Panera simplifies ordering on its mobile app

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Crunch Time Ordering works for pick-up and delivery orders

Panera Bread has announced a new, convenient way for consumers to place their next order on the mobile app: Crunch Time Ordering. 

The goal was to make the process of ordering food as fast and easy as possible. By pre-selecting favorites in the app, consumers can have their next order in the works with just one swipe. 

“We are thrilled to introduce Crunch Time Ordering as the ultimate one-swipe ordering option on the Panera app,” said Meenakshi Nagarajan, chief digital officer at Panera Bread. “Our guests lead busy lives and need more convenience than ever. 

“They have always been able to rely on Panera for delicious food with great ingredients, and now we have their backs when they need to quickly and easily have dinner handled between meetings, practices, recitals, or other moments of crunch time in their lives.” 

How to order with one swipe

Crunch Time ordering works in much the same way as Domino's CarPlay ordering that was rolled out earlier this year. 

Consumers start by downloading the Panera app and enrolling in MyPanera rewards. From there, add menu items to your favorites list – exactly how you order them. If you like a certain kind of cheese or want to remove tomatoes, be sure to customize your favorites to reflect those preferences. This will come in handy when you want to start utilizing Crunch Time ordering. 

From there, you can select days and times that you’re at your busiest. Then, Panera will send you alerts at those specific times to prompt you to place your Crunch Time order. You can then place your order with just one swipe, and ensure that your order is either ready for pick-up or delivered to your door when you’re ready to eat. 

To help save more time for future orders, the Panera app will recommend certain menu items based on your previous orders and customizations. 

MyPanera Week is returning

Earlier this year, Panera hosted MyPanera Week – seven full days of discounts on specific menu items for MyPanera rewards members. 

Now, the week full of discounts is set to return October 1-7. While more details are set to be announced in the coming days, so far, Panera has announced the following discounts: 

  • $2 off mac and cheese

  • $0 delivery fee

  • Buy one get one 50% off sandwiches

  • 20% off e-gift cards

  • Buy one get one 50% off soups

MyPanera rewards members will see more on the week-long deals in the Panera app. 

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