Every person I speak to who bought a dog from them is fighting the same battles. I am getting a group of people together and my next step is the MEDIA.


    Reviewed July 1, 2013

    My sister purchased a Pomeranian from Shake A Paw Puppy in Lynbrook in June 2013. She was told the dog was sick but their vet would take care of it. So she put money down on it and came to visit the dog and took it home a few weeks later. She took it to their vet in Rockville Centre and it still has kennel cough and parasites. If she would have known how hard it was for this puppy to shake this Kennel Cough, she would have never gone to Shake A Paw puppy. You should not have to pay $1500 for a dog that sick. Even though their Vet is free, all the time you spend taking the dog there costs you money. My sister loves the dog so much I can only hope this story has a happy ending. We are all in love with him. I guess that is what they bank on. If you buy a puppy from this store, you are really taking a gamble and the chances are you will get a sick dog. They should really clean up their act. No puppy should be sold if it is sick and it should definitely not be with puppies that are well.

    Reviewed June 28, 2013

    I purchased an 8-week old bullmastiff puppy. She was healthy but had a funny walk. It didn't really matter to me because we were not going to 'show' her. I just wanted a companion. Before she became a year old, she developed something called "wobblers" disease. She was not able to raise her neck and her front legs would not hold her. I took her to an animal hospital where they did an MRI and diagnosed her. I then called Shake A Paw to let them know that my dog has a genetic disease that she received from her parents. I was told there was nothing they could do as it was past the return policy time (I would never have returned her). They would not help out with all of the medical bills.

    After that initial diagnosis, my dog has had to have BOTH knees plated - if she wanted to walk. She weighs in about 125 and I cannot carry her. I would not 'put her down' nor would I trade her in. I thought I was getting a healthy dog since the breeder was here in NJ. I don't know if it is related or not, but two summers ago, my dog developed 'bloat' and nearly died. I will definitely do my research in the future as I really had no experience in purebred dogs. I had always adopted from shelters in the past.


    Reviewed May 30, 2013

    I bought 2 littermate puppies. One needed surgery at 9 months for a rare disease. The manager, or whoever he is, doesn't want to hear it. HORRIBLE! HORRIBLE! Best part is I looked up the breeder, aka puppy mill, they got these puppies from. It is disgusting with hundreds of dogs there. Who knows if I even have the right breed as they claim I do? I spent a lot of money to receive sick dogs, and they won't even stand by the puppies they sell. If you are smart and wise, get elsewhere and do your research. This place has SO many complaints. They are so nice to you until you get home and realize your dog is ill!!


    Reviewed April 4, 2013

    This is a multi-outlet puppy mill reseller. None of the stores or owners or employees are breeders. They are all puppy mill salesmen! Look it up. Google puppy mill puppies and get educated before making the mistake of buying a pup that was bred by a mass producer through a broker to a retail store. They will lie to you and tell you anything you want to hear to make a sale. Protect purebred dogs and buy directly from the breeder! Insist on seeing the whole litter and the parents of the pups. Don't believe excuses. All real breeders have adults and the parents of the breed. I have worked at kennels, dog training schools and many veterinary hospitals. Do your homework, ask a vet or groomer or trainer about where to buy a pup before you make the big mistake!

    Customer ServiceStaff

    Reviewed March 16, 2013

    We visited Shake A Paw in Hicksville, NY today with our two young children. The salesman brought us a Pomeranian puppy to meet in one of their meeting pens. As my children played with the dog, I mentioned to my husband that the dog did not appear to be a purebred Pomeranian (we own one, so we are very knowledgeable about the breed). We noted that it appeared to have a mix of another breed, perhaps a Chihuahua or Skipper Key. The salesman who was listening in on our conversation abruptly entered the pen, removed the dog from my children's hands, and said we were offending him and were accusing him of lying, and that we were not permitted to purchase a puppy from the store and we should leave (this was all said with my 3 and 6 year old present, and were now upset).

    Needless to say, I was upset as well. I approached the manager who, without allowing me to get a word in edgewise, told me that it did not matter what I said, he was going to believe his salesman. When I told him that as a customer he should at least listen to what I have to say, he responded that listening to me was "a waste of time" and told me to "just leave". When I asked for his name, he only gave me his first name and refused to give me his last name. I then asked to have the name of his superior and he replied, "There is no one higher up than me." This is clearly not true. I found the staff and manager at this store to be very rude and inappropriate.

    Reviewed March 14, 2013

    I had requested and purchased a pure breed Doberman Pinscher from this business. As time went by, my Doberman grew to 125 lbs. It turns out my 1300 dollar buy is actually a $100 - $300 mixed breed called a Warlock. The pup was also given to us infested with fleas and it took one month for her to heal. I would not do business with them nor this franchise ever again.

    Customer ServicePunctuality & Speed

    Reviewed Feb. 15, 2013

    We purchased a bulldog from the Lynbrook location on 12/23/12. We noticed the first day we had her she had some breathing issues. She was diagnosed with pneumonia with a 50/50 chance of survival. In addition, we found out she had two parasites, which caused terrible diarrhea and vomiting with loss of appetite. She was hospitalized in isolation for seven days. She is better, but 40 days later, she still has the pneumonia with loose stools from the parasites and all the medication and vet bills have exceeded $4,000.

    When I went to the store to discuss with them, they were so rude and they were offended when I suggested the store conditions need to be improved. I paid $2,800 for a terribly sick dog. After leaving the store, I was so shocked I decided to do some research on exactly where my puppy came from - Stonehenge Kennels, a horrific puppy mill from West Point, IA. Steve Kruse is the owner and his kennel has over 1,300 dogs at any time. This must stop!

    I finally went to another vet this week and found out that in addition to all I have learned, she will most likely need a new hip (her back legs bow out so much) and all of her upper teeth will need to be extracted due to the poor jaw structure. As she gets older, her teeth will cut up her tongue. This is an absolute nightmare. All I wanted was a family pet for my children. I cannot give her back since my kids are attached. This store needs to be responsible for what is happening here. During my 5 visits to their required vet, I met many fellow Shake A Paw customers with various illnesses as well. My dog is still not able to get her vaccinations since she is so sick. What do we need to do to stop these puppy mills and pet stores who buy them and then sell these sick dogs?!


    Reviewed Jan. 27, 2013

    Today, I was looking to purchase a Siberian Husky at Shake A Paw in Lynbrook, NY (Long Island). I came across a female Husky that was about 3 months old according to the salesperson. We were very interested in purchasing if the price was right. We were quoted a price, decided to take a look at the other Shake A Paw in Hicksville (shortly after Katelyn said that the other store was not affiliated with theirs - even though both stores share the same website). About an hour after commuting to and from the Hicksville location (we didn't see any Huskies we liked), we decided to head back to the Lynbrook location.

    My girlfriend and I were content on the original 3-month-old Husky female to purchase. We spoke with Katelyn and she put us in a "visitation booth" one last time prior to purchase (just like earlier in the day) and she noticed that the dog had a slight nasal drip. Following her observation, she recommended and asked that I promise to take it to the vet immediately. She left to the back room and came back and said that they wouldn't allow me to take the dog today and that I should put down a deposit of 400 dollars and pick the dog up in 2 weeks' time approximately. She said that they would keep it in the back room and treat it there by their designated veterinarian who comes once per week (Saturday, today, 1/26), who happened to come earlier that day, who also happened to not have checked on this particular dog during their visit today as it was "not on the list for today's check ups." This scenario was just all too "convenient" for us in our purchase.

    Due to her quick change of attitude during the purchase process, we did not feel comfortable giving them $400 to hold the dog until it's "healthy." Had we purchased the dog earlier today upon our first visit, I didn't foresee any problems, but the entire experience (prior to seeing all of these other reviews) has made me entirely uncomfortable and I don't foresee myself going to that place ever again. Furthermore, after reviewing all of these reviews and reflecting upon my experience today, I feel like my girlfriend and I really dodged a bullet.

    Customer ServiceStaff

    Reviewed Dec. 12, 2012

    My aunt and uncle purchased an American Eskimo puppy from Shake a Paw in Hicksville and to make a long story short, the dog is blind in one eye. They had many vet visits and ultimately nothing could be done. Now the poor dog has to live being blind in one eye! In addition, a few short months ago, a close friend purchased a Husky from the Hicksville store and the dog has been violently ill since they brought it home. They finally took it to a vet other than the one Shake a Paw recommends and it turns out the dog has a parasite that is common in puppies purchased from them. A few reviews I read resulted in the death of a puppy that had this parasite along with many other issues.

    The management team also leaves a lot to be desired! A few months ago (prior to my friend's purchase), I decided to go in to the Hicksville store to inquire about a Ragdoll Cat. I knew I didn't want to purchase from them but I just wanted to see if all the horror stories were true. It turns out the managers are morons and have no customer service skills whatsoever! I wonder what else will have to happen before these monsters get shut down?!


    Reviewed Sept. 12, 2012

    Another sick dog - I bought a dog on Saturday, 9/9/2012. I brought the dog to the vet on Monday. The dog has ear mites, kennel cough and parasites. Shake A Paw is covering the cost of the vet, but you should not have to go through this after such a big purchase. They should have full time vets on staff for that many dogs.


    Reviewed July 16, 2012

    Well fortunately, I don't have a horror story like most of these reviews that I obviously didn't read before purchasing my Pup Coco aka Puff at Shake A Paw in Union 5 months ago. Coco is now 8 months and he's a great, happy, healthy puppy. However, I always get a cringe from people when I say I bought him at a pet store. Even my mom cringed because she got her Yorkie from a breeder. Anyway, back to Coco. He is a Shih Tzu poodle mix and is just a cute ball of fun and extremely smart. At 8 months, he's 99 percent housebroken, sits, shakes both paws and plays dead, all on demand for a treat of course and also stays by my side and listens without a leash. Recently, on 4th of July, he came with us to a BBQ and got a round of applause for his obedience and tricks. I think pet insurance is probably a good idea no matter what, so I am going to look into that.


    Reviewed July 6, 2012

    I recently purchased a Lab from Shake A Paw in Hicksville. I purchased her on 6/25/12. The next day, she came down with kennel cough. She was on antibiotics and was getting better until Monday, 7/2/12. She was very lethargic, would not eat, was vomiting, and had diarrhea. I took her to the vet and they tested her stool sample and gave deworming medication. The following day, she was still lethargic and found out she had coccidia. I went back to the vet for more medication. By Wednesday, July 4th, she was admitted to the hospital for dehydration, lack of appetite, and continued vomiting and diarrhea.

    As of today, Friday, July 6th, she has been diagnosed with Parvo. She will be in ICU for another 7-10 days and I am praying she is strong enough to fight this off. I am sure there are plenty of other dogs who have contracted this virus since I have had her and there may even be an outbreak going on in Shake A Paw. I will continue to post as this still develops but I don't want anyone else to go through this!

    Reviewed June 26, 2012

    Shake a Paw of Lynbrook, NY are selling puppies that are sick with roundworms and other parasites that our healthy children are able to acquire. We bought our 3 and 1/2 month old beagle for $1,200.00, not to mention the $300 in dog supplies, last Friday, June 15, 2012 for our kids to play with. A few days later, I took her to the vet the company recommended to us in Rockville, only for them to tell us she had not one parasite but two. One of the parasites was roundworm and humans can acquire this from their pets’ stool. My kids were around her 5 days carrying her, hugging her, laying on the floor she sits on after she uses the bathroom.

    I am well aware that dogs have or can acquire parasites; however, if I am paying a pet shop $1,500, I expect for them to give me a healthy puppy. Why isn't it mandatory for the pet shops to check the puppies' stools? If they had checked it for the month or month and a half they had her in the pet shop, why wasn't she on medication, separated from the healthy puppies and not put for sale? These puppy shops do not care about our kids' health risk, only how quickly they can make a profit.

    Please be aware if you and your family are interested in purchasing a puppy. The contracts read; you cannot get your money back if the puppy has internal or external parasites. I should have asked myself, why is that? Maybe because Shake a Paw already knows what condition the puppy is in!


    Reviewed May 9, 2012

    I purchased a Siberian Husky, 11 weeks old, on Sunday, 4/29 and he was ill at the vet Wednesday and Friday, and finally hospitalized on Sunday, and died Wednesday morning. He was highly infected with Parvo, Distemper, Giardia, Respiratory Infection and Pneumonia. After $4500 in vet bills in trying to bring back to health, he died nine days from purchase. The vaccination records given to us are questionable if indeed the vaccines had been given to this puppy. Anyone who has purchased a dog at this store or knows anyone who has purchased an ill dog, please contact the Nassau Health Department and file a complaint. The above diseases are highly contagious and fatal.

    Contract & TermsPrice

    Reviewed Nov. 10, 2011

    My daughter purchased a Maltese puppy from Shake-A-Paw in Lynbrook for $850.00. The dog went to their vet within 48 hours for well check. Dog had a highly contagious infection that showed up in the stool sample. Vet checks were free but medications and stool samples cost us over $600.00 and many months to cure. Diarrhea was all over the place. The dog couldn't even be adopted by anyone else because infection was contagious to other animals and humans. I checked all the papers. The dog came from a puppy mill in Kansas which had numerous violations against them.

    Shake-A-Paw contract stipulates no refunds whatsoever. The papers also said that she was registered which did not mean AKC registered. There is a breeder-controlled club that means nothing as far as recognition. We had to give the dog up because I could not longer handle the diarrhea situation (even though non-contagious by that time). Do not buy a dog or cat from a store. You will see tons of purebred Maltese and Shih Tzus for adoption from Rescue Organizations.

    I am unable to get a refund. I paid close to $1000.00 for medicines and repeated tests until stool was clear. Dog still had remnant diarrhea. It was adopted by a woman who handles sick dogs. Read all contracts before even thinking about buying an animal from them - you'll see you have no recourse.

    Reviewed Oct. 17, 2011

    We bought a black Great Dane and was told that she had a clean bill of health. As soon as we brought her in the car, you could hear that she was not well at all. Her breathing was harsh. We immediately took her to the vet and now she is in the hospital and has been diagnosed with pneumonia. The hospital said she is skin and bones and she was not fit for sale.

    Reviewed July 5, 2011

    They are changing the birth dates of the puppies to make them younger. They are a bunch of liars and very nasty and pushy. They get angry if you want to look at a dog. The tall, older woman in that place is a **. Stay away. Shake A Paw in Hicksville was very professional.

    Reviewed Jan. 16, 2011

    I purchased a puppy at this place. They claimed that she was healthy to be sold. However, I took her to the vet a week after picking her up, and my vet said she was unfit to be sold. She is significantly underweight, has pneumonia, has an intestinal parasite, and may have hip problems. I am concerned for the welfare of the 200 puppies that are still in the two Shake A Paw locations!

    Our new puppy may have to be admitted to the animal hospital if her condition does not improve over the next day or so. One of the options this pet store offers is to return the dog, but my family and I are already attached to her and do not want to bring her back to the people that have neglected her and to the people that will probably put her to sleep because of her condition. Who knows at this point what our total vet costs will be, but we are going to do what we have to do to try and nurse her back to health.

    Reviewed Jan. 2, 2011

    We went to Shake a Paw in Hicksville. We put a $200 deposit on a $1850 dog and scheduled to get the pup the next day. I was given a receipt and an invoice, indicating no refund for my deposit and the breeders' names. In addition, the remaining balance for the dog was on the invoice. They never gave me the dog's pedigree papers or papers showing he was properly registered. I researched the breeders and found that several years back, the AKC suspended their licenses for falsifying records. On the day we were scheduled to pick up the dog, I called and inquired about the breeder and these papers. James became very uncooperative. He told me that the papers for this dog were not listed through the AKC but with the United All Breed Registry. He said he didn't have the papers.

    I contacted both the AKC and All Breed. They indicated that if the pup was registered, then Shake a Paw should have the papers, and I was entitled to those papers. AKC had no record of these puppies being registered. All Breed told us to get the parents' names for the dog and the registration number to check the pup's records. James was more irritated when I asked for that information. He indicated that I should not be inquiring about the papers. And he said that he was no longer selling me the dog and giving me a refund! He wasn't comfortable with selling me the dog, the day before I was certainly fit to purchase a dog for $1850. In addition, I signed several times indicating no refund would be given to us. However, James was quick to give me the refund. I was deemed "unfit" the next day because I wanted the dog's papers. My family was extremely disappointed. We were treated unfairly. Being rejected this way was a discrimination.

    Reviewed Nov. 1, 2010

    I have been in search for the perfect puppy for the past three years. About few months ago, I walked into Shake A Paw. I was approached by all of their sales people including there manager James. (I am not a fan of any sales person). After walking around for about 30 minutes, I fell instantly in love with the most adorable morkie puppy, now named Bianca.

    This pup was behind what they called the nursery. I then asked the sales persons standing around if I would be able to play with that puppy (Bianca). Two of the sales persons explained to me including the manager that I was not allowed to play with that pup because it was too young etc etc.. At first I was upset. I am young but am a very independent person. How do they know if I am interested in buying a pup or not?

    So I walked around the puppy room for a bit more but kept going back to the same morkie. Finally, a sales person who noticed this came up to me and asked if I had any questions. I asked again if I could see the pup in a room. His reply, "Of course, you can." After playing with the pup and asking Rick, the sales person that finally let me sit with my Bianca, some lengthy questions about training etc, work schedules and potty training, getting all the answers I wanted to hear,

    I agreed to purchase Bianca and all the supplies I needed for her. The only one issue I had with Bianca was kennel cough which Rick explained could possibly happen.

    I took my Bianca to West Hills Animal Hospital in Huntington. They were superb with my baby and Shake A Paw covered every penny of the kennel cough except compounding of medication and a stool check just like the manger, Matt explained. My experience at Shake A Paw was great! And I do recommend them to all my relatives and friends! However, they may have lost that sale had I been a jerk because they originally didn't want to let me play with my Bianca! I am extremely glad I didn't walk out of the store upset because I would've never got the puppy of my dreams!

    Reviewed Oct. 27, 2010

    I just bought a new puppy boxer (not from Shake A Paw) but I went there looking for a create. I decided to take a look at the boxers they had at the store so I left my 3 month old puppy at the register w the cashier because I didn't want to bring him near the other dogs. I saw 4 different boxers and they were all 3-4 times larger than my dog. I asked the age's and they told me all the fogs were 3-4 months old which is impossible due to the size. I had living proof at the register. After realizing that they are a bunch of liars, I went to get my puppy and the cashier was feeding him treats w/o my permission. I feel these people are unprofessional, uneducated, and untrustworthy. Do yourself a favor and do not do business with Shake-A-Paw!

    Reviewed Oct. 27, 2010

    In April of 2004 we purchased a Cane Corso Mastiff puppy from Shake A Paw in Hicksville from James. Now in October of 2010, I can tell you that this is by far the best dog I've ever had. She's almost 7 and I'm not gonna lie, I've definitely spent money on her for knee surgery and regular vet visits, but I don't see how Shake A Paw would be responsible for that. We purchased a Pug puppy from Lynbrook that comes home hopefully on Sunday, 10/31/2010. I have to be honest with you, some sales people are definitely pushy, but this is their job and I'm sure they work on commission so I get it. Our pup has kennel cough and they are amazing about it. They said that he had to get vet clearance before he could come home. I think that shows care and concern for the pup. I hope that my experience this time is as pleasant as the last time almost 7 years ago. Kathleen and Beverly are wonderful and not pushy at all so if you're considering a purchase from there, they are great to deal with.

    Reviewed Aug. 27, 2010

    I bought an English bulldog in April 2010. I knew she was my dog the moment I saw her. The person who sold her to us was great and didn't try to push us into a sale. She developed kennel cough the first week we had her, which the Shake A Paw recommended vet covered and she quickly recovered.

    However, at the end of July we scheduled her appointment to be spayed. Our puppy had an adverse reaction on the anesthesia and immediately went into cardiac arrest. The vet (not the Shake A Paw vet) was unable to revive her. She was only 6 months old.

    I did my research to determine why the vet didn't know and what could be done. The vet did all the blood work necessary and our dog was healthy. There is no test to detect this allergy. It turns out that new research suggests this is genetic. From my understanding, this means it would be covered under our contact with Shake A Paw, as they cover genetic disorders.

    I called Shake A Paw to simply ask what the process would be to determine if this was covered. I understand this is very rare. After listening for less than 5 minutes, the manager said, "Well, what do you want me to do about it. Call the vet - he screwed up." He later continued with, "What, you just want me to hand you another dog?" I already had other vets review the report to determine if it was the vet. The dosages were correct, the vet is not at fault. I was simply looking to determine if there was anything Shake A Paw could do. He was rude and not the least bit sympathetic. I was not looking for another pet, as I feel I have lost a family member. I was looking to see if we had options at some point down the road. He had little to no customer service skills. I can't believe he's the manager.

    I am so disappointed in the way I was treated. We spent over $3,000 at Shake A Paw and lost our puppy just 3 months later. I at least deserved to be treated with respect and for the manager to have some compassion when I called.

    Reviewed March 24, 2010

    My Japanese Chin born in Jan. 2007 died on March 15, 2010. It weighed only 2.8 lbs. Sunny Chin had many diagnosed diseases and in and out of hospitals. What took his life was a genetic lower bowel problem where he would lose all his body proteins. Our hearts are broken. Shake A Paw should be investigated and closed down. My children, husband and other dog are devastated. We did everything we could-- specialists, hospitals, not to mention over $20,000 to save his life.

    Reviewed Feb. 17, 2010

    I bought a Chihuahua for my girl. Long story short, two days later, it was very sick and had to stay on IV for a week and almost died. The owner refused to pay until I went there and was going to beat him. He paid the vet bill. Now, three years later, my pup has cancer. If my dog dies, I'm going to go there and smack everyone in there.

    Reviewed Dec. 24, 2009

    I was looking to buy my 6-year old daughter a puppy, a Neapolitan Mastiff to be exact. I always knew better than to buy a puppy from a store as I have family that breeds toy dogs for the show ring. I went in and talked to one of the associates, John, about my purchase and was told that the dog was a special order and that they would find one for me from a reputable breeder. I asked further what made the breeder reputable and he gave a song and dance about the Dept. of Agriculture checking in on the breeders that they used and that they weren't puppy mills. I guess I wanted this dog so badly that I decided to go against every instinct I had and went ahead and left a deposit for them to find my dog.

    John was very helpful and did his job quite well. Everything he said he was going to do he did, including getting me a picture of the dog that they found for me. I was very happy and couldn't wait to surprise my daughter on Christmas morning. On the day I agreed to pick up the dog, I got a phone call from the manager Tashy stating that they found a second dog that held more of the characteristics that I was looking for in the breed. I went in, looked at the dog, and decided at the end of the night to take the second dog offered to me. At the store, the dog was playful and well mannered. Fast forward to less than 12 hours later and the dog has no appetite, is lethargic and unresponsive. The dog threw up everything that he took in including water and I took him immediately to the animal hospital.

    Over the last three days, the dog has gone up and down and finally ending up very, very sick again. The conversation I had with the doctor indicated that the dog would not make it through the next night. I immediately phoned the store and was conveniently told that Tashy, the manager, couldn't hear me as the phone was static ridden. I told him not to worry I was on my way to the store. When I got to the store, I was again met with resistance saying that I saw the dog and it wasn't sick in the store. I pursued my point and I guess he got it because I was told they would refund my money. The manager was told to write me a check which I refused in case they wanted to stop payment on it and was eventually refunded my money through my credit card.

    I had many problems as far as communication with the manager and he never called me back although he insisted that he did. I got every other call from everyone else in my life this week, strange that I missed only his. They stalled and tried every tactic possible not to refund my money and it was only my persistence and determination that made it possible. I implore everyone who reads this to stay far away from Shake A Paw or any other store like it. I am guilty of giving them a shot in order to shorten the length of time needed to get a pet. I hope that this little puppy gets better and lives a long life but it doesn't sound like he will. God bless him.

    Now I sit here on Christmas Eve with nothing of substance for my daughter for Christmas. All I have for her is a story to tell her about the sick puppy that almost was. I have toys a crate and food to explain as well as why she didn't get what she asked Santa for. I am to blame for being so impulsive and not listening to my gut but Shake A Paw is to blame as well for dealing in puppy mills and irresponsible breeding. Stay far, far, far away!

    Reviewed Dec. 14, 2009

    My family and I recently became interested in buying a puppy. One day, we visited the Shake A Paw in Union, New Jersey. We took out a cream-sable Pomeranian puppy who we nicknamed Blondie. We all noticed how calm and sweet she was compared to the other Pomeranian puppy we played with, who was more interested in the toy than us, and was unbelievably hyper. But Blondie was sweet and gentle. She even lay on my lap for a while, despite never having met us before. We also played with a poodle and a Cocker Spaniel. Neither was as amazing as Blondie. We did not buy her, however. As we left, we stopped to ask the people there some questions, even though it states on their site that all pups are from quality breeders.

    The people seemed so nice, and they answered every one of our questions. About 30 minutes later, our daughter, who fell in love with Blondie, was in tears. We had just learned that Blondie had come from a puppy mill, the reason she was so mellow. To think that we almost bought from Shake A Paw is now unbearable, it hurts my heart just thinking about it. My story should tell you one thing: even the nicest seeming companies can have a mask on. We are now looking for a breeder instead.

    Reviewed Nov. 11, 2009

    I purchased my Boxer dog at Shake A Paw in Hicksville 6 years ago. The dog had kennel cough and worms which was very costly. On Christmas eve 2 years later, my dog had seizures. It took one year to get them under control to maybe several times a year. What a great dog he was but he was sick all of his life. Rocky lost his battle on 11/3/09 by having seizures every couple of hours over a 24-hr. period. Rocky was on pheno and potassium bromide which was very costly but my son grew up with him and we all loved him. It is terrible that I hear one story after another about this pet store. I think they obtain the dogs from puppy mills. Rocky came from Michigan. I think this place makes a fortune misleading its customers and sells very sick animals that are not properly cared for.

    My son cries every day for Rocky. I will never buy a dog from a pet store; they all are supporting the puppy mills. Rocky turned 6 in September. What a short life. I spent close to 10,000 on Rocky for vet bills, neurologist, medications he needed to take every day of his life. The cost of his meds were $90 per month. I can not put a price on my 8 year old sons heartache of losing his best friend.

    Reviewed June 10, 2009

    I agree with every single person who is complaining about Shake a Paw. I cannot stand that store, I feel bad for the people who buy puppies from that store. You are wasting your money. Only purchase your puppies from a breeder. If you do not want to listen to me, and you go to Shake a Paw, look where the dog came from, research. States like Missouri, Louisiana, Georgia, etc. All have puppy mills. Every single person I have talked to that got their puppy from SAP died, maybe not by euthanasia, but from dying in their own household. Every store should be shut down.

    Reviewed May 30, 2009

    Please don't ever buy a dog from Shake A Paw in Lynbrook or any other location! We purchased a three-month-old purebred English Bulldog puppy (or so they say pure bred) from Shake A Paw in Lynbrook in April of 2008. The total cost quoted for her was $2600; however total actual cost came to over $3000.

    Long story short, the puppy came from Oklahoma most likely from a puppy mill. The salesperson said she was AKA certified, not AKC. I am not a dog expert but I have never heard of the AKA. Also, she does not have the features of your standard English Bulldog (she has less wrinkles, is a little scrawny). I was assured that the owner of Shake A Paw has two dogs of his own from this specific breeder. At about 13 months old, the dog developed epilepsy. She now experiences very violent seizures and cluster episodes every few weeks. We have brought her to numerous vets and emergency facilities to treat the disorder. One night she had 30 seizures in a 16-hour period. We have spent a total of over $5000 out of pocket (excluding the cost of the dog) in vet bills.

    When I brought all the evidence to Shake A Paw and explained that they had sold us a sick dog, the manager basically told me there was nothing he could do but give us a replacement dog if she dies. I've contemplated putting the dog to sleep but we are too attached to her. Now, because of her idiopathic epilepsy, she will be on at least two medications daily for the rest of her life. The dog is not even a year and a half old. Never buy a dog from Shake A Paw, no matter how cute!

    Reviewed May 2, 2009

    I bought a black Cockapoo from Shake A Paw 3 yrs ago, or that’s what I thought. My family has owned 3 other Cockapoos before and she looks like none of them! The day I got her she was on a cold floor in a little box with a bulldog puppy nipping at her ears (which were all infected a week later). I took her in the room with me and she just gave me a look like get me out of here! That was all it took. 10min later we were on our way home. Olive is now 3yrs old and has a lot of issues - she is scared of people, always has her tail down, and pees and lets out a loud yelp anytime someone touches her! It is so sad! Although she is great with me and my husband and we love her to death, I blame Shake A Paw. I know she is from a puppy mill and I am so glad their stores are closed! That just proved something wasn’t right with their stores!

    Reviewed April 20, 2009

    I have been searching for the perfect puppy for over 2 years and I found him at Shake A Paw. I had gone to other stores in search of a puppy but always came back to Shake A Paw for many reasons. We visited both stores many times over the past 2 years to look for a miniature schnauzer puppy. Each time we went in, we were treated well, were given the opportunity to play with the puppy alone and were given advice concerning allergies we may have. They even suggested isolating us with our puppy outside to test our allergies! Both stores are clean and offer state-of-the-art facilities for the puppies and customers, too. They have a huge selection of accessories, too. Everyone was patient with us during our search. We were given an excellent price and finally got a happy and healthy puppy 2 months ago. He is intelligent and loving. I had a wonderful experience and would recommend them to anyone who wants a puppy.

    Reviewed March 22, 2009

    I am a black woman who came to Shake a Paw in Lynbrook on Saturday, March 21 to look at some puppy German Shepherds. Minutes after my arrival, the cleaning people who were latino (South America origin ironically) I guess acted as Security rushed to the back door as if I was some robber trying to escape the establishment with stolen puppies. Before my arrival, there were plenty of white customers and no one was guarding the back door. It was so obvious. I did nothing to cause such behavior, outside of the fact that my skin color is black. I am so disgusted and I will never ever go there again.

    Reviewed Jan. 23, 2009

    My girlfriend, three kids and I purchased an English Bulldog from Shake A Paw on election day, Nov 7th, 2008 for approx. $3000. We named her Coco and took her for all her necessary shots and vet visits. We grew to love her as a part of our family. On Inaugural day, approx. 79 days later, our puppy dropped dead right in front of me. Emergency vet said possible seizure or burst blood vessel in the lungs, possibly congenital. The vet also mentioned getting many unhealthy puppies from Shake A Paw. I would also like to note I have a healthy five-year-old Bulldog purchased somewhere else that resides in our home and lives in the same environment our Coco did before passing. We purchased from Shake A Paw understanding they had a great warranty in case of health problems.

    When we brought the paperwork to Shake A Paw and explained our situation, expecting to bring home a new puppy (who could never fix the hurt we have been through but possibly quicken the recovery time), we were told there was no proof it was congenital and they could do nothing for us. That was another heartbreaking experience. I rushed to cancel the cremation of our puppy in case an autopsy is needed. I am waiting to hear from my vet since she is out of the office to see if we can prove it's congenital. Aren't there lemon laws concerning the life of the puppy? Do I have any rights to fight this further? We just bought a house and are struggling to get by as it is and cannot afford another Bulldog. Yet I know that is the only thing that would make my family a little happier right now. Please give me any information you have on this, and any other complaints against Shake A Paw. Thank you for your time.

    Reviewed Jan. 9, 2009

    I purchased an English bulldog puppy mid December. I won't go into detail about what happened to her but upon having her in my home for 8 hours I could tell she had kennel cough which turned into pneumonia. My question is simple. Being contagious diseases it is obvious these dogs are all sick. Why do they not show symptoms in the store? Unfortunately the only explanation is these dogs are being drugged daily to mask the symptoms. I pray every day this place gets shut down. My $3,000 puppy has become a $6,000 puppy in a month's time! Store's answer: why wouldn't you bring him to our vet? It would have been free! Needless to say the reason I wouldn't bring my puppy to their vet is quite obvious.

    Reviewed Dec. 31, 2008

    We purchased a cockapoo on December 24, 2008. In our contract it states to take your pet to a licensed veterinarian which we did. That visit was on December 29, 2008. At that time they diagnose her with a hernia, trick knee and came up positive for Giardia parasite which is contagious to both animals and humans. We called the store to inform them of the findings. The store manager James (refused to give his last name) told my wife that the dog is guaranteed for five years only if we go the their vets. In the contract it states nowhere that we should/must use their Vets. When my wife said what can I do after five years James stated "I will give you a new dog". Then my wife asked, "What should I do with this dog" and he replied "I don't care what you do with her".

    It is hard to believe that a store manager for a pet store is so cold and insensitive to animals. My daughter who is 18 years old spent $1,000.00, her hard earned money only to be upset about the health of her new pet. This pet will need surgery for her hernia in the near future and currently is on medication to treat her parasite. As far as her trick knees, we will have to wait. The breeders name is Emanual ** from Seymour, MO 65746. Please be careful when purchasing from here. James is very nice when you're looking to buy but could care less once the purchase is complete.

    Reviewed Dec. 24, 2008

    My family purchased a puppy for our children for Christmas. Within 20 hours of purchase, we were at the vet and then the animal hospital. Two days later, the puppy died. We were crying and very sad. The puppy had Parvovirus. We looked up the breeder, Jessica **, and found out that she runs a puppy mill in Missouri, and there are many complaints against her. Yet Shake A Paw continues to do business with her. They stated they have worked with her for 4 years. Shake A Paw instructed us to throw out everything the puppy slept on or touched, as Parvo is highly contagious and fatal to many animals. So we did. We returned all of the unused products. At this point, they told us that they would not refund all of the accessories for the dog, which totaled over $500! When I started to cry at the store, Mark took me outside and proceeded to have a tantrum and yell at me as if I had done something wrong. I felt threatened and walked away.

    Reviewed Sept. 12, 2008

    My boyfriend and I have been to shake a paw in lynbrook numerous times and last week we decided to purchase a boxer.While I was at work my boyfriend went to the store to purchase te boxer without me. She was 5 month old boxer we called roxy she was kinda skinny but jeff assured us it was just normal. The dog was on sale for 850 and he gave my boyfriend a deal of 850 but after all these ludacris charges came out to a little shy of 1000 dollars

    when I cam home to my new puppy i noticed she looked skinnier within in a couple hours she started vomiting and ******* blood then a gag then looked like dry heaves in human terms. As soon as my boyfriend paid thats when he said they started saying all the medications the dog was one the poor dog was miserabllleee!!!!

    we ended up having to take her to a animal hospital in westbury,long island in the middle of the nite the vet was soo nice after seeing the dog she notified us that the dog was VERRYY sick and that if we were to keep her it woulld cost us thousands in medical bills she said the dog was extremley skinny extremley dehydrated a bacteria infection due to the boold in her fecal matter bad case of kennel cough etc. But most of all she believed that roxy had parvo which is an illness that 98% live so we were heart broken and very upset by the fact that they had sold us a wonder she was on sale

    unfortunatley if i was more finacialy stable I would of loved to keep her but we decided we would have to give her back the vet issued us a form of unfitness that way we would get our money back which was the least of the worries at the time. My boyfriend and i arrived at the time they opened to be greeted by the very unproffesional and rude mananger Tashi letting us know we would be reiumbiursed in 10 business days by check meanhwile my boyfriend had paid cash.

    Unfortunatly we had to call the police to help us settle the matter because my boyfriend was very upset the manager himself said that jeff the salesman are in no way qualified about dogs there pure salesman no knowledge whatsoever about our roxys health conditions.I will NEVER EVER go to shake a paw again horrible service and sick dogs and to put the cherry on top of our story our new puppy that lasted us a couple hours was put back for sale.

    Reviewed Aug. 20, 2008

    Shake a Paw is not only terrible for dogs, but for rabbits as well. I bought my 2 month old (sup. a flop, who knows) bunny and I was obsessed with him. He was so adorable and was doing great. My boyfriend works nights, so he was perfect and I could come home to him every night. He was so soft and fluffy and happy. About 5 days after I got him, I noticed he stopped *******. I called the vet the following day and went in the next day.

    After a vet ($87), an emergency vet ($257), and a super rabbit vet ($398, so far), I found my rabbit to have GI Statis. It's a condition that clogs up the rabbits intense. He is currently in the ICU and it doesn't look good. I am so miserable. I bonded with this amazing, personable bunny. When I called Shake a Paw to complain, they said they would give me a new one and I could give them the sick one back. Ohhh, okay, so I would give them the sick bunny back and they would toss him...or try to re-sell him?

    NO ONE there knew what they were talking about. My vet even called to complain. What are these people thinking? I am sorry, but I am an animal lover, not hater and I just don't toss out a 2 month old bunny and get a new one. My vet also said she has seen multiple animals come out of shake a paw with major problems. If my bunny dies, which would make me MISERABLE, I am going after Shake A Paw BIG TIME.

    Reviewed Aug. 13, 2008

    I purchased 2 shitzu puppies from shake a paw for $1850.00. I brought them to the vet the following day where both dogs have severe parasites. As a matter of fact they had more then one. One of the puppies also had a cold. Shake a Paw didnt want to know NOTHING. They send you to there vet and say its free for the first visit and shots. THEY LIE - $200 later NOTHING was free. BUYERS BEWARE.

    These puppies are very unhealthy, they may look adorable, but are not taken care of. Also 1 of the puppies i purched was ONLY 2 MOTHS OLD. PUPPIES SHOULD BE WITH THERE MOM UNTIL 3 MONTHS OLD! These puppies come from puppy mills! PLEASE BE CAREFUL WHEN PURCHASING FROM SHAKE A PAW. They rip you off for sick puppies! Both puppies are on meds and have to be far away from my other dogs in the house.

    Reviewed July 25, 2008

    Chocolate Lab was diagnosed with hip dysplasia when nutuered at 4 months of age and all that was offered was a new puppy and or half of the purchase price if we were to opt for the six thousand dollar surgery.

    The lab is lame and is not a normal functioning dog.