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    How do I know I can trust these reviews about Hartz Mountain?
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    • We require contact information to ensure our reviewers are real.
    • We use intelligent software that helps us maintain the integrity of reviews.
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    Verified purchase

    Reviewed April 30, 2023

    Shortly after feeding my cat delectables, ER visit w/ 104.7 & FOUO. Meds didn't work. Next vet w/ 104.3 & after mult tests FOUO. He wasn't eating even after tube, couldn't breathe, temp spiked & died.


    Reviewed Dec. 15, 2022

    You should look at all Hartz products carefully. How can something cost so little that normally cost so much? Questionable ingredients. I bought a pack of flea medicine (drops) for my 2 cats, my one cat was fine, although the fleas persisted, only a few remained. My second cat got very ill for 24 hours after taking the medicine. 3 months later he died of a blood clot. He was 3 years old... Blood clots have to build and don't get clogged in the arteries right away. He was paralyzed in his back legs and there was no vet open that have the equipment to find the clot and fix it, so he was put down. THAT's Hartz medicine.

    Reviewed Nov. 4, 2022

    I only even bought this stuff because is was all I could afford and now I have to come up with $3,000 to pay to get surgery on my cat. I bought a flea collar for her and within weeks she stopped eating or drinking anything, took her to the vet to find out she has Hepatic Lipidosis (liver failure). She is going to need very intensive treatment because of it. This company's product SHOULD NOT be on the shelves at stores. Please do not use on your animals!!

    Verified purchase

    Reviewed Oct. 21, 2022

    I purchased this collar for my Bearded Collie (45 lbs). Within a week she became lethargic, wouldn't eat or drink and her gums were pale. I took her to my vet who immediately removed the collar and said "it was very dangerous and should not be on the market". She did blood work and kept my dog that day. The next day my dog seemed better so we took her home and each day she improved. The blood work didn't show anything conclusive that would have caused her condition. The vet had not given her any medications so the only variable was the Hartz collar. I wish I had been warned before losing $850.00 on vet bills.


    Reviewed July 31, 2022

    I don't understand how this company is still in business. My cat almost died and spent the night in the hospital. I didn't know all of this until after my vet told me. Right after I put the drops on him he went NUTS. He started having severe spasms, he was TERRIFIED, screaming, crying, sprinting around and hiding. It was the most traumatic experience I've ever seen an animal go through. Thank GOD I brought him to the ER vet (an hour away saturday night) RIGHT AWAY where he was hospitalized for 36 hours. They told me if I waited an hour he would have died. I cannot wrap my head around this. PLEASE spread the word and NEVER use this greedy, sick company's products. My heart goes out to all who lost their pets.


    Reviewed July 17, 2022

    I have two dogs and we have tried out a few different products when it comes to flea and tick. We have never had an issue until we used Hartz. Our experience with Hartz was the absolute worst. We contacted them regarding the fact that since applying their product we had still found multiple ticks attached to our dogs that we needed to pull out of them. One night we ended up taking our dog to the emergency vet because there was a tick burrowed well into him and the entire area was swollen. They removed this tick and found another one burrowed right next to it.

    The vet then recommended we get him shaved down to check for more. All we asked from this company was to cover the $260 we acquired from choosing to use their product and all they did was twist the doctor's words saying it was "just a tick removal" and send us compensation for the amount their product costed us ($30). That not only shows their manipulative behavior but also that they don't care about their customers' animals. We will never use or recommend this product to anyone.

    Verified purchase
    Punctuality & Speed

    Reviewed Aug. 6, 2021

    I have a 50lb male All American Pitbull. This was the first time and of time I have ever used this product on him. I urge any person who has experience their pet having an adverse reaction to this medication to report their experience to the EPA as they are the ones who monitor topical flea medications. File your report through the EPA website, which can be found under the pesticide for pets and animals. The more reports they get the more they will investigate this product.

    I applied the flea medication to my dog today at 8pm. As stated in the instructions I applied the medication directly to the skin from the top of his shoulder Blades to the base of his spine. In less than 10 minutes my dog was visibly uncomfortable. He attempted hide from me and curled up into a ball. Upon inspecting his skin it had turned deep red and had sores at the site of the application. No other part of his body was affected after the application of the medication.

    I immediately rushed my dog into the bath tub to remove the medication. The medication made my dog's skin and fur extremely greasy at the site of application. After spending 15 minutes thoroughly rinsing and washing my dog's skin, his fur was still greasy. I then spent an additional 45 minutes washing the medication off of my dog. I had to thoroughly wash and rinse my dog's skin 4 times, in order to be certain that I had thoroughly washed away the medication.

    After bathing my dog I applied aloe Vera to the affected area. I then gave him 100mg of **, as directed by my veterinarian. After an hour later his skin looked much better. This lead me to believe that it was an allergic reaction that my dog experienced. I feel that my dog could have experienced a more extreme reaction had I not been closely monitoring him and reacted so quickly. L


    Reviewed Nov. 21, 2020

    I bought this product earlier this week from Walmart and thought I was simply getting a great deal compared to what the vet offers. I was so wrong! As soon as I applied the drops on my 14-week old kitten, she was very distressed and acting very off. I was going to leave her be but my gut instinct was telling me that there was something wrong with these drops. After a quick search, I found that this kills cats and dogs! For goodness sake, people's adults' cats are dead, what would this do to my kitten?!!! I right away gave her a bath and I am so glad I did that! It's been a week since I applied this, and everyone in the house can still tell that something is still off. It's horrifying to read that people's cats suddenly died 3 months after using this product. To everyone who has applied this product, go give your cat/dog/etc. a bath right away!!!

    Yes, your vet will offer flea products at a bit more expensive rate, but nothing is worse than a dead pet so we can save a couple of bucks. There are a couple of issues with this product which I can't understand why they haven't fixed it since the 2019 recall. 1) There is no dosage per weight given. The same amount of medication is applied to an adult cat, as it is to a 12-week old kitten! As a scientist, I am appalled that this company can be so careless about this. 2) This product has a death rate of frickin 1/100!!!!! WTH!!! This is NOT acceptable at all!

    Don't risk it, and even after giving baths for the fleas, please take your pet to the vet. The fleas are WAY worse after this medication, and her skin is bumpy and raised. Furthermore, the vet will be applying Revolution (or something similar) based on your pet's weight! You will get that assurance that the product is given according to weight. I really hope someone can raise awareness about this even more because this company is killing our beloved pets so they can make money.

    Punctuality & Speed

    Reviewed Oct. 26, 2020

    Just like many other people in these reviews of Hartz, my dog too has been a victim of this "medication". We needed something to help with the flea issues she was having, but didn't have much money, so we thought we could trust Hartz. Before using the product, my youngest dog, who was 5 almost 6 at the time, had a clean bill of health and was not prone to seizures. After application about 3 or so days later, she started to convulse. My mother and I quickly drove her to the vet and after explaining to the vet tech, she told us to not use the product because of the danger it could cause to animals.

    3 months later, everything seemed fine. No seizure since the visit to the vet. Then, my dog had yet another one just yesterday afternoon. If she were prone to having seizures, she would have some years ago. Interesting how they began once that poison known as Hartz was applied. NEVER again will I put my trust in something that nearly killed my dog. Other disgruntled owners have said once speaking to the company about the near death of their pet, Hartz blames us, the owners, for their negligence of safety. They claim we cannot read properly and put this on ourselves, when I followed the instructions to the T. The Hartz Flea and Tick drops were for my dog's size and weight class, yet it still messed her up. Because of this shameful product, she will never be the same. If you care about your fur babies, stay away from this product at all costs. Hartz certainly doesn't care about pet safety, only what profit they can bring in from unsuspecting owners.

    Customer ServicePunctuality & SpeedStaff

    Reviewed Oct. 16, 2020

    I bought my 5 almost 6 month old cat who weighs around 11lbs Hartz flea and tick prevention ultra guard pro because she obviously has some fleas. After putting this product on my cat where directed less than 5 minutes later she started to foam at the mouth and became lethargic!! I called our vet right away and told them what was going on and the product being used. I was told to immediately drive her to an emergency center because the product placed on her is highly toxic!!! After hours at the emergency center and hundreds of dollars later we were finally able to bring her home! I will NEVER use Hartz products again and I will NEVER recommend using anything from them not even food products!! I can not believe that we almost lost our baby girl to some pet medication that we thought we could trust! My kids were devastated and said they will never forget that moment.

    So if you think you're saving money by buying a little cheaper product DON'T. You will almost kill your pet by using their products or spend hundreds of dollars to save them! I’m so taken aback by this company and how they are still even allowed to have their products sold at stores. I should be refunded For all the vet bills and the Stress that myself.. my family and my cat were caused. We all would have been heartbroken if we lost her.

    Customer ServiceStaff

    Reviewed Sept. 19, 2020

    We bought Hartz flea and tick tubes to apply to back of the neck and right away "Fergie" (our 1 yr old cat) let out a screeching meow... and ran off. She's been lethargic for 2 days almost 3!! My wife called the vet and before she finished even telling her what was happening, she said, "Omg! Was it Hartz brand?" We said "yes". Vet said they see it a lot and animals die because of it!! Said to stay as far away from Hartz as possible!! Traumatic as hell for all of us and of course Ferg! I'm going to attach a pic if it lets me...

    I've seen pics here of other people's cats with burnt, bald bleeding pus, with scan, etc... but nothing has come close to our cats burn mark!! She's doing a bit better, but was so out of it... way outta character. A class-action suit should be done for all of us! If that's a possibility, please reach out to me and I'll be on board in 1 Sec flat...They should be ashamed, and it should be off the ** shelves!!!! Shouldn't have to have X number of deaths first!!! Geez!!


    Reviewed Aug. 6, 2020

    On Monday, August 3, I had to rush my 5 year old cat to the vet due to her distress within fifteen minutes of applying this dangerous product!! She started to pant, tremble, and had the most heart wrenching vocalization of extreme distress. She has Pyrethrin Poisoning, flea and tick pesticide. As of today, Thursday the 6th, she remains in the hospital being treated for tremors and twitching.

    By administering this product to my furry family members, I should have peace of mind that it's a safe product! The packaging of this product does NOT mention the medical risks associated with this product, but instead only lists "first-aid" provisions. This needs to change! I've been reading posts about people's pets dying from using Hartz products specifically. How many more have to die before this product is banned from use!!?

    Reviewed July 22, 2020

    I washed my dog with Hartz Oatmeal shampoo. After 2 days applied the Hartz Flea and Tick Drops to the small of my Pit Bull's back. The very next day she was vomiting and lethargic and would not eat. On Saturday My Family Friend died due to the use the Hartz Flea and Tick medication. @ different Veterinarians confirmed this. I do Not recommend any products of HARTZ.

    Customer Service

    Reviewed July 7, 2020

    I put the flea and tick on my dog yesterday and when I went to take her our today in the afternoon I seen this terrible bloody mark on her and I was immediately like wtf, so I call the place and they go on abt "Thanks for calling us and I'm so sorry this happened. It's very rare that this happens," and gave me a case number. "Oh and take her to the vet too." I cannot afford a vet and now I have no choice. Me and my husband are very upset and worried bc I seen all the reviews abt pets dying and I feel so bad for applying it to her. So anyways I also noticed her collar has been extremely corroded and the burn is spreading farther down her neck. Getting worse by the hour.

    I am going to do my best to sue this company. I'm truly disgusted with this and all they can say is, "Oh we're very sorry. BTW take her to the vet." Wait till you see the pics. NEVER USE HARTZ MOUNTAIN FLEA AND TICK DROPS. I never will touch this horrible stuff again. Oh yah and the box says reactions are rare but mild if they do occur which is very misleading and a flat out lie.

    Reviewed June 23, 2020

    I put this on my 8.5lb cat and she instantly began having a reaction!! It burned my eyes instantly and she acted like it was burning her! She was panting, and meowing strange, running around, and meowed when I tried to touch her. She ran and hid under our bed and when I got her out she kept trying to turn her head to get the product off. I knew I had to get this off of her immediately! I washed her with Dawn and she seems to be ok, as of now, but will continue to watch her. We can only hope there’s no permanent damage done to her neurological or nervous system, skin, or that her hair won’t fall out-which is the least of the worries after reading some of these other reviews on here!! Luckily I only have one cat and only had it on her for less than 10 mins, I would hate to know the outcome if someone doesn’t watch their pet for reactions!!! Definitely need to evaluate this product as it seems to be incorrectly dosed and way too strong for small animals.


    Reviewed May 21, 2020

    So where's the class action law suit for this?! Everyone on here has suffered greatly from this product and after putting this on my 3 cats one has no hair and twitches and the other 2 I've given multiple baths, I can still smell it, it burns my eyes. I can't believe that this is even allowed and there are enough people here to start filing claims. I am willing to help however I can but if anyone here knows more or can help please let everyone know! These people deserve money for pain and suffering. This is unacceptable and animal cruelty!!! My animals are all I have and depend on me to care for them. They are more special to me than anyone and this is a nightmare!! Someone please help!

    Reviewed May 13, 2020

    I put this medication on my 3 cats. Immediately, the started foaming out of the mouth and seizuring. I rushed them to the vet. $600 to wash them down, stabilize them and pump them full of medicine. 2 of the cats are still having neurological symptoms, shaking their hind legs uncontrollably. Horrible. Please please take it off shelves. You should be so ashamed!!!!

    Reviewed May 4, 2020

    Purchased this flea & tick for both of my Jack Russel's and the cat version for my boy cat. Immediately, my cat ran all around the house, all over the furniture, twitched all over, was uncomfortable being touched, hid all night behind things, stopped eating and drinking. It took three days for him to finally feel better. My Jack Russell began violently shaking, her heart was racing, she could not lay down, ran into everything, appeared to not recognize her surroundings, growled, and stopped eating and drinking.

    Day three, she still has these attacks, however, it has finally slowed down to two times a day. The only way I could reduce their reactions was (for my cat) to give an activated charcoal capsule and rescue remedy anxiety drops (about a fifth of dropper) as well as wash area drops were places with soap, water and rinse using a wet cloth. For my JRT, same as the cat except I also gave her a mix of herbs (dandelion for her kidneys, burdock for her blood and milk thistle for her liver), which I repeat after each episode. This is the only way I was able to see any improvement. **With the exception of the first dose of charcoal, I give a daily capsule separate from other supplements as charcoal will absorb too much of the herbs. This product is pure evil. This can kill your pet and should have been off the market years ago. My JRT's symptoms lasted longer than my cat's, so I added ** a few times a day.


    Reviewed March 21, 2020

    I placed the Hartz drops on my border collie. He became violently Ill... Drooling..unsteady on his feet.. Loss of appetite..nausea...lethargy...itching...blistering skin that bled...excessive nervous..panting and accelerated heart rate.. Fortunately he survived. This product is dangerous and needs to be removed from the markets.

    Reviewed Feb. 5, 2020

    I bought this product labeled for dogs weighing 31-60 pounds. There is A lot of product in the tube. I did not want my dogs exposed to that much poison. Rather than using one full tube for each of my dogs. I modified the dose from one dose per tube to 4.5 doses per tube. It is just as deadly to fleas and ticks and is safe for my dogs.

    The product needs to be in contact with the skin to do its job. My dogs' coats are only 1/4" to 1-inch long. A dog with a thick/dense double coat (under and outer coat) such as 50-60 pound Husky, Akita or German Shepard has super thick and very dense coats. They would need more of the product as their coats might prevent much of the product from reaching the skin. The natural coat of 40-60 pound Standard Poodle is intended to keep sticks and debris away from the skin when on hunts. Dogs of this size with these kinds of coats shouldn't have more than 1/4 of the recommended dose applied to their bodies. Very short-haired dogs such as my 31-pound short-haired Border Collie, 38-pound lab/Pitbull, and my 40-pound Rhodesian Ridgeback/Pitbull, only needed 1/5th of the entire tube each.

    After modifying the dosage I also modified the way the product was applied. I applied the product with a light-hand beginning just ahead of their shoulders in a broken line the width of 5 hairs to the base of their tails. No more fleas and no side effects. I believe that problems have resulted from improper dosing on the part of Hartz. If I had used an entire tube any one of my dogs, he or she would have experienced the same symptoms, side-effects or may have died.

    I believe that this one-size- dose-works-for-all is a serious mistake. I believe that Hartz has a very good product. But there is a very serious dosing error that is the core problem resulting in neurological toxicity and the avoidable suffering and deaths of many dogs. Topical Flea and Tick products typically contain powerful Neuro Toxins. This is how the work to kill fleas and ticks. They target the nervous system and brain. in very small doses they are usually safe for dogs, cats and yes humans. Insects are much smaller than dogs and cats. The very small amounts needed to kill these nasty pests should not be affecting the dogs. Hartz needs to reconsider how to dose this product. I feel that the concentrations of this pesticide should be based on 10-pound increments and the length and density of the dogs' coats.

    It takes a whole less of this product to effectively treat 31-40 pound, smooth-haired, 1/4 to 1-inch length coat than it does for 31-40 pound dog with a dense double coat, a coat that drags on the floor or thick curly coat. Just as it takes less shampoo to wash super short hair than it does to wash thick or long hair. It is just common sense. Come on Hartz, you have a good thing here. Reconsider how you are packaging and the dosing guidelines for this product.

    Reviewed Dec. 19, 2019

    We put this products on our cat as directed and within 24 hours his fur was gone and the skin was burned and bleeding. We cleaned it off as soon as we noticed it. We will never buy from this company again after reading some of the other reviews similar to our issue.

    Reviewed Dec. 3, 2019

    I put this product on my cat and it does not seem safe to use. There was so much of it. I placed it between the shoulder blades and her eyes were burning and the smell was so strong. I will never use this product again.

    Punctuality & Speed

    Reviewed Oct. 28, 2019

    I have used the Ultra Guard (purple tubes, not the Pro), in the past and it was inexpensive and it worked as they said it would. Usually lasting 30 days. I have 7 cats. I previously had a problem when the topical medicine was applied and latter added a flea collar maybe 2 weeks later (bad idea). One cat out of 7 got a little sick, removed the flea collar and he recovered. This June I began using the Ultra Guard Pro as the cheaper stuff wasn't available. It didn't work at all. 3 days after application all my cats were infested with fleas, worse than ever. After 5 days it was even worse. After 7 days only a bath worked. On day 10 fleas still infesting. Day 15 another bath. 1 cat later died of flea bites, or over exposure to medicine that didn't work after ripping itself raw. Yes the fleas can infect the animal too or excessive bites cause anemia which can cause the animal's organs to shut down. This product is horrible.

    Reviewed Oct. 25, 2019

    I applied Hartz flea drops to my 62lb red nosed pit bull, which is a very sturdy dog, and she won't move and is breathing very slowly. I have to take her to the vet!! This stuff is poison and my baby better not die! How can they still sell this crap if it's poisoning our pets!?

    Reviewed Oct. 19, 2019

    Hartz Products harm animals! We bought the flea and tick Ultraguard for our cat and a few days later I found her dead. She had had a seizure. This product needs pulled off shelves! If it was killing children, there would be a recall! What do we have to do to get rid of it?!!!


    Reviewed Oct. 9, 2019

    My experience with the company is very very poor. I put this medication on my cat Lilo and within 30 minutes he was disoriented and then less than 20 minutes after he started having seizures I almost lost him. Had to rush him to the doctor and now he is on seizure medication for the rest of his life. His motor skills are messed up. His century is messed up. He is scared of everything now and all he does is sleep. He used to be an active chap. Not scared of anything. My opinion this should be took it off the market. Don't want no other to go through what I've been going through. Thank you.

    Reviewed Sept. 30, 2019

    My cats have been scratching themselves the past couple of days. I checked them and they had fleas. I found Hartz flea treatment at the store since I couldn't afford the top notch medicine. The package was Hartz Ultraguard pro and it stated it killed fleas in 15 minutes. I squeezed the solution on my cat's neck and within minutes, she started to scream and hiss, running all around the house. Hissing at the other cats and I. I figured it was because of the smell and her first time having a flea treatment. A couple hours later, I found her panting, scratching at her neck and hissing all in one. I looked up the medicine and found this medication to be toxic! I immediately gave all the cats a bath in Dawn dish soap. The following day, my cat is being a loner and not Socializing very well. I hope this product doesn't kill my frickin' cat!!

    Reviewed Sept. 23, 2019

    Hartz flea spray killed our 4-year old kitty. My 7 year old daughter is devastated. I am extremely upset that I was unaware of the hazards on using Hartz brand flea products. Hartz uses insecticides/pesticides that are poisonous to humans and animals. Hartz obviously doesn’t care. Victim pictured.


    Reviewed Sept. 12, 2019

    This product is absolutely horrible. I bought it on the 29th of last month and it is now just the 12th of September and she is infested in fleas and has been since the day after we put it on her. She's miserable. She's scratching everywhere. I have flea eggs dirt everything in my bed. This product is horrible. If I had the receipt from Walmart I would request my money back. Anyway I don't recommend putting this on your pet. She was lethargic for a couple of days after we put it on her. We put it on the outside dog and our little min pin and all three dogs acted the same way and all three dogs are covered in fleas I mean covered. I'm enclosing pictures. Bobbie **

    Reviewed Sept. 8, 2019

    I switched to this brand and my cat ended up having a seizure. My baby almost passed away from a flea medication treatment. This product is terrible!! I even have it on video. I would never recommend this product.

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