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U-Haul is well known for supplying truck rentals and packing supplies to do-it-yourself movers across the nation. U-Haul advertises trucks for $19.95 per day for local moves, but long-distance moves costs significantly more. Additional charges include fuel, damage protection and environmental fees. Even with these expenses, U-Haul can be a budget-friendly option.

    Pros & Cons


    • Economical choice
    • Roadside assistance
    • Nationwide availability


    • Preferences not guaranteed

    Bottom Line

    U-Haul, when used appropriately, is an affordable option for DIY movers, especially for local moves. Be aware of extra fees and make sure to understand that a reservation is not a final confirmation.

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    Reviewed Oct. 9, 2006

    Months before we moved from FL to MO I reserved a truck and told them I wanted a brand new one. The day of the move we had a truck all right but not a new one. So what can you do, we loaded the truck and we proceeded with our long drive.

    We broke down a total of three times in the journey. The final breakdown was at our last exit, under the overpass. The during the whole trip the inside of the truck had fumes so bad that my pregnant daughter & son-in-law had to keep the windows down. We were driving behind them and we could smell the horrid fumes coming out of the truck as well.

    After we unloaded and returned the truck I called the manager and told him how dissatisfied I was. He said "that's what you get when you rent a truck. You should have hired a moving company". Isn't that a nice response from a major truck rental company?

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    Reviewed Sept. 29, 2006

    I joined The Premier Club in order to pay my bill online, I was not able to pay online but money was taken from my bank account to join. I went to the U-Haul and talked with the manager to explain what happened and also pay my bill on 9-25-06. He told me he would get the matter correct by 9-28-06. If I can not pay online, I would like a credit of the money I was charged.

    Money taken from my bank acct. for services not rendered.

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    Reviewed Sept. 6, 2006

    We rented a truck and tow dolly from uhaul for a trip from NY to North Carolina. While on the Interstate, we noticed the rear lights on both the truck and tow dolly weren't on when the driver changed lanes. We tthought he forgot to use them. We became seperated and caught up to him hours later close to our destination. When he finally caught up and were able to pull over, he checked the lights and realized they weren't working.

    Everyone around that truck was in danger because they weren't warned the truck with a car attached was moving over and this is a moving violation. I have a neck and back injury and to be forced to sit up and try to locate the truck to signal to him that something was wrong with his truck left me in excrutiating pain as I was suppose to lie in the van .We spent the extra money for a tow dolly because I cannot drive long distances.

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    Reviewed July 29, 2006

    Uhaul has the worst customer service. I was waiting for a representative to pick up my call for more than 20 minutes on all of the dozen attempts I did. They called me at 3 pm to inform me that they dont have a truck for me. I was expecting to pick up the truck the following day as agreed with them when I ordered their service. I even arrange for loading and unloading help with other contractor. And since I got screwed up on the truck, It was too late for me to call for another truck rental nor cancel the loading and unloading service. I am so angry with Uhaul and I would never ever get their service again, nor would I recommend them.

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    Reviewed May 26, 2006

    U-Haul CT of Rainier has charged my credit card $93.38. The correct amount for this change should be $43.38. On the morning of 2/18/2006 I have rented a 14’ truck from UHAUL CT of Rainier. I have used the truck for 20 Miles (as also indicated in the rental forms) and returned it the same day. On the way to returning the truck I have filled up $9.37 worth of gas, which equates to more than 3 gallons of gas. The person who received the truck was Julie Cole, the General Manager of the facility. When I returned the truck she claimed that I have not filled up the gas and charged me an extra $50; $20 for gas (4 gallons at $5), and $30 service fee.

    I explained to her I have filled up more than what I have used. I asked her if we could look at the gas meter together, because the gas meter takes a while until it slowly shows the actual amount of gas in the tank. She has however refused to look at the gas meter together and charged me the extra $50. I have tried to resolve this matter by calling the U-Haul regional office however I have not received any response despite my repeated requests. At the time when I filled up the gas, and when I returned the truck, there were 3 more people with me who are willing to testify if necessary.

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    Reviewed May 3, 2006

    On April 28th I was promised a 17ft U-haul truck that I reserved in Person the day before at 3:30 PM. I got to U-haul at 3:15 and waited in line until 4:00 to find out that they did not have the truck promised until 5:00. 45 minutes to find out they didn't have the truck. I went back at 5:00 PM and they gave me a beat up truck with 173K and a wobbly front left wheel. I had the truck for 5 hours and put 147 miles on it and my contract said that it was a $20 fee with 2.00 a gallon to fill back up to a half a tank. They charged me $40 fee and 4.00 a gallon. This was totally unsatisfactory and the way theu do business is totally unacceptable.

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    Reviewed April 26, 2006

    My wife rented a Uhaul truck from the Burlington, NJ Uhaul center. The contract was for $593.12. The truck was picked up on 04/20/2006. We drove down to Charlotte, NC; where we are moving. When dropping off the truck at the Charlotte, NC Uhaul center, we were advised by their trained employees, including whoever was running the center at the time that I was not responsible for the $593.12. The $593.12 was only an estimate based on how many miles were used and how many days we held the truck. Because the truck was turned in early and the mileage did not exceed the alotted amount, we were only responsible for $158.40. This all according to their well trained staff.

    After processing our contract, WHICH UHAUL VERBALLY AGREED would only be the $258.40 and nothing more. we paid $158.40 on top of the $100.00 deposit that was held. I hold a contract receipt for this amount that was paid. This all occurred on 04/22/2006 at 3:15PM. On 04/26/2006, I realized that my account had been overdrawn $623.02. After further review of my account, I took notice of a withdrawal transaction on 04/24/2006 for $593.12 from the Burlington, NJ Uhaul center. I also noticed $210.00 of overdraft fees that have been posted to my account. (7 @ $30.00 each) I contacted the Burlington, NJ Uhaul center and informed them of the issue at hand.

    I was informed by Allan Hoffman, Burlington Uhaul 609-387-5005, that the $593.12 was a flat fee that is charged at their end. Tanis, Uhaul manager at Charlotte, NC stated that anybody in their right mind knows that you don't pay $158.40 for a Uhaul truck. She also stated that I should have checked my account and the overdraft fees are not Uhaul's problem.

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    Reviewed Nov. 20, 2005

    Uhaul rented a truck to me which had defective brakes which went out while I was driving throught the steep mountains of southern Colorado. I could have died. While their tow truck driver confirmed the problem, Uhaul chose to ignored my request for a new truck and told me to rent an other one.

    I had to rent a second truck with over all expenses of over $1000 which they refused to resolve.

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    Reviewed Nov. 5, 2005

    On October 24th, 2005 I rented a uhaul and the truck I reserved was not available (bad brakes.) I took a smaller truck and because the truck was smaller Jim(Manager) said he would charge me $.75 a mile. I brought it up that because the truck is smaller I might have to make two trips and Jim said the best he can do is $.49 a mile. Upon returning the truck (October 25th) and paying with my debit card I noticed that I had been charged $.75 a mile and the employee(Jarrod) had trouble returning the difference.

    He called Jim and Jim said to leave the papers and he would shred all the documents and return the difference on October 25th and he would call after making the return. I spoke with Jim on October 26th 3 times and he repeatedly said he was gonna credit my card and send me a receipt. I spoke to Adam(uhaul customer rep) and Jim on October 31st and Jim said he was gonna do it no later than November 2nd. The credit was not there and I called again on November 3rd and Jim once again said he was gonna credit it and mailed the receipt off. Still no credit and on November 5th I spoke with another Uhaul rep and Jim and he said he had done it, it just take a while. But he forgot to mail off the receipt. Everytime I called and spoke with Jim he said he was to busy and the paperwork was in the safe and giving me all kinds of excuses about why it hasn't been done. All I would like is to be credited my refund.

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    Reviewed Aug. 31, 2005

    I booked a uhaul on line on 08/22 one week in advance for my moving. I didn't get the call from uhaul about the pickup time. I called up the customer support and then they told me that someone will call me. Later on someone from cusotmer support called me one day before and told me to pick up the truck at a location far away from the preferred location. I asked them to give me a closer location. She refused and said that's what i get.

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    Reviewed Aug. 12, 2005

    Made reservation for truck rental on July 30. Received confirmation of the reservation. The day before I was to pick up the truck, I received a phone call saying that there may not be a truck available. Because it was the end of the month, none of the other truck rental companies had a truck available either.

    The plan was to have the truck on Saturday, load, spend the night at the apartment, get up on Sunday and drive it from Cincinnati to Canton. We were given a truck on Sunday morning, some 25 miles away from our locale. By the time we got the truck back to the apartment, it was almost noon. When I open the door to the van, there was no hand cart (for which I was charged) making us carry extra all of the items to the truck and substantially impeding our loading time.

    By the time we finished - it was too late to drive back to Canton, and I spent the night in Cincinnati. However- we had to be out of the apartment by midnight (new tenants were moving in) costing me a night in a hotel. Also, I asked for a 17 foot truck and received a 24 foot one -- costing me additional fuel to get from Cincinnti to Canton for which I was given no compensation other than extra miles. It seems to me that UHaul should not take reservations if they can not accomodate its customers. If they do, they should let customers know that there is a chance a truck would not have been available so that other plans can be made. One day notice is not accomodating their customers nor allowing time to make other arrangements.

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    Reviewed Aug. 2, 2005

    My husband and I reserved a Uhual through their website on June 13th for a pick up date of June 25th. After receiving a confirmation number, I called the regional office to double check. They said that we would be receiving a phone call 24 hours prior to pick up to let us know the exact location. After not hearing from uhaul the day before, we called ourselves and waited on hold for over an hour. We finally got through to someone who could help and they told us our pickup location (Crenshaw's Auto Repair on rt 29 in Charlottesville). They told us that we definitely had a truck.

    We called Crenshaw's the next morning and the owner said he had no truck for us that Uhaul had tripled booked them. There was nothing he could do. We tried contacting the regional office all day and the phone was busy. Corporate said they couldn't do anything but email the regional office where they would have someone call us within 30 min. (we are still waiting for this phone call). Saturday was a huge mess for we had counted on Uhaul for having a truck for us. We had already hired help and had to be out of our house that weekend. We ended up calling around for hours till we found a truck that was 3X as expensive. Since Saturday June 25th, I have made several calls to the regional office as well as corporate and we have not been able to talk to anyone who can actually help us. We continue to get promises of returned phone calls, but as of today, nobody has returned our calls.

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    Reviewed June 28, 2004

    I reserved a 10 foot truck for Radford VA. for 26 June 2004. I received confirmation by E-mail with a confirmation number and indicating the Richmond Regional office would contact me by 500pm on Friday with the specifics confirming the pickup info. By 415 Friday no one called so I called them and they said they did not have a truck and would get back to me as soon as they located one. Well by 615 they didn't call so I called the Uhaul customer service number and was told I have to deal with Richmond.

    I told them they were not being responsive but all they did was cut me off and connect me with the Richmond office phone number. At that point they were not answering the phone and it rang and rang. Well they never called friday. We went through the same runaround on Saturday between the customer service peopel and the Richmond offic and never got anything from UHAUL. They promised to call me with status Saturday but never called. All I kept hearing was but sir what do you want me to do if we do not have a truck for you. When I asked what compensation they would give me for my expensesand inconvience they told me they would not charge me the concellation fee if I didn't take the truck when it became available. The bottomline they violated their confirmation agreement and acted like there was no agreement or that they had no obligation to assist me with this problem.

    My daughter was moving from Radford Va to Woodbridge VA (about 260 miles). She went to Radford on Friday based on the truck reservation. her aparment lease expired 1 july and she had to have everything by the 30th. Our expenses included the roundtrip to radford. Costs of temporary storage because we could not get a truck to move by Sunday.

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    Reviewed Dec. 12, 2003

    We rented a huge truck to move from TX to VA. We loaded everything we owned into this rental truck that costs us approximately $1500.00. We parked the truck in a hotel parking lot and we were leaving for VA the next morning. The truck and everything we owned was stolen! The truck was later found by the police but none of our belongings were in it. After UHaul getting there truck back, they refused to reimburse the rental cost for us because they said they were not at fault. Not only were we out everything we owned but $1500.00 too! I will never rent from them again.

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    Reviewed Jan. 24, 2002

    Hi, Last month my wife and I rented a U-Haul truck and purchased the insurance. We loaded the truck up from a storage facility so we could bring it back to San Francisco. We were involved in a collision with the other driver skidding out of control. The truck was not located for 2 weeks. We kept inquiring about the property in the truck. No worry, you have insurance. When my wife and I saw the truck the back was open and the contents gone. We're told by U-Haul they are not responsible for theft, or act of God. We also were charged for renting the truck for one week, and we didn't have the truck but one day. The accident was reported the next day after my wife and I got out of the hospital.

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